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REVIEWS OF Big Mama's Kitchen and Catering IN Nebraska

Maria Griswold

Delicious food! I can see why it was on DDD. The coziest atmosphere, as well. And the drinks out of Mason jars were a nice touch. I suggest the sweet potato pudding!

JK Uptrade

Order for first time and was excited to finally try. I ordered a 3 piece chicken meal with extra side of Mac and cheese. When arrived it came with two smaller pieces chicken and a wing so small wasn’t even worth trying to eat. All the sizes of sides were vary poor proportions to. The extra Mac and cheese was $4.00 and was about 4 spoon fulls. VARY UNHAPPY WITH PORTIONS. Won’t eat their again.

Pq S

Good service, great food!

Jo Jo

Kinda hard to find, but look for the signs which lead to a building that looks like or maybe is a school. It's on 2nd flr. Ordered a takeout, with a minimal wait. Staff helpful and friendly. Food was delicious, esp. collard greens. Great homestyle soul food. My only con is the serving sizes of the sides were very small. Seemed like maybe 2 tablespoons of greens & the mac/cheese. Would definitely visit again and maybe pay a 'little' extra for more side portions.

Monique Henry

Food is great and the people are genuine

erin baxter

Came to Omaha for a wedding and between the rest of my family and myself we were extremely disappointed in both the quality of food in the area and the service. Thank God for Big Mommas. Great food everything made fresh to order ( does take a little time) and good service. At least someone knows how to make good food here.

Cb B

Jake Farrell

Food was good, more hype than anything. Very pricey for what you get.

Lissa Relford


j Estes

Love this place I was raised on southern soul food in Tx. This food is made with the required most important ingredient Love!

Jason Oetter

Ocra was horrible.. Not very authentic

karen vanderpole

The place for Southern style comfort food, a lot of love goes in the food

Keyonna K

Good chicken fried chicken, large portions. Catfish is fried perfectly and well seasoned. Not a huge fan of the cabbage or the cornbread but the mac n cheese was good.

Jane Stark

Best food anywhere!!


I don't even know where to start. When you walk through the door you instantly know you've come to the right place. Amazing smell, only thing better is the food! The things to get: Afro burger (we ordered another one near the end of our meal), MAC AND CHEESE (it's the best I've ever had), red velvet cheesecake ice cream (homemade). Her granddaughter took our order and was really sweet and Big Mama came out and talked with us after the meal. Just amazing people serving amazing food. P.S. It can be a little difficult to find, it's in the school cafeteria (very cool once you see it). So if you're confused because you're at a school, time to park and go inside!

Deshawn Crawford

#awesome food

Jamie Leinart

Just do it. Stop wasting time reading this review and drive to Big Mama’s.

Orie Boyd

Richard V

Made this order through DealDash and what was ordered the meatloaf dinner, when it got here look like it was processed in a machine and dropped into a pan to cook had no taste to it at all. Also ordered macaroni and cheese as a separate side dish but it came as a normal side dish, not in the amount worth the $4.95 that was paid for. This meal did not feel like smell like or even taste like the soul food that was promised.

Kolby Landon

I did not enjoy this at all.

Barbara Smith

The food was just ok. I loved the sweet potato pie and ice cream

Jared Riley

Growing up in South Georgia, I know a thing or two about all things southern comfort food. Don't go in here expecting flare or elegance- no, go in here expecting some of the best fried dishes in the Omaha metro area! There chicken fried steak is fire, and the sides are all fantastic! Again, not fantastic in the "fancy-flashy half an almond per plate drizzled in Swiss handmade chocolate" kind of way- but rather the "omg this meal completes me", true homestyle meal kind of way.

Craig Steffensmeier

Drew Davis

I was very excited about this place, as it had been on my radar for a while. Stopped in for lunch today and was... underwhelmed. Good fried chicken, soupy finely chopped greens, decent Mac and cheese, crumbly dry cornbread and the most expensive lemonade I've ever had. With tip, I paid almost $20 for a small plate of food that was all pre-cooked and a drink where my first refill was to go. Service was friendly, but not as urgent as I thought it could have been. Might give this place another try in the future, but was kind of disappointed today.

Marie Rodriguez

Worth the search for the entrance

Rod Brown

c Weis

As much as it is hyped up, it really isn't all that good. Chicken was ok at best. Greens were overcooked and slimy. Cornbread was minimally good. Service was poor. Waiting for service seemed an eternity and it wasn't busy when I was there.

Annette Townsend

This special place was featured on the Food Network channel...

Malina Mechaley

Ran her place into the ground! Closed now. Could make food, could not run a business. Worst service I have ever experienced!

