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Jade Dolloff

Incredible! We ate here last week thinking we were in for a late night greasy spoon, and wound up having one of the most delicious meals we've had in a restaurant. The staff (Corwin) was knowledgeable and winningly friendly, every bite was delicious beyond expectation, our Manhattan was great, we payed less than the meal deserved, and our night was capped with a personal hello and thank you from the GM. Couldn't ask for a better dining experience , honestly. Five stars is an understatement.


The sandwiches are incredible. They take a little while to be made but they are so worth it. Hot and fresh with local made ingredients. It doesn't get better for a lunch stop. They serve entrees and breakfast as well which I haven't tried but if you are looking for a good atmosphere and delicious lunch, this is a great place to stop! Well worth it and reasonable prices.

Chad Quintanilla

Always great food and service. Worth the wait if you forget to make a reservation.

Skylar DeWitt

This place rocks! Super vegan friendly, too.

Len Kink

Excellent creative meals, great atmosphere, very clean restaurant (breakfast).

Ian Markiw

Very dope. Food is...well off rhe chain\swangin

peter thomas

Food was good. Would have been 5 but our server Keisha seemed frazzled. Hot choc had no chocalate like we saw on other customers . When I asked she took it without any apologies and put a lump in the middle and brought it back. She recouped from her abruptness still gave a good tip.

Louis Paxton

Creative menu, excellent service, food excellent, always a great experience. Live in Muskegon and met friends from downriver Detroit area..consistently a great place! Anxious to visit again..

William Torres

This is one of my favorite places to go. It never dissapoints. We decided to go before dinner rush which was a great idea. We were greeted immediately and sat right away. Started with the goat cheese appetizer. It arrived promptly and was delicious. I'm not a vegan but their peacemaker sandwich is to die for. It's a nice think lentil patty with a spice sauce and balsamic vinaigrette. We ended our meal with white chocolate cheesecake with chocolate chips. Homemade and delicious as well.

shawna cotton

I don’t understand how this place has so many good reviews. The food and service are as basic as they come. I wasn’t impressed at all.

Ken McQuarrie

The Corned Beef and Cabbage chowder was the best soup I have ever tasted! Too bad that it is a seasonal soup. The rest of dinner was very good also. Great service, great food, and great drinks!

Jennifer heintz

DELICIOUS food every time, pleasant servers, love the atmosphere.

andi nicpon

Amazing food. Wait was a little long. Arrived around 1045 got seated around 110 so not bad, it's Saturday morning so it makes sense. The food wait was what took a bit after ordering it took about 45-55 mins to get food. But when we did get our food it was phenomenal, truly. Hash browns didn't even need ketchup, seasoned really well. Eggs benedict and biscuits and gravy were fantastic. It's one of those the food is worth the wait type things but this could have been a perfect experience if the wait was just a little less. I am sure if it wasn't on a Saturday morning it wouldn't have been.

Tim Norris

The sandwiches and salads are tasty. If you want take out call ahead because it takes a long time. They have a surprisingly interesting top shelf of single malt scotches. Also eclectic beers on tap.

Matthew Fenton

I took my wife and my best friend here, my wife and I frist time being up here it was a little price but with every penny I am definitely coming back

Bryce Simon

I ordered the biscuits and gravy. I would give the gravy alone a 5 star rating. The biscuits on the other hand were barely a 1 star. I was expecting soft and flaky but instead they were hard and dry. Even the gravy wasn’t enough to soften them up. Hopefully this was just a bad batch of biscuits because this has the potential to be a 5 star dish. The dish came with a side of hash browns that were amazing.

janna freeman

It’s consistently great food and good selection of beverages... it’s just such a cold environment. Hard terra-cotta floors, wood furniture, conversation echos... it’s not cozy and warm. It’s just cold. So, if you want to stop in, have a quick bite and leave, that may be their message. I wish they could warm it up... lansing area needs warm cozy places with great food.

kk patchala

They are slow in getting the food to the table, we were here today for lunch around 11:15 and the food came to our table at 12:15. Food tastes good though.

deb voss

No waiting for being seated. Server took our order without writing anything down! Food was prepared quickly and it tasted good.

