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REVIEWS OF Martin's Caterers IN Maryland

Brion Weintzweig

Always a great event space! Known for their trademark chandeliers. Which you see from the Baltimore Beltway for over 30+ years! Everyone there will treat you respectfully and with kindness.

Lori Prah

Elegant and classy at doable prices! The staff at Martin's East was very receptive and friendly!

Kevin Kevykev Saunders

Crab Feast Concert 2019 Food was good along with the Crabs. We'll be back again next year!

Terence Parrish

5 stars for SURE

Randolph W. Roberts

Always the best events here. Wayne Resnick, whom I taught when he was in 7th grade, is the BEST event planner, promoter, and produces the BEST catered foods in the US. His father, Martin, established this business years ago, and Wayne has continued and improved this premier establishment (at six locations - all the epitome of excellence!).

David Gerstman

Fancy but tasteful.

Kat Junior

This is a new venue and probably the top venue here in Baltimore. The food could be better but that’s it. I’m here every year for a industry event and it’s always nice. I’ve been to beautiful weddings here as well.

Jan VanLeuven

Great party and good food


Attended The Annual Crabfeast Fundraiser Event For My Sister Chapter Of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. UNSTOPPABLE UPSILON EPSILON OMEGA!! I Was A Guest Of One Of My New Golden Sorors!! I Had A Great Time!!

Dan Richmond

Very nice inside. A little bit dated but nice. The bathrooms are really nice as well. Food is okay. Had a great time

Clarette Mines

Great Facility . Enjoyed my self. Nice and clean

Adrian Owens

Very Good Place to Come and Enjoy Yourself.

Gretchen W

Attended a Conference. Very nice set-up. Friendly staff.

Jessica Goode

It's a beautiful venue. I attended a Christmas party here. The first thing I noticed, the parking spots are super small. We literally had to shimmy out the car so we wouldn't hit anyone elses. The food wasn't to my liking, no seasoning or flavor, but the bar was just right lol. I'm giving four stars because overall we still had a great night.

Akua Boatema

Visit here for different occasions but majority of the time for wedding. I enjoyed their service and wonderful staff. The food was beautifully plated, however, the stuffed chicken was a bit salty for my liking. Overall, everything else was wonderful.

Maria Harris

The food and service was good. They have plenty of parking. It's a beautiful place inside.

richard Fields

To put it simply I enjoyed my experience there.

asia pollock

Always a pleasure when we visit Martin's west. The staff is amazing and very helpful.

Crystal El

Beautiful venue Good food Had a great time

Philip McCracken

Helpful, attractive staff

Yvette Campbell

I loved it! Great venue for formal events.

josiah stewart

Went to a oyster and bull roast down at Martin's West it was beautiful $65 for the tickets all you can eat beef pit ham turkey sausages hot dog sauerkraut oysters clams chicken seafood salad salads really nice

Giselle Green

Food was good but the crabs were disappointing. Maybe over cooked or reheated for too long.

Nathan Grayman

Wonderful hall.

LaTishia Matthews

Love all cups and the way it was set up

Monshea Brown

Concierge was impressive. The venue was absolutely gorgeous! Jerome was especially polite to the guest. All of the staff were very helpful and accommodating.

Terry Smith

Beautiful! Always a great experience.

Brian l

Clean, Fresh.

Cayonna Kandi webb

Wonderful had a great day

Matt Klingman

Nice big venue, easy to get to ( depending on traffic of course) food was average, staff was excellent wine glass had lip prints on it :(

Jenelle Mellerson

Attended the Maryland Centenarians Luncheon and I must say the crab cakes were delicious! I wanted to take a case back home with me. Seriously. Is there a way to order online and have them shipped? One of the waiters was very helpful when I asked a question. Also, when I left my umbrella under my seat, Mary graciously took down my info and got in touch with one of the wait staff to retrieve it for me. Excellent!

Jim Cook

Very professional staff beautiful Building nice place to have a wedding, Birthday party some of the cleanest bathroom's I've seen

Tracie Byers

Absolutely horrible! I wouldn’t recommend anybody to go here on a good day. They should be ashamed of themselves!

Sheila G

I have been to Martin West for several different events their weddings the food and Decor is always on point their events not so much but I'm not going to blame Martin West for that I'm just think maybe it's the people that's doing the events I don't go to a Father's Day brunch and expect to have hot dogs.

Tody Fuller

Excellent customer service!

yvonne davis

Good food but nothing spectacular

Jesse Carter

This place is very nice

joey zoey & chloe

It's ok they really need to get better with there crabs.

