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2539 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55404, United States

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REVIEWS OF Pancho Villa Mexican Restaurant IN Minnesota


Thought the food would be better, mediocre service.

vanessa Cortez

Great 2 for 1s !!! Also the queso chorizo dip is huge.

Preston Luman

Authentic Mexican! Go there for lunch. Many locals eating & Spanish spoken. Spanish tv on. Service is always friendly & attentive. Food served quickly. I like Playas Dr Carnitas, & their guacamole is good as well. Fun environment.

Cal D

Great burrito and margarita. Fast service and take out too. Friend got a veggie one that she really liked. I do a lot of mexican and this place is on my short list.

Enrique Ortega

Their two for one margaritas are top notch. I've never had a bad meal here.

Brandon Jay Rockensock Sutton

Eating cactus paddles and seafood out of a smoking stone bowl is one of the best dates around, and there's usually two-fors on the drinks.

Loren Siebold

Best Mexican place on Eat Street in my opinion. Not usually a wait for a table, full bar, and extensive menu with all the usual fare. Food is above average and service is excellent. Family friendly with kids menus available. Soccer or boxing often on TVs (Mexican soaps when no sports) and Central American music plays through the sound system. Cool pictures of Pancho Villa on the walls. Fun place.

Andrew Parrill

Absolutely fantastic. Great food, great hot sauces, great beverages. I go there around 3 times a week.

Opal Mattila

Good food, tasted authentic, efficient service.

Key Bob

Best Mexican food around I'd say. Reasonable prices. If your looking for a EZ date go here. However don't sit by the window in the back corner FLYS!!

Andy W.

I keep going back hoping I will like it - but I can't like it. The food just really isn't very good and the service is exceptionally poor. The 2 for 1 Margaritas are fun and it's near my home so I wish it were better... But without excellent food, the crappy service just doesn't fly.

Kat Ramage

Service was poor, especially considering the place was half empty, and the food was only mediocre

Miss Roxanna

The food was excellent and the senorita was awesome

Quinn Haberl

Enjoy going to this place for drinks. The Mexican food here is wonderful. They are definitely good for large gatherings. Are used to work in the neighborhood, and we would have many of our staff get together is here.

Vunley Long

Kind of slow service sometimes but it's always a good time there.

Ana Smith

Awful. The worst experience I've ever had at a restaurant. My drink had fruit flies in it. I also waited an hour for my food to come out with no server communication. When it came out it was very bland and dry. I asked the server to bring out the manager due to this poor service and when the manager came out he argued with me saying, "This table is full of complainers." Absolutely uncalled for and very rude. I would advise not to go here, there are plenty of other great authentic Mexican restaurants in the area. The manager clearly has no care for his customers and doesn't know how to run a restaurant properly.

Brianna Sain

I purchased 5 tacos and a drink from here , touched ONE TACO and wasn’t satisfied I attempted to return the food and was told “ no , just take it and throw it away “ once I debated the point of how that was NOT an acceptable resolution a person from management intervened and took the food from me , I told him he could charge me for my drink And the ONE taco . He then took a picture of the food and threw it in the trash and told me that he can give me 1/2 ( $10) back . I told him absolutely NOT because I didn’t eat ($10 worth of food ) ! He can charge me for the drink I drunk and the taco I touched and refund me for the 4 tacos ! He then walked off and called the police and so did I ! THEY HAVE HORRIBLE customer service when it comes to dealing with issues on all levels ! NEVER will I return here and I’ll be filing a civil complaint

Evelyn C

Really good service, and the margaritas are strong.

Matt Plachejo

My margarita was mediocre and warm. The chips we're oily and tasted like they were fried in lukewarm month old oil. The restrooms were horrible. They were dark and dirty, one had a broken toilet seat and one had burnt out florescent lights so it was lit so dimly it looked like something out of a horror movie. I didn't eat the food, so maybe it was good, but I don't think I'll be back to give it a try.

Bryan Hanenburg

Good, but a bit expensive for what you get.


Very well done. I'll be back.

Mary Ann Rivera

Two for ones AND Mexican food. You can't go wrong with Pancho's. I love those veggie fajitas.

Larry Lemanski

Surprisingly perfect for a hot summer day. Stunningly quick. Ample sized. Decent spice (but for the beans that were brought to life with a touch of hot sauce.) Slightly more expensive than most Mexican restaurants but that was due to the location

CJ Acres

Good food and service all the way from Texas!

Nolan Moriarty

Pretty good food. Attentive and kind wait staff. Kid friendly.

