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REVIEWS OF Krispy Kreme IN Montana

Jason Shipp

The donuts are really good.

Cole Newman

Great service, staff is friendly and helpful. Always has the flavors i want. Good doughnuts too.

Hailey Williams

Best. Place. Ever. I will never buy another donut from albertsons ever again.

Harlan Penninger

Clean store Can be busy at times that in turn increases wait times.

Rick Stalker

Very good. I'm bummed they ran out of some things but I'm sure it's just because they're new and very busy.

Haley Ash-Eide

Really good donuts!


Glad to see them back in Billings. Fresh doughnut off the assembly line is the best.

Patricia Palmer

Thank you Jeremiah( hope that's spelled right) for the great service!!!!!! And free doughnut :)

Nathan Petterson

Efficient and friendly

Patrick Bowles

Expensive but good

Allen Arentz

Went there to get a dozen lemon glazed doughnuts. I asked the counter person for a dozen lemon glazed doughnuts and she proceeded to fill the box with lemon filled doughnuts. I said no no I want lemon glazed doughnuts not lemon filled. She asked if this was something I saw on Facebook and told her no I don't have a Facebook account and saw that krispy kreme was advertising them. She said we are not participating in that promotion. I said you got to be kidding me. Maybe they should have been as there was no other customers except me in the store and the help more interested in discussing whether the song is Wooly Bully or Bully Bully. I guess this will be the second krispy kreme to go out of business in Billings due to lack of customer satisfaction and keeping the premises clean.

Priscilla Cervantes

Fresh Krispy Kremes are what's good in life.

Robert Rains


Fyre Goenner

Great service in the drive through! Thank you! There was a very long line, I got a dozen assorted and a latte and was through in 7 minutes.

Bob Weeks

Overpriced. Woman ahead of us got free donut while waiting in line. None of us afterwards did. Of the dozen donuts we ordered 2 were to be cinnamon apple filled. One had no filling at all. Will not go back.

Diana Phelps

Donuts are really dry by early afternoon. They said they needed to work on covering them and storage to keep from drying out. A month late, still dry. They must only have donut holes in the morning, whenever I go after 22, they are out of them. Frequently out of chocolate, etc. Never see cars there...maybe they aren't making as many in the morning as they used to due to lack of customers.

Roofer Mason

high but good

Kyler Berve

High prices

barbara dixon

Way to expensive for the quality of donut! The donuts are drowned in frosting! There was just one person manning the counter and drive thru, she was very busy.

Adam Malcott

The service has gotten better since my last review.

ron kaminski

LOVE their donuts!!!

Suede Wilson


Ducky 「」

The donuts were not up to the Krispy Kreme standards that we know and love. They tasted extremely stale and dry.

Lance Eck

Friendly--but very slow--service at the drive-through. The sugary glaze is just too much!

Kristi Little Wolf

Love love love coffee and donuts

Lucas Sullivan

They simply make donuts and they do it amazingly. They don't have anything to prove and they know it. So, while the ability to watch the donut glazing process is very nice and they are usually very fast, the staff is somewhat lackluster as far as their attitudes go.

robert rinehart

Awesome donuts!

Michael Wolfe

Delicious food

Russell Perler

Krispy Kreme, a great, new, classic donut shop in Billings, MT.

Tammy Dodge

Love these donuts

Jamie Baker

Best donuts ever!

Jacquelyn Stacy_Radke


Matt Simpson

The donuts are so good and so addicting! Despite them being busy almost every time of day I've never had to wait more than a 2 or 3 minutes so 5 stars in my book! Definitely stop in and give them a try.

pony rose

A bit expensive, but they do give a coupon for buy a dozen get a dozen if you do a survey. We just wanted a few donuts and weren't planning on using a coupon like this but I see how it could be good for and office or large group

Gayetta Johnson

Love Krispy Kreme, every time I go to Billings I get a dozen donuts to bring home

Nadine Burke



It is extremely unusual to encounter welcoming staff at food service locations in Billings, but the staff at this location is probably the nicest I've encountered anywhere. This facility features a clean, new facility and the friendly staff is the icing on the hot fresh donuts!

Jake Bernier

Tasty and fresh.

Don Bare

Ordered 12 but got 4 glazed after waiting 25 mins in li


donuts are very sweet but every time I go they're out of donuts that I like

Roseann Grove


Joe Bachelor

Not much of a selection.

Graceful Learner

Very freindly and clean environment

Jan Hardy

The young man was awesome-very courteous-and the

Alex Rodriguez

Hot donuts, how can you go wrong... But, if you want to step it up and feel even worse about yourself, buy the glazed donuts and Tillamook Pancake ice cream and enjoy the greatness.

