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REVIEWS OF Julio's Restaurant IN Nebraska

Brian Leimbach

Always a great place! Best Tacos in Omaha, and love the Mexican Flag!

Kelly Urban

Fantastic service on a busy Friday night. Black bean tacos were amazing.

Jake Vanlier

Great food and margaritas

Jessica Shubert

Better years ago very bland Mexican food staff was very polite.

Daniel Leaver

Good food could have been warmer

Jason Weaver

Inside the décor and environment isn't unique or particularly nice. I found the food to be super bland and very non-traditional, not in a good way. A lot of locals love this place. It's hard for me to understand why. Actually, these are probably the same locals that mourned Senior Matias' closing, which was only a fractional step below Julio's-- not so hard to understand.



Harrison Staab

My family has dined here for years. The place has a charming, cozy feel with some interesting vintage decor. Everything on the menu is excellent, and often served with incredibly tasty rice. Try the cowboy enchiladas. Staff is always friendly and the food is served hot and fast.

Andrew T. Chapeau

Hands down, the best Tex Mex in Omaha. So many classics on the menu, the works nachos, chimi boat, enchilada float, Mexican flag. However, on a recent visit, I found my new favorite - the Cowboy Enchiladas, which are filled with smoked brisket and served with beans and rice. This was one of the best tex mex plates I have ever had in Omaha. I will be back again soon!




Always had good experiences, so it was a bit odd to feel invisible. I would have had another drink but it took 30 minutes to get the 1st one. Over 20 minutes to get a drink menu...I asked for a drink menu, then I watched her go to other tables. Finally received drink menu. I asked for her opinion and I went with that yet she never once asked me how it was nor how was the food. The manager (?) walked around to tables that he I watched, clearly it was 4+ or more. Once again a table of one may as well be a zero. I never thought I would have a problem with that, but I didn't realize that it would be a problem for everyone else.

Greg Jagst

I went with a group to dinner at Julio's last night. While Mexican food isn't really my favorite cuisine, I found several appealing options on the menu: several burger options were offered and I can vouch for the Mushroom and BBQ Burger--one of the tastiest this 49 year old has ever had--along with a very complementary IPA. Everyone in the group appeared to enjoy the generous portions and relaxed atmosphere. A good time, recommended.

tom truscott

Good service, great nachos

Jurnee pettis

Was the best food I had eating out in awhile didn't find a hair food tasted great and service was good!!!! Love love love this place!! New fav!

Chuck Larson

Great atmosphere, kid friendly

Carol Krystof

Great food and waitress was super friendly.... accepts Pinpoint

Rachel Harper

Food was not great, service was average for a large group. The queso was terrible, but the black beans were wonderful. Seems like a hit or miss kind of place.

Janice Noto

They have the best fish tacos in Omaha!

Greg Gerdes

Tuesday is taco night... food is excellent and service is spot on. Fun atmosphere!

Christie Amans

My meal was excellent and service responded quickly

Kevin Weigum

Favorite tex-mex restaurant in town! If you don't know what you want just get the ginormous burrito!

will George

Food was good...drinks were cold

Jerry D. Kee

Always love there food. When ever family comes to town we take them there

Debbie Walkinshaw

Very good tex mex

Sheri Crabtree

Julio's has been consistently average forever. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but it's definitely not a wow this is place is great thing either.

Randy Thomson

Beef and bean burrito was mostly bean, very little beef. The refried beans were bland with no seasonings. Rice looked great but had no flavor. Hamburger as as very good and had been grilled perfectly. Cheese dip was like the out of can type and was not hot.

Chuck Lively

Tasty food, generous portions, good service, great value for the price.

Kimberly Merrill

Salsa is already sitting out on table. I'm not a fan of room temp salsa. Cheese dip was cold and tasted like the cheap Velveeta stuff. The chorizo street tacos were way too spicy. Could barely eat one. Not what I expected.

Esther Katz

Delicious and super fast! Love the atmosphere!

