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REVIEWS OF Norm's Market & Catering IN Michigan

Bill Nelson

As always... YUMMMMYY

veronica stewart

Really good chicken dinners to go on Sunday. But call ahead they sell out quick. The meat counter is the best around.

Scott Turner

Best place to get quality meats and smoked products! The BBQ Summer Sausage and Onion Cheese are amazing! It is worth the drive for the great prices!

Jennifer Croteau

Was trying these guys out since the meat store in pinconning closed☹ first time was good. went today and got some hamburger, The outside looked good and fresh, split it in half to freeze and the inside is all brown. Wont be back!

Shauna Leigh

Amazing deli Choices are great And staff is very friendly and fast Strange and unusual choices as well Super thick pepper bacon And prices are decent as well

Jim Devereaux

Best meat!!

Brian Christensen

Very good place to get fine cuts of meat

Mariam Cappell

Great meat!! Fresh and priced well

Eric Miller

Great as usual!

Bev Clink

Watch for overcharging. This happened to both my daughter and myself. Two separate days meat department. Sad sad

kristy gohs

Love their fresh meats! The smoked meats are done in house and amazing! I wish other places had the customer service this store has!!

Curtis Hehn

Best butchery in the area. Very fresh meat, very courteous staff.

Robert French

Always a great place to go for meat prices are great good service deli has great option very clean

Nick Lyden

Best place to go for fresh meat and unbeatable prices.

Diane Haynes

Very friendly and good prices excellent products.

Ryan Putman

Best chicken dinners in the area served on Sundays at lunch. Also has a great deli

Judy Sprinkle

The store is always clean and so well organized...the meat department personal and cashier were quick and very was a good experience..

Helen Atkinson

Found the meats to be reasonably priced and very nice looking choices to choose from. Very friendly service from the associate's that were working.

Cheryl Cox

This is a GREAT Store. Always busy but service is fast and the workers are fantastic! Their meat selection is awesome. Wish I didn't live so far away from Norm's. But you can best bet that when I have to travel that way I always stop in!!!!!

Frederick Klass

If you have to go out.of your way to get here... It's worth it! Best beef: steaks, roasts & ground! Smoked meats and deli sides are old school delicious!

Dan Nichols

I've twice worked events where this company has catered a buffet and must say the food is stellar. My business is predominantly high end country clubs and golf courses so I don't get many events where they are catered in. I've deejayed over 1000 weddings in the past 22 years and this guy knocks it out of the park. I have heard it is because he owns a farm and the food is fresh each and every week. Anyway, I just had to shout it out - amazing food.

Rebecca Rodger

People are friendly and the meat is reasonably priced

I M Ramsey

We used Norms to cater our wedding reception. We fed 40+ people for $450 , with tons of leftovers that were bagged and sent home with guests. Everyone loved the ribs and sliders and Mac and cheese. When I picked it up a nice young man loaded it up for me and it was all still nice and warm. Couldn’t be happier with them.

J Doxey

Wonderful meat selection, always busy but great service. Ordered catered chicken and noodles, was hot, good, and plentiful. Love going here.

Shari Taylor

Norm's prices are good. They don't have a huge selection of groceries, but they have all the basics. The deli is the main attraction. They cure and smoke their own sausage, fish and beer sticks. There is a fairly decent selection of alcohol too.

Robert Bush

Norm's is awesome!! Great prices on fantastic chicken, pork, fish and beef. I drive 60 miles round-trip just to shop there.

Courtney Simpson

Finally made it in after hearing lots of good things from local people and was only sad I waited so long! I will definitely be back!

Nicole Badour

Super clean, very friendly staff. Delicious chicken dinners on Sundays!

Mike Pardington

Good meats, traveled 40 miles to get there

Wendell McElhaney

Good meats. The store is small

Lorna Burke

Perfect!!! It's worth the extra drive to get "real" (fresh liver, etc.) meats. The buttered noodles and tapioca pudding are the best!

