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REVIEWS OF Valentino's IN Nebraska

Lil Scallywag

UM in 2 words awsome eat there every tuseday totes magotes amazing PIzza Pizza yummy in tummy

Mike Zimmerman

Thomas Holst

Tanya Case

We came from a funeral with a large group. And everyone was friendly and helpful. With lots of yummy food ready to go

Bryan McGowan

Lots of decent food for a pretty good price

Parris Jackson

Very very good service! They were outstanding!

steve casto

We had booked a party room for my daughters birthday party there and when we got there they said they over booked it. So we had to setup in the dining room. Then come to find out that neither party showed up for the party room and were we asked if would like to move in there NO!!! The management there was horrible and didnt care about what they did at all. Never once did they show up and ask how it was going for their mistake. Terribly run business and customer service.


Pizza sucked

Ms. One of a kind

Awesome affordable excellent place to get to know someone. Family approved and affordable. More choices then any other buffet in the metro area. Besides the location I am impressed by every bit of this restaurant.

Dustin Pfeifer

Marlo W

Andrew Lazio

No thx

Jeff Sis

Best Pizza in town. Huge buffet with something for every taste.

Mike P

Just like I remembered it

Christy Schlumbaum

Wonderful buffet with a huge assortment of foods to choose from. Pasta, pizza, salad, bread, desserts and the list goes on!

robin curry

Sarah Connelly

Good, good food.

Yuliia Sokolovsky

James E

Ordered pizza for an 1130 business meeting. Was told 1145. It's now 1pm and have been told 3 times that the pizza has left for delivery. Lied to multiple times about delivery after calling every 30 min for the past hour and a half. Now scrambling to find alternate food for my group as I don't believe I'm ever going to have pizza delivered.

DeAnna Myers

We LOVE this place!!! It's always worked into our plans when we are in town for a visit with family! Best buffet I've ever had!

Patrick Star

Great place for families to eat.

Hopersberger's Math Videos

This was the worst buffet experience of my life. I felt like I was at the buffet in National Lampoons Vegas Vacation. The food was dried and crusty. I'm sure there were several health code violations. Would never, ever return.

Eric Wright

Good food, I love I can get chicken, potatoes and other comfort foods right along side my pizza and pasta.

Lani Fischer

John Gillespie

6 bean salad is amazing

Warren Evens

Great buffet

Scott Hopersberger

Bad, bad, bad food. Nausea ensued immediately after.

Cody B

Terra Kleckner

The pizza was cold & the tables were dirty

Debra Reddy

Decent salad bar. Chicken is pretty good but the pizza is tasteless. Kids like the desserts of course.

Carlos Portillo

Great breadsticks and dessert.

Lisa W

Food is awesome, priced reasonably

Erin Sparks

Delicious buffet with choices for every appetite. American favorites alongside Italian delights. Lots of choices for drinks and desserts, too. It was clean and pleasant. Would recommend.

Bryanna Copenharve

Gail Jackson

Kintus Achonu

Because of good services and cleanses.

Sarah Moles

Reshar Britt

They need to change the buffet a bit.... It's ok but not great


Disgusting inside , disgusting works , and disgusting food. You choose.

NEO geek

They have a really good staff there's a supervisor in there Teresa who is absolutely amazing. She always goes above and beyond keeping me a return customer

Anthony Sullivan

AJ Man

Everything about this place is fair to good. I have to remember that I'm rating a buffet and not a real "let's pay attention to good food" restaurant. BUT, as buffets go, I never volunteer myself to go to any and Valentino's is no different. I'm sure I'm of the minority as there are a 100 voices to my 1, giving praise for what is in my opinion easily forgettable food. This goes for all locations. I'm turned off on pizza buffet and thinking Chinese buffet. It will make me feel better for the money.

Frank Fiala

Consistently good food

Christopher Eakin

Dirty and rude service

William Spencer

Just unsanitary

paul uptergrove

If you are visiting or working from out of town this place is a must amazing everythin

Dominic Mickelson

This is not open for buffet customers and now just a private party room dining facility.

