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1906 Packard St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104, United States

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Stacia Lee

Helen Parkin

Visiting Ann Arbor we came across this predominantly take out place. Managed to get a seat and the food was delicious. Lots of veggie options. Had squash risotto and my husband a non veggie loved the urban fries. Reasonably priced and uses fresh local produce.

Lauretta Codrington

It was alright. Stsff.was friendly. Food was ample. Atmosphere was quaint.

Weston Andros Adamson

Scott Squidcat

Sam Abuelsamid

Cecil Lucas

Evan Wells

Owner is super nice. Onion rings were great. Other food was good too.

Mike Burkhart

Eat catered for my wedding, and we regularly come back for carry out. Amazing food, great people and great attitudes. Wish I could eat here everyday!

Brian Davis

Delicious food and some interesting options. Meat and vegetarian choices, small menu but something for everyone

Mary Getz

I've been to the EAT food truck twice in the last month and the food was pretty good. The mac and cheese and sliders were flavorful, but a bit dry. At first I assumed that this was because they were made previously and brought to the event to be served. So today my husband and I tried to go to their regular location and order carry out, assuming it would be even better. We were sadly disappointed that things are far worse there. We ordered the Yusef slider, the Mac and Cheese and two orders of french fries. While we were sitting inside waiting for our food two of the employees started bickering and cursing at each other. It continued until our food arrived and we walked to the car. We opened the fries and noticed immediately that they were greasy, pale and limp. When we walked back in to return the fries the employees were still arguing with each other and the woman behind the counter (who I assume to be the owner) was nice but seemed to not notice that her employees were having an issue. We got the second round of fries and left. The fries were still greasy and limp, but now dark brown in color. We both had the same thought - better fries at McDonalds for half the price. The entrees were equally underwhelming; not BAD, but not good enough to put up with the cost or environment. I would recommend avoiding the packard location and hitting up their food truck instead. It's a far better deal and you are not missing any quality.

Matt Fiorillo

Will Pomeroy

Eat is a great restaurant, especially if you've had a long day at work and want something healthy without the trouble of making it yourself at home. The food is very fresh and very well balanced, and they have a good amount of vegetarian options. I have been to eat many times, and have been impressed every time I've been there. Their diverse but small menu offers a lot of unique choices for all palates. Last night, I ordered the Butternut Squash Risotto, and it was just as good as the last time I had it, over a year ago. Their later hours are excellent for when you're trying to get a late bite after a long day in the office.

Amy Heath

Consistently delicious. Creative menu. Healthy food.

Aaron T. Howard

So ridiculously overpriced! $8.25 for a 4 oz burger!! Get real! Burger was terrible and waaaaaaaay overcooked. Coffee was good but outrageously priced as well. Will never return!

Alex Medina

Derek DeJonghe

Korean BBQ was awesome

Steph Mecham

Alex Dubach

I ordered carry out through door dash which was fine, but the food itself was not good. the fries were soggy and wet, the mac n cheese tasted horrible and had other food in it that made it taste like onion and vegetables. i originally wanted something else but they were out.

A. Barton

Nick Zaher

Sarah Griffin

We love to order out from eat. They have amazing, hearty food that tastes like my ma's home cooking. Its in a great location so you don't have to deal with the downtown area. Try the pot roast.

Manda B

Dang, it's good!! I got the eggplant sandwich. Would get it again in a heartbeat

Alexander Jones

Claire Broderick

What amazing food! Great in house window view, and I really dug the music too.

Micky Schembri

Delicious and fresh!!! Chicken salad sandwich was wonderful. Dinner brisket with roasted veggies was also. Cuban sandwich was a hit. Side of sweet potato fries was huge... glad we were sharing them. Look forward to returning.

Benjamin Campbell

Get the chocolate pudding, you won't regret it.

Sarah Bur

Darcy K

B Mc

The food is a good price and reasonable. Especially since there are not that many other easy take away options around the area. The service is a little lacking in friendliness and happiness, but you don't go there for fun so it's fine.

Jie-Fang Zhang

Andy Longo

Different...and good. Try it.

Dan Paeth

Matthew Reed

Although unassuming on the outside, this catering/carryout place makes a variety of high quality food with local/seasonal ingredients at an unbeatable price. My #1 go to spot for carryout when I want something delicious and quick!

Karthik Prabhu

Allen Brooks

A great take out restraunt with very limited seating inside. The menu features a great mix of items that are unique to the establishment. The first sandwich I ever had from them was a Sloppy Joe made from lamb with Moroccan spices. The pork confit and Korean BBQ are other favorites.

