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Steve Crawford

Everything that we tried was excellent. The PB&J Pork Chop was outstanding. My wife had the sirloin. Perfect! Interesting sides and condiments. You won't go wrong trying this place.

Jenni Durant

Great fun before the Nebraska spring game

LeRoy Rock

Good food and nice service.

Bob Harris

Great steaks! Service needed a little experience, but all and all great food.

Lauren Turner

Came down on a Saturday at 7 for a friends birthday. The service was fast and friendly all night - our main waiter and other staff we interacted with were always helpful (putting in an extra app order, another drink, etc). I have been to other places where these staff members have to go get the assigned waiter for us to be served so it does stand out that regardless of who popped by, never felt like we had to wait. Food was good - we had loaded fries with pulled pork and brisket and between four people the plate was gone fast! It was a favorite. Also got the cornbread app, which I didn’t like and would not order again. I love cornbread and spreads but none of it was up to par. Then I got the BBQ sampler for my main and was very happy! Ribs were pretty good, pulled pork was yummy, brisket also good. The LT offer a selection of four sauces, I mixed mine to get the right flavor. I know customers can be demanding when it comes to sauce so I think this is the best way to keep folks happy. Our drinks were also flavorful and well made. One thing I did not like was that TV was projected on a large screen. I am not a fan of television while eating out - just like phones, you can stand to be in the moment and enjoy conversation and food with folks. It’s easier to let it go when my bill is $20-$30 but for just myself I ended up around $75 (includes tip). If I’m paying that much for a single person then I’d like the ambiance to match.

Jacklyn Day

A conference in town with unexpected big tables made it so we weren't waited on quickly but the wait was worth it. My rare/med rare sirloin was excellent. The side caesar salad is one of the best caesar salads I've ever had. My hubs got the duck breast. Absolute perfection. Wonderful meal and we can't wait for our next date night.

Mason Covrig

My family and I loved it. It’s a bit pricey but you get what you pay for. Everything looked so good! We will definitely come again. My son thought he could eat a full rack of ribs, but quickly realized his mistake when the food arrived. 5/5 some quality meat and bourbon.

John Adams

Fun place to go for tailgate party. The waitresses work their butt off. Lots of fun plus great food.

Randie May

Excellent food absolutely excellent staff! I was on company business and forgot to get a receipt, and called the next day and asked them to email me one and they did it in a few hours. That's excellent customer service. I'll be back many more times.

Kelly Robertson

The menu had a really nice cross-section of smoked meated options, and we decided to share the brisket sandwich. Served with coleslaw on top, it was deliciously flavorful and mouthwateringly good :-)We also shared the pepper-rubbed pork chop, which was served with maple bacon grits. This entrée was nothing short of amazing! I plan to make a point of ordering it again when I return here.

Tom Stratton

Hands down the best steak I ever had.

Jamie nelson

Loved the atmosphere and service was great!

Jason Maybee

Expensive. Ok food

Ward Pointer

PB&J pork chop was out of this world. Could eat it every night

Sarah Travis

Poor service. Food was good. We were charged for items we shouldnt have been charged for like butter. Server was really pushy.

Tony Zanussi

Excellent food and service! Cooked to perfection. Waiter knew his menu and loved working there! Can’t ask for more than that!

I James

Penlink gathering Awesome Brisket!!

Rick Robinson

Always love it when I get a chance to visit the single barrel. Drinks are top shelf.

Aviv Vered

Looking for a local place? You found it! A quick business trip brought me to Lincoln. Dude - they know what is a good piece of meat! Not cheap but worth it. Enjoy!

Aaron Weaver

Excellent sampler platter.

Chris Flamos

Decent food and atmosphere. The restaurant felt a little like a banquet hall as it was one big open space. My steak was okay, maybe a little tougher than I had hoped, and the potatoes were good.


Went here a while back. Server was very nice, but the steak tasted like lighter fluid.

Kraig Motzko

Awesome bbq and mixed drinks

Gus Arrieta

Good foor, better drinks. Comfortable surrounding n good service

Jane C

Had the BBQ platter and grits. Very tasty!

Carla Manis

Nice atmosphere!

kelly alexander

Better than expected. Absolutely excellent - the food and service were relaxed, fun to enjoy and well worth the value. Brisket is the top of my list from the menu, followed by ribs. Pulled pork has a little room for improvement. Would be perfect on a roll with slaw and sauce. Beans - Fabulous !! Do not go here and miss the beans. Shame on you. Skip the mashed potatoes. Something has to be last on the list, eh??? Give them a try, you will not be dis pointed

geoff ramsey

The food both times we've been has been fantastic. The service tonight kind of suffered, but wasn't awful. Solid choice. Those potato cakes are awesome.

