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10752 Sunset Hills Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63127, United States Located in: The Plaza & Shoppes at Sunset Hills

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REVIEWS OF Fuddruckers IN Missouri

James Holyfield

The food was excellent and the manager J.D was awesome!!

Cynthia Garcia

Was not impressed BK has better burgers

Deborah S. Leavitt

At first I thought how could they make a burger so good that it would be different than anyone else's? Then I realize that make their own buns and when I tried it, OMG!!! So so so delicious!!

keef BuDz

Good burgers, love the cheese

Melanie Rowe

Over all the service was fine, they did make a mistake, which they quickly fixed. I went with my family (5 total) on a Monday afternoon, we were the only patrons except for one other couple.

makaila todd

Best burger around hands down. Very impressed with the quality. Definitely get your money's worth. I especially liked the condiment bar to add your own toppings. Potato wedges were awesome as well.

Nick Haney

Food was delicious and the service was fast!

Brian Davis


Michael Bechtold

Great place to grab lunch. Convenient location, and never crazy busy. Easy to eat and have a conversation with others. Friendly staff and good food

Trevor Bailey

Good food family fun

Bill Clark

Service was slow but it's the most amazing burger I have ev er r had. Worth the wait

j merrell

Good but very long wait for food

Keirsten Emry

It was closing time so, they were ready to get us out. I got a kids meal. The hamburger was dry. But, the bun was homemade and the tater wedges were crispy and delish!!

Lyd Hellerich

Yum. I love the ambiance. Very cool place.

Chuck Swanson

Food and service was great. Produce area looked horrible and not fresh this time. Will come back though.

Haley Ash-Eide

Good food, wait staff was pleasant. Service wasn't all that fast but they were busy when I was there as well.

Chris Robin

Always a good place to eat and friendly service as well. One of the best places to get a burger in town!

aaron m

Get the elk burger its great

Dan Baumann

Outstanding burgers - even better than Five Guys. My burger was served an absolutely perfect medium rare - something hard to come by at any restaurant. The decor is kitschy, sure, but it's a burger joint. It's unfancy decor for fancy, moderately expensive prices, but it's totally worth it for a delicious burger.

Andrea Dalla

Always the best steak sandwiches anywhere!! Always have awesome, friendly staff and fresh toppings.

Ellie Beck

1st time I ever went to this restaurant and it was delicious. Prices and service were also great. I'll definitely go back.

gary gomez

One of the best burgers in California and Nevada very good onion rings

Natalie Haney

I have eaten there before and it was great. Today the food was cold and tasteless. The employees were probably the worst I have seen anywhere in a long time. We were all very dissatisfied.

Dave Young

Nice burger, as usual. I ordered sweet potato fries, but they gave me potato wedges instead. It's a little dark in there too, kind of hard to see your food. South West Burger.

Linda Quick

Friendly, clean and you can get a burger cooked medium rare.

Drake Albers

Food was pretty good. The building despretly needs an update. The arcade area smells like mold and everything is dingy and gross including the bathrooms. The food is pretty expensive in my opinion. Almost $50 for 4 buyers. We love the option of all the condiments though.

Deborah Garrison

Awesome burgers. Very happy staff loved everything

Jack Zaleski

Best burger place EVER!!! love the cheese sauce

Ellen Smith

Best taco salad around. I always get the beef!

Jessica Shubert

Was not overly impressed was much better when I was a child. It would be nice if they had jalapeno cheese sauce warm every night since they have the container sitting there. Also wish the staff wouldn't just say well you can cut up some jalapenos and put it in the normal cheese same concept not as good.


This place was better than I expected. The fries were amazingly flavored and I really liked the choose your own topping area. They even have jalapeño nacho cheese you can get on anything. Little bit of a wait but worth it

Maverick Jones

The food is quite good, but the service and staff is a lacking. Whilst I was there they tried to hold my 4 month old niece whilst wearing a fairly dirty work shirt, And got mine and my sister's orders wrong. And there were a few too many winged ants crawling around in the window sills and booths.

John Sorensen

Poor service hamburger was rare when ordered medium well milkshake was not delivered. Had a hassle getting reimbursed for milk shack. Would not recommend this place to anyone. All other fuddrrucks I've eaten at were excellent but the williston nd establishment I will never return to.

Justin Boisclaire

Nice place for a burger. Burgers are good and a nice laid back atmosphere. Prices seem to be average for what you get. Not a place for the special night with the wife tho.

Michael Reece

$43 for 3 people??? For, at best, average food??? There was a time when Fuddruckers was good, but that time is not now. They claim the world's greatest hamburger, but it's not even top ten in Asheville. I had the 1/2 burger, which was ok, but not great. Cook Out and 5 Guys are much more flavorful and seem fresher. It is nice at Fuddruckers that you can add your own extras (ie: lettuce, tomato, etc.) On their bar. My wife had a hot dog, which was way too salty; you probably get less salt from a salt block that farmers give cattle. She and our daughter both had sweet potato fries, which were devoid of any sweet potato flavor, but seemed abundant in oil flavor. My daughter was happy with her turkey burger and cookies & cream milkshake, citing good flavor in both. Overall, very average, at best. Next time you want a really good burger, go to Cook Out or 5 Guys. Cook Out is especially value-friendly, plus both have a bigger selection of extras to put on your burger.

William Flood

Good food just a bit pricey


There really good and you can put what you want on your burger.

dave twait

Good burger. Really like the fries.

Linda Losinski

Delicious burgers!

Carter Bouslaugh

So sad we lots the heights store, cannot travel to the west end just for a burger.


Great food and even better service!

Fred Voegtli

Tasty basket of onion rings...juicy burger with garnish...large chocolate malt... and great company...made for a fine and fun lunch❗

Joyce Griffith

Their burgers are huge, I couldn't finish it so I fed it al to the ducks. Their so cute.

Rachel Jenkin

Great food and exceptionally friendly staff!

Lydia Pearl

The staff were very attentive and we're very responsive to any issues. Their burger buns are amazing as usual, and their fries are well seasoned. You can expect it to be very packed during peak meal times. Almost to the point of no tables, but they are very quick to clean any vacant tables.

Richard Ferebee Jr.

Great food great staff burger cooked to perfection

John Warzynski

Junk food on steroids. Huge flavorful meat patties and all fixings. Cheese sauce was great, probably never saw real cheese. Staff were polite and friendly.

Nicole Rugg

Very nice staff and yummy food

HeatherTeanna mitchell

Food not worth the price. They charge me an extra $5 for fries and then gave me only a handful of french fries diamond rings for delicious and food was cooked properly but it's not worth the money would have been happier going to Burger King

Tiffanie Williams

Amazing, fresh and delicious! Staff was polite, building was clean. Will definitely be back and would recommend.

Ravinder Gill

Buffalo Burgers

Herbie Smith

I stop everytime I come through. We love going there.

Daddy Dom

Great food but always crowded.

Leduar Corrales

The beat burger on town

P. M. V.

Delicious but somewhat expensive

Daniel Arnold

Love the burger bar. Great selection and they keep it stocked and clean.

Sandra Mccoy

They have great food

Ma Kettle

Update 4/17/2018 Went to check out Fuddruckers to see if they got better. Well we was surprise that the burger was awesome. We got the elk burger which was $9.99 and a strawberry shake. Well I would have wished more whip cream on the shake.. So keep up the good work Fuddruckers ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now I went to Fuddruckers in Greatfalls Mt and it was great, I come to the one here in Williston and it is disgusting. Plus the prices are higher too for food that does not taste good at all. The service was lousy too, talking to my husband as if he was a kid or her hubby, The bathrooms are gross too..The place need a clean up crew and take lessons from Great Falls Mt.

cher reynolds

Great food and wonderful staff. You get your own drinks, and they have a toppings bar for your delicious hamburgers. You can get them in 1/3, 1/2 or 2/3 cooked to your preference. Also has a children's menu and warm homemade cookies. Who could ask for more!!

Dawn Kreischer

A fun place to have a good burger.

Yolanda Straughter

Customer service is superb! Food is excellant.

Harry Springer

Come and get some Fudds!

Jimmer ne

Selection of different food items. Elk buffalo

Marina Foreman

Tasty burgers mixed with Sports TV. Can't go wrong.

Lawrence Avamolifua

Great spot need to have more location South of here

Marty Bahe

Burger always cooked right and good. Fresh veggies and tables cleaned.

Mark Robinson

Good service. They had run out of certain menu items but the rest of the menu was delicious and the restrooms were clean. Tables were clean and a lot of space to sit and relax with your friends. Definitely recommend coming here if you're hungry and want a nice burger and open buffet style fillings.

Bob Neiswenter

Great service, good food!

Kris Eastman

Delicious burgers from the Bread to the fries, everything!!

Linda Leibach

Good food, great shakes, good atmosphere, decent prices

Neal Deng

They got some giant hamburgers, the type you can eat with fork, spoon, and knife. The facility is authentic, cool theme and clean, customer service is fabulous. Will stop here again and again.

Frank Finan

Great Burgers. They have hot cheese to make cheese fries for free. They have ice cream that is hard for only $1! Their huckleberry ice cream is super good. More expensive than other burger places like Red Robin very good!

Peggy Zeimer

Staff is friendly and th burgers were done to perfection.


Really good food. Has a lot of flavor and it's the only place I've eaten at that I actually like the buns. Would recommend to eat there if you like hamburgers, they also have a veggie burger, a chicken burger, and salads.

Jonah Flick

Not bad for the price. Burger was good

derpy deathrun

Yummy love these not enough of them in my opinion

Karl Band

Half lb burger, need I say more!


Great food, good service, a little pricy.

Danny Wright

Great burgers. Love that you can design the burger. Got the elk burger!!

Glenda Ackfeld

Food good great place 4 family's kids love

Carlos T

Great burgers . Like how you can customize and burger you want. Only down side was it started to storm bad out and the roof was leaking everywhere.

Don Vance

Best burgers in Asheville! Great sandwiches, salads and other casual foods. Great milkshakes and cookies. Friendly staff. Somewhat noisy when its busy and people are playing the various games, which are located near the dining areas. They grind their own hamburger meat, so its always fresh. If you want a great burger, cooked just like you ask, you will enjoy this restaurant. Its a casual place for a great meal! However, if you get there just after lunch it is highly likely your burger was already cooked, sitting on the grill, waiting for the next customer. So your burger will not be cooked fresh to order. We have had this happen to us on a few occasions and were highly disappointed. I guess when this happens, we should take it back and ask for a freshly cooked burger made to order.

Alex Hamilton

The burgers taste great. Fudd shorts you on the sweet potato fries for the cost, and it is tough to mess up a plain hamburger order but they found a way.

Ludwig van Beethoven

The staff there is super kind and friendly, the place itself was clean. The food was a little heavy in the belly, but didnt give me any troubles. They also have claw machines there.

Nick Dominguez

Always great food and the ability to customized your burger anyway you want is awesome! Plus i love elk!!

Regina Webber

Very nice people. Clean. Good food.

Lynn Merton

We often stop when we are in the area. Enjoy there juicy burgers and fries. Family atmosphere. We had our made to order burgers 10 minutes after placing order.

Mally Flower

The food is good but the restaurant itself is not always clean. There's food left on tables and tables not properly cleaned. 3 stars for sanitation issues.

Rosalie Flook

The restaurant was clean and staff were accommodating to my schedule and were you able to complete my order in a timely manner

chrissyjoy08 .

Was told they're out of white buns for 1/3lb burgers, only slider buns or wheat available. I asked about 1/2lb, if they had buns for that, was told yes, so I ordered that. Come to find out they didn't and I wasted my extra money. Cashier Kimberly insisted she didn't say that even though she did, and she kept interrupting my explanation. Manager very unhelpful, no offer for some money back, no apology, even told me I could leave if I didn't like it, meanwhile cashier is smirking at me from behind him, then he went into his office and closed his door on my telling him I wasn't gonna leave after spending 13 bucks. Also, soda machines here give more carbonation than soda, and one of them sprays water or soda at your pant legs and the floor as it also pours in the cup.

Brett Ezzell

Great service. Cook came out to see how we liked the food. Great food!

Brenden J.

I have always enjoyed going to Fuddruckers! First time at this one but it lives up to the outstanding reputation of Fuddruckers! The food was excellent as was the service. I will be returning here in the future, would recommend to all!

Chris Miller

Great hangover food...I recommend the "Hangover Burger!" the only thing preventing it from getting 5 stars is the prices are a little higher for my taste.

Dillon Eastman

Unique atmosphere and good burgers. They let you dress the burger yourself, and have a Coca-Cola freestyle.

Mike Pierce

Best hamburgers in Portland. If you want it medium rare make sure you emphasize it.

Ladonna Hoeper

Slow service, not very clean.

Dean Nelson

World's best

Pat Wayne

A variety of delicious hamburgers cooked your liking

James Johnson

Very fine establishment! great food, great atmosphere, great price! But I must acknowledge the lack of experienced workers. (comprised almost entirely of children mind you) Many of times I have had my milkshake go to the wrong table, a small detail I could choose to over look, but the fact that i orderd take out, no milkshake should be bound for any table, its supposed to go with my food, home. Its pretty obvious they have received little to no training for online orders, But that isn't the worst part. youd expect an bit of preparation when your online order is placed, but to the contrary ive never had my meal in my hands when the email said it would be finished. which makes me wounder why they even offer the service? Or try to estimate the timing of theyre poorly trained cooks? Fuddruckers was awesome until they tried to jump on the take out wagon, now its my sole complaint. So again, great food, great atmosphere, great price, mediocre take out.

Doug Cook

I give 5

Justin Miller

Place is terrible buffalo wings that were just fried chicken and no sauce. Burgers had no seasoning. Just a bad place for burgers ill stick to culvers.

John Gowen

You get a lot of food and it tastes great!

William Balfoort

Great burgers good menu

Kevin M

The best burgers. All I need to say.

Bina Hall

Burger and fries were awesome! Service was awesome!

Diri Enriquez

Great food and awsome staff


All the ingredients are high quality and tasty, but I gotta admit the buns are really what keep bringing me back. Such buns! Fresh baked, buttery mounds of melt-in-your-mouth carboliciousness! (Love me some carbs) Would give 5* if they were just a bit easier on the wallet..

Sharon Nez

There was a long hair buried in between my first burger and I asked it to be remade the manager had so much attitude... then when I got my premade order it was 1/3 lb burger not the 1/2 lb burger I paid for... felt so unwanted at this location... all the vegetables did not look fresh on top so I had to move them around to not get old welted vegetables..

skyler durden

Fast and friendly service tried their buffalo burger it was the best burger I've ever ate I'm looking forward to going back to try their elk burger.

Lorenzo Fermi

Fuddruckers was outstanding as usual. The burger was the best in town, as was the fries and then a way above average slice of pumpkin pie. This place is consistently the highest quality and tasting burger place in the greater Portland area.

Nick Troyer

My only complaint is that there is only one left in town. I used to go to the one out west all the time. Their blue cheese burger is my favorite burger in town.

Jason Seymour

Used to be great. I could always overlook the fact that my order was never the way I ordered because the staff was so dang friendly. Now, run by foreigners who don’t know what customer service is supposed to be. Foods good, but on the verge of staying away to friendlier places.

Terry Sieving

Really good burgers. Like the self-serve topping bar.

Pedro Zepeda

Went here on a special occasion it was perfect. They have everything you’d want a burger joint to have. Onion rings were really good and so were the fries. I’d recommend starting out with a small burger because the sizes here are what you pay for. And not to mention the fact that you can put whatever topping on your burger (they have this really nice toppings bar that has EVERYTHING) not to mention that they also have all the sauces you could think to put on your burger and your sides (fries or onion rings etc..) great place parking is easy. This place does not have a bathroom but the gas station next to it does. Hope this helps definitely going back.

Sean Norton

Best burgers in town. Visit everytime we'r are in Omaha!!!! Great fries and service add well!!

Brenda Ann Mason

I think it was late. It must have been a off day there.. they are usually really good

Joyce Elliott

This is not the Fuddruckers we fell in love with; the one with the he butchers on site, bags of potatoes and cans of ketchup. It is less fun and not as fastidious about making sure the orders are correct.

Thor Mulch-gulick

Second best burgers in Williston.

Charles Eakin,Jr.

Everything was very good.Has been years since we have been to one.None real close to us.Will have to go back more often.


Best cheese sauce!

Fizz Water

1 lb. Burgers are the best! Add green chili & sauteed mushrooms...mmmmm!

Larry Garrett

Great food

Duane Lessing

Friendly service. Good burgers with lots of choices to select from.

Warman Hall

The place is convenient for a bite aftwr6watching a movie in the mall. Burgers are good but they have tendancy to over cook the patty. If you want "fringes" just ask for is as your normal side. The sideorder isn't worth the extra $1.

casselts1 .

I had never been to a Fuddruckers, so I have it a try a couple months ago. I was excited to try a big delicious burger, and had heard good things. I'd rate the burger a solid 4 or 5, but my God this place is disgusting!!! I don't see how they can pass an inspection. If I weren't starving I would have asked for a refund and left upon seeing the dining area. I've been in military chow halls in Afghanistan, and they look amazing compared to this place. Do they even own a mop?!

Marcus Lasarko, Sr.

Better than expected !! Very fresh, friendly - has a decent veggie burger and fish and chips - family had a number of appetisers and it was all good in a very comfortable setting with friendly staff. Not local to the area, firstt time there and will make it a point to visit again when I can.

the boss is here

Food was great service was great

Emily Lynn

This place has amazing food!! Definitely worth the price, but not worth the disgusting customer service I got today. Haley was beyond rude and when she came to my table with my food, she slammed it onto my table and walked away with out saying anything. It was so disturbing to me. Food - 10/10 Customer Service - 2/10

Jessie Knott

Delicious gigantic burgers. Clean restaurant. Friendly staff.