Neil Ryan

As a person who loves Mexican food, it was hard moving to MN and finding a really good authentic Mexican restaurant. To this date, pancho is definitely the best I've found. There food is really delicious. I had enchiladas. My party of 4 all got different items and really liked their plates. The menu has a huge variety. They also have a late night happy hour which always puts me in a good mood. I definitely recommend.

Mia A

I totally forgot about the ridiculous incident that happened at this place this past winter. Went out for some light fare and drinks for a friends birthday which we have done many times before throughout my life. This particular evening our server decided she was going to steal my friend's debit card number when we were paying our bill and make an online purchase (at American Eagle of all places, how pathetic). Of course she got her money back but the rest of our evening was ruined trying to report it to her bank. When attempting to call the establishment to let them know that their staff is steal patrons information, there was no working number. I highly suggest bringing cash or not going to this establishment at all of you can avoid it.

Steve Jwanouskos

Chili poblanos is the real deal. Good sized portions -- fair prices, nice service too.

Giancarlo Manrique Olivera

This place has great food. People is nice here. However, they host some live music on the weekends and the restaurant could get very noisy. It's hard to talk to the people on the table when they have live music. Music is good but the restaurant doesn't have the infrastructure for live music.


Great 2for1 margaritas M-F! Friendly staff and pretty good food. The chorizo cheese dip is delicious!

Nana Grace Kwapong

I love this place. I have been going with friends for years. They have amazing from from all over Latin America that come in large portions and have great, large-sized drinks to satisfy one's every thirst. Also, we have karaoke and the option of watching sports, telenovelas or both while you eat. Nothing beats that ;)

Greg Anderson

Live music on weekends

Oscar A Escobar Gutierrez

Great burritos, service and music

Glenn Bates

I've only been here twice, but the food has been delicious every time. Cool neighborhood, so plenty of people watching if you sit outside. Also: try a margarita.

Nick Wishard

Large number of plates available that are all decently priced. Food is fairly decent but nothing too wild. Drink specials are 2 for 1 so you do get a good value if you're going for drinks.

Brent Lappi

Solid yummy food!

James Wendell

Decent Mexican food; pricey for quantity/quality.

Capri B

great food with many options and perfect to bring any amount of people to get together

София Ровинская

Great food and perfect deal for margaritas

Jessica Ray

Service was good but way overpriced and chicken tasted like it came from a can.

Paul Stamm

Good food. Try their Queso dip!

Alissa Vick

Love going here for friends birthdays. Good portions! A bit expensive, but a good place to eat. Get the guacamole and chips. They make it table side. It's a bit pricey but the fresh flavor makes it worth the splurge.

Brittany Alexis

You have to get the tableside guacamole! It is to die for. The drinks are made just right.

Kristi Schaller

Delicious, reasonable prices, and friendly. Margarita specials Mon to Friday. I just had lengua tacos and they were delicious. Had the viking nachos last time - also really good.

mandi scott

We go here a lot but don't ever through bite squad cause neither one care about the order 35 dollars down the drain my order said add white cheese sauce on top nope some red sauce on it and it had peas in my burrito its not supposed to have it they usually always put the guacamole on the side or at least they do when ever you go in the restaurant nope this time it went in the burrito so my husband never touched his I will never order out again with them


I give this restaurant three stars: false advertising. If a restaurant is to advertise that they offer free drinks to customers on their birthday. The restaurant should have on there Banner located outside of the restaurant, their stipulations? Nevertheless, the food is awesome and the service is superb.

Carly Carbert

I love this place so much. I go here couple times a month for their table side guac and two for one margaritas. There is one waitress that always helps me and she is phenomenal, always remembers our order. I will continue to go here, an environment that always is welcoming.

J Waterous

Food is beautiful and really delicious here too! Plus really nice people running it! Try the chimichanga made with chorizo with both red and green sauces. Good stuff here! I can't wait until my next visit.

Jennifer Kenfield

No ac once again. Good food though

Los612 Productions

Wonderful food. Great atmosphere.

Lora J.

Horrible service, had to wait 15 min for our server to show up. Don't seat 5 tables in the same section all at once!

Will Matthews

Everything you would expect from a decent Mexican restaurant. Their table salsa needs a little flavor. Food looked hastily prepared and thrown on the plate. It was all adequately tasty, but nothing super special. Staff was decent, and well attentive.

Jaqi Myhre

I love Pancho Villa! The 2 for 1 Margaritas for lunch is just the icing on the cake to their wide variety menu. They serve all the classics with a variety of protein choices. The restaurant is always very clean, and the staff is incredibly friendly and attentive.