Denise Kidd

i been in nebraska looking for some soul food cooking and this spot was right on point the location was kinda hard to find it is located in an old school food was great took me to mississippi and back service was great too would highly recommend big mama's kitchen

Keirston Byers

I love this place... Best catfish around

Ashley Mitchell

I wasn't overall please with my food! Chicken was cooked way before we got there and ordered. The prices was high for the portion side Mac and cheese was watered down beans and cornbread were watered down....personal feelings its time to get back to cooking like they first starting out! Everybody so excited to come eat at big mama's and the hype sets you up for a serious let down...$30 is what I spent and if I was pleased it would be cool I wasn't pleased. I doubt I'm coming back but I did at least try it!

DeSeandra H.

Coming from the south, it did not remind me of home, but of an expensive KFC.

Wendell Stanley

Great catfish. Looking forward to new location on 30th.

Tanisha Triplett

Some of the best soul food in Omaha NE. Great service, and the cranberry tea is off the charts

Rob Dobson

Fantastic food.

Israel DunnIV

Terrific place to enjoy Sunday dinner with friends today. Food and service tops.

Allison Jones

We had to wait an hour and a half to get our food!!!! Not even busy at all, only two tables of people. Poor service. I'll give them credit for at least giving us a free dessert, but we had two toddlers waiting and getting impatient. Just okay food as well. Half of our family got the wrong orders and the food was cold. My dad had to serve the table the food as the waitress abandoned the food cart. Terrible experience.

Chris Edward

I feel like came over to my family's house for a meal and a visit. Great!

Jonathan Cooper



They were closing in 40 minites and told me they were out of fried chicken and only had smothered chicken? They were cleaning up and pretty much told me to get lost because they must get too much business.

craig Johnson

Judy Mullally

Best fried chicken! Staff are always friendly.

Eric Lewis

Big mama's kitchen came from Orlando to get food best soul food in Nebraska had a chance to meet big mama she was very welcoming everything I had was fresh and hot I enjoyed myself will be back for the catfish thanks big mama

Jan Martin

She has the best chicken in the area. Her selection of sides is great--something for everyone. The fried green tomato and raisin ice cream id delicious. Very nice and friendly staff. We even had the opportunity to meet BIG MAMA--she is such a sweetheart.

harold mccullough

Good food

Alex Ho

hard to find. we went to the one operating in a school cafeteria. some items were sold out. it was an ok experience.

jrillo11 .

First time trying big mama's and i am disappointed. I will not be returning. Side portions were small. Mac n cheese does not look or taste homemade. Very basic food for a place that is so highly praised. 24 bucks for nothing. I could've made a better meal.

Cameron Cox

Anthony Sadler

Awesome restaurant with a wonderful staff and great food!

Sheila Cobb

Big Mama’s Kitchen and Catering!!! You are Awesome!! As you walk in the smell of tantalizing comfort foods hit your nostrils and your mouth starts watering. Loved the plum sauce as a condiment for my fried okra, delicious tasty catfish, and moist and delicious cornbread! Very comforting atmosphere just like at home in your family’s kitchen. The staff very friendly and welcoming and Big Mama even sat at our table to chat with my friend and I as we ate. It was a great experience that every person should have! For a quiet, comforting, great place to eat food prepared with a ton of love go to Big Mamas!!!

Tiffany Pickle

I WANTED to eat this food, I WANTED to rate this 5 stars, I was so excited to come here! I came on not so busy Sunday; maybe only 3-4 tables total. I waited 15 minutes to be seated and in the first 14, not one staff member said a word to us to let us know we'd be seated. I was so confused because they were pretty dead yet the wait staff seemed to be in a frenzy of disorganization and confusion. It didn't seem that any one person was dedicated to waiting on any particular table or hosting. When I was finally sat I waited, I'm not kidding you, 20 minutes to be acknowledged to get our drink orders. 20!!!! Any other place I would have long walked out but I REALLY wanted to eat this food! After we received our drinks I was never addressed again. We waited another 15 minutes for someone to take our order and we finally gave up and left.

Richard S

I travel all over the country for work and try to stop at a Triple D spot in every city I'm in. I also try to have what Guy ate the time he was here. This is a great cozy place and the food and service was awesome. Briannah made me feel at home with friendly attitude and service.

Tazarae G

Great Down home cooking love it

Bennie Brightman

Friendly caring good food

Alex C

Amazing food with friendly service

Hugh Auchterlonie

My wife is celiac (gluten free) and loves fried chicken. We recently visited Big Mama's kitchen to eat her oven fried chicken which is available gluten free. Wow, one of the best fried chicken diners we have eaten!

