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REVIEWS OF Pizza Ranch IN Montana

Bartender Mel

Ate like a queen, it was awesome and my first time in a Pizza Ranch. *kudos

epic pro, yo

Really good pizza and sevice

Peter Sorensen

Super busy due to a large birthday party. Once the rush was over and they were able to catch up, it was perfect. The arcade is a blast and the chicken is the best in town.

Carter Bouslaugh

Third time here and the pizza is OK. Chicken and salad bar is good. But EVERY time the ice cream machine is broken. Always works at the West end store. Won't be going back.

Penni Bishop

Love to. Eat and work here love the games

Shane Potter

Disappointed that they stop doing bar b q chicken. But other then that is was great

Mark Hastings

Family fun, great chicken.

Warren Weigel

The food was great. Surprisingly I really enjoyed the fried chicken. The kids really enjoyed the selection of different foods. The games are was a hit also. It was a very busy day, but the staff did a great day off taking care of our large group.

John Kimbrell

Good salad bar. Lots or options. Decent pizza. Good chicken.

Aarron L

Friendly staff who are willing to help you. Can be a little loud, definitely a family friendly eatery.

Martha Kegel

Excellent service and excellent Food .

Sherman Salazar

Whoa!!! Fantastic food!! Great prices and service!! Fun arcade with every game you could think of!!

What Next

Pizza Ranch was great, very nice buffet. Arcade room for the kids it was a nice visit.

Velia Val Collins

It was a good meal for my

Martha Usselmann

Very nice, the problem they take out steak and onions pizza, one off the best ,and the chicken very delicious

Kurt Lineback

I love Pizza Ranch, excellent pizza, chicken, desserts and sides. The restaurants are always clean and the help is always friendly. I don't believe I've ever had a bad experience at a Pizza Ranch. And this one is no different oh, it was all very good.

Linda Maxin

The food is great! Lots of space for dining, especially for families. Everything clean including the bathrooms and the staff very attentive to the buffet. Also lots of parking space! Highly recommended! We needed something like this in the Heights! So grateful! Also the arcade is great fun for the kids.

Ashley Wallace

Love the atmosphere. Very kid friendly, great value, decent selection.

Ronald Carlson

The pizza and the chicken and the ice cream were tasted great and like you can have a,pizza that you like to have they will make it for you and it was a,fun relaxing time in the fun room

Casey Snell

The food was good but the fun zone for the kids is one of the best arcades for kids

Alexa Moor

Really liked the food and the arcade is really cool. The kids had a blast!

Shay Hansen

Great experience!! Staff were amazing and on the ball!! Definitely take our boys back there!

Cheryl Ward

I liked the new pizza ranch and the fun zone is way better then chucky cheeses

Quinn Wood

Great food and staff

timothy brecht

Kids had a lot of fun and enjoyed the food. Price was good too.

Sioux Fast horse

The arcade is fun for all ages nd the buffet is great.

Chareese Jorgensen

We loved the new arcade. A great pairing so everyone is entertained and fed. Buffet was clean and the food was fresh!

Mitzie Haney

Friendly staff and great food

jason brown

It was good.lots of pizza and other cream dessert pizza and such.ok price.

Art Supply N Spaces

Love the new design, everything is clean and everyone is friendly.

Brenda Kaiserman

Love the salad bar and the chicken

dave hellod

Food was good. Big selection of pizza, chicken and lots of extra's. Great parking and priced fairly.

Ken Kunz

First time at new pizza ranch in town. Nice place. Very clean and very friendly staff. Food was good. Busy place.

Danessa Gross

The pizza wasn't out of this world but it was pretty good. The kids had a blast in the arcade. I will go back for them they had a blast. I highly reccomend pizza ranch.

Joyce Cavanaugg

Lots of choices and people are awesome!

Explodin &Relodin

Lines get a little bit long and wait times can be crazy. The food is ok but not something I would go out of my way for. Great for parties but beware reservations aren't allowed.

T. knows

I liked it. The only thing was they ran out of dessert fast & they couldn't keep up with the supply & demand as it was very busy on Sunday.

Dustin Twomoons

It was a good place for the fam

Graceful Learner

Delicious pizza and chicken and great fun for kids

Jason Kottre

Great family place

David Lovato

My family loves this place!

Buddy Griffith

The pizza ranch is Is actually a Buffet of pizza and chicken. The crust on a pizza is a change from the normal Chrust that we expect, and very tasty. Both are very good.. good location plenty of parking and you will probably find it crowded when you go there.

Leti BearTusk

Great place ta have funn

Wendy Graham

Very clean great staff

rboysinmt .