Larry Soward

I really get the best service from Dawn and crew there at Fuddruckers in Chambersburg. They are the best!! Larry

Traci Stockham

Great burgers but service could use a little work .

Wilbert John

Cool plce

Jennifer Smith Butler

I like topping my own burger and the fries are a favorite. The value is okay, but I can get as tasty a burger with sides for less at an Applebees or Chili's. This is better for kids than the others, though!

Angel Turner

Huuuge burgers, great food and staff.

Billy Cowger

It was so good.

Sue Sifonte

I was very impressed with the quality of good and service. Staff was very friendly and professional. Food was pleasantly tasty.

Frank Hurt

My wife and I stopped in to eat here and weren't overly impressed with the food. But it was right after they had opened, so maybe the staff wasn't fully trained in yet. Maybe they've gotten better in the years since!

Valissa Cox

Our first time at a Fuddruckers. I was surprised to say the least, I was expecting something totally different. The manager was amazing, he said he had previously worked in Knoxville and was very pleasant. He helped us pick and choose he was very knowledgeable and really knows his burgers and the business. The food was soooo good!! BEST ONION RINGS IVE EVER HAD!!! The buns were so good, the burgers were great! We will definitely be finding one close to us, and if we’re ever in Asheville again we will for sure be stopping!

Hugo Chacon

Great service and awesome food.

Casey Snell

Definitely a great burger I really enjoyed the family friendly atmosphere

Jay Reece

Good burger but the AC was a bit cold

Caleb Scotson

Great burgers! The buns are fantastic and they have fun fixins to put your burger.


Been going there for years, unfortunately the place was a lot bigger, it had the entire building on the lot about 5 years or so ago, maybe longer. It was great then, had a "play area", machines, arcade type thing. Now it's just to stuff your face, which isn't a bad thing. Nothing special about it anymore. Great Buffalo as always

Ryan Branco

Excellent place to eat. Friendly service, great food!

Michael Nickisch

Always a good burger. Good place for lunch.

Allen Hanshaw

I loved my burger. The topping bar is the best. We don't have many fuddruckers left in my area so try and stop in when I run across one. If you don't need napkins you ain't doing it right!

Kason Hall

Good hamburgers and many options to build a burger

Keisha Tulloch

We love the buffalo burgers at Fuddruckers. They are great and they remember us even though we don’t go over often as we used to. The burgers are excellent and so are the potato wedges that I love having the burger bar so I can put what toppings I want on my burger. The food is a little pricey but it’s sit down restaurant quality without having to leave a tip. Nice and quiet for a study dinner but also nice for family.

Frank Kieser

Good food, cooked just right. Getting kinda pricey though. $28 bucks for 2 people burgers fries and sodas.

Christine Guzman

Omg great service good food and very nice ppl thank you

Karen Freese

Pricey but good.

Frankie Fuzzface

Love their burgers and the fries are awesome too.

Victoria Perkins

Food came out hot and for perfectly. Love the buns

Andy Kuhnmuench

Mediocre at best. Over-seasoned fries and the lettuce bed was old, browning. Last visit by me.

Steven Minor

Food was good but there were no tomatos and the floor seemed very dirty.

Kostas Kosta

Food is delicious but did not make 5 stars due to most of the tables having food left behind from previous customers. Many different burger options to choose from. Sweep those crumbs off the table and chow down.

Michaela Walter

The only reason I'm giving 2 stars is because the food is delicious everytime I have it. The service though just keeps getting worse and worse. My boyfriend went to get us food and said there were two people in front of him that hadn't been helped yet, they finally decided to leave. My boyfriend goes up and has like 2 employees just stare at him for awhile. Finally one starts to help him, she starts with "what do you want?" he said my order and the person just walked away, then she starts taking the rest of his order from the back. The food is always so good so of course we keep going back but if the service keeps declining like this we will just stop going. The good food isn't worth dealing with the horrible service.

Haris Begic

Best build your own burger I ever had

Carlos Barrientos

It's a good choice for a meal if the price doesn't seem too bad for you. Condiment options are great, drink options as well.

Krissy B

Definitely NOT the best burgers. Way over priced. Can get the same quality food and service from McDonald's for half the price so save ur money.

Marshall Jackson

Excellent as usual. Always a treat when we are close to one at eat'n time.


Sign up for the coupons email. Not fancy but good. Arcade area for kids, kinda dark.

Phizz YT

great food great service I recemend to go there

Micah Frey

Sandwiches are great! Burgers are solid & chicken is amazing! The rest is up to you as the toppings are endless. Great option to make a sandwich the way you want/crave!

Jason Pavone

Fun family atmosphere, best burgers around.

Adam Krentzman

Dated looking, but delicious burgers and fries, topped from the topping bar any way you want. Free hot cheese for dipping and great cookies or milk shakes for dessert. Go with a big appetite!

Nathan Jones

A very self-catered restaurant for what you want on your burger.

Alastair Begay

Good food

W. Steven Pendleton

Excellent burgers, cooked the way you want it. The endless topping bar is the way to go and the assortment of sides is great! The service is lacking a little especially in the bar area, but other than to that, perfect!

Roberto Gomez

Excellent hamburger... i ordered medium well

Cesar Becerra

Great service great food

Robert Wolfe

A quick burger. It is a good place for a quick easy lunch.

Andrew & Whitney Erb

Constant, and delicious as always!

Charlotte BeVard

Great food, great service, but no 1000 island dressing

Doug Kline

Awesome burgers!

Debra Hoch

Food and service was friendly, quick, and atmosphere was nice.

D Steed

Great burgers

Steve Turner

Had a good burger and home fries. Very friendly service employees! Would go back.

Sharon Toolan

Great burger, yummy sweet potato fries!

John Lehleitner

Good food. Busy night with bit of a wait.


* Went on a Saturday night. 1. We had about seven people in front of us in line. It took about 20 minutes to make it through the line. Not a big deal but could be quicker. 2. We had a $5 off coupon for spending $25. It was confusing the receipt had no area where it showed the $5 off was applied. Instead it was applied to each item we ordered and a little bit subtracted from each item. Which was strange. No big deal 3. We waited about 10 minutes for a food which is better than normal. The food was good. But the two burgers they accidentally swapped. The person with me got my Kobe Burger medium and I got their regular burger rare. Not too happy about that one. 4. The produce bar was all right. It looked like a employee could be going over there and wiping down the stainless steel bar more often. A little unattractive and a turn off when wanting to add produce to your burger. They also had cheese sauce available for your fries and other items which was nice. Cheese sauce was good. 5. Overall, I give this place three stars. This was my first time here. I will try it again. If they use their staff properly or added a few more staff members to this establishment and use them in the right ways to vacuum floors and wipe down produce section and counters it would improve this restaurant dramastically.

Jim Head

Service poor, burger dry soda machine 1 worked 1 didn't, felt like they might be going out of business soon

Jessica Hughitt

Delicious burgers. Love there cheese sauce and jojos

Dustin Pennington

Lunch Specials are a great deal! Very spacious seating area, Great for parties! Staff were fast and friendly! Free Wifi! Plenty of area to park! Highly recommend this establishment!

Caleb P

The food was terrible, overpriced for the (lack of) quality, and they got the name for the order completely wrong. Hadn't eaten in many hours otherwise the food would have been thrown in the trash. It was that bad.

Royal T-rex

What you see is what you get. So simply fast-ish. Always constantly average. Food was good.

Randall Tubb

Huge burgers, awesome taste. This is the first time I've eaten here, and didn't know what to expect.... may I say pure EXCELLENCE!! If you are still hungry when you leave this place, either you weren't hungry to begin with or you just didn't eat. This place is awesome. Inside the Pilot Truck Stop, which is a huge plus for me as I'm a truck driver. It's a bit pricey, but when you see and eat the burger, you'll know then that it's worth the price. Great job.

Seth .

Great place to eat. I hate there going to close or move

Tina Stacy

My husband says that this was the best burger he has had in a long time. Reasonable price, and excellent quality. He has been bugging me to go back or find one closer to our home ever since. I am sure the next time he is in this neighborhood he will make a point of eating here again.

Andrew Morgan

Great food and friendly service!

Tony Letizia

Love the Wednesday family of 4 special and the kids love the game room

Bleuchoji .

Delicious burger! Loved the condiment and topping bar!

Michael Jensen

Clean restaurant and friendly staff that love their job

Cody Boyd

Expensive though

R W Hoskins

Used to love going to Fuddruckers in San Diego. I don't know if the quality has slipped over time or if their supply chain has gotten too long, but this one is not as good. It has also gotten fairly pricey. Still a pretty good burger with plenty of toppings to choose from. Relatively quick service once you get your meal ordered. They also offer some tasty desserts.

Tammy Knighten

Great Hamburgers! And i like putting "fixings" myself, makes sure i get what and how I want it!

Becky Wilson

Good place for burgers and fries. Nothing fancy here, but food was good and the toppings are plentiful.

Daniel Box

Good food and friendly staff

TC Brown

Good burgers and even better service. We have eaten at a variety of locations. Discovered this one on our last road trip. Easy access off of I81 and plenty of parking. Restaurant was clean and the staff were friendly and efficient. Good place if you are solo, with family and friends, or out on a date. We will swing by when we are craving a good burger and traveling in the area.

Darrell Jim

Good food

John Wood

This is the better of the two Fudruckers locations in Billings. The chain used to be one of our regular eateries many moons ago but over the years it seems the quality of the food has dropped considerably.

Paul Jensen

The burgers here aren't the best in the world, but it's a fun place to take the family out for a meal.

Curtis Lee Jr

I drove almost 4 hrs for this food for my wife. 1 because it's that good and 2 to make her happy. Well truth be told I made her really mad a few days ago so I did this to make up for it. Lol. But it was worth and so is she. Good food.

Jim Evans

As far as hamburgers go, this is the bomb! I like the specialty sandwiches, and usually get the bison or elk burger. The fixin’s bar is great, so you can do what you want to your burger. Everyone in my party had their fill, and enjoyed the experience. We will be back!

Dom Brown

This place is amazing the food is amazing and you can look at all the art work and picture hunged up.

Larry Price

The food was great!!! The restaurant was clean. The parking was barely adequate. The staff was friendly and willing to go the extra mile to keep their customer's happy. And, I'm always thrilled that Fuddrucker's cooks my burger the way I like it; rare. I know plenty about food-born illnesses. I'm an adult. I can make my own decision about whether or not I want to take that risk. I'm sure I'll go back. I admit to a bit of disappointment that the menu did not match the menu I'm accustomed to from Fuddrucker's West Des Moines Iowa location. (This Omaha location has a shorter menu.)

David Cogar

Great burgers

Brandi Peace

Delicious and very friendly!

Brian Alesna

Always my favorite best quality burgers place.

Rylee Lund

Good but needs more on the menu more than burgers I only got a basket of frys

Anthony Loegering

The best burgers around, we stop at this location about once a year when driving through and it never disappoints!

Tye Brakke

Dave runs a good business.

Edward Madden

Better than McDonald's, but not by much. OK burger meat, just don't like the way you have to go to condiment bar for lettuce, etc. Just seems like fast food you have to make yourself.

Christopher Lawrence

Excellent burger and fries and excellent service. Thank you!

Gerard Falcon

Burgers are cooked to order and very good

Beki Safar

Excellent burger! Love the build your own condiment bar.

Daniel. R Garcia

This is a good restaurant and I wish we had one of these in Roswell New Mexico

Michael Burger

Love the Buffalo & Elk Burgers. With bacon and a fried egg, awesome..

Jeannie BRUCE

The food was excellent! I had a combo Chicken Tender platter with Chilli cheese Fries! It was delicious. The service was a little slow. But the food was worth the wait! Price wise it mid- range.

Sir Bishop

Great place to eat, but a bit pricey..

Charles Hunter

Burger was slightly under cooked. Bun had a nice color and was fresh. Fries were cooked just right. Clean dinning area (for the most part, photo's had alot of hand prints on them) and fixing area. You get a good meal around $10 - $12

Jazzmyn S

Good food! Its a classic and hasnt changed much in the years. The food is cooked well and taste fresh! Tried the elk burger for the first time. Interesting! Tasted kinda woodsy to me but a lighter burger taste. The floors could use more cleaning and the place is always cold. Oh well.

Daniel Carter

Great made to order burgers

Brandy Redmon

We left absolutely stuffed! I've never been to a Fuddruckers or even heard of it. But it was delicious. Very friendly atmosphere! We will be back!

Marvin Youpee Jr.

Been there multiple times and always have an enjoyable time. Clean dining area and friendly service.

wendy durst

Clean building. Nice employees. Food is exactly as expected every time.

mark Lamb

Predictably friendly and casual kitsch. Good burgers.

Helen Bickford


Trevor Hayes

Consistent and fun to say

dominic shepherd

A fun place to eat and you get to throw peanut shells everywhere

Nathan Stott

This is probably the best Fuddruckers I've been to with regards to quality of food. Very fresh.

Anier Fernandez

This place has the best burger in the whole United States I drive a semi truck survive it before in every single burger place around and I can say this one is the best burgers

Darklord wolfman

Love experience build your own Burger awesome

Scott Dee

Fantastic burgers and milkshakes. I wish there was one closer to home

Lisa Charley

The food was great. I like the condiments on the side where I can put what I want on my burger. The kids burger is big though... still like it ☺

Philip Hale

Great place to get a burger and hot dogs though I wish they would use a better bun. Seats are not comfortable unless your in a booth. Not as busy as it once was. Good deals from time to time. Shakes are huge and tastey. Oh and a great place to get a loaf of fresh baked bread.

Stephen Casher

Great food, perfectly cooked to order (medium rare), and friendly staff!

DeAngelo Jones

Service always prompt and friendly, dining area is always clean. I love eating there. Milkshakes are the best around town.

Jessie Brennan

Coke machines are fun. Shakes are good.

Terry Parnell

Always good food.

Chris Lucas

First time visiting. Very impressed that they have elk and buffalo on their menu. Cooked perfectly. I will return

nick torres

Good fast and big.

Kathleen Jim

Foods good

Mark Spangler

Nice... i got fish amd chips. They dont have cocktail sause... The owner said he would stock it.

John Van Der Veen

Cashier was rude beyond belief. Very loudly mocked me and my family and served our order prepared incorrectly "because we are too stupid to know the difference anyways" then they lied about having the ingredients to make a dessert since it was 90 min before close. Also to rush the customers along out the door they turned on the a/c.... I'm freezing as I write this review from the table on my first and last visit

Jack Koenig

Excellent hamburgers

Glenda Holmes

Lunch time rush. Had to wait longer. Burger was great, too much season on my fries

Carlene Collins

3 of us had lunch. My Milk Shake came in a to go cup. I wanted the glass. Went to get catsup and both containers were empty. When they got replaced our food was cold. The help was friendly.

xX5jobojim5Xx .

The lady in there yelled a lot and it was super cooooool.

Erin Lavold

Not a bad place to eat. I had nachos and they we're good. We went on a Sunday afternoon and it was pretty packed and very noisy.

Toni Helsom

Was extremely hungry the girl at counter was a doll, burger was great

tiffany lee

When we got there, it was like something out of the Twilight Zone. 8 in the evening and there was only one other couple eating. If you are a regular, you'll know that's abnormal. The burger wasn't the same. They have changed the bread in the last couple of months. Bread seemed old. Falling apart as I ate. The potato cuts were too large. Leading to a softer fry. One wedge would have so much seasoning, and another would have none. Soda machine needed syrup. So disappointed. It's only a few places with a good burger, and Fuddruckers was always the best. Not sure what happened. I'll try again for old times sake, but something has to change. If not changed by next visit, it will be my last.

Lauren Brown

consistently good food

Nichole Turner

This place is amazing. The food is fresh the employees are super nice and its right down really good

Shiloh C

Fun, friendly staff. Great food.

bacon pope

Everything was great except the ballpark-flavored "cheese" sauce. Try Fuddrucker's Sweet Cherry Cream soda.

Chrissy Henry

Although a bit pricey for a burger place you will not regret it. Burgers and fries come in 3 sizes. We both had the medium for both and it was quite filling. They serve other things too like salads and chicken strips but the burger is the real star. The meat is lean and top quality but not so lean that it is dry. They even ask how done you would like it! Highly recommend if you have a bit of cash to spend.

Christian Flores

Great service and everything I've had was amazing

Seth Crumpton

Yumm! Yumm! Love that Fuddruckers! The burgers are fantastic! I tend to get the 1lb. patty cause when I go to Fuddruckers I go all out. The burgers are flavored and cooked to order. Nice and juicy. The fixins are great. The shakes are awesome. If you are coming here, come hungry. They do have other things but this is a burger lovers haven. I will be back.

Michael Cordes

Always tasty,cooked to perfection still the best burger around...hands down!

Mark McKillop

Really liked the burger. The fries are similar to what you get at 5 Guys. Great fries. Th hey have really good shakes.


Good burgers. Great toppings. Friendly atmosphere. Kind of expensive for the quality of burger. Fries weren't my favorite they were basically potato wedges that were fried. Tables aren't cleaned timely and when we asked for a table to be cleaned yesterday they gave us a rag to do it instead of doing it themselves. We had a large party so only 2 tables would have worked both are dirty with dishes on them.

JoAnne Koch

Great food great atmosphere


Good food decent priced.

