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REVIEWS OF Steve's Hot Dogs On The Hill IN Missouri

Terra Brown

Excellent food! So many different gourmet hot dogs to choose from and all are yummy! Friendly staff too!

Andy Bunch

Some of the most baller hawt Dawgs eber

Jon Grothoff

Somewhat disappointing. The hotdog was good, bun was very hard though. The workers all seemed annoyed they had to be making food. For some reason it smelled like tar, like they had just paved the road outside but it was coming from the back of the shop.

Mike Gates

I would give it a 5 but Steve wasn't there. Lol GREAT DAWGS!

Jeffrey Lowe

I love this place! Great food and great people make this one of the best spots for lunch! My favorite is the Storm Trooper dog! Trying out their new burgers today! The one in Tower Grove is awesome as well - Steve is amazing and a real class act! One of St. Louis' best for sure!

Jeremy Kelley

Friendly staff and great food.

Yvonne Price

Any kind of hotdog you can imagine is offered here.The food is delicious and the service is fast and friendly. Get there early for their veggie dog it's been known to sell out quickly. They are only open for lunch, closing at 3 pm on weekdays and 4 on weekends.

Tim Williams

Best hot dogs and sausages in the state. Reasonable prices good service.

Bron Launsby

Steve has catered our events the last 3 years. The food is awesome and my staff really appreciates something unique, tasty and the variety. Our menu in the past have been the hot dogs with all the toppings and the waffle dogs. This year we expanded the menu to include the Cheeseburgers and some sides. (my side recommendations is the mac and cheese). Finally, the service and pricing is very good. Thanks again, Steve and team. We will be using you again soon.

Raven Claw

Steve has the best hot dogs and burgers on the hill and it's super awesome for Star Wars fans to!

Richard Puckett

I got chili dog was good but the buns are hard regular buns would be better

tomsmail1 .

Mac n cheese dog was good. Some menu items are strange for a hot dog

Bogdan Joitescu

Great chill place to enjoy great food!!!

tim taylor

Best hotdogs and mac n cheese in St. Louis. I've been coming here for years and love it every single visit. I always take my friends to Steve's and tell everyone of my guests at the wine bar I manage to head over to Steve's for an amazing dog!! They always have something new to try, but also have awesome staples on the menu. One of my favorite parts is the fact that the man, the myth, the legend, Steve himself is there at the counter or running deliveries or just there making sure everything is on par. I would give Steve's 10 stars if that was an option.

John Lintzenich

best hot dog I've ever had

Cody Vogt

This is no ordinary hot dog. Steve's is one of the best places to eat in St. Louis. Even if you don't want a tasty, juicy, hot dog, you can get most of the toppings in Mac and Cheese form. If you come here and are not satisfied after the first bite of anything, you are a robot.

Laurie Moore

Love this place! Plus Steve is from the “Urge” Band

Megan Case

AMAZING. Also, they have mac and cheese in different variations, but I've never tried them (even though I WILL at some point). Not open on Sundays, sadly. Closes at 3 Monday-Thursday and 4 on Friday and Saturday.

Jack Simcox

Had the gorilla, Mac and cheese with a dog.....why didn't I think of that? Really good and wanted more. Good dog places are hard to find, I found mine. Who'd a thought a hot dog place in the middle of all that spaghetti.

Michael Guess

Great dogs

Janice Gant

Man I never knew a got dog could taste like that. Awesome

David Mallory

Great food cheap prices

Allen Drennen

Great food and good service

Stephen Arnett

First visit today and it won't be the last! The dogs were excellent and the staff were all very nice. The place was packed and it was close to 2 PM. There is room for 18 people max but the tables turned over fairly quickly.

Jeff Wilcox

Awesome service, Awesome food. I will definitely be back...

Scott Hughes

I got 3 "dogs" (only one actual hot dog item) and split them with a friend. I got the Bacon Bacon Jamaican, the Micho, and the Marconi St Beef Sandwich. All 3 were good, I think the Micho was my favorite, tho my friend said that was the one he'd definitely pass on next time. I got them as a carryout, so they were not so hot by the time I ate. I imagine they'd be even better if I could eat them at the shop. Prices are a bit on the steep side for a hot dog shop, but they are some pretty fancy hot dog & sausage concoctions, so I don't think it's unreasonable. I'll definitely be back.

