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6113 Maple St #4043, Omaha, NE 68104, United States

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REVIEWS OF Burrito Envy & Tequila Bar IN Nebraska

Shawn Finley

The food is delicious. Try a sushi burrito or one of their other amazing burritos!


Great food and atmosphere.

Jae L

Good. Fun burritos.

Leah Ratzlaff

We had such a great meal here. We had them make the california burrito into nachos and it was amazing. Definitely get the dessert! Drinks were great and lots of fun had there.

jacki schroeder

My daughter and I stopped in Saturday night after the Blue October concert and this was by far the best burrito I've ever had!!!!! We live in Millard so I'm not sure how often we will get to visit this place but if you haven't been to downtown Benson you have to go and visit this place!!!! Thanks for the experience of great food!!!!!

Javier Saldaña, Jr

My group had decided to eat at Burrito Envy after a night out in Benson. All five of us decided to order burritos. To our dismay, they lacked flavor, quality, and were cold. To compensate, I had asked for extra salsa in a very respectful manner as I can understand restaurants can have off nights. The person who took our order tossed her trays threw the kitchen window in a dramatic attitude,ROLLED HER EYES, and grabbed salsa containers at us in a childish manner. I do not understand why they charge extra for salsa when the burritos are $9.25! Almost every place In the city provides complimentary salsas. If you do charge dont provide customers with a tiny container with 10% of it filled. Total rip off.

adam case

We are vegetarians, so most food places in the area have limited options. There are plenty of options here... And not just standard refried bean options. Prices are comparable to most burrito places, but the quality is far superior here.

Eileen Sullivan

Unique menu. Not sure I'll ever see a "sushi burrito" on another menu, but it was good!

Sandra Wilson

I looooooove love this place is the cashier and bartenders are so nice. Will definitely recommend

Asti Beauty

The food & drinks were delicious! Just wished it was bigger portions for the price! I had a burrito bowl! Will be returning again

Nicholas Irwin

This venue offers late night music accompanied by a jazz saxophone. The food is aromatic with a delicious taste. Prices are not for those looking for late night drunk food. The margaritas come in a whiskey style low glass, but ar delicious. The flavors range from mango to strawberry blueberry and more.

Emma Jane

Worst beef/steak I've ever had in my life, but the chicken is okay.

Kevin Rodgers

Some friends and I stopped in for food on 2/24 around 11:30pm. The waitress was not friendly, unprofessional, and rude when we asked for some salsa. Less than 5 minutes after we asked for salsa, she posted on masking tape that salsa was extra. This was after she literally threw the containers at us. Overall, the food was cold and the staff were not professional. I totally get the customer basis you get late at night but she should not be a part of your team regardless. I really do not believe she represents your brand and hope for a better experience if I decide to give a second chance. I rarely complain since I work in a customer facing environment in management but know I would want to know if I had somebody potentially hurting my business on my team.

Christopher Slater

Excellent stuff from Burrito Envy and Tequila Bar! They catered a lunch for 25 top representatives of organization at a separate location, and Bryan and his team nailed it ~ The food was hot and delicious and easily fed the 25 + people at our luncheon... and everyone left very happy with their lunch! Great variety and excellent presentation ~ Will definitely be using them again for catering

Christopher Reiss

Came just before 1am and it was packed and so loud we could barely speak to the cashier. Receipt not given. Waited for 40mins and noticed people getting their orders and not us. Asked what the situation was and they finally delivered half the order, a quesodilla with none of the add-ons. When I explain we are missing the barbacoa burrito and her quesodilla is missing what she ordered we are treated as if we at fault. Attitude from the cashier and the cook who came out to ask us what was wrong. He told me had just given out a beef burrito recently as if I was lying for another one. There aren't that many types of burrito, man, I am sure you did make many barbacoa burritos recently. When we got our food an hour after ordering it was good. But we were treated as if we were freeloaders when we paid nearly $20. I'm sure the staff was having a frustrating time too as the cashier was definitely overburdened being alone at the front. The cooks were I'm sure also being slammed but the service was just a mess because of it. And isn't service pretty important when eating out?

