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REVIEWS OF Kenrick's Meats & Catering IN Missouri

David Ibarra

We went there for the first time, it was good there , there not pushing and are very hospitable. Thanks. we are already planning on the next purchase , we spent on the $ 150 order, and bought a few extra.

Kevin Sigillito

Best butcher in town! One hell of a pork loin.

Dawn Murphy

Visited Kenrick's for the first time yesterday. I should have started coming here years ago! Everyone was friendly and helpful. Purchased pasta salad (yum!) and 2 porterhouse steaks which were wonderful! Will definitely be coming back for years to come.

Jhon Doe

Friendlyest,, Freshest,, Fastest,, Finest,, Meat n Missouri I Promise You This.

jeff Mueller

The best meat market period. Prices can be slightly higher but the service and quality are worth it. Keep up the good work!

Patti Bathe

No place better for a bbq!

Isabella Marco

Terrible meat. The filet I bought had a ton of marbling and tasted very low quality. The workers were very rude and not welcoming at all, not to mention the store was not very clean either, I would hate to see where they actually cut the meat. Will not be going back very disappointed

Steve Most

Great local butcher with lots of options and expert staff. Many other items from local places, such as Dogtown pizza, Ted Drewes frozen custard, etc. They have lots of supermarket items that accompany or are used in grilling, too. They sell some beer and wine, as well. So, if need be, they can be your one stop BBQ shop.

S Lamb

Butcher treated me like I was an idiot, and demanded that I buy the type ham he recommended. Told him I wanted a specific type, but nope it had to be his way. Manager was standing there listening to the whole conversation and did nothing. Won't return to this place again!

Rose Gumble

Great meat selection! If they don't have in the case, they'll cut it fresh. Also, great deli selection. Highly recommend!

S. Marsh

Went for the Fish FRYday. Yasss! Definitely recommend.

ken needham

Love the quality and prices. Great staff as well.

Kenneth Thomas

Friendly service,in and out fast.

Mair Lawson

They know what they have and always willing to help the customers. Good selection of products, and always busy. Some products are pricey, but you get quality.

Brittany Dwyer

Always great service!

Mitchell Bowers

Staff was friendly and helpful. I was disappointed about the price though, on the expensive side for select grade meat. I did enjoy the NY thick cut steak though but will be buying my meat back at Costco which has choice & prime meats at $6 less per lbs. Well Kenrick's at the time of this posting did not offer choice or prime NY.

mark a. hopkins

Fair prices for real good quality product

Dustin Pyle

Amazing meat selection, sauces, rubs, ready to heat dinners, tons of cheeses (their in house garlic cheese is incredible), friendly and helpful staff and honestly it's no more expensive than the big grocery stores. They have a dairy and produce section too. We can literally do the majority of our grocery shopping there and feel good about support a small business.

Karen Paul

Love this place they have what you are looking for.

Christine Schilling

Great service and wonderful meats!!!❣

Seth Lindsey

I really enjoy going in to Kenrick's just to see what they have. They have a wide selection of pre-made frozen dinners that are made in-house. They also have a wide selection of house made sausage, and other various products that you might not know you needed. There may at times be a need to take a number, but you won't wait long. They have a giant selection of meats and cheeses in the deli, with a friendly staff to assist you. They also have a weekly flyer and have some pretty good deals at times. This is the only place I've found near me where I can consistently find beef hearts for sale.

Mark Rieckenberg

First time there. Will be back. Fresh Meat looked quite good.

Jason Small

Best brats and frozen pizzas in town!

Dianna Talley

Awesome as always!!! Best selections of meats and sides. Great prices !!!!

Jason Gardner

Best meat market around.

Stephanie Reed

Their catering is awesome. If you want German food this is where to get it.


Very helpful staff and some really cool meats..pretty much any sort of meat that you might want.

Dino Ramic

Great service and great prices, I highly recommend them for their excellent deli and great selection.

suemacbxa .

The best!!

Donald Wessling


Vicky Alvarez

Locally owned, butcher store. They also do catering and they rent BBQ Pits. The meats can be chosen out of the case or specialty cut. They will even season the meat for you. They also have the cafe where you can order ready made food. There is also a nice wine selection to choose from.

