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REVIEWS OF Mim's Cafe IN Minnesota

Jamie Smith

The food here is AMAZING. So much better than I was expecting. Great service as well

Amanda Griswold

I ordered the falafel small plate which comes with hummus, salad, and pita. The falafel was delicious, especially in the combination of spices. Super friendly and efficient service at a great price.

Trey Daum

A great local Middle-Eastern cafe with friendly service. I got the Philly and my wife got falafel plate with hummus and salad. Homemade fried

Eric Sinakhone

Trevor Urman

Can't beat Mim's, I've been frequenting this establishment for over 8 years, welcoming and friendly staff, stellar food. You'll be pleased you ate there!

satu satu

Nice food for non veg I like lamp

Fake O Bitties

Amazing shawarma at a great price!

Ahmed Al Zaied

The best falafel ever!

Michael Lotz

Very good, authentic food and very friendly staff.

Catherine Belles

Good food great prices

Erik Husby

Friendly staff! I've had Mim's catering at several events at the University of Minnesota and knew everything tasted good, so I asked for a recommendation on which plate to get for my first time eating in the cafe. The chicken tasted great, served well-seasoned with rice, vegetables, pita bread and hummus.

Rebecca Schatz

Best middle east food In St paul

Cristian Cardenas

Jan Stephanie De Leon

I ordered their spinach quiche and the way they make it is really healthy and delicious. I totally recommend going to this especially when it offers sweet desserts.

Jon LCarder

This is by far the best place I have ever eaten at! This is a must go restaurant!

Holly Taylor

Excellent food for price. Friendly!

Tyler Tork

Shawarma pretty good. Chicken murfa needed better seasoning. Hummus and baba ganouj pretty good, latter has nice smoky flavor, a little bitter. Rice is instant. Furniture on patio was filthy. Patio is near a somewhat busy street but quieter than many I’ve been to.

Brian Shaw

Their salad is really fresh and I like the hummus+pita. They're a little overpriced for the quantity though. What I'm giving it such a bad rating for is the disgusting undertone of flavor that you get off their grill. I order a vegetable kabob and it tastes like everything else that's been on the grill that day. I didn't order shawarma, I ordered vegetables. My meal shouldn't taste the bottom of a drip pan. This has happened on multiple occasions.

Mohammed Aljawher

The food is delicious and the service is really good! I highly recommend :) best falafel ever!

Stella Hewett

Anna Kadrie

This food and people are amazing and they have best spicy felafel sandwich around !!!!

Rhonda Sawyer

Great place! The food was excellent and the customer service even better! The chef obviously cared about his cooking. We had never had Middle Eastern food before and they more happy to explain the different dishes to us. Thanks from Iowa

Tonya Cook

All of their food is excellent, but my favorite is their veggie burrito!

Mike Mroszak

Nice people. They've been in business 11 years for a reason. The Falafel was very good, hummus and pita was great but I didn't get to try the Tsaziki sauce or whatever it's called. I must have not asked for it with my Shwarma. I'll be back.

Pat Warner

Quick and nice staff

Douglas Wilson

If you're a fan of shwarma, falafel, or hummus i highly recommend this place. Awesome service and the employees are great.

Asrat T

Best place to have family eat it.

Morgan Roddy

The kufta kabob platter was outstanding. It was a great deal of food for an extremely affordable price. The lamb was expertly done and the rice and hummus were enjoyable. I have to say the falafel that was included in the platter was the best I'd ever had. I've tended to stay away from falafel at various restaurants since it is so inconsistently made (too burnt, too mushy, overspiced, etc.) but this was perfectly seasoned and fried to a wonderful crispness. I honestly wish I had the falafel platter instead! Next time, I'll know what to get for sure!

moody shahin

I ordered a shawrma and IT WAS AMAZING super delicious very good taste it hits the spot if you got the munchies as well

Ian Allen

Nice place to stop for lunch near the university campus. The friendly service is what really makes this place stand out, expect a welcoming smile upon stepping in. The food is good, not great, the falafel is pretty consistently the best dish that they do. I also really love their hummus and baba ganoush, which pair nicely with the shawarma or muraf. Expect to wait a bit during the lunch rush, but there’s always plenty of seating to be found. All in all, I wouldn’t go out of my way to get here but a nice place to stop if you’re already near campus.