Tim Glazeski

Get the sangria

Joseph Tesar

Very creative food and drinks!!! Fun laid back atmosphere. I had a sushi burrito, awesome! Will be back for sure!!!

Matthew McKenna

Had a bad experience with their customer service the first time in, however the owner promptly dealt with the issue. The food was great, so I cannot wait to give it another go.

Bob Pelshaw

It was my first time there and I didn't know about the ordering process, which could've saved me time and a little frustration. However the food, portion sizes, staff, atmosphere, and prices more than made up for it. We had the appetizers nachos & cheese, and another nachos and guac - both great choices. Our group had the shrimp burrito, Jamaican chicken, breakfast burrito, carnitas tacos and tortilla soup. The carnitas could be more flavorful, but still nice. The tortilla soup is a hit! As were the other choices. We only spent $60 with 2 appetizers and 4 drinks . We will definitely be back! Great staff and atmosphere too!

Joshua Monroe

Cool ambiance and crazy drinks. Great location.

Jeremy Jensen

These guys just knocked it out of the park with amazing value. I couldn't believe the amount and quality of food I got for WAY under my catering budget. Totally easy to work with - I love the fact that they bring disposable heating catering items so they drop it off, set it up, and get out super fast. My guests were amazed and it was a total hit. It was delicious, unique, super trendy. Totally hiring these guys for every catering gig I ever need. Great job, Burrito Envy!

Timtaysha Shannon

If I could give this place a ZERO then I would definitely do that! My job actually allows this place to cater and the food is usually pretty good. I went into their place of business at 9:30pm! 30 minutes before closing and was given straight attitude by the lady at the counter! I ignored her rudeness and continued to order. I ordered the beef nacho! Took about 4 or 4 minutes to prep which was odd. I knew that the food would be cold! The waitress placed my plate on the counter and the nacho were cold to touch. The cheese was stuck to the nacho chips and the lettuce was warped. When I asked why the waitress rudely responded with "You know what I'll just give you a refund, I've had a long DAY! and I'm not going to argue with you!" she was so rude and snotty I will never be back!

Drunk CookieTV

It has the atmosphere of Benson, menu style of Chipolte, but the size of the $8.00 burrito was pretty small. I expected a bit more from it, I suppose. The tortilla was cold and the chicken and rice was bland. I didn't know what the think when I saw chili powder sprinkled on top of the burrito. Granted I know this place is pretty new so I will have to try it again in a few months.

Carie Barajas

Burrito Envy is now one of my favorite restaurants. My husband and I went there and were blown away by the unique flavor. There's nothing else like it. Easily the best burritos out there!

Gabriella Quiroz

Great taco and burritos. Highly recommend the margaritas!

Kristine Mott

Best place to eat, the portion of food does not match their prices, I was amazed they were able to fit all that food on one plate. Talk about tasty, i literly had to join a gym after eating there. The service was impeccable, especially our waitress Brittany, she was on point throughout our evrning. Charming, witty and funny without being nuisance, she was very helpful in guiding our picky eaters through the menu, proving there's something on that menu to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. Our children loved the atmosphere as much as we did. If I could give this place more stars I would.

Dan Fitch

Great food and awesome service! Thanks for the live music.

Josh Petro

Great burritos and awesome margs. Don't get this confused with Qdoba or Chipotle. This is quality not fast food.

Davy Gordon

Only in town for a gig at the waiting room, stumbled upon this joint. Had the totchos which are amazing, then noticed the elusive sushi burrito. Had to get it. And was not disappointed. The chef hooked it up. So good that I came back the next day on my day off and got another. Excellent place. Love the old surf videos they show too.

Eric Peregrine

Best burrito I've ever had! Quick service too! Definitely coming back and recommending to everyone I know! Try it out, you will love it!

Ashley Burns

Very dry steak. Margarita was gross, tasted like syrup! I left here and went to Taco Bell

Zack Dunning

I had been here a while back and wasn't too impressed. Seemed expensive for the quality. What brought me back recently was the unveiling of the Sushi Burrito. As far as I know this is the only spot in Omaha to get this. Very tasty.

Dave Marshall

The burritos are good and the portion size is bigger than most other places of similar fair and it's a bit more expensive than I would like. Ultimately it falls victim of being too trendy for me, I would give them another chance in the future but it would have to be someone bringing me because I probably wouldn't choose to go there myself.