Dave Schultz

Great bourbon selection, the Turf & Truf was really good too.

Jerry Baxter

The food was amazing. Great steaks.

Josh Banta

Great food except they ran out of brisket right before our table ordered. We we're bummed. Good wait staff.

Kristy Pacheco

Great food, service, and atmosphere.

Eric carlson

One of the best steaks I've eaten. Better flavor than Ruth Chris or Weber. The meat is ALL smoked, and beyond amazing. Large liquor selection including over 100 whiskeys to choose from. Super nice staff.

Scott Wuethrich

Staff is amazing on game day and Joyce and the Sidetrack band is awesome even after not seeing them for 18 years

Charlene Owens

I dinner at this establishment on 10/26 I bought $40.82 worth of food and beverages, when I checked my credit card I saw a charge for $97.52. I never tipped the waitress $56.70. Not only did she try to serve me a half drank can of ginger ale but the food was not great nor was the service. The poor service and extended wait was something that I was going to leave alone but seeing that she basically stole from me I must let others know. The waitress claimed she was taking 15% off my bill due to having to wait for soooooo long and for giving me a half drank soda but she did quite the opposite. I had over 10 people with me and she did it to multiple of us. The atmosphere was not great the carpet was dirty, I say all of that to further prove my point that there was nothing about this place or the service that would warrant a $56.70 tip.

Jon OBrien

Good food, good prices.

Jeff Mathews

Great food , but felt rushed to leave.

Emma Brown

My only complaint with this place is the service, which I guess is a big thing. It just takes awhile to get the things you’ve asked for - drinks, food, and otherwise. The food, when it does arrive, is sensational. I ordered the pork medallions. They were expertly prepared. I have also had the salmon sandwich, that too is fantastic! I’d recommend coming here with friends, but not for a date night.

Matt Stinchfield

The only reason Single Barrel isn't a 5* restaurant, for me, is the main restaurant decor is kind of like a bowling alley with a C-W twist. I am thrilled if I can find a seat at the bar near the front, shadier and quieter, where I can order local beers and choose from a great selection of whiskeys. The service is generally attentive and there are only a handful of restaurants in Lincoln where the program is local meats, perfectly cooked, and I can trust that whatever I order it will be done to the chef's preferred doneness. Just put your dinner in their hands and say, "medium rare, or as the chef thinks best." The exec chef here also teaches the culinary program at the local community college and is a national butchers guild member, and the sous chef also rocks the place. If you are in Downtown Lincoln for a meal and want to taste local heritage pork, great Nebraska beef, and a dram of Kentucky's finest, you can do better than the Single Barrel. Earplugs optional on a Saturday night.

Nicole Ruskamp

Excellent food. Fast service. Everytime we go we say we should eat here more often.

Mickayla Heston

Delightful experience ! Wonderful food and cocktail choices, polite and accommodating staff. Nice ambience of atmosphere.

Tina Kumke

Great atmosphere and great customers with great customer service

Freedom Thompson

Steak cooked to perfection, pleasant attentive staff service.

Danny Wilson

An excellent dinning experience. Excellent food toped off with a very helpful and friendly wait staff. Definitely takes a place on my list of must return restaurants.

Kim Poretta

Great Bourbon selection, fantastic food!

Thomas Belt

Great spot! The no windows kind of freaked me out at first, but the food, beer, and bourbon selection speaks for itself. Come here now, why are you still reading reviews?

Jody Pritchett

Very good BBQ. I will go back if I'm in Lincoln again.

David Pringle

Great steaks. Bourbon list is fantastic.

Ariel Phillips

Great BBQ and had a feature of Wagyu New York Strip...amazing. Kaycee was a great waitress,

Jason Dohmen

Do not go to this place for lunch. Very poor service. After 40 Minutes we asked if our food would be coming and we were asked if we were in a hurry. It was lunch on a weekday. Yes we thought we could eat in an hour. Called to complain and was told they would send me a gift card. Never got it. Didn't demand it. Didn't ask for it. They offered and again didn't follow through. I suppose they make enough with their bands, so good for them but don't waste your time eating here.

