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REVIEWS OF Palazzo Di Bocce IN Michigan

Laurie Szczesny

You would not expect great food at a Bocce ball place, but the food here is excellent. The Tiramisu is the best I have ever tasted and their chocolate cake is amazing. I have been coming here lately during their brunch events and the food is still above expectations for a buffet. The selection is great and as a vegetarian, I have plenty to choose from the buffet. The cheese lasagne is a special treat and their house salad is the best. Anything you choose here will be great. Stopping for lunch is great- they have great specials. Don’t miss out on trying the Bocce also.

Eric Blake Jr.

The waiters and bocce officials were thoeough, courteous, and knew what they were doing. I really enjoyed every moment (plus their espresso was top of the line)!

Samantha Culbertson

Went here for a work function. I had no idea Bocce was so much fun


I have never actually seen anyone eat here. The average population in my half dozen or so visits here is 15. I remain convinced this is a money laundering facility for A family members whose surnames end in a vowel. The Bocce is fun - a good interactive game - well maintained lanes, service has been good (particularly when you yell a lot). This facility seems most adept for handling large events - but highly recommend if you are looking for something different to try.

Kathryn Oliver

Good food. Bocce is fun!

Dennis Sutton

Very nice place. The food was good even though the pasta was slightly over cooked. The staff (we had) were wonderful, great attitudes, friendly, fun and attentive.

Steve Buckler

Best Italian food around.

Mr. Ronnie _Mrs. Monique Cox

Great food, a great place for a large group outing. Staff is wonderful too!

Sonia Estrada

The food was good, the service as well. Dinner a little pricy.

Frank Duke III

VERY nice place great food! The mushroom soup is awesome!. It was an interesting atmosphere. It was quite enough for a intimate meal. Interesting to watch people play Bocce!

Susan Lane

Great fun & food, love the atmosphere!


The game was fantastic, food and service were fantastic.

John Bender

A great place for family fun

Dylan Strohschein

Overall gg with the food. The service was below par but a nice unique experience for the family. I could recomend this for anyone with deep pockets and looking for a little fun.

Damon Carney

Good date spot

Jen E

This place is so fun! We definitely recommend it. Their gnocchi is great and their staff are very attentive.

Amanda Doolin

Fun place, great for parties and get togethers. Food was great too!

Gus Hama

Fun place to be great food

Guillermo Ponce

Great food !!! Great service

Jay Krause

Upscale Italian with nice decor . 6 indoor bocce courts to keep you in.

Kimberly Hamilton

Friendly and helpful staff. Excellent meatballs.

Patrick Hamilton

Unique place, great service and the food was excellent! Will gladly return when in the area!

John Kremer

Good fun. Good food.


Great food and atmosphere. Can't wait to try bocce.

Marie Calabria

Awesome space! Awesome staff! Awesome idea! Big family gathering was held here on July 20th, 2018. We all loved it!

Jaime Endress

Food and service is always great. Love the chicken piccata

Glenn Stockdale

Fun place to play bocce ball & good food too!

allison debiasi

Very tasty and fun place! Waitstaff is amazing

Mike Barton

Food was about average, I was hoping for some authentic tastes. The bocce ball is a great time for a group and courts are clean and well kept.

Aaron Madrid

The food was good and there servers were friendly. You can choose to eat, play Bocce or both. It can get expensive but overall I had a good time.

Kyle Loftis

Great Italian dinner. The Sunday sauce was amazing, and, who knew bocce ball was so much fun

Tony Kilic

Great food cool ambiance

Ron Prusa

Great food and Ashley's service was fantastic.

Mark Ruff

Nice place to eat, decent food and service, the bocce ball pits looked fun but on the pricey end and with kids plus a limited window weren't for us. Solid dinner choice if you're in the

Lauren Houghtalin

A group of 20 had a really enjoyable time, everyone ate, a lot of people had a couple of drinks, and we had 2 hours of bocce reserved. Waitstaff was pleasant and attentive. There was a scheduling error and apparently we were only scheduled for 1.5 instead of 2 hours. This is when an otherwise really pleasant experience began to sour. The manager stormed up and started kicking the balls while someone was rolling the last ball of the turn. There was a miscommunication and error on the part of the establishment, and instead of diplomacy we got a tantrum from management. I went up to talk to her about her behavior and her response was disingenuous at best. You have a fun business and a lot of good staff, but 20 people won't be back. I thought you would want this feedback for training purposes. I think we will be at the Hub for our next outing.