Erik Baumgart

Great taste asked original.

Desiree Johnson

I've eaten here a few times, and I honestly love the food. The California Nachos are my absolute favorite! The portions are a good value for the price, and the food quality is great. I also enjoy the atmosphere, and I appreciate that they try to be eco-friendly. I recently had an issue with my card being overcharged. Once the owner, Bryan, learned of the mistake, he quickly rectified the issue. I really felt that Bryan cared about me as a customer and valued my continued business. As long as this place keeps putting out the tasty food and good service, I will keep coming back. Thank you!


I love the food, however I definitely have my own style for my burrito, I guess it depends on who's making the food, the first 3 times I ordered it was AMAZING, my son loves it too, we even bought a t shirt, it was the last one & ended up being too big so I left it there with my info, haven't heard anything back but we've still ordered, bottom line can't compare the food it's great, however I definitely think maybe some extra help might be needed, just feels so rushed & yet I've also gotten some friends & family hooked too

Nyachang Johnson

Super rude experience by the cashier girl. The food we got wasn’t even what we ordered and after asking the waitress for hot sauce she tossed it at us without a care. I have never been back and it’s sad because I like they’re vegetarian options

Taylor Westrope

The chicken nachos were amazing! Katie was so helpful & friendly. She answered all the questions we had while there. :) Will definitely be back!

Dane Wyrick

Great food, great drinks, friendly staff, and great location.

Nate Olson

Went for lunch. The special was a good deal, the burrito had great flavor, the salsa was delicious, and the server was amazing.

Lisa Muffly

Been here twice. Great food and excellent service!

Kara Geweke

I saw the ratings at Burrito Envy were okay, but I thought I’d give it a try. I went in to pick up a quesadilla with guacamole to go. Simple - two tortillas and cheese and scoop some guac into a container to go. I place my order, and it doesn’t come out for close to 45 minutes. The bartender tried to say something about a big order ahead of us, but I saw maybe 6 people in there. To top it off the burrito was very okay, the cheese wasn’t even melted all of the way through, and the guacamole was in a tiny container similar in size to the paper ketchup cups you get at a fast food restaurant. Not worth the $1.50.

Danielle Bandstra

Great variety, try a Cuban with the fried planteen, it is so good!

jordan jensen

Tried the Braised chicken burrito its amazing. As well as the margaritas.

Joel Mickells

After seeing several posts on Instagram I finally got the chance to check it out and with 20 minutes before closing they still were nice enough to make me a breakfast burrito and chips with vegan salsa along with sampling some of the hot sauces. Great taste and the first stop was only 1 of many come! Very clean and Tequila bar next store

Jason Burgstiner

The food was great, but the service was terrible. The woman taking our order was on the phone the whole time doing it. We sat down at the bar, not far from the bartender/waitress. My girlfriends order came out very fast, but it was just a chicken Quesadilla... my order came up a few minutes later but it took the waitress 10 minutes to hand it to me because she was busy talking on the phone, texting and talking with other guests who, as it appeared, she knew. So again, good food, but they need a new person up front.

travis highley

The surf and turf burrito was amazing. The steak was fatty in parts but the shrimp was perfect. First time, will not be my last.

young kj

Do they deliver?

Amanda Bendorf

Always good, even when you're not drunk eating, ha! Good service on multiple experiences and fun live music on occasion.

Lissandra Dawson

First experience with this place I ordered a Cuban burrito for delivery and really liked it. During my next trip to Omaha a couple weeks later, I meant to go for lunch after checkout of my hotel. Google said they didnt open til 4pm! Now this latest Omaha visit I try to go Friday night at 2am and not only were they already closed, there is no available parking at 2am. There are signs saying you must not park between 2am and 6am. Ive no idea why they post til 3am when they will not be open nor will you be able to park anywhere. The attitude of the staff is not good either, she was not apologetic at all. she just said "we close at 2" in a rude tone. I also got groped on the street my some drunk, obnoxious college kid and the street was full of them. Im not going to bother with this place anymore.