Sheena Scott

My dream wedding place. I've been here a few times for functions. Each time I came it was absolutely amazing. These guys know how to transform your dreams into a reality. And they are pretty quick about it. The rooms are spacious, enough to hold 150 or more in select rooms. They have this beautiful chandelier hanging in the lobby which is nice for picture taking, and the bathrooms are very tidy. The staff is friendly and attentive to each guest. Thank you guys, and I can't wait to book my wedding in the future with you guys. Keep up the good work!

Tyise Jacobs

I had the opportunity to be apart of my sister in-laws wedding, hosted by Martins West. The easiest way to describe it was pure INCOMPETENCE. From the moment we met the coordinator Mandela, things fell apart. We spent 2 hours rehearsing for the event because she didn’t know what she was doing. When suggestion were given she would shut them down only to come to the same conclusion 20 minutes later. It was as if she’d never coordinated a wedding before. Her ability to do her job was lacking severely and it was cemented on the wedding day. There was zero time management. So at 7 when the ceremony was supposed to start we were sent back to the bridal suite because “ we aren’t ready to start the ceremony.” We weren’t allowed to walk down the aisle until 7:30pm when it was officially supposed to be over. During the rehearsal we were given instructions to gather in a specific area when we exited the ceremony. It ended up not being available to us as they run several events simultaneously. Now a half an hour behind we were told we only had 15 minutes to take pictures by the bridal liaison Amanda, in an attempt to get back on schedule. So we were rushed through pictures. We were escorted back to the bridal suite to prepare for our introduction. 1 hr and 10 minutes passed before we were allowed to enter the reception with the guest. During that time we tried to enter the reception three times and were informed by Mandela not to worry because she knew what she was doing. It wasn’t until 5 minutes before we made an entrance that we were notified some of the vendors had issues. Instead of giving them a choice with how to proceed Mandela took the choice away from the bride and groom because SHE KNEW WHAT SHE WAS DOING. I’d like to say that was the end but unfortunately it wasn’t. The entire wedding party missed the first course of the meal. The tribute slideshow they setup couldn’t be played (another thing we were told they knew what they were doing). The bride didn’t get to dance with her mother. They didn’t get to do the bouquet/garter toss. Worst of all though was the many Martins West employees that argued with them during their reception in front of guest. That weren’t professional enough to set an appointment to discuss the problems of the night. That sacrificed more of their time on a day that should have been about them. This was my first event at your facility and I would never attend anything there again.

Kisha Coston

Lovely place...

Rochelle Flippen

Roxanne Shonte and Rob Base


Beautiful clean and just a pleasant place

William Rogers

Good food, bottled beverages, nice desserts celebration of a monumental anniversary of a charity.

Martest Sheffield

Always a great experience.

Arthur Rogers

We were at my sisters wedding service was great very clean facility nice

Charles Carter

Father's day dinner with cousins. Food and drink and fun. Food was delicious.

Emeline Nde

Beautiful environment, mouthwatering food!

Barbara Thomas

The crabs was good but I didn't like the fact we were only given 3 crabs and a time ,so people had to keep getting up to get more crabs. I cannot speak about the other food because I only ate crabs and shrimps.

Betsy Turner

Great venue for proms/dances and fundraisers.

Charlene Wicks

Get evening. Menu was satisfying. Buffet service.

Lenard Wright

This hall is epic. Enough room for over 500 guests. The food and service was good too..

James Cain

I attended this facility for an event. This facility was very impressive.

Kewanee Smith

Not sure what's going on with Martin West right now, but I have never experience such unacceptable qualtity of food from them. A quick glance of the unconsumed food would signal them of the problem. This is unusual. Please take note. I am a supporter and I know things can be much different...but not this time.

pay me no mind !!!

Always a treat going here. It was more kept than usual. Really sharp landscaping

Juanita Palmer

This place takes your breath away from the parking lot. There are multiple large rooms for banquets or for what I went for which was the crab festival. The room we were in was able to seat about 600 people plus food/beverage stations and a souvenir section.

Statuesque Events

As a wedding planner, I definitely recommend this venue. We worked here for a Cameroonian wedding and it created a great canvas to build a beautiful wedding on. We worked with Diane in the pre-planning stage and she also was really helpful during the process. They also were flexible in allowing us to bring in some dishes from a caterer who could make traditional food and combining that with the menu from Martin's. Overall it was a gorgeous wedding and great experience!

CkeyCkey Games

Great beautiful place.

jacklyn King

My daughter had her military ball there. Place was beautiful!! I'm posting this pic because it shows the Chandelier.

Claudia Mejia

Very beautiful place. Could have been a little more organized but a good service overall.

Tammy Proctor

Attended UEO's 2019 Crab Feast on Friday, August 16, 2019. Enjoyed the fellowship with my Sista Friends!