Darnell Otterson

This is the poster child of campus cafes. Great fusion eats, in and out dinning, fast and delicious foods.

Cody Laakkonen

Some of the best shawarma and falafel I've had. Guy running the counter was super friendly. Great place, great food.

Yousef Shaheen

The food in here is got to be one of the most delicious food you cane EVER have. Great deal of middle eastern options, with prompt service!lots of American/Mexican food too. I love the Shawarma sandwich, Big burritos, as well as the HUGE philly chz steak.

Brandon Allday

Great food, friendly staff, great price and outdoor seating. ☀️

Brian Thielke

Best falafel in town! Staff is always friendly.

Margaret Newberger

The staff is ridiculously friendly and willing to make things how you want it. I have dreams about their wonderful chicken muraf.

Josephine A. Geiger

Yum! Just wish they wouldn't use styrofoam for the to-go containers and coffee cups.

Abigail Breeding

One of the best dirty Chai lattes I've ever had, and at a great price

Mohannd Aljawher

Elaine Schultz

Chicken Shawarma was good

Hayley Sutton

I had the Tilapia platter, it was very good. I enjoyed the rice and homemade hummus that comes with everything. It's also very cheap and healthy which made me enjoy it even more.

Tahir Farooqi

I ordered the mushroom burger and the wife ordered the chicken salad, the burger was medium rare just the way I like, in my top five, the chicken salad was really good, chicken was nicely cooked. Nice students atmosphere.

Robert Schaefer

Kathy-jo Peterson

Not good gyro. Not going back.

Thomas Reinhart

It clearly has good food. The team here are very kind and friendly. The building could use a generous overhaul and a bit of of capital improvement. Everything form the chairs and tables to the plates and cups are cheap and old. It is not what i would call a comfortable place to enjoy a meal. But the meal is very good, and the service is too.

Christopher Ferris

Ordered a small platter and a large platter. The falafel is divine, the hummus was fantastic and the beef and lamb, while slightly over cooked, were delicious as well

Theophilus Soku

Like it

Leanne Lemire

Used to come here while in college. Old home feeling.

Yousef Alshahawi

delicious shawerma

Michael Sousa

Great place to get middle eastern food in near St. Paul campus. Fair prices and extremely friendly staff!

Diego F. Morales-Briones

Shantal Pai

Mims has fantastic food, at a great price, with a wonderful, friendly atmosphere.

Frankline Ndingwan


adam kolodziej

Great prices. Awesome people. Food excellent

Giulia Carminate

Delicious falafel and hummus. The price is awesome

Abhishek Reddy Chamakura

Very good coffee options and the pricing is very reasonable. The person takes time and makes you good coffee

Phuong D.

Great foods and customer service!

Matthew Michalska-Smith

Best food close to the St Paul campus. Modest atmosphere with quality Middle Eastern food for a reasonable price

Lue Thao

Great food! Schwarma probably the best there is.

Nadia Nabulsi

Friendly service. EXCELLENT MID EAST FOOD! And makes me feel like im at home again.

Rodney Smith

Best falafel and hummus in the Twin Cities!

Patty Minehart

I love this place. Cheap, good, vegetarian friendly. Wonderful patio in a great neighborhood.

Mark Johnson

Mim's Cafe is the bee's knees. Never have I felt so welcome or at home in a restaurant than here at Mim's. The food taste amazing and the portions are very big especially for the price. Don't pass this place by, it's definitely worth a visit.

Robert Gauthier

excellent food, very friendly, kind of a food/coffee shop complex combined but lots of seating, nice outdoor dining also. Food is very good, and they make surprisingly good hamburgers, so I guess this is a combination Middle East/burger stand. Casual, big student place on East campus.