Amie Galle

Our order only took 5 minutes to come out, the onion rings were awesome, and piping hot, our fries were cold and the brownie was stale/old. When I inquired about the dried out brownie I was assured they were fresh, by the girl who was in the process of cutting a fresh pan of brownies. I'm a Baker by trade, there's no way they were fresh, even the icing on them was dried out and crusty. I will not be back mostly due to the terrible customer service, second oy to the poor quality food and I rarely ever leave comments but this warrants a big warning. Very over priced poor quality food and worse quality service!

Kimberly Merrill

Hamburger and chicken strips good. Not use to these onion rings. They were thick cut and had a crunchy, almost bread crumb coating. Guess I was expecting the thin ones like Kansas City. Maybe it was a whole chain change.

Jonathan Pence

Great food great service!

Jaimee Clark

Good food for the extremely hungry type of man

das mayhem

This feels like a place on its last leg. Staff could care less about customers or anything going on in the dining room. Many tables had not been cleaned, with baskets still on them. Dining room was pretty dirty. Ordered food for my family, 2 adults 2 kids. When it came ready, I went up to get it. Because apparently they don't serve. Ok, not a big deal. I asked for a tray to carry it all, they said they dont have any. I asked for help to carry it and the girl said they dont help. The food was really disappointing, I'm sorry. I felt like I was eating a undercooked mcDonalds burger. Meat had no flavor, and such an off texture and smell. I ordered the combo for 4 dollars more, and got 6 individual fries, and a coke. Fries were literally smothered in the seasoning salt. To the point they were inedible. Not to mention, they tasted luke warm like they had been sitting under a heat lamp for awhile. Willing to bet we all got the left over batch from a late rush before us. Instead of making fresh ones, they decided to save the penny's fries cost. Condiment bar was swarming with flies. So all that fresh produce you dress your burger with, was swarming. It is too early in the season to have this issue. Also the place had like 4 other tables while we were there, so not like they were busy. We went today a tuesday, where "kids eat free", well, dont just assume thats the case. My son got a hamburger, that was free. Cheese, 1 slice, on his burger, $1. Now they are also supposed to get a cookie with this. We only got him that, when we went back up at the end and may wife asked for his cookie. These were also not fresh. I normally don't leave reviews and keep these things to myself. However, When my whole family suffered, and may be suffering later, I felt it important to express our dissatisfaction. But also to share the less than stellar visit we had. We won't be coming back anytime soon. This place has a lot of work to do if they want to keep people coming back in the competitive Asheville burger scene. But the current presentation, is not gonna keep those doors open.

Lord Annunati

The food is excellent, last time I had the Elk burger, this go round the fish and I must say both are equally delicious.

Alec Rieger

Tables weren't overly clean even when they just opened. They were out of avocados and service was slightly slow. The burgers were bigger than expected and delicious.

Brittney Caputo

Good food

Onyx Clancy

This place is amazing I don't like hamburgers but my husband of course dragged me along and I'm so glad he did. This place is absolutely amazing. I love the entire look of the restaraunt it's so aesthetic. I like how you get to choose your toppings and the amount you want this works well for individuality

Jake Bernier

The best condiments around. Wedges seasoned and tasty.

Timothy Benton

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Savahanna Mears

I wish I could eat there everyday. The food is always made just right and the service provided is entertaining. I love my local Fuddruckers.

Albert Landwehr

I enjoy their hamburgers and milkshakes. It is a convenient location.

Dan Granot

Good food, good service. Excellent option for fries and shakes. The place was warm in below zero weather, and comfortable around the table. I would have Lee recommend visiting them and sampling some of their fantastic menu.

Kortney Alyn

Good food. Took forever! Several people that ordered after me got there food first. Disappointed.

Beverly Lyda

Love putting what I want on my burger instead of someone else doing it. I can have it my way!

James McDonald

Love this place. Great old fashioned"cooked to order" burgers. You add the fresh toppings - and there are plenty of choices. All for a good price.

Speedy Paws

Love the food here. Atmosphere is gr8, along with the food. Didnt have to wait long for food to come out. Will b bk for sure.

Matt the way i feel123

Best burgers, always fresh and made the way you like them

Derrick Rodgers

Great Burgers and more

Frank Luther

Food quality has dropped and took forever to finally get food.

Matthew Yuhas

I have always loved Fuddruckers. This is a great place to grab a burger. Several options. You can choose from a 1/3 pound patty all the way to a whole one pound patty, and have it cooked to your liking. I believe there's also a vegetarian option and an option for a bison or buffalo burger. Buns are made in house and they have their own Bakery as well for some great dessert. If you're hungry and you're looking for a big juicy burger to satisfy your appetite, this is a great place to go.

Nikita Gust

Place was clean and food was good. But the customer service was not very good. The CSR at the register was very nice and helpful, but the CSR behind the counter handing out the food was rude when asked to have the soda machine changed out. There were a few different kinds of soda out including coke.

Little Evil

Great food, fast service. I loved the ducks.

Andrea S

The name throws you off for sure! But the food is exceptional! Plus they have a bakery in there and it's amazing!

Greg Cordes

Decent food. A little pricey for a burger joint but not unreasonable. Burgers are good.

Keysa Lawrence

My dad and Grandpa would take my sister and I here once and a while when we were kids because it was close to my grandparents house. I hadn't been until we decided to meet up with my grandma maybe 3 years ago. I had forgotten how much I liked the food! Now we take my younger brother once and a while after his archery class and he loves it too. There are a variety of burgers, salads and they have chicken too. You can put whatever toppings you want on your burger and they have many sauces to choose from. They also have great milkshakes, regular ice cream scoops and maybe 6 different cookie flavors to choose from. It's a pretty great place still.

Tyler Ash

They didn't have the elk burger, and they didn't have the Gluten free bun. Sad! I guess its not their fault though.

Audrey McCulley

Was worth driving across 270 to get a burger.

Shawn Morris

Fuddruckers in Chambersburg, PA offers patrons a unique "build your own burger" experience at a price slightly lower than other non-fast-food burger joints. Orders are placed upon entry and picked up at the counter when a customer's order is called. There is no table service. Menu options mostly revolve around the size of your patty and choice of cheese. Premium toppings like bacon and avacado should also be ordered as they are not available on the toppings bar. After order pickup, customers proceed to the toppings bar to deck out their burgers with different types of lettuces, onions, pickles, jalapeños, and tomatoes. The condiments bar features ketchup, mustard, and mayo along with bottles of various other sauces that can be taken directly to the table. I was pleased to see Heinz 57 sauce. Fries are more like potato wedges. I found the 2/3 lbs patty to be a great size. Burgers were juicy, cooked to order, and delicious. Overall, I give Fuddruckers of Chambersburg four patties out of five. Bonus tip: Staff at this location are super nice. Ask for a to-go cup on your way out and fill up for the road. Tables are bused by staff so no need to look for a trash can.

Ed Lapinski

Good tasting burger with the fixing you want

Josh Singleton

Would be 5 stars if it wasn’t for the indoor smoking next door !!

Bill Jones

Very good bourbon BBQ Burger with grilled onions and the Frys where delicious

Shelby Humbyrd

Amazing!!! The Lucy Juicy was amazing! Fresh and hot! Yum!!

Bobbie Foteff

The senior burger deal is a great value. The burgers are awesome.

Thomas Roebuck

Grilled chicken sandwich.

William Ridgley

Good hamburgers

Kevin Jones

Fuddruckers burgers are always good. Great family friendly atmosphere. The rice crispy treat was soggy on the bottom. When I told the bakery person, they didn't offer to replace it or provide a refund. Won't be trying they're dessert options again.

Patty Van Ash

Good food. Nice employees!


Good food, served pretty quick.

vnessa06vf .

This Fuddrucker’s in Chambersburg is my favorite, even though Hummelstown is closer to me I will drive to Chambersburg. Good is hot, no attitude from staff, very friendly and welcoming.

Terri Sondag

Best burgers in town

Vincent Bad Bear

The family watched the pats-chiefs game with me and wife having a burger, me a Buffalo burger and enjoyed every moment of family, food and game. Daughter wasn't interested in game but loves the Mac-N-Cheese. Remember dont add cheese, just add nacho cheese.

Robert Leonard

I have been going to Fuddruckers for over 35 years, so to say I love them is an understatement. I went to this one because the other one closed early on Sunday just one was open until 11. I ordered my burger medium rare it came out medium they were out of Coke Zero they didn't have the house made pickles which what I thought was very unusual they did not have the cheddar cheese sauce that they normally have an overall the experience was just really bad

Steven G

Four star for me is very good. I love the availability of the fresh veggie bar to add to my very good burgers and fries. We go here for reliable food.

Crystal Turney

Good burgers and shakes. The burgers were a bit too salty for my taste, but still ok. This is a more expensive burger place, but worth it.

Travis Bretey

Good food. Ok service. Kinda dirty but not horrible. I'd eat there again.

Matt Peterson

Quick and tasty burgers. Staff was friendly and patient!

Rosa Martinez

Friendly people fast service

Randal Miller

Fuddruckers is a good place for burgers with up too half pound of meat on a burger you will definitely not leave hungry.and a topping bar so you can make it just how you want it.

James Jefferies

Took my daughter to Fuddruckers for her birthday, and she loved the good and Chocolate shake!!

Michelle Turner

Relaxing atmosphere. Delicious food. Friendly staff. I recommend the bourbon burger highly. Their potato wedges are addicting.

Daison Shockley

If you got a big appetite this is for you 1 lb burger nuff said. Milkshake is awesome too

Torri Slover

Parking lot looked rather empty, so we thought awesome would get super quick service...not the case. Cashier was a young girl (probably first job) and didn't have the best customer service skills yet. I have a teenage daughter and can over look that. We ordered, I noticed our total was bit higher than I expected, I examined the receipt and saw I was charged for three burgers rather than the two I ordered, no big deal just take it home. Waited 20 minutes for our food and it was only two Burger's

Villa Escape

Great burgers!

mark t

Great food nice setting however cleanliness leaves something to be desired.

Allison Reece

We ordered & ate the bunless burgers w/ cheese and toppings since we are on a Keto diet. Worked great for us and all burgers were cooked to our liking! We did feel like it took a little longer than we thought it should since they weren't busy at all.

Donavon Clarke

Nice visit

elmer currin

Its ok

Sherrie Nakai

Love the hospitality and food!

Bonita Cunningham

Employees are always very nice and upbeat. The dining area is always clean, food is great. I'm the kind of person who like their meat VERY well done, and they never disappoint with the 'hockey puck' instruction haha

Greg Brahmstedt

Very poor food no taste, very poor service, they were to busy surfing Facebook to know they had customers

Ryan Hettenhausen

Just went here for the first time since I was a kid. The burger was really good, but wow it was over priced. Adding fries and a drink is an additional $4.50 and the portion of the fries was not impressive. My meal cost me $15 for burger and fries. Next time I will just go to Five Guys. Their burgers are equally good for less money and they give you hefty servings of fries

Sue Burns

Best burgers in town. Period.

Sandy Slemmer

Good burgers, lots fresh veggies

Sarah Skirball

The atmosphere is fun and the food is delish and plenty!

Michelle Beaudion

We should get a whole brownie unless we say not to have a whole brownie

David Santistevan

Food is good. Ordered the 1 pound. Was cooked to my satisfaction

David Posey

Good burger for sure

Wabash Kozak

Tons of optional, self-service topping and condiments, and really good burgers to boot. Definitely a personal favorite of mine.

jkmerlin .

Good, large burger. Wasn't out standing but also was well worth the price

Mark Nelson

I've enjoyed Fudruckers since I was a kid. I still enjoy it today. It's one of my favorite burger places hands down.

Ann Olendorff

I ordered food to go. The grilled fish special is Great! That should be a regular menu item!

Jon Schulte

Great burgers, beer a little steep but a neet experience. Never been there before.

Joan Griffith

Went on weekend at esnoon so was steady people flowing into the business. Fast people taking orders Burgers cooked the way you like. Toppings we're fresh and included leaf lettuce tomatoes onions pickles salsa..... Ketchup ran out so went to what I thought was another container that thought was ketchup turned out to be BBQ sauce. Good burger and price reflects quality of the burger. Family oriented.

Dan Krueger

Older classic Fudruckers but Delicious

Dona Neal

Love the burger tut there

Cheldon Benally

Always good burgers here

Nate Olson

The burger was good, but the cashier that took our order had no idea what she was doing so the process unfortunately was delayed. The food took 10+ minutes longer then normal to be cooked. A carpet strip did not grip the floor so I almost slipped and fell.

Big L

No bottomless fries

Micah Gronvold

So much food for a decent price.

Shannon Robert

The food was awesome!

Phillip Hill

Big burgers, build it yourself, good for party's and catering.


Great food and friendly staff. The toppings bar was all fresh produce.

Brian Prevett

Awesome. Great food!! Wonderful atomsphere. Good family place!

Scooby Sharp

The Best Burgers in Town

David Larson

By far the best hamburger in town

Kimberly Tucker

Bad food and pricey for hit dogs and burgers!

eddie waldron

Fuddruckers is my favorite burger place. The food is fresh, fast, and the portions are huge. Friendly staff and the fixings bar can't be beat.

Melissa Amaranthus

Great family atmosphere, good food exactly how you like it. Games for the kiddos and who doesn't love free peanuts, and soda 50 different ways. It's one of those places you have to try while in Portland.

Hannah Pinch

Fuddruckers' food is alright, and the atomosphere inside the restaurant is louder than most family restaurants. Personally I wasn't too impressed with their food, however, I was a part of a group of almost 90 people and they accommodated us all, and staff is pretty polite. I don't like loud environments, so I likely would not return to this location given the choice, but that doesn't necessarily mean I think it's a bad location.

Matthew Owens

Good food. Burger prices are a little high for me, but it was a good burger.

John Mc

Disappointing food and service.

Allen Hall

Can be slow at times but generally provides timely service and good food.

Andrew DeBerry

The lunch time special was a life saver. The food was excellent. And the staff very courteous.

Marci Alicea

We, like many out-of-towners, are visiting for the Spartan Race. When we came into this Fuddrucker's we could tell just by the amount of people already there that it was going to be a wait. No big deal. We weren't looking for fast food. Apparently they only had one register functional and we noticed the manager (or who we assumed to be the manager) hid in the kitchen, but the two young ladies running the front did an amazing job! We didn't get the name of the one on the register, but the one working expediting, Kate, worked her tail off, non-stop and never once let the smile fade from her face. Even while customers were giving her unnecessary grief, and again the manager stayed in the kitchen, she held her composure and remained incredibly professional. For them, I am giving a five star.

Kevin Peeters

I'm jack with precision pro wash located in Duncan SC and we had a twenty person party and Bobby and Bradley helped us out very much. Very pleased with the service and staff .Will be back for sure.

Ron Meisenburg

Decent burger for the price. Great service.

Jeffrey Martin

Awesome burger and fresh fixing bar.

Clara Gallardo

The lady attending has a great attitude

Gabriel Earl

Lots of food for good price

Sydney Wooton

Good food burger was a bit dr,but good


Wow this location is way better than the others. Amazing burgers cooked perfectly with friendly staff.

John McLemore

The onion rings, bbq sauce, fry sauce, cheese sauce, and shakes were excellent. The honey mustard was watery and the wedge fries tasted like regular potatoes. Service was super friendly, but our order came out in three rounds. It was spotless and clean, and the atmosphere was relaxing.

Eric Contreras

I Highly recommend the onion rings. Good service and awesome burgers.

Joseph Reyes

Soybean burger cause their is no way it's beef

Hashim Mawry

Burgers were ok

Freddie Crawford

Wasn't a good burger to me or wife

Truck Driver

Best burgers ever , Very nice people. Burger is yummuy thanks guys


One of the best burgers I've had in a while. Everyone was very friendly.

Jordana Megonigal

I’m not sure why, if you close at 9 and have a number of customers in house, why at 8 you would flip all the chairs and start mopping and sweeping around your customers feet. And then gripe among yourselves about how you want to leave (yes, we can hear you). Trust me...if you hate your job that bad, we’d prefer you go home, anyway.

Debbie Spears

Food is great and prices are reasonable.

Russell Goff

Great new location, love the new design! Same great taste!

eric liggett

The lady Valerie was very nice had our food brought to our table everything was good I recommend seeing Valerie when going there asked for her and you'll get the best service


Great burgers and pico de gallo!! Peanut butter cookies weren't that great. Glad that I had a sample before I was to buy a bakers' dozen! (LIDL has the best PB cookies!!! FYI. Thank me later!!)


Loved ! Haven't been to a Fuddruckers in at least 15years!! Everything was great ! Loved the onion rings and the sauces they offered ! And everyone that worked there were so helpful ! Will definitely be back when coming through again !!!

robert roundtree

Good burgers. Very clean place to eat

Kennedy McAbee

This Fuddruckers is great. Service is great as well as the food. Enjoy it often.

Louanne Meeler

It was not worth the money. Burger was cold and tasteless. Onion rings were hot and good. I was very disappointed.

Shawnese Bennett

They have a vegan burger called the Malibu and it is soooooo good! I get it every time without cheese. Definitely worth getting.

Lou Stubby

Great place for a burger. Very family friendly and great for large groups. Catch some sports on the big tv's or just sit back and visit with freinds.

DS Ramsey

Good burgers, good salads. Nice add on bar for burger toppings-French does come with seasons-you can order them without. Bison & Elk burger options. Slightly noisy when busy during evening rush.

Grigorii Chernov

Awesome burger place

Becki Bolick

Food was delicious as always!