Always great chicken! Good pizza and salad bar as well.

Scott Brester

Friendly staff, was really busy. They kept the buffet stocked with pizza constantly, which was great! Kids had a good time at the arcade. Arcade can be pretty expensive if you have a lot of kids with you. Haha!!

Renata Underwood

While here, my family enjoyed ourselves, HOWEVER, we witnessed some horrible actions of an older white male, abuse a small native American boy in the arcade room! Racially motivated? Idk..but I was mortified! I had reported it to 2 separate workers, who had only reassured me they would "tell" their manager! What is the policy on child abuse in your arcade room?

Christopher Smith

Pizza Ranch is an awesome buffet place to take the kids!! It has an arcade and the prices are reasonably priced.

Clinton Kegel

Great food. Friendly help.

Gage Cruse

Good food good arcade but the pizza has to much sauce

Scott Christie

Need fresh pizza at supper time 4 out of 6 is really old. Jay please come out or corp come retrain help

Trisha Maples

Had a good time.

Nickolas Lemmer

As always the staff is friendly and attentive, the food is great and the kiddo had a blast. I'll be back!

Michelle Smith

Friendly, great food, fresh and clean

Nathan Carsten

Good spot! Be hungry there is a lot of food to try and games to play. Everything was clean and the staff were all friendly and helpful. I'm not a real buffet fan but I will be going back the kids had a good time and won a pile of tickets. Props to the folks behind the ticket counter they are extremely patient and friendly.

Joseph Hammar

A guy could walk in with kids for lunch at 1300, eat play games for 4 hours then have dinner. Great environment and great staff.

Jeanette Schacht

Love the funzone for the kids

April Veach

We had an awesome time! Fed a family of 6 for $55, great buffet! Kids loved the arcade and the prizes were quite a step up from Chuck E Cheese!

juan soliz

All you can eat pizza, fried chicken, salad and more, i mean come on who doesn't love that? This pizza ranch actually has really good pizza, chicken, and salad. The deserts are good as well. You really can't go wrong with the pizza Ranch and yes you get all you can drink, drinks.. They have games to entertain your kids as well. Its a win, win.

Zach Watson

Pizza Ranchis always good. Very good service. Good variety of good food. Game area is good for all ages. Love it

Tracy Daniel

Good place to eat and fun for kids in the play. Room

Katie Hodges

Great addition to the heights area!

Conrad Heimbigner

Great selection of amazing food in a friendly as well as entertaining atmosphere for the whole family!

Betty Mascarena

Cool had a nice time staff very helpful and courteous

Alison Voight

Love the salad bar. Gaming is fun.

Felicia Swarthout

Was a great experience even though there are a couple kinks to get right with birthday party packages. But still was great

Peyton Anderson

Food was good and I'm impressed with the game room and prizes

Troy K

Lots of fun to be had here. The food is 3 stars. Very acceptable for a buffet. The arcade is very cool but spendy. The real attraction is the hand washer next to the soda machine. I recommend sticking your feet in there.

J Dorsch

Food great & salad bar fresh

davd Dykins

Love there fried chicken

joshua chavez

The food's not as good as Pizza Hut but the atmosphere and the gaming is awesome. We love you guys!

Cathy Ogren

To much sauce on there pizza for me and thought there would have been more to choose from

Heidi Denis

Good price on buffet. Food is great and lots to chose from.

Dustin Liudahl

I like this place but as buffets go they have a kinda limited amount of choices. I will say they should put out more stuffed crust. Also make sure to have a float if you want. Great place to take the old folks and let the kids go play.

Lisa Heppler

We went on a Tuesday when kids are free for the buffet, which was good since it was $24 for 2 adults. I don't eat enough to warrant the buffet so this was high. NO BEER to go with the yummy pizza though.

Cheri Abraham

Great food Great service

Gary Broderius

New facility so it is clean. Pizza is ok...chicken and salad bar are good.

bette reiser

Great food and service.

Krystee Sulosson

Friendly staff, food is prepared fresh and flavorful.

Duane Azure

It was such a good experience. Food was very good and the games were awesome. My son enjoyed it alot. Much better then Chucky Cheese. We will definately be going herr more.

Jeremiah Rooney

Only downside is the chicken was old when we arrived. 5:30 on a weekday I would expect that everything would be nice a fresh for the after work dinner rush. Beyond that, everything else was great!

Morgan Kodysz

Decent food for a buffet. Place is really nice.

Josh Boyle

Greatstaff great place the pizza is not that good but everything else is fun great arcade

Lacey Boatman

Food was great, everyone was friendly, and my kids loved the arcade!!! Its definitely a favorite place for us.