Cesar Gustilo

The food is good and I had fun playing bocce ball.

Cyndi Durham Strawhorn

This was my first experience with Bocce ball. Such great food, atmosphere, and friendly and helpful staff.

Dick Snow

We enjoyed the dinner and the Bocce game afterwards. Everyone had a great time.

Eric Plosh

Friday night at Palazzo Di Bocce is a pleasant experience. Even for a Friday night it wasn't over crowded and noisy allowing for an enjoyable dinner together and some good conversation. The ambiance of Palazzo is inviting and relaxing allowing for a more carefree attitude. The staff are all friendly and at no point do you feel like you are in an overly upscale restaurant for the rich and famous, but the experience is elevated enough for a nice evening out. Our server Janelle was friendly, helpful with the menu, and had a great sense of humor. Her service was great as she was around to take care of our needs but not overbearing. On top of the other staff pitches in to address immediate needs as they see them arise. Having been to Palazzo for a couple work parties and for dinner as well the experience has been great every time. The food has been good to excellent every time. This trip for us featured a draft beer and lemonade to drink (highly recommended if you don't like it too sweet) calamari and bruschetta, lamb chops and ravioli promodori. The calamari is good and large pieces, but may be a bit salty for some. The bruschetta was also good as well and if you like goat cheese give it a try. I ordered the clam chowder along with the main and it is quite good, it does not have the seafood taste many chowders get that aren't of good quality. The lamb chops came with mashed potatoes and asparagus. The portion size was great for the price and the plate as a whole tasted amazing. Nothing I would change. The Ravioli was excellent as well and included on the plate was sausage. Highly recommended for ravioli fans, and again, a great portion size. For dessert we had the cannoli and tiramiso. The cannoli is recommended by the cannoli love and the tiramisu portion is large and I thought it to be well done. If you have a taste for Italian dishes I believe Palazzo is the best in the immediate area I have been to and think the experience overall is worth the trip. Of course, if you want to get a game in, that is available as well.

Raymond Buchalter

Great place for family and friends to get together. Portions are very large

Cheryl Shelton

Very nice place and interesting venue. The drinks are very expensive. We did not eat the food when there, but it smelled good. Service was good as well.

John Kruze

Fun place to have a gathering. As a bocce newbie they did a great job explaining the game and the rules. Make sure you don't order your food during game play, waste of time. Eat before or after.


Great food, great service. Had fun on the courts. Reasonably priced. Everyone around us seemed like they were having a great time too.

Don’t Read My Profile Picture

Pizza was amazing and 80 minutes rental time is more then enough to have a Great experience. If recommend it!!

Alex C

If you can afford it then certainly go. The salad I got was great. The Bocci is fun, the facility is in great shape and the staff is professional. However, it caters to a higher end crowd and I wonder if that will be their downfall. Bocci is very pricey though, the food is high end prices for mid-high end fare and the building feels a bit like a warehouse. Again, if you can afford it then enjoy it, if you are looking for a cheap night out, head elsewhere.

Lorraine Brown

Fun ambiance w great bocce courts! Fantastic salad w local cherries & terrific zucchini straws!


Fun for group parties. The fried ravioli in the buffet was alright. They don't let you take anything home from the buffet though. Overall it's a bit over priced/over rated, but a good time if you're not paying...

Shirley Brockton

Love this place. Great food, outstanding service, friendly staff and really fun to play Bocce on their excellent courts.

Drew Komara

Great food and atmosphere.

paula stafford

Best place for a party or family gathering! Great food and service!! Nice set up!

Debbie Cole

Love this place! Wish more communities had this indoor court facility. Love their fried ravioli!

LOParadise .

Palazzo di bocce is a very fun place for family, couples or special events. it's so easy for anyone to join in and play the game. Court rental is for 80 minutes. They do have wait service at each of the courts and you can have dinner there as well.

Mary-Lin Simpson

The food was fantastic and the service was impeccable.

Andrew Blain

Service is great and so is the food.

