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REVIEWS OF Kosch Catering & Dining Solutions IN Michigan

Melanie Johnson

I had an absolutely marvelous experience with Kosch Catering. I dealt only with Fran Allen and she was AMAZING! Kosch catered my wedding on Sept. 16, 2017. Prior to that we took part in 2 tastings, one of which was hosted by Kosch and provided us to opportunity to sample numerous offerings. The food was good as both tastings and at the wedding. The staff that worked my wedding was very professional and kind. I, nor any of my guests, had any complaints regarding their services. Fran is such a joy to work with. I did not have one worry dealing with her. She promptly responded to all of my questions and made adjustments to my menu per my request. There is not one thing that I would change about my caterer. They helped to make my day PERFECT! I strongly recommend Kosch and will use them in the future for any events that I host.

Terri Milka

Just had an event at the Detroit Historical Museum, people could not stop talking about the great food and catering staff! Emily at Kosch was very professional and pleasant person who organized my event perfectly. I would highly recommend them again. Thanks again for the great job.

Emily Gozdzialski

I cannot say enough great things about Kosch Catering. I hired them to do my June wedding at the Lake St Clair Metropark and we could not have asked for better service! As a former banquet server myself, I am very cognizant of how an event should run and they pulled it off flawlessly. My sister in law is a professional chef and was raving about the food as well as the other guests. The late night tacos were amazing and everyone loved them and they were included with the package! We did have rain on our wedding day but Kosch let me make the decision when I was ready to about pulling the ceremony inside. Once I came to that decision they quickly had the chairs set and even helped me decorate for the ceremony which I had not even fathomed. The staff was very friendly and helpful. I did have a couple special requests that were handled flawlessly. Our event coordinator, Lana, was so kind and thorough and answered all of my millions of questions. They came to the groom and I and brought us drinks throughout the night. They even held our plates as went through the buffet so that we would not get anything on us. I would hire Kosch a million times over! Their prices are so reasonable for the service they provide.

Robert Simmons

Laura S.

discriminatory, racist.

Suzanne Kimmerly

Kosch hosted my daughter's wedding and everything from start to finish was first class. The venue at Environmental Center was beautiful, the food was excellent and the bartenders were friendly and everyone was taken care of. The pre planning process was easy and the prices were in line. So happy we went with Kosch! I highly recommend them for any event

Peter Pappas

They catered my wedding. They accommodated every dietary request and a few whimsical ones too. Excellent food and professional from start to finish. Great people.

zach zukowski

reflection of the stand at martindale beach Food is very inconsistent sometimes it’s hot sometimes it’s ice cold. what is consistent is the constant bickering and chirping at each other. bring your own food trust me.

Ashley A

Rose Connor

When we began finalizing plans I started emailing Cass with questions, he was less then helpful with short responses. When we gave him the time for our ceremony/reception he responded saying we were wrong and should do it at a different time which was inappropriate when no suggested times were given.When we started planning our rehearsal/rehearsal dinner (which is traditionally done the day before the wedding) we were told that another couple may possibly be reserving that day. After some waiting, nothing had been finalized and so we began to pursue it further. This was crunch time and as we booked our event with them in July the year before we felt we should have been given first choice and better treatment, not the couple trying to book an event less than a month away. I was told we would have yet another coordinator for the event and was irritated that our event was being thrown to someone else again, I asked for this person’s contact information and was told that it wouldn’t be available until the week of the wedding. That’d throw any sane person into stress overload. After being denied we went to the office and received the information from a VERY helpful man, Grant, whose wonderful customer service truly saved this business transaction. After more silence, I contacted the onsite coordinator, John, who also told me that there was a possible event pending. At this point we took our problems to the CEO Gordie. We left him a very frustrated message explaining our aggravation with Cass’ poor customer service and our desperation at the impending deadline for the rehearsal (Final plans wer waiting on this). We never received a call back so went back to the office to try and resolve the issue. Cass was the only one in the building and we told him we needed the day reserved and suggested they tell the other couple that time was up as they had someone else waiting. We expressed again our frustrations and he got incredibly aggressive. He threatened us saying we had no right to call Gordie and complain, our opinions didn’t matter as they’ve been in service 31 years and one customer’s complaint wouldn’t affect them. He snidely asked why we picked them if we’re so displeased and we explained we were forced to use them since their contracted with Stony. He said ‘if you’re not happy, there’s the door’. There was no way we could cancel a couple weeks before our wedding and not drown trying to find other available vendors. So we stuck it out, went up to Stony and paid yet another $600 rental fee and fixed the issue ourselves with absolutely no help from Kosch. From this point they did give us the Bridal Lounge and fabric lining in the tent for free as an attempt at consolation but it was made clear it was only because they were using our event as a sales pitch. We have now found that they took pictures of our decorations and are using them for promotional causes on their website without our consent, they did not provide the decorations. Once we were able to work with John and Tom the week of the wedding, things went more smoothly and the event went great. The food was delicious and the service was good. It was hardly enough to make up for the offensive customer service experience but enough to ease us the day of. The stress this situation caused was unnecessary and their lack of appropriate solutions was not acceptable for an important event such as a wedding. We will never recommend this business to anyone and have been advising our friends and family to avoid them at all costs. They made it clear they just want your money and could care less about your event and how you want it, their prices alone accurately support that. Should you use them, I wish you luck, tread lightly and stay strong!