One of our go-to places in Benson. Great food, great tequila bar! Excellent menu choices and ingredient combinations. One of the places in Nebraska where the hot sauce is not actually afraid to be hot! Also a great place to see live music! The owners did a great job with the music stage and with making the tequila bar a really fun and welcoming place to go. Highly recommended!

Sarah Wiens


savoy0077 .

Very good food and great atmosphere! Me and my wife will be back.

Amanda McMurtry

Great food and cocktails. Love the new bar space!

Melissa Nunley

Wonderful staff and food

Mr Pine Bluff

Great tequila selection and the food is pretty good also

Dazzling Dalliya

The bowls dont really have flavor the rice doesnt taste like anything.

Stephanie Baumgart

The guacamole is to die for!

brian smith

Bomb ass burritos.

Matt Eytalis

Good not great burritos.

Rachel Buckingham

Burrito Envy never disappoints, Katie was awesome and had great suggestions in regards to the menu and answered any questions we had.

Tasianae Brown

Great food. Horrible customer service. I’ve been multiple times and the two lady’s at the front counter act deaf. Had to scream “excuse me” in her face to get her to even help me. Order was incorrect and still got horrible customer service.

Dave Hokanson

Fast service, tasty food, and great tequilla. Even if you're not a tequilla fan, the food is yummy! Try the guacamole!

Clayton Sutton

Best nachos I've had in Omaha.

Justin Ridinger

Great tequila, even better burritos!

Danielle Shanahan

Not very high quality food for the cost. The sushi burritos are very heavy on cream cheese.

Chris Curtis

Burrito was ok, bar service not so much. Took forever to get a beer every time we went up for one. Sometimes the 2 bar tenders were just standing there. Can't say that I would go back.


Over priced. $20 for cold tater tots and my burrito didn't have any if the extras I ordered and paid for. Will probably never go back.

Thomas Hodder


Alicia Elsasser

Great food loved the staff.

Ian Clark

I've been here a good 20 times in the past year. They have great burritos! 4 stars because sometimes the sour cream and lettuce have a wet texture to them.

Mudinyeri .

Great food, great vibe! Tasty, slightly untraditional Mexican-Baja dishes with a tastefully-done surf/skate vibe. Excellent tequila selection and a dignificant expansion coming soon.

Ashley Myers

It's like the other chain stores, just with a cali surf/ski theme. Food wasn't something that stood out from the rest, just that the price was twice as much. Not really our scene, but it was an easy going place- didn't use bar services.

Adam Harner

Burrito envy has absolutely amazing food, paired with quick service. Being on Maple street, I have never had to deal with a line, or any extensive waiting. Also, they have amazing Margaritas that I would definitely recommend with your quick bite. I stop at burrito envy every time I am in Benson!!

RachelRae Taylor

Me and my cousin walked it to the cashier and waiter completely ignoring us. We asked where do we sit...I ordered off the happy hour menu; two veggie tacos with sour cream i didn't get my sour cream it sat and looked at me the entire time I ate. I even asked was sour cream on my tacos already, waiter said she think so. I was still hungry so i ordered the shrimp tacos and the deep fried burrito. The ice cream burrito came out 10 mins before the tacos and melted. We had hardly no interaction with staff just sat and paid and halfway ate. I was wishing i was eating at taco company the entire time i was there. I'm sure to never go back and tell everyone of the awful experience i had.

Sarah Larsen

Friendly staff, great food, and a fun atmosphere!

Kaitlin Costello

Got a veggie burrito and paid for extra salsa and hot sauce that we did not get. Pretty disappointed especially because the burrito was pretty bland. Majority of the burrito was rice and beans. The description lists a lot of other ingredients that were hard to find in the burrito. Large burrito but was over priced for the quality. Our friends got chips and guac and the chips were really disappointing. Bland and seemed stale.

Zach Carroll

Geat food and amazing service! Open late for that 4th meal after Benson bar hopping

Xena Haskovic

Great burritos! Love the hot sauce and the hours are great. Staff is very friendly!

Matt Heck

Fantastic burritos. A great place to start or end a night out in Benson.