Mário Fagundes

Beth Weinman

A nice mix of authentic middle eastern cuisine with some fusion of other food-favorites--their veggie burritos have an amazing middle-eastern flair, giving a new and fresh twist to the traditional tex-mex style burritos. Very vegetarian friendly and everything is made fresh on the spot. I'll definitely make this one of my regular places to frequent.

Abdulla AlKaabi

Cynthia Erickson

Mim's food is delicious. I especially love their hummus. This time I had the beef kebab small platter and it was excellent. The atmosphere is casual. We were there with a group and were able to eat outside on a beautiful summer evening. My only disappointment is that they are not open on the weekends. I highly recommend Mim's for their delicious Middle Eastern food.

Dale Bart

It's a great place

Greg A. Stern

Jeff Brown

Internet was weak and kept cutting out.

Territorial Baron

Strangely enough, this is the only Middle Eastern joint in the Twin Cities that I hadn't tried yet. I'll probably go back and get an entree to check the shawirma out, ok... but it won't be until I have forgotten about tonight's to-go salad. IMO, for $5 it could be twice the size - and they'd *still* make money on it - I was very disappointed with how small the portion was. And while I could tell there was some sort of dressing on it, I couldn't really tell what it was supposed to be. Totally lacking in flavor. I'm a VERY unhappy first time customer.

Javiera Monardez

They have the best chai latte. They also have some gluten and vegan treats. I love that they don't charge extra for non-dairy options. They have parking in the back, plenty of space to sit, Wi-Fi, and good service. One of my favorite coffee shops.

Miraz Syed

Great food. Great service. Highly recommend you check this place out. Especially if you have classes or work on the west bank campus of UMN:Twin Cities.

Cristiano Rodrigues Reis

Ansell Toskas

Really great food! Hot inside during the Summer. Great for lunch!

Jeremy R. Merritt

Excellent. Fresh. Well prepared. Reasonably priced.

Stijn Vandycke

Paul Knutson

The service was slow. The kofta kebab tasted like an under seasoned burger with wet lettuce. The staff were very nice.

Justin Martinez

This restaurant routinely served quality, well priced food while I was a student at U of Mn. The falafel sandwich with hot sauce is amazing.

SchaOn Blodgett

The staff is always very nice, and very good food that won't cost an arm or a leg.

rodrigo franco

Very nice shawarma!

Patrick Brickey

Seriously... Try the chicken burrito; it's unlike any other burrito I've ever had and so good.

Kelsi Root

My absolute favorite place in the cities for falafel. Unbelievably good food that is very reasonably priced. Also the best costumer service I have ever had, the owner treats you like an old friend.

Danielle G

I ordered the small swarma platter. The food was ok, but pretty flavorless in general. I wished I had asked for a side of hot sauce. The baba was nice and smokey, which I liked, but the rice and swarma had no flavor and the swarma was pretty chewy.

Liz Prather

Amazing falafel.

Matt Swanson

(Translated by Google) Ehhhh ... (Original) Ehhhh...

Michael Peterson

Best Lebanese food I've found in the Twin Cities. The only down side is their hours but I understand that they are closed on the weekends because the school doesn't have many kids on campus on the weekends. They have gyro sandwich type meals with home made fries which are great for students looking for a quick bite, or plates of shwerma, hummus and rice for a bigger group gathering or meeting. I love this place and will keep coming back for a long time.

Kenneth Smith

Falafel sandwich with a side of tabouli is great! A nice place to grab an affordable and quick meal.

Eli sparta

Good food and nice people

harlan paulson

Authentic middle eastern food. Nice patio out front.

Damaris Miranda


Ahmad Alaqrabawi

It's amazing food

Robin Chu

Genuine Middle Eastern food

Taha Rana

Most delicious middle Eastern food in twin cities metro.Been eating here for past 10 yes, food is always fresh and tasty.

Crystal Cullerton-Sen

Very sweet, Friendly staff. Good low-key, casual spot to have a yummy bite to eat over a meeting.