Dana Davidson

We had our wedding at Indian Springs Metropark and were required to use Kosch Catering. Lana was very thorough to work with through email. She always answered all of our questions very quickly. The food selection was expansive. Our guests really enjoyed our food! We had the strolling dinner package. Michelle was our day of coordinator and she was AMAZING. I loved working with Michelle. She was very kind and thorough.

Bill Smith

Kosch Catering provided the food for my company's holiday party. We found the food quality to be excellent, the service to be timeline and professional, and the prices to be reasonable. I'd recommend them for any corporate party.

Morisa Robinson

I have dealt with this company for a month. There service is horrible an they dont follow recipes or cater to the needs of seniors. I would never recommend this company to service anyone. Not even an animal shelter.!!!!. Cass is rude an so is some of the staff.

Alicia Haskin

Kosch catered a family holiday party. Everyone was great to work with and the food was excellent. Will be having them cater my next event again.

Sarah Williamson

Kosch catering was amazing! They were the caterer for our wedding at Indian Springs Metropark in August. From the very beginning, I was very pleased with them. Lana was very responsive and answered all of my questions throughout the entire process. On the day of our wedding, Michelle was my contact and she was incredible. She was there for any last minute questions or needs and readily available. There was one little detail that was overlooked and Michelle came to me immediately to make sure it was handled. The food was out of this world! Everyone raved about all of the food and the service. All around, I would recommend Kosch for any event you need catered.

Daniel Angelini

First off, let me preface by saying that I am a vendor, DJ in specific. That being said, I am constantly working at different venues all of the time. I've now done 2 weddings at the Sunset Terrace at Stony Creek metro park and can not say enough good things about the staff there from Kosch. Robert Simmons was managing both events and was as good as good as gets at both weddings. Robert went above and beyond at both events to the point that I had to give him and his superb staff a shout out at the end of the evening. His level of professionalism is second to none and he handled any problem that may have flustered an inexperienced manager with the greatest of ease. It's people like Robert that make job that much easier. When I sit down with future brides I will definitely recommend booking at any location Robert and his staff are working. Kudos to Kosch for the wonderful food as well their hiring choices with the great people mentioned above!


The test of time shows how good this company is.

Luanne Jones

You owe Glen and Krista Gardner credit! Dirty plates, ram out of plates,. When asked if there were any more plates it was like. Well I will have to see. When the woman finally got back with us. She said .I don't understand. There were 95 plates for 85 guests . Well I'm a guest .I don't ubderunder either. Well you all can just sit down. I have to run and get more. Besides the fact that we had to ask for more tolls and a spoon fir the potato salad .we missed out on the other salad .they didn't bring the second one out. The food was also disappointing. The little we were able to get. Rude clueless staff. They need training in customer service.

Robert Michael

Seriously awesome job from EVERYONE. Lana was always available to meet with us and was very professional throughout the entire process. Rob was wonderful at helping to set up/tear down and even helped decorate when I had no clue what to make of all my head table decorations. The wait staff was very professional and bartenders made awesome drinks. They even gave us a signature drink. Kosch was great and I had a perfect wedding day. -Kristen + Robert

Lindsay DeMaggio

Cake cutting knife was not available at time of cake cutting our song was finished before we even got our knife. Complaints from guests that they didn’t even see the sheet cake because no one was offering cake they didn’t say where is was, were not serving all of our guests. No ones waters were re filled, Bar service was horrible. LIGHTS WERE NOT DIMMED OR TURNED OFF DURING ANY FIRST DANCES!!!!

Alana Knoppow

Kosch did a wonderful job on my wedding, at Stony Creek Metropark. Lana in the office was wonderful to work with, very prompt and responsive. Robert, our onsite event manager for our wedding day, really went above and beyond to accommodate our every need. He and the whole waitstaff were fantastic. The chef did a great job accommodating us to throw a 100% vegan event, and the food was amazing (and not boring). I would definitely recommend working with them to make your big day as stress free as possible.