Kendall Rose

I had the opportunity to work with Emilia and the Eat LLC catering team for a recent wedding this September at a private estate in Ann Arbor. Emilia was extremely easy to work with and coordinate wedding details for the service and food side of our client's wedding. She created a delicious seasonal menu within their budget and was helpful with providing high quality rentals and service ware as well. On the day of the wedding, she was so pleasant to work with, calm, and thoughtfully reviewed any and all questions we needed to cover well before the wedding began and then she and her team expertly executed the meal and service without any further guidance. As a wedding planner it's rare to see such friendly and hospitable demeanor when tasked with serving upwards of 200 guests, and yet Emilia and her team were just on it in every way while also being fun to work with. They were also extremely flexible with some of the challenges of a private estate wedding such as the need to handle waste service, covering a large terrain for multiple food service points, and dealing with a lack of lighting in the outdoor mobile kitchen. Her team perfectly handled a 30 minute delay in the dinner start time due to unexpectedly long speeches, and the food was amazing! At the end of the night, Emilia ensured that her staff was on hand to assist with as much tear down as possible, which was so appreciated. Thanks Emilia for a successful and very easy event! We'd highly recommend this team for comfortable + upscale + delicious event catering.

Alexander Benson

Daniel Atherton-Moore

Slow food, a bit pricey, but delicious!

Evan Koorhan

ErictheDead001 .

Ryan Harrington

Karen O'Donovan

Always great food and an easy home cooked dinner. Staff are great too.

Voratima Orawannukul

I want to love this place but I'm quite disappointed with the Korean BBQ. The meet odor is really strong I had to stop after a few bites. The hand-cut fries, however, is fabulous.

Jason Schnabel

The pork sandwich is amazing and the sweet potato salad is unbelievably good. I definitely want to come back and try more.

Andrew Goedert

I came here with several family members and ordered half a bacon sandwich and their soup of the day. I didn't read the ingredients on the sandwich and I was surprised to say the least when there were strawberries on it. Needless to say despite that surprise it worked with the sandwich. I loved the food and, the service was great.

Inspectah Enjee

Tried the Korean BBQ sandwich today and was amazed. Very flavorful and delicious. 9 dollars for a sandwich with no side is a bit overpriced but the quality is good. It tasted fresh and that's why I would go back.

kevin spangler

Went there twice in one day. Fries are amazing. Tuna melt twice and the the Cuban

Aaron Pressel

Eat has excellent, hearty, country-style food. A bit pricey, but the quality is very high.

Terry A

We stopped in for a piece of peach pie because it is the season and we wanted a couple of pieces to take home. All in all the pie was good but nothing special.

Penelope Phares

EAT restaurant catered out daughter's wedding at Cobblestone Farms in Ann Arbor, MI a little about 3 weeks ago. The food and service was SENSATIONAL! Love, love, LOVE...the Sweet Potato salad. They (EAT) did a great job!

Tyler Kilgore

Good food, generally leans towards flavorful dishes and quality ingredients. Generally for carry out but some seating inside and out. Extra parking in the back.

kate clancy

Susan Meade

The cubano sandwich is to die for. Nightly specials are usually delicious. I have to admit that it's hard for me to pass up on the cubano and try something else.

Nikhil Sehgal

brent ellinger

Great food. Small space to eat.

Jayanth Dwarak

A great take out place with really fresh food. Got the chicken salad sandwich. It was really tasty and the prices are very good as well. Will certainly go back to this place

Annette Carpenter

eat is one of my favorite places to grab takeout in A2. The food is consistent and delicious, and the staff is always friendly. I love the Korean BBQ sandwich and the Cubano is a 10/10. Recently tried an item from the "larder" menu, onion jam, and it was delicious on some homemade burgers. With a menu as diverse and delicious as eat's you can call it a one stop shop for those nights you don't wanna cook and a must for those nights that you want to add something special to your cooking. 5 Stars.

Alysa Shi

Small place, has one table and four stools if you are trying to dine in. Service is nice but on the slow side. Ordered the chicken paprikash but it was quite bland. Serving size was big though. Sesame Shortbread cookie was okay. Overall, an average carry out place, but not good enough that I would give as a recommendation to someone.

Deborah Guest

Jose Rivas

Sandwiches were great the specials change so keep watch. Small but you're there to do work so it doesn't matter.

Suzette Hammond


John Geeting

Everything on the rotating menu is excellent!