Karyn Stanley

Great food! Terrific atmosphere and wonderful staff!!!!

gwendolyn williams

I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere. The food was delicious! the crabs were excellent this year.I always love the venue. The only complaint I had was this very nasty young lady stationed to give out crabs. I asked her a question and she literally yelled at me.I will attribute that to her age and immaturity and not Martins. But everyone else was kind and very helpful!

Dee S

The lump crab cake and cream of chicken and broccoli soup were delish, great attentive staff


Love the Crabs and music

marsha stone

AWESOME!! I'll do it again

Robin Frieson

We had a great time. The food and entertainment we're also great. Vendors & gambling added an extra touch, loved it. Plan to return soon.

Tamara Wanzer

Very nice place. Attended a conference here and it was a very pleasant experience.

king ralph taylor

I truly enjoyed the family reunion and the food was very good. I thoroughly enjoyed the crab cakes and the salmon. All the food was good. Thank you!

Scott McCadden

Great place. Always kept up to date and food is always excellent.

Patricia Walker

Excellent place and great staff members

Annette Espinell

It was fun! Food was not over the top but it was fine.

Douglas Gemza

Great service no matter what. Food was great as well

Donald Reed

Great food and service

Mary Simmons

Was there for my son's wedding reception. Food was great, staff was kind and helpful, place was immaculate!!! I had a WONDERFUL time!!!!

Kimberly Childress Wade

This is truly a beautiful hall. I have always heard great things about it. I hope to visit again soon

Palestine Carpenter

I love this Banquet Hall food is always good

Waleed Awan

Best banquet hall actually I've did my reception there. It was just Waoww the location staff drinks and musin everything is so good and as expected ✌️

Lisa Free

Beautiful inside.... wedding coordinator was very patient with the couple

Kristina D. Allen

I am here several times a year for different events and I always have a nice time. The staff are always friendly and fun. There is a lot of parking and a lot of different rooms to accommodate any event. The decor is a bit dated, but its still nice.

Jim Burnett

Good food good service.

Marcella Watlington

A Retirement Teachers event for retired teachers in Baltimore City & County. Excellent place for events, a variety of delicious food & deserts.

Dale Howard

Went for a reunion. Martin's always does a nice job

Can d

Food was great, servers were hilarious

Diane James

Banquet coordinator is unprofessional

Sandy Asbacher

The food, the bar staff and table servers were kind and courteous. We had a wonderful evening.

David Freeman

Very nice HUGE banquet hall. I attended the Youth for Christ fund raiser that featured Laura Bush as a speaker. Food was good and the facilities were very fancy. I was at table 198. Each table sat up to 10 folks. I think there was ~ 1600 people at the even. The place was packed. Parking was tight, but like I said, the place was packed to max, but did not feel overly crowded.

Marwan Malloy

Great service and delicious food

Perpetua Ezeh

Elegant evening in a nice and clean environment.

Sue Myrowitz

Martin's west hosted a state Grant. It was great. Beautiful facility

Daniel hagis

Food was excellent crab cakes were the best bathrooms are very clean Decor was very graceful and elegant

Grace McLee

Absolutely wonderful

Rebecca Ward

I love this place. Absolutely beautiful. And uncle Marty does a wonderful thing allowing the children to come for a luncheon is an excellent reward for children with great attendance and behavior.

Stephan Rhea

Nice for weddings and receptions!

Krystal Bailey

This place is beautiful. Visited for a banquet and was impressed by the decor and cleanliness of the place.

Lena Sanders



Absolutely Delicious Im so full !!!! Coming back for more events

Brian Erisman

Ok food nice rooms supposed to be top shelf bar but was a little lacking for 60 per person

artz Arr

Excellent and beautiful place. Best experience I had ever experienced when they host a crab feast. Special place!!! I was very happy coming here. I would definitely come back and recommend people about Martin West!

Tai Badmus

Great experience

Tim Hollenshade

This place is a Baltimore staple. If you need a venue for a very large group this place should be at the top of your list.

Vicki Denton

Food was very good

Natrina Lee

Event was beautifully setup...the venue is beautiful.

Doreleena Sammons Hackett

Martin's is consistent with the taste and quality of their food. But I have to tell you that they hit a home run with their salmon! Taste, temperature and presentation were excellent, which is usually hard to get when you have 1,300 women to feed. But the stuffed chicken is consistently dry with no taste. I ate the stuffing and the skin.

David Sparks

Very nice place.

Kevin H

Beautiful place! Wonderful staff! ALOT of parking. It is a great venue! For anything. They have so many options and levels of space and rooms and seats to provide. it can make your head spin. Lovely place.

Amanda Tuck

My wife and I are beyond thrilled with our experience at Martin's West. The space was gorgeous and the staff gave us the royal treatment on our wedding day.