Harmony Riefle

Good place, nice staff, good food.

Jeremias C

First time there was today. The service was quick and friendly. I got the Chicago dog which was really good. The only reason for the 4 vs. 5 stars as the bun. It is not a typical bun. It was fine for me but too much for my kid. Not sure if they have different bun options but I will be sure to ask the next time I go because I will definitely be back.

Robert Cole

They have a variety of odd hotdogs. I like the Hawaiian one because everything that I eat should have pineapple on it. Good vibes. Owners are serious Star Wars nerds, so the decor is on point. Yes, pineapple on hotdogs, you read that right.

C *

Great place to hangout and get a crazy hotdog

Steven Inge

Get in mah face! That bbq dog is legit

Jay W

Great dogs great prices. Great time.

Kirk Augustine

This place offers some of the best hot dogs in St. Louis. My 4 year old put it best when he said, "we should come here lots of times". I also enjoy their Mac and cheese bowls. They have a few different options there. The Mind Trick is insanely spicy and delicious.

Chris G

Interesting combos of hot dogs. They also have homemade combinations of Mac and cheese!

Brad Rehkemper

Best dogs in the city. I drive almost an hour to eat here. Very very good and everything is fresh. Even have ski soda in the bottle. I highly recommend Steve's Hot Dogs.

Dave Miriani

Just tried the Stormtrooper and it was fantastic!

Antonio Gavwiner

Amazing food great atmosphere

Dylan Foster

Never thought a hotdogs could be this good!

Lexa Iantuono Sullivan

Best hot dog ever. The mac and cheese, bacon and fried onions were perfect together combined with the perfect bun. Too bad I live in Massachusetts or else I would be a regular. Looking forward to our next trip to St. Louis and to Steve's Hot Dogs.

Kate Kraus

We tried this establishment for the first time today and to be honest I was underwhelmed. The bun for the hotdog was very tough, the chili on my dog was flavorless and the overall variety was not exciting. I was hoping for a variety of choices for sides other than chips. Also, fountain drinks would be nice. My husband ordered something spicy and was hoping for a drink refill. The food came pretty quickly and the establishment was clean.

Bil Bf

Great hotdogs. Great people working there.

Sarah Lipinski

I got the Backyard BBQ dog and it was delicious. Priced a little high for a hotdog but I would still go again. They were not very busy when I visited and there was quite a long wait for food. Still, worth it because the food was great.

Pamela Stranford

Best hot dog ever


One of the best places I have eaten definitely recommend to anyone.

Terra Landolt

Awesome food!

Kevin H.

Not a lot of seating, but good, kid-friendly food at a decent price. Hot dog buns were delicious.

Brittany Bond

This place is great. Tons of variety with the toppings for the hot dogs. You should be able to find a hot dog that you like and satisfies any craving. I also like the memorabilia around the store too, whether it's Star Wars figures or news of St Louis, this place is a gem that everyone should visit.

Votive Marshall

Small little join and I say that with love. The dogs are all super spectacular, sometimes I just want one plain with a little mustard but that seems like blasphemous here. I get along better with my friends when I get the chili cheese supreme or Wookie Dog.

Patrick Murphy

This is a fun place with great food.

Collin Voyles

Extremely fast, very tasty, and high quality. The buns come from an Italian bakery across the street and can handle the toppings and sauces so the whole thing doesn't fall apart. They also have burgers and Mac and cheese bowls which look great, but I love hot dogs too much to have strayed to those.

Jeffrey Mishkin

Great selection. Awesome hotdogs.

aamber alderson

great staff and amazing food.. and they have a star wars theme which we loved.

Nicholas Hibbeler

Just ordered from Steve's for the first time last night. Delicious hot dogs with unique, satisfying flavor options. Fast, friendly delivery. These hot dogs are tasty and fairly priced for the quality you get. Will order again.

Chris Wymer

Awesome as always

Stephen Carey

Delicious! Quality ingredients.