K.J. Schendel

Lively Mexican restaurant, great margarita's

Jeana Behnke

Love this place! Great food, service and atmosphere!

Morida Soun

Very good authentic Mexican cuisine! They give you heaping portions and their drinks menu is spot-on.

Grayson Malinowski

Terrible food, and terrible service. The food was not authentic, and wasn't seasoned at all. It took forever to order our food, and get our check. I would not recommend.

Carlos Saldaña

One of the best places for authentic Mexican food in Minneapolis, hands down. Service is good but they have been consistently bad at refilling beverages. I sit with an empty glass for 20 minutes until I finally get their attention and ask for a refill just about every time I’m there. Gorgeous fajitas, amazing margaritas, and a really expansive menu of lots of delicious authentic options.

Dani jimenez

It was a very poor experience, I wouldn't go back. El Loro and el rodeo did the same order and it was ten times better. The was no flavor to the sauce to the chilaquiles and the chicken was dry, and I asked for grill and I got shredded. I return the plate and still got charged for it. I would go back if they do some update their menu, and get some better chefs. The guacamole was on point and they make it front of you, which I thought was pretty cool. And that's why I'm giving it one star

Janet Garcia

Always look forward to eating here. Food is good and fairly priced. Only thing is service is not the best or even attentive. All the servers hovered in a corner talking majority of my visit. Won't give up though as I really do enjoy the food a lot. Could've just been a bad day who knows???

Margarita Medina

Hit or miss. The food is always good and drink specials are good but if you order something they don't have they won't always tell you and will just sub it with something probably not comparable or nearly as good. Service has gone down since the first time I came, probably won't be back for a while.

Mike Shaw

Great food and staff!

vincent grear

Staff and owner are amazing I'm a regular bite squad driver here and the owner is always very respectful to me. His place is amazing clean and very welcoming. One day I'll be able to try his food which always smells great. But if ur looking for something amazing with outstanding service stop here for this guy knows how to treat people

kenny b

One of the best Mexican joints in Minneapolis. The food is always awesome... I've been going for over a decade and have yet to meet a bad plate or server

Luke Smith

Hardest working staff on Eat Street. Great service!

Michaëlle Abraham

Eat Street has so many different cultural foods to try and Pancho Villa is definitely in my top 5 restaurants to visit. The band plays great music and the food is delicious.

simson king

Great atmosphere, food and drinks!

Mary Hill

The food was delicious; friendly, helpful, patient service, fun atmosphere. The serving sizes are amazing, especially for the price, and it tastes great!

Shawn Walker

Having moved to Minneapolis from Southern California recently, my wife and I are always on the lookout for good Mexican food. Pancho Villa isn't quite fantastic by our standards, but it's definitely very good and we have now been there several times. The menu is solid, with a nice variety and decent prices, and the drinks are well-made and reasonably priced. Service is fairly prompt and very attentive, and the kitchen is quick, even during peak hours.

j r

Bought a chicken soup from this location. I could taste the freezerburn. Why do you sell food like this? Edit : 3 months later. I still can remember so clearly the freezer burn taste from Pancho Villas Chicken Soup.

Anita FG

I know you are using MSG....I can taste it! This is not in our Mexican cuisine. I had a headache because of it! The next day I went to Cielito Lindo in Eagan, Mn. They are very authentic ....NO MSG!!!! Mariachi Sunday's 6-8pm.... Bye

Luis Benavides

They have great food and service! The best part is they have 2 for 1's on their giant margaritas (and beer) Monday-Thursday

Grace Larson

The service was very slow and the waitress kept forgetting refills etc. food was not noteworthy but it was priced as if it was. There are much better options for Mexican food in the area.

Angie Ramirez

Worst mexican restaurant between duluth mn and here so far. From stale chips, refrigerated 2 day tasting salsa,burnt tasting refried beans , even the guacamole wasnt good. Id try any where else first people.

Nancy Hietala

Fun place, grest food, great margaritas and service.

Raghav Saini

Great Marg and guac was made in front of us

Patrick Kelly

I've visited here dozens of times and it's always been great. Friendly, efficient service and tasty food. Take advantage of the giant 2 for 1 margaritas.

Leticia Rivera

Food is delicious. Atmosphere was laid back. Enjoyed it very much.

aber105631 .

Great drink specials. I didn't eat anything but the food looked awesome. I will be back.