Dory Hall

I don't know about some of these reviews but I eat there yesterday and I thought it was outstanding. 2 thumbs up, it was great Tex / Mex food. The chips were fantastic, even better if you use the dip. I'll definitely be back for more.

c Weis

Service was poor at best. Food was okay but not great and the chips were evidently fried in dirty or old oil. Gross.

Andrew Johnson

Food was fresh and delicious! Packed on a Friday night but service was great and food came quickly. I'm impressed.

Jeff Smith

I've been coming here for many years. I've always very much enjoyed the food. The staff is usually always nice and quick. I would highly recommend this place to anyone who enjoys this style of food. Will continue to return for years to come.

Charnell Kearney

I like this place alot friendly staff. Very good food. .

Anna Kellen

Love the waitress Allie, obviously was privileged with an awesome family!

Jason Hoke

Was served spoiled meat in an enchilada and got sick from only eating a few bites. Looks like a restaurant you would see on hells kitchen. My first and last visit all in one!!!

Kristi Jensen

Meh-but good happy hour!

Global Flier

Service was terrible. Difficult to tell who is the server and who is a customer. The rice was Rice Pilaf with peas instead of rice that would have been expected with a taco dish. The sopapilla's were doughy inside and tasted like yeast. The manager stated it was supposed to taste that way, and to be "fried, not cooked". The server got our drinks wrong, the salsa tasted like it came out of a jar (but not the good kind) and we did not get a receipt at the end until we asked for it. Even then, it did not have the change on there with the cash we provided.

nicci Bennett

Worst Mexican food ever since when does Spanish rice is white with peas and carrots in it and it's very pricing

Deborah Schwab

Food was very good. Wine was too expensive for the pour I got.

Brandon Boyd

(6 months prior to update below) I ordered the Beef Chimi Boat for lunch just 30 minutes ago. It boasted to be deep fried, filled with cheese and topped with their Tex Mex Chili. I want to say only the tips of the Chimi was dipped into the deep fryer as everything else tasted like regular soft taco soaked with a red chili sauce out of a can. Rice that came with it looked to be steamed with butter and tomatoes.... until I found a snow pea in the rice. The Chimi also came with some sweet diced fruit inside, it was most unexpected. All the food was luke warm. Didn't surprise me as I was only in there for 30 minutes total. I arrived at 1:05 and left at 1:35 and I was dining in. During this time, I noted the manager sitting up front reading the newspaper comics, had 3 different waitress, and learned the total of tips from some others as they counted them on the bar in front of customers... followed by an 80s sounding excited sound. Talking Arseno Hall type. Have pictures, will post once I get a chance. Oh and the lunch crowd had cleared out by the time I arrived, I was 1 of 3 tables in bar area. Update (10/17/2017 12:08): To the Owners response. All of it is true and accurate. If you would like me to post a picture I took of the woman up front reading a newspaper, I will gladly post it? I was in there again today to give the restaurant a second chance (not knowing a reply to my first review was posted, only after wanting to post a second review did I notice it.) Please show me where on the menu it says rice pilaf? No fruit is served in your chimis? Then please explain why I found one? And about the tables in the bar, it was to reference how busy the restaurant was when I dined. The owner boast of 'made from scratch', 'best experience' and even 'I wonder if you even ate here'. Today I was in the restaurant but I did not eat. After waiting 17 minutes, after being seated, I walked out and ate at Dickey's down the block. I was seated in the dining room in the back left and no one bothered to acknowledge me. I had two people walk past me and into the kitchen . Did either of them note I was waiting patiently with no drink and menus at the edge of the table? Not sure, but it did not prompt a response. Did you train your hostess to alert the wait staff they had just been sat? Did you train your wait staff to check on any customer if there looks to be a problem? Your hostess even thanked me as I walked out the door. I would guess at 8 tables filled, about half eating their meal. Look forward to owner explaining not once but twice failing to serve a customer properly.

Nina Monroe

Such a wonderful place. The restaurant was very adorable. The food was delicious

Erick Moore

Food was amazing, but the customer service was horrible. Walked in, didn’t get greeted, had to walk to the bar to order still no welcome, or even hi how are you. Told the manager about our experience and she said she didn’t see anything .... of course you didn’t see anything because you weren’t right there. Furthermore if I’m spending my hard earned money, I wanna know that it is valued and appreciated.

