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1155 S Broad St, Fremont, NE 68025, United States

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REVIEWS OF Wooden Windmill Restaurant, Lounge & Liquor Store IN Nebraska

Mike Burch

Great food!!!

Stacy Shely

Great home cooked food. Staff was super friendly!!

Vickie Lonowski

Prime rib was good

Dondi Eckert

New owners....Great food and selection!

Greg Jones

My favorite restaurant. I ALWAYS end up ordering the Country Style Ribs with the Sweet Fire BBQ sauce, from their impressive menu items. Great steaks and Mexican food, too.


Good food good service restrooms are not very handicapped accessible

Cathy Davis

Drinks and BBQ great

Rich Porter

Nice place to eat and enjoy the people you are with.

Ginny Shueey

Wonderful steak!!! We came in a group of 8 and they accommodated us quickly. We sat in the windmill room and had great service. I highly recommend it.

Wendy Cooper


Jeanie McKinley

We love coming here. The food is always amazing. The service is also wonderful!!

Braxten Smith

I enjoyed it!

Michael Carlson

rodney wiese

Great Service

Ron Tangeman

Good food. Never had to wait.

James Jorgensen

Very nice. Good service & very good food. Will be back.

Chett Kukoly

On a order to go, food was great and there was plenty of it. Prices are high but about the same as other places in the area.

Randy Fauss

We got there at 5:30. Was there 2 hours. Was really bad experience tonight. Food was ok when we finally got it. Waitress never checked on us once to see if we needed anything. Will probably never go back

Ibee Ibee

Ordered their Blackened Prime and felt that the sauteed mushrooms, onion and mozzarella cheese on top of the steak was just heated on the microwave so it just ruined it for me. I ordered it with a side of coleslaw which was bland. The only thing I was truly happy about was the cheese crispo which I think is really just a flour tortilla topped with cheese then baked.

James Klaudt

Terrible! Dont go there!

Joshua Spicer

I love coming down to eat here with my wife and is a great place to meet you with family and friends. The prime rib is great

Amanda Gaddy

Only used store services; didn't eat in the dining room.

Kari Perry

Excellent food! Fast take out. Great liquor store prices.

Bonnie Maske

Good service, work little on presentation of food, not bad at all.

Daleen Robeson

Jackie Hammond

John Aston

Food was just ok.

Kim Sallach

After many attempts to want to like this restaurant, this was our last time we will ever visit. The food is never very good. We won't be back.

Mike Witherspoon

Great food and atmosphere fair pricing

Alfred Poley

Jo and Laney

The service is not so well but the food is really good!!

Sharon Von seggern

Family of 6. Sunday evening . No drinks ordered for at least 10 minutes, finally someone came and got drink order. Otherwise most of food was great. The chicken strips sent back because they fried them in the same oil as the fish. They did apologize, a fryer broke so yes using the same fryer. Honest. They did remove those items off of the bill offered something else and also gave a coupon for our next visit. I have always had good food and service before this. First time I ever have had any complaints. Yes I will return and recommend to my friends.

Ed Swanson

Dan Mauer

Always good

Eric Hughes

Food always seems to be hit or miss. The service is decent, the food is inconsistent.

quinn naranjo

Great service. Wonderful food!

Dee Bausch

Prime was good, but a little over done.

Brian Sullivan

The food was excellent, the service was great and at a very reasonable price. It was a nice dining experience with the family.

john jones

service was ok. food was bad 20+years ago and it was bad 2 days ago. will never eat there again. had brisket and it was very dry. baked potato was undercooked, hash browns were cold and looked like they were eaten once already. review is actually much lower than one star.

shelley blaylock

Could be better salad not great have better at McDonald's

Brent Warwick

Great food, great service

sean hageman

Good good, great drinks and great price

Laura Fritz

My ribeye was very small and thin ordered med rare it came well done. Food was bad, but good service.

Jeffery David

They think 6 ounce glasses of Margaritas, equals a pitcher.