Eric Wagner

Great place for meat with a nice variety.

Chans Weber

These guys are the best of the best. Always take the time to make sure you're getting what you want/need. I probably buy meat here 3-4 times per month for weekend cooks and I can't imagine having a better meat market to go to.

debbie damery

Mike was amazing at providing customer service

Ken Schaefer

Great meat. Try the polish sausage

Mark Lindemann

Always enjoy a trip to kenricks

Dom Leonhardt

The best place in town to buy meat. Top quality and so much awesome home made one off stuff. Worth the drive. And prices aren't much if any higher than the big box stores.

Richard Beckett

Lots of food to choose from.. Very helpful staff. .

Manuel Avila

This place is great would give 5 star but the prices are i think a bit to high on some items but hey thats every where..

kevin roe

Extremely great service and the food cant be beat!

Jason Gagne

Best meat in town

Dave Gibson

Fantastic place never disappointed

Matt Finn

By far best butcher market in town

Eric Trashman

Best dam butcher in St Louis! I've never gotten a bad cut of meat.

James Brich

Joe the butcher, goes above and beyond, what anyone would expect a person to do for them He is a true gentleman and personally repeats all and everyone of his customers. Joe is the best, bar none. Sincerely Jim Brich

john lujan

It's a Top Notch outfit. They have it all. Very friendly staff

Paul F

Breast steaks! I get ANY Strip steaks almost weekly from here and they are fantastic!

Staci Melendez

I have thought about coming here to do some major meat shopping. This was my first time coming here. The guys (and ladies) were extremely helpful. As I was leaving, I was kicking myself for not coming sooner. I definitely will be coming back!!

Desiree Koepke

We love, love, love Kenricks! They have top-notch customer service to match their high quality products. If you don't see something you need, just ask! Chances are they either have it and you missed it, like me, or they can get it. We haven't bought meat from a grocery store in months, and won't ever again if we can avoid it. Kenrick's is cheaper than the grocery store too! Win-Win!

Priya Selvan

I used Kendrick's for a corporate event I planned for a client. They were fantastic. Everything was delicious. Not to mention they were VERY accomodating and friendly. It was almost 105 that day and everyone working had a smile on their face. I would be happy to use them again!

Keith Revelle

They have a lot of good products!

Deanna Spikes

Delicious and real reasonable. Will be back...often.

Barbara Bell

Our Thanksgiving meal was even better than I expected, beyond delicious!! The turkey was very moist and the perfectly seasoned dressing was tasty. But, OH MY, that cranberry relish!! My favorite so far. I tip my hat to your chef's, cooks, greeters and friendly staff everywhere to assist. I saw several customers being helped to their cars. Parking was very organized with a St. Louis County police officer on the property. Customer service was excellent! An extra special thank you to the Cherry pie lady; such a kind gesture. I highly recommend Kenrick's Meats & Catering. I very much appreciate that level of service and satisfaction. Looking forward to my next visit. BB

Michele McConville

Kenrick's Market is awesome!! I ordered their heat n eat package for 2 @ 50.00...that's 8 pre-cooked meals for 2 people!! I'm excited also bc I don't have to cook!!

Danielle Menzel

I purchased my first meat order for my family today and seriously I will only be purchasing my meats from Kenrick's from here on out!! The prices beat every single grocery store we will have so many options to choose from the quality is AMAZING and the staff was so very friendly and helpful I asked to substitute a couple of the meats with not a problem they did and they even double checked with me that my order was correct also they loaded it in the car as well! Seriously the BEST!!!

Mindy Dohle

It doesn’t matter which butcher I have helping me, rather it be Larry, Mike, Frank or Kyle.... they make you feel like family!!! We love coming to Kenricks!!!