Kim Drzewiecki

Went to metrobeach this evening with my family. We came across a really cute wedding at the pavilion. As we got closer a Kosch catering truck was taking food away. In the back of the open truck two females were present. The one was using a teaspoon no gloves putting food in aluminium containers. The second woman stood out side the truck smoking a cigarette literally inches from the food. I'm sorry both employees represent your company. And based on that alone I would NEVER recommend your catering. I was thoroughly disgusted. And I will certainly tell everyone I know not to use your service as well.

Nomadic Nerds

NEVER GOT A RESPONSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's been over 2 months! (11/1) This review can either go up, or down, depending on if these people have common sense and common decency. From most responses I am seeing, they couldn't care any less, they have their money. - 5 days & no response, docking a star. WARNING - If you hired Kosch for your wedding, you WILL have to babysit them on the day of. The bathrooms weren't even CLEANED from the night before nor open at 3pm. How are you going to have a bridal tent for use, but no bathroom.....??? If you rent the bridal tent ($500) that is MEANT to be a lakeside lounge, make sure they do open the walls! And beware that it will likely be covered in grass from mowing - Dont let them tell you it was set up that day so you have to pay $500. They are trying that with us and I was there the day before to see it already up. Not to mention the grass and grass stains all over say otherwise. EVEN THOUGH their own paper work states NOWHERE that it will remain closed on "hot" days (because it has a small crappy old personal AC unit is offered) they are refusing to refund this bridal tent that our party used for not even an hour, and that guests didn't use because it appeared to be closed to them. NEVER was it communicated to me that they wanted to leave it closed. I was inside trying to greet guests and do what a bride does, that I didn't know it was never opened until later in the night. It's not my job to babysit the people I have hired. I would have immediately told them common sense with the large tent should apply with this one. The breeze from the lake will keep the area cool enough, rather than an enclosed area with a AC that takes 6hrs from the time it's turned on to even get close to temp - I KNOW, we have the EXACT SAME one in my office - 8hr day it still doesnt get to the temp, barely close, and my office is the same size as that tent. Not to mention, we couldn't even get into the tent at the time we were told. We had to wait for 20 minutes to enter, in which it was hotter than hell because clearly they had just set up the inside with the AC - which kept cutting out and Kosch tries to explain it as it got to temp in the tent... no it didn't, it was set to 73 and inside was easily 85. OH! Don't rent the AC for the large tent. It's $7000 - LOL China upgrade - Not totally worth it. They place small glasses of water with no refil at the table. Multiple people told me they had to keep asking staff for water nonstop because there was no pitcher of additional water and staff was not coming around to refill. After dinner they remove them... luckily because multiple people complained there wasn't enough water, they kept them on the table until 9:30pm. Tammie, our onsite manager was a mess. Late, running all over, kept getting snippy with my guests as they kept asking for more water. She kept saying "I had a wedding yesterday" -- ok, so? Plan accordingly then. That's why you have a management position..... I have expressed these issues with Kosch, in which I get the normal we dont care response. My favorite was "you were not satisfied with your level of service" - I would have run that place like a king if I was in that position. My level of service is exceptional, my expectations of others is minimal, and they barely got that. What a snooty way to turn their incompetence onto the customer. I wasn't even going to mention that they destroyed my cake... but since they want to charge me $500 for a LAKESIDE LOUNGE that was not converted because they were too busy, not because of the weather, I will now bring this to their attention. This is in their hands now. Lets see the level of integrity they actually have.

Andrew Pyon

Awful service. I was the best man at my friends wedding simply asked for a orange juice and got denied. They paid for an open bar.... Manager came over and was even worst than the bartender. I would never reccomend this awful company to anyone. You are better off going anywhere else. Not a single person in the wedding party enjoyed

Nicole C

Kosch catered our wedding at the Dossin Great Lakes Museum and it was fantastic! Our guests raved about the delicious food. They were a pleasure to work with, customizing our menu to meet our specieal requests. We did a strolling supper with three stations. The quality and variety was excellent.

