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REVIEWS OF VIVO Kitchen IN Minnesota

world of faith

Great food and awesome atmosphere!

Katie Kreidberg

Get the Roasted Red Pepper and Goat Cheese Soup.

Business Reviewer

We went there for the first time and before I walked through the doors, there were 4 younger kids working there already looking at me and talking/giggling. Horrible service. Server was awesome. He’s the taller guy, I believe his name is Jared. Food came after a while and the portions were small. Good thing my parents ordered salad and appetizer otherwise we wouldn’t have left full. Restaurant was cold even though we were in the room with the fireplace. Restaurant lights are so dim, we could barely see and people were getting sleepy.

Cathy Schlegel

We sat at the bar, for the first half of our stay we were basically ignored by staff, but the second half they were very attentive. Weird. I had the mushroom ravioli. It was ok. Could have had more mushroom flavor. For dessert I had the warm browne sundae. Problem was, the browne was not warm at all. Room temp at best. And it was crusty, even on the cut edges, like it had been sitting out for a couple days. Very disappointing.

Jonathan Swensen

It was okay. A bit overpriced for your typical American slop. I'd recommend getting drinks and appetizers. Otherwise if you wanna drop $47 on a ribeye, prob the best choice on the menu.

Matthew Milliman

Food was excellent and the staff was friendly and helpful.

Paul Mattsen

Consistent, well" prepared and tasty. Very nice atmosphere. Service usually very good.

Sytine Tchang

; Beautiful place. Food wasn't too bad. Clean. Tables were sticky, but that's the only bad thing I can say.

Ryan Bolduan

Not bad. Not awesome, but certainly not bad. The drinks were flavorful, but honestly in the era of craft cocktails really uninteresting. The food was very well prepared (al dente pasta, great sauce), but the carrot cake was a bit dry (although the ice cream was a nice addition). The biggest problem was the service. We sat at the bar and the bartenders really were slow for the first half of the visit. It picked up at the end, but it wasn't the service I'd expect. Solidly better than most of what you find in the suburbs, but not exceptional.

Bradley Nix

Good food and atmosphere

Steve Myhre

Had to ask for water. Had to ask for menus. Seemed like our presence was a bother to bartender. Cold (as always). Food was good. Regret not going to Porter Creek or Chianti Grill instead.

Harold Amundsen

Had a bad experience a couple years ago...Very Much improved Now!!!

Suzie Marohl

We had brunch for the first time here at Easter. It was a wonderful experience. The food was exceptional. The staff was so helpful and hospitable. We mentioned to the carving station server that my son had food allergies and only liked the pineapple they had out. They had pineapple, cantelope and honeydew melon out for fruit choices. He offered to have our server bring grapes to our table. Then for dessert, I asked about the ingredients in the homemade marshmallows that they had. Our server asked the pastry chef for us. It was safe for our little so they brought it with fresh berries. It was a hit! This was the first time our little could eat a dessert in a restaurant. Thank you SO much for making this an amazing Easter for our family!!

Thomas Zurick

Always an awesome experience!!!

Brad Cornell

Vivo is one of my wife and my favorite places to go. As a wonderful atmosphere and the food is top notch. We have never had a bad experience and will continue to go for years.

Becky Lund

It is beautiful and the food was excellent!!!

Patrick Goerisch

Fantastic place. Amazing filet

Marissa Plasch

Great food! Great service! The brunch is definitely worth trying.

Matt Skahen

Food was excellent. Try the salmon app. Service was average at best though. P

Amy & Avery Nubson

We were just looking for some appetizers and stumbled to Vivo Kitchen by accident. But it was definitely worth the visit! We came early so no need for a reservation, and we wanted to be seated outside. The weather was nice and we were the only two out there. The Chicken Satay appetizers were the best I've had, had wonderful flavor and we ordered a second batch. The burger slider was almost a meal in itself, the only disappointment was the ravioli app and that was because the others were so good. The downside, our second order of apps, was forgotten about. The staff and managers quickly took care of that and made the extra time we spent there worthwhile. Fantastic food and fantastic service. I will be eating there again.