Jarvis Robinson

Really wanted to give Kenricks a much, much better review, but my last visits the "trip" that I'm basing my review on. I live in Florissant, Mo. so if I go all the way to Lemay to get meat orders it must be nice. You all cater my jobs employee appreciation day( USBank Ops Center). Always would.tell people brats are the best I've ever had and that I'd check them out. So went and they did nt disappoint. Something very good to think and say when a meat market creates burgers and brats that you can't find anywhere else. The guy behind the counter thats built like the terminator knows his stuff and he's very courteous. Ok when I was going to Kenricks I always ordered my meat orders at least 24 hours and me and my family WE LOVE BBQ and STEAKS. I spent alot of money( $400 plus). I usually would get carried and end up buying way more than I should. But hey If the meats this good it has to be smuckers. Last time I was there I spent nearly $700.00 and my mother was with me like always and she was treated really bad. The old guy with the long hair and the bandana was extremely rude. And he didn't go over the meat with us at all. He just brought the meat to us on the cart and took it to the car for us and I had to put it in the trunk and back seat myself. #1 You treated my mother extremely unprofessionally #2 I may not have been a life-long patron like the people that live in South County but you treat me or my Moms bad and that's a deal breaker. Like I said I never minded going that far to get meat because the meat was and probably still is some of the best in St. Louis. But that old guy treated us like it was the 1950's or 60's. I know you'll have probably figured out by now that I am African American. I would always boast and brag about what I threw on the grill and people at work would ask me what did I smoke this time, and I'd tell them bacon wrapped hot pepper pork tenderloins and cheddar burgers and onion chicken burgers and my co-workers would ask me where I get those and me being "a guy" you know I wanted to lie and tell them I created them myself and I'd tell them the truth and I know for a fact one of the people at my job did go down there based solely on my recommendation and she lives in Illinois. So basically that old guy ruined the experience for me so I've been going to Saveway every since......not the same of course, but my mom's deserved way better customer service than that.

Allan Davis

Kendricks meats is probably the best butcher shop in the Midwest. OK I'm sorry... I'm sure there's other good places but Kenrick's is outstanding!

James Frick

Unbelievable so friendly even at the last minute they even stayed open late to make our order, everything from ready made fish , pork steaks, to the fire cheddar cheeses to the corn beef is the best I have ever eat . Thank you

Vince Walker

Great local place for top choice cut meat. Very impressed by their freezer section as they offer meals ready to pop in the oven.

Felecia Boyle

Had a wonderfully 1st time experience and it was great. Everyone was polite and friendly, I will be shopping here from now on.

C. Jason Crawford

Exceptional products (competitively priced too) and beyond exceptional service. Everyone here is friendly and super patient and helpful.

Kelly Yates

They were extremely friendly, helpful, and their prices were very fair, meats all looked great and the butchers were all very knowledgeable and happy to explain things.

Jeffrey Waggoner

Always a top notch experience when I visit. I am always greeted with a smile and always waited on promptly. The deli meats are second to none and the staff are knowledgeable and offer suggestions to better enjoy your selection.

Pam Schmidt

Eric was a great person to work with for our daughter's wedding. The food was fresh and many guests commented that it was the best food they have ever had at a wedding. The servers were professional and did a great job. I highly recommend them!

Steven Bliss

The Bomb! Service Service, Service!

Ryan Hartigan

Friday, family decides we want Kenricks, but we usually get sandwiches but thought we would try the dinners. My Dad gets the bar-b-que's COLD. Mom get the roast beef, so dry she couldn't eat it. I get my usual, the poor boy, love the thousand island on it...guess thousand island. So frustrating! My sister's meal was the only one that was ok. Very disappointing. We love this place guess we just have to stick with Sanchwiches and check them before we leave.

Michael Wren

I live in a small town over two hours south of this place. I have been lucky enough to stop in here twice and have lunch when in the area on business. The K-cafe is awewsome. Five stars for both times and ordered different items each time. The last time I picked up some steaks and bacon. This was a week ago. I'm now planning on just driving up and picking up some more things to try. I feel it is worth the long drive. The quality of the meat is excellent. Hopefully I can get up there this Saturday or for sure next to fill up my cooler and bring things home.

Steve Holmes

Best meat market around! So friendly and helpful!

Chas Marfisi

Love my Kenricks simply fabulous...