Connor Simons

Went in for lunch and got a 'perfect burrito'. Good size for the price but dang it was about as flavorless as anything I've had. Would definitely recommend other Mexican joints over this one.

bonnie scheuermann

We celebrated my husband's birthday here this past Friday and it was a blast. There was a large group of us and they were super accommodating and friendly. The food of course was awesome ( Their emoladas are amazing) and the two for one Margaritas were a great deal. They also had some fun birthday surprises that had us laughing and cheering throughout the night.

Krista Herrera

I’ve been here multiple times with friends from the area because the location is convenient and they always have good 2 for 1 margarita deals but it’s always the same service and food quality which is subpar. The food is okay, nothing special I’d say. You can get good authentic Mexican food plenty of other places in mpls for half the price. The staff is usually rude or not that great or attentive at all. I like the free chips and salsa even though the little dish of salsa is tiny and they charge for a refill. Check it out for yourself if you’re really that curious but you might just be disappointed.

Tony Chavez

No bueno, if u want to represent Northern Mexico's greatest figure- then represent the Cuusine of Northern Mexico. Simple as that... you may have awesome cooks, but not the culinary recipes to make Vills happy

Dalie Dominguez

Love the food and environment

Olivia Salow

AWESOME food, GREAT drinks and absolute incredible service! We ordered the Jumbo Villa Margs, guacamole (which they prepared fresh in front of us at our table), and veggie quesadillas. All phenomenal! Authentic Mexican food at its best. We were here for karaoke night which was also a lot of fun.

Frank Pace

Awesome little hole on the wall place. I grew up near the border. There are few places around these parts that have good Mexican food.

Israel Williams

It's great place to eat and to see. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT.

Nancy Popkins

Very busy place but the two for one is a great deal, food was great as well. Will be back for sure and would recommend to a friend.

Forrester S

The seafood soup was absolutely amazing. My wife and I really enjoyed our experience here. We will definitely go back. Great staff!

dawn linnell

Fun place, the fried ice cream was really salty. Why?

Tone On YT.

It was hot in there, would be a five if it had air conditioning.

Ray Alex Perry

They "suggest" a tip amount on your bill

Matthew Hallacy

I've been visiting Pancho Villa for at least 18 years now. The quality has gone up.and down over the years and I'm afraid we're currently in a down year. The tamales are painfully dry, the enchiladas are sloppily thrown on the plate and my favorite appetizer, the ceviche, has been tough and overly fishy lately :( It's still an OK place, looking forward to going back when they resolve the kitchen issues.

Danger Darth

This place is a staple for watching soccer and boxing so be forwarded that it gets loud and crowded during such times. The food is good; though not designed to knock your socks off with artistry. The lighting is kept rather low, and the music is generally loud if a game isn't playing. In the summer, they have some lovely outdoor seating. What is particularly impressive here is their happy hour with 2 for 1 margaritas. Yum.

Melanie Hoaglund

BOGO drinks all day every day Monday-Friday, birthday specials when you have 6+ in your party. Authentic cuisine, fast service, convenient location.

Kirby Mullins

Pork fajitas quesadilla.... BEST I'VE EVER HAD! Only thing I order. Every time!

Luis Reyes

Food is good. Came to karaoke night for the frist time, but Very disappointed as karaoke ends at 1am and the restaurant closes at 2am.

Takara Taziki Sauce

I come here quite often to do karaoke and drink mostly. What I love about them is their hospitality! I get great service here, whether it's just a night getting drinks at their bar, bringing a few a my friends to eat and sing karaoke or just watching how everybody else sings (Spanish, English, anything really). It's a fun atmosphere and close to other bars and restaurants.

bob hundiay

Went in today around 2 pm with my wife and there was only 1 waitress on duty as it appeard anyways I can’t blame her for everything but they were really understaffed it took forever to get drinks or anything for that matter and ontop of that I originally ordered a Long Island and it was pretty bad it tasted like water Need less to say I would never come back here and spend a single dime

Michael Sullivan

Viva Delicious !

evan peterson

The choice margaritas with patron silver are perfect

Kyle Eggerth

Food was decent. Service was subpar

Robert Salazar

This may not be a total hole-in-the-wall Mexican joint but it's a far from an Americanized Mexican restaurant like Don Pablo's or Chevy's. Pancho Villa's is the perfect place to grab some margaritas, chips and salsa, and an awesome array of freshly prepared entrees. This is a local favorite, especially during the weekdays when you can get 2 for 1 margaritas. I'm not going to say these drinks are brilliant, but they suffice. For the best marg, pay an extra dollar or two and get their Villa Margarita. You can't really go wrong with the food, but I love their dinner platters - because I love a little bit of everything. Oh, and you know this is a good place when 50% of the customers are Mexican-Americans dining here from all over the Twin Cities.

leo spott

My go to Mexican restaurant for enchiladas and unlimited chips and salsa.