Alex Huynh

Shannon Hutchinson

The food was absolutely delicious. For the food alone, I'd give 5 stars, but there were just a few problems (that could easily be fixed). I'll obviously start with the food. I had the grilled tempeh sandwich and, as I'm pretty newly vegetarian, this was my first experience with tempeh -- and it definitely won't be my last. The tempeh is marinated in some sort of soy sauce concoction, so the asian flavors really came out, especially with the spicy mayo and cucumbers. I could eat this sandwich every day. My boyfriend had the Korean beef sandwich, which he also loved. I obviously didn't try it, so I can't give too many specifics... But he said the beef was tender, the sauce was great, and it looked to be pretty decently sized. The sandwiches don't come with fried but we got a side of them, and I didn't even think to ask what they're fried in -- which is kind of a concern because they use lard in their pie crusts and advertise free bacon fat with a "Larder" purchase. I still ate some of the fries (because I'd already eaten a few before I realized I didn't ask about the frying medium) and they are delicious. Super crispy and handcut. I'd hope with the vegetarian and vegan options they offer that the fries would be, too. Speaking of vegetarian and vegan, they do have quite a few options, including some on their specials list. I actually had several items to choose from, and while it was a hard choice, I surely don't regret the tempeh. However, I do wish their pies didn't have lard in the crust, because the apple pie in the case looked bomb. Now for the negatives. The place seats 8 people, max. Probably comfortably more like 6 or 7 -- it's absolutely tiny. It has 4 bar stools and one booth, but I'm assuming they do a lot of take out. When we came in it was empty, but by the time we left there were 3 or 4 people waiting around for orders/take out, so it was a bit of a shuffle to get out. Other than that, I'd maybe recommend they use different glasses for their water and, I'm assuming, other drinks. We had metal glasses, which are cool and all, but deep, dirt-filled gouges in the sides and chunks in the bottom are not what I want in my drink. I still drank it because I'd been out in 90+ degrees all day at the Ann Arbor Art Fair, but I did my best to avoid the chunks. I'd gladly eat here again, just maybe bring my own water bottle and ask about the fries. And possibly bring my own table and chairs to set up in the parking lot.

Dean Schultz

WOW! This food is... to put it short, AWESOME! I'm not even half way through my sandwich and I had to get the word out. I would recommend getting your food to go, unless its a nice sunny day when you can eat in their outdoor seating. The seating is tight and theres not much space to stand, but the food is still worth the wait. SOOOOO GOOD!!!!!

Germain Honda

Alex Bush

Gabe L

Fantastic. Go Blue!

Jillian Henning

William Nowak

I initially didn't like Eat because they took over my favorite Venezuelan restaurant. I still miss it, but over time I've grown to love Eat.

Ryan Glick

Really love the concept. My first experience was great. Fast service, delicious, home-cooked meal on demand. I tried the pot roast and will be back to try other dishes.

Max Smith

Alicia Antonow

Grigorios Stamatopoulos

burgers once a week.

Fuzzy Adam Konner

Ember E

Great food, trendy atmosphere, great service. Highly recommend for brunch :)

L &J

Excellent local fare-amazing sandwiches, fries, etc. Great spot to grab a quick bite.

C Bruce Bartley

Jill Anderson

Undependable! Poor, poor, poor customer service and lying! I placed a catering order 3 days in advance and on the day of my event, they claimed they could NOT fulfill the order-- and that they tried to contact me. Wrong! No record of the email nor phone call. Undependable! Untrustworthy! They will go out of business soon. Do not depend on this restaurant.

Stephen Line

Rodion Stolyar

This place is awesome. I can't say enough good things about it. The food is fresh and the menu is exciting. Everything is very appropriately priced and the staff is knowledgable about the menu! I have told numerous friends about Eat and they have all loved it. Y'all are rockstars!

Bruce Geffen

Awesome food!

Ryan Chylinski

Gaurav Chadha

My favorite here is the sloppy yusuf (ground lamb burger). Never had a lamb burger even close to as good. Plus, the staff is very friendly. I really like coming here to eat.

Antoinne Barton


Sean O'Hara

Tim byohimbe

Charles Lu

Ali Kaakarli

TERRIFIC FOOD!!!! this place is incredible.

Darin Johnson

Rick Carter

The Korean BBQ Beef sandwich is delicious! Also the special I tried -- Butternut Squash Risotto -- was delicately flavored and wonderful. There's only one table, and a counter along the front window, but they do a big carry-out business. Service was quick and friendly. They update their menu in real time (I saw someone say they were out of something, and someone punched that it was sold out into the computer), so you know exactly what's on and what's off.

Susan Anthony-Whitcomb


Zach Wilkinson

William & Robin Scully

I had the butternut squash risotto. PERFECT! So satisfying and wonderful! One of the best places in A2 to EAT or for take out.

Michael O'Harris


Daniel Quong

Marco Rojas

Jeff Liu

Bradley Gough

Oh my, my meal was excellent. I had the Korean bbq sandwich and the mushrooms and onion spaetzel. I can't wait to go back to try more of the menu. Update: I frequently eat here and I have never had anything that was not absolutely awesome!

William Purves

cv houston

Outstanding risotto and sweet potato salad. Friendly staff, highly recommend this place

Phyllis Kelley

Good hand cut fries. Korean BBQ sandwich was just okay. A bit chewy, spicy, but not overpowering

Alexandre Daly

Four stars for the cool spot, the quick service, the good food and the value of the food. That said, we got a special (bacon sandwhich something or other) that we could probably have made ourselves and kimchi fries (they were a good value - it's a lot of food for the price) that were pretty good, but not as good as the fries from Seoul Street. We'll probably be back to try more things. The experience was somewhere between good and meh.

Dave Sullivan

Great eclectic local joint serving good old fashioned food. Basically a permanent food truck. Tuesdays are the best!

Rob Bockelman

Nice menu and good variety. Staff is reasonably friendly. Food is often under seasoned.

scott lorms

Stephen Smith

Matt Cantillon

Outstanding Hamburger

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