Doug Danstrom

Third time here and each time it has been fair at best. Our group did enjoy the French dip. Service was slow, not the kitchen, but the waiter. Today we had a variety- eggs Benedict came soft boiled and not poached, order was wrong. French dip was good again. Jakes Pastrami was only ok. Onions were not caramelized. Sautéed red onions at best. Scramble was good. Omelette was ok. All in all an OK meal. Prices were fair. Beer select was good. Worth a visit a year but not anywhere near the rating others have given.

Cathy Isaac

There is NO handicapped entrance. There are 3 rather steep steps in. There was no sign to say wait to be seated, no person at the entrance. It is a little confusing as to what is expected of you when you enter. The restroom was kinda dirty, I have seen worse. They stuck me in the bar . Maybe cause I'm alone. Took 20 min to get a side order of biscuits and gravy. Wait staff was short, curt and seemed bothered by having to break away from friends at bar . Talking loudly about voting and very adamant she was right and others who don't share her views were wrong. Food salty. I did eat it all cause was hungry. Will not return here. Food prices are too high especially for breakfast.

Brad Finan

Great breakfast here. I had a bacon Benny. It was delicious. Good coffee. Friendly staff. Definitely a spot you should check out.

Megan McGowan

We had an amazing experience at The Soup Spoon Cafe! Keith made us feel special! He was able to expertly advise us on drinks and provided us with a warmth and comfort from what was clearly years of experience in the business. .Our server Ciara helped us feel relaxed. Her pacing and kind demeanor ensured our meal was not rushed. When we provided feedback on our dinner both of them made sure we knew how valued our perspective was. We will absolutely be coming here again!

Ryan Younan

Shockingly good sandwhiches! And helpful waiters with good honest reccomendations!

Ezra Montero

This place has amazing food and is vegan friendly.

Craig Dodge

Absolutely love their food. Great service.

Nicole Springer

Food is always good. Servers are always friendly. Management is superb. Everything about this place is great.

Jill Rozema

Excellent fresh food and great service!

Nancy Yelland

Great little spot for to meet friends! There were people there having coffee and playing cards! The pumpkin bisque was amazing, as were the salads we ordered! Hope to go back next time in Lansing!

fal go

We were visiting Lansing to see the Capitol, and found this place with a high eating, so we decided to try this out. The place is cozy and very popular with families also. We ordered soups - French onion, chicken noodle and seafood chowder, we liked it. Then for lunch the peacemaker sandwich, which is made of lentil Patty, fresh avocado and tomato slices, then lamb burgers, the patties were delicious! Staff is friendly and attentive, place is well lit, clean and popular. Highly recommended.

Luke Weston

I've been her a couple of times and the soups are always some of the best I've ever had. The service has been and was amazing for me, managers were attentive and my server seemed very experienced. Tonight my party had a number of entries that were very disappointing. I had a seafood risotto that was very disappointing, it was all the same texture and flavor, I would have appreciated some crunch or heat, instead I just got the overwhelming flavor of seafood. Another guest got a pasta with chorizo, scallops, and chicken. The sauce was a weird combination of flavors, and I felt like it was dominated by coriander or cilantro. The scallops were disgusting. It was bland and had the texture of a freshly hocked loogie. No sear, it was just a sad lump of seafood. I'll probably go here again for lunch, or when I'm in the mood for soup, but I'm crossing this place off for dinner. The whole meal felt like someone took a sheet of acid and played connect the dots on a copy of the flavor bible.

Lianne Prange

Everything is ala carte. Prepare to spend $15 for breakfast

Ayla Skelton

I just love this place. It's so cozy, the staff is interesting, and the food is amazing.