Katherine Moore

I dont know how this place is still open. Manager doesnt know what temp the food suppose to be at so be careful. And customer service is terrible the people act deaf and rude. I been here many times before i loved it but now i had to let people know the food isnt as good anymore its bland and doesnt taste the way it did last time i came in. Please go back to the other ingredients or cook or whatever because i loved you guys food and this past week its not the same i was going to come on saturday but i think yall try other places.

Madison Simon

My boyfriend and I are from out of town and this was the BEST we've had yet! We both got California burritos and they were amazing!!

Jeff Everett

Amazing food and excellent margaritas! The cucumber pico is unique and delicious!

Izzy Diamond

Great veggie options

Luke meiners

Stopped in the other day after finding online. The food was amazing and the workers were polite and attentive. Didnt really like the chips and a little expensive but overall great experience

Mark E. Frederick

Friendly, clean, great food, great service. Love it!

Christina Markgraf

Best burrito I've had in Omaha by far, and the chips and salsa were really good too! Everything was super fresh, and service was great!

TKeya Jackson

Great food. Bad customer service. Front end service if just as bad as the kitchen, Two ladies at the front are rude and act like the only hear you when they want to. I had to tell them to fix my order twice after I ordered it. Took three times until I actually got to eat my food. Loyal costumer but a regular thing. Do something about it.

Kristen Hodges

Mediterranean nachos!!!

Karla Osmundson

Margaritas are amazing!! Victor is kind and personable, making us feel right at home! Nachos were the bomb. Victor's tequila recommendation was spot on! We visited twice on vacation because we enjoyed so much.

Josh Jones

Good place to eat

Mark Fredrickson

Bryan and his group are great! Food is amazing and service is even better! Highly recommended!

Cedric Anderson

Great place

John Corio

Bomb burritos not a fan of tequila though

Kevin Laurenti

I love the unique flavors and styles of the burritos. Everything is creative and delicious. I've never had anything that's not amazing.

Maria Hansen

One of our newest favorite places to eat when we visit Omaha, but can be very hit or miss. When it's good, it's GOOOOOD. On the other hand, one time we visited and all the rice was uncooked. Yuck. Offered me a refund when they brought it out though, so that won me back a little. And everything else still tasted delicious!

Katrina Wilson

Open late. Great food.

Tonya F

Service was great food not to good.

Gerald McKinney

got the PBJ burrito. It was loaded with meat and delicious!

Eloise Burton

I wanted to really try this place out because of the hype. I ordered the California burrito, Funnel Cake fries w/sauce, and chips and cucumber pico. 1st and foremost the prices are a bit outrageous so I expected quality food. As I began to wait I noticed they had seafood on the menu so I asked if no contamination could not happen (me being allergic to shellfish). The guy at the counter replied "she will do her best". As I waited another guy came in and had a to go order for a seafood burrito.So I thought hmmmm. .. Is she gonna change her gloves? I watched as the lady in the kitchen continued to not only make my burrito without changing her gloves but others as well. What?!?!?! I will NEVER go back! Due to the deeply underwhelming lack of flavors in EVERYTHING I ordered and the sanitary factor. Breakdown; Burrito: Steak was extremely tough and inedible had to take out most of it. Funnel Cakes Fries: Definitely frozen and sauce was bland and Flavorless. Chips and Cucumber pico: Chips were very greasy and pico was bland you couldn't even taste tomatoes and thats the main ingredient Just a FYI I could have gotten really sick and you can get the same Nebraska burrito from De Leons for $7. DO BETTER GUYS!

Lakiesha McBride

My review isn't about the food. It's about Justin he is very unprofessional but the food is amazing so try it.

Stacie Baumgart

This is the best relaxing environment. Plays amazing music and the staff care about you! I have craved the quacamole and queso every day since I ate there. Will be back!

The Captain

After seeing condescending replies from the establishment to opinions from customers I feel inclined to talk about my experience. It was just like the chain tex-mex shops, only twice as expensive. Spent over $30 on two people with one drink each and waited forever for the check even though they weren't busy. I'm sure they won't think my opinion was "constructive", but perhaps you should try to do something different if you have to charge so much for average food. Taco bell is a way better value, tastes close enough, and I don't have to deal with drunk Benson hipsters.

Tim Jacobs

This place is delicious. Their taco flavors are so tastie!

