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1130 Sterling Ridge Dr, Omaha, NE 68154, United States

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REVIEWS OF Summer Kitchen Cafe IN Nebraska

Don Dotson

Great food.

susan Kuipers

Food delicious

Charlie Kafka

Love this neighborhood restaurant. Quick and great food.

Thomas Holst

The fusion of Summer Kitchen and Scooters may look good on paper, but in reality the two don't synergize very well. Here I am ordering a meal for 4 at the counter while someone behind me waits patiently to order a quick latte. Expect a traffic jam going to and from your table, the place is a bit crowded feeling.

Dustin Hoeg

Great food & prices for what you get. Would recommend to anyone looking for a good meal.

Petra Mahowald

Judith Gardella

Meh.... not the original favorites, flavors or quality.

Mary Petersen

Quiet atmosphere. Nice for family.

Ld Lutzow

Disappointed, pastry was dry.

Michelle Morgan

משה נחמן

Nice and quite place

Vannette Brown

Kiko Baloney

My favorite breakfast joint near my house. Food is excellent, the workers are nice and helpful. Corned beef hash is awesome! I go just about every Monday. In fact I won't be in town this Monday so I am kind of sad I won't get to get breakfast here on that day :-/.

robert kilpatrick

Scott York


Dan Nelson

Horrible service! They did not have any muffins or rolls. I had to go get a rag and wipe my own table. Will never come back again.

Schad Faton

Superfast order processing.

Dustin Hogue

Delicious food

Angie Powless

I ordered the Garden City Skillet and boy was it delicious! So much flavor! Large portion sizes too. I will be going here frequently!

Linda Hamsa

Very cozy. Food delicious. Service prompt.

Miriam Werner

Dave Fleming


Joseph Woosley

Such a small location. Same costs as other restaurants they have but with a self service

Jeff Kuhns

Good for a quick bite

Amie Galle

Our absolute favorite place for pancakes and great lunch specials and yummy sandwiches, plus the Robert Redford dessert alone is totally worth a visit, it's divine! I love how you can get half portions of most of their menu items as well, save room for dessert and rhe staff is always so friendly and accommodating!

Nunya Business

One of my all time favorite food places! I used to go to the Bellevue location allot before it closed, but this one is just as good!

c Weis

Good home-style food. Nice outdoor seating. Or just get a coffee to go, via the drive-thru Scooter's.

Rick Riedel

Always a great place to eat eat.

Dustin Wilson

u can get anything from the Scooters menu + chicken fried steak THROUGH THE DRIVE THROUGH, do you need anything else!?

Linda Schrader

My husband and I love this restaurant. Great service!!!

Robert Osborne

Carol Hemmer

Good food, but found it too pricey for a self serve/fast food experience.

Mike Francis

David Hunke

Good home cooked meals and good service

Ruth Hashberger

Fluffiest most delicious pancakes, food is always fresh,staff is amazing!

yNoT ROxFoRd

Always good

Traci Runzer

Mohamad Abubaker

Alex Boryca

Love the Benedicts, prices are decent.

Sharon Redding

Nice place to meet friends

Frank Wession

Home cooking without the dishes. Warm welcome and simple experience. Thank you, Frank

Allison Wetig

Nice breakfast spot. Smaller than their old location. Food is good. Refillable self serve coffee is nice. Not my favorite spot but it seems popular with the after church crowd, families and elderly.

Magarara McNeil

Great muffins. Fresh food.


Teri Tosspon

Had a couple of experiences here. First cane in on a Sunday at brunch. The sign at the door said "Please Seat Yourself" so we did. A few minutes in, we noticed that there were no waiters and that we were supposed to order at the counter before seating ourselves. Fine. Got in line and were cut in front of three times. The cashier took people from the other line, an elderly couple cut in front of us, and then the cashier when we finally got to the front greeted us then promptly turned away to help a coworker. The place was crowded, so we walked out after 22 minutes without having even ordered food. The other experience was a Sat afternoon. We knew to order first, it wasn't as crowded and the food was really good. Lesson learned: don't go on Sunday and the food is worthwhile.

Maria Jacobsen

Great home style family restaurant. Enjoy their food, coffee, and drinks.


Good food, however different from other Summer Kitchen...since paired with scooters the restaurant is self service giving it more of a fast food feel rather than a traditional restaurant, you order at a counter and then seat your self, get your own drinks, refills, and cutlery.. Once you have that down peasant experiance.

troy jamber

Chris White

Greg S

Good food but WAY Overpriced!