The Polish Bear

The soup spoon is the definition of incredible food and atmosphere. Literally the best place to get fresh locally sourced food in Lansing. Any review you read other wise, is off their rocker.

michael gomez

Excellent service with great food and atmosphere. You can tell that they take pride in quality! Highly recommended

Steve Baker

Breakfast, lunch, dinner or any mid meal combinations all lead to the same result...I’m happy, full and mad that I’m full. On an average visit my partner and I will enjoy the soup flight. They maintain several seasonal soups that change every few months and also feature flavours that change daily as well. I wouldn’t say that I’ve had a bad soup ever, though there have been some that I found out I wasn’t really in the mood for. I’ve worked my way through most of the sandwiches and a fair amount of the dinner entrees and everything has always maintained a tasty high quality standard. My only complaint is with the cheesecake. Sometimes certain flavors have come out dry and quite bland when compared to their other desserts like their flourless chocolate tort and cobblers. I’ve also enjoyed the cocktails and beer selection they have. I’m a big fan of quality stouts and porters which can be hard to find in some restaurants but they always have a couple on tap or bottled. The staff is amazing and should you have a problem with either the service or food, management is always great about helping rectify the matter. Reservations are pretty necessary for dinner on the weekends and if you want brunch on Saturday get there early because it gets packed quick and they don’t do morning reservations.

Melanie Snyder Lindblom

Great soup, had the small plate crab cakes and spouse had the schnitzel. Very good food.

Rob Schneeberger

One of my favorite dining places in Lansing. Food is farm to table freshness and service is if equal caliber. Would recommend to anyone in the greater lansing area for date night or family dinner! Best French onion soup in town!

Danielle Shirey

Great restaurant. Every dish I have had from here is phenomenal, from their sandwiches to entrees, to their soups and appetizers, plus breakfast, all amazing. My favorite seasonal soup is the tomatoe basil, wow I can't wait until they have it again. Their venison potstickers are superb, the Cape Codda is an amazing fish sandwich, with the thinly sliced onions and tomatoes with their house sauce is unbelievably delicious. Their white fish dinner is not only visually stunning, it taste has a taste so rich in flavor. Their reuben sandwich with the dipping sauce is spectacular, and a side of pasta salad yum. Really I haven't had a soup that i haven't liked and I try a new one at least once or twice a month. I know the staff works hard to make it all possible, plus they support local farmers and businesses. Can it get any better than that?

Sara Marie Swan

Oh my gosh, the brunch here is amazzzzing! I had the ancho eggs benedict and it was perfect. I loved everything about it. The portions were perfect also. My husband had the breakfast burrito and that was also absolutely delicious.

Nicholas Popov

Incredible food and staff. All very friendly. I had the French Dip w/ bacon feta mash and my girlfriend had a "Cape Codda" w/ au gratin. Keith greeted us well and got us quickly to our seats and our server Cody was very prompt. Both of them made sure everything was okay during the entire course of the meal. Food arrived quick and was absolutely delicious while still affordable by far. Will definitely be coming by again!

Sheldon Little

One of the best brunch spots in Lansing. Also the best French onion soup you'll ever have.

Jenae delong

Disappointing Birthday dinner. There seemed to be only one waiter available and we waited for everything, he seemed to be moving as fast as he could. I ordered the seafood rice with lobster and crab cake. It was a solid mass of cheese and grease to where the other items were obliterated to just some soft lumps in the cheese. I took most of it home. The raccoons loved it but that's pretty pricey for a lb of melted cheese.

Chilsea Bindosano

Great food with great vibes !


Pricey, food is very good but may be slightly overblown.

Laurie Bischoff

This is a terrific place to eat. The food quality is excellent, the staff is very well trained and welcoming, and there are even vegan choices. The coffee is a winner too. If you go between 11:30 am and 2:00 pm, expect to wait for a table.

Paul Kirk

Loved the place. Food was great and their draft and wine lists are both extensive. Service was a little slow and thats my only "complaint". I was from out of town and will gladly go back if I'm in town.

Kathy Lange

Went for the first time for lunch. We sat at the bar and ate, food was delicious and the service was great. Would recommend this place for a nice relaxing lunch.