Nicholas Iffrig

Not only is Steve the frontman for one of my favorite bands but he also knows how to make a mean dog. Love this place and wish I worked closer so that I could make it over for lunch more often. Word of warning the spicy Dragon Dog is WAY too spicy to eat and I'm someone that loves spicy food. I think that may have been a limited time offering. Other than that I've really enjoyed everything to be had here. The seating area at the Hill location is pretty small so if there is a crowd you might have to take it to go.

Julie Ruth

All beef hot dog, with chopped onion, pickle spears and relish, hot pepper, tomato slices, mustard, NO ketchup - all good. Having to substitute a hoagy roll for the bun, and serving it with chips instead of on a bed of greasy fries - not QUITE a true Chicago style hot dog. I give it a 7 out of 10. Best I've had, south of Bloomington, IL

Eddie O'Rourke

Palatable food at a higher price than it probably should be. I don't think I've ever waited less than twenty minutes for a hotdog here. At least they have Fitz's.

Demetrius Gibson

Nice place with good food. I thought it was great.

Padraigh Fallon

Alot of starwars memorbial. It is a really good hot dog shop. The staff is very nice and the hot dogs are delicious.

Carrie Davis

Great for a hot dog joint. We ate at the one on Marconi. Food and service were excellent.

Jesus Vazquez

This place was great. A big variety on the menu and the staff were really friendly and cool. Also if you are a Star Wars fan you get to see a cool collection of figurines and posters.

Garth Weihl

Love the chili dog and on a day like today it's nice if you can get a seat outside. It was busy today so we had to sit inside though. Go and enjoy their munu soon.


Great food and the staff is a lot of fun. Have cool stuff all over the restaurant as well.

Michelle Smith

Always great.


Delicious 100% beef Nathans hot dogs (and locally made Andouille, Chorizo and Salsiccia sausages and G&W bratwursts) with wildly inventive and scrumptious toppings! Try the new Waffle Dog with Sriracha Maple, it’s awesome! The Chili-Cheese dog, Gorilla Mac & Cheese Dog are highly recommended. Choose the daily special or any one of the other wonderful choices.

Shaun Moran

Amazing hot dog combinations. The waffle dogs put all corn dogs to shame. The Mac & Cheese bowls are great. I don't think I could come up with a bad thing about this place if I tried

Ali Davis

Food is amazing! I'll need to go back and try one of their Mac&Cheese bowls!

Nate Da Lay

Great dogs. Something for everyone. Don't pass up the waffle dog.

Ian P

Great place friendly service a whole meal on a hot dog.

Cindy Dees

I ❤️Steve's Hot Dogs..such a fun place with a new special that I had with a burger by Joe..OMG delicious❣️

David Leininger

There are almost too many dogs to choose from. Everything here is delicious. Silverback Gorilla Dog and Bowl are top sellers and super tasty. Do yourself a favor and eat here soon!

David Stuart

Neat little place with alternative flair. Big into Star Wars.

Douglas Sears

All kinds of hot dogs with ingredients you would never guess. Good quality dog with any kind of fixings.

Heather Kuelker

I have eaten here a handful of times and have never had anything bad. The food is all delicious.The service is fast and extremely friendly. And they have Fitz's sodas.

Timothy Hertel

Fantastic, cozy place nestled in the backstreets of The Hill. I had both a smoked hot dog and smoked burger that were both amazing in taste, texture and looks. Worth a visit!

Jennie N

Great food, fun place!

katherine fenerson

Good food. The bbq sauce and baked beans were delicious!

trent trumpower

Very good variety, except no cole slaw. Hotdogs are very good size, bun a little tough but the combinations are on point. Had the Hawaiian 5.0, BBQ sauce on point. Mac and Chili bowl also on point, highly recommend this place

Stephan Fields

SOOOOOO GOOOOOOD! The star wars toys are also a very rad feature!

Ryan Pearson

Delicious huge hotdogs!

Adam Schimm

Delicious hot dogs and hamburgers. I love the soda in a glass bottle

Sandi Mellies

Was awesome! Friendly ppl and great food! We all got something different and passed them around!

Bob Clarke

Quick and tasty boutique dogs!