Food was prepared fresh and the dining area was adequately clean. Service was good with the exception of the milk shake we ordered. It came out after the food.

billy anthony

So we decided to stay at the TA so that we could walk down to the marina and let the kids run around for a little bit and since I haven't been to a Fuddruckers for over 11 years 12 years something like that we decided to read the reviews on this one then proceeded to go try them out!! When we walked in we were greeted by Hunter who helped us decide what to get answered all our questions about the Juicy Lucy burger and he was also our server. All I can say is I'm completely blown away by the quality of my 2/3 pound burger and my wife was completely in awe over the Juicy Lucy which is a cheese filled half pound burger patty and then you get to put whatever toppings you want on it from the Burger bar and I'm telling you the kids chicken tender meals were served with fresh cut apples and what an absolute I wish I could rate it more than five stars dining experience but due to the fact the Google will only let me go five stars it is a solid rating anyone who hasn't tried Fuddruckers you need to stop in this one the quality of food the quality of service the cleanliness of the place and just the care that was taken to prepare the food I'm telling you if you want to feel like a VIP while you're eating a burgerand some amazing french fries or incredible onion rings or you can have Frings this is the place to come to... we will definitely be back

Eian Lewis

It was good, had to send my burger back for them to get right but when I got it , it was awesome!

Mark Hansen

Friendly welcome. Clean tables and even though was busy had plenty of room to expand out. Good quality sandwich cooked to taste.

Matthew Eagen

Love the burgers.

Jennifer Tipton

Great place.n lots of unique burger choices!!

Donna Smith

I had the most enjoyable time. My women's Bible group had a dinner get together and the atmosphere was so relaxing and pleasant. The food was amazing and because we were a group of 7 the manager actually brought our food out to us. Every employee we encountered was friendly and welcoming. The manager on duty, James was a delight and made us feel welcomed and like we were the only customers in the restaurant. We will be having all our dinner meetings at the Chambersburg Fuddruckers from now on!

Blake K

Delicious burgers! Best in Omaha.

Dawn Feller

Great food, good staff

Lizabeth Watman

Fresh toppings. Well cooked burger.

charles lalonde

nice casual place , but its location is not optimal

Izzi Sheppard

I have been going here for years and I have always loved their food and service. The pickles are amazing and so are the rice crispies!! I usually get a burger and that is amazing as well.

Christopher Codding

We went here to eat after getting rear-ended by someone just to relax and the bus guy there was really nice to make our day better and he even gave us a another bag of free cookies. I already like the food but when he did that for me I figured it's time for a 5-star review.

Juliann Martinez

Nice friendly staff

Joni Hansen

The food was great, the service was fast , no problems at all. Would always return.

Matthew Frey

Friendly Staff, make to order fresh food!

audra holland

Good burgers

Isaiah Cloer

Good burgers

Bouchaib Aimarah

Good food and plenty of vegies (self serve)

Stephanie Gaston

Forgot how good these burgers were!

This Person Here

The burgers were great. I especially loved the seasoned french fries. It was delicious! I would recommend. Also try the shakes!

Sindy Fladland

Really friendly and great food!

Hilary Flores

Usually this place is amazing, however this time when we were there we were all disappointed! The meat was thin and very disappointing! Specially with this being one of my favorite places to go.

Clint J.

Great food, portion size is amazing for the price.

Michael Hardy Sr

Always enjoy stopping in there to eat!


Its fuddruckers! Just like all the other fuddruckers. Good place to get a buger the way you want it.

Jay Byrd

Hot food, friendly environment, and an awesome bakery.

Zachary Bergstrom

Food quality used to great when they first opened now service is slow and food just ok

Aaron Shafer

Great staff and food

Cheyne Begay

Decent burgers in the mall.

Joshua Ramsdell

From start to finish this Fuddruckers brings back fond memories of when I was young. The staff was welcoming, the food was on point and delicious, and it was immaculately clean. We are so glad we stopped. Hats off to this location and we will be back any time we are traveling through. From a Dolphins fan to the Eagles fan at the register I tip my hat to you. Thank you for the memorable experience.


One of the best burgers ever because you can dress it your way.

Tammie Bacon

The burgers and fries are good.

Pete Allen

Great hamburgers at Fudds. Love the spuds too! One thing to like is you can really pile on the much as you like! That includes all the hot cheese you can drizzle on your burger and fries! The Charlotte street location is also staying open (after rumors of closing due to development). Thanks for that because all the area beauty is being destroyed by new apartments, condos and houses. We would rather have the burgers anyday!!!

Marilyn Lenhart

Im not a burger person, but it was very good. The fries were awesome. I liked how you can build your own toppings from the topping bar. And hot cheese for your fries if you want.

Serph Gin

Great food but very pricey recommend try the elk burgers

Cathy Hoffman

Fast and immediate acknowledgment as we walked in the door. Quick order process. Nicest cashier I have ever encountered at a restaurant. She wasn't sure about adding a tip (which unfortunately was not possible) but instead of brushing us off, she asked about it and addressed it with us immediately. Food was out fast, hot, and good. Except for the onion rings, they were not cooked thoroughly. So we exchanged them for French Fries. Lady cleaning the tables was extremely nice as well.

Suzanne Cervantez

Great food and customer service

Mariah Peterson

Excellent service and delicious milkshakes. My 5 year old made sure to order cherries on top and they lady behind the counter made sure she got 3! Perfect parent + kid date spot

Ty Shibley

Whenever I go into the portland area I, either on my way there or back, go to Fuddruckers for their great burgers and fries.

Tracie Coon

Best burgers in the states!!

Jeffrey Wood

Low quality of meat, not much taste, fries not cooked enough.

Mike Honeycutt

Fuddruckers is a little expensive, but the burgers and salads are very good. I fear this location is not going to be here much longer do to apartments being built on the side, but I will continue to go there as long as the restaurant is open.


Super good first time here and I loved it.!! I got the american kobe burger

Jo Tipton-Swofford

Good is delicious.

Zena Cooper

I love Fuddruckers! They have the best grilled chicken salad & that garlic bread is awesome! My favorite place to eat! Their hamburgers & french fries are also very good! Never disappointed!

Amy Olberding

YUM!! Great hamburgers, the chili fries were so good. The shakes.....OUT OF THIS WORLD. It was a clean friendly environment.

MagickaMidNight2 .

Unlimitted cheese sauce (regular or with jalapenos). The toppings bar was good however they have cheese sauce. Did I mention you could put melted cheese on everything? Haha

Dami nln

Wow, Fudds has really "dumbed down" the food. It's now bland and tasteless, not to mention smaller portions and higher costs. I'm afraid this is probably our last visit. Really disappointing. That said, they do still have their fantastic hamburger buns.

Jenie Krebs

Great tasting food....we came into the restaurant in a large group. There wasn't any confusion, etc. We where taking care of fast, thoroughly n inefficiently. The size of there milk shakes where big n delicious...

Luis Francisco

Very busy, great food. Could be a little cleaner

Justin Lipner

Solid food, nice service and inexpensive compared to competition.

Rachel Haney

Burgers are always great! Rice crispy treats so yummy!

Maria Tibbs

We, it was my first time. My loaded fries were cold and undercooked. They had to make them three different times and they we're still nasty. I was sick that night and all day the next day. My burger was pink and cold in the middle. It was just awful.

Danny Williamson

Best burger in town

Laura Marsh

Ordered for pickup through DoorDash and paid when I ordered. Got to the restaurant and was accused VERY loudly by an employee of not paying and trying to get a free meal. Even after I produced the receipt that showed I’d paid, the manager didn’t seem to be too concerned that I’d been yelled at for no reason.

Erv Imig

Great burgers.

Debbie Ketterman

A nice selection of burgers

Dwight Schmidt

Best burgers ever

Rudy Martinez

Burgers N Cold Brew

Travis Dockins

Always good.

Joshua Abbott

Hamburger was great today. Sometimes they are not. In the early 90's when you could watch the in-house butcher grind the meat, the hamburgers were always incredible. Whenever I get a bad one, it is soooooo disappointing, because I remember how great Fudds once was

Lance A White

Food is always good, and they cook to order

Donna Schackmann

I've eaten at this place two times and its been good both times. Tonight I had the Elk burger. It was delicious and low cal.

Brent Boardman

Great burger! Made with the ingredients I put on it! Yum!

Sarah Wagner

Good food, lots of it. And the ducks are great entertainment.

Missy Ardinger

Elk burger was delicious! Fresh salad and a free cookie!!!! Friendly staff... clean restaurant.

Milton Jonas

Great burger, real meat, plus friendly atmosphere displayed by staff!

Noah rhoades

Fudruckers just isn't the same burger place it used to be. It's a shame

Ryden B

This is like a build-your-own-burger place. You basically pay for your burger then go down the line and put all the veggies, toppings and sauces on it you want for no extra charge. Always a great place to get a burger. It's got the speed of a fast food place but the quality and look of a small restaurant. Really pleasant atmosphere. You can get a good sized burger meal for $10 which includes fries, drink, and a cookie. Been here dozens of times and never had a bad experience. Highly recommended for anyone to try! They also serve chicken inplace of a burger and they have veggie burgers for the vegans out there.

Matthew Pagano

So, I've been going here for years. I love this place! It's also one of the only places in the area that offers exotic meat, such as elk and buffalo. As far as i know, it's the only one. None the less, all of the food here is fantastic! Job well done folks.

Nephi Bahr

I came here a couple of months ago with a coworker who loves the food. Maybe I just am not that into burgers. Probably because every restaurant has a burger. Sure you can add the regular condiments like onions, tomatoes, cheese, etc. to your burger but most restaurants include this. Decent food but I dont think it's worth $10-14 per person.

Shannon Lyman

Food and service is always great

Jason Cook

A good place for a family dinner

datwhite cracka13

This was a very good eat out

Night Wind

Food is really good and the staff is very helpful

Rodney OGrady

Slight wait, family friendly atmosphere with affordably priced meal options.

Elvira Cordova

Excellent the service the food and the staff. Love it.

Randy Deaton

One if the best hamburgers I have ever had. I love the condiment bar that they have with all the choices. It was very delicious

Christopher Tuel

I love the awesome service and food. I can admire the high quality paper towels (Bounty?) on the tables. Also the EXTREMELY clean and modern bathrooms are nice. Thanks a lot for a good meal!

Alissa Chavez

The customer service was terrible and this lady named Jaime had a very bad attitude and would not give me a refund so I had to leave there without my money and my food. Very terrible place.

Rick Palen

I love them and usually rate them high but this last week the service sucked. And their fixings bar is shrinking and poorly restocked. Burgers were great though.

Latausha Rockuemore

Great cook...great customer service!!!

Dustin Mann

Not great my order came way before my family's did and the waiter told me he braught it out so it wouldn't get cold because it was sitting in the window and then my wife's Burban burger was sweet almost like they melted brown sugar on it. Although they did give her a refund which I thaught was very fair it wasn't a great experience.

Ryssa Chrysalis

This is burger comfort food. All food is cooked to order including rare, which is appreciated. Meat is ground in house and the buns are freshly baked and toasted on the grill. You dress your burgers your own way with a salad-bar style lettuce, tomato, onions, peppers, relish, and condiments. There's hot nacho or plain cheese sauce to dip your burger or the potato wedge fries into. Nothing is fancy, but the portions are generous and the nostalgia factor high.

chris james

Great food!!! Has arcade games for kids, good family dinning experience.

Mark Paige

Great burgers and service. Higher price = higher quality? You be the judge!

Jolene Oltmanns


Josh Folse

WE LOVE FUDDRUCKERS! This restaurant is very clean and organized. So glad we still have a Fuddruckers!!!

Mitchell Whorley

It was great would work for them but don't pay enough

Kei Etchison

First time going there, heard about the Burger's from a friend, and it did not disappoint. Truely one of the best Burger's I have eaten in a long time 5* was earned!!

Kelley Pandrea

Much better than I remember it when I was a kid.

denise leavitt

Always so good! I had the bourbon burger and it was fantastic! I had to make my own fry sauce though. (Equal parts mayo, BBQ sauce and ketchup)

Shelley Wedesky

Not many on these left. Best burgers for a decent price

Christopher Smith

Great place to eat


Still a good place for burgers, hot dogs, and desert cookies.

Samantha Redwine


Carrie Hott

Delicious food, quick friendly service,

Clinton Kegel

Great hamburger. Love their mushrooms.

Heath Canterbury

Best tasting burgers. Love the atmosphere. Friendly ppl and staff. I will always come back. Yummy!!

Jada Hudgins

I love this place it has great food and really well employees all very nice.

Teresa Smith

Wonderful food and staff

Kellie Dillingham

The best burgers in Asheville and the service can't be beat.

Jonathon Raclaw

Very happy to find this place, and find it so close to home. To me, Fuddruckers is about happy family memories and great hamburgers. I will be back!

Linde Sifuentes

It was ok. Not the best location that I have been to.

Heather Carr

Smallest toppings bar ive ever seen at a Fuddruckers. Not very friendly either. I was excited to see a Fuddruckers and now im disappointed i went.

Patrick Castillo

Excellent customer service

Mary Blase

Great burger.

Ken Lane

FYI - THEY ARE NOT CLOSED ! You can't go wrong here, great burgers and fries.

carl leigh

It's a great place to eat out

Tim Berkley

The staff was very kind and helpful. The food was good for the price.

dale davidson

Great food, great service!

Kimberly Frost

I remember this restaurant from being a kid and was so happy to visit. The selection wasnt what I remembered but the quality of food was incredible. Since they make everything on site the smells are tempting without being overwhelming. I think a lot of the extras are available for additional prices but the selection was everything most burger places offer and more. The fries were great. I will be back next time I am in the area.

sean bonner

fuddruckers is a place that you can take your family to and enjoy a nice meal.

Eric Anderson

Hmmm could of been better?

Josh Borer

Huge burgers. Cheese for fries I love it.

Peter Pellerito

Always great Burgers !

paul meisenheimer

Always a good quick burger, love the cheese sauce

Donald Renfranz

Good burgers. Ask for fries extra crispy. Unfortunately this Fuddruckers will be a thing of the past in a couple years. Location was too good. There will be a high-rise there.

Elvis Thompson

Great burgers! Try the elk or Buffalo for a different taste!

Lynn Peiffer

Always good

Jessy Ring

Veggie burger could have cooked a little longer. Fries were delicious.

Terry Doyle

Great place great prices and way better than five guys

Nick Robinson

Always a good place for a GREAT burger. Fries are very good but the burger is king.

Torben Vik Vick

Good burger, nice atmosphere. Love the place.

Nickolas Lemmer

A great time for the whole family, complete with great food and... Ducks on the patio!

Jmoney Swag

Food was good

Cristian Figueroa

They Rock! Definitely come back.

Ed Lantz

As always, great Burger! Cooked perfectly & very fast service. Get a burger made just hot you!

Nancy Jenson

The food was wonderful. A lot of it. You won't walk away hangry. We all had something different.

John Boatwright

Best hamburgers

Jack Porter

Big fun! Build your burger how you like it!

Jesse Newton

They over charged my brother by mistake. Think it was a newbie cashier mistake. But as far as I am concerned awesome food and service

lil Potato

Legit one of the best burgers I've ever had. I would definitely recommed it

Mack Lowery

Great burger. Got the 1/2 pounder.and fries.

cDrehmel1234 ClaireDrehmel

Much too much black pepper for my taste. Couldn't eat the fries. And even the grilled chicken was too spicy. I was only able to eat it by using the delicious hamburger bun to disguise it.

Sara Jones

The food & service was great! You will never be disappointed when James is working, I haven't been. Definitely recommend, definitely worth a trip in. Their burgers are good, chicken is good, nachos are good, I haven't been let down yet!

Heather Sprankle

A bit pricey.. But the burgers are delicious and the staff was very friendly

Vashti Johnson

Very good

Mike Grant

Not the Fudd's I remember.. Apparently they have done away with the huge burger and now ya just get 2 regular sized patties stacked on a regular sized bun, which is near impossible to eat when it's thrown halfway on the bun. Ended up being a burger salad. Onions on the bar were rubber. At least the fries were the same. Doubt I'll be back.

Mike Grasty

The best burgers around!

Tanya A

Good food. Good service. Clean. Ordered a veggie burger which wasn't on the menu.

Alice Foor

It's OK if you like burgers...there's not much more they offer...I wasn't real thrilled!

Bizzi B

Elk meat gives you strength and agility

Bonnie Woodward

Food was great. But one of the burgers were served with out bun

cant breath

Fast and friendly service, clean place to eat at. Food is very good, every topping you could want . Food is very good, a little on the pricey side but still delicious.

Josh Fraser

Cheeseburgers are my favorite food, and Fudruckers hasn't let me down, I suspect they never will. The buffalo burger with cheddar cheese and bacon really hit the spot! Lighting inside isn't very good for pictures of the food. Glad to know the rumors they were closing turned out to be false!!! Hope they have many more decades of business in Asheville!!

Thomas Mcevoy

Just a nice relaxing place to eat

James Kapptie

Always good food. Best lemon pepper chicken anywhere

Adam Nordenstrom

Was great food and nice environment

Juan Roldan

Burgers are delicious my favorite burger in Oregon born,raised,and been all over this place

Patricia Dunbar

Great service, good salad.

Darlaine Donna Raley

I love to go back...

evan noel

Staff is always friendly. Burgers are very fresh and cooked well. Green chili is great

Frank Morales

Mushroom Burger was delicious But onion rings to salty

Grace Hodges

The food is amazing. One of the best burgers I've ever had. The dining area is very spaced out and comfortable.