Very elegant restaurant; by far the fanciest place I've dined at in Minnesota! The food was delicious and made with local ingredients, the staff was friendly, and the bathrooms were clean. I ate a Vivo on New Years Eve and the restaurant was decorated so beautifully and presented an atmosphere fit for the occasion. The food at Vivo is definitely on the pricier side, however it is worth the price (just make sure to inquire about portion sizes). I would very much so recommend and my chances of returning are high.

Rose Niemer

We got some things off the happy hour menu that were pretty subpar. The parm shrimp was good but the steak was served room temperature. Also there was a lipstick stain on my glass of water that wasn’t mine...

Erin Facile

Fantastic service, friendly staff and nice atmosphere. The food was artfully plated and tasty, but seemed just "okay" overall for the prices they're charging, which is the main reason I didn't rate 5-stars. The menu is clearly "experimental" and could be hit-or-miss depending on the season. The goal seems to be to do something unexpected with spices, and I heard a lot of "well, that's interesting," at the table. So not bad, but not great either. Lightning was also too dark for my preference, but other people like eating in the dark.

Stacee Murff

Made reservations for my daughters birthday our server Nikki was fantastic with our orders and all the commotion our party of 8 made.. food was phenomenal the prices are on the high end but well worth it for great service and food along with quality family time...

alyssa bowen

Some of the best food I've ever had

Izzle Bodizzle

Nice place to celebrate special occasions.

Logan Paquin

Vivo Kitchen is a wonderful stop for a homemade, fresh, delicious meal in the suburb of Apple Valley. The restaurant itself is beautiful, with stone walls, fireplaces, a nice bar, and an expansive outdoor seating space. Everything is made in house, from the sauces to the noodles, and I've never had a bad meal myself. The filet is an excellent cut and has been cooked perfectly each time, the burgers are flavorful, and the Old Fashions are well made. The only note of improvement from someone in our party is the lasagna needed more noodle and meat, it was mostly sauce and cheese. Otherwise, great experience every time! The wait staff has also been friendly and on point.

Jamie Arold

Happy hour with the girls. Can't go wrong. Classy venue. Great location. Good prices.

DaVonna Quernemoen

I had my birthday dinner here with my family. The service was excellent and the food and drinks were delicious. My only complaint was that the steak lacked flavor... I don't think they even used salt. As somewhat of a foodie, that was a mild disappointment. I am still giving 5 stars because everything else was superb. We had 3 children with and the server didn't break... that's worth something for sure! :)

Melissa Wallace

Way. Too. Loud. Totally open space, high ceilings with wood and stone interior. Nothing to absorb all the dinner hour conversations. We could not hear our own conversation. Food was good. Service was just ok.

Thomas Haze

Great place for a special dining experience. My family went there to celebrate Mother's Day. We started with calamari where was very tender and delicious. I chose the curry chicken satay as my entree which had great flavor and a spicy cucumber salad on the side. Very enjoyable. For dessert, we had a couple items and just did the 'take a bite pass to the right' method. I really liked the ice cream brownie sundae with candied peanuts. It was wonderful; Great service too. Overall great dining experience.

Plymouth Hy-Vee

I get take out here very frequently. The food is always cooked perfectly and the hostesses are absolutely amazing!!! I also enjoy eating there when possible.

Matt McEiver

New menu is good, but the whole menu is 50/50! Everything is either way better than what you pay, or way worse than what you pay! Bar selection is typical.

David Freese

Upscale atmosphere, great food. Really nice place to enjoy time with friends.

Lynnette Hess

Went here for a work Christmas party. I had the shiitake mushroom chicken with asparagus (I am not a fan of sweet potatoes), and it was AMAZING! The plate was huge, and everything was cooked perfectly. The staff was very nice and efficient. No idea what it cost, but I am guessing it would he in the $$$ range. I had a great time.

Elizabeth Dahlen

Always a favorite for terrific food and relaxed friendly service.

Thomas Marek

Very good Sunday menu service was very very good and the food was excellent

Doug Stokes

Food good but too loud for easy conversation

Marcus Seetram

Vivo is absolutely amazing. A completely scratch kitchen south of the river. Beautiful patio and inside dining room. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. My wife and I dine here at least 3 times a month. The menu changes with what local produce is is season, and I have never had a bad experience or meal.


Gorgeous atmosphere, incredible view , beautiful servers and Soo delicious food .

Steve Osvatics

Great food and service. Awesome salad

Jamie Weyker

Anna is the best server ever! The food was amazing, great atmosphere and the customer experience is priority here. Great choice!