Matthew Wickham

They had fried chicken and you could take your cup up to the soda machine and fill it as many times as you liked!

Kirk Walsh

Excellent food, friendly and helpful staff, definatly will be going back!

Byron Dean

Very nice clean place to eat. Friendly staff.

Ken Becker

Great chicken. Pizza is what it is.

Michael Carlos

Pizza is great, chicken is the bomb! The new Heights location is the spot for family with the game room!!!

Preston Oldcrow

My boy loves this place. Game room and food. He swears it's the greatest restaurant.

Matt Evans

Good food and service.

Crystal Zoeller

Went to a friend's birthday party there, and it was SO AWESOME! Great service too! They went and fetched anything we needed and checked on the party frequently. Also super delicious chicken.

Patrick Conroy

Friendly staff, good food at a good price

Rain G.

Pleasant, new and clean. Bright and open. Friendly staff. Five food and pricing for a chain.

Brian Brackney

Pizza ranch is a buffet type pizza place. The food is very spectacular. If you get a chance,you should try the ice cream. You finish a plate and want seconds. They get the plate. You grab a new plate and bingo seconds. Pizza ranch has a game room and another room loaded with TV's. Two TV's to keep an eye on your kids in the game room if you have any. The other two TV's were put on sports. I got to watch the playoffs while eating. Here's the best part. My dad can only have gluten free. Pizza ranch made the gluten free pizza special just for him. They even have a sign. You got an idea for a pizza. Please tell us. We will make it especially for you. There were other things there to eat besides pizza. They have a salad bar with all the fixings and chicken. I heard their chicken was really fantastic but have yet to try it. I highly recommend going

Hezz W

Was a fun place for the family!

Luke B

The food is what you'd expect, consistent but not life-affirming. The chicken is better than the pizza. The arcade area is the true gem, it's safe and separate, with cameras feeding to the main dining room so parents can keep an eye on things. A great place to bring your kids, not much else.

Gale Pulst

Great fun room , great selection of food

Jeanne McMillan

This place was WONDERFUL! The food and service were EXCELLENT and the food continued to be FRESH the whole time we were there! There is a small arcade in the back with cameras, allowing parents to watch their children while the children are in the arcade and the parents are still in the eating area. The pizzas are superb and the chicken is VERY tender and juicy without being greasy! The salad bar offers several different dressings and a large variety of toppings and a few other salads like potato and macaroni. There were at least 6 different dessert pizzas: peach, Apple, chocolate cactus, cinnamon cactus, blueberry and cherry! ALL very good! A variety of drinks are included in the price: sodas and a few cold teas... and the coffee (a flavored, a decaf and a regular) is VERY good! Tuesday's children under 12 eat free: 1 child per 1 adult. What a deal!

Tim Knutson

Never fails to to fill me up to Thanksgiving capacity

Cody Jerry

Buffet was well managed, and staff was on top of removing plates.

Fred baby driver

Very good buffet lots of choices

Leslie Baeskens

Love the chicken, a bit noise

Dennis Waldron

Fun and have fun

Daniel Scyphers

It was fun for the little ones, prices were good, games a little high, but will go back at times.

Pastor Glenn Fournier

Good fast fun

James Duncan

Super busy on a Tuesday night. But still good and the fun zone is a lot of fun for my kids. Will be back regularly.

Martin Heinz

I went to check it out. This gal Brooke that I know. Works up at that one in the Heights now. She's very nice.

Bobbie Leyva

The food is good and my kiddos love this place!!

Layne Nichols

New pizza ranch, love the Tuscan Roma. Great food

dave hart

Awesome, great prices and good variety, chicken, salad bar, and, of course pizza. 10 varieties, all you can eat for $10 including drink

Mary Ellen Ryan

Very clean. Staff was very nice.Enjoyed the day with my Grandkids

Evelyn Sanders

They will make a special pizza with no problem. Very very good food. Would take everyone.

Evan Stewart

Fun atmosphere, plenty of food and great for kids.

Justin Helms

Their food is pretty good. Love the game room/arcade for the little ones. They allow discounts for WLS patients as well, which is super nice of them. Will definitely be back there again.

Adam Kelsey

Delicious food and friendly staff. It was surprisingly comfortable inside for how busy they were. The fun zone was great. They have all new games with a large selection of prizes. Connect 4 basketball was the for sure favorite.

Lilith The demoness

The food is good the games are great

Lorie lyles

The staff was so nice and it was really clean and they stayed on top of it when stuff became empty. The arcade was a blast for the kiddos. I guess me too.