Thomas Contreras

Aaron Trier

This buffet pretty much has everything you could want.

Michael Messineo

Rita Flair

SkinnyMinny Ent

Went here for a work party. The choice of pizzas are either old, didn't sound good or were gone. They need more choices, or better choices. The employees were yelling across the restaurant carrying on conversations, the sales were nasty. Just terrible.

Kelli Garvin

Good food. Nice variety.

salah elmubark

So nice

carmelita rupert

I work there

Joanne Grady

Extremely nice crew. Came in 30 min before close and everything was full and fresh.

David Paul

Great pizza

Brad Frink

The place to go for all you can eat buffet. Lots of family's and big party's. Nothing very special just lots of it.

Ben Oyler

Kathy Konopik

Great place!! Delicious food..good time had by all!!

Dustin J

Good variety for a decent price my kids really like the place usually clean and friendly service

Jim Neumann

The people who worked there were all friendly and helpful. Of course the food was very good. The place hasn't changed much over the years, which is a good thing.

Rick Lambert

Disappointed. Only one person running front desk when we arrived. He was trying to multi..multi task. Young Boy at front desk was really trying. Pizza ran out on many of the selections and much was missing on the other food selections. It took a while to restock. Table staff Cleaning up did a great job .

Mike Lempke

Ordered two simple individual pasta dishes at takeout location and was told 20 minutes. It took 40 minutes and me asking several times where my order was. No proactive communication or sense of urgency . Was looking for a quick and easy meal because we had an event to be at. Needless to say, wouldnt recommend.

Eric Hall

Excellent food and service!

sheila luntz

This place has really gone downhill I waited for over 10 minutes for there to be Pizza brought out as well as chicken .I had to find someone who worked there which seemed like it took forever to come out and refill the salad bar and to clean up tables for us to set at. On Tuesday nights they have a clown there who is supposably there to entertain the children what is crass and rude, he ignores tables of children and tells them he'll be back to them but he never does and it upsets the kids and leaves them crying.

Tyler Blowers

Asked for cheesy garlic bread over the phone. They said sure, and this is what was given. What a load of garbage, and tastes just awful. Will not be returning. Overpriced for what you get.

Angela Slater

Food wasn't the best.

Eric Hamilton

Best Buffet in Town !!

lauri kent

Website says open till 10pm. Got there at 730pm. No fresh food out. Employees tearing down buffet. Was charged full price. Someone came in after us and got 6 to go containers and wiped out what was left of hot food. She wasn't charged. Other employees taking what was left of hot food in to go containers. I'm disgusted! Want a refund!

Doug Hohbein

Good food, plenty of room

No Oo

The wings are small, all bone and had very obvioisly been sitting for at least an hour before they were served to me. Hot sauce has zero spice to it. I opened the box and it looked like some table scraps. One positive is the portion of ranch is decent and tastes better than most places.

Amy Someone

Pretty sure manager is a moron. People leaving their lights on and front door was unlocked after closing time a parent lyrics they close at 8pm but it's 8:30 and had no idea since lights were on and doors unlocked... so since no one is worried about safety and inconveniencing civilians they leave everything looking like they are open, even after hours. I was told that he hash never been told by workers they feel threatened so it's okay to leave front doors unlocked. Odd part is no one knew I was there no one saw me. Pretty sure that's scary enough not knowing if some person shows up roaming around... no one restraunt I know of or worked at has ever left their doors unlocked after hours you can't trust that your safe if your busy in the back you don't hear what's going on. Try being a bit less stupid and putting your staff at risk moron.

Felicia Boze

Good food good price

Bob Martin

Great pizza and staff! We have been going to this place for years and still love it!

Dennis Carrillo

Carry out: The order took too long to get ready, and after arriving home to eat we found out that the "deep dish" combo was undercooked (bread was raw), the original crust smelled like tap water (sauce was watered down) and old soup, and finally the thin crust pepperoni smelled like what dog breath and/or morning breath would smell like. Did not even eat a 1/4 of any box. $50 down the drain. Threw them away and went to a much higher quality pizzeria with better quality control and fraction of the price: Little Caesars. Valentino's was ghetto and trashy, the fact that I'm recommending Little Caesar's instead should be a big clue.