J Kauble

Chicken rice bowls with chips are sensational

K Propst

Fresh ingredients by far. Menu is flexable good for all types of pallets and dietary needs.

DJ Jennings

Good food. Nice hole in the wall place, open late.

Casey Lea Preston

Always great food and service

Tammy Jones

I went there this afternoon ordered a burrito bowl with rice steak and cheese and a side of chips. after waiting 20 minutes They came out with a burrito and no chips. When I pointed out that It wasn’t what I ordered the person who took my order was surprised that it was wrong. They took it back to fix it and 10 minutes later came back with a small container with steak cheese lettuce and onion no rice and no chips. All of this cost $17. If I would have gone to qudoba and spent the same amount of money I would have gotten 4 times the amount of food and it would have been done quickly and correctly. This place sucks. Don’t go there

Jay Bacon

Awesome place!

Charles Mutahi

I went to this place Saturday with a group of friends and we ordered food and drinks. Sat down to have drinks as we waited for our food only to be told by the owner we needed to leave because we made the people sitting at a different table 'uncomfortable'. We asked what exactly we did to make them feel uncomfortable and the guy said he would rather not go into details and as the owner he had the right to serve who he wants. Since we know what kind of a world we live in it was clear as to why this happened only to the 4 of us. So we took our food and walked out. Worst experience ever and the food wasn't all that great. I go to Benson quite a lot but will never go back to this place, such a disappointment of the level of unprofessionalism during this interaction by the so called owner working on the night of 6/1/19. I highly doubt the guy working that night was the real owner, so to the real owner, this place appears to be a decent establishment and these are the kind of experiences that hurt our community which is sad that its still happening in 2019! Feel free to reach out to me for additional comments.

Mercie-lynn Johnny

I've always loved Burriro Envy until my last visit there. I couldn't believe the wait on the 2 tuna sushi burritos & shrimp burrito bowl I ordered after I was told it'd only be 30 minutes ended up being an hour & 30 minutes. The lack of ingredients in those burritos, I mean couple cubes of tuna in each burrito was very disappointing, like come on & the shrimps were "fried fresh" but no, they tasted old & soggy. SMH I don't know if we'd go back after that!!

zhart1986 .

Blake for president!

Reggie Gay

The burritos are great

Latavia Dunn

My drink was perfect!

Katelynn Dabbs

Burritos and tacos were very good! Hot sauces actually have heat! Loved it.

Juan Galvan

My mom and I ordered through grub hub our order was 45 dollars and we didn’t receive our nachos we ordered which was my meal for the night . We also got a burrito bowl which we were very disappointed in . We called and then we had do wait for grub hub to call make and just refunded the item . The food tasted good but we will not make the mistake of ordering from there again !!!! Now we are both hungry

Xavier Pruett

Marissa and Victor helped suite my pallet with rum and the California bowl. They regarded my concerns with my order as both important and relevant.

Rosie V

My chicken burrito bowl was good. Not a very big portion but good. My husband got the Poke Bowl. He wasn’t impressed. He says the salmon didn’t taste fresh. My son had the sushi burrito. We didn’t know it would be spicy. He says if it wasn’t spicy he would have liked it. Overall I would go back for the chicken bowl.

Nathan K

Good food with quick service!

J Mac

Amazing food! You wont regret stopping in for a bite. Come hungry!

Taylor Kammerer

Husband and I came on a quiet week day night and sat at the bar. Bartender sat at the end of the bad on her laptop the whole time we were there. I ordered a margarita which was so sour I couldn’t even finish it. I’m talking straight lime juice and tequila

Tiki Ramsey

I like it my fiance does not. The veggie burrito is great and the drinks are really good as well.

Lavina Morgan

I want to thank burrito envy and the staff for my catering experience. Everyone loved the food. Service was excellent. I will be eating at burrito envy more often. Thank you again Lavina Morgan

Lucy McNabb

The first time my husband and I went here, it was delicious and got our money's worth. Than probably 4 or 5 months later we decided to take the kids and was not even close to the same experience. Was a huge bummer

Juan Alvarado

Very poor service the burrito was terrible you order a beef burrito and you get three quarters of potato I wouldn't recommend it

Phillip Smith

The place to go when you're meeting people for a Benson outing

James Bjornstad

Cold carnitas tacos, and even colder salsa and hot sauce. I also didn't appreciate the guy placing my to go box up and down in my bag. I ended up with cold tacos all crammed to one end of the box. I would've been happier with Taco Bell.