John Marco

Probably one of the best selection of steak cuts in the area. When you get your steaks you can ask them to put olive oil and canes steak seasoning on them before they wrap them. Very friendly people working there. They also have a bunch of sides you can buy to compliment your meal. All in just a neat little butcher shop in the Affton area.

Mike Smith

Great selection of meats

Tammy Koch

Super friendly and huge selection!

Jim Nicholson

Unbelievable customer service they are top notch

Mary Vincent

Nice independent meat market, highly recommend them.

Todd McGuire

Best meat and deli around on the South side. Always accommodating, professional and very reasonable. Sometimes even cheaper than other stores and always better quality.

Debbie Herald

This is the best shop. Love the onion and garlic cheese as well as meatloaf and apple brats. My daughter loved their homemade BBQ potato chips. Lots of good stuff here and well worth the cost for meats.

Terence Boyce

Kenrick Meats has an amazing selection I'm just about anything you can think of fresh cut in the store and the people are amazing

Mike Kick

This place has one of the best selections of all kinds of meats in town. If you like to barbecue this is your place to go for a tremendous selection. Their Deli is also full of delicious and exciting sandwiches and other food dishes! One of my favorites!

Jim Shelvy

The place is ALWAYS busy. Their prices have gone up recently so they are less competitive with other places on the signature, bacon wrapped filet mignon. Their jerky is good but the landjaeger is better. Middle of the pack- Their service, to spite the busy comment above, is ALWAYS, ALWAYS spot on. Super fast, very friendly.

Ed Wolf

Great selection of steaks and other meats

Beverlee Maschek

Great deli to have lunch and great for fresh foods grocery shopping

Timothy Hertel

Great place to get fresh meats! You HAVE to try the Colonel Stan's wings, very worth it.

Vincent D

Cod sandwich on rye was great. Also bought the cod dinner with two sides but couldn't even start it after the sandwich. Service was great. Butchers asked me numerous times if i needed anything and talked about the products.

Joe Moore

Good bread good meat let's eat

sarah thien

Great product but this is the second time I've picked something up and taken it home and it was labeled wrong! So frustrating. Bought a "oreo" Ted drewes that was secretly HeathBar and then a "manicotti" pasta that was actually canaloni..

LeAnn Dettmer

Always had great service and the meats are absolutely amazing. Will continue to return several times over.....

Ted Klos

A bit pricey, but best meat in town. U can get anything sliced the way u want, huge veriety, they even cater.

Robert Fahr

#pros 5#of cooked BBQ brisket expertly cooked sauced and sliced. Cook it yourself? Forget about it. Brats withal little spicy cheese inside Shut up. 5⭐Another star for customer service.

Peter Rybialek

I have always wondered why they make brat buns so big the. I came here and I get it

rich bauer

Very polite


Catered our wedding reception, Erin was wonderful to work with! Only problem was they ran out of beer half way through, they did send someone out for more. Food was wonderful and service was great!!

Chris Petty

Best food in town

Bobby Slyman

I remember as a kid going here with my mom when they were located up the street. Nothing changed except the amount of options they provide. The meats are great and the K Cafe is awesome. I get a sandwich at least twice a week along with meat for my sunday BBQ. The reason for this review was the other day I went to pick up a couple of sandwiches and I usually get a slice of pie they have on the counter display. "Brilliant marketing I can not say no" The other day they sold out. One of the nice ladies offered to cut a slice out of one the whole ones just so I would not have to buy a full pie. When I go with my kids the butchers always greet us with a smile and offer little snacks. This is the kind of treatment that you can expect here.

Kevin Wilson

Professional, curtious and most of all very fresh and great tasting meats!

Colin Davitt

Odd to say but they have the best veggie burgers I have ever eaten. I would recommend grilling them

Kerry Vinson

Great select of meats, especially if you're looking for something to put on the grill! The prices may be a bit steep sometimes but the quality of meat and excellent service are well worth it. Highly recommend!

Frank Niesen

Great quality meats, catering, and other products!

Tim Weisser

its the best place to get your meat and all your BBQ needs

Tim Kennedy

Great cob and lobsterr bisque.

Vincent Sharkey

Instantly a favorite. Can't wait to go back.