Cubs Fan

This is a very great place for a steak and awesome customer service. So good that I send many travelers to them from my job. They all come back and tell me the same thing and thank me for my choice. No they aren’t paying me for the review, just like to reward a company with a good review when it’s earned. I’m 7 from H.I.A

Martha Torres

Better than expected. Absolutely excellent - the food and service were relaxed, fun to enjoy and well worth the value. Brisket is the top of my list from the menu, followed by ribs. Pulled pork has a little room for improvement. Would be perfect on a roll with slaw and sauce. Beans - Fabulous !! Do not go here and miss the beans. Shame on you. Skip the mashed potatoes. Something has to be last on the list, eh??? Give them a try, you will not be dispointed

Gregg T

Great steak and a huge selection of whiskeys. If I’m ever in Lincoln again, I’ll be stopping in again.

Ricardo Rodriguez

Great local brew and the best Ceasar salad I've had in a long time. Didn't try the brisket because i'm a DIY when it comes to bbq, but the burger was good.

Lori Contreras

Tonight was our first time there. The service was great and the food was amazing. The cornbread and the dipping sauces are something I would definitely recommend. The variety of whiskeys will keep us coming back.

Clayton Monroe

I went with a large group of friends (22-26 years old), and we went for Bingo Night, Wednesday. This is not your stereotypical grandma bingo, it is a very fun atmosphere. Prizes for winning bingo cards typically consisted of free drinks. If you are anything like my friends and I, we tend to get pretty loud when drinking. This event allows yelling indoors and a semi-competitive environment. Drinks are moderately priced and nothing to brag about. It is a pretty standard bar/restaurant/event hall.

Outdoors with Tom

Decent. Convenient to the Embassy hotel where I was staying.

Mason Johnson

Ribeye steak was the best I’ve had in a long time; possibly best in NE. If you like a smoky taste to your meal, this is the place for you. They have plenty of sides to choose from. Very congenial service. Staff and bartenders were accommodating

Mike Petersen

Go Big Red!!!

Maria Diaz

I loved sitting under the pictures of the farmers and artisans who made my meal possible. We were a family of three with big appetites come for a belly filler and were not disappointed!!!!! We are not vegetarians but like the fresh flavors and hearty meal sizes here.

John Dowd

Enjoyed Triple Threat sandwich. Wait staffer Ty was fast and on it! Like this place. Great value for cost.

nmeyer4141 .

My girlfriend and I ate here about 1 month ago on a friday night, probably 8:15pm. The young waiter probably needs to be re-trained, he tried to be cool by memorizing orders but got drinks messed up, had to ask twice for straws and a cold glass for the beer, let alone having to ask twice for some sauce. I had the sampler platter and I can honestly say that I produce WAY better ribs and brisket when I first started learning the ART of BBQ. The ribs were chewy and kind of bland. The brisket was tender but there was so much fat and was dripping grease. The sausage was sausage and nothing truly special. Let me say....I truly understand that offering true BBQ is going to be somewhat subjective and the quality can differ based on the time of the day. BUT, there are some things that are truly off putting and just plain unforgivable. What I am talking about, is the fact that i was burping nasty dirty smoke flavor hours after leaving their establishment........ The only reason i gave this place 2 stars is because the filet that my girlfriend had that cost $36 was at least cooked the way she asked.

Jenni Scotti

This was great bbq, friendly service, I heard from others that the steak is one of the best, I plan to try that next time. I went back, one of the best ribeyes I have ever had, perfect medium rare and worth the splurge.

Jon-Mark Davey

Very good cold smoked BBQ. Visited on a Thursday evening and it was quiet. Atmosphere is very good. Food was better than expected. Ive had BBQ several places in Lincoln this week but this is the best.

William Toulouse

Good brisket. Had a nice smokey flavor. The black pepper maple grits are amazing. Get them for your side. They are awesome. Below average service. And they advertise as a whiskey bar yet were out of 2 different bourbons on a Saturday night...really? Overall decent portions and prices. Food was food.

nathan ferguson

Finally a place that knows how to cook a steak.

Nancy Friesen

We had ribs, they were soooo good!

Kyle Gannon

Great atmosphere. Good location and the service was awesome. Cheap drinks too!

Paul Atwood

Nice place, very friendly.

Natalee Slingsby

I had a very pleasant experience here. I guess the server called in so the manager was attending all the tables and he did great! Three of us ordered and he didnt have to write down a single item. All three orders came out correct and we all agreed we would eat here again.