Farmhouse Flair

The service was friendly but she had way to many tables. It was Valentine's day so I cut them a lot of slack. Had prime rib. Very flavorless. Baked potato was over baked. Overall it was fine but not as good as expected.

Wanda Savoie

Kelsey Rhynalds

Very quiet and calm. My drink was always full, very great service, and a clean restaurant.

Jason Worden

Dede Smith

Our food was cooked wrong .

Daryl Lanc

I went here to compare it with Leroy's Steakhouse in North Bend. Ordered the same thing. Chicken fried steak dinner , iced tea to drink. Both places give u two sides. Leroys gives u a salad, where Wooden Mill doesn't. However Wooden W. Was a dollar cheaper. Bread is better at Leroy's, serving of fries was larger at Wooden Windill. Looking At the chicken fried steak,. At Wooden Windill I found it a little tough but not bad. if u know me I've often said that Leroys is Awesome. (Older folks know it as Rawhide). Sorry Wooden Windmill but Leroys had u beat!. That being said,. wooden Windmill is an excellent place to eat in Fremont,. It's just that anybody from North Bend truly knows how Wonderful Leroy's is!!


Cari Hoffart

Excellent food, most servers are good!:)

Allen Schlapfer

Beth Kunce

Good food

Andrew J

Kristina Olson

Tasty prime rib. Great service! Nice place, definite repeating visits here!

Jan Allen

The staff was friendly and knowledgeable about the menu items. The restaurant was clean as we're the bathrooms. The special that night was tacos. They do not season the meat at all. They were the bland and tasteless. My son-in-law had a steak and said it was awful. Wooden Windmill brags about winning something with BBQ. Which makes one think that the food must be good. I will not go there again and do not recommend Wooden Windmill Restaurant.

ann claussen

Everyone got sick from the food

Robert M

Very excellent prime rib highly recommended and price is very reasonable

Bob Shueey

Great food, great service. The prime rib was amazing.

Julie Kahler

Not worth the stop if you are planning to eat. Under cooked onion chips and our server wasn't very attentive. She would come out to a table but wouldn't take even a second to look at her other tables to see if they needed anything. Had to ask for more water. The burger wasn't very good nor was the chicken fried chicken sandwich. The food had next to no flavor and it was over priced. The best part of the meal were the french fries because their ketchup was good.

theteetors .

The food was very good. Unfortunately the service was very slow. Also their beer selection was horrible. I asked the waitress what beers they had and she replied that they had most everything. Having no idea what to pick from, and having no list, I headed to the bar to see what craft and local beers they had. They had none. It would have been nice if the waitress had known that to start with.

Layne Hass

Ordered food to go lady told me if she remembers she would put it in or I would have to wait got the realeatos home smaller than the last small one I got with very little filling at 14 dollers each not going back

Marcia Engquist

Brennen oliverius

Have ate here several times and food has always been good, but the staff's "mood" has been poor. I live within half a mile from here and stop for a beer often. Have actually heard several staff and bar tenders ridicule me and other patrons.


Great Burgers

Pam Blue

Service SLOW, food just okay.

Nick Kluthe

Great grub

Scott Wesemann

Went there with my family. My mom ordered their famous Real-Eato and she said it was good but not as good as she remembered from back in the day. My sister ordered the fried chicken and she said it was as good if not better than she remembered. My son ordered the chicken fried steak and said it was chewy as if it wasnt tenderized good enough and said he wouldnt order it again, eventhough he ate it all. My dad and I ordered the Prime Rib. Mine was excellent, very tender, juicy; the seasoning was a little different, however still very good, just a different seasoning than I've ever had before. We had heard mixed reviews and the last time I was there it wasnt as good as I remember, this time they seemed to be going back to the roots! We will definitely be returning to try more things we used to try when I was much younger!

David Von Seggern

Food was good, great atmosphere and nice service

Julie Jones

The service was fine. My chilli rellenos was a bit undercooked but was good. Kinda high price for quality of food these days.