William Martin

Love Norms. Nice and clean. Friendly people. Good fresh meat.

leslie sproule

Our church put on a gift market for our giving hope ministry and we're blessed with a free sunday chicken dinner for Norms Market , I picked the dinner up this past Sunday my wife and I just absolutely loved it what great taste enough for two, thanks les

Scott B

Nice store. Great meat selection. Good produce. Also great catering - especially the chicken and noodles.

silver shark

Terrible service and over priced!! I called ahead to make sure what I wanted to buy was in stock and a worker named Paul said it was in stock I got there and he said they don't have it sorry. I drove 50 miles each way and wasted 3 hours and 15 DOLLARS in gas!

Staci Summers

A good variety of meat and always fresh!!

Lisa Palmer

Good meats, great prices, friendly service.

Tom Auten

Great place friendly people

Alison Knezek

Catering worked out great, but delivery would have been better.

John Hile

good meats and priced

Winding Acres Ranch

Great price on Alaskan Pollack and there Chicken dinners on Sunday Rock!

Kurt Kendziorski

Fast and friendly service. Great selection of meats and cheeses.

John King

Very good meat market with there own sausages high quality products

Liz Deline

Great meat!! Best to buy in bulk

Brad Porath

Best fresh meats I've ever had. Live nearby and go there all the time. Freshly made and smoked on site and taste so much better than anything sold in large grocery stores. Equally as good deli products. Also sell most of what you need in a pinch

Kassandra Jenkins

Awesome meats! There homemade beef sticks and jerky are yummy..also they get some really fresh tasting frozen king crab legs somehow love it

Victoria OBriant

Friendly staff! Excellent meats!

Christian Zummer

Meat sticks and beef jerky are some of the best around. People are always friendly as well.

Kimberly Eddy

My favorite place to get fresh meat... good quality and good prices

Ruqayyah Wazeerud-Din Doan

Went to pick up catering order for my Mother in Law's birthday party. Everyone was friendly. Food was absolutely delicious. Thanks!

Jon Solberg

Always worth a stop! Check the freezer for amazing meat things. If they dont have it you dont need it.

Lisa K Seiler

Love the summer sausage and picked gizzards!

Jody bee

Really nice store. Great selection and exceptionally super customer service from Chris at the meat counter.

Jim Harvey

Excellent selection. Fair prices. Great service.

Roland Pelchat

Wonderful choice of fresh meats!! Killer home madebeef sticks

Sharon Henry-Childs

Good prices and take out dinner

Judy McGinnis

Good local grocery.... great meat and friendly service

Cookey Harshman

Great prices, friendly staff and excellent tasting food

Karen Vanderhoff

Good meats, great dinners and good service with very nice staff

Sheila Hammond

Excellent meats with good prices. The staff was great.

oopster0824 .

Food and service are excellent. The local clientele can be a pain.

Daniel Gutierrez

Quality cuts of meat at lower than expected price, fast service.

Deana Kowalski

Awesome meat!! Top quality and great prices

Marcia Riser

Love Norm's! Excellent meat and the workers are very nice!!

Earl Smith

I love Norms! I drive an hour each way just to visit their meat counter. Their quality is awesome. They smoke their own bacon, jerky, summer sausage, chicken, and beer stix. All in several varieties, flavors and meats. Their prices are usually cheaper than any place I have found especially if you can purchase the whole loin/bulk. Usually we buy 1-2 loins and 2 10lb bags of fresh ground round and then store them in individual portions in freezer bags. If you catch them at the right time on a Sunday you may get lucky and get a chicken dinner. One could feed 2-3 people and they are a great meal at a great price. They have a good selection of frozen fish, deli meats, and various salads. People in the know come from surrounding communities for their food. Alcohol and other groceries are available. Their staff make you feel like family. Seems like a good place to work because their staff seem happy and work well together. All in all well worth the trip every time.

Janet Love

Wonderful place, great market, food and people

Lisa Smith

Great little market with an awesome meat counter and many local items. Staff is friendly and helpful.

edward law

Always a pleasant place and good meat

Chris LJSeventyFive

Amazing deals on some of the best cuts of meat I have ever seen. 100% recommended as far as meats. Some prices are a little high on groceries but well worth the stop.