Chad Rounds

I had the Rib-eye with mushrooms and onions, and baked brisket beans. Beans were tasty, Rib-eye was wonderful! Even though they were a bit over run by a local convention, the wait staff was amazing, We had Maddie for a waitress and she was a terrific waitress, well versed in the menu and beer/bourbon selection. Will defiantly hit this place up the next time I'm passing through!

Benno Rawlinson

Delicious steak and beer. Will certainly be back to try the bbq!

Jonathan Fisher

One of our favorite "date night" places. Amazing whiskey selection. Food is the highest quality we've had in the greater Lincoln area. They will have live music often. Great atmosphere. Definitely a must-visit place for dinner or drinks in Lincoln. Parking garage across the street is convenient and is free the first hour.

Tony Syedin

Fantastic place, delicious food, great service

steve McCarthy

Good food and drinks

Rashida Elliott-Jefferson

The pan fried chicken was absolutely exquisite. The service was a tad slower than we expected but it didn't take away from the experience

Larry Buckendorf

Good wait staff.

Jennifer Lamar

Excellent food. If you can't make it to the restaurant check out the boiler room and order from there.

Jordan Fischer

This is the place to be!!! Five Stars!!!!

Greg Hibbard

Great atmosphere! The corn bread was amazing, but to be honest, my steak was just ok. Nothing bad, but nothing outstanding.

Steven jackson

Better than expected. Absolutely excellent - the food and service were relaxed, fun to enjoy and well worth the value. Brisket is the top of my list from the menu, followed by ribs. Pulled pork has a little room for improvement. Would be perfect on a roll with slaw and sauce. Beans - Fabulous !! Do not go here and miss the beans. Shame on you. Skip the mashed potatoes. Something has to be last on the list, eh??? Give them a try, you will not be dispointed

Carlos Martinez

Nice meat

Paula Dalby

Great food. Friendly service. It wasn't really packed, but it took a while for our food to arrive. Order appetizers. We didn't, thinking there would be bread or something while we waited, and we were wrong! The whiskey selection was amazing, but the steak was a bit disappointing. I however had the pork tenderloin medallions. They were amazing. Worth every penny and the wait. Oh and don't be put off by the decor. It feels like you are in a cheap casino buffet, but it's clean. And you'll be happy they spend their money on quality food and service instead of fancy furniture.

Nathaniel Gabel

Like this place! Great atmosphere, friendly staff, great options. It is pricey though. $$$$ in my opinion but the food usually comes out really good. I was in a party of 6 and there were no complaints on the food!

Justin Rogge

I have visited here multiple times. The food,drinks and service have always been pleasing.

Jason Burns

Got the sampler platter. The meat was smoked well and was tender but there was no flavor to the rub. BBQ sauce was overly runny in general. Not a bad meal but I've had considerably better BBQ for less.

Bill Johnsen

Food was awesome the place is loud though

BK Ford

Steak was excellent. Family friendly atmosphere although not fancy. Great service. Would recommend.

Joshua Utley

Best steak ever

Eugene Gonzalez

“Good stuff” We had the Philly sandwich and a Gyro (both very good!). They came with tasty salad and fries. Had enough left over for a late night snack later, and take home boxes were right on the counter for us. We will look for this place again when we're very hungry.

Kim Stewart

Amazing experience at Single Barrel tonight. Enjoyed bourbon and rye from the bar. Food included the salmon and the duck entrees. Both were excellent. Service was on point. Overall, an experience worth repeating. We were surprised this place wasn't busier. The only wo negatives I can think of....the front door appeared to be a bit neglected, from the outside the only indication they were open was a neon sign, it was dark and drab from the outside. Half the bar is unused due to bev stations that aren't necessary and water/tea for servers that could be located elsewhere.

Chris Petersen

Great lunch

Lissa ONeill

Amazing BBQ meats!

Fred Freytag

The smoked ribs were very burnt and had a horrible flavor. The brisket also I had a burnt un eatable layer. The staff was friendly.

Catering at Doorstep Diner

The triple stack sandwich is awesome. A must try.


Grilled chesse cold and hard.


Great food and service

Carrie Laumann

Steaks taste like gas. Both my husband's and mine were ordered and prepared medium rare, yet still dry. Will not go back.

Tyroniuz Oz

Very attentive staff and amazing boneless New York strips. Good seasoning blends on all and cooked pretty close to perfection. Can't say perfect because of the fries but hey who cares about potatoes when you have that steak in front of you.... Cheers!