Mike McDow

Decent food, a little on the spendy side.

Ryan Keppel

Great food, Great staff and a nice atmosphere!

Kathleen Skipper

Great atmosphere. Food was spectacular. Loved sitting by the fireplace. Happy to have a nice restaurant in Apple Valley!

Dave Field

Best place I've been to in the area. Service and atmosphere was wonderful.

P Christenson

Excellent food. Great service.

Susan Turner

Wonderful family gathering place. Food is always fresh and service is "spot on!"

Troy Molde

Apple Valleys finest restaurant. Great food, beautiful decor, great service. My wife loves going here. We will be back again and again. I had the crusted salmon, was delicious! We sat in the room by the fire place, very inviting.

Elizabeth Anderson

Awesome food, friendly staff, and beautiful patio!

Darkblood Luxury

Food was a delish!

Alison Anderson

I love this place. The food is delicious, fresh and well prepared, drink selections are abundant, there's a wide variety of both to suit any taste and the ambience though sometimes loud is like dining at your own luxury estate. But it comes at a pretty nice price point, which I would expect at this caliber of venue. That's why I would also expect that my meal wouldn't take 2 hours to serve my meal. We arrived with reservations at 6:45 a party of 8. Our server was pleasant, they're always very good at their jobs. But it took far too long to just get our food. We ordered drinks and apps, which were slow as will, buy somewhat reasonable. By the time they got around to taking or order and getting it to the kitchen it was 8pm and they had to come back 15 mins later add they'd run out of the ravioli dish that was so promoted by the server. 3 of our party selected other dishes. Again, I love this place, I just didn't plan on eating dinner at 8:45 with 6:45 reservations. I don't eat apps as I look forward to my main plate, so next time I go I'll think twice and place my meal and intake accordingly.

Mike Shadick

Fantastic food and service. The duck was fantastic and I have to suggest the creme brulee.


The food is delicious. They have many different options including gluten free and vegetarian options. Their food is fresh and local ingredients which is pretty cool. The atmosphere is calm and nice. I definitely will go there again

Anna Hildenbrand

Atmosphere is a little loud, but my filet was totally perfect.

Jerica George

A wonderful restaurant with a great atmosphere! It's an more of an upscale restaurant but they do have a bar area. I ordered the vegetarian lasagna and it was delicious. I ordered a salad before my meal and it was larger than I thought, so I would skip it if you're not that hungry and want to enjoy your meal.

Dalles Jorgenson

Staff= 5+ stars Chef = 5+ stars (I even asked for a unique panini and chef said yes- we’ll try it) I don’t drink alcohol- but from my experience the bar seems very comforting. I even order an appetizer (to see if that’s the flaw behind this amazing establishment) = 5+ Even order dessert! Figuring that this is where I’m going to catch them... NOPE! I will definitely be returning- bringing my friends and coworkers. This place is worth the extra dollar.

Tess Huber

I absolutely love the pizza. And the patio is lovely.

Joanne Sneddeker

Very nice, looks like a great patio would like to go back during warmer weather

Jennifer King

Our favorite date night place! The food is delicious, the drinks are unique, and the service is impeccable. This is the kind of place that makes you feel like a special guest. Whether it's brunch or a celebration dinner, Vivo Kitchen never disappoints!

Danielle McCarthy

I usually sit at the bar top and always have a wonderful experience. All the bartenders I've had create delicious beverages as well as a warm, welcoming atmosphere to enjoy them. I love that they are a scratch kitchen that uses locally sourced ingredients. Their ability to consistently provide exceptional food and service can only mean that both FOH and BOH take pride in their craft. Living in Apple Valley, I'm thrilled to have a restaurant I wouldn't expect to find in the suburbs so close to home.


Most delicious food. Very small portion for the price. Great atmosphere. Pleasant staff.

Joleen Wroten

Great good. Good service. Good drinks. Can't go wrong here.

Kelly Eckman

Very nice Easter buffet.

Joshua Wallert

My family and I have been here twice, once for dinner and once for brunch. The food and experience was fantastic both times. We just moved into the area and this was immediately our new favorite restaurant.

Brad F

A little noisy, but great food and service.