Spencer Sevener

A must go when you want a good dog, some mac and cheese, or a burger. Everything with its own twist has something for most everyone.

Matt Webb

Seriously amazing burgers........ you heard it right..... BURGERS. Phenomenal dogs also. That's a given

Dan Cline

Loved the dog with mac and cheese. I recommend

Ellie Williams

Would I recommend them to cater an event? A RESOUNDING "YES!" We had them cater our event and it was the best we've ever had.

D Leih Stewart

I had the jalapeno pod racer. Amazing.

Jared Foley

Always amazing! Everyone I've taken has loved what they had. Highly recommended to eat at the shop at least your first time; these dogs don't travel well.

Jim Upchurch

Always a treat. Might have been a sin to have a Chicago hot dog in St. Louis but it was great!

Julianne Sita

I have been there a couple times and they are always very fast, friendly, and helpful. every time I was having a hard time deciding, so they helped me look threw the menu and shared the specials with us as well! we had a to-go order also so they waited til we were almost finished to make it so it was still fresh. and every time tey have come to pick up our baskets, they make sure to have a conversation with you to see if everything was good. SO MANY DOGS, TOO LITTLE OF A STOMACH! cant wait to try them all! now my punch card is almost full to so I will soon get a free dog meal!

Kerry Vinson

Went there for lunch. Not too much of a line but the order taking was very quick and the food came right out. I had the St. Louis-Chicago dog, which turned out to be excellent! The operation seemed very efficient, the staff was very courteous, the place was clean, and the food was great! Update: Went there again today. Steve's Chili Cheese Dog. Best dog on the planet. Ain't had one? Go try one! Dude is there taking care of business. All hats off to Steve and best of luck and success to him! Can't wait to go back!

Snuggles InMO

Small town hot dog place little pricey but good hot dogs

Jah Blazin

This place is great. Very nice staff everytime I have been and always great hotdogs. Plus I mean supporting Steve's business is the least I can do considering his band was the sound track of my youth. PTMFUS.

Susan Robson

Yummy! And the dudes all seemed very nice!

Don Chandler

First there to much going on here to many choices take forever for someone to make up there mind . Now for the food no matter what kind of hot dog you order your going to get a hotdog in a bun that I think was made in the Bronze Age , and there going to hand you a plastic fork and knife to carve your way thought it good luck .

ben luly

Showed up and there were a few tables open, the place was not very busy. Waited 15 minutes to get our food. Buns were tough, and the toppings were cold. I honestly would rather have a QT hot dog. I was very disappointed, especially being a "The Urge" fan. On a positive note, the staff seemed friendly. Maybe my next visit will be better.

Joel Saindon

Original recipes, great execution, local brands and good vibes! Will definitely be back!

Matt Agee

Lots of fantastic tasting hot dogs! The building has lots of neat stuff inside to look at while grabbing your dog. Only complaint is it is a little pricey, but the food well makes up for the cost.

Edward Rodriguez

Delicious dog took them about 2 mins to make, I barely finished picking my seat when it was ready. Only reason I knocked a star off was because of some funky smell that was present in the restaurant.

Sierra Wilson

These guys are the best. They were super understanding of a missorder and helped me out. The shop is clean and the people that work there are hilarious!

Mickey Pietrzak

Excellent hot dogs. Best I've personally ever had. Good variety of options too. Service has been friendly the couple times I've been here. My daughter will only eat their hot dogs because she's pretty picky.

Brian Hoerchler

Great food with wonderful staff. Loved the Al HraBratski. Will be back for more. Next trip will be a St. Louis style.

Daniel Fitzgerald

Seriously this place is insanely amazing. The Mac and cheese Dog is mouthwatering comfort food at its best. The waffle dogs are as good as they sound! They are always cranking out new food ideas that are innovative, whacky, and delicious! I wish I could give it 10 stars instead of just 5.

Angela Kellar

Loved this hot dog shop! Good low-key atmosphere with a lot of choices to choose from with phenomenal tastes. A stop that you must take if your looking for something authentic in St Louis!

Monica McCord

I LOVE STEVE'S!!! The people are just phenomenal. I always have a great experience at Steve's. It's fun and you're always surrounded by good music! And, the FOOD!!! If for no other reason, come for the food, stay for the experience!!!