Greg Hultgren

Atmosphere is nice Prime Rib was great

Joe marksmeier


Jeremy Tresler

Great food and even better service

Emalie Beiermann

Zach Crull

I love this place

J Smith

This is a great place. Every bit of food was amazing. They serve all types of food, BBQ, Mexican and great choices for the kids as well. Also had great homemade soup. Only downfall was the restrooms a bit cramped and slightly barely acceptable cleanliness standard. But overall this if definitely our new favorite place in Fremont.

Chad Petersen

citizensway .

The apetizers are lackluster, fried bar food. The prime rib at wooden windmill is some of the best I have ever had. The blackened prime is to die for, and for under 20 bucks is darn worth it, and the service is top notch. Can't wait to go back.

David Smith

Excellent food and prices and very friendly people.

Larry Campbell

Awesome ribs!

David Keiser

Very good environment for family dining and entertainment

Ethan Wiese

Wesly Paulino

Savannah Arthur

Took forever to get seated, after 10 minutes of not even getting to place a drink order, we left.

Lesa Reeves

In passed 25yrs food was better then. Today drove 60miles to eat there. Service not good and chicken fried steak tasted soiled. Couldn't get my water filled until the end and my husband no refills on soda. Still paid $ 29.99 + $3.00 tip. For what??? That's Sad. OH Get this I looked at the prices. She charged us extra $1.00 for the Chicken fried steak meal. Or if wanna say$2.00 more for the chicken strips. Not a sorry or concern when we left!!!

Richard Doucette

Great food

Donald Godfrey

Great service, but the place is old style

Jeremy Gunn

The bbq was dry! I have no doubt it was days old and just reheated. The corn bread was a rock. The beans had little flavour and the salsa was just canned tomatoes. the taco salad had warm sour cream and cheese from a jar. Actually one of the worst places I've ever eaten. T

Joe Van Ackeren

The food is always hit and miss. I used to visit the windmill about once or twice a month, but no more. Last evening my wife and I stopped by for appetizers and dinner. We ordered the chips and cheese dip. The chips were stale and the cheese was either old or had been reheated too many times at too high a temperature, the color was pumpkin-like and tasted horrible. We have enjoyed this appetizer many times and only one other time did we have the same issue...but the cheese was replaced and everything was fine. Not so last evening, the waitress looked astonished when I told her that the chips were stale and did reluctantly replace them, but she had to speak to one of the managers about replacing the cheese which the manager refused to do. I paid the bill, we went to another restaurant and will NEVER be back! This place has gone from just o.k. to awful! I was forced to give one star to post this, but this place doesn't deserve it.

Steve Schilling

Steak was overdone. Food was alright.


Best prime rib in Fremont

Jeff Soberalski

Entree was great, sides were not that great, they were ok but were not flavorful.

Barry Reker

Excellent food excellent service and Mom and Pop owned

Theresa Lindgren

John Jones

Good food. prices were good. peaple are nice and friendly good atmosphere

Lynn Knutson

Pleasant place to sit down and eat.

mick goslin

Almost as good as my grandma and wife's cooking! Love the old farm atmosphere!

D Nelsen

Very good

Rebecca De Luna

Relaxing place

Joe Ruskamp

We went there for my mom's birthday. The service and the food were excellent. We had everything from the prime rib to the mexican food.

Robert Marsh

I enjoy eating here,if the food isnt right theymake right

Randy Kreikemeier

Awesome place to eat.

Dora Chau

Kandra Lairmmore

Duncan's Negligent Discharges

Scott Schwartz

Took relatives there for supper. Food and service were outstanding!

Larry Nun

Great food

Brynda Houser

Good food service slow at times

Sydney Draper

I ordered chicken fried chicken and when i cut the chicken open i noticed it was raw inside. The waitress took my plate back. I didnt get an apology and no word from the owner or manager.When they came back they brought me the same plate. Not a new piece just the same one I had cut into. They had scraped off the gravy and refried the same piece. My baked potato was cut into also. Never coming back here again.