Leah Vader

Food was mediocre at best and expensive for what it was. We went with a large group for a birthday party and rented two courts. Our rental was supposed to be from 7:30-9:30 but apparently there was a breakdown in communication somewhere along the time and our reservation was put in from 7:30-9. That's fine things happen but Management's handling of the situation was completely unacceptable. Instead of coming to speak to our party directly a waitress was running back and forth between us and management to deal with the scheduling issue. We were told everything was all set for us to stay until 9:30 and then at 9:05 the manager came to tell us to leave. She was unapologetic and actually came onto the court and kicked the balls. Mistakes get made and that's fine but acting like a petulant child is unacceptable and uncalled for.

Zach W

Great service, great staff, and great food. Everytime I visit I always feel well taken care of.

Erin Krajenke

Highly recommended; what a fun evening! I have been wanting to come here for a while and I am glad I finally did. I called to see if we needed to make a reservation for dinner and bocce and they recommended it and suggested what times would work well. We had a lovely dinner (good sized menu, big portion sizes, good value) with great food, drinks and service. Some of the items ordered include: mushroom soup, tomato basil soup, rosemary chicken, pine nut encrusted whitefish and seared sea scallops and everything was great. We all especially liked the cherry crush cocktail. Then we played bocce ball for 1.5 hours at $10 per person and had a great time. Our bocce server explained the rules of the game to us and we had a blast! I cannot wait to come back! Definitely a fun alternative for a double date.

Kathleen Smirnes

Excellent service

Jean Jones

1st time playing Bocce. Had fun. Be prepared to pay high price for beer and pop.

Jessica C

Went for an event. People seemed to enjoy the Bocci. The food was ok for a catered event, except the cannolis seemed frozen.

Omar Samman

Check their print out when you arrive if you have a reservation for lanes and food. They change it to accommodate others. The full story is we had a reso for dinner and lanes. We get there and they were slow to serve the table, forgot our bread, and all our food was mediocre at best. Overpriced meal for sure. Drinks were very weak. Lanes scheduling issues on their end which we had to deal with was the cherry on top. Spend your money somewhere else or at the very least eat somewhere else. If you just want to bocce, check your court times when you show up and make sure you have the front desk and your waitress agree on the time slot.

Avinash Reddy Tadi

Amazing food and service everytime.

Anthony Padalino

Food was good. Bocce was great .

Vanessa Calabria

Had a party of 45-50 and rented out three bocce ball lanes for four hours. Buffet was delicious, and there were several vegan/vegetarian options. The staff was gracious, and kept the beer/wine flowing all night. Best of all, kids three and up were totally entertained- no meltdowns!

Brett Doyon

Fun fun great food

Thomas Keller

Really fun night out. Nice restaurant. Good drinks. A lot of fun with a group to play bocce and enjoy a couple of cocktails

Brent K

Celebrated my birthday with my family. What a fun place and the food was simply amazing! Staff was so nice, friendly and professional! Thank you for a great time!

Michael Bledsoe

The food was stellar, will have to go back when I have more time to play bocce ball in the indoor courts

Ryan Whitaker

Slow service rude and overpriced

Marjorie Mize

Not super impressed. Hardly busy when we went, but our waitress rushed us so much that we didn't order lunch after the appetizers. Good apps tho

Robert Cedroni

We were there for a baby shower. We were able to play Bocce. We all had a lot of fun. The food was delicious and the service was great. Highly recommended.

Santosh Phadke

The restaurant has a very pleasant atmosphere the wait staff is excellent the first serving of bread was amazing after that it was pretty hard to savor it again we had to ask them a couple of times. I had gnocchi it was not as good as i have had at Picannos in rochester they do not have a aglio olio option, the portion size is very small The kids mac and cheese was pretty awesome. Over all a good place to have a family dinner.

Matt Malone

Discovered Palazzo Di Bocce and the wonderful game of bocce here just a few short years ago. Fantastic place for a small family get together alongside this relaxing game. We've reserved a court at least once a year since 2015 and have had a blast ever time. The game court areas are clean and the staff are always attentive.

John Catalogna

Good food. Fun place!

Fairl Gilland

Excellent place to eat.

stephane debulois

Very nice and the food was very good

Ryan Wilson

Had a first date experience here. The Maple Glazed Salmon and Old Fashioned (they called it New Fashion or something similar) were on point. I even earned second date privileges! Bring your wallet.