Stephanie Schulte

Amazing food!!!

Mae Killeen

Jeffrey Vaughn

Loved it

Marcia McCall


Jwana Smith

Good food, great service. Good family atmosphere.


First visit for a tasty breakfast. Had the Sweet potato pancakes which might be the best pancakes in Omaha. Service was good and cheery but a tad slow but what's the rush?! Can't wait to get back to try the cinnamon roll waffles.

Steve Foster

Great food Great service

Dayatara Craddock

The fried catfish and the cabbage were EXCELLENT.

Brandon Cox

Its a great place to come eat and have a good talk with people

Bill Nebraska

Food is great! Had a really nice young women take our order. Miss Pat B. Pat's Daughters and the employees are doing a good job. Go try the food!

gary fields

This was the worst meal I've had in years. The food tasted old as if it was from the day before. And it was over priced. Four pieces of chicken and four small sides for $31.00. Stay away!!

Lucy Hall

Great food, great people!

Larry Smith

I love big mama's kitchen nice soul food


Disappointed with the food, don't know about lunch, but breakfast was not good. I asked for over easy eggs and got over cooked eggs and food was cold. People were very friendly. I don't think Ill be back.

Kenyone Johnson

They messed up my order. I paid $48 bucks for my order and they gave me wrong stuff, and the bad part is i gave the waitress a pretty big tip, for a takeout! I'm going to check my meal before leaving this place if I ever go again. Taste of food was good though. They had something called lemon pie, which i tried, which was sub par. It still has lemon rinds cooked into the pie. Not my thing, as the rind was bitter. I won't get that ever again.

Brian Gilcrist

Great comfort food. Great people

Jessica Anderson

Excellent service & great food!! Will be making a stop next time we go thru Nebraska!!

Brian Brose

Food was great and super friendly people. Will definitely go back

sissy stairmaster

Food heaven, the breakfast was the bomb, the lunch was even better :) oven chicken and breaded catfish melts in your mouth

Joseph Reich

Warm, friendly atmosphere and great food. I tried the catfish sandwich, oven fried chicken, smoked wings, sweet potato cheesecake, greens and sweet potato pudding. The place was hard to find, but I persisted and wasn't disappointed. I didn't enjoy the oven fried chicken as much as regular fried chicken, but it wasn't bad. More like a crusty baked chicken. The greens were as good as I've ever had, and the sweet potato pudding was fantastic. The catfish sandwich was great, crispy and moist, and after sitting for about 10 minutes while I ate my chicken, still hot enough to burn my mouth. The wings were smokey, juicy and tender. I tried the regular BBQ sauce, which was good, although they have a hotter "afro" sauce. The cheese cake was good, but not great.

Michelle Stanfield

Love the oven fried chicken Tried it smothered also yum Fried catfish is awesome also Can't forget the cabbage ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Tami Isham

It's perfect every time I eat there. Friendliest service ever. I wish their family could adopt me ;)

Denise Tyler

Great chicken and greens. Save room for desert. A fun place to go.

Loreen Baukar

100% fabulous

chase mitchell

Spicy fried coliflower was exceptional. Afro Burger (not a burger) was fantastic. Really sad there wasn't larger portions! If I had the stomach I would try everything on the menu! Only knock was the food took a bit longer to come out than expected and I was one of two tables.

Kim L Brannon

Didn't eat just visted

Power Dragoon

Ted Goyins

Food was good. Went near closing so they had run out of my first choices. Will give them another try earlier in the day

Douglas Gaines

They catered an event and were serving smoked chicken, fried catfish, mac and cheese, greens, cornbread. And dessert they had peacan and sweet potato pies. An awesome surprise with great home cooking

James Lathrop

Home style as it gets. Excellent chicken!

James Taylor

Food was good. Drinks were too expensive especially when poured from 12 ounce can over ice for 350. Macaroni & cheese i never in my life had a serving from what could have been a butter dish 2 spoonfuls

James Alward

Great food! Service was slow.

Sean Merryman

Very friendly staff and good 'soul food'. If you enjoy comfort food done right, come here for a taste of how it should be done. Also, they have an extensive gluten free menu as well.

Khari Reynolds

User Unknown

Big Mamas food is incredible, it's good it's soul food but it is awesome

steve tafolla

My meal: Creamy Mashed sweet potato pudding with Brown sugar and nuts Typical corn bread with a sweet taste of honey butter served Raspberry ice tea Mama came out of the kitchen to take a photo with me. I told her I was from South Omaha. She asked what sticker I had on my phone? I said it was commemorative of 50 yrs since the Vietnam war. She said she was there 1964 with the Navy. I told her my history with the 173rd Airborne brigade US Army. We had a nice conversation and laugh about things. I told her I enjoyed my meal.

hoops0926 .