Jamie Kathol

Exceptional food and great service. When I visited I got the Barbecue Sampler which came with a 3-rib rack, a generous pile of pulled pork, and slab of brisket. All of it was positively delicious. And the ribs...oh my lord. So tender. This is no exaggeration; had I been inclined to I could have eaten the bones. I did actually bite through one of the rib bones without even trying. That's good bbq. The night that I was there they had the unfortunate luck of a water main breaking shortly after we got there so they lost ALL running water in the place. They still did a great job of making sure that we were taken care of. My only criticism of the restaurant is the chairs. Everything about the interior and decor gives a rather high-end steak house feeling but the chairs made if feel like you're in a cafeteria. They seemed out of place. They weren't necessarily uncomfortable, but they seemed to bring the whole place down a notch .

Josh Cava

I drove all the way from west Virginia for my dinner this evening and this was hands down the best steak of my entire life. It was so good it brought me to tears. I cannot thank yall enough


Restaurant looks nice and had good service, but on it struggles on food quality versus price. I had tomato soup with my meal and it tasted like warm marinara sauce.

lsx _187r

Poor service. Decent food, but overpriced for what it is.

Jennifer Mason

I am fro.m Tennessee and I am so happy with their bourbon selection!!!

Debra Berke

Fantastic smoked brisket, good wine list, great service.

Amy L

It was fairly empty for a Monday afternoon. Food was excellent. Soup was a little weird and looked like baby food but wasn't bad. Waitress was attentive.

Jackie Murray

Giant big screen TV, good cocktails, love the Maple Black pepper grits! Two words: Bacon Jam!!!

er schnak

Top notch BBq. Service was good. Drink selection was +

Bill Clark

My steak was tremendous!

Jaret Wernimont

Good place to eat and quiet so you can hold a conversation. I was there when a band was playing tho.

Kelsey Gittings

Looking for a fun atmosphere, great drinks, and fantastic artists? Right here, folks. Single Barrel has fantastic singers come through their doors. It's never disappointment seeing a show there. Bartenders are quick making drinks, even when the line seems long, it's never more than a 5 minute wait.

Patrick Booth

They ran out of Miller Lite by 3pm on a game day. Disappointed.

Aaron Beasley

Service was excellent but unfortunately that's where it ends. Steaks are overpriced, start at $20 and go up to $47, and they nickel and dime you over toppings, $4 per topping. The ribs were delicious and fell off the bone, but the other BBQ was average. For the money I would expect a nicer decor but this place is just a giant room, kinda reminded me of a nicer Heidelberg's.

Matt Messmer

Nice place, great food, best drinks. Maybe they could add a few more beers on tap. Great place for gatherings.

Brian Keegan

Nice happy hour rates and bartenders are great!

April Krueger

Love the atmosphere and drinks are on point. Although, the bar tenders seem to change the price of drinks based on who they serve. Or at least some have. I got whiskey sours 50¢ cheaper than my friend the whole night. Maybe it was a ladies night discount?!?!

Ardie Grimes

Food was great. Seating location was a bit odd, almost like they were isolating the small children in our group from the other diners, so they seated us in front of a huge screen, which was a major distraction for the kids.

Adam Maly

I didnt like it

melodee andersen

The meat in the BBQ sampler was overcooked once you got the burnt BBQ sauce off wasn't much meat left. The Ruben was excellent

Jesse Stayner

We went to Single Barrel on Memorial weekend and had a great experience. I recommend trying the "The Stack" as appetizer. It was amazingly good. The filet I had was also delicious. My wife and her best friend also had good meals. I would give this 5 stars if the service was a little better and they had a better bear selection. Overall it was a great experience.

Gabe Olson

Amazing whiskey selection. If sampling a bunch of different whiskeys is what you want this is a great place. The steak was very disappointing.

roland howard

Very popular in the area, and this is only my opinion but the food was really really heavy...Guilt inducing hah! We ordered a handful of hors d'oeuvres. My steak was pretty good though.

Scott Breitbach

Had the Turf & Turf and the White Elm Creme Brulee. Both were amazing.

Madison Ocken

Always fantastic food, great service. Omg the brisket just melts so deliciously.

Nicki Jean

Delicious! Great service as well.

sherry oldson-mills

Good food and atmosphere.

Amie Callahan

The Sidetrack Band is awesome!

Lyle Weitzel

Stopped in for lunch on a weekday. Had the brisket sandwich and fries. Brisket was awesome. Tender with a great smokey taste. Service was top notch. Excellent bourbon selection.