Jeff Toy

Outstanding Ethiopian Vegan Stew! I am far from a vegan but this dish was amazing! The right mix of sweet potato with curry and vegetables. WOW!!!!!

Morgan Foster

This is the only resteraunt where I order something new every time because I can trust that any dish I order will be excellent. The person who creates the dishes puts together spices and textures in unique ways which makes the meal just as much about experiencing something deliciously unexpected as about eating good food. This is one of our top pics for any special occasion. (We also always order the goat cheese tips as an appetizer. They are so good!)

David MacRae

Always a favorite. Friendly service. Excellent lamb shank and salmon. Try the soup sampler....4 of their home made soups. Mmmm-mmmm.

Kimber Frantz

Really charming cafe! Had the Black Forest omelette and marble rye toast and it was delightful. Very busy place; we had a short wait for seating right at lunchtime but it gave us a few minutes to peruse the menu.

Tylor VanDerMoere

Great brunch and breakfast spot. Love the very vegan start meal.

Lisa Toth

The food is delightful! Don't go if you are in a hurry, as the service is slow. However, you can't rush good things, the food is amazing. Use the wait to have a drink to enjoy the ambiance and your dinner companion.

Nicholas Nevins

They have some great coffee there, and one of the few places that give raw sugar to mix in the coffee. Oh, and their breakfast is pretty tasty as well. Only had lunch there once, it was pretty great also. This review looks like I was adhd'ing out when I wrote it

j gould

Shrimp salad, penne meal, and key lime pie were all delicious! We highly recommend this place.


I took my family to the restaurant because of the good reviews but I’m not very impressed. We missed the brunch due to late arrival so this review is only about the dinner. Overall I like the setting, the service and the staff, but the food taste just okay or a little better than average. The portion is kind of small and no free bread is served as in the restaurants with similar price tag, in fact for he dinner menu it cost more than Cheesecake Factory and Bonefish Grill, which have much better food, larger portions and more choices, I consider it pricy specially in a small town like Lansing, I live in Chicago by the way. I wouldn’t recommend the place for dinner for its value, but the brunch may be good if I ever have a chance to stop by again.

Rebecca Jost

Great fokd, limited hours, too noisy.

Andrew Renton

One of my favorite places in Lansing. Great service and an interesting menu. I've never had anything there that didn't please my palate. Would reccomend to just about anyone.

James Stewart

I've always had a great experience there, food and service,

Sarah Basham

So amazing!! We had all small plates. The cherry bomb shrimp was wonderful! The bread pudding is one of the best things on Earth!

Patrick M

One of the better experiences I've had here, it is recommended by me to go when it's not super busy. Otherwise there's long waits and busy waiters. However, when it is slower it all works out. The food is great and there are plenty of options to choose from. I don't think most people will have trouble finding something they want. Different times have different menus, and while the dinners can get pricey, not all of the dishes are outrageously expensive.

Andrea Samaroo

The staff is the absolute BEST here! I’d recommend/go back any time. The manager Keith is a gem! And the food is really good too!

Maria Linford

Delicious food, great service

Captain Morgan

Great place for breakfast and lunch. Great eggs Benedict with a housemade sauce.

Vicky BB

Excellent customer service. Delish food and variety!

Kimberly Southwell

Its lit fam. The food is mad good, anf the drinks are even better!

Tammie McGraw

Not what I had gotten used to. I used to enjoy this restaurant, but it's changed. The chicken noodle soup was so vague I wouldn't have guessed chicken at all, and the grilled cheese was dripping with grease and lacked genuine flavor. Don't know what's changed but it's no longer a restaurant for me.

Debra Holton

I took a friend from Grand Rapids to dinner here and he had a seafood dish that he said was just as good as one he had in New Orleans, the only time he's had it since then that even resembled the dish he remembered so fondly. I have dined here several times and the food is always excellent with a wine list to match.

Anonymous Man

The soup and spoon is one of the best “mom and pop” restaurants in Lansing, they offer a variety of pasta and delicious meals. Tonight even they took my order minutes before closing! 6 of 5 stars!