Rob Feltus

Yeah, I'm going to have to ruffle a few feathers here. I do NOT agree with the "coffee shop first, restaurant second" business model. My family and I decided to visit this location due to being able to meet for brunch halfway between Elkhorn and Papillion. Usually we just go to the La Vista location off I-80. There were about ten of us, and we had to combine four smaller tables and take up approximately half the dining space. Our family "ordering representatives" then proceeded to wait in line while hastily scanning the wall menu and placing our individual orders. There was some yelling back and forth as we confirmed such details as egg styles and toast options with the "seat saving and childcare representatives." Apparently tips were appreciated due to the large jar at the counter. Whatevs, restaurant service is tough, and it's Christmastime. We were then given the privilege of obtaining our drinks and silverware. Everyone's orders came out at different times, which made for many awkward, "no, just eat, I'm sure our food will be here soon" exchanges. The food was of consistent quality with other locations, which is large portions and generally tasty. When we were finished eating, we looked around for trash receptacles because nobody was sure if there was bussing service. Someone in our party inquired about to go boxes and was directed back to the silverware location. While I'm sure this business model suits the more modern and convenience-oriented jet set, it's not a good location if you want a family-style brunch outing. But hey, at least no one had to split the check.

Lindsey Bettin

Quick service and the food was delicious! Would definitely stop again.

lindsay Utiger

Kristin Knott

Nice quiet place to eat breakfast or lunch.

Stefany Webb

Staff was friendly, but this is not a summer kitchen. It's a summer kitchen light. You order at the register, find a seat in their small dining room then wait for your food to be delivered. Quality isn't as high as it would normally be for a SK, but it was okay.

pointerdogman fred

Hope White

Marlon Weiss

Good breakfast place. Great pecan roll

Jen Leatherwood

I came with my son and mother. Loved how cozy and welcoming it was! Food came out fairly quickly and hot! Even with a noisy son and somewhat demanding orders everyone was helpful, happy and enjoyable to be around. We tried the Gingerbread caramel coffee and I LOVED it. Definitely coming back to this wonderful restaurant. 10/10!

Andrew Hagen

Bob Redmond

Does not meet the standard of the LaVista Summer Kitchen which I give a 5 star.

alex rieke

Mike Lave

Adrian Perry

Lisa Holst

Self serve version of original summer kitchen. Great food!

Nick Kucirek

Lindsey Carland

Adam Langdon

I get the Hot Turkey Sandwich on days where I need some comfort food. Even though this is a much different vibe than the old location, it's better than not having them as an option at all. Plus, now I can get a latte while I'm there from Scooters!

kat trudell

marlene redding

Terry Petolick

Always good food, but a little pricey...

James Wax

Very good service and food

Michael H

Nikki Meyer

Eric Miller

mark hilger

They have good home made food. Freshly cook every time.

Bryan Rockwood

Andy R

Always a great place to eat at.

ryan hamilton

Michelle Steinbeck

Enjoy the drive thru and dine in options. A great choice for just a beverage, a full meal, or endings in a desert. Comfortable environment in an easy to access location.

lisa hughes

Love there customer service, food & coffee.

Joel Knott

Most of the breakfast items are pretty good. I've had less luck with lunch items.

Kerri Voss

Linda Johnson

Not impressed. Nothing special.

Martina Foell

This is our Saturday morning go-to place. The service is top-shelf and the food is always fresh and hot.

Will Nitzschke

Scott Steff

Great food, friendly staff. And has Scooter's coffee as an added bonus.

Tina Greiner

Great Staff!, they Always know it's me when I call to place my breakfast order... they are the only ones who make my "Carmelicious Blender" Correctly! They are Always fast, very friendly and make me want to keep coming back!!

Zachary Smith

Good coffee and good food, with a good savory food selection that reminds me of classic diner food. Needs a better pastry and sweets selection. Rarely seems to be crowded, but generally not empty either. Atmosphere is just okay; it looks/feels a bit like a Panera. Overall a nice place, good food and coffee, reasonably priced.

Mary Smith

The staff is always friendly, comfort food menu and fresh baked goods. What's not to like?

Josh Stover

Robert Lopez

Shawn Horvath

Rachel Gibson

Racquel Benegas

Our breakfast food was really good! Nice clean place.

Russell Fude

Latisha Lewis

Gabrielle Bennett

Michelle Loewenstein

Great food

Micheala Parrott

Cute little cafe, super friendly service!!!