HIGHLY recommend this restaurant to anyone who will listen! We had fried green tomatoes & greens with cornbread to start. (That alone was worth the drive from Papillion.) We found Big Mama’s at Taste of Omaha & fell madly in live with their food. I had the cranberry iced tea. Was refreshing & not overly sweet. Loved it. We also ordered their award-winning fried chicken with black beans, and the daily special, chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes. Both entrees were mouth-watering. To top off our meal we both had a dish of home-made ice cream. He ordered the peach cobbler ice cream & I ordered the sweet potato pie ice cream. Both delicious & perfectly flavored. I loved finding big chunks of pie crust! Over-all we give Big Mama’s Kitchen & Catering a 5/5! Will defiantly return for chicken & waffles. Portions are quite generous — looking forward to our leftovers! Service was friendly & we felt perfectly welcomed & at home. Only regret was not ordering more sides to try. Sad to know we’ll never have the pleasure of meeting Mama herself. But what a wonderful legacy she has left. Can’t wait to return for more soul food!!!

Ariel Echevarria

Great food, great service, awesome atmosphere. Food brought me back to the time I lived in Mississippi. It's not easy to find unless you purposely look up drivers dine in and dives website but they are moving to a new location soon.

Sam Boocker

Awesome chicken and waffles.

Yolanda Fields

Not sorry to say that I was not impressed with Big Mama's Kitchen. I ordered oven fried chicken (tasted and looked like day old chicken lightly warmed), greens (looked like can greens not seasoned), coleslaw (three bites, child's portion) cornbread (not great). This will be my first and last time eating at Big Mama's Kitchen. The next time I'm visiting Omaha I'm sticking to what I know is good and worth the money. I try to patronize black own businesses but when the food isn't good I will not support. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Ray Mihulka


Andrea Walker

Big mama has so much history. Not only from her delicious food but also in the stories she can tell you from growing up in Omaha. You definitely have to try the sweet potato pie although everything is amazing.

Tim Fickenscher

Too much styrofoam

Donald Givens

Was given powered eggs.

LR Wingate

Great food

Salomea Wheeler

For all the hype, I was seriously bummed out. I got the meatloaf lunch with mash potatoes. The serving size of the meatloaf was the size of half a deck of cards :( The potato serving size was a small icecream scoop, gravy was like brown water all over. The meatloaf was the blandest I'd ever had. & all of this for $15 and change. I am still hungry & at that price I really can't go $omewhere else to get more. HyVee I'm sad to say is better.

Sugar Femme

Great food safe atmosphere feels like family

DC Closeouts Wholesale

A wonderful place. So much great food

Rick A Anderson

Something for evrryone!

Stefano LeGrande

I wish I could have tried the food, but I was never seated! I stood at the podium to be seated for at least 5 minutes as customers stared on what appears to be a not so busy Sunday. At least three staff members walked by me with out a greeting or assurance that I'd be seated. It sucks b/c I was surveying the place for an out of town banquet I brought to the area.

Sheila L

Friendly, lively meeting place. Great good just make sure your not in a rush

Andy Callens

Some of the best food I've had in quite awhile. I had the afro burger and my wife had fried chicken. Split sweet potato pie for dessert Everything well seasoned. Expect to spend about $15-20 a person, but made to order quality food.

Russ Russ

Great place Omaha best place secret

Patricia Griffin

Awesome soul food. Great people


Excellent food!!! You must go to big mamas!!! Do not delay!!! I heard from the staff which is still family-owned oh, that the restaurant is moving but it will still be open with the saying good food. Big Mama's recipes

damien dublin

Really good food and nice staff

Alia Ward

Amazing. Love the jalapeno cheddar corn bites... such good food never disappointed (except for when they run out of chicken...that's a compliment :) ...) Thank you for dishing out Omaha's best, being family friendly, and offering great service.

Blake Bartenbach

Big Mama's is the best, and probably my favorite restaurant in Omaha. The food is top notch. If you're not sure what to order, I recommend Big Mama's Meatloaf. It's hard to beat a good plate of home-style meatloaf, cornbread, mashed potatoes, and some french fries - especially when it's done well, and it is definitely done well here. As if the food wasn't good enough, another thing I really like about this restaurant is that they treat me like an actual person, not just a number like most places. The staff here remembers my name and knows what I usually order which really blows me away. You just don't get that kind of service anywhere else these days. They actually value you as an individual customer, which is more than I can say for 99% of other businesses I go to, and I think that's important.