William Davie

Love this place. Great/friendly staff and manager. The food is yummy and never lets me down. Clean and comfortable environment with a nice ambiance. Perfect for a date, friends, celebrating, or to bring mom/coworker. These are things I’ve done.

Ryan Cragg

This was only the second time I had been here and I got the lamb meatballs, they were fantastic.

Stephen Pavlik

The "Soprano" was one of the best sandwiches I ever had. Beer and wine selection for all tastes. Very friendly staff and reasonable prices.

Elizabeth Sendich

Yummy soups, lots of selection. Building is a little old and run down. We had one of the staff get a little short, but everyone else was super nice.


Took a chance and stopped into this place. I am over the top impressed with the taste and selection of the food. The marinara sauce on my son's pizza was delicious, like nothing I have ever tasted before. The Smoking B- amazing!! Definitely worth trying out if you are interested in exceptional food and service. It's over an hour away, but we're definitely going back.

Tyler Fenby

Soup Spoon was the caterer at our wedding, and we could not have chosen better. We received numerous compliments on the food, the service was timely and efficient, the bartender was friendly and managed to keep up with demand--overall an A+ performance. Even the one dish for someone with dietary restrictions was remembered and prepared with care. And even better, we can always go to the restaurant for a little reminder of that night. Many thanks to Angela and the entire team!!

Kyle Metta

Popular for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They have one of the best stocked bars and talented bar tenders in the area. The food menus are diverse and contemporary with lots of gems to be had. Execution can be a bit inconsistent depending on the day of the week. It's never terrible, but there is a noticeable difference in quality. Lunch probably has the best deals, though it can get busy.

Baron Crandall

The staff is kind and knowledgeable about the food and beverage menu. Never had a bad experience here, though I've only been a few times.

Amanda Williams

Delicious food. Super cozy. I can never hang out here long enough!

Bonnie Brya


Bearded Dragyns

Like, I love 90% of the menu... ordered the steak dinner and everything was exceptional...except the bourbon BBQ sauce and bacon that topped the steak. I could barely tell there was a steak under all the overpowering sauce. It made me wonder if it something was being covered for a reason...ya know? I'm just saying, sometimes less is more. Freaking amazing sauteed kale and chard, though!

Kevin Durkee

First time visit. I found the wait staff to be so friendly. The food was very good. I will return for sure.

Jesse Lamp

The food and service here was great. We stopped in on a Saturday morning for breakfast, and the place was packed. I highly encourage you to make a reservation, but even if you drop in and have to wait, it's worth it.

Heidi Heuser

We had heard it was a really great place. It was ok. A little pricey. Parking is good right next to the building. Not as many vegan or vegetarian options as we had hoped.

Yvonne LeFave

This is a nice, relatively quiet place to meet someone special or have a meeting with one or 20 of your closest friends. They cater to many different eating and life styles and even have vegan entrees and desserts. Yes, there's a bar; I hear the bartender has quite the personality, too.

Katya Ivanova

Our clinic is right across the street from the Soup Spoon Cafe. Lunch from them is a delight, both dining in and delivery. We order from them several times a week. We also occasionally have enough time to go over and have a sit down lunch. The sandwiches are large, well made, very filling, and tasty. The soups are wonderful. They have a fantastic seafood chowder (real seafood folks, not fake crab legs and tuna!), with a bit of a bite to it. There is also a very good french onion soup. These are daily offerings along with at least 2 'soups du jour'. All are homemade. They have other menu items such as crab cakes, Garlic Shrimp, Pastas, Pan Seared Atlantic Salmon, and several salads. Every item delicious and well made. Good price for the amount of food. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The cafe is small, open and cheeful. They do some delivery. On Friday lunch time, get there early. This is a popular spot for Sparrow Hospital staff, Doctors, Administration, nursing, and visitors. Highly Recommended.

Tell Yo Mama Guitarist

Great service, food and hours. What more could you ask for!?

Chris Holt

Great service, great atmosphere, delicious food!

Kim Schugars

Friendly service, delicious crab cakes and their bread pudding is amazing!