Jane Schlake

Great place for fresh meat? They make their own sausages. Great smoked meats & Chicken They have a deli too

Dane Giazzone

Wide selection of everything meat. Accepts EBT /Food Stamps. Great prices

Cheryl Baker

People are friendly, service is good, and the food is good

Mike Treacy

Great meat at a reasonable price . The deli food is wonderful!

Deb Enderson

Best meat, produce and prepared meals. Stop by, you will never shop any where else!!!!

mike Wehrle

Very knowledgeable with their products fast friendly service love the place ... great jerky to & pre made dinners like the Shepards Pie

Cheri Long

Everyone is always so friendly and helpful! We love coming here!

Craig Conger

Everything here is so good. From their sandwiches, to their frozen pizzas, to their kebabs, burgers, steaks, and chicken. Sometimes can get busy, but everyone is always willing to help and very friendly.

Tom McLean

The BEST lunch you can get in town from the K Café. Amazing super fresh meat from a real butcher shop! If you're a fan of anything they have, do yourself a favor and try something different, all of their products are awesome!

Carol Casey

Great meat and service

Stephen Robinson

Awesome service....I needed a specially product that no one had and Michael found it for me and special ordered it and had it in 3 days!!!! I've never been to kenricks before and cant wait to go back and spend more time looking at the fantastic selection of other things they have!!!

Vince V

Place was awesome. Visiting friends in the city and took me to Kenricks. Staff was very friendly, meats were fantastic. Get a steak, have them add seasoning and marinade to the bag before you leave at NO extra charge. GREAT PLACE!

Lacey WC

Kenrick's is amazing! The meat saver packages are a must for families on a budget. You will never find that quality elsewhere. About 10 to 12 lbs of meat, excellent quality I might add, for around $65.

Janice Karnes


Dian Marino

Absolutely the best meat and sides EVER!!!

Mo Denise

Didn't feel welcomed here so we wont be back.... was not a single incident either. 3 strikes ur out, we'll spend our money in the neighborhood.

TheNewscott03 .

love this Deli/Meat Market

Charlene Talley

Wonderful selections of meat. The meat counter have a large selection of beef pork and chicken including all the sides. And you can also take food that is already cooked home. Grocery store and restaurant all in one.

Lorie C

Mark is very professional and helpful. He really knows what it takes to plan a large event! The food is good and high quality.

Jason Feathers

They’re a little pricey but that’s ok for convenience. What pissed me off is the check out lady breaking my rack of ribs and shoving them in a bag!

Jack Panula

Great meats, good prices and outstanding service.

Sahila Topon

Fresh meat and friendly staff. Fairly inexpensive.

Rita Fritz

Great food great employees.

Dave Steen

Always love shopping here. I suggest the special for lunch

Ben Jones

Best meat around. Love the jalapeño and cheese summer sausage and the apple brawts.

Liz Mausshardt

You have to try all of their brats! Always fresh. One of the freshest meat markets in St. Louis!

Jay Jackson

Ordered meat for a surprise party while i was out of town, over the phone with John T. Very accommodating and helpful. Placed my order on a Friday around noon picked it up the very next morning when they opened. Got a lot of meat for a good price. Meat was very fresh and was packed very well in a small box. Will definitely patronize them again...soon.

Jamie heidenreich

One of our favorite places!

Koz Roy

The Best Place!

Theora Brown

Tha selection of meats are great!

Jacob Linhoff

Tried calling to see if they have alligator meat. Called twice the guy who answered for the meat department hung up both times when asked if they had the alligator meat. Pretty bad customer service if you ask me.

Peggy Piehl

Great meat and great staff. They know their meat.

Randy Ferguson

Great people , great food. Just stopped by one day and I am hooked.

Gregory Wahle

We just had the catering service for our Christmas Party. The Chicken was terrible-old, dry, and cold. The Brisket was like shoe leather. The pasta was cooked till mushy and was pretty tasteless. The salad was old, soggy, and limp. The other food-greenbeans, asparagus, potatos- were ok. As much as is charged to cater these functions, you would think there would be better quality. Kendrick used to have great catering, I think now they are just riding on their old reputation.