Paul M.

Great people taking care of you. Beautiful building. Tasty food and Bocce Ball too reach while you eat. Amazing place, give it a try is my recommendation!

Sabrina Reynolds

We were recommended this place by an old coworker and kept meaning to try it but it's a 45 minute drive so we kept putting it off. We finally made it tonight for date night just the two of us. We loved it so much we already scheduled a double date with friends to come back x 2. The staff is amazing. The food is good though a bit pricey for what you get. The place is so clean though. It was the first thing I noticed. The oldest league info we could find (we didnt look hard) was from 20 years ago. So it's at least 20 years old and it looks brand new. The lights have no dust on them. The foliage above the restuarant part has no dust. It smells clean. The kitchen that you can see looks immaculate. The restrooms are clean. They clearly care about their business. The staff are clearly happy and proud to work there. They also had leagues going on and didnt have an open lane for us to try bocce ball so they opened the private room just for us. Which they gave us a private break down of how to play. It was super fun by the way! We were very happy with our experience and will gladly be going back often.


Absolutely LOVELY restaurant! The atmosphere and decor is very inviting! The staff are courteous and attentive! Highly recommend for a date night because of the intimate setting and vibe! I plan to visit again soon! Thanks for the hospitality Joe!

Ryan Conroy

Excellent food, lots of bocce ball courts, and great service. Place is clean and well kept. A little on the pricy side, but you get what you pay for- worth the little extra. Good all around place for a date, or a group. I tried several items off the menu and they were all good. Service was good as well, waitress was attentive and professional. Would recommend.

Richard Darbyshire

The food is great

Edwin Thompson

Atmosphere is great, Food is excellent, staff is friendly

Mary Momenee

Everything is sooo good here, but the cream of mushroom soup and cherry chicken salad make my heart happy. :D

Gary Scicluna

Great food,fun, and service. This place is awesome all the way around.

Dr. Bruce Meyers

First time present and for a meeting. Service was great as was the food. Facility was excellent. I'm very impressed with the overall design and efficiency of the facility. The ball courts are all nicely maintained and attractive. I walked around the entire place to see everything so not much was missed other than inspecting the kitchen itself which is usually a little aqward to do. Prices are reasonable for both food, drinks and participation. Recommend.

Tony Fragello

Wonderful place. Staff was perfect. Would recommend to anyone.

Christina Coden

We were a group of 18 and had a great time! All appetizers were delicious and the drinks were great (tad pricey). They add the Bocce to the bar bill, which made it super easy at the end of the night .we were having a blast on a Saturday night, and we just wish they were open past 11!

Cynthia Thebo

I play bocce and eat there. It is a great place for both. Great place to have a party.

Salvador Cruz

Italian place with a new interesting sport.

Voltage Gaming

I went to this restaurant with a school group of autistic children, with non-autistic students as “mentors” (I was one of them). The food was great and the staff that we had were all so polite and friendly. It has a very fancy, yet casual feel that made you think that you already knew the staff. The bocci ball was also great, and one of the staff even taught everyone how to play in case they didn’t know. Me and my friend asked for a lot of refills and due to my severe dairy allergy, they made me a whole pizza without cheese and cleaned the equipment so I could still eat with the group. The entire time I was there I felt like a millionaire, and every second I was there was amazing!

Joe Welker

Great food and service!

Christopher Seeley

Nice way to put a different spin on your everyday dining experience. Top notch Italian food with a 7star atmosphere! Watch or play a professional game of bocci too.

John Smallsack

brainers. Not believe how good a restaurant in a bocce ball center was.

Scott Mason

Great food and fun game

Arlene Antonetti

Plenty of parking, nice staff. The food is just okay.

Trevor Dean

My first time playing bocce and it was a lot of fun! The staff is very friendly. The food was delicious as well. If you're looking for a fun experience, give this place a try.

Lisa Oswald

It is a fun place where they have inside bocce ball.

Gary F Moody

Fun time, excellent instructions for first timers, reasonable prices with wonderful atmosphere. 80 mins of court play, roughly 2 games with scoring to 15. Food and drink at one end, play goes back n forth to the 2 ends of the court. Tape measures are there for help with the scoring. Regular street cloths and shoes are fine. Up to 4 couples can play comfortably.