Diane Lilja

Loved it food is always good there!! And sat on the patio this time,very nice sitting out there also! And the service is awesome

Amber Budd Peterson

one of my favorites in the south metro - absolutely gorgeous patio, and really good food. If you like Pineapple, be sure to try the pineapple martini!

D. Perfect

Ashley M. is an incredible server. She was very detailed when we asked questions, personable and funny. Great Job Ashley thank you for making our dining experience absolute perfection.

Shaya Panda

A bit overpriced for brunch... also I had requested a booth in my reservation and was denied a booth when many were available. We were sat right in front of the window with the bright sunlight glaring in our faces. I will not be going back. Also, with a 3 year old it doesn't make for the nicest experience. I don't mind paying more for good food, you get what you pay for, but I do mind when everyone in the party is eating in discomfort and no waiter or waitress cared to correct the issue.

Jeff R

The changes to the menu and building are very nice. We really enjoyed the BLT pork belly app. Staff and management did a great job for our anniversary dinner.

Rick Nelson

Food is excellent. Little pricey but worth it.

Erin Halverson

Great service, laid back trendy atmosphere, and really good food!

Judy Swanson

Great food and a first rate service! Our server was Jeff and he was a delight! Prompt, friendly, and amazing service! We will definitely be back! Thanks for a great evening, Jeff!!!

Kraig Kranz

Food was wonderful. Service was great. Had a really good waiter, very pleasant. Made our night even more enjoyable!!

Mariah Edwards

Literally my favorite restaurant! The atmosphere is perfect, the food is amazing, and the service is fantastic!


Thank you Stephanie and Darcy for your amazing hospitality! I can’t wait to visit again with my wife and two good friends. They’re going to love the appetizers! Can’t wait to deliver them to one another!

Ray G

Amazing, innovative food. Consistently outstanding service. Cocktails as good as anywhere in the south metro.

Erik Montpetit

I have been here 3 times and the food was always average. My salmon was over cooked and my risotto was more like cream of wheat. Service and atmosphere were outstanding. I have never had to wait for a table.

Kristen Miller

Amazing food, atmosphere and service!

Kathleen Rogers

Loved the chicken Alfredo

Caitlin Lee

Service is amazing and everyone is so welcoming! Great atmosphere and the food is so so good!!!

Sandy Holle

Really great food & service!

Joseph Mullins

Such good food. The shrimp sweet corn risotto was delicious, their bread sorry and warm, and good Lord why isn't Nutella gelato a permanent staple in the American diet?!? Seriously though, locally sourced foods with some very obvious care and attention to detail. Fantastic. That said, why isn't this a 5? Simply because it was too darn loud. Popular and happy environment, certainly shouldn't be a bad thing, I think it is the architecture, the place is attractive, but it really facilitates an almost impossible noisy room. No sorry surfaces etc, Now I feel petty. Sorry.

Allison Myrah

Had an amazing date night. The whole experience was amazing from the food to the staff. Would definitely recommend going here for dinner one night!

Kati Moen

The Beet Salad was amazing!

Patrick Hendricks

Great fresh food and friendly service

Bjorn Broback

Didn't dine in. Had a groom's dinner in a private room. Service was good and food was good. If I lived nearby I would go back.

Dylan Neubauer

This place is amazing! Great food, the cocktails are awesome. They even have a decent selection of craft beer typically. My server Carolyn was awesome! I will be back here for sure!

Emily D

This is the first time I've been to this restaurant despite living in the area. I made a reservation for a group of us at 5pm on a Friday and when we arrived we realized that happy hour was in the dining side of the restaurant. We were about to leave but the manager found a table in the bar area for us and ushered us over. Huge thank you! The server and food was delicious, we'll be back!

Katie Johnson

If you've never been to Vivo..GO!! First class food, service and atmosphere!

Brenda Biever

Yummy soup. Great martini

Brent Chessen

Stopped in for a late lunch. All the food was well made fresh (not frozen).The bread that they served us was delightful. Great choice of beers. And the wait staff were great.

Nick Rau

Food was good, although a little expensive. The atmosphere was good, we sat right outside next to a pond, and there was a fireplace outside as well (not lit when we were there around lunchtime). The wait staff was also very accommodating, making a specialty drink we asked for that wasn't on the menu. All in all, very enjoyable lunch experience.