Scott Evans

Diverse regular menu, always great menu specials, rewards program, & friendly staff @ both locations.

Sue Savage

The veggie dogs are awesome!

Jerry Ashlock

I used to really love this place. But they cut their menu down and less than half to replace it with burgers. You can get a Burger anywhere in the city. I guess they just wanna be average Burger joint like every other place in the city Not many dog places around

April Simmons

Great hot dogs

Sharla Friend

Really chill vibe and AMAZING food. Be adventurous and go for the Storm Trooper it's a show stopper with perfectly smoked Salsiccia topped with the creamiest Rotini Alfredo and so many goodies I needed a fork!

Kent Sharp

Great hot dogs combined with some of the most ingenious toppings I've ever seen. Loved it!

Ryan Mataya


Greg Diel

AWESOME DOGS!!! Just got done eating the Bacon Bacon Jamaican and a chili cheese dog and they were both fantastic. My wife had the St Louis Chicago and said it was great too. We had a side of Mac and cheese and it was pretty good, but the dogs were better. Being a huge Urge fan it made lunch even better when Steve Ewing stopped to chat for a few minutes and was super nice. We will definitely be back again.

Michelle Thilking

Mmm Jordan almonds.

corey jedi

Love the place, star wars everywhere great food and the urge

Emily Marie

This is the place for hotdogs! Amazing star wars atmosphere and the combinations they think up for their hot dogs is amazing. I've tried almost every dog and have yet to be disappointed!

Melissa Feldmeyer

If there is only one place you have time to eat at in St Louis, make sure this is the place. Great food and amazingly friendly people. Highest praises. I cannot wait to go back.

John Williams

Every time im in the area I have the urge to come here.

Vinny Winkelmann

Best dogs in St Louis! No comparison...

Daniel and Margaux Weller

Felt the need to get a hot dog so I thought I would try it out. I typically don't eat that mean but I have a craving. The place was crowded in a good way. Lots of families and blue collar workers. This means that the food is good! I ordered two generic dogs thinking that it was a safe way of trying the new location out. It took around 13 minutes to get my food and they delivered to the table in plastic baskets with plastic utensils. The stiffness of the buns made it hard to cut but it was delicious. I couldn't pick them up because of the generous toppings and chili. I would have been a mess! I also looked around briefly for condiments but didn't see any. I could have used a little mustard but I didn't look to hard. Overall, this is a good location for a hot dog in St. Louis which doesn't have many options. I'll be back to try it again!

Elizabeth Pietrzak

The hot dogs are absolutely delicious! It's also a great value for what you get.

Sharon Bone

Best little dive for hotdogs

Stl Tour Couple .

Always one of our favorite places to grab a quick bite in our neighborhood. Never disappointed and my favorite is the R2 D2.

Dan Kraus

How I absolutely love Steve's. I contributed to the Kickstarter for this location. Yes I'm a huge Star Wars fan and the Star Wars diomara along the ceiling contribute to my love of the place, the hot dogs are just great. The specials are always interesting. The regular menu is also really great, but I don't have them too often because I almost always the get the special. There's been some strange ones in the past, but I trust them, try them, and love them. This place just makes me happy.

Holly H

Place is cool, very affordable, relaxed atmosphere and their food is AMAZING

Declan Rutan

Not just hot dog, but a work of art. The toppings and combos they have created are amazing. I love the Mac&cheese with bacon dog!

Wing Man

Great hotdogs and a variety of ways to order. We tried 3 different styles. Classic chili dog, with a great flavor and not doused in a runny chili. The bacon bacon Jamaican was also fantastic.

Amanda Harmon

Grab a fork and take a seat! This place is awesome, so many choices on the menu. Not just hotdogs but amazing mac n cheese done right. Next time I'm in St. Louis ill be back.

Jeff Stephenson

Some of the best hot dogs and burgers in STL. Fast and friendly. You cannot go wrong with Steve's.

martica davis

Love this place! It was truly a foodie nerd paradise!! The service was great and the mac was delicious! I'll be back soon to try the veggie dog (sold out

Philip Prewitt

100% all beef hot dogs never tasted this good. And the Mac and cheese meals look good too.