Marnie Wallin

Pax Romana

Small. Not a lot of good coffee varieties.

Forest Eidbo

Amazing food with great service and great prices

Whittney Marie

Great price, so delicious

Alex Rose

Decent mediterranean food, portions are bigger if you dine in.

Dr. Tache

Very great place to taste middle-eastern food, reasonable pricing and great variety of options including falafel and mixed grills with hummus.

Zach Kagan

Tasty falafel and hummus options for a low price. The coffee at Lori's next door is particularly affordable (the two share the same owners and some of the same space). A perfect place to study at the St. Paul U-- there's plenty of space and decent wifi. It may not be as hipster-ish as other coffee shops / cafes, but it delivers on value and comfort.


This restaurant has delicious food, is cheap, and serves huge portions. On top of that it's family owned. I see the same cooks there week in and week out. Clearly they love what they do. They even greet regulars by name and talk about things they only would remember if they were truly interested. Great establishment.

Mahfuzur Rahman

It is a nice neighborhood cafe, and living near University of Minnesota, St Paul Campus, I don't have access to many places nearby. I have tasted almost everything from their menu, and I like most of them. To name some, Falafel Sandwich, Kofta Kabob platter, Ruben Sandwich etc. I also enjoy their coffee sometimes; they don't have varieties but you can get Mocha or latte at a reasonable price.

Chloe Johnson

Mim's cafe always has really great ethnic Middle Eastern food that always tastes great for a low cost as well as having a shared building with a great coffee shop. Always a great place to visit, study, and relax!

Mai Miniature

Get the Shik large platter. The grill veggies w assortment of meat and falafel is awesome. You can tell the owner takes pride in his food. This is more of a ma and pop sort of place so dont expect a fancy setting but it is cozy enough to have a evening meal.

Eric Majerus

Espresso was not sour, which is great. Lots of seating and cozy inside.

Surabhi Singh

The Mim's cafe and the Lori's cafe are adjacent to each other and are connected from the inside. I have had burger once at Mim's and I remember it was good but I come to Lori's occassionally as it makes a great meeting place. It is one of the few cafes around the U of M St. Paul campus making it a convenient location. The aesthetics are not great but the house coffee is just 2 dollars and they have a selection of giant muffins for just 1.5 dollars. Reasonably priced for students!

Nasrudin Abdi

Delicious food, clean, excellent customer service. Hummus is so nice.

Ana Lucia Piedrahita Fernandez

Faraz Shaukat

Been coming here for years...good stuff ... Village salad is awesome and so are the fries

Emily Day

The food here is authentic, delicious, and reasonably priced. Kabobs of any kind! We enjoyed the lamb and veggie the best, beef was a little chewy. The shawarma was outstanding, highly recommend the chicken. Frequented by University students, but on a Friday night no wait was able to grab a seat right away. There is ample seating and free WiFi. Service was very knowledgeable and welcoming. Enjoy!

Victoria Bayerl

Good food, sometimes run out, not organized, more self serve

Berenger .

Mainly cuz of the great customer service and the affordable price.

Lucia Fitts

Good coffee ;)

Natasa Jacobs

Not open on weekends. They were very rude when my boyfriend and I went there on a Saturday. Rudly turning us away. I will never eat there. Who wants to eat where the workers are rude?

Haku Bo

This place is the only restaurant students and facilities can have a fair and good meal around the St Paul campus of U of M, with the friendly owner, although the volume has reduced for each dishes.

Matthew Gustafson

Delicious! Tasty mid eastern food plus classic burgers. Cozy nook cafe nestled next to the U of M St.Paul campus. The attached Lori's coffee shop serves great drinks at great prices. It's been awesome to watch the owners expand and improve over the past 8 years.

Adam Hanson

Great food for a good price. A player can easily feed a hungry adult and leave them with leftovers. Good options for vegetarians. Staff was very friendly.

Tim S

Very warm staff... Check the hours before visiting as they're not open all the time.

Colin Dunn

Yummy local cafe with great falafel and schwarma. They also have a lovely non-smoking patio.