Brandon Groves

Great atmosphere, quiet ,friendly staff, decent eats ,fair price ,

Mike Anderson

Good family and old people friendly. Great prices and good service. Felt like they knew us. Wow.

Christopher Hunt

David Kerschinske

Great variety.

Debbie Roberts

Their entire menu is good.. Prime Rib is Excellent, I eat it every saturday night. They have a 10oz for only $10.99. I have eaten their Mexican food for well over 25 yrs. You can't eat without trying their Cheese Dip or Half bean/ Half cheese. Their cheese dip is completely different than other places.

Jennifer Burch

Staff was pleasant. The first thing I noticed when walking in was a strange "funky" smell (no it wasn't the Hormel plant). I wanted to like this place, especially after the way my husband talked it up (I'm from San Diego) saying it was authentic "midwestern". I think the windmill is cutesy, and I could have gotten past that if the food was just wasn't. I had the chicken fried steak and my son had chicken tenders. My husband had some bbq ribs. My chicken fried steak was cold in the middle, my sons chicken tenders were hard (like you could have used them as little mini bats) and my husbands ribs were greasy and gross. Even my husband was disappointed and said "they must have gotten new staff in the kitchen or something". I hate to be mean but I will never return. Gave 2 stars because the wait staff were so kind.

Willam Briggs

Amber Huyck

Christopher Leffler

7 oz of fat on a 12 oz steak my meal was overcooked and waited almost an hour for our food other people came in after us ordered and ate their food and left before we even got ours honestly wish I could give a negative 3 star for my rating they took 5 dollars off for our inconvenience -3 STARS

Cathy Stanton

Today the meal was spectacular!! everything was cooked just right.

Lonnie Dooley

Great food!!

Sheryl Westermann

Good food

Kami M.

Overpriced , not the best menu options. They use American cheese on their Mexican dishes...

James Wilson

Great food. Great prices. Outstanding owners and operators.

Staci Smith

Great prices, wonderful food and friendly service!

Brandon Redding

Enjoy the portabello mushroom fries here often. Be careful for the ex-staff that hangs out there causing trouble.

Janeen Sherman

Awesome Food, and the Service was Excellent!!!

Craig Schmeckpeper

It was ok, nothing spectacular.

Rachel Manning

Cory Dyer

Good service, terrible food...

Connor Licht

Liz Dirkschneider

We had one of the best waitresses in the place always ask how are good was and always kept the drinks full great gal.

Ira Mira

The service was not good actually down right rude The food wasn't as good as I remember and the restroom smelled of urine not very clean

Juan Nilo

Nice food

Tom Hannan

Service sucks.....

Pam Burch

Great Food!!!

Sharon Hartung

The food was great but the waitress didn't come back and check on us & she wore WAY TO MUCH PERFUME!!! The waitress we had last weekend was alot better.

Kevin Noonan

Waiter tried very hard, the food was average at best.

Dana Larson

Great food. Great prices.

Gloria McGuire

Great food and service!

Brenda Cerveny


Patrick A

Local favorite has been in the community for decades.

Jerry Haugaard

Wife and I had prime rib. First piece was shoe leather on outside, wife's was cold, it was obvious that they were held in au jus until serving. Second piece was eatable, but not recommendable. Fries were grease soaked. Talked to owner, seems that we were wrong, everything is just great there. Wait staff was excellent!!! Not our first time there, probably my last. 7-12-19 update. Wife wanted a Maria's favorite, I ordered a #1 combo; enchilada, burrito, toco. Burrito was tiny and tortilla was stale (dry and crunchy on edges), taco was in an (I believe) genuine Ortega shell with coagulated American cheese, all for $14.99. NEVER AGAIN. 0/10.

Theresa Mckinley

Got out miss you may or may not get good food or service. Mexican is always good and so are the burgers.

Kim Thompson

Very good, not sure but kinda slow for a Saturday

Hayden B

Pretty good, not bad... But not nearly as good as it used to be.

Joan Wiese

Great apps and loved the Big Red Bloody Mary

Monica Sloan

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