Jon Carroll

Must visit locally owned place. Love the gorilla mac.

Ed Mantia

Nice small cozy place. Both locations are great.

JJ McLuckie

The hot dogs were some of the best I've had. The employees were friendly and looked happy to be working there. And the atmosphere itself is really fun and comfortable.

Shannon Miller

I ordered take out from here a few weeks back. I’m a vegetarian and got one of their fancy hot dogs but swapped it for a veggie dog. Unfortunately I forgot to ask them to hold the bacon that came on that particular dog. When I called up after I realized my error, they were super apologetic and made me a veggie burger instead for free and offered some Mac and cheese as I waited. Great service, AMAZING Mac and cheese and kudos to them for vegetarian options. Great for those of us married to omnivores!

David Spanvale

I love the Chicago dog with next time I'm going to tell him a little less mustard

Susan Savage

Veggie dog is amazing and the staff and owner are super nice!

Wayne Gum

Great food and even friendlier staff and owner. Very knowledgeable. Best dogs in the Lou

Ivan Imsland

This place is fantastic. All of the workers are very friendly. The owner is a great guy; he is also the lead singer of The Urge. I cannot express how exceptional the dogs are at this joint either. Steve's is a great place to go if you're looking for a casual, quick meal along with a welcoming atmosphere.

Tate Stark

So delicious! Burgers, hot dogs, and mac and cheese are all very yummy!

will smith

Great hot dog and great service will return next time I'm in town.

blinkstrike143 .

Crazy fast, crazy delicious. Will be back.

Mark Schmitz

It's always a pleasure to come here. I haven't been here much since the Tower Grove location opened, but it's always nice to get back to the Hill location.

Joe Hoffmann

Required stop every time I come back to St Louis. Interesting decor in a tight fitting location. Some of the most interesting and tasty topping combinations you will find. Staff is always friendly, and their punch cards and word of the day are a nice perk for loyal customers. The smoke on the hot dogs really sets this place apart from most hot dog places, but my personal favorite is the Crazy Cajun.

Jonathan Foster

Best dogs in St Louis. And the best Mac and Cheese as well!

Brody Johnson

Veggie dogs are great and cooked to order, so expect them to take slightly longer in preparation than the standard dogs. Staff are always friendly and laid-back.

Bill Banfi

The Urge's lead singers place... Pretty cool paraphilia on the wall!!

Brad Stumpf

Best dogs in St.Louis Gorilla mac-n-cheese is awesome. DEFINITELY WORTH GOING.

MrDog321 Gaming

subscribe to MrDog321 Gaming so we can sue this place cause they are killing dogs and coking them here

Kerry Trott

Simple menu but it was good. I went a little before lunch on a Thursday and there wasn't a line. The parking lot is a little slow and I could see it being difficult to park if there was a crowd at any of the restaurants in the same plaza. I got the brown dog and the garlic fries. I really love garlic and was a little disappointed in the fries and wished I got the chips instead. The hot dog was delicious though

Peter Branson

Great food and service. The staff was very friendly.

Kyle Samalik

Fantastic place. It's worth it to just come and eat there. I'll be back!

Robert Shewmake

I drove out of my way while in town to come to Steve’s and try their Chicago Dog. Was very disappointed with food. There is no steamed poppy seed bun, no neon relish, no Vienna dog (just a beef frank that has been charred??) mushy tomato’s. To top that off the dogs are 5.50 and I ended up throwing 1/2 my food away.

Luis Torres

We love Steve's. Such a variety of hot dogs you can't find anywhere else. It's almost unfair to call them "hot dogs." Its like an ol school root beer stand with a modern twist. There is also outdoor seating to enjoy the sight and sounds of The Hill. We live in Indianapolis and whenever we visit STL, Steve's is always in our list.

Ryan Poertner

Neat decor inside with Urge and music memorabilia. Cool place to get a unique dog and local chips and drink!

Travis Dettmann

Great food with vegetarian options as well. Owned by Steve of the Urge and ran by some of my best friends. Hit them up!

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