Patty Younger

Welcoming atmosphere, casual, great food, drinks and service. Food is reasonably priced.

Jordan Willand

I have visited this location on a couple occasions and have been truly disappointed every time. I believe out of the hand full of times that I have gone, only once was there a visit that has gone as expected. With that said, I decided to give it a try again today for a simple taco during lunch. Yet again, another item was cold, the chips and taco shell were stale and the cheese was lumpy because it was not heated all the way through. There is no taste to the beef and the rice along with the restaurant had a funky smell. I can officially say unless to have a simplest margarita which hopefully cannot be screwed up, i will not again brighten that restaurants door steps.

Nicole Nedbalek

The staff is wonderful, super friendly and personable, the food is delicious and the atmosphere is laid back. We love going here!

Erik Madsen

The loaded nachos are the best in town. The service is always great and the food that they have for happy hour is price great. You will not leave hungry

Jack Taff

Good Smoked Chicken Nacos

Martha 777

Great food.


Nice. Good service. Food very flavorful. We missed Happy Hour but will go again to catch it.

Ray Wollberg

Good food, nice people and a nice clean looking establishment.

Joan Heneger

Love their special nachos with the works. Flour chips are my favorite and these are so tasty. If you're not crazy about Mexican, try their mushroom burger!

Jessica Gaffney

We ordered the brisket enchilada and the cheeses and broccoli chimichanga. Both were good but the brisket was just a tad more amazing! Just wish it was a little more hot food,it was a bit on the cool side. The staff was great and the atmosphere was good as well!

Mike Heese

Great food!

Kimberly Wagner

Great service, great food!!

Sandra Adams

Best nachos in the world

Danielle Kuzela

It was trivia night. Fun atmosphere, great food and reverse happy hour with excellent prices. Huge $2 tacos!

Jinnie McCormick

Great service and food.

Daphne Hoover

Great tacos for taco Tuesday

James Miranda

We love Julio's!

Adam Carbullido

Had an issue with SkipTheDishes, Julios jumped all over it and took care of it. Great service.

doug kobylasz


Denise Maurer

My husband and I both had the cowboy enchilada. It was very good.

Kauch 1123

The smoked brisket burrito is amazing!!!!

Ed Hadraba

Went with a friend for lunch.. we were chatting because it had been a while since we have seen each other.. the server came about every 3 minutes asking for our order.. irritating.. the cheese dip was lacking taste.. the giant taco was lacking flavor...I've had alot better! I hadn't gone there for a while.. and it will be a while before I go back and that's a big if.

Jim Homan

My wife and I love the fajitas for two!

Dave Parrish

Food is great, but the service gets worse every time we come in. It used to be fine, but this most recent time we were sat at a booth... 15 minutes later someone comes by to take our food and drink orders... 30 minutes with no waitress visit and I had to go find someone to get the check. I don't think we ever were actually assigned a waiter. And there were only like 5 other tables so it's not as if it was busy. And the previous time we were here it wasn't much better. Hopefully whatever's going on gets fixed.

Sam Vetter

I frequent Julio's and love the balance of service, value and atmosphere. The staff is friendly, fun and authentic. The fish tacos and enchiladas are delicious and they have a great selection of tap beers. It's my new happy hour spot! If you like restaurants/bars with a personality that's authentic (not pretentious), give them a shot.

Tim Rozmajzl

Street tacos today were great, had one of each, plus black beans and cilantro rice. Everything was perfect

Scott Mausbach

Smoked brisket enchilada? Yes please!

Karen Culver

Love the Fajitas! Great happy hour!!

John Murta

Love the place, foods good and service is great...

Mitchell Hadden

Great food and service.

Nicole Johnson

Food was terrible. Cold, no flavor, just terrible.

Joseph Selander

Smallest amount of steak I have ever gotten in an order of fajitas. Pathetic.