Robert Nicklay

My experiences here have all been positive but I have heard regrettable experiences from people around town. I haven't been here since this place expanded and was renovated. I am not sure I want to bring a date here early in January. I need consistency and I have to be sure this time will be the right time to come in to the Spoon. When they are on, this place is one of the best places to eat in Lansing. When they are not on.......this place is regrettable. Prolly do Bowdies.

Rhonda Clark-Kreuer

Awesome restaurant! Brunch is fab and best latte in greater Lansing!

Andy Mayville

The cubano sandwich is the best in town.

keith drinkard

Service was perfect. Ambiance was great. Most everyone at our table enjoyed the food. I personally ordered the shellfish risotto. The artichoke in it was extremely chewy and the amount of shellfish was disappointing for a dish that cost almost 25 dollars. I also heard 2 complaints at our large table. One the lobster bisque was extremely lite on actual lobster. Two the chocolate torte had a couple pieces of egg shell. I am still going to give them four stars because everybody was satisfied with their entrees and I was the only one that ordered the shellfish risotto. Again the ambiance was fantastic and our waitress was great. I may try this place again.

Joe Reichert

Food was ordinary, lacked depth and balance. Chose the small plate duck sausage, flavor was weak and the accompanying sauces were too sweet. The apple crumble was overly sweet, as well. Yes, I know it's a dessert.. it can be done better. The beer list left something to be wanted, but I enjoyed a superb cocktail. They boast a well stocked bar with impressive and original cocktail options. .. I do suggest the bar start using coasters, instead of napkins. Who wants a soggy napkin stuck to their drink? The service was very good and the setting quite pleasant. Overall, I would highly recommend Soup Spoon for a cocktail. Not so sure about eats, perhaps worth another try for brunch or one of the unique specials.

Glenn Fischer

The food here was fantastic and they do accept reservations, so that made things very easy. The staff were very friendly and helpful. Definitely want to go back!

Mark Millis

Nicky G has it going on at the Soup Spoon Cafe' !.. If he can fish half as good as he can make sandwiches. The fish are in big trouble !! It's not just a Cafe it's a foodies destination. Uncle Millie "The Killer Cook" Approved

Linda Kelly

Excellent food. Wait was 20 minutes but well worth it.

Ray Terwilliger

One of my favorite places to eat in Lansing. Prices are responsible, great service and the food is a high end restaurant experience every time! I highly recommend this restaurant.

Latonya Turner

Amazing atmosphere with low blues music playing in the background. The pumpkin soup was so succulent and full of flavor. Definitely a spot to frequent in Lansing.

Stephanie Jobin

Great food and handled my dairy allergy wonderfully. Great staff and atmosphere.

Jackie Hoag

Awesome environment and amazing menu. The VooDoo Pasta is awesome!

Marisol Erickson

I love soup spoon. Great tasting food, great atmosphere & service, however it would be great if they offered more organic/hormone free ingredients in their dishes. I dined there with a friend who is eating very clean for health reasons and she sadly had to cross soup spoon off of her list of clean eating friendly restaurants in Lansing after finding out the chicken they use is not hormone free.

Steve S

Always delicious. We went in almost at closing time, and they were sooo nice to us.

Erin Collard

Had a delicious meal here. Huge menu, with some really unique items. Love the idea of a soup flight (4 minis of your choice of soups) so you can taste lots of things! Prices are reasonable. Giving it 4 stars instead of 5 because had to wait 45 minutes. Don't come here if you're in a rush, but come for good food!

Brandon Fazio

Amazing food, great clean atmosphere. Our waiter was awesome. Very attentive and charming. Definetely going to come back.

Kimmy M

Soup spoon is a wonderful place to go for all occasions. They have a nice variety of foods that meet the dietary needs of just about everyone. They have amazing brunch. I love their take on Irish coffee. It is also a great place for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries etc. The staff it generally quite friendly the restaurant is well kept. Soup spoon is a special place to Lansing and will forever be one of my favorite spots!