Kellz Mero

I thought having my wedding at Stoney Creek would be the best choice for my husband and I. Boy was I wrong! Although when I left my deposit with Lisa at Kosch a year before out date and had complete confidence in the company when I did so, I had no idea what I was signing myself up for. I found out through an e-mail months later that Lisa was no longer with the company, and that Cass would be our new contact person for our wedding and all of the planning. He is the biggest jerk I have ever met and in no way should any company pay him to work with customers, especially brides. I have waitressed for years and have even worked at Country Clubs as a server doing weddings in my college years so I feel I have a pretty good idea of how customers should be treated and how I was treated, was not it. Every time I contacted Cass, he made me feel stupid and like I was inconviencing him by asking him anything. I did not even contact him at all until weeks before the wedding and I only dis that becasue my DJ and florist had both contacted me to schedule final meetings and my own venue had not. I began to worry that that my venue, the same place that was resposible for feeding my guests had not called or e-mailed once yet. To make a long story short, Cass was never helpful and always rhude. he never had a clear answer for anything. For this reason, he made it extremely challenging to work with my other vendors who needed to know what time they could access the venue to set-up and other such details. To make matters worse, after the hell of planning the wedding itself, the actual day of my wedding was a mess thanks to Kosch. . The $400 bridal lounge that I upgraded to that was listed to be "air condidtioned and have a bar stocked with chanpange and my favorite snacks", was the hotter than the main tent itself, and had a tray of trail sized cocolate bars and some pretzles with no storage at all-certainly no locked storage. My 6 month pregnant sister had to sit with her feet up in the main tent for 2 hours sweating before the ceremony even started becasue of this. She only got there so ealy becasue I told her there would be a cool place for her to realx. The bathrooms had no soap or T.P. a few hours into the night and the staff was rhude to the guest who asked that it be taken care of. There was no salad dressing on the buffett, no water or water glasses on the head table for my husband and I, or our wedding party after our ceremony ( and again it was 90 degrees out and our ceremony was outside ), the bridal room that I paid for that was not air condidiotned, was never even opened up during our cremony into lounge as I was told it was going to be until well after dinner serive ended, there was an ant infestation in the bar area when my girls and I were finishing decorating that my bridesmaids had to clean up so that guests would not see,and to top off all of that-I wrote a 2 page letter asking for my $400 back for the bridal room and never heard a word back about it at all. Unless you are determined to stress out planning your wedding and cry on your wedding NOT use this company. Stoney Creek is gorgeous, but not worth all of the tears and headache that go along with the contracted catering company.

Mrs. N R F

I just had my wedding at the Indian Springs Metro Park, and the food AND cake was delicious! Everyone enjoyed the food and the appetizers were excellent and unique. The cake was moist and looked just beautiful. We had the open well bar and silver package which was more than enough for my 70ish person reception. I've also attended another wedding at the Glass house that Kosch served and also thought that was excellent.

Matthew Soberal

Amber was an absolute joy to deal with, very warm and gracious. The food was great and all in all the whole staff was fantastic. I highly recommend kosch!!!!! Will definitly use them again.

Erika Parker

Kosch Catering …the best customer service experience ever! Their event Specialist, Emily, was professional, communicative and friendly. No matter how many times I emailed or called she was able to help and answered questions. Their payment process was clear, concise and simple. During the planning of our event I could tell that Emily really cared about what we were trying to accomplish. There was so much clarity during this process. Their staff at our venue was amazing as well. During the event I was so busy but they looked after me to make sure I ate. They were sincere about the heavy responsibility I had. They set up and were readily available to serve at all times. It is special thing meet people that share the same philosophy as of do regrinding customer service. At the end of the event everyone won! Thank you Emily, Renee (1&2) and John. Your efforts and professionalism speaks volume! The food was good too!

Cindy Little

The setup crew for Kosch was wonderful. At first I thought everything went fine. After the wedding, I began to hear of problems at the reception. First, as drinks were running low, guests were telling the waitstaff they needed to be refilled, my sister specifically told a staff member, their response: "that's not my station". Mind you we only had water, lemonade and ice tea. The second problem was that the 3-tier wedding cake was never cut for the guests. The only piece that was cut was the piece the bride and groom fed to each other. We had extra sheet cakes as we know the wedding cake would not be enough. The sheet cakes or the only thing the waitstaff cut. Third, I was never given my left over food that I had paid for. And we had plenty as we paid for extra people and then people cancelled the day of the wedding-so I know there was food left. I was never asked if I wanted it, what to do with it or anything! I carried my phone with me the whole time-they had my #. Never once was I greeted by the staff and asked if everything was going fine (mother of the bride). Upon learning all of these things I wrote Lana an email. Her response-I will take it to the management team. I said that's it - she said "yes, sorry for your dissatisfaction". I waited a week - no response. I then called the office asked for someone from the management team. Spoke to Grant Kosch (on a Thursday) told him my complaints. He said he would get back with me before the weekend to resolve the matter. It has been almost two weeks and have not had a response. I called again this week - spoke with the reception and told her I wanted to rely a message to the management team. I told her my complaints and that I was very dissatisfied with the lack of customer service Kosch provided. She asked for my name and number. That was 3 days ago. Still have not received a call, email, no response whatsoever. They have lost my business and I will not recommend them to anyone.

Geoff Schwartz

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