Emily Tornblom

We were looking for a nice place to eat while out shopping and what we got was the most terrible meal I have ever eaten. We both ordered tacos and the water just ran out of the bottom of my taco which covered my entire plate and made my meal soggy. I continued to try to eat it until I noticed the bartender picking his nose, then I was done! I couldn't even wash my disgusting meal down because the soda I ordered tasted like carbonated water. Save your 30 bucks and go to taco bell

Steve Morong

Great food. Haven't been here for awhile. Forgot how good the food is.

NE Senior Insurance

Pretty decent Mexican grub. Don't try the IPA on tap though .. not the best.

Shane Seymour

It's a great little Mexican restaurant with freshly cooked and prepared food. The nachos are simply fantastic.

Kelly Meyer

We were visiting from the Chicago area and needed a quick bite. This place hit a spot we didn't even know we had! Delicious food and friendly staff.

Karen LaCroix

We went for the monthly Trivia Night at 9pm Saturday. We took a table in the bar to participate. Each team received the same questions on a sheet of paper, and they were collected about ten minutes later. There were five rounds done at a good pace, so it only took an hour and a half. The Works small nachos were $10, $3 margaritas and $2 tacos. These were all happy hour specials. Tacos come in either chicken or beef with flour or corn tortillas. You can ask for soft flour tortillas or hard flour tortillas, which the waitress called flash fried. Everything was good, and we agreed with other reviews that raved about The Works nachos. If you have qualms about the carpet that other reviewers mentioned, be seated in the bar; it's a hardwood floor.

Trenton Twining

A longtime favorite: lots of happy memories of visits to the SW Omaha site.


We had never been there before and we walked in with a big group on a Friday night WITHOUT a reservation. The staff couldn't have been more friendly and accommodating. The food & drinks were delicious. The overall experience was much much much better than La Mesa.

Matt Heck

Standard Tex Mex. They did have live music if you're into that too.

Heather Clark

Nice place, nice people working here, Q decor. And it smell good when you walk in, that's always a good sign. Great menu, they actually have a lot of vegetarian options! Not only that, but they actually look appetizing. You'd be surprised how difficult that can be to find. Gigantic nachos, my favorite :-)

Barb Kuhl

Not impressed with Julio's way to dark at lunch to order can't see there menu

Don Lerdahl

Great nachos fantastic margaritas. A 25 year tradition for wife and I

Kim Gehrman

Great food, excellent service, nice atmosphere!

Schaeffer Simmons

The rice literally tasted like uncle bens microwave rice and I could tell my enchilada was microwaved because the cheese on it was hard...... won’t be back.

Jim Pinegar

Excellent wait staff and the nachos were incredible!

Aaron Jackson

The food was cold despite the fact that they weren't that busy. It lacked flavor. Even the coke they served was flat. Two of the employees sat at the bar a few feet away and had a conversation that included lots of foul language. I'm no prude, but you shouldn't talk like that around customers. Not likely to go there again.

brittany totusek

Staff nice, food awful.


Great food. Not much else to say. Check it out.

Nathan Hanus

Great service and great food!

Glen Ingham

Very good texmex with good size portions at a reasonable price

Sue Lilla

Great shrimp tacos and loaded nachos. Service was very good, too.

paul sedlacek

Best ni town

Martina Foell

Great service with tasty food. Served quickly and food was hot. Our "go-to" TexMex place.

jim kapinski

Always a good sign if a restaurant smells of food. Food is very good considering what they charge for it

Andrea LaMar

So good!! Food was great!! San Juan Mules were AMAZING!! Our waitress was a doll and very helpful and attentive!

Braden Trimble

BP 9

Amy Ross

Unfortunately our family experience was less than impressive. The entrance looked disheveled, which is a turn off to walk in. The table and menus were sticky, guess that bothers me. The waitress had just come in from smoking and that shouldn't be quite so in your face obvious. The real part that got me was that all our food was luke warm at best. The shredded cheese didn't even melt on the beans. The taco meat didn't have much flavor past "meat". Our waitress wasn't coming back to check on us so one of our group did actually hop up, ask for some chips and salsa (since they are not complimentary here) and mentioned that none of the food was warm. The gal asked if we wanted to have them take it all back and heat it up, by this time that wasn't really intriguing us so we said no thanks. Wouldn't you pass on info to your manager and try to make this right? Needless to say, we aren't that picky on food, but even if it tastes bland, hot and fresh goes a long way! We will not be back.