Eric Miller

Although a bit more expensive than it's competition Valentino's is a local company with a solid product line up.

Jonah B

Nebraska Institute of Comprehensive Dentistry .

Love Valentino's! I grew up going to the original one in Lincoln.

April Abba Moussa

Valentino's is all around delicious. Great flavors for pastas, sauces, pizzas, breads, & desserts. Ideal for people of all ages.

Barbara Buzbee

They gave away our order and then messed up the order they did give us.

Luke Procopio

best Buffett and pizza in town

Roger Heil

I'm from NJ, so I'm very biased about pizza, but this wasn't great. Too much sauce, poor quality cheese, and I've never understood why anyone would ever cut a round pizza into squares.

Aidan Schieuer

Lots of food. Decent price.

paula davy

The pizza was not cook enough and the cheese bread was not done at all. Was very disappointed.

Tyler Huff

2nd time in a row, several months apart, the buffet was closed, never coming back here.

Bernie Fischer

Outstanding buffet. Service is great. Clean. I will definitely go back.

Jorge Siow

Food quality is good. You can't go wrong with Valentino's. What I don't suggest is using this place to host an event. The rooms are very oddly set up and really cramped. We had small room and very few people but the tables were just crammed in there.


Disappointing. Honestly, not a single thing I chose was really good and some thing Were really bad. We would taste something and pass it around until someone wanted it but no one did because everything was so bad. There are a lot of restaurants that have good food for the same cost so don't come here.

Chris Berg

No Buffet. I was starved. Thanks jackass's

Jeremy A Quick

Jay Minor

LaRonda Morgan


Joleene Naylor

Hubby and I have been here a few times. Friendly service, clean place, good food. We always get the buffet which includes pasta, pizza, chicken, tacos, salad, deserts and more. Their desert Pizza is amazing! Tastes like cookie dough.

tc 2345556

Amazing experience! The food was fresh and the service was outstanding.

Ray Mihulka

Very good place to eat. My nephew and daughter worked for Valentinos and Pizza Machine . I always enjoyed eating there.

Chad ONeill

Orion Fyre

Candy White

Definitely love the party room

Glen Ridinger

Ordered a pizza from here while I was working in Omaha...big mistake. Pizza was totally undercooked, raw dough...nuff' said! A disgrace to pizza worldwide. Wouldn't recommend it.

Margertha McLean

Ednah Black

Jessalynn Livingston

Food was terrible!

Maree Landers

It's reety nice I recommend it

Evan Pichler

Joshua Hanner

Food is absolutely horrible. The pizza tastes like a cheap supermarket brand that was left in the oven too long. The alfredo sauce is a runny mess. The fried chicken has skin like a leathery old Floridian.

Butch Fratt

Placed my order at 615pm. Was told about 45 mins to an hour. At 1 hour 15 mins I called to ask about my order and told it was on it's way. 12 mins later (87 mins total) it arrives. The pizza and lasagna are cold, but the salad is warm. And they still have the nerve to charge full price. Last business I'll be doing there. 1/4 a star is still to much!

Phil Noonan

It was enjoyable

Shirley Schaffart

Great pizza

Kevin Fischer

Joe Thompson

Great tack out food always good

Drew Livingston

Not a buffet anymore.

Abigail Eakin

Chris Williams

Ordered the Old Chicago and it was the worst 18 bucks I've ever spent on a pizza. I picked it up fresh also, but they should call it "pizza sauce on top of crust" because you needed a hubble telescope to find the other toppings it was supposed to have. Haven't been "got" in a while but I'll never buy a 12" @ $18 ever again. Strip mall robbery.

Marina Mack

Because the food is good

Brett Rabatin

Barbara Matheny


Taylor Kammerer

Great food, fast delivery, friendly service!! Love this place!