Shabibi Mcmillan

I was not impressed with the food at all It's overpriced and not TASTY.

WIlliam Cummins

The fish and chips were grease soaked and not good, the chicken strips were tastless..... Probably should have had a burger.

Mr. Draztec

Amazing staff, food is always delicious


It was good. Fries were hot! Burger was great.

Joe Racer

My co-pilot and I had a great time, being it was our first time ever in a Fuddruckers in Sparks Nevada....the food was so fresh and exceptionally tasty, and the service was like no where that I've ever been. And that view was spectacular... we'll always be ready to go back to that TA truck stop. Thanx again n see y'all soon

Wayne Bowling

I thought it was very nice,I want to come back there again thank you.

Shay Prunty

Fast, friendly and accurate service. Plus, at this location you can get exotic burgers such as Elk and Buffalo. Super clean as well. I will be back often.

Michael Borg

Good food. Service was sketchy. Pretty expensive.

rebecca lee

Great burgers awesome sauces

Sir G

Just okay. The sandwich buns are the most remarkable part of the food. There is nothing special about the food which has a semi-high price point. I personally didn't care for the wedge fries. The establishment is clean and atmosphere is family friendly. The biggest negative is the underwhelming food. I wouldn't go out my way to go to Fuddruckers.

kevin beck

Good food and services

Jennie Maier

Not prepared to open

Wilmar Velilla

Always good place to come with the family. Big burgers good prices.

Candice DeRousse

This is my absolute favorite burger place. The burgers are awesome & always cooked to perfection. The chicken sandwiches are HUGE ... and really really good! Their salads are fantastic & the ranch dressing is the best. Onion rings are OMG good - although I wish you got more with an order. That being said, portion sizes are generous & you get more for your money than you would at a place like Five Guys. The staff here is always super friendly, too.

Adam Moss

The staff were great, but you know you have a problem when you can't discern the texture of the bun from the texture of the burger.

April Veach

Hands down the best milkshakes in town! Loved our meals!

Amber Britton

Good food, good service. Always busy but for good reason.

Roger Shaffer

Great burgers. It's too bad they took away the 1 lb. Burger though

Bruce York

So so...didnt call us, food sat at the counter. Its been better

April Carlton

Always great burgers! Never disappointed

Janice Neer

Burgers are delicious, but it's rather spendy for the amount you get. For the same price I can get a lot more at Red Robins or Nancy Jo's in Mcminnville, or 5 guys. Atmosphere is really nice though.

Jharles Taglavue

So good just wish they had the jalapeno cheese for the fries out it's the only thing that ties the whole meal together

William Burckhard

Good Food

Oscar dela Rosa

It has been a while since I been their. Their burgers were very good as well as their customer service.

maddawg351 .

Oh my goodness . Best burger I've had that I didn't make myself. And the add your own topping bar is great. Wish there were one closer to home, I'd be there all the time.

Amici Veritas

Saw a sign that says "World's best burger", decided to find out if it was true, it did not disappoint.

D Jaco

Food was good but pricy, service good and friendly. They need to pay more attention to cleaning. There were greasy fingerprints and smudges all over the mirrors, pictures, and the pole next to our booth. Kinda gross.

George Kehm

The burgers were great as usual. My family loved the jumbo hot dog but they changed the meat to where it is not tender like it used to be. PLEASE GET THE OTHERS BACK!!!!


Clean. Nice atmosphere. Good food. Spacious seating. I recommend.

Jim Zavist

Always great burgers and outstanding buns, plus I like the condiment bar, for customizing . . .

Kathleen Waldron

Good chicken salad.

Michael Mosley

This is always my wife's #1 pick when going up to Portland.. and you just cant go wrong.

SHANDA Shatzer

Who doesn't love a good burger? They have yummy burgers & just an all around good place to eat. They also have shakes, malts & hand dipped ice cream!!

Richard Faith

The food was great. Nice clean fixens bar. Good season fries which with melted cheese over them the were fantastic.

Aaron Nielsen

Delicious as usual. The buns seem to have gotten smaller at this location

Annie Cobb

My bun was the only thing the was fabulous. It took them 45 minutes to get our order to us and it was wrong it was burnt and we were missing the fries. We won't be back!

Rob Feltus

I have amazing memories of going to Fuddruckers as a kid in places like Hiton Head, Atlanta and New Jersey. This franchise unfortunately falls way short. It could have been a bad night where a couple of employees called in at the last minute, and this was my first time visiting this store, but there were literally 4 people staffing the entire restaurant on a not-so-slow Sunday evening. First off, both freestyle Coke machines were out of no less than half of their beverage options, including all of the signature Fuddruckers drinks. Next, as I looked for a table, half of them were not bussed, and half of them had empty napkin dispensers. I found a table next to the window, but apparently the manager or owner lives next to the store in a large RV which completely blocks the view of the outside. Then my food was ready, the hot cheese dispenser was low, and I had to wait for a staff member to spoon me out a serving. As I sat and ate, one busser came out without a tray or tub and grabbed like one plate and two cups from one of the tables. When I finished eating and headed out, never to return, I passed a for sale sign in the lobby advertising used chairs. I was embarrassed for the great Fuddruckers brand as I drove away. I guess the food was good, but it was overshadowed by the experience.

Joanna Smith

Love this place best food

Ernie Wells

good place for burger

Shyler Martin

Love the shakes.

Nikki Moss

One of my favorite stops in town.

Emily B

Fuddruckers always has amazing food, fast service, and a wide variety of toppings available for your burger on the toppings bar! They also have the Freestyle Coke machines which are awesome. Always a good place for lunch or dinner!

Jerry Smith

Typical upgraded burger joint. Counter service only. Self service condiments bar. Good place for lunch.

Gerald Eby

Great place to fill up on great food.

Jessica Sharp

Best oreo shake in town

Shawn Putnam

Great place to eat

Lalito_ Eduardo_Gomez

Food was okay and service was great but my food was cold.


They where busy and a little slow when was there,food was right


The burgers are great. Try the Fuddruckers cherry cream soda. Very good. I'm looking forward to a return visit.

Stuart Cox

Since the Fuddruckers closed in Victoria a million years ago, we've rarely missed stopping at this Fuddruckers whenever we pass by. Great burgers available in your choice of weights, cooked to taste and great fries. Bottomless pop (yea, pop) and beers if you're not on the road.

Suzanne Reeve

The burger was good and the staff helpful and friendly. Prices were expensive for what we got. I don't plan on going back.

Bill Crawford

Great hamburger just a kinky kind of place

Jeanie Jee

Wanted a reliable burger from a reputable vendor. Loved their burger and trimmings of fresh lettuce, pickles and sliced tomatoes! Recommend their oatmeal raisin and chunk white macadamia cookies

Kristine Callaway

Amazing food .

Carolyn Migues

Oh my goodness. The best

The Truth

Its alright if you like burgers... we dont come here often.


It looks sad and tired

Robert Coleman

Manager rang order in wrong and over charged me. Order came up and was wrong, they forgot the bacon on my burger. Banana peppers seemed rotten, they were mushy and cheese was cold from the dispenser. Overall, worst visit to this establishment. Will think twice before going again.

Kenyatt Smalls

Great food and Customer Service

Shabibi Mc

I didn't care for the food it was not as good as it should have been for the price.

Chris Begay

Great burgers. I like variety choice burgers with all fixens

Michael Paul

Very good food, though the service was a bit questionaable as the cooks and server had trouble identifying the hamburgers we ordered, one was the Buffalo and the other a Koebe burger.

Maria Delgado

The staff was really friendly especially for a late Friday night. The food was really good, my favorite part is that the buns look big but they are light and butter toasted.

Del Dollens

Best burgers anywhere! They are a bit pricey, but worth it! I usually get the Hangover, which has bacon and a fried egg. I really like the vegetable bar for all the fixings. Very fresh and tasty. Some locations have Fry Sauce, but this one doesn't.

Shawn Bina

The burgers were delicious and the onion rings were spectacular. I loved the country music playing as well as the friendly, burger joint atmosphere. You can't lose if you want a good burger. The prices are a bit high but not high enough to avoid.

Amber Delaney

It’s been awhile

Lauren Hutchens

Amazing place. The melted cheese truly gives the place a cherry on top. Also the burgers were delicious and there fries were seasoned beautifully. The toppings bar made it all the better.

Kurt Richins

I had grill chicken sandwich and it was GREAT....good enough I'll try a burger next. Clean friendly and tasty. Service was a touch slow but not terrible. Was worth the wait. I will be going back.


It was about 3pm which weird time to get lunch but the person up front was NOT friendly or very customer service oriented. Hoped for better service. The food was fine but I won't be coming back.

Tonya Mason

We eat there when we can. Food is always very good. Staff is always very nice and accommodating.

melanie flowers

Love this place for burgers. Gonna miss it when it closes

Sheldon Bia

Not bad at all

James Berryman Jr.

Always like flood rockers especially their fresh lettuce tomato bar

Carlos Rios

Super big...Super tasteless!!!!! Disappointed

Randolph Vialva

I liked the options they provided; different burgers, sweet potato fries and sizes. Had a medium Lucy, yeah, the burger. I should've said, hold the grease, because that's all I remember. My burger came soaked in grease.

Kimberly Pound

Absolutely love this place. Good beef product. Excellent potato wedges. Nacho cheese at my disposal and the ability to add whatever I want to my own burger. By far the best...the fresh, homemade bun!!!!!

Eric Peters

Great food.

Ray Brown

Good, but very slow

Normalinda Gutierrez

Good burgers

arnold franz

A little overpriced but still a great burger. Haven't tried the Elk or Bison burgers yet.

Darrin Steed

Consistently awesome burgers. Best in Farmington, in my opinion.

Zach Davis

Clean and friendly service

Teresa Ost

It's always a great idea to stop here for a burger. The buns are homemade and delicious, the pattys are great quality, and you can add whatever toppings you want from the condiment bar. I always make nacho fries with their cheese sauce and pico.

Stephen Vernon

Food was very good. Service was awful. Several orders were wrong. Two weren't even made! Nothing was done to make up for the mistakes. Do not recommend this location.

Terrie Rivenbark

Wonderful food and service

Gene Howard

Great food and service. Believe it or not the salmon salad was superb. At a burger joint no less! Burgers were good. Good place for large families. Easy ordering and lots of flexible seating

Cody Kitzmiller

Didn't have any buns without sesame seeds on then. Was offered a need of lettuce instead, the burger came out a two wilted pieces Of lettuce. Pretty disappointed.

Frederick Grimes

Food was great.. Nice and quite after a long day of driving.. Very nice atmosphere.

Mike Burns

It was Great! Food and service...

Hayden Jenkins

I'm sure it's great,but both times I went i was with a large group of people. It wasn't as good of an experience if I had went with just a few friends.

patti jaynes

Awful, greasy floors, burger rare when I ordered well, staff unpleasant


Great sandwiches and worth the money you spend. Nice people.

Rebecca Valicoff

First time. Great shakes too

Ed Dumire

Great food and service! The staff is small but attractive. Burgers are cooked to perfection every time and the milkshakes are :-):-):-) Anytime we are in the Chambersburg area we make it a point to schedule our lunch or dinner meal here!

JJ Potvin

My food was over cooked.

Erin Kelley

A family favorite spot..... we are lucky to have them in Sunset Hills!

Tony Zebrowski

Very good food and great when you don't want to spend a lot of time in a restaurant. Stick with the potato wedges if you try the onion rings you will only have food envy.

Ian Logan

Always fast and friendly service here. The food is always cooked correctly and tastes great.

Mitch Groce

Great burgers and baked goods. Can't beat the in house made buns

Krystal Brown

They have the Best Rice Krispy Treats!!

Ardith Massey

Fantastic food great service

Jennifer Steward

Great burger

Dreamy Dreams

Good food, but the place isn't fit for the hearing impaired.

Debra Rocha

Great milkshakes

Johan Zioka

Great burgers, fries and ice cream!

Shaman Aah

I have a somewhat mixed review on this place. This is the first time I have tried eating at a Fuddruckers. I was surprised to learn they do have a vegetarian Burger, which is what I was looking for. However, they only have one Burger option to choose from. All the rest have bacon. You can order your own toppings individually, but each cost $2! That means if you want fried onions and mushrooms, your burger cost $4 more. For $7.99 (the burger I was looking at; others cost more) you get only the burger. They do not even come with chips or fries. Those cost $5 extra. They ended up allowing me to get some sirloin platter, with a veggie burger instead of the meat, for 12.99. This comes with any side order that you want, which was a little cheaper than buying them separately. I got onion rings and they were pretty good, though not the best I've ever had. They did give me a generous helping of ranch dressing for dip. The veggie burger was the type made of rice, not my favorite. This place did have a slight scent of fragrance. I thought at first it was just the local area in which someone had sat but, as I moved around, I still smelled it. This restaurant is large and appeared fairly clean. It is part of a truck stop in the city so the restrooms and other things are outside the restaurant in the truck stop. The best thing about this restaurant was the service. I was taken care of by an employee named Hunter and he did a great job and was very friendly.

Kris Hosking

Great food

Cale Beasley

Denver doesn't have fuddruckers, so I always try to stop in when I find one on a trip. This location didnt disappoint and is consistent with others. Quality, tasty beef prepared to order with high quality veggie/condiment/dressings bar, well seasoned wedge steak fries and I love their cheese sauce. 4 stars because it's a little dark and cold inside, service isn't the best. Regardless, I'll be back.

Stephen Polesnak

Very slow and still did not cook my hamburger the right way. Fuddruckers is usually great this is the worst one I have been to

Jason Baldwin

Good bergers, clean store, friendly staff expected price point.

Tabitha Motter

Went here with a large family group..friendly staff. The food was mediocre though.


Elk burger was great! Buns were very good as well. However, due to the customer service or lack there of, I will not be coming back. Front counter employees were so rude and disinterested, I almost left before my order was finished. Probably the worst customer experience I’ve had at a restaurant in the area. The environment was also very dingy and dirty, which is not surprising considering the lack of effort the employees seem to give. If you don’t mind being treated poorly, the food is pretty good.

rod m

Good fast service with a smile. Real tasty burgers, great fries, awesome onion rings.

Elle Dee

It was iiggghht.

Susan Ferguson

It was good tonight. Great customer service .

Terry Hart

It's good. Recommend if you have never been there

Mindy Lail

Our east-coast family vacations always included a trip to Fuddruckers. Therefore, I was thrilled to find one once I moved west. This restaurant has so many burger choices, but if you’re not in the mood for that, rest assured there are other items as well. The food is delicious, the restaurant sparkling clean and modern, the service friendly and fast. I can’t recommend this place enough.

Ashley Cook

The food was good. Buns were like they’ve always been. But the main reason I came here was for the cheese sauce. The cheese sauce is very nostalgic for me and a crucial part about my experience at Fuddruckers. This was my partners first time here and all I wanted was for him to try the cheese sauce. Everyone knows this is a staple and the cooks claimed they were out. I’m here right now and I’ve watched 4 people go up and ask about the cheese sauce situation. They’ve told each person that they’re out. How can you be a corporation and run out of the one thing you’re known for? It’s clear that someone just didn’t feel like making it. I’m disappointed. More disappointed than my parents are with me.

Catherine Sandoval

Nice fast food cooked the way you like. Medium cheese burger with fries! Yummy

Joe H

Delicious as always! Pretty much my favorite burger place. Quality meats and build-your-own style toppings. Hot cheese sauce for your seasoned fries. Desserts are really good and freshly made as well.

Ronnie Evers

Fast good service

Alan Blake

So glad this place is not shutting down love it

Jenn Gonzalez

Waited 30 minutes for our food, condiments were dry and my order of sweet potatoe fries only came with 10 fries

Lynda Wilcox

I love the salmon and the buffalo burgers love the restaurant

Jason King

Great food and nice people.

Valerie Williams

Great experience. Very good elk burgers and Awesome service....Shakes were great too!

Nate Holmes

First time having a kobe burger and it was delicious and juicy. I like that they allow you to add your own toppings and sauces after they cook your food. Nice menu selection i plan to try another item next time im near it.

Lynne Haynes

Love it! There food is always the comfort needed at the end of a long day

donna m

The worse service ever..waited 45 minutes fir burger and got someone elses..couldn't wait that long to one was willing to help..probably won't return

Dan Bates

Super greasy food too high of a price for what you get and the service suxs

Creator's Creation's Crafts

Quieter restaurant in the mall with good food and plenty of seating.

Daniel Corrington

Food was overcooked, onion ring portions very small for the price

MT Thirsty

It was good

Michael Selman

Had a really good lunch with my family. Love the grilled chicken with fresh guacamole,tomato slices, pickles & bbq sauce. Big fan of the sweet potato fries & their own Cherry Vanilla Soda.

cheri boettger

Love their shakes

Patrick Solia

Rebais sangwidge excellent. Customer service could be a tad better but the food made up for it...

Nicholas Renteria

I took my mom and siblings here while they were in town visiting last night. Service and burgers were good. I recommend the Buffalo Burger. 4 stars because one of the soft drink machines weren't working and they were out of ketchup. Overall good experience.

Cody Waldroup

I had a problem with the food the last time and emailed the manager. They were willing to give me a free meal which I wasn’t looking for. I just wanted to make them aware. Today we went in and ate again. Fries were good but our burgers were way over cooked and I asked for medium well. I usually don’t like to write reviews but I feel like they need to take more pride in the food they serve. Staff was friendly just wish the food was prepared the way we ordered it.

Scott Hinzman

Excellent burger and fries I like that you put everything you want on yourself. You get to refill you drink whenever you want. Not your place if you want a server.