Dawson Stewart

I was not a big fan of their food, but to be honest I am not a fan of Tex-Mex. The patio was nice though!

Lynn Hartin

Great nachos

Kirk Swartz

Chicken tacos were bland as well as the guacamole.

Jason Babcock

Ok service. There's better texmex out there but they TVs.

Brian Jackson

Awesome family atmosphere. Great fajitas. Great drinks. Great time

Katrina Markel

The staff did a great job catering our company's Taco Tuesday party. The taco bar prices are very reasonable we enjoyed the food.

Lisa Dragon

Service was excellent! Quick, accurate, and delicious!

Tamika Coleman

I had the steak quesadilla, and it was awesome. My peers however, had the chicken and said it was very dry. I loved to margaritas!!

rachelle timberlake

Excellent food and service! Very pleased!

Bob Sullivan

Small nachos still my favorite. Food is great and excellent service.

Lorie Lyon

Ordered take out today with the gift certificate I was sent when they messed up my order last time. Ordered the Nirvana combo- chicken taco (no tomatoes or guac), black bean burrito and a beef enchilada. I got a soggy chicken taco loaded with tomatoes & guac, I'm allergic to avocado so I couldn't eat it. A rubbery cheese enchilada instead of beef, couldn't eat that either. The bean burrito was good. And what kind of rice is this??

Adán D

I'm a Mexican and I have to say the is not like a real Mexican food, and takes forever to bring your food.

Steve Fish

Been going there for years almost weekly. Last couple times not as good. Maybe a new cook not sure. My wife go's there for there rice. It wasn't the same. Made different no chicken broth use. Watress said it the same the always serve. Know way sent both sides of rice back. Still one of my favorites to eat at.

Asher Thies

Ask for Evan.


Quality wasn't bad, portions were small

Shawn Grove

The Restaurant needs to resolve their cockroach issue and their employees don’t wash their hands

Jonnisha McCleod

The place was great! The restaurant was clean. Food was good. Trivia Night was so fun!! I would recommend it to anyone!

Stephen Tuosto

Play stunk the food was poor only thing good was you came out quickly

Sharon Farber

Good food

Sam Scholten

Very good Tex Mex! Good service and food.

Christina H

Very good for Tex-Mex food

John Green

Awful, awful food. Ordered nachos and seafood enchilada. The food was like left-overs from the fridge, not even warm. Julios was a great restaurant back in the day (1980s). Today, the restaurant doesn't even heat the food. Simply shove in the microwave and serve. Don't eat here. Your twenty dollars is better spent elsewhere. The chips were yucky also. Stale flour tortilla chips taste like saltine crackers that have been left out for a few months.

Robert Peterson

I first visited Julio's as a kid. I don't remember much other than I didn't care much for it. I recently visited for a work function and was pleasantly surprised. I will be returning in the near future. The Mexican fries and enchiladas are delicious.

Margie Raymond

Good mexican restaurant

Chad Olson

Who Lee ohs is so great, they can actually see the swirls in cinnamon toast crunch!


Good food.

Betty Jo Keisner

Service was good, but the food was tasteless. I had the taco salad and my husband had the taco platter. Romeo's is a much better destination for Mexican food! Won't be back to this place (which also had a "dirty carpet" smell!)

Smidty Schripsema

Friendly staff. Happy Hour selections

Bruce Kambarami

delicious Mexican food. Friendly and helpful staff. They also have free fast wifi

Tina Persinger

It is outdated, in need of a remodel. Service was great as was the food. It is getting on the pricey some though for Mexican.

Jacob Paasch

My girlfriend and I ate here on Friday August 11th 2016. Sat at the bar service was excellent JD served us this evening he was very attentive and had and all around great experience.

garrett carbonell

Good food, good service. What more do you want?

Mike Boyle

Great. Good prices and great service.