Jane Scarbrough

Burrito Envy is one of my favorite spots in Benson. The food and drinks are always delicious and the service is wonderful. Make sure you try them out!!!

Erica Scott

Lacking flavor

Elaine Dube

In one word - amazing!

clint plum

Service was good as expected on a Saturday night. Hot sauce was nice and spicey. Chicken burrito overall was bland. Would prefer to eat a chipotle burrito if they were open late.

megan wheeler

Mango margarita, margarita with dos equis, chips and queso. All top notch. Service, also top notch. Atmosphere, fantastic. Only complaint: not ENOUGH queso in that bowl! Love it. Keep it up.

Bobbi Anania

My husband really enjoyed his meal, but I didn't care for BE. The one vegetarian burrito they had wasn't customizable to have onions removed, so I personally wouldn't go back.

Peter Hoiekvam

Great drinks and food. Everyone friendly.

Mike Kasworm

A great late night stop, after a few other places, but before heading home. I always snag a Caribbean burrito and a pint of Fairy Nector from the bar.

Bridget Hay

Burritos and tequila, what more could you need?

Delfino Rodriguez

It was ok.

Dave Cormier

I don't understand the hype here. The food is okay but nothing special at all. The portions are very small for what you pay, and charging extra for basic add-ons like salsa is nonsense.

Evan Swift

I have been here a dozen times since moving to Omaha, and if you have yet to experience the magic that is Burrito Envy & Tequila Bar, than I suggest you put it on your list. Great environment, knowledgeable/ friendly staff. House made tequila's / hot sauces, Delicious, unique Burritos. Everything has a personal touch and heart put into it. Good Vibes only. Come see for yourself

Josh Jackson

Nice menu section and great hours for a late Benson night but clearly overpriced.

Francis Noonan

Yum yum, just as good at Mulu

Angel Stuart

Last night I tried the Caribbean nachos and wasn't a big fan of it tasted weird , soon to find out I got sick from eating them waking up at 5am throwing up and etc. I knew it wasn't nothing else but I didn't eat nothing else last night. Only the nachos.

Teresa Schlichting

Had a wonderful night out with friends at this location! Great food and a wide variety of delicious drinks!

Albert Valverde

Delicious food and fun staff! Great bar next door!

Christen Rodgers

I'm a cook here

Jeremy Mitchell

Consistently good burritos and tacos. Great selection of bottled beers, tequilas and mixed drinks.

badasshellc .

Loved every thing about it, it was worth every penny

Larry Legg

Carnitas Tacos were perfect! Just the right amount of kick!

Maggie Austgen

Carribean salad is excellent!


Just finished a barbacoa burrito bowl from Burrito Envy and it was delicious. Before going, I looked through the reviews and saw that there are some not-so-great ones, but the woman at the register was friendly and the food was good and there was plenty of it. I would go back. In fact, I WILL go back, because I didn't get to try any of their tequila!

Peter Owens

Delicious food and beautiful design. Great atmosphere.

ThatOneGuy Austin

Best food I've had in forever! Bryan and Blake are awesome and super sociable. Sweet spot, I highly recommend stopping in.

Dean Mincer

Food and drinks were good. Service was friendly and prompt.

Bethany Carpenter

Was excited to see this place was coming to our area. Not anymore. Tonight was our first and last visit. The atmoshpere is cool, but the burritos are crap, and you would think that a place that advertises as a Tequila Bar would know how to make a margarita. If you are looking for bland rice wrapped in a tortilla with a glass of lime juice, feel free. We will not be going back.

James Patterson

The food and there was a live band !!!!

Harrison Marsh

Always great food and a lot of it. Drinks are great.

Steven Sitzman

The food is very overpriced for portion size you get and not that tasty (around $16 per person for food and drink), but the happy hour drink specials are a good deal. It's a small place so doesn't take long before it fills up on a weekend which makes it so loud they constantly misunderstand your order.

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