David Mason

Pretty good food. Coleslaw could have been a bit less liquidy but very good will be going back for sure.

Trey Thompson

Great southern style food. Reminds me of home! New favorite place while I'm up here

Apollo Vuitton

You know what's good is when you get the runs? Jogging-big momma

Martha Pal


Nicole Bence

First time very good food!!!! My kids are very picking, never eat fish and loved it!!!!!!

Jessica Joppa

Orlanda Joi Whitfield

Sydney Marsh

Great comfort food and the staff is so fun! I had both breakfast and lunch fare an enjoyed both; The sweet potato pudding is amazing :) Big Mama herself came and sat with our group through our entire meal an shared her story with us. Overall a neat experience.

nyabuoy kume

Laurie Nixon

Everything was so good! I had the catfish the greens and the sweet potato pudding which is to die for OMG YUMMO

Anita Thomas

Great food friendly atmosphere n clean

April Logsdon

Worst restaurant experience ever. Waited for over half an hour to be seated and in that time not one person greeted us. Finally got fed up and asked a staff member how long till we could be seated and they said it longer than 20 minutes when they had half a dozen open tables that just needed to be cleaned off. They had two tour groups their and we're more worried about serving out of towers than the locals that will sustain their business.

Davona Hall

ENJ Johnson

It was way over priced dont get me wrong but how is the the drink 5 dollars thats bull and the heffa didnt give me a refill big momma trippin i see why nobody be in there i only gave it a star cuz it was good but not for the prices

Robin Daywalt

chicken tasted as though it had been reheated from day before. rest of food was good

Chester Hollingsworth

Everything I heard it was and more. The customers is what shocked me because every walk of life came there for the food and was all welcomed with the same love. I would recommend you stop by if in area.

Joe Evans

Lois Vaughan

Haley Clark

Great food and lovely people!

Rachel Curtis

Jennifer Tierney

Yes indeed

Brian LuGrain

Good food. Greens the bomb.

Jackie S.

The breakfast was with a group cost $14.75 for powdered eggs. It was my first time and last time eating at BIG Mama's. They should not even have powdered eggs in the restaurant. Terrible!!!

Timothy Seevers II

Great food in a great atmosphere on a campus that is really making a difference in their Omaha neighborhood. All of the food is delicious, and the pictures of Big Mama and celebrities will keep you entertained while you wait. Word to the wise...get the plum sauce. You'll thank me later.

Davis Family

Very disappointed - after searching for the restaurant , my family was eager to try the food based of the rave reviews and DDD exposure. Over priced for food portions and it was not very good - Staff and Big Mama were friendly. My husband left a tip and they still charged our credit card!! Pay with cash!!

Miranda Major

They provided a delicious repast after a funeral and served with grace and compassion.

Noah Smith

The food was alright and I loved the service there. Looking forward to my next visit

Lacreasha Coleman

Good home cook meals...just like my grandmothers cooking

JoAnna LeFlore

Went for brunch on a Sunday for the lovely Chicken and Waffles dish. Whenever I need a good meal to remind me of Grandma's cooking I come to Big Mama's. I've always loved the vibe here with the family photos on the walls and the Vintage drinking glasses. Sometimes it feels good to have a moment and reminisce. A very nostalgic experience. Be sure to catch the vibe before they moved to the new 75 North property this fall. Definitely worth the visit!

Priscilla Rogers

Great food & service

Allison Brown-Corson

Amazing staff. Fantastic food.

margie Wagner

Went to Big Mamas for a late lunch!!! Was amazing!! Will go back again.

Jose Baldonado

One of the best meals we've ever had and we've had a lot all over the country. This kind of cooking reminds me of the Loveless Cafe in Nashville. Great home cooking. The Sweet Potato Pudding is a must try as is the Catfish. You can't go wrong with anything there.

quentin rogers

One of my favorite spots in Omaha. Big Mama was family and will be sorely missed. Her legacy thru cooking will live on. Go here, enjoy the food.

Aaron Dickerson

Best fried chicken in Omaha for my money. They also have fun and interesting twists to traditional soul food cuisine on the menu. And you must try their homemade ice cream, it's some of the best I've had anywhere.


Chet Bigon

Damon Haynes

Hard to find but the staff and food was outstanding

Sue Armstrong

What a wonderland of GREAT food. Love having breakfast on Sunday mornings. Sausage gravy and bisquits with eggs. Their food will make you feel like you are eating in the deep south. The desserts are fantastic. Really nice people waiting tables, the owner stops at the tables and even the cooks say hello. If you have not been are missing out on GREAT homemade food, laughter and fun.

Shannie Crawford

Great eating

Kristina Young

Tina Alder

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