Melissa Foutch

Love this place. The employees are helpful and very nice. We buy all of our deli meat and salads there and also our fresh meat.

Diann Daniels

The deli roast beef is the absolute best I have ever tasted in my life. You haven't had a roast beef sandwich until you get theirs, sliced paper thin, with nothing but a bit of salt on it, on fresh bread. I could live on it! Fabulous! The help is quick and very courteous. There is a reason they have been around since the mid-1940's.

Lisa Knefelkamp

Great selection of good meat!

Major Griffin III

their selection of meat is great. Love the brats. I get all my BBQ meats here.


Never had issues here before but today went in for beef kabobs with zucchini and mushrooms. While butcher was getting them out of case I thought mushrooms had dropped off of 2 of the kabobs and asked if he would check. First he ignored my question then another butcher asked him to check and he told both of us that they were all on there. I am home now unwrapped the kabobs and no mushrooms. Not a terribly big deal but irritating since I did question him.

Terry Torpea

Love the Brats meat is great also serves hot lunch and dinner plates. Great customer service helpful staff.

Ryan Griffore

It was a very sad day when Phil's BBQ closed. But the fact that I can buy Phil's BBQ sauce at Kenricks is amazing! I will buy it every time its available. Tonights pork steaks were just like being at Phil's. Gotta love local supporting local.

Kim Gongwer

We ordered a pre-selected packaged meat as a Christmas gift. We were impressed with the retail store.

Jodi Clark

Great selection of meats and sides. Friendly staff. Very clean.

jake hoermann

I've been going to kenricks for several years now, and have always loved their products and services. Today I stopped in a couple hours before close and the service I received compelled me to write this review. The staff has always been friendly and accommodating, but today was something extra. I came in after work carrying my son in his car heavy seat. As soon as I got to the chuck roasts a man walked from behind the counter asked if I needed some help. I told him I needed some provel, he gave my son a look, smiled, and said awwwww, a little too young for a cookie, then proceeded to get my provel! After getting my cheese I checked out with a wonderful woman who couldn't stop complimenting my son and how he slept so well during the visit to kenricks. I know the story is kinda cheesy (no pun intended) but my interactions with these employees was real, and I know they really cared about me. I think the man from behind the counter would have carried the car seat through the store for me if I had asked. I hope the employee's at kenricks are treated well, because you don't see service like that anymore. Keep it up and I'll be shopping here for years to come! Thanks again kenricks.

Craig Brown

Great Meat.


We order steaks at last min on Thursday for excellent. Steaks the butcher recommends the chicken sizzler son stick for appetizers and bake potato the crab salad loved it next time we are planning early STL roofing stamp of approval

Blair Barnett

Fabulous, as always! Holiday catering for the win!

Gary Phillips

Great butcher shop! Great sausages and steaks. Great place for deer processing too!

Christian Isas

Superb meats, awesome custom butcher and BBQ pit rentals

Tyler Albrecht

Great cheap but almost gourmet a wonderful place to get all cooking and grilling needs I suggest the bbq bacon cheese pork party's and the meaty baby back ribs

Jeni Weidenbenner

We love Kenrick's Hawaiian pulled pork. Their VIP club sends good deals via SMS, so we've also enjoyed their ham, homemade brats, and other meats. Everything is top quality!

Michael Polacek

GREAT Service . Like a kid in a candy store.

Orion Kazmaier

Fantastic butcher shop, and the best place to get polish sausage

Jason Patzius

Very nice, and professional

Matt N.

Great local butcher/meats destination. Yes destination, it's a personal experience, in that you get 1 person on their side to help you throughout the counter line. They have competitive and realistic prices. If you want meats you can ask any questuons about, GO HERE.

Matt Higgins

This meat market/deli/takeout restaurant is a great place to pick up already cooked meals, fresh cuts of almost all meats and home made sides and some specialty foods.

Sean roper

This place is awesome. There's so much good stuff here, and the staff are super helpful and knowledgeable. We get a ham from them every year for Thanksgiving, and everyone always loves it. I don't get in there nearly as much since I moved, but anytime I sliding past Bayless on 55, I always consider dropping in.

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