Sean N

The food at Julio’s is delectable. The vegetarian options are second to none. If you go, make sure to order the avocado rolls as an appetizer.

Moto Heart

Best nachos an enchiladas I've tried in town

Samantha .

We sat outside and the "Sammyrita" was delicious and had a good amount of alcohol in it. The food was delicious and in generous portions. I got the cowboy enchilada and ate on it for another two days after! Their carnitas are delicious. I'll definitely be back. Also the server and guy who brought us our drinks was super laid back and great service.

janet anderson

Friendly, very clean and the best Nachos ever!

Rick Harkins

The only thing we've ever ordered is the Works nachos. They are outstanding! A large pile of flour chips smothered in beef, beans, tomatoes, jalapeños and cheddar. My sweetie and I can't finish a small order.


I’d give 5 but this is one of those places that’s excellent almost every time then occasionally throws in a horrible meal about every 4th time you go. When it’s good, it’s GOOD though!

Kat Hall

I would have given it no stars but I had to rate it to leave a comment. The service was slow to almost nonexistent. He took more than 20 minutes to take our orders and it wasn't even busy. We asked for a chip refill and he never came back to the table and we had to ask a different waiter. He never refilled our drinks. The food was bland and the chips were stale. I'm sure we could find a better tex-mex in Omaha. Was not pleased.

Kool Dude 2

Been over a year since the last time here. Nothing changed. Ordered 2 appetizers. Didn't get them. They forgot to bring out 1 meal. Still sucks.

Anthony D'Agosta

I've been coming here off and on since before they moved from 132nd and Center and alwayd enjoyed the reasonably priced and easy menu. I haven't been in a couple years and was recently inclined to do so. I'm not sure why the food was quite so bland this time but the rest of the experience was great. Food came so fast it was scary. Staff was friendly and had good recommendations and the restaurant was very clean.

Mike Kasworm

Friendly and attentive staff (I always eat in the bar area) and tasty food! I tend to have the "gringo" options like the burger and fries while my family opts for the tex-mex and we always enjoy our food. We asked for IPA beers enough that they always have at least one good one on tap, which is awesome.

Ryan Murray

The service here is top notch! The carnitas are perfect and the tequila selection is amazing!

Shanna Renae

My Nanna and I had lunch here.. First timers. Waitress was friendly and polite. Food was good! We ordered nachos and she sent us home with extra chips so they werent soggy!

Michele whitcomb

I hesitated reviewing this business, but after sharing my story with friends....they said it needed to be shared. I would give no stars if I could. I NEVER got to eat or enjoy the place. I had placed a TO GO order 4 days prior to pick up. It was a negative, disheartening experience from the moment I entered. I waited for quite awhile before anyone came to help me. The young lady checked and stated there was no to go order. Then she said I will get my manager. Then another rude individual came up and asked what my problem was....she was the owner and told my I was not telling the truth. They had no order.... so unprofessional! I can’t understand why they just couldn’t be respectful and fill the SMALL order for smoked chicken salad. I decided to leave and not argue, Not worth the food with rude leadership!

Sheri Costanzo

We had the amazing Nachos for lunch. Always fantastic!!

Sharon Massafra

Amazing restaurant, staff and owners. Made my dinner exactly to my tastes. Thanks! Next time in Omaha would definitely come back.

Travis Beran

Delicious, especially after 9pm with $2

whiteboricua87 .

I and my fiance ordered some food to be delivered and OMG food was too die for. Will definitely be a returning customer and spreading the word to family/friends about this wonderful restaurant.

Mike Dyer

Fantastic place, great food and very nice people.

Dan Clark

Our family has eaten at julios for years. Food & Service are great! Chicken fajitas are outstanding.

Lydia Rhodes

Best flour chips!

Mike Kneeland

Still an ATF and try to stop in whenever in town. This place made the margs my favorite drink, think it's the Anni-rita? Chicken mushroom enchiladas another staple in my Omaha diet. Owners are awesome people and care about their guests. I appreciate this place still being around as long as I can remember.

joe shmo

best chicken tacos around

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