Rachael Pawlowski

Best donuts hands down!

Debbie Isgrigg-Curtis

Great donuts.

Tammie Orme


Hilary Flores

We love this place!

Kathy Lilyblad

Not much of a choice

Karen Wilker-Daniel

YUM...says it all

Brandon Orelup

She got my order wrong.

Tyerra Roan

David Dobrik, WHO'S DOING IT?? M, Peace turtle man. who is jake p?

Rat Dog

If they changed their fry oil more often I would stop by and buy more often . I wish I had better news. Cuz I like

Crisi Davidson

The doughnuts are deliciousness. Yum.

Erin Moe

Great food and coffee and the staff is so friendly! Wish I lived in Billings so I could go more often :)

Don't put me in a box

FALSE ADVERTISEMENT! Not only is the wait exceptionally long but the drive from the Heights for a poorly advertised product makes this entire endeavor a slap in the face. My friend drove 45 minutes round trip, waited in line for only God knows how long and spent $60 on Valentine’s Day donuts for her daughter’s class only to arrive to her class with donuts that she couldn’t have made WORSE if she’d tried to do them on her own. She could have gotten a way better at any grocery store but what makes it worse is little mom and pop shops, who take PRIDE in their product, have to work 10x harder to even stay in business when big business like Krispy Kreme come to town. On top of that this mogul decides it is acceptable to waste peoples time, effort and money by sending out a product like this in the HOPE that no one reviews it or posts their subpar performance for others to see. This is unacceptable and frankly it’s insulting, I highly doubt she’s the only one to receive such crummy treatment. I am very disappointed and know from now on to steer clear when I expect a quality product.

Amber Brill

Best donuts ever

John Doe

I was treated bad at the Rim Rock Mall. When I'd wanted at a certain hour certain filled Doughnuts, and was told very rude like "we don't make this kind of filled Doughnuts at this time after five, but only in the morning, and that working the counter try to make a big thing about after I'd ask for different filled Doughnuts.

Brandie Peltzer

Seriously tasty donuts and great service! My favorite place to get donuts in Billings.

Benjamin Vance

I'm glad you're back!

Nichole Bessette

Usually Krispy Kreme is amazing. Not this one. Our donuts were stale and the jelly filled donuts were missing the jelly.

Mun Lee

Terrible service eclipsed good products. Regularly out of staple items. Messed up the drinks each time. Unfortunately, I may never go back.

Brooke Miller

The managers are very unprofessional and made me feel violated

Tim Kocher

Good service!

Adam Gross

Perfect location and of course fantastic donuts!

Alison Voight

Girl who waited on us was rude and acted bored.

Matthew Thomas

I go in excited and start picking out donuts and get stopped by the associate and told "normally people come in with a plan". Worst shop I've ever been too. Sad to say its the only one around but if you're happy and excited about getting a donut DO NOT go here. They will ruin your day and clearly don't care about selling anything. Massive rehire needed at this location.

Gini D

Friendly, fast and tasty.

Cody Calonge

Great service, good prices, amazing doughnuts

Angie Fourtner

Yummy good best doughnuts ever

Deann Meyer

Went there and no creme filled glazed, the worker said they weren't going to make any today, wow im bummed

Jessica Scanlan

Great Krispy Kreme! Of course the doughnuts are delicious as they all are but the staff was very kind and helpful also!!

Joe Platt

Staff was helpful, had good experience both times I've been so far last time I was there bought a dozen and the guy threw in a couple extra because they came out small and then the guy at the counter let me know that I get a dozen free! Great customer service!!! A+++++!

John McKinney

I am a KK fan and was super excited when they opened here in Billings, but unfortunately the customer service has been hit and miss, we have had quality control issues numerous times, and they seem to be out of some slections quite often. I hope they can fix these issues and make here in the Magic City.

Robert Labbe

best donuts....ever

JoAnna Gabe Treglown

We went to order some of the chocolate Kreme filled donuts which is a featured menu item and the idiot working the drive thru says “I don’t believe we’ve made those yet”. Me ordering is telling you to make some. Seriously, get it together.

Andi Schaff

The people who work there are not good at their job I went in and asked for 6 original donuts and a small frozen mocha latte. I had to repeat the order 3 times and he still got it wrong he ring it up as a medium then asked what size I wanted so I told him he charged me for a medium then I had to repeat 2 more times that I wanted a mocha but he gave me freaking caramel! Then he didn't even give me the right donuts I won't be back

Travis Jaywalker

Coffee sucked but nice staff and donuts are always

Western Adventures

Very friendly and helpful staff and of course, the hot fresh doughnuts!!