Infamous Outdoors


Terry Lechat

I was ready to not like this. Pulled up and saw the flashing lights on the sign, walked in and saw the clown, debated if I really wanted to try the food. Went for it. And as much as I tried, I didn't find much to complain about. Everything I tried was better than I expected from a buffet, much less one that clearly caters to families with young kids. The pizza is not the best... crust is kind of like fried Wonder bread. But the toppings are right. The real test was the crab with white sauce pizza. If anyplace is going to screw up a pizza this would be the one. It was good! Real crab and great sauce. Great fried chicken. Note: they claim this is Broasted chicken, but Broaster says it is not. But just because it is not a branded fried chicken does not mean it is not good.


Dirty and disgusting don't waste your money

Patrick Nickell

You haven't lived until you've had the Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza and their homemade giant Snickerdoodle Cookies. Best to get it to go.

Elizabeth Behne

My 2 sons and I eat out a lot, but not very often at Valentino’s. I was extremely impressed with all of the staff there- from the front counter lady, to the person managing the buffet items and even the bus boy. Everyone seemed to really enjoy their job there and to think these folks don’t work for tips! Very impressed and think they all deserve raises for such polite service- something that is hard to come by these days!!!

Nick Harrison

Pretty good food - are a lot!

Daphne Danzy

Delicious buffet

Bethany Hughes

It's ok for a buffet

BossBJ&Ryan Boss

Good but expensive. No longer a buffer location. Only enough room for one family to dine there. Place is smaller than a little Caesar's waiting area

Tom Zwiebel

I have stopped in 3 seperate times in the last few weeks and there is a very nice counter person, Earnistine, she is always so nice and no matter what the weather, she makes me feel like a special person. I want to thank her for being so friendly!

janet anderson

Great pizza, quick lunch combos!

Brittnei Love

Racist is not even half of the issue. They charge you full price for food thats been sitting out all day. The manager is a rude prick. I paid for a buffet and there was no fresh food at 6pm. The manager followed us around like we had a free meal.

Abby Ridder

Thomas Woolridge

Great food.

Steve Moore

Have had better but Great. Great prices and fun for kids

Jay Saunders

Love this place, especially the buffet. It is a must visit whenever I come back to Omaha.

Gueorgui Platchkov

Some of the best pizza around. It is underrated for the quality they provide! I personally recommend the bacon cheeseburger pizza!

John Casin

This place is perfect for groups or a casual date night.

Matthew Fowler

Daniel Griffith

One of the best pizza buffets (one of...)

James Dube

Great pizza: heavy on the tomato sauce. Dependably consistent quality

Lynn Schweers

Great variety for a very reasonable price.

Stacy Jeann

Love Valentino's pizza all day long. The staff here is always friendly and has a smile on their face. They are super helpful. I Love this Place!

Cara Gotschall

We really enjoy going to Valentino's. They have great specials on their pizza!

Jacob Cox

Awsome place to eat and enjoy a great famley dinner

lori Vieth

Love the buffet Great staff! Good prices!


It's fine, just not a top notch buffet experience, But if you are in the area check it out.

Johnathan Metz

No fresh food...Clam sauce was so salty was inedible. Sad when only decent food was the chicken.

Michael Graae

Very respectful place, good food, excellent atmosphere, able to make reservations for your party, and good service

B Smith

Was looking forward to having Valentinos this evening, its too bad whoever you have taking orders on Apr 14 evening did not know what your pizza of the month was..... and then wanted to argue about it....tryed to order it online.... couldn't was even a option on the website. Must be a sign.

Lisa Te Slaa

Very good food! Miss the one by us.

Robert Scott

Selection not the best. Food was cold

Christina Kerker

Brian White

They were closed early so couldn't go in and eat.

Tony Romero

Mark Asbach

Great food and staff

Justin Hohn

First of all, this location is no longer a buffet. Second, this place is almost as expensive as Ameristar when you factor in drinks but the food isn't even in the same spectrum of quality. It may be all you can eat, but you would be hard pressed to find anything tasty enough to eat enough to feel satisfied to that description. More "All you can tolerate" than "All you can eat"

Tommy Hughes

Excellent service!!! Great Pizza

Cheral Powell

Justin Lester

I'm really disappointed that they now only have a "private" buffet.

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