Ashley Stommen

Incredible! The food was delicious. Our server was super nice and the manager even sent over a dessert bc it was our first time visiting. We went bc of the vegan options, we will return bc the service was great!

Melanie Lounds

Love love love this healthy place!!

Lost in the Fabric

I would definitely recommend the Irish coffee

MJ Loucks

Had to wait for table, but food and service was good.

Matt McDonald

Food is outstanding here. Ethiopian stew and Spoon-I...something, is excellent. Key lime pie has a hand made crust...just sayin! Definitely recommend stopping in here.

David Black

Baja Scramble is great! Lots of other good stuff on the menu.

Nicole Silva

Tenderloin in the salad was a few days beyond old and definitely reheated multiple times. Waitress never asked us how we wanted our streak cooked and when I asked her if she needed to know, see said that the pieces were too thin and it came as is. All our food was inedible.

Brooks Robinson

Made reservations for group of 8. We were seated on time and had excellent service. Everyone enjoyed their meal. Salmon was exceptional.

Corey Compton

Came here for date night for my birthday with my girlfriend. It's a little pricier than our usual choices, but well worth it. The hours online were off, so we showed up a half hour before closing, but all of the staff were extremely nice about it. We will definitely be treating ourselves here again

Deven Willard

I can't even begin to describe how amazing their food is. I got the duck and it was the most delicious dark I've ever eaten. Their menu is also very advanced for going out to eat. They have all sorts of options for food and drink and the service is very well.

Marty Taylor

Love the food and atmosphere.

Seth Gman

Came in a couple weeks ago and The food plus the service is fantastic. I'd recommend if your trying to eat somewhere great. The prices are also fair for what you are buying.

randy morgan

I'm more of a meat and potatoes kind of guy. But my wife like the food very much. The restaurant was clean, and help was very friendly and courteous. The Host followed us out the door as we left to make sure we knew how much he appreciated us being there.

Idalia Casiano

I can tell they put a lot of time and care making your food. The flavor and ingredients they use is top notch. Love their food, their service and appreciate their love for gourmet food.

Ruth Beasley

A little pricey, good food and desserts.

Sharon McPeek

This place is great! Varied menu with something for everyone. I got the vegan mushroom ravioli, which was very good. The pasta itself was strong and held its shape, impressively so, for vegan pasta. The atmosphere is casual and friendly, yet the food and drink options are fairly refined. They accept reservations, but walk-ins are also welcome. I went on a Saturday during dinner time, and people without reservations were seated, no waiting (although I did go during the summer, so the MSU students were mostly out of town). They have both table and bar seating.

Jason Church

Great food. Pleasant service. Reasonable prices. Unique menu options. Simple seating area, not large. Fresh experience that's worth your time

Nick Garlinghouse

Great place for brunch. Their bennies are really good. Also, awesome mimosas and Bloody Marys! The staff rocks too!

Marcel Dumond

Food was more than excellent service was excellent I've already been back a few times and I'll be back a few more

Patrick Rivet

Nice staff, they serve really great food! I definitely recommend the pesto scramble, and the French toast with strawberry cream cheese! It's some of the best breakfast food in town!

Debbi Kile

Had lunch here for the first time. It was great. The Vegan Stew was outstanding. Good service and comfortable atmosphere. Will definitely go again soon.

Jon Burne

We had a very large group for dinner and drinks. One waitress with a hand from a manager or two handled it quite well. She was very efficient, friendly and helpful. Beer selection was fine. I had seafood rissotto, unfortunately quite salty. No problem, I'll try something else on the menu.

Kate Booth

Kody was a very friendly and efficient server. Food was good, nice atmosphere, and welcoming management.

Steven Holt

One of our favorite breakfast and brunch spots in the Capital region. The cocktails are always tasty as is the food. We have consumed many mimosas here with friends! It's nice to see vegan options on the menu for vegetable inclined friends. The Smoky Scramble (smoked salmon and bacon!) is a personal favorite.

Hanna Wackel

Great lunch place! My boyfriend and I frequent this little cafe once a week for amazing soups and great coffee. If you like french onion soup, I would try it here!