1st time at Pizza Ranch. The Chicken was so moist and hot. And there quite a big selection of pizza. Also desert pizzas were great .

Jeron Timmermans

Ya gotta be fast if you want a chicken leg. They are so good they are gone before you can get one.

Janice Deonier

Was good wish you guys could deliver to south side by South Park. Am disabled and only way I can get there is by having pcs take me or I would have been ordering for delivery a long time ago.

Brian Corneliusen

Good chicken pizza was ok. Good family place.

Ty Kline

Food was good but we took kids to play the games left personal belongs on table so staff would know we would be back and when we came back table clean and all our stuff in the trash when we brought it to staffs attention got blown offtalked to the night manager and she was rude and told us sorry not her problem we will NEVER come back and we will spread the word of how we where treated

Timothy Munson


Richard Grayson

Every time we've been here it's been great! Such a great addition to the Heights!

Benjamin Edelman

Fun friendly atmosphere with game room. Needs pinball but good otherwise.

JEFF Roush

Very good... Hot and ready... Very tasty

Jack Carter

Food was good but not amazing. Paid $20 to get an arcade card and really got my moneys worth. Staff was polite and friendly and made sure that plates on the tables didn't pile up even when they were busy. Will go again and if the service is still as good, It's easily a 5 star.

Vincent A. Gladue

Great food, Family Prices, Tuesday's kids eat free, a balloon sculpture... awesome food...

Janice Combs

Great food, good service, and the private room was great for a family get together.

Stephanie Lovato

Fun for the whole family plus areas for quiet meetings.

lela cleveland

It was good. The coffee was weak and I generally like my coffee that way but this wasn't even brown. I told the gal and she said well that's just the way we make it.

Teri Beaver

Awesome food!!! Kids love the games!!!

Christopher Lee

Excellent food, great service.

Rachel Rasmussen

The arcade was a pleasant surprise. The mashed potatoes were top notch. Loved the buffalo chicken pizza. And having the pop and the ice cream included in the buffet? Nice touch.

Zachary Trich

Wonderful food and nice staff. Great place for kids.

Josh Thometz

Great food and service!

Rocky Nelson

Was filled with fresh and hot pizza throughout our meal as well was the chicken buffet side very enjoyable

Joshua Roberts

Did a delivery order through Pizza Ranch today and unfortunately the service was beyond sub par. Before they even delivered my food they called and had to drive back for part of my order. Upon delivery, items from my order were still missing, they said they'd go get it but from the time I order it till now Its been almosy 2 hours and I still do not have my full order. Not mention all our food was cold.

Riley Wegner

Always delicious and a fun atmosphere!


Fresh food, great friendly service

Gordon Morning

A great place for family fun. Almost reminds me Chuck E Cheese but this is better by far. Everybody loves chicken, pizza, and the desserts are awesome. The kids really love the game room. Perfect for birthday parties. Highly recommended!!!

Edwin Romero

Their pizza is garbage. Cheap Sysco ingredients on cheaper dough. Chicken is ok. Wish the heights would get good food.

Ann Garcia

The heights one is old as I am I love playing the games

Nathanael Tuft

$10 per person and all you can eat chicken, pizza, and salad. Need I say more?

James Deason

Just did a to go order online, and went through their drive-thru. Food was great, and experience was fairly seamless. Maybe spent 2 or 3 minutes getting my food.

Jordan Neff

The first time I ate at The Pizza Ranch, I was not impressed. A friend of mine was able to get me to give them a second chance and I enjoyed it very much. I was not impressed by one of their pizzas though. That one is the one with sliced tomatoes on it. This location did okay!

Jennifer Allen

Always a great deal and wonderful staff

Elaine Yzaguirre

Food is good, great game room!

LGA Frost

The arcade is worth the trip. The kids had a blast.

Windy Lady

Chicken, pizza, salad, desserts, delivery and drive thru., Also Its My Favorite

Craig Thompson

Buffet of pizza, chicken and salads. And dessets. They also have a game room setup similar to Chuck-E-Cheese. Great place for kids.

Bildari 0perative

Actually really liked it this time they had someone who knew how to cook at the oven

michelle cox

My husband loves the chicken and my daughter loves the gluten free pizza!

Ben Hill

Always superb. Thought they would have promoted the cuban recipe more.

Layne Reynolds

Great! Its like a hi tech chucky cheese. With better food

David Pollock

What's not to like? All you can eat pizza. Win-Win as I see it. Well worth 10 bucks.

Jermaine Wheelis

The food was great and the Fun Zone was fun as hell I think I liked it more than my kids did

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