Jeff Baker

Phenomenal donuts, a fun atmosphere, and fantastic friendly service.

Virginia Peterson

We don't have a doughnut shop in our town so we stop at a Krispy Kreme whenever we can. Best doughnuts anywhere. If that were me I'd be like Lucille Ball!

Aiden Hull

The dognuts were really tasty

Michael Thomas

Np decaf coffee? Bummer.

Michael Kuebler

The fresh iced donut are the best... coffee is ok.. but your not going to Krispy Kreme for the coffee.

Tony C Smith

I don’t get it with this location. Seems every time I stop in the customer service gets worse. It’s like the employees think the customer is a pain to deal with. I buy a lot of product for my customers and seems every time I go in, they don’t have any donuts left. Such as today, gal behind the counter says they have a gigantic order. I get it, but prepare and make more for the general public and walk in traffic. How many folks have had a legitimate complaint with this Krispy Kreme location and “actually” heard back from the ownership? I think I have a complaint worth getting a reason why it’s been this way for at least a year.

Cheri Abraham

Donuts were great. Ran out of glazed but finished the dozen with maple at no extra charge.

Tina Mcdunnah

Great place for a dount

Wendy Gaetz

Friendly, efficient service and piping hot donuts.



Suzanne Moody

Pumkin spice donuts yummy

Amanda Israel

Great service, amazing staff. Wonderful donuts

Alisha Sublette

Service is always on point and the workers are great!

Diane Welhaven

The best donuts in the world!

Rachel Price

Very clean! And donuts fresh and so delicious! Havent had these since I was a kid. So glad to have one near me (2.5hr drive) definitely recommend it! Saw a few bad posts about this location and none of it is true!

John Hemmrick

Fresh and hot everytime!

Lacey Dickinson

I love donuts! And Krispy Kreme definitely knows how to make them, my only suggestion is when someone let's you know that it's their first time being there maybe suggest some deals or promotions or something.

Shaun Newell

Great doughnuts, helpful staff, great atmosphere.

Shane Warkentin

worth the wait for fesh ones

Road Critter


Ward Jackson

I was dying for a fat pill. The reviews for this store worried me. I drove across Montana & agree with the bad reviews it looked dirty, the staff???, & higher priced for a smaller product with little selection. So we left. Sense I wasn't brave enough to try them I can't go to a 1 star.

Brian Richardson

Not disabled friendly. Drive thru closed while workers do nothing. Very disorgonized was a waste of a 30 minute drive. Place smelled, service was terrible left after 25 minutes of standing in line was unable to even get close to placing an order. Will never waste time and gas on them again.

phillip allenbaugh

Doughnuts r gud

Tammy Evans

They were busy with the drive thru, so we had to wait. Their display case was empty. While we waited to see what they had available, we watched a supervisor picking up donuts with no gloves on, wiping her hands on her dirty uniform, then continue to pick up donuts without gloves on. We left without ordering.

Cody Jerry

Donuts fresh out of the machine? Win.

adel beach

So so good!

Mike Heinzman

Went to Krispy Kreme today and for some reason I could not get any service . Went inside when my turn came the manager told the server to clean something before they help the next person so then the server wondered around and went in the backyard different people there looked at me but no one would serve me so I left went threw the drive threw got service at the speaker pulled around to pay and get my doughnuts and the guy inside sets them down at the window and walks away and starts helping a customer inside the store I waited nobody honked my horn managers standing right there nothing so I left , I'm thinking their customer service sucks

Fred baby driver

Yummy wish they were closer

Ant Vision

It’s an okay place. Employees would much rather stand around taking about Facebook then grab some cleaning supplies & wipe tables down & pick up the place.

A Google User

I was disappointed.Albertsons donuts are better,bigger and less expensive.


Its Very Noice.


Overpriced and for tiny donuts! Sloooooooow. Will NOT return.

Shane Delzer

Was great then the rewards program went down the tube. Now I just go use the local IGA.

Bill Contreraz

We enjoyed it. The grand kids felt special because they could see the different selections and pick their own.

Ryan Bentson

Best doughnut ever.

Mike Cernaro

Great Donuts and Great customer service.

Martin Heinz

I love them. The custard filled one is my favorite.

Bobbie Leyva

Love their cake batter doughnut with an ice latte

Jamie Gaskins

It's the second time I've been to this store and the donuts taste like old grease. There is nothing worse than a greasy tasting Krispy Kreme. I think the holiday store has better tasting Donuts

Taylor Gerber

My favorite donuts!