Sean Jernigan

Food was served to perfection. Wasn't very busy on a Monday evening. No complaints and would definitely go back!

Lively Life

Meh... overpriced in terms of food and drinks... and for a chophouse... they can't prepare a black and blue filet to save their lives. It's crowded and noisy. The staff is pretty friendly... but I don't plan on coming back.

Rowdy Kluender

Very good

Sari Mendoza

The place was dead on a Saturday night. Just about all of the staff were in fowl moods and one of the door guys was especially rude to me and my friend. I will never go there again nor recommend this place to any of my friends or family. A good attitude goes all way.

Jc MacLeod

Food was good, just not a good venue for large groups. That's what the manager said to our large group at least, after some small issues.

Lynn Trimble

Very good food. Staff was very friendly and knowable

Corey Griffin

The filet was awesome! Along with the chicken dip

Josh Rookstool

Excellent place for pre-game Husker home games!

Victor M

Great place for lunch, a little on the pricey side but good food makes it worth it.

Guadalupe Murray

My only complaint with this place is the service, which I guess is a big thing. It just takes awhile to get the things you’ve asked for - drinks, food, and otherwise. The food, when it does arrive, is sensational. I ordered the pork medallions. They were expertly prepared. I have also had the salmon sandwich, that too is fantastic! I’d recommend coming here with friends, but not for a date night.

Rick Mahnn

FAILED health inspection for food safety and egg contamination. WOW. This is a shame. So FN gross. Report says possible salmonella violations with improperly stored egg products. dang.

Brandon Warrington

Phenomenal food, top-notch cocktails, and excellent service. An absolute no brainer for anyone looking for great food and a perfect pour in Lincoln.

Jack Garlock

It was excellent food in a relaxed professional atmosphere.

Gene Coleman

While it is a little pricey the steak here is amazing. They also have wonderful whiskey, bourbon, and scotch at reasonable prices. Great place to hang out with friends for dinner and delicious drinks!

Avery Ma

Large party dining experience ahead. Highlights: amazing service, good food. Our server was the standout providing a large group attention in an other wise slow night. Food was good as I had the full rack of ribs that I enjoyed with a side of the grits. I'm not a fan of sweet grits but these were a good blend of savory. The desserts looked good but I steered clear that night. Thanks staff.

Greg Snider

This is basically a BBQ joint. And they are not good at it either. Extremely dry meat, severice is ok at best. Would not recommend it. The best part of the meal is actully the sides. Being a Nebraska restaurant you need to be good at steaks and BBQ. This place isn't.

Mat Johnson

Food was delicious, service was great - and while I'm not necessarily into the country scene at all - the vibe from the environment was still good for dinner. Some of menu items are a little higher end on the price scale, but worth it for sure!

Brook Reinhard

Great Nebraska sports bar! Good music, great food, really friendly atmosphere.

Josh Ursprung

good food. lots of sauce on the food so a little overboard on that otherwise awesome

Kelly Pierce

Always good food and service.

Ashley Baer

Excellent meal. My boyfriend and I went during the snow storm because we didn't want to go to the grocery store and cook. We got the cone of fries and the pork medallions with cheesy, garlic mashed potatoes. Everything was excellent and the pork was so tender. We would definitely go back.

Jamel Walker

Yummy food. The restaurant itself feels like an old Bingo hall or like it's used as a night club after hours.

mehrdad shadmehr

Good steak you should try Rueben sandwich for sure

Ana Harris

Good food, prices and service.


Great drinks and music, better music

T Mac

Awesome food, awesome drinks, awesome service!!! Will definitely be coming back!!

John Roan

We had great bbq & steaks here. Good whiskey drinks too! Highly recommend.

Nell Price

I was finally back in town for business and was able to check this place out for the actual restaurant. It did not disappoint. Shout out to our waitress (Mariah) who was amazing, full of energy, and so sweet. She helped me (honestly it didn't take much persuasion) decide on the Pork Chop, and wow. I'm talking a blackened pork chop, already delicious, on a bed of a delicious peanut butter sauce (not too sweet, not too savory), bacon sweet jelly, and to top it off,

Melissa Topil

Great entertainment before the Husker game

Kim Kempkes

The food was great! The service was terrible. I had to go up and ask for my iced tea. The appetizer plates were left on the table for the duration of the meal. I had to go to the bar and ask for a tea refill. The only reason that our waitress finally started picking up plates was because I took my plates to the bar. If I were in charge of the tip, it would have been very small. This was for a wedding party.

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