Parker Alton

The mariachi music was really fun, but the food left something to be desired. The chips were stale, and the burritos were bland. The beer was cheap, and the atmosphere was fun, so I may return in a pinch.

Andrew Woolcott

Great neighborhood place! Food is always good. Friendly service! Great happy hour m-f.

Teal Perrine

Dinner was fantastic! Wonderful staff, friendly service. I'll be back for 2-for-1 margaritas and to try more of the many delicious food options on the menu. ¡Gracias!

Adam Conrad

I dunno. It's just good. Not pretentious. Just simple and delicious.

Lynne Olson

Excellent food, excellent service. I loved the atmosphere. I would definitely recommend this restaurant. Guacamole was very good and was made fresh at your table.

Michelle Moore

Super quick service :)

Elsa Mendez

I love the cheese deep with 1 banquet free chips and 2xx lager drafts happy hours large

Peter Thomas

Great food, great staff, tasty 2-for-1's on house Margaritas and some beers ! Usually has live karaoke evenings, and weekly live Mariachi nights....SEE YOU THERE !!!

Elle Marie

The hostess/my waitress was rude right from the get-go. The food wasn’t up to par with the prices and it wasn’t very flavorful. My fish was not what I ordered. I wanted the shrimp but instead got a plate with a huge fish. I didn’t bother to bring it up because she would’ve just been rude. I wanted to love this place but I won’t be going back.

Mike Tofanelli

The 2 for 1 beers are $6 for a glass of beer. The older gentleman server walked fast, but did not serve his tables. You have to ask for everything, like refills, chips, salsa, etc. or you will not get anything. Spent $60 for 2 beers, 1 margarita, 1 chimichanga, 1 sangria and a plate of shredded pork they called carnitas. My wife asked for her second, 2 for 1 margarita and he took the one she was still drinking, I asked for it back. The chimichanga was really good, the carnitas was shredded meat, i was not use to it being so dry. I am not saying this was a bad experience, just saying i have had better food, Mexican food from a non Mexican restaraunt for the price.

Brandon Johnson

Genuine Mexican food and was absolutely delicious. Would highly recommend. Word of warning though, no A/C, and strong musty smell, like pee. That kind of was a mood breaker for me, but food was fantastic.

Megan Duke

Needs more veggie options, but really, it's the drinks. Amazing margaritas.

Kim Watts

Good food and drinks.

Crystal Loche

Food was ok. Price was reasonable, not the best , but service was good

Julie Carpenter

This was a GREAT restaurant! All employees were so nice, the service and timing was great, and the food was awesome too! Highly recommend

Anton Korotchuk

Good local small mom and pop place. Affordable and delicious!

continental taxi Good Service

Very bad service food is overpriced music is

Michelle Collins

Very shady pricing. Ordered the dinner combo for 13.99, got charged $2.99 for each item ordered in the combo. Was explained as follows: "The dinner combo only includes the ground beef and chicken, all other options listed are additional charges. Those prices are listed on the board inside, not on the menu. Would you like to see?" There was no indication that there would be additional charges until the bill arrived. $13.99 meal was over $20.00 on the bill. Food was not great-was not bad, definitely did not match the price.

Josiah Madison

I went to this restaurant today and was given mediocre service at best. Food came out incorrect, the waitress who took our order delivered it as well but still admitted to it being wrong when we called it out. (Which makes me think, why did you bring it out to begin with if you know ita wrong????) We found roaches (in a margarita, on the wall and table) and were told we still needed to pay even though one person didnt eat anything and the rest of us didnt finish ours and that it didn't matter what we say because no one else has complained. Over all the entire experience was horrible!

Robert McCoulay

Yesterday, I was at the restaurant for two hours, I ordered my food at the moment when I got here, however I was waiting for a while, the food was served 45 min later, my waitress was very sorry, saying that the delay was in the kitchen , and I understand her, but is unacceptable.. I’ve realized that the person who seems to be in charge of either the restaurant or the waitress has been talking by his phone all this time without paying attention to solve these delays..

Butch Blaylock

Extremely clean welcoming awesome food wonderful people

Denise Narog

We had such a wonderful time at Pancho Villa! After our son's graduation our son took us there and Gabriel was so accommodating to all our needs. Great atmosphere. Low prices and great food. ! Thank you for helping us to celebrate!