Kenya Bueno

Omg anetplor and buffalos burgers are amazing

Lourdes Smith

This place is always good,clean,courteous and the food is always fresh and good!!!

John Walter

I wish we had one close to us we would eat there every week!

Greg B

This location is always awesome. The staff is excellent!

Rebecca Claymore

They were friendly and the food was really good!

Matthew Spencer

Amazingly great burgers. Would be 5 stars but the Kraft powder Mac n cheese ruined my date...

Kristin Johansen

I forgot about how much i liked this place, burgers are fresh and as many or as little toppings as you want on any of your burger. Plus endless cheese sauce!! ☺

Gavin Boone

Great place to get a burger. I have been coming here with family since I was a child. Video games inside for kids, indoor and outdoor seating. Tasty treats for desert and kids eat free certain nights of the week.

Colby Hernandez

Great customer service, good food. The service and attitudes of the employees was awesome. The food was good but nothing to rave about. We ate shortly after they opened and the place was super clean. Overall good experience.

Casey Nolen

Great food at a great price!

susan kelley

I ordered the Southwestern Salad, but it was missing the Monterey Jack and cheddar cheeses, the sliced avocados and the pico de gallo (which I added from the salad bar). I also almost didn't get the grilled chicken, but it was added when we noticed it wasn't there. My expensive salad had lettuce, grilled chicken and sour cream. I offered my feedback before I left, and was refunded my money for the salad, even though I didn't ask for that.

Jerry Weber

Good food and the manager brought me my milkshake himself.

James Tolson

Costs a little more but is worth it. Burgers are juicy and plump. Side items are FRESH. I recommend.

Billyjoe Swartz

Not a bad place to eat

Jeff H

Ordered rib eye steak sandwich. Nice size six ounce steak on an economy sized bun. Ended cutting the steak on a plate. Burgers are put your own fixins from a buffet area.

Trevor Horn

Foods always good here. I go at least once a month. Great service

Chris Grimpo

I love the way this place does business. They focus on the burger. I do the extras. I make it my way. They cook it how I want it.

Jerry Rodriguez


Michael Niehaus

Seems to have gone downhill in the last decade or so, not quite what I remembered.

mike biglin

Awsome burgers

TJ Sampson

Very good burgers cooked perfectly. Staff was nice and helpful. Restaurant was clean and comfortable. I would definately go back

Myriam Dorce

Its one of my favorite place to grab a salad the best in town. As always love their customer service. They treat you as if you were the owner of the store paying a visit. Excellent service, five stars.

Jay Newman

Service was great Burgers were delicious

Alli Brown-Nystrom

Love the food and Service

Steve Holle

Accomidated our large group quickly. Try the Elk burger.

Linda Turner

The food was delicious and the service was great!

Brett Schneider

Friendly employees and great supporters within the Billings community as well!

Kyle Hanley

Burger was not seasoned, was served at room temperature. Not what I remember from a few years ago.

Jason Miller

Had a great experience, staff was polite and courteous. Food was great as well

Robert White

Very good food

Isaiah Reiss

Food is always good at Fuddruckers, but it is the staff that makes it possible. This place has good workers!

Orella Boyd

I personally liked the food I got chicken tenders & fries. My kids liked their food too. They got a hot dog kid meal. But I give you a three star because my husband's order was sub par. He did enjoy the onion rings but didn't care for the burger. He got the mushroom & swiss burger. He asked for medium rare for the beef and received well done. The mushrooms and onions were not sauteed like advertised. The onions were raw and the mushrooms were more likely microwaved. It was disappointing and he didn't even finish it. However I heard your shakes and ice creams are good so I'll have to try those out too before I make my review final.

Marsela Apodaca

I cant believe they have a wonderful vegan burger and it tastes so good ! Make sure you add avocado and dress up your burger your style as much as you boyfriend also loves the fact that they offer bison and elk burgers he cant get enough hes always requesting fuddruckers. Not to mention we've always liked their burgers before I went Vegan and before he learned about bison and elk thank you fuddruckers for keeping that special something that you offer the world.

Casey Blondin

Great buffalo burger. Quick n clean.

Bruce Hagy

Great service, really good side salad!

Gretchen dennison

Great burgers, cooked the way you like them!

j he

everytime i go to this Fuddruckers its sooooooo good i always enjoy going here for lunch or supper

Melanie Kirby

The Kobe beef burger was amazing. Cooked perfectly!! Yummy.

Tim Ward

Kevin lierz top notch manager.. great food and service.

Stephanie Anthony

Enjoyed my burger. Fresh and delicious

Yadida Yael Ban Yashar'al

It was fast, greasy and tasty. The food was okay, the service was okay. It wasn't the cleanest. The food filled me up though. And the employees were cordial.

Jim Shelvy

Fuddruckers offers a very cool experience for families and individuals. There's a lot of nostalgic photos, music based themes, and just an overall cool 50/60s diner vibe. For our family of three to eat including one adult beverage, it was about $40. They do not nickel-and-dime you as all of the fixin's are on a separate bar and are limitless. They have the Coke machine, TVs everywhere, lots of good desserts and a plethora of sauces including hot cheese sauce and jalapeno cheese sauce for dipping. I ordered a bacon cheeseburger, the 2/3 pound version with bacon and cheese and a side of chili cheese fries. The chili cheese fries were middle of the pack at best but the burger was cooked to perfection. Great music playing in the background and a great energy. They have outside dining options and a large eating area. I would recommend it, you just have to experience it at least once.

Jay Clifton

Clean restuarant. Good food and great staff.

Hunter Vincent

Food was tasty but service was slow. Waited 25 minutes to get our food. Most likely not stopping here again if time is of the essence.

James Milford

Good selection of burgers at great prices

lnytunesandbug williams

You get to pick the size of your burger and toppings. One of our top spots to stop.

Courtney McGahan

First time ever trying it, and it was absolutely amazing!! Highly recommend!

Kathi Williams

It's always a treat when I eat at Fuddruckers. The burgers are delicious.

Wayne Bott

Had the grilled tilapia and salad both very good and large portions. Had a hamburger steak platter one other time with grilled onions and mushrooms it also was excellent.

Paul Gaiser

Nicely cooked elk burger, was unexpected and for the price I got a really tasty and filling burger.

Sheri Switala

Best place for that craving of your dream burger. Great onion rings. Would be nice if you had a flavor brewed tea!

Kendall Johnson

Poor service, experience for a truck stop burger

Jonathan Giesbrecht

Good. Food was excellent. Although it could have been cleaner in the dining area.

Melissa Hamilton

Really good food and shakes

Roswitha Peters

Ordered the large fries with fry sauce... it was the equivalent of a full meal. The cashier ensured that they were freshly made. They were hot out the grease, I had to allow them to cool down before eating. If you like made to order food with mininum wait time, this is the place to be!

black knight

Really good food and fries I love this place

Anthony-RaHeem McNeil

Food was GREAT. I had the 1lb burger with bacon and cheese. They were stingy on the fries and the service was really slow but the food made it worth it.

Jason Drotleff

We had lunch there and had a great burger and great service!

Rob Landtiser

Good hamburgers with fix in bar. Great service with great prices.

Emmett Bowick

Loud music was way too loud!

Amy Krahl

Burgers and fries are great. Clean location. This is one of my cheat meals for sure!

Keith Hodges

Burger was overcooked. We have been eating at different Fuddruckers locations for years and never had this problem before. The cook needs to learn there grill temperature's. Also doesn't seem as nice as other Fuddruckers.

Nancy Gaserude

Yum Yum Yummy, best burgers ever. Highly recommend

paco martin

Nice place clean and good flavor

Jeff Finley

Fudruckers in Duncan was great

Timothy Zhuk

The place has nice employees, also the place is nice and clean.

Donald Baucom

Great burger. Try the Hangover. Great even if you don't have one.

Mel T

Chicken strips and cheese dip!! Perfection!! Amazing food and wonderful staff made for a lunch I will be having again.

Robert Garcia

Over priced.

Grant M Newell

Clean; pretty quick; nice chain. The hamburger patties are average but the buns are fresh and toasted and the topping bar has a lot of variety; the cheese sauce is tasty, but it's not actual cheese, of course. I added bacon, they gave me four nice strips, so that was awesome. Fries are really good too.

Irina mccann

Was really good

Al Guenther

Great food awesome service....

Funny man perkins

Always great food and customer service!

Mary Powell

My favorite Fuddruckers is in Spartanburg but I like all of them. Its just I have always visited it from the first. Great food, waiters and reasonable.

Jonathan Thomas

The people were super friendly and the food was great, will definetly be back.

I. j.c

Nice place good food


Loved it! Hamburgers are amazing and tasty.

Fredisha Nelson

Everyone here is amazing! They accommodated us very well! Thank you so much! Great Service!

Tim Watts

It's like Fudd-express. But I can't help myself.

Keitra McClure

They have remodeled everything and it's not the same taste. I like the feel and food of the other model restaurant. Food was too expensive. No more Fuddruckers for me.

Amanda Ashmore

Great food

Ethan Playz

This restaurant has the best service, especially Kate! Food is awesome too!

Aaron Martin

Order ahead. The lines are long and he wait time for food can be a bit lengthy but the food is always good.

Kelly & George Owens

Best hamburgers in town

Noel Heath

The Works Burger! Awesome!

Connie Calaway

Best Burgers around, excellent customer service!

Dana Boggs

Great food, Great service

Kandy Norwood

Over priced fast food. 12.00 for a burger, onion rings and soda

sean lanford

Good food! Fast service. Parking can be a pain around lunch time during the work week

Sascha Reichel

My favourite sauce, the Hot Jalapeno Cheese is no more available. Bring it back! Other than that, all perfect!

Keith Taylor

Our family loves fuddruckers. Food & service wonderful

Edward Gubala

Consistently good burgers. I like that you can add your own toppings. Expect to wait for your order, since burgers are cooked to your preference.

Imo Succo

The burgers are always prepared as you order and delicious. There are a buffet of toppings to add that you pick yourself. The shakes are pretty good also. The fries are delicious, especially the seasoned fries.

Mike Eddy

Burgers are cooked to order, as well as do-it-yourself condiments and toppings.

Christine Hanley

Sadly it was extremely disappointing. The person working the counter seemed disinterested in helping us navigate their menu, our food was bland, and not fresh and hot. When I was younger I came here and it was so delicious and awesome so I was excited to take my family here to experience greatness in BYOB(build your own burger) and felt let down and sad for bringing them here to pay high prices for less than fast food taste. We all agreed we should have gone to Carl's Jr instead. Needless to say we will not be coming back here. Save yourself some time and money, go somewhere else.

Terry Begley

Burger was cooked perfectly and quickly.

Al Kay

Great burgers, wife loved the salad..

Wanyu Jhuang

You ca make your own toppings which are literally fresh and great!

Larry Ketterman Jr

One of the best cooked to order, medium rare chilli cheese burgers I ever ate came from my very first visit here yesterday evening! I took my wife for her birthday and she absolutely loved it! The burgers, fries and drinks were great. Service with a smile and one of my biggest pet peeves, cleanliness! For all of people walking in and out of their doors, this place was very clean! And another thing that really got our attention and maybe it's just us, but we could stand there and watch the folks prepare our food and everyone of them [wore gloves and a hair net over their head.] We thought this was great!

Carrie Evenrude

Very nice Special company

Cliffton Carmack

Always great food

Donald Peterson

Meat was cold onion rings cold

gavin sullivan

100% disappointed. Ordered a medium rare hangover burger with gilled onions and bbq. Got a hockeypuck well done with no onions and no bbq. I was excited hearing the reviews but I will not be back.

adam dibbern

Great burgers. Good service.

Lisa Buckley


Tristan Noble

The food was awesome! Restaurant was clean, customer service was awesome. Even saw one of the cashiers help an older lady put toppings on her burger, so sweet. And we loved the music they were playing! We don't live close enough to eat here often, but when we do come to Chanbersburg, we eat at Fuddruckers.

Mackenzie Murphy

Came in with my family for my birthday. They were out of almost everything my family tried to order. No signs explaining that they were out of different items, just the cook yelling "We're out of that!" as the cashier put in the orders. 25 minute wait for our food. Very poor experience.

Cecilia Garcia

Favorite restaurant for my girl's birthday lunch! Love the food.

Peter Hendrickx

Great food and service

Kris Arthur

Very expensive for what you get. You have to serve yourself on top of it. I was less than impressed

Marci Clark

I teach painting classes here and they are amazingly ready to work with. My groups love them.


Pretty good.

ItzSealy YT

Great food! Very comforting and kid friendly!

Jack Borrego

Place was very dirty unorganized and staff was not approachable

Cherie Dine

Best burgers ever, always clean and friendly. My only complaint is cook doesn't always do a medium rare burger well. Usually they come out well done

Tiffany Burningham

Awesome staff and great service, even when we came in 30 min to close. Awesome! Thank you ladies for the great service!

Stacey Casterline

Great food that is high quality and delicious!

Dman Deric

Insanely good food. Good value. 1 dollar hard serve ice cream cones. Will definitely go back. Service was not the greatest though.

Michael Mohsen

The decor is aging, but not in a bad way. Their offerings are great, good variety.

Kristina Caskey

Food was excellent. They even have gluten free bread which is hard to find! The service was outstanding. I highly recommend this place!!

Ray McCaffity

Great burgers. You can customize your own. Good onion rings. Great pie.

Shane Buckner

I have always received great service and the food was delicious!

Robert Schumek

Burgers were great and we were very happy with drinks but the services was less than ideal.


Love Fuddruckers! Their burgers are the best! Always nice and clean. Friendly service.

Karen Weber

Helped husband write last review. Even though the cashier got the order wrong by putting cheese on his salad when ordered no cheese , the assistant manager did everything she could to make our visit more enjoyable. We will recommend Fuddruckers to others and be back ourselves.

Robert Brazas

Been over 20 years since my last visit. Worth the wait. Only thing better than the food were the people working there! Amazing service!!!

kyle marshall

Best hamburger

Kady Tucker


Suzy B

Loved that they not only have burgers but they had other choices. The grilled chicken sandwich was awesome with avocado and grilled mushrooms plus fixings from a nice selection of pickles, two kinds of lettuce. Something not always commented on is the music, very enjoyable. Loved the atmosphere!

Richard Olsen

Great burger, great buns

Megan Oertell

Good cheese sauce except I saw a worker poor it through a can

Chel Chel

Not impressed due to management. I loved their food. A little bit on the pricey side but it is well worth the jalepeno cheese sauce.

Angelina Kimball

Public show of operation for handling meals for customers enlightened environment.

Amy Klein

We loved it! Created our own burgers. It was so good.

L Miller

I realized tonight how much I miss having Fuddruckers where I live. Amazing burger cooked medium-well and still juicy. The toppings are great and fresh. The only thing is the person filling the melted cheese was not filling it much. Everyone has to ask about the cheese that came in after us too

Justin Henderson

Love this place, the inside is my style of a place to be. I love all old things. Service is great, so is the FOOD.

Marissa Berndt

First time eating there. I had a cheeseburger, it came out white like it was pork and not beef. Terrible seasoning job, my bun wasn't fully cooked and the mozzarella sticks were raw but burned at the same time. It was like ordering at McDonalds but having to go back up and get your own food. Absolutely DO NOT recommend!

Jeffrey Besore

Good but way too expensive.

Amber Bryant

My family only all times out eat lunch & supper. When see want pick kind burgers

Amanda Brown

The nachos are pretty good. Very fast, clean, I liked that I could add my own toping to my taste at the veggie bar and they have the BESY guacamole I have ever tasted.

Brad Williams

Whenever I get to Billings, this is one place I love to go. Burgers and everything are always delicious and fresh!

Tiffani Thomason

Overall, I really liked Fuddruckers. I got a burger and fries. Both were very good. My boyfriend got a burger and homemade onion rings. He liked his meal as well. The onion rings were very good. The one downfall of Fuddruckers is that it is pretty expensive for a burger joint. At least to my boyfriend and I. Our whole meal came to about $29! If you want to try something new, I'd recommend Fuddruckers because the food was good and made/cooked to order but definitely not all the time. Nearly $30 for a burger meal for two is pretty outrageous.

Larry Jenkins

Very nice place to eat I highly recommend it

Cotton Kingdom

Fuddruckers.....gotta love it. Been a while since I been here. You get your choice of amout of beef and toppings. Great service and my waiter was a friendly lady that I was glad to meet. The cooks did my burger up very nice and was very juicy. Thank you.

Ellis Mae Griffin

Love the fries, the burger was delicious.

Josh Payne

Great burger with good prices. It is a fun place to go and kid friendly

Shawn Thornton

So I walked in this place and was greeted by a friendly face. I told him I wanted the big bad burger and he said lucky for you "The Kid" one our best chefs is in today. He wasn't wrong, I crushed the 2/3 pound behemoth with ease and felt like a king. Thanks Fuddruckers. Keep up the customer service and quality you continuously provide me.

Gordon Braun

Gotta luv Fudds!

sabrina jenson

Love this place. We always stop here every year on our way home from Burning Man. The staff is friendly and courteous. Will always continue to go there. Keep up the great work.

Dirk Melvin

So far everything location I have been to had had spot on good food. The different burger options, the salad options, all great.

Aaron Reyes

Amazing food! Makes you wonder why you even bother with places like McDonald's and Hardee's lol

Cesar Luis Valdez

Love the burgers they serve. Fast service too.