Troy Reinert

Nice family run business

Tim Ferguson

Love the prices on the 40 lbs chicken breast

David Kittell

Great prices and service

sara emery

The salads are nasty my friend works there they do not use fresh materials for there salads and the meat is over priced but overall the contents are great

julie stockmeyer

The fresh meat case is impeccable! Cheeses and cut-to-order lunch meats are always fresh too. Employees are personable and knowledgeable. 5 Stars!!

Lisa v

I love coming here best place to get meat and reasonably priced

Janice Pope

Great! Stocked up on ground baloney, pickled baloney, seafood dip, crackers and horse radish cheese to visit the relatives out of state!

Matthew Klaczkiewicz

great services and prices!

Kendyl Murphy

Great meat. Not a huge selection of produce

Harry McBratnie

Very helpful staff and knowledgeable staff behind the meat counter. Good meat reasonably priced. Thanks again.

Lynne Whalen

Had the chicken dinner today, definitely will be back

Paul Jarlock

Great deals.

Heather Smith

Good food and service

Elaine Roberts

This place has a great meat counter

David Keehn

Good prices. Great meat

Toni Scribner

Great meat selection. Deli items are great quality too.

Mary Champagne

Norms is a great small town store with pantry essentials and a wonderful meat dept. Everyone is so friendly there.

erpagris 1

Nice place to shop for meat, fresh veggies and such. Good, reasonably priced selection. Nice staff. Great selection of smoked meats and sausages. Good place to buy bulk.

Kathy Stevens

Moldy cheese

patricia mcnalley

Awesome service great personality.

Tom Driscoll jr

Family owned and operated for over 90 years It's easy to understand why this place is so popular and well known throughout the state. Quality meats at insanely low prices, you can purchase USDA PRIME GRADE Ribeye for as low as $9.99lb during the holidays. Legendary smoked products. Catering and huge deli department that tastes homemade, because it is. They literally have everything, and if they don't have it, they will order it in for you. Knowledgable, friendly staff. A real hidden gem in the thumb.

Ryan Shanks

Great service! Good prices!! Great quality of meats!!

Deb Farley

Great meat

Christine Neill

Love there meat!!!!

Justin Bisted

Great place

Doris Sutton

Great meat department.

Chris Rappley

Excellent meat @ fast friendly service

Larry Marr

They make the best Apple bacon been shopping there for a long time and will continue thank you guys Larry marr

Jason Schriber

Fresh meat produce, locally raised beef. This is the only place i shop for steak and burger.

Mary Ann Edwards

Great place to find deals on meat and Deli products.

David Gamet

Very friendly people, good meat

Ethelyn Van Wormer

I didn't like my Hamburg the last time

David Hinz

Better than average meat market. I liked their selection of seafood especially. Alaskan Pollock in 5, 10, 20 bags along with Walleye, Perch, Trout, Crab Legs, Shrimp, Salmon which are all frozen of course but all looked good. Almost forgot, there is a large selection of Beer and a good selection of Liquor!

Kelly Plocher

Great prices on delicious meat!!

dawn thayer

Meat and staff are great. Worth the drive

Robert B

Great butcher shop. Meat and prices outstanding. Quick friendly service.

Stephanie Ahrns

Best place to buy fresh meats!

Wreapurse .

Some of the best meats in the area, multiple butchers to help you out with what you are looking for.

Ivanna Phillips

Great variety of meat and sea food fresh vegetables and deli!!

Josh Dawson

Best quality meat anywhere

Bob McCloud

Great meat market. Very good quality meat and great prices. Well worth the trip, I get all my meat there.

Roberta Sharrow

THE best meat market around!!! Love this place. Great people Wonderful meats and good produce. The BEST smoked fish.

Donald Hunt

Nice country store and market. Wonderful chicken dinner take out on Sunday's with generous portions.

Annette Harper

Variety of fresh meats customers service is good.

Margaret Longo

Good prices quality meats

James Trump

Top class place.

Barbara Heid

Love love love that place. They have great meat.

Dawn AlGumai

Meat was priced too high, sorry

David Boudro

Great meat

Helen Elder

Best meats ever

Kathrine Vermillion

Great quality meat. Good prices.

Dana Zovishlack

Great meat market.

Ryan Withers

Local trusted market

Skylar T

Great prices, fast service, good cuts.