Jake Sinnaeve

I ate pancakes here on a Saturday morning and I was brought to tears at how beautiful they tasted. The server was kind enough to comfort me and made sure my coffee was continually half-full. Also it's pretty cool because you can order wine with pancakes here - which is sortof a game-changer.

Kevin C Sherman

A breakfast venue without sugar free syrup, apparently they don't care about diabetes customers

Jordan Dennis

Quality food. Homemade feel. My wife's favorite restaurant.

Gayle Johnson

A unique place! This was my first visit.The service and the food were both great. The wine list was very inviting but, alas, I was working so I had to pass. Next time I am in Lansing I'll stop in again.

Robert Engel

I was shocked by the menu choices. The food and staff are delightful. I have only been here once, but I truly look forward to returning to try another entree. I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone. I visited her with vegan friends, and they were also very pleased.

Jasmin Wakeman

Nice place..had lovely lunch..nice glass if wine pleasant employees

Livia do Vale

I can't get enough of this place and I keep coming back for more

Keith Kerrigan

Great food and atmosphere. The bread pudding is to die for. They also have a great wine and beer selection. Take your significant other to this restaurant they won't be disappointed.

gary brya


Sara Wohltjen

I love coming here! The strawberry French toast and mimosa is my favorite combo! Yum!

Yeganeh Nejatali

Hands down the best restaurant I’ve been to in the Lansing/East Lansing area. The service and food are phenomenal. Keith, the gentlemen who runs the place, is extremely welcoming and takes very good care of all customers. Recommending this place to everyone!

C. Curtis

Had dinner last night , OMG. All 3 of our entrees were outstanding ! Really impressed with the recipes, fresh herbs on my shrimp and noodles cajun style jumped out and screamed I'm fresh fresh fresh! Kudos to the staff absolutely flawless

Ieisha Humphrey

Seafood chowder. Ah-maze-ing! My omelet was the bomb and the added touch of a drizzle of hollandaise is genius! Cannot wait to return to try more. Bonus is a dedicated parking lot so free parking!

Thomas Farr

My first visit great ambiance food was great ! The seafood chowder was yummy...

Melissa Kratz

Amazing breakfast place! The coffee was great, the eggs Benedict was great as well. The hash browns were also delicious, traditional, yet unique.

Rodan Mecano

Good atmosphere and service. Parking lot conveniently located next to the building with available street parking for overflow. I had the pesto prima vera with grilled chicken and my friends also ordered two different pasta dishes. All three entrees had quite a bit of extra pasta sauce but they all tasted great.

Sandra vandergriff

Great food, service was good

Danielle H

Great lil place!

Lindsay Daly Post

This is, hands down, my favorite restaurant in Lansing. The food and service is always fantastic. The decor is eclectic and modern, but not overwhelming. The ambience likens to hanging out in a hip friend's home. (A friend that is also an amazing chef.) Authentic & original. Love it!

Wes Knight

This quality of food is the best in the business. Be sure to order the Gourmet Breakfast Wrap. Add chipotle aioli Add a coffee or a mimosa with a great pour. 5 Star meal!

Beth Tucker

Always a great meal. They always have a wonderful variety of homemade soups.

Samantha Miller

Soup spoon is always delicious and the service is great! Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, it's always delicious and unique.

Rashad Howard

Very good gourmet restaurant! Soup FLIGHTS!!!

Franklyn Salogga

Amazing food awesome service the French onion soup was so awesome worth the wait to get a seat and the burgers was nice greasy juicy and huge great place to get together

Mark Grebner

The soup spoon has consistently good cuisine. They try hard and generally succeed. I haven't been unhappy with anything I've tried. I don't know how to categorize their menu, but it seems serious and well-thought-out. Obviously very good ingredients, carefully prepared, and well-presented. By Lansing standards the prices are middle to high. $20 meals are pretty much standard.

Randy Wydra

Oh the food is so good. Cozy atomsphere. Friendly staff. Don't miss this gem.

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