Jean Marcus

The doughnuts were dried out and didn't taste very good almost like they were a couple of days old.


There fresh donuts qre pretty goof

Aurora Newton


Eric Little Light

Great atmosphere and excellent customer service. Despite the wait I was made to feel that I was the only guest there.

Benjamin Nugent

What's not to like fast friendly service clean surroundings and amazing pastries! Is there anything better then a Krispy Kreme hot from the fryer ? The drive threw is Handy and they also do Uber eats so you can get your fix in any situation try and eat just one !

keith winkler

Service sucks they stand around with their thumbs up their asses

Sheila Flakne Reuter

great. Rolls

Joseph Wentzell

Expensive but taisty. Half the size of a regular doughnut.

Lorren Loveless

Good donuts. Great service. Clean dining area

chad occonnor

This is the worst one I've been to. Always out of flavors and worst tasting doughnuts out of all Krispy creme I been to. Will never visit the billings store again.

Kenny Brewer

Delicious as usual! Friendly staff, hot donuts right off the rollers, clean establishment.

Brian Lee

Delicious donuts delivered directly at the drivethrou, don't despair, drums of dough at disposal to be dished out daily.

daniel burcham

I've come multiple times and they are always out of multiple flavors. If you want basic donuts it's fine but doesn't expect them to have any of the flavored donuts.

Brett L

Dangerous but delicious

Christopher Lee

Excellent doughnuts. Very friendly staff.

Shelia East

We ordered a dozen donuts two of each kind and they were awesome

Brenden Birkholz

Got free donuts just for having to wait an extra minute! Great customer service and great food!

Dollii Sweets

I’ve never been to a Krispy Kreme before today, but I will definitely be going back. The donuts were amazing and the service was fantastic.

John Magalsky

Who doesn't love hot donuts!

Cheryl Walker

If you go early in the morning they do not have the drive thru open so you will need to go inside to place your order.

Leslie Elmore

Service was terrible. The man before us ordered two dozen with a coupon, and the people could not figure it out. It took a manager and another employee ten minutes with other people in line. They messed up my coffee, but the real kicker is that they would not finish the order of the lady behind me. She asked multiple times to pay and they just stood around talking. There were st least six people on shift, and I only saw two working at any given time. They all walked around with coffees in one hand that they wouldn’t even set down to complete an order. If they did set them down, it was on doughnut trays! The seating area was filthy, and the food was funky tasting. Kudos to the one young man actually working.

Zachary Trich

Nice staff

Ezie Stetson

First time ever eating a Krispy kreme donut that everyone talks about, was not disappointed! The staff was helpful and even showed me their app.

Richard Huston

It took forever in the drive-thru. Messed up on the order. To top it off, all the donuts were cold. Won't come here again.

Jordyn Brown

I know when guests come in late it is frustrating. But to ignore someone for over 10 minutes at the drive through tell the store closes is extremely rude. Super disappointed.

Gena Tisdale

Love love love Krispy kreme

Ray Johnson

Fast and friendly

Brad Rosenlund

Can't go wrong with a hot fresh donut. Kids love watching the donuts go through the machines.

William Devine

Yummy donuts

Valerie Johnson

Yummy!! Seriously!! These are the best donuts you can buy!!

Richard Lang

Probably the worst service I’ve ever had in all of Billings. The gal with pink hair behind the counter acted like it was an incredible chore to box me up 2 dozen donuts......which is what I could only assume her job is. When I asked for some donut holes, she told me they were out. Considering they’re a donut shop, mass producing donuts on a daily basis, I figured she was probably not being truthful in an attempt to avoid completing the grand task of boxing up some donut holes. Not a friendly face in the place. Floor was sticky, tables were dirty. Donuts laying on the floor in the back area. ‘Twas a shame. After I left, I gave ‘em a ring-a-ding-ding and asked if they had any donut holes. Lo and behold, they magically had donut holes and said they’d box me up a 48er. Never did go back and snag ‘em. It’s Krispy Kreme, kiddos. Not the oilfield. If grabbing a donut and putting it in a box with a smile is too tough of a gig for ya, better find a job that requires sitting at a computer in your Ma-Maw’s basement.

Olivia Baewer


Dan Lee

Donut deals like siren songs. Delicious, inexpensive, friendly staff. Feel so fat every time I leave.

Alicia Sperry

I stop here about 1x a week! Excellent service!

Todd Dyer

awesome donuts!

Cami Lewellen-Minney

Great service and delicious, fresh donuts. We sat for a while because we love the shop atmosphere

Dubb spartankick

Yummy Donut's

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