Mo Mo

Service sucked. Good food though

Bennie Henderson

Love the guacamole

Rucha Kapadia

Great guacamole that they make fresh at your table! Also have a great vegetarian chimichanga!

Stacey Danner

The food was bland and not what you expect for that pricepoint.

Javier Rivera

The food was ok, the mariachi VERY loud

lisa ryan

Food was quickly out to the table, hot and wow what flavors!! The Pozole sopas was deliciousness!! I will re order over and over. My partner enjoyed a tamale plate and I had also tostadas as a part of my dish. The service was great and I’m going back!!

Delores Boyd

Bad service waitress were not friendly and had to wait at least 10minutes to get my bill.Would not refer anyone


Had a terrible experience here last week. The music was super loud. The restaurant was flooded by creepy dudes who would not stop staring at me. Our server was nowhere to be found the whole time I was there. I was double charged and I only ordered two drinks. The margarita I ordered had barely any alcohol in it. I tried calling to get a refund for being double charged and the manager yelled at me basically saying it wasn't his problem. Never going here ever again and won't refer anyone to this place. Such a bad time.

Phillip Salat

You won't find better customer service. I even popped in for take out once and was treating as well as any guest sitting down.

Ivy Ivers

I always love the food, authentic and flavorful! don't go here if your expecting 5 star service, reading other reviews makes me giggle! this is a true blue authentic restaurant been around forever- go here not for fancy food or zagat reviews for top echelon servers, just enjoy it in an authentic vibe for a great price!

Samantha Gisch - Noyes

The food and happy hour we're okay, nothing stood out. Our server was unfriendly, didn't seem like she wanted to be serving us, and left us not wanting to return again.

Tracy Bagley

There guacamole is phenomenal! The drinks were delicious. The entree was ok.

Katie Warwick

Expansive menu. A bit pricey. Loud. Not typically too crowded. Average service. Food is pretty delicious though.

Arjun Berry

Although the service was a bit disappointing, I think overall I liked it. We ordered Quesadilla and Enchiladas. It was good. The interiors are interesting too.

Yo Me

Great food,owsome service

Tamara Ramirez Torres

Great! Love this place!!

B Jones

Good birthday spot. Good service and amazing food

Julie Chiu

I enjoy sitting at a table on their patio area when the weather is nice. Excellent service, pretty good food and prices. I usually get the enchilada trio, although the price is a bit high. Beef tacos and chicken tamales were dry and ok, so food quality could be better.

Marc Ave

The torta cubana is amazing

kelsey bocek

Every time I come here I love the experience and I am always taken care of. The managers are always attentive and on top of the servers. The servers are very polite and make sure you are all accommodated. The food is always fresh and hot! The cost of drinks are not outrages and the environment is friendly and alive. I will always make a trip from over North Minneapolis for this!

Black Cat

Really good food, staff is always very nice. Service is usually slow and they've made mistakes with my order before. It's a little on the pricey side too. I always go back though, the food reminds me of my childhood and I always leave pretty happy.

Lara Dietrich

Good for groups. 2 for 1 margaritas on weekdays are great!


Terrible customer service. Waitress was on her own time. Didn't get asked if we wanted anything for almost 15 minutes and there was maybe 4 tables including ours. Had to track the waitress down to get refills and the 241 margaritas are very light in alcohol. I will not be back to this place.

Corinna Turner

Great atmosphere, spectacular food, and wonderful staff!

Daniel Miller

Delicious food and a great staff too. Also the bar is beautiful to look at it's all lit up

Kuti Flewellen

Love the bartender there.

Manuel Juncal

Supper exelent place to dining in if you are ready.

kat vaj

I love the happy hour 2 for 1 deal. The food is usually good. The music is loud so trying to have a conversation can be difficult. My last meal there I got over charged for. I asked for fries instead of chip on my nacho... which I paid an extra $3 more but when I got my plate I hardly had enough fries. Not worth what I paid. Overall they're a good place. Parking is limited.

Aaron Ellering

Great food great prices awesome staff!!!

Natasha Bharj

Really loved this place, would definitely go back! Menu has a big selection, the food was delicious and the staff were so lovely and friendly. Really made our last night in the city special. Very vegetarian friendly and would be a great place for a big group celebration.

Rodrigue Mpagazihe

One of the best Mexican restaurants in Minneapolis

Cesar Perez Veliz

Great HH

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