Pj Saunders

It was stinkin amazing and our server Christian is the best!!!!

Jon Przywojski

Visiting the area and tried this place for no particular reason. Good food. Good service. A fortunate decision on a place to have lunch.

Lydia Lee

Service is great!!! But food is better! And it's very well decorated inside and on the patio

Wine Enthusiast

After countless (and I mean countless) poor experiences, I have accepted the fact that Vivo has some excellent food made from scratch that I simply can't enjoy due to poor service and a lack of accountability. I have consistently observed the following: customers treated differently, whether it is getting your "whole party" seated or being told a food item is out when it is not (I do not know what guides this); failure to greet tables until it is too late (and tables are getting up and leaving); customers ignored during happy hour because they are understaffed or the patio is opening up (a common excuse); salads and appetizers taking 1.5 hours to deliver and drinks taking 45 minutes; management making excuses for lack of service and expecting patrons to accept the experience (failure to take accountability; please see responses to poor reviews on this site, which is Reputation Management 101). It is a shame when the establishment has a gorgeous patio and delicious food but I simply cannot support a place where exceptional service is a rare luxury, not the expectation.

Tara Cormican

The food and service here is incredible. Top-notch. The restaurant is in a nice location, it's clean, modern, and well-kept. The event room is very nice, and events I've attended here are enjoyable, with good food and desserts, (oh my, the desserts are something special)! From the managers to the servers, and from the events staff to the hostesses, I've always been impressed with the team here.

Tess Donahue

Vivo is a local favorite for date night and celebratory meals. Last year, we hosted a grooms dinner there and it was amazing; from atmosphere, food quality to service - it was a lovely evening. Last weekend, we hosted our wedding reception for 100 people in our back yard and the Vivo truck catered the event. Chef Sarah, Chef Dan and team were incredible - they took care of every detail. Our guests that night, and now a week later, are still raving about the delicious food. I would recommend Vivo and their 5-Star team and cuisine for ANY event. They are such great people with a ton of talent!!

Brad LeBlanc

Fabulous food in excellent service

Nick Engen

Great happy hour and food

Danielle Hirsch

The service was just fine but the food was not good. My noodles were not cooked all the way and the chicken was so tough I could barely cut thru it. We've been here before and we're excited to try it out again. I'm not sure I'd go back for the food.

Nicole Geffre

The restaurant was modern and clean. The food I ordered was very good and service was excellent. I recommend reserving a table online if possible. Would be great for a date night or night out with other adults. My only complaint is it is rather loud inside. I will definitely be returning with my friends and using it for date nights.

Chad DeCourcy

The aged porkchop was amazing!!! Great service tops off the stellar food. May be a little pricey for some but worth every penny.

bruce robles

Love the architecture of stone and wood and big fireplace. Food was healthy and tasty. Enjoyed our salads, chicken soups, ham and cheese panini and cheese cake. Our server, Darcy, was fantastic, too. Very relaxing and beautiful. We got take-out, too. My husband loved his salmon dish.

Billy Haas

Great wine selection, spicy Lucy burger was amazing and the pizzas are delicious! Staff was great and I don't think I was ever less than half on water. Definitely a great place for dates, or if you love wine

Charlotte Rasmussen

From the food to the staff, everything was superb. My mom got a glass of guwurtztraminer and I got a glass of Barbera, and I was actually a bit surprised that both of them were very fresh, and of course tasty. I'm glad to know Apple Valley has this gem, and can't wait to go back

Greg Johnson

Great food and atmosphere

Rob Knutson

Great atmosphere, great service. Food was marginal at best tonight.

Shane Maki

Food and service were both good

Kelsey Widdel

Favorite restaurant south of the metro! My husband and I moved to the area two years ago and Vivo is our #1 stop for everything: happy hour, date night, group dinners, and celebrations. I recently hosted a small baby shower for my sister there-the brunch was AMAZING and our server, Diane, took such great care of us. The services is always fantastic and the food is delicious. I love that the menu changes-there is always something new to get excited about. Thanks Vivo-see you soon!