Chan Davis

Very friendly staff. Quick service. Coffee wasn’t very hot out of the decanter. Food wasn’t great but well worth the price. Great little local place to relax and not feel rushed.

Henry Brister

R Shults

Always good food. Always very friendly We love how peaceful it's in the evening.

Sharon Farber

Good food

Marc Hassman

Good food. Appears to have most items that the full service Summer Kitchens have, but the menu is abbreviated. This new location is cafe style only; pay at the register, and no service except food delivery. This is faster to get in and out, but wasn't what I was expecting at a Summer Kitchen. Not much dessert selection compared to the other locations either. The location isn't very big, and I don't believe it could handle more than one or two larger parties before it is full.

Nicholas Wilson

Traci Custard

Hot beef sandwich is delicious

lalo Mena

Good lunch

Luke Luna

Service was good

Bryan Howell

shannon gensler

High priced for a pretty much serve yourself place. Help was very nice though food was cold but came out quick.

Joe Smoe

Marissa Hauser

diane conti

Joanne Fisher

Great breakfast!

Robert Forrest

Right by my office so I have a lot of client meetings here. The staff knows me and my drink which is cool. Only two downsides (1) They don't carry heavy whipping cream year round (2) The booth benches are really deep so after an hour or so my back gets sore. Great spot though.

Justin Mohr

Robert Elliott

Joel Myers

Ronda Nye

Great food, simple set up, friendly, great prices

Chris Daugherty

I love the prince Charles omlet,

Dorsay Einung

Betty Cloyed

CFitz Fitzhenry

Good food! Can't beat the great service and wonderful coffee.

Mary T

So many tasty desserts - amazing !!!

Karl Okolotowicz

Decided to try something new today for lunch. They have a good selection of food choices with prices fair for the fare. The clientele appears to be the >50 crowd. The restaurant is an order first style, no table service. Except for someone bringing your food everything is self service i.e., Panera. This location is small and the place was ~90 % full. The rating was low due to two main factors. First, it took about 30 minutes to get our food, which seemed about 10-15 minutes too long. Second, the staff started to bus our table before we were done eating. All of our coats were still at the table and I was helping my son get a drink refill and my wife took our daughter to the bathroom. Overall the service was poor for today's visit and food was average. I may consider another visit to see if this was just a bad day.

Terri Nielsen

Nina Ong

Gloria Tate-Reed

Great Omelettes!

Crystal Hultquist

P.J. Hartman

Kaylin White

Summer Kitchen is always a great place to eat at. My family are frequently enjoying the food and atmosphere that Summer Kitchen provides. The customer service is always fantastic, fast, and friendly. I highly recommend that anyone looking for a low-key place to have a good meal tries out Summer Kitchen.

Samantha Hollingsworth

Excellent choice of menu options. Service was great, food was good. The value for the food is also good. Definitely worth a trip!

Daniel Griffith

Good food, large portions. Friendly staff, quick service. Very nice environment, limited space (cozy).

Isaac Doucette

Anden Wright

Daniel Croson

I remember as a kid after church going to summer kitchen and having a great brunch with the pastor from our church. We were dressed up, looking nice and about to have a great meal at a nice but not fancy restaurant. Now this place is a freaking fast did restaurant with a drive thru all they can sell coffee. What the dang heck is going on here?? I remember having to wait close to an hour to get a seat because the food was so good, now you order and pay for your food before you even know if you've got a table. Feel free to get your own beverage while you're looking for a table or sitting by the door waiting for it to come out because there are only about a dozen small tables in this tiny corner of a restaurant. But the food, that's why people really go here isn't it?? To sit and talk about the week and things to come?? Well I hope that conversation is really good and can distract you from the food because it's become bland and lost most of it's great flavor. What the heck happened?? This was the best biscuits and gravy in town, now I'm willing to bet me l my sister who doesn't even know how to cook could make something better. This place has gone down hill, and they're going to keep going down until they turn it around and get back to their roots. Please change what you're doing Summer Kitchen, I want your great food back.

Joshua Rasmussen

Randy Novotny

Food and staff very good. Never have been disappointed on Pacific Street

Lyle Jaixen

Great food. Usually a wait. But, that usually means it's worth it, right?

Chris Rock

Kendal Garrison

Big menu; rather tasty.

Mike Dyer

Always good.

Paul Steffes

Great menu and atmosphere, excellent food

Michelle Jenson

Delicious breakfast, super nice staff. This will probably be a regular stop for us

Greg Sentel

Great food and great service

Jessica Beeman

This place is amazing!! Hands down better than Farmhouse Cafe!!

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