Tim Szczesny

We love this place. The food is great, especially the fresh-made pasta and sauces. We frequently hit the excellent brunch and play bocce on special occasions like Mother's Day. Desserts are also very tasty, and the service is always good. But the bocce courts are the primary draw for me. Hard clay like a tennis court, and I really like the interior design. We have been here many times, and will continue many more.

Jen Randolph

Excellent cream of mushroom soup and everything else ive ever had there. Lovely setting, good prices fresh food...and bocce is fun too!

Todd Creasey

Went for our company Christmas party, the food was great. I had never played bocce ball, that was a lot of fun. The place is huge, not crowded (tables were not so close together that you could hear the people at the next table) all so the atmosphere was nice.

Jeffrey Meade

Went here to celebrate my brothers life and enjoyed it, the staff are great.

Wes Walker

Great place for the family, friends or corporate events. Very obvious upon entry that a lot of time, money, energy and care went into this establishment.

Mackenzie Vaughn

This place is beautiful! We just had our company Christmas party here and the inside is absolutely stunning. We did a lunch and got pastas and the two ordered were phenomenal!! They had lots of lanes to play bocce too. Highly suggest visiting

Cynthia Hass

Wonderful service, Delicious food, atmosphere for couples and family is lovely.

Kristin Serdoner

Went for a work function, had a great & looking forward to going back with family & friends.

David Rider

This place is still awesome! I haven't been there in over 10 years, but really need to get back more often. If you want a fun night out, and like bocce, this is the place in metro Detroit.

Andrew Schroeder

Very good service and food. Reservations for dinner are a good idea, but courts are usually available. Pizza and appetizers (all top notch) and full bar service at courts. They can also do a great company banquet function.

Alexandra Kuretich

This place is really cool. The food was pretty good and reasonably priced. Drinks were priced well. Had a decent wine menu. Great espresso and cappuccino. Bocce was super fun. Ashley explained the game to us promptly and effectively, and we had a blast. Plus only $12 for 1 or 2 games is a steal. We loved spending the evening here and will definitely be back.

George Brunemann

Huge place, great atmosphere, great food.

Noah Center

The food was exceptional and the drinks poured stiff. Service was great they took the time to explain the game and provide some tips. Really made me wish we had an indoor Bocce Ball place in Portland!

Aaron Schwartz

Awesome place! A must go if your in the area. My family and I had an incredible time!

kinner tripathi

Fine Italian cuisine with nice bocce ball to play

Jennifer Vidican

Classy, roomy, Italian restaurant. Perfect for events. Food was excellent. We ordered stuffed shells, and spaghetti. They were great!

gino simiele

We always have a great time every time we go here. The games are played indoors, there is plenty of free parking. The interior has a vibe/ charm to it giving you the feeling as if you are walking through an old world Italian town. Our server, Hanna did a wonderful job taking care of our food and drink needs. We opted for courtside food, but there is a full dining area for lunch and dinner are available before or after the game. There are a few gluten free chicken and lamb selections available on the dinner menu. You can reserve a court within 5 days of desired date. Cost for a group of 12 or under is $12 per person for 80 min of court time. There are other options available for large group events. The menu is available online at their website. It is a bit pricey, but it's always a fun time.

Ashley Gutowski

Great for parties they handke everything, even cutting the cake!! Bocce is fun and relaxing. Great for a group, they are used to groups and can handle.

Zach Locks

Cool place to take a group of people and something different than just dinner.

Dwayne Malley

Good service good food and bocce ball. Who could ask for more?

Jacob Amey

Botchie Ball is a great time. Highly recommend for large family events or work events. The food is excellent as well. A friendly staff rounds the place off nicely.

Daniel Reagle

Nice atmosphere. A change in pace from anything I have ever known. Check it out, worth your time

Erika Morgan

This was a great location for team bonding! Who knew bocce was so much fun!!?!

J1inabillion .