Ron P

Oh Vivo, because of one lying manager with a power obsession, we have been banned from ever coming here again ! If it was not so ridiculous, it would be funny ! They ruined our anniversary dinner we had here two years ago because the A/C was not working, they sat us at the worst table, even though we had reservations, the kitchen took forever for our food, and when it arrived, it was not real good. We voiced our complaints and the next day we went to talk with a manager because of the whole situation. We were told by that manger that, someone had said mean things to the server. LIE # 1 We never said anything personally about the server. We voiced our opinion about the overall horrible way things went, yes. Well anyway, we were given a refund for most of the cost of our meals and our 4 guests meals. Fine, we thought, OK we will move on. We did not go back for quite some time after that because of the bad memories it left us with. Over the past year, we have returned many times, because their happy hour is good and the ambience is nice. No problems ! We have never complained again and always tip the servers decent and a few of the servers have got to know us. So, we went there recently and wanted to sit on the patio. The hostess told us it would be 25 min. wait. We declined. We sat inside instead. I then saw an open table and I went to ask about it. I was told it was for someone that was waiting. OK, so I asked how many parties were on the waitlist. She said one, so I asked here to put me on the list. Now our server starts to be snotty and rude and short with us. I noticed 2 other parties being seated outside, so my wife went to the hostess and was told our server had taken our name off the list ! My wife and I were upset and we saw a manager, so my wife went to tell him what happened. He, in turn, went to the manager we dealt with 2 yrs. ago. Let's call her, Stephanie, because that is her name ! He then comes back to our table and tells us that we can never return to Vivo ! Oh well, my wife and I go out to eat about 4 times a week ! Your loss ! Stephanie, I think your hair is wound too tight. It may be causing your anger issues !

Corey Woods

Ambiance is perfect with a great patio. The food has a nice mix of light and refreshing to hearty. Always a treat!

Holly Austin

Great service, great food, great atmosphere!!

Rob Houg

My wife and I enjoy this place and pretty much everything they have is delicious.

Jodi Johnson

Amazing, fresh food. Well prepared. Superior service from a well trained staff. Nice atmosphere. Great place to relax, or celebrate a special occasion.

Nancy Wratz

Disappointing lunch at Vivo today. I ordered a wood-fired pizza which was so salty, I could not eat it. Server never came back to our table to make sure our meals were alright. When she finally came back with the bill, I asked her if there had been other complaints about the pizza as I was unable to eat it. She took the pizza into the back saying she’d see what she could do. Came back out with the pizza boxed up. As we were starting to leave she asked if we wanted beverage refills. A little late for that! My husband tasted the pizza when I got home; he couldn’t eat it either. Very disappointed with both service and food.

Chiraq Hernandez

Great food n amazing service. Thank you so much Jasmine. Highly recommend this place. Thank u to my son Rece for bringing me

Megg McGovern

Food is phenomenal. Burrata caprese and mushroom risotto are my favorite. Don't waste on your time on the deserts. Servers are attentive and accommodating. LOVE the patio but it gets buggy.

Ryan Miller

This place is in apple valley in a weird spot. The menu is Italian with a lot of meat options. We had 3 people...2 had chicken alfredo. They both said it. Was a 5. I had the shrimp ...chorizo risotto. This was some of the best risotto I have tasted recently. They have a full bar and a patio. The price is decent not great. They also had decent service in the bar area. There are TV to watch sports in the bar area also. All and all 4 and half stars.

Aaron Eckman

Food, service,atmosphere...excellent

Christie Bradfish

Love the half off bottles on Wednesday!

Jamie Olenchak

Great for HH dinner lunch. $$ bring your wallet. Family or girls night out. Above average menu.

Tyler Bergstrand

Vivo burger was the best ive ever had.

David Casperson

Great menu, service and bar. Good gluten free options.

naomi mae

went back there for the great food, but got horrible service at the bar, bartender didn’t pay any attention, made rude comments, and over charged us by over $15. great food but very disappointed in the customer service.

Fred Kocher

Very expensive, food average,service above average. Would not return

Victoria Jones

First visit to this restaurant for brunch with friends. LOVE how accommodating they were to allowing dogs on their patio! They brought water for my dog and made my friends and me feel very welcome. Our server, Jackie, deserves a special shout out for making great menu recommendations and giving awesome service. We will definitely return and ask for Jackie again!

Nancy Larrabee-Himmel

$15 seems excessive for a grilled cheese sandwich, until you try it.

David Elias

They have the best old fashioned drinks, anywhere.