Jack Meuwissen

Amazing! Their shawarma has a fragrance unlike anything I've had before

lil flip

Delicious place for shawarma.

Christian Wilkie

This is a very humble place, a little kitchen that serves what students have the time and resources to wander out of St. Paul campus, away from the Student Union. Routinely I order the kufta kabob sandwich, a delicious meal wrapped up for convenience. The cooks are unfailingly gregarious and polite, adding a little warmth to each visit. The food is... it'll do. The burgers will remind you of burgers. Better to go with the Middle Eastern dishes and maybe commandeer one of the bottles of hot sauce. Still, the prices are right and the service is friendly, and each meal will definitely fill you.

Jenna Cushing-Leubner

Paul Wick

Excellent hummus

Wade Hassel

Great food, friendly owner/chef, good sized portions

Deepak Rajendran

Friendly business. Nice food. Pocket friendly too.

Bryan Jones

Besides being the only restaurant within walking distance of the U of M St. Paul campus, Mim's offers a nice variety of burritos, burgers, and middle eastern food. All of it tends to be pretty good, my favorite is the falafel platter.

Shawn Trainor

Stop whatever your doing and come here now


One of the friendliest place to eat. The food is affordable and very tasty!

McKenzie Kuberka

Best place to get good coffee and muffins for a really great price! I'm just sad it's not open on the weekends.

muayad dawada

This is my favorite middle eastern restaurant ever. I love the entire menu. They just keep getting better.

Kofo Mustapha

Me and my friends go here nearly everyday after class. The service and food is always amazing! The chicken shawarma sandwich is my favorite! Also a great place for studying!

Putea Shetvo

awesome food and next door coffee shop make this place a must to stop by and get a shawarma or anyother amazingly fresh and tasty food.


dont miss the Falafel!

walid nazzal

Good Food

Ian Masica

Super fast, delicious food for unnaturally cheap. It combines the care of mom's home cooked food with the speed and convenience of a chain. Any foodie who steps on the St. Paul campus has to try it.

Michael Maher

I've been here 5+ times for food and coffee simply because it's the only convenient place to get food on the St. Paul U of M campus. I've never been happy with the food. The coffee is not good. Order takeout from someplace else.

Alexander Poor

An underutilized resource in an otherwise quite part of St Paul (as far as food goes).

Miranda Krapf

Great stop for coffee or Mediterranean food!!

Dan M

Claudia Weiss

Favorite restaurant of all time! Regular customer, love the staff! Delicious falafel!!

Anan B

Good good and nice people

Lyndsi H Reid

Quality food, quality service, great prices.

Igor Paploski

Nice food, nice price, convenient location.

Monica Watson

Kind of dingy, a lot of their food is just purchased frozen. But it's the only thing within walking distance of campus that's not subway.

Gary Cagle

Falafel plate...+++ Also, best prices in region on good lattes

anthony puariea

Friendly and courteous staff and great tasting entree's!

Musa Qandeel

Nice place for a Mediterranean food. Good falafel and Gyros

Fedor Korennoy

Great food for very affordable price! If you study/work at St.Paul campus or live nearby, it'll definitely become your spot.

Andre Rothchild

I eat here at least once a week. Great food and staff, although I'm boring and always have a muraf sandwich with fries because they are always so good!

DJ Araq

Probably my favorite place in the 4 years I was at the U. Excellent and affordable food, including amazing falafel and shawarma. Their Cafe Miel is fantastic and the owner is extremely friendly. Really a great place overall.

Tracy Fallon

Wonderful food and super service! Can't say enough good things about them

Bridget Conley

A St.Paul staple. Good price and good food.

Crystal Hoon

The cafe is nice, my Italian soda was delicious, and we were looking forward to lunch. But we went with the intent to sit down a while and get some work done. After about 30 minutes of struggling with the spotty internet, we left. It was a waste of our time for what we were looking for. Neighborhood coffee shops are great. Please fix the internet situation.

Jay Colond

Baba ganouj is worth trying!

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