Ken Tereau

Awesome! I love this place! They have everything for the party. Especially the Superbowl.

Capn Jub

Small non descipt locsal market famous for its meats. Which are just mediochre. Convenient for locals to pick up beer, a few fresh veggies and of course their mediochre meats.

RoseMarie Wakefield

Best meat in the area, good prices.

Josh Mabry

Best meat market I have ever been to. I absolutely love the quality and freshness of the meat and the prices are some of the best around as well.

Kevin Knag

Great prices Great service Great meat

Douglas McClew

Fantastic meat selection, the smoked jerky and sausages are the best. Smoked fish and ham also. So far I've had everything smoked and it tastes out of this world. Mind you I travel 50 miles just to get this! I love smoked meats!

Bob Mccormick

Norms is great for their meats. Usually good deals on bulk packs of chicken breasts and ground beef. Their bacon is great and have a bunch of different flavors to choose from. Definitely worth a stop for some beef sticks at least.

Kristy Gohs

This is the main place we get our meat. The quality is great and the prices are better!! Staff has always been helpful, friendly and fast. The house smoked bacon is a family favourite!!!

Dana Rounding

Great meat selection! Friendly Staff.

Linda James

Great prices and awesome meat!!

john helcher

Love this place. Great meats. Old school grocery store and meat market service.

Michael Miner

Love the Ghost Pepper Weasle Peters!

Ralph Englehart

awesome place to get great meat and produce! some of the freshest meats and produce in the thumb area! friendly and helpful staff as well! norm's brats are by far the absolute best around!

George Esler

Great place with unique finds...

Aman Penn

Their chicken dinners are a sunday tradition for us, along with their jerky, beer sticks, and beef sausage!

Jeremy Gracias

Awesome meat selection. Quality of meat is great. Service was friendly.

Jenny Gillman

Absolutely LOVE the meat here. It is always yummy and reasonably priced. We live an hour away and Last time I placed an order Leroy went above and beyond tohelp me out, prior to my in laws picking it up for me. When I used to go in Matt was always so helpful. I highly recommended Norms!! (my sister that lives in Maryland even stocks up with meat from Norms everytime she comes to visit!!

Lori Delaney

Great meat& deli. Love the smoked fish

sezso73 .

The best meat market in the area.

Sharon Smith

I have only been there once, the Rump Roast I bought was tender and tasty..They have a great carry out Chicken Dinner Special on Sundays.. I thought the front of the store near check out was a little clutterd, junky looking,dusty and dirty...

Brittany Partridge

Great service! The jerky and meat sticks are amazing here. They have great catering food options.

Ernie Smith

Best meats around!

Dawn Weeks

Great food prices ...very helpful and friendly staff..

Pastor Doug

Great meat and cheese selection, friendly family atmosphere. Small town charm.


Great selection of fresh meats. They have some unique and hard-to-find items. It's definitely worth a visit. Prices are fair. Staff is usually quite polite and helpful. You never know who you might run into in this quaint little hidden gem.

Miss Becca

This is a wonderful little hidden gems in the town of Richville they have a meat counter that will take you back to the time of your grandparents high quality food and reasonable prices with a staff who has been there as long as the grocery store itself oh and if you get lucky enough to hit it on the day that they've got the corn chowder soup I highly recommend you get yourself some

Tracy McDonough

Norms has great meat at great prices

Karen Wonfor

This market has wonderful meat. Very popular with people in this area. It is also like a mini market for other items.

Raymomd Trepanier

What can i say about this place except it's the best, always buy my beef there, if you go there you will never go anywhere else. Top quality never a disappointing visit. How about an English roast for 8 dollars thats 18 at kroger. Absolutely the best. I give it 110 percent! !!!!

Cynthia Tryon

Best butcher shop in town. The employees are wonderful and helpful. All their meats are fresh. They will cut anything you need

Juli Forsyth

Love the cheesy beef sticks!

Tina Morauski

Very friendly staff, makes you feel welcome for stopping in. But lots of fish Glad I stopped.

Sweet Pea

The meats are excellent and competitively priced.

Perry Lorence

Great food products.

Terijo Wandrey

Best meat and Sunday chicken dinners!

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