I wish we had places like this where im from food is definitely first class ... An the family loved it

Ingrid L

I called ahead since I have multiple food allergies. I was told that there's options for me and that the waitress would talk to the chef. After arriving, the waitress handed me the menu showing me the marker for gluten free and said she wasn't familiar with soy so she would let me figure out what I can have. Their idea of a gluten free burger is a $10 patty. We left without purchasing anything

Pete Mullin

I must have driven past this place a hundred times before I paid attention enough to realize that this is a bocce ball facility with restaurant. Even though I didn't play, my dinner party of six had a good time with good food. Very family friendly. A minor thing, but just be sure to tell the very friendly waitstaff to remind the bartender to mix your evening cocktails appropriately. Ours were pretty skimpy considering the prices.

gene kadlitz

Enjoy playing Bocce there especially on Tuesday mornings and Thursday mornings you meet people and then when you get done you can have lunch together and they're little restaurant with great food

Sandy Seroke

It was great, great food, great service, great fun

Matt Vohwinkle

Great building, environment and bocce ball. The food leaves much to be desired.

Jawann Jeffersom

Great time. Make time to visit with friends at least once.

Tom Moncho

Very good Italian food. Great pastas.

Elizabeth Anne

Great atmosphere, great staff, great drink's, and a great time! It's a family tradition to do a large annual Bocce night and we come in from several different cities and states just to get our Palazzo Di Bocce fix. It's always a great time and a perfect multigenerational activity. I highly recommend giving it a shot.

Chris Beach

Great food and reasonable wine. Great place for the whole family

Jon Weddle

Fun place, great atmosphere, lots of adult beverage options. Spinach dip was amazing. Ravioli with Italian sausage was good but not great. Overall really enjoyed it.

John Smith

Great place to have lunch and play some Bocce Ball with friends. Service was outstanding, food was good and prices reasonable. The Bocce Ball courts are well maintained and clean. Instruction is available if you have never played. Overall one of the nicest places around with some of the nicest and friendliest staff.

John Benedict

Fun place to play Bocce on great courts that are always clean and ready to go. Have come here with friends for Bocce and for lunch and always a good experience. Anyone can play Bocce from young to old. Highly recommend giving it a try.

Steven Rogers

Not very accommodating for large groups (12+). Food is good, but overpriced. Don't expect to bring a cake in for a birthday and have to pay a fee. Unorganized management.

Scott Rose

Cool place fun atmosphere good food

Neil Godin

Good food & bocce.. great for xmas party.

Paula P.

Work group get together. The food was good. Family style. Expensive. Bocce was very fun to learn.

Keith Scalzo

Great food great service great place to take a group


Fantastic family fun. Great for all ages, even those with limited mobility. The food was amazing. The service was good, friendly and quick.

Alan Kruck

Cool place with bocce ball area. Food was good. Calamari portion was huge! Get the small, the large could be split among 2 maybe 3 people. The veal parm was a touch dry, but decent.

Lucas Witt

5-star environment with bocce ball, but 3-star Eggplant parmesean and Chicken Tortellini at our first visit.

sreenir .

I will definitely go back again. Very friendly and helpful staff. Really cool

Erik LePere

I only stayed for the game but found it fun and challenging. Good family fun.

Tim DeGraff

Great food and fun

Paul Giannetti

Good food atmosphere and service

Cathy Pinski

Bocce is fun, the staff will teach you if you don't know how. They are young knowledgeable and entertaining. The food was good but a bit too pretentious for me. The drinks were cleaver, creative and delicious.

Hollie R

Great food, lots of fun. Weve had work parties here several times now

Mark Vincenzo

Consistently outstanding. Always treated very well by the employees and food has always been excellent. Bocce courts are always clean and ready to go. I am so glad this place is nearby as I really enjoy coming here for lunch and/or bocce ball.

Eric Peddy

Awesome evening with friends!

Jeffrey Smith

Excellent food, Great Service

Brad Wood

Awesome staff all round, great food, great drinks

Jeffery Marshall

was invited for lunch. the food was good, did not get the opportunity to learn how to play bocce, but if I knew how, I would habe.

Greg Preston

A fun place to go with great food!

nick koprowicz

Bocce is pretty fun in and of itself and Palazzo Di Bocce delivers on that providing multiple lanes. Good for a work party or gathering. The food leaves something a bit to be desired but since that is not the main focus, it's easily forgiven.

Chris Kimmel

Really cool place and great food

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