Tom Greulich

I've been here a bunch of times and every time the food has been great but furthermore, the staff has been super friendly. Aside from getting us refills and boxes, Marindy would check on us make sure we had enough paper towels and in general made us feel welcome which is not the case at many places you go to eat at. Side note: One of the cooks passing by our table asked how the burgers were and we told him great, he then asked us if we needed any boxes (which clearly isn't his responsibility) but just that gesture meant a lot in this world of "what do you want!?!?" restaurant employee culture.

Linda Ramsey

First of all, the place was not that busy. The wait time for food was 45 minutes to almost an hour and a half. It took an hour for us to get our 2 burgers, fries, and onion rings. When we did get our food, it was lukewarm, except for the onion rings, which were greasy. By the way, they close at 9:00 and we didn't get our food until 9:20! They didn't offer any explanations or apologies. There were some people demanding their money back and left. I wish I would have also. The only reason for the 1 out of 5 star rating is because of the waitress that took it upon herself to help the people who weren't being served.

Steven Summers

Walked in right before closing time and then still allowed us to eat, and were not subtly mad about it. And the burgers were pretty damn good. The staff was fun spirited and did not rush us to finish our food. I definitely would recommend this place to anybody looking for a pretty awesome burger and possibly a beer. Selection is not amazing but definitely not bad.

Evelyn Edd

Very good, delicious food.

Joshua Smitz

Food was delicious, own condiments was a plus, well cooked burger, good fries, flavor maker soda machine, my kudos

Tim Carre

Friendly prompt service. Tables are clean. Music was just the right level, we could still talk to each other. The fixings bar was fresh and looked good. Menu had something for everyone. Food was hot and fresh.

Ashton Franco

It's ok the food is a little good

Oceanna Johnson

Location was convenient and clean. Food was good, but I paid $14 for just my meal. Little pricey but it was pretty good.

James Begay

They've got good food and service.

Tanya Willie

Fries and cheese were good.

LJ Frederickson

Good burger. Ok fries. Fabulous topping offerings

boymom2 H

Food was great! The manager was awesome! Great experience!!!

josh gabrielson

They have some damn good and big hamburgers. The cheese sauce on the fries were a great add on. Loved it all.

ruxpin benji

Fudds is always great!

william Carroll

Decent food, lots of choices.

Jared Kutzler

Don't bother asking for your burger to be medium rare or undercooked whatsoever. They will cook it all the way regardless. Still good but could be better.

Kris Ryan

Great food, good service

Josh Gardiner

We always get sick eating here at the Williston location. Son and wife was so l for 3 days. Daughter and I had buffalo and we're fine. I'm use to the disappointed outcome now. Won't be going again.

Carleton Borden

good prices, quiet atmosphere, over cooked burgers

James Miles

Good burgers.

Martin Pomphrey

It is a very good place to go and eat food is good service is good.

John Rhodes

Food is always good

Justin Price

Great food and service,

Jonathan White

Love the burgers and I always load it with jalapeno cheddar cheese and soak my fries in it too.

Heather's Video House

BEST BURGERS EVER! I love the food a lot! The portions are big, fresh made food to order and even though the price is a tad high thus dont get to eat there as often as I would like..the over all value is the best! The place was clean and full of customers. Friendly staff and the cook got our food right on the order as always. I strongly recommend this place to all my friends and family.

Susan Hicks

Food was good. Service needs some help. We had to explain our order three times. The milkshakes were ready at the end of our meal. They only started working on them after we asked where they were.

john boshard

The people that work here are GREAT! They got above and beyond with customer service and the food is tremendous!!

Pamela Flippo

Delicious burgers. Tons of toppings. You make it how you want it. Family friendly, and not overly expensive.

Joan Nodland

Friendly workers. Fast service. Tasty food!

Diane Welhaven

The food is outstanding! I love their onion rings!

Aaron Clutter

You have to try the buffalo burger, so lean and tasty. Nachos and hot dogs are also super delicious.

PS2freak11223 .

Awesome burgers and amazing onion rings!

Tasheena Halwood

Great burgers and fast service

David Shaffer

For my first time here I found that the food was pretty good and a wonderful atmosphere

Christian McGrath

The food was good but it was pricey. A plus is that you can build your own burger like you want it... including the processed cheese product.

Moira Dillon

So I forgot how good this place is, I had gone to one in Hershey and was a little disappointed but this service was great! We went at around 2 on a Saturday and it was not packed at all, which is perfectly fine by me. I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich combo and my husband did a spicy 2/3 burger. Both of out meals came out very fast and they were perfectly cooked. The condiment counter was bright and full of options and we even got a free cookie. :) Also this place was spotless. The floors were clean and every table we passed was perfectly wiped down. Also the staff was very attentive and pleasant. :) It was a perfect lunch date for our little family.

Kelly Godwin

Always good food!!!

John Atencio

Fuddruckers is a real good place to buy hamburger and fries .

Robert Raynor

Just great burger/hot dogs.

Joseph Rios

Burgers and fries were good. Only problem was the burger itself wasn't seasoned but thankfully the egg and bacon saved it

Paul Kiskis

It was really yummy, a very tasty burger. I was not crazy about the employee that was scrubbing the grease hoods over the grill while they were cooking or burgers however. I brought it up to the employee at the counter and she shrugged her shoulders.....

Eric S.

Fun place to go to and I see that they've added to their condiments bar which is great! My only issue was it took a while to get someone to come over and service at the treat bar

Enrique Gonzalez

Hamburgers are great and pricing is very reasonable. They could give it more tater wedges.

Charlie Ruprecht

Good food but the workers are stinky hippies or smelly old people


Really good burgers.

Evan Schwab

Fuddruckers is absolutely fantastic and this location is no different. I grew up going to fuddruckers and this location brings back some good memories for me. Service was fast and friendly. The burgers at Fuddruckers are some of the best ever

Lisa Dial

Great food

Connie Danielson

Horrible service, gigantic bun and a small burger..really?

aaron comer

Never a bad visit here

Michael Snedeker

I like there shakes!!

Scott Orlinski

Delicious as always, it's a hidden gem of history in Asheville...

Nicole Vasquez

Yum yum yum! Cheeseburger’s are seasoned and cooked perfectly!

Patrick Conroy

Ienjoyed my meal, never been disappointed yet

Martha Cooke

Delicious. Great Burgers & FF ...

alex neal

Food was good but the wait time for are food was long it was a busy day.

Robert Faulkner

Food was always good... messed up on mine and the wives burgers basically just got them backwards.. but still was a great burger

Ray Cudaback

Fun atmosphere and love their condiment bar!

BaCoN Quimby

The food was just amazing and frandly staff

rick ricky

Always have good food and fast friendly service .....0 complaints

Cody Gaspaire

Great food, and friendly staff.

Jared Wagaman

If you want a really good cheeseburger this is the place to go! The best thing inn my opinion is they bake their buns fresh then toast them up for each burger. They don't skimp on the cheese either. Friendly employees. Always looks clean as well.

Diane Hong

The burger was really good. But the fries were way to salty couldn't eat them

Mam Pam

Just left this place. Worst service and restaurant I have ever seen. It took 40 minutes to get our burgers and then the shakes still weren't ready. Ruined the end of my vacation. The entire staff was awful.

Michael White

Best buns in the industry! We buy them for our own backyard barbecues.

Aaron Roelle

Food was good but if you have never been there before don't wait to be served, you have to go to the register to order and pick up your food. A good place overall.

M Wissel

Great burgers with a toppings bar. Kids love the Coke soda machine that you can make unlimited combos and added flavors.

Sara Short

Salad had more carrot and radish then lettuce. Cashier had no care at all. onion rings were great, burgers weren't cooked how asked and rang up wrong according to receipt....

Sophia Muller 93

very good food.


Place was clean, but I was screwed out of getting french fries twice. Cashier kept coming up with excuses. What a sorry example of what's left of this chain.

terry nass

Good food ,service was good. Will come back next in town.thanks

Maggie Hopkins

I'll admit that the food was good, but not worth the experience in my opinion. I remembered Fuddruckers as a fun spot to grab burgers from when I was a kid. The variety of meat options is novel, as is allowing everyone to top their own burgers... Otherwise, I'm sorry to say that the staff looks like they wanted to be anywhere but there, and that attitude is reflected in the lack of cleanliness in the dining area. Also the toppings weren't as diverse as I remembered, in addition to being lackluster. As for being "family friendly", I can definitely think of more satisfying options for my family.

Michele Lewis

This used to be a good place to eat. When my son accomplished something great for himself we promised him some good nachos somewhere. I remember them being so good here a few years back. When we went in we ordered burgers and an order of nachos. When our order was ready (40 MIN LATER) They told me they didn't have any bacon. I could see the bacon, they just forgot to cook it so then they put it on the grill. They were out of all cheese sauces and most toppings. When we finally got our nachos, about 10 minutes after we finished our burgers, they were covered in grease. I wish I could post the picture on here. Had to return them as my daughter instantly got sick. I feel so bad my son and I were really let down.

Keith Hamm

Best burger I have had from a Fuddruckers in a long time. It was cooked to perfection, making it juicy and delicious. The staff were attentive and helpful. I hope this place hangs around for a long time.

Kimberly Brien

I'm a Uber eats the service and food

Sherry Whitehill

Our family LOVES the food!

Marquette Bullock

Service was slow, but it was pretty full. Food was fantastic though as was the shake.

Adriene Johnston

Fun lunch out with our kids on a weekend getaway. Kids loved the burgers and the option to choose their own toppings as well as how much of everything they put on. Affordable option for our family of 5 with 3 hungry teenagers!

cumi everson

Super busy but still got my order done right and in a timely manner. Very pleasant despite all my special requests.

Logan DeVries

Great place. Good burgers. A little spendy.

Kiel Crist

Not bad, but nothing special, I only been a couple of times, and they have always seem to be out of something, how can you run out of bread??

Matthew Weber

Better than what I remembered.

Lynn Knutson

Very good burgers.

Barbara Doughty

I was invited to go with someone. The hamburgers are greasy and it was not somewhere I'll go again

Kristi Borton

Love this place burgers are delicious and the condiment bar is amazing

John Bohlmann

The burgers are good! It seems loud to me in that restaurant. But worth going again!

E1018elg .

Great food, quick service

Steven Loewen

Food was freshhh, very good! Nice open seating.

Terry Trawick

Great burger! Juicy Lucy yum!!

jorge velazquez

Place where you can enjoy a good hamburger and drink with frieds

Austin Dorrell

Food isn't great. Get orders wrong often. Bar tender is absolutely horrible. She isn't personable, doesn't pay attention to her customers (you'll frequently go a long time without a refill, and might not get a refill of what you ordered), bar TV is always on something like the hallmark channel and it takes an act of the Divine to get it changed to sports.

Nikki Chapman

Love fuddruckers!!!

Jeff John

Very good food. Wish there were more Fuddruckers around


Burger joint, but the salad was amazing!

Mike Wills

Good food.. good service. Nice and clean

Bruce Blaker

Usually love this place. Substituted the regular bun with wheat without warning. Said the regular buns were not up to par.

Heather McCarty

Pretty big disappointment. Went here to celebrate my birthday with my family. We were really excited having never visited a Fuddruckers before. We weren't sure what to expect but we certainly expected more than we got. Cashier was friendly but beyond her, the staff was useless. When we asked for a tray to help carry the large order to the table (since there aren't Servers here) we were told there aren't any trays. When we asked for help to carry the order, we were told they aren't allowed to help customers carry food to tables. We ordered 2 kids meals with milkshakes and 2 adult combos (burger, fries and drink). We probably received a combined total of 20 fries in all. The milkshakes were more like oreo flavored milk and they were out of whipped cream so the kids had to go digging through the milky shake just to find their cherries. As newbies, we weren't sure where to get the cookies that were to accompany the kids meals but I figured it out on my own by asking around. All in all, I wish I had gone somewhere tried and true for this birthday dinner. What a let down. We won't be back.

arthur green

I had the ribeye steak sandwich, I was very good, no complaints!

Michael Grenier

Very good food made to perfection

Christine Nielson

Foods great. Service was quick. And so many choices.

Herb Harris

Good food. Alot of dirty tables

Ann Hartenstein

OMG. MANY SIZE OF Hamburger patties to choose then you pit on your own lettuce onion pickles peppers. And Condiments serves onion rings french fries desserts ice cream pies you can't ask for a better restaurant you really need to give it a try

Leonela Nelson

The food is good. And the shakes are awesome. The service can be a little slow when it's packed.

Matt Forsee

Love this place!

Alex Luque

One of the greatest Burgers I've ever had

Rebecca M

Delicious food, friendly employees

Cindy Rumph

Always good food. Had Elk burger this time,,,was very good.

James D.

Fuddruckers is a lot more than just another burger joint. The food selection and customization is great. Food is always great tasting and cooked to order. Staff is extremely friendly and very helpful. Also don't pass up on the cookies. Cookies deserve a shout-out of their own.

Jacob Antonio

Good place

phillip allenbaugh

Elk burger is so good. Fries with cheese sauce for dipping.

Brittaney C

Good burger and good beer.

tamra otoole

Good atmosphere but pricey.

Skylights slay

Good food

Tim Fish

Got good milkshakes

Glen Roberts

Service was great, food prepared quickly and very tasty. Didn't find the atmosphere as charged as the early days of Fuddruckers but still very good and a good family eatery

April Dempsey

The food is quick and pretty good. It's clean and the service was great. Staff is very friendly.

Chris Duffy

Great salad bar and shakes

Bradley Baker

Best hamburger in Asheville

Jonathan Cooke

Great place, never disappoints.

Jayson Fouts

Great food fast service would recommend

Mine Cart

The food was really good. I haven't had Fuddruckers in a while and it had the same great taste. It would be a five star but the hotdogs wasn't as tender as I remember. Also, there was a large group of kids that was being rambunctious. They were throwing the balls they had won throughout the restaurant. I was also disappointed at the lack of games they have. There should be more than just action and claw machines. The service was great and when I needed some small cups the lady was really helpful. I just wish the staff would have talk to the kids or the kids parents about their behavior.

Rhonda Bailey

Best burgers in town!!

Robert Krom

Mediocre food for the price.

Aaron Gonzales

Great burgers need more workers cleaning tables had to clean my own table

Jordan Tibbot

Delicious build your own burgers and shakes to die for.

M Maez

Yummy burgers

Wesley Hall

I love this place. It seems casual, almost 50's style, yet it is an upper class sort of restaurant. The burgers are cooked to order, yet it seems very fast. The portions are large, and tasty. The deserts are large and yummy. I was just telling someone l am going to take them here. The waitresses are also cute and nice to talk to yet not crass or vulgar. It is self serve for condiments, which is awesome. You can get cheese sauce for your fries. :-)

Michele Grove

Delicious food. Many different varieties of fresh made burgers. Also offer salads, fries, fish, etc. Everything is made to order. Large fixins bar with fresh vegetables for topping your sandwich. Self serv hot melted cheese for your fries. Self serv fountain drinks and iced tea. Very friendly and efficient service.

L Wild Horse

Darned good burger

Carroll Cool

food is good. I prefer regular cut fries. cookies are great. my brother in law enjoys the buffalo burger.

Hunter Coleman

My favorite burger place. Self serve style and good prices for great quality burgers

David Seeley

First time there didn't understand the ordering process order the extra large burger and oh my goodness with a huge

Daniel Breen

This was excellent as always. Not over done, not greasy but just right. They never disappoint!

Sierra S

Always a great experience here❤️

Christine Layton

went on a bad night wasnt crowded and took almost an hour to get our 3 burgers and fries...the only positive is their waitresses try to give the best service to bad the kitchen is out of their control..worst experience out of any sit down restaurant in my life...hopefully they make some changes so they dont perminately close...

Oscar Castro

The food and service are great

John McCormick

I wish I could give ZERO stars but unfortunately I can not. Staff and management are terrible. Completely clueless on anything related to customer service. I waited 20 minutes and watched 8 people who ordered after me get their food before me. I didn't order anything special. A simple half pound cheeseburger and onion rings. That's it. I have a job to do and I have to do it right and in a timely manner so I was forced to get my money back and return to work without lunch. I will never be visiting this establishment again.

Glen C Baker Jr

I just don't think the quality of the food is there. Not absolutely terrible, but not very good. The staff was nice, my review is based on the food quality.

Jason Babcock

Great burgers. Get em the way you like.

steven coughlin

Good hamburgers. Always slow so the service is fast enough.

Mr Andrew

Great service and awesome Manager for offering free cookies due to forgetting our strawberry shake

Dave Anderson

Great fresh beef and buns always

Arlen Murphy

Not as good as the old days. Nothing in bakery.

michael kidwell

Love Fuddruckers!! They have the best cajun chicken sandwich. I know the burgers are great but if you have not tried it I suggest you do. The toppings are always fresh and everything is cooked perfectly. Great place for lunch or dinner!

Matthew Elkarmi

If you are trying to order food from a delivery service app just know they will refuse your orders I guess they don’t like making money

Justin H

Great burgers and I love their fresh made hamburger buns. A nice change from all the local fast food. This is not a gourmet burger place, bur they are very good and not too expensive

Marlys Peterson

Disappointed. Too much pepper,/ spices on both my grilled chicken and french fries. Expensive for what we got.


Premium burgers at a premium price

David Currie

For a Fuddruckers this one was not very good. It's part of a truck stop, no bathrooms have to go next door.

Michael Doublin

Always a great burger, and great service. Highly recommend you put their cheese sauce on everything!

Jason Van Buskirk

They sell you a plain burger, then you put whatever you want on it from the toppings bar. How could it be wrong, you made it yourself!