Rick Guderjahn

4-course meal special was excellent. Great service from Brian!

Benny Tenuci

I walked in here and the two young ladies in front never offered a word. The server was great but a bad first impression

carolyn jackson

Tina was great . I came on a Friday evening. I ordered the crab cakes

Kate Bee

Good food and great ambience. I’d ask to be seated under the circle chandelier for brunch next time.

Haley Diepholz

They have awesome happy hour and a great atmosphere. Food is always delicious. The patio is gorgeous.

Ron R

Great food,service,nice environment.

Chad Detlefsen

Great Food all the way around. Great atmosphere.

Josue Castillo

Great place great food

Victoria Robert

The ahi tuna was horrible

Joel Schultz

Great food and service! What more could you ask for. Also great atmosphere for a night out.

Suzanne Giese

Great atmosphere for after work cocktails and appetizers!

Kathy Torkelson

Everything was excellent!!

Patrakul T.

Way over priced. And food portion and presentation weren’t look as good as the picture. Salad is warm! When we get there no one greet us. There were few staff there but they just walked by. What a place! For sure we’re not going back.

Allan Campbell

Nice atmosphere, good service, food was mediocre. Big bucks for small portions.

Mark Larson

Not being all that hungry and wanting a healthy meal I ordered the salmon, man, was I glad I did, I cannot remember tastier salmon unless I caught it myself! The first time there I had the fillet, it was perfect, the last time I had the Lasagna, very tasty, followed with cheesecake and I was feeling content, although I made a mental note to go biking the next day. The cleanliness of the place deserves to be mentioned, it would pass my mothers inspection. Not many would.

Jeannie Hill

It is possible to eat inside, outside, at the bar, and around the fireplace. Also, it's an ideal place for groups to host a meeting. We go for the food. Lunches are especially spectacular; love their grilled cheese.and fresh salads. For dinner, the salmon is my favorite. We've enjoyed several Easter brunches at Vivo, too. The buffet is amazing. After trying several others, we are opting to return here again this Easter. Last fall, the view was fantastic when dining out on the patio.

Michael Bischel

Great service and exceptional wine list even for wines by The Glass

Parker Maertz

Everything here is very good, fun drinks and awesome Italian food


Quantity on some takeout items is severely lacking. We ordered brussels sprouts to go from Vivo 3x, and each time, we got around the same amount of sprouts. They are tasty, but I don't think anyone can charge $10 for literally 4 1/2 small sprouts, even if it is considered an appetizer. We had friends over and we literally each ate ONE. We've ordered these in the restaurant and we get far more. Really disappointing, especially when we also regularly tip on our takeout orders. (tried to post a photo, but apparently it won't attach)

Renee Zeilbeck

Great food and serice.

Brian Mahon

Upscale night out, but not over the top. Relaxed environment, good food and drinks. A great place for a casual night out or celebrating a special occasion. Bar area is very open, but there are booths/tables you can find too. Patio is huge and in demand during the summer. Near a pond so mosquitoes can get interesting.

Chris Myers

Excellent upscale dining at a reasonable price. Wonderful choices of things not found everywhere. Fresh ingredients and great presentation. The chef is always creating something delicious. Very comfortable indoor and outdoor seating. The service is attentive and professional.

Brian Berg

Nice enough but the food is kind of over complex and some of the flavors don't go well together. Example...the mustard on the ham sandwich tastes rancid and wrecks an otherwise excellent sandwich.

Lance Morgan

Very nice ambiance with good food and good service. Plenty of vegetarian & GF options with an adjustable and accommodating menu. A little pricier than others, so it's a nice treat for a date night.

Jessica Miller

I got chicken Alfredo this time. It had a little kick to it which took me off guard at first, but it was actually pretty good. I normally like Alfredo sauce more cheesy and creamy, but the fact that the pasta was cooked to a perfect al dente made up for that. I wish the dinner salads were better so that's why I only gave 4 stars.

Becky H

It's always just average service and slightly above average food. Always a long wait for a drink and food. Great patio though so we keep going.

Luke Carlson

After hearing great reviews in the past, I was expecting more than what I was offered. While the interior provides a classier American- Italian charm, the menu features limited menu items than expected, and at an above average price, even with locally sourced food items. I would like to visit again, but it will be in the much distant future and with higher hopes.

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