Sonya Allman

Best burgers in the topping bar

Dillon Hacker

Amazing burgers and quick service

Luke Powell

They need to hire better people....back in the boom this place was 10 x better on it's basically trash

Danielle Freeman

Consistently delicious and filling at a great price!

Mary Rastorfer

Great food! Better than the average burger joint! Good chicken too!

done tfg345

Good grub

Sonya Allen Miller

Always great food & friendly service

Jo Taggart

We hosted a wedding rehearsal dinner here. It was amazing. So comfortable. The food was great and the service was superb. All the guests had such a good time.

Mike Wizowski

Going to Fudd's has always been a pleasant experience for me. They always get my burger cooked right and all of their condiments and topping are always fresh. They also have some of the best sugar cookies around and I usually end up cleaning out the sprinkled sugars on my way out. Great place.

Rhea Tauer

Food on point! Large portions, made well. Restaurant was clean! Servers and staff were dressed appropriately & friendly. Good atmosphere

Heather Grizzle

Restroom was out of paper, waited for about 5 minutes before we could place our order- while the cooks were trying very hard not to notice us. I believe they are just shorthanded, but it still left a bad impression

Chris Brooks

I had a last minute large order and the staff couldn't have been more accommodating. The food was ready when promised, freshly made and carried to my car. They even offered to deliver anything that may have been missed, although that wasn't the case. Thank you!

David Butler

Great customer service friendly staff

Zeus Torres

Food was off today, buns were dry and meat had too much gristle.

Philip Smeltzer

Food was great. Service was friendly and prompt. Toppings bar was stocked and everything was extremely fresh.

tinkering trucker

Love fudds, but this store is sub par

troulius begaye

Very great burgers! Never disappoints! Always friendly staff and very accommodating!

Jeff Powell

Food is very good. I always get the burger and fries.

Drs McBride, Steiner& Lebsock

Great burger one of the best in town. Friendly staff. Great bakery.

Joe Orcutt

I like five guys burgers more than here

Zoe Amerson

Good place eat

John Hopkins

First visit to a Fudruckers. Food is decent - cooked fresh to order. Nothing wonderful nor terrible to comment. Decent.


The food is ok, but the prices are not worth it. It's stupid how they post signs about how you shouldn't consume undercooked meat, and my family always orders well done, yet the burgers always need to be sent back because they were way undercooked. Just done with this place.

James Duncan

Love this place. Great burgers!

Alyse Sena

Good burgers

Natalie Martinez

Always super friendly service. Always smiling, Always fresh, Always fast, Always clean. Love this place!

Esther Otter

Great burgers, of course. Nice condiment bar. Very helpful staff..

Jerry Dandridge

It's okay, usually too salty. Prefer Steak n Shake.

Steve Blatchley

Great food! Good customer service.. Clean fun..!

Sally Crain

The food good, great atmosphere and my favorite part is the liquid cheese they have; not vert expensive and great for kids.

Jeff Pace

Awesome as usual. So glad I stopped in for lunch.


Veggie burger was just okay. Other than that fine. Try ice cream and Dr. Pepper

4 spaces no rugs

Foods good and was there pretty quickly

herb milburn

Great food with a very short wait

Alan Croker

The employees are definitely a bunch of incompetent lazy millennials. All should be replaced.

Alex Bondar

Wow. Great burgers. It's awesome how you add your own toppings. Very clever in my opinion. Unless your a lazy bum of course. Then go to mcds.

Michael Rhoades

Always great burgers and fries!


It's good, they need to hire more people to serve.

Anthony West

Awesome restaurant in the city of Asheville, NC. There is plenty of free and handicap parking spaces. This restaurant has good food. The employees are friendly and helpful. There is alot of wonderful pictures of celebrities on the walls and other rare advertising antiques. Awesomeness in restaurant dinning.

Emily&lucy Durgin

YOU NEED TO FREAKING GO THERE! I got a hot dog with onion rings and an Oreo shake. Love it there.

Diego Suarez

Great burgers

Richard Bielski

Came up at 8:50 to go in and eat. Told closing at 9:00 and will only take a to go order. Never seen this at any restaurant before


Great food and great service


A place to enjoy a meal with family/friends and a walk away next to movie theatre. No sneaking meals, it smells too good to be just popcorn lol

Keat Shankle

Cool vibe. Good food. Nothing stood out. It's a burger joint.

too far

Good food and a fun atmosphere. The price is a little high. You do get big proportions and everything is made fresh. There is a topping bar so you can add as much as you'd like.

Paul Monday

Great staff and selection. My Ribeye sandwich was made to order and the onion rings were hand made. I had a Oreo shake that was to die for. Great food and service, plus, I got to top my steak with all the ingredients I wanted. Loved it!

Ryan’s Lawn Service

Great food and excellent service!!! Definitely recommend.

tim godwin

The elk was great

J҉u҉s҉t҉i҉n҉123 Osle

My son and my family love this place

Angela Rivey

I LOVE THIS PLACE! They would get 5 stars if they could just come to Lincoln, Ne.

Tashi Foster

The food is great, kid friendly and friendly service.

Dee Binion

Best customer service. My order was messed up. MANAGER PERSONALLY brought correct order to MY HOUSE!!

velisa atole

Nice place across the movie theater. You can get quick bite while waiting to see a movie.

Michael Dentley

Excellent service and the food was awesome as always! Good to see a truck stop with a great meal option for a change.

Illyricum Bevel

It's my first time. And it was AMAZING!

Valerie Fortenberry

Burger are hit or miss just like the service. The toppings bar was well stocked with wilted produce.

Meredith Brenneman

Among the top of burger joints.

Jennifer Nehlsen

Decent food for a decent price. Lots of parking on site.

Marcus Shultz

Clean and fast. Burgers are away delicious

Emily Cappa

This place is horrible. The service sucks. The cashier was extremely rude and didn’t listen to a word I said to her. I got a turkey burger on a wheat bun with American cheese and sweet potato fries and my boyfriend got an elk burger on a regular bun with regular fries. It took about 10 mins for our food to get out, and then they didn’t give me cheese, and they completely swapped our plates and put my turkey burger on my boyfriends bun with his fries. Their condiments weren’t very stocked. On top of everything, this building is gross and needs to be updated. The food was fine, but not worth $29 for two burgers that they can’t even make correctly. I’m not one to leave reviews but I really think they need to revamp this place since it’s the only Fuddruckers in this vicinity. It needs to be updated and their staff needs some coaching or they need to get new staff.

Shasta Olsen

Great food, put what you want on your food. plus love the cheese with the fries

cody walter

I always enjoy their food. But, if you have a take-out order. Double check what’s in the bag. It’s the second time it’s been 2/3 wrong. I ordered a southwest burger. All it had on it was 2 strips of bacon. My wife orederd a southwestern salad. She got a taco salad. My daughters chicken strip basket was great! I wish we could upload pictures of our receipts and what we actually received. Not too happy. Friendly staff for the the pickup but they were busy talking about one of their broken down cars and not worried about people waiting.

lee murrell

Great food, but pricey

everett higginbotham

Food was excellent, bathroom looked like a border town disaster. Sink didn't work and toilets were disgusting.

Miriam Poole


Scott Perrier

Serving deliciously fresh juicy burgers on homemade buns. They make the bakery items right in front of the store . We eat here religiously for years now. They have burgers of all kinds including exotic items like american kobe, bison and more. The decor is a little dated, is the only negative i can say.

John Fulwiler

They were unable to take debit card and did not have adequate change for cash. Food was good but not great.

Leonard Curley

Great place to eat.

Valerie Webb

It's a favorite pastime to eat here, and it never disappoints. The food is delicious, the price is beyond reasonable, and you're not waiting forever. It's a kid-friendly environment with a mini arcade. You can personalize your burger to what you like, and they have a large assortment of drinks.

Justin Bouche

Not the best burgers they can be dry and grey I have been here many times always the same. Shakes are good.

William Rathert

the staff were awesome

Valiree Stine

Burgers are much smaller then originally when opened, but still good and filling. Price wasn't to bad either.


Wish to start by saying that my experience at the Chambersburg, PA location was not what I normally experience when eating at Fuddruckers, as my visits to other locations have all been positive. The Chambersburg, PA location was not busy when I arrived just before 7 p.m. on Sunday, April 8, 2018, as I counted five other occupied tables during my visit. There was no waiting to place my order and it was promptly prepared. That's about where anything positive about this experience stops. When I picked up my order it looked delicious, but as I would soon find out, looks were deceiving! The burger was not seasoned when it was prepared and was flavorless, not something you expect when you order the 'Inferno Burger'. The grilled onions & jalapenos were bland and the pepper jack cheese was the mildest I've ever encountered. The toppings bar looked like it had not been restocked since they opened for the day. There was some lettuce & tomato slices, but little else. There was one little piece of onion, barely a spoonful of pico de gallo, zero pickles, and a few remnants of jalapenos. I did manage to scrape up a few banana peppers from the pan though. There was one little spoon sitting by itself in the utensils bin, no forks or knives. After sitting down and discovering that the burger was in desperate need of salt & pepper, I noticed that not a single table or booth had a salt or pepper shaker on it, only the standard roll of paper towels and nothing else! And to cap off the evening, the fries were probably cooked about an hour before I arrived and ordered. I left at least half of them on the table when I left the restaurant. As I said when I started this post, this was not what I have encountered at other Fuddrucker restaurants, but the franchisee at Chambersburg, PA should be embarrassed to open their doors to the public and serve customers in this manner. In hindsight, I wish I would've continued on to the Hershey, PA location and stopped there as I have in the past AND will be doing in the future.

Haryanson Attakai

Like the whole put your own combinations :), and Great selection of food.

Rhonda Rooks

Its a great resturant that serves more than burgers. The malt shakes are great as well. Nice service with a smile too!

Andrew Greable

Burger didn't have much flavor, I had a cheeseburger and my mom had the mushroom Swiss, we both had the same opinion. Just didn't taste like there was alot of seasoning or anything with the actual burger. Atmosphere was cool though.

Margaret Powell

Always have good food and sercice

Lachala Webb

Nice staff, great tasting food

Jawaid Surani


Yolanda Farrell

Hamburger were very good desserts however were very bad

Steven Moore

My first time here and it was fuddrucking awesome!!

Allen Pistole

Good hamburgers lost if choices and toppings

Darren Alford

The friars are down and the credit machine is down and they don't have Ice Tea what the H#$%. All the host did was complain to customers about how bad it was... dude grow up

Kyndal Etienne

Came to fudruckers, place smelled like cigarette smoke from the smokers outide smoking. Person at register was new, and nice, decided to have our food to-go cause of the smoke. Chicken salad was OK, chicken was luke warm, and chilli tasted like watered down meat and was ice cold ( I spit it out). Daughter go a milkshake and he filled our glass 3/4 full. The shake took forever to make+not filled full but it was good, place was very dirty and unclean. I’m not going here again and don’t recommend it.

reuben williams

Friendly staff and very good food . I will be going back.


Terrible place, dirty. Service was horrible. Steak sandwich was all gristle and there were no cookies. How friggin dare you.

Char Pablo

Food is good and friendly place


What an excellent hamburger/cheeseburger joint!! Great food and service was stupendous!!! We got there a few minutes before closing time but you would have never known it by the great service we had!! Not one single employee displayed a bad attitude or rude demeanor about us coming in shortly before closing. Kudos to the staff!!!


One of my favorite places to eat! The staff here are really great. The food is always good. Their bread for their burgers is one of my favorite parts. Just tastes delicious! I enjoy their experience they give by letting you put your own toppings on your burgers and get your own drinks. I hate going to restaurants where they mess up my burger by putting too much, too little or the wrong ingredients on it. Here, you're in control. Prices are fair. And the sugar cookies for dessert are really good too! Definitely a great place to eat!

Mike Hancho

Used to go to Fudruckers about 20 years ago when I was a kid for special occasions (good report card, winning a little league game, etc). It was at a different location, but I'm glad to see everything was just as good as I remember. Had the inferno burger and chilli cheese fries. 10/10 will make a reason to come back again.

Nick Cockrell

Good food, could have been cleaner though

Mason R

Hour wait, cold food, most of the worker acted as if we were an inconvenience.

Andrew Bateman

Good quality tasty burgers but their prices may kill you before the cholesterol does! I’m full and ready for a nap..

Jerry Medina

If your a long haul truck driver is a good quick food.


Food was good and considering the time we went the food was ready quickly. We will be going back.

Keith Bliven

Great burger place! The food was excellent!

Kimetha Howard

We got the steak sandwiches which we really love. A dozen cookies of several varieties finished the meal nicely.

Jonathan Burleson

Always awesome burgers, and great toppings selection

Judy Denton

Good burgers!!

T. Mietty

Clean and quick service. The toppings bar was fresh and well maintained.

James Moore

First time here. I got the elk burger it was amazing. Lighting is a little dark here but the service was fast and friendly. Great place!

Echo Phyber

A wonderful place to grab a burger, and don't worry the rumor about it closing down are not true, it's here to stay.

Mick Kassem

They make a great burger. Cook it the way you want. Actually tastes good. Don't order the half pound burger unless you are really hungry. It is big! Also for you bread lovers their buns are with the drive.

Libra Hoppa

The food is good, the atmosphere is okay. Nothing special stands out about this place. They need to modernize the menu and add some deli sides, fries are great, but a little more variety is better. Fresh brewed ice tea and more healthy choices is preferable.

Lindsay Molina

Awesome burgers!!! It was an interesting order setup, the workers were very nice, and you can't beat the toppings bar!!!

Mercy Hawkins

Delicious food and right off the freeway. Fast service and not crowded. Very clean and pleasant staff.

Genet Donnell

Great place!

Jessica Bashaw

The burger its self was very good for a size small, but they where out of a couple key items that should be there an they didnt have any ranch that I could find. But over all very well put together place

Jason Breiner

Great food and wonderfully friendly and helpful owner. We miss Fuddruckers in the KC area so finding this in Omaha was a real treat.

Vamshi Krishna

The two star is for the ordering experience. The person who took our order seems like a new person and had a great trouble taking the order and explaining to us. Wish the manager spends more time on training them or being with them until they are comfortable taking orders

Craig Swanson

Great food Rochelle was a great host she gave me the best deal for the chili on my burger it was less expensive that way they don't have the Press chili and I was a little disappointed but I had already paid for chili anyway Foods always great meat and the bun is spectacular.

Mary Isler

Great burgers and chicken! Also love the condiments bar.

Dr Jess Schwartz

Top notch experience. First time at this location and it exceeded my expectations based on dining at the location in Spartanburg. Highly recommended

Fiona Wild

We stopped for lunch. Great place for a really good burger! Friendly staff. Clean place. Easy parking

Need A Little Privacy

Good food 1st time visiting

Jason Cothran

Got an order to go here today.... The meat was hidden somewhere in the bun I guess. Smaller, thinner patty than a regular McDonald's cheeseburger... Like a piece of baked cardboard (was supposed to be medium). But at least I did get about 6 tiny wedges!

Chad Edwards

Man dem burger sho is good

Jerome Lawson

The cheeseburgers are good. But come on, $12 for a burger Too expensive

Tim Sams

Great service, and excellent burger. Thank you.

Rodney Burnside

Great food and great service

walter petzold

The folks that work there were nice. Place was clean. Hamburgers were small for a third pound. We asked for them to be medium rare but they were like hockey pucks. Tomatoes were far from being ripe. Won't go back because there's too many places out there that have much better burgers.

Anthony Norris

Even during the busy lunch rush, we still got our food quickly, it was made correctly, and the staff was courteous.

Hector Contreras

Great place to come eat. The staff was very friendly, there is a spot on the side to get your condiments as you please. The vegetables were all fresh. The fries were amazing. I got the medium hangover burger medium rare and it was amazing. This place is well worth the visit.


Walked in at 9:10pm on a Sunday. There are no hours posted on the door outside that I could see for a closing time. They apparently close at 9pm instead of 10pm as Google says. There were about 18 customers all sitting at tables waiting on food and none of them were smiling. When someone came to the register I was advised they close at 9pm and that Google has the wrong hours listed. Here are some suggestions that seem kind of common sense: 1. List your operating hours on the door. 2. Check with Google to correct the hours they show. If the owner of the Bojangles in Greer, SC near BMW also owns this restaurant that would not surprise me because that is also a poorly operated business (those two things are not related, sorry to digress).


Great food always a favorite

James Holcombe

Good food, great service from a super-friendly staff. Family-oriented restaurant!

Toishanique Cato

Cant go wrong with a burger...


It's always good, but $26 for me and my son to eat?? 2 medium burger combos.

Luke Hildreth

Having eat here in 20 years forgot how good it really was.

Robert Martin

Good food for a lunch..... purchased for a lunch and learn.....

frank jackson

This particular Fuddruckers is just outstanding. they're usually packed so you should always expect a delay during rush hour. but the food quality is always among the best I've ever eaten. I don't understand it I don't eat at many Fuddrucker restaurants but when I do I always compare them to this particular one. I have never gotten a bad meal here and the service here is Bar None phenomenal... I wish that I could take their business model and put it on a couple of other companies. LOL. They do so well here it speaks highly I suppose of their management and their abilities to hire train and attract good quality personnel. So the bottom line... If you're looking for a great place to eat you have found it here.

Brook Lynn

Very nice. Better establishment than other Fuddruckers, its like a restaurant.

The Jumpmaster

Naked burger. Simple and delicious.

Bridgett Marcum

Even the bun was good! Fresh burger made to order. Love the wedge fries. Clean restaurant. Friendly staff. Close to freeway.

Mia Magby