Kenya Chase

Very classy and the service is always excellent.

Nicholas Zahn

Come here annually for the Maryland Groundwater Symposium. They do a nice job with the food and drinks. Coffee/tea service is quality. The building is old, but seemingly well maintained. Staff is always friendly.

Tiese Rollins

Enjoyed the visit nice place

Paula Bellamy

Too much money for what was served.

Queen Wedding

Love this location..we give 20 percent off for party here.

Chela Woodruff Cooper

Large venue for events such as conferences, banquets, galas, etc. Large ballrooms and smaller rooms can accommodate conferences in one location, with several modest hotels nearly. Large parking lot with multiple entrances to the facility. Friendly and helpful staff. The only disappointing thing was the food service. Meals served over two day conferences all featured shellfish (crab cakes, seafood Stew en croute, shrimp), and the shellfish allergy substitution (with weeks of advance notice) was plain vegetable soup, and plain chicken breast.

Dyl Pickle

Clean and good service

sheila grier

Every thing as expected, food, drinks , service and music was great

Catherine Wheeler

A beautiful place outside with free parking. Elegant place on the inside with several different entrances and exits. Several banquet rooms with events going on in the different areas. They have the most beautiful chandeliers.

David Geyer

Lovely place, clean, convenient, plenty of parking.

Ellen Volkmar

Food was wonderful. Room was too cold and even with several people discussing with the staff nothing was done.

Arlendria E- James

Very beautiful place.


Very nice elegant and professional Will be back in june for the actual wedding

Bill Howe

Part of my daughter's wedding planning!

Fran Vojik

Good place for a large affair like a bull roast or other event Blake

The annual sigma crab feast was great!

Uraina Stanton

I love it...I was married there 20 years ago and I'm about to do it again

Wood Crafting By S&M

Beautiful place! Wonderful staff! ALOT of parking. It is a great venue! For anything. They have so many options and levels of space and rooms and seats to provide. it can make your head spin. Lovely place

Anderson Jaggernauth

Wonderful place, the 3 star is because of its interior looks and secoration. Great food though.

Security & Investigations

Excellent Caterers, very responsive.

Jill Usher

The crabs were really good!! However the desert didn't seen fresh!! And the fried chicken was extremely cooked too HARD!!


Beautiful place lovely people

Mahason Darbouze

The venue was absolutely beautiful. Well manicured and very elegant. However, the service was sub par. The wait staff seemed annoyed to be there. They were disorganized and did not seem to know how to resolve simple issues that arose. For a place that is so beautiful the wait staff has to be better.

Shelley Raglin

My only complaint is that they didn't have fish as was advertised

Joyce Brinkley

I always enjoy myself at Martin's West. The food was good, the bathrooms were clean and hall was maintained well.

Brittany Watts

Very nice place, Very Elegant and classy! Nice decor and decoratins.. Very Perfessional.

Mr. Big Herc

Beautiful event hall. Very nice staff. Food set up was beautiful. Food was good. This was used for our family reunion banquet.

Will Owens

Excellent as usual

Larry Bannerman

Very good service. Clean, good setup, great parking, well lighted, professional and courteous workers. Food is good too!

Joshua Friedman

Got married here! Nice glamorous place.

Christopher Jackson

Martin's is socially culinary experience that i would recommend to everyone

Steven Baily

Pretty much the same as it was at my high school prom 36 years ago.

David Sanford

Very nice place, staff is very professional. Food was very good . Layout was convenient to get around.

Julie Knox-Brown

Traditional classic venue for an affair or event. Food in buffet offered many choices and was tasty. Servers were young & could use more training. Lots of parking. An elevator is available if needed.

Rosemarie Carreras

Very nice food and service.

Kara Attal

Beautiful venue with attentive and professional staff. The food was delicious!

Darius Glemza

A great place to hold your event. Large and more moderate sized rooms available. Only negative is that the separating walls are not well insulated, so when the DJ turns the music up you had better have your own DJ to compete. Several times I have noticed this problem, and staff were unwilling to correct it. If I had to choose between Martin's east vs. west... Location: tie, both are not far off of 695 Food: east (especially the crab cakes) Decor: west (more modern & clean looking) Staff: east (very professional group & accommodating to any groups needs)

Karrie Smith

Nice place. I went with my mom for an award banquet her school was having. The food was a little plain. It looked good but, it wasn't very flavorful. Everyone has different dietary needs so I understand why it was a little bland. Nice place for weddings and get togethers.

Russell Glasgow

The food show by the Restaurant Association of Maryland was great.

Gloria Thompson

Better than last year

Marable A

The food was good, the setting was great, the servers where very helpful. The faculty was put together with expertise.

Harold McFadden

There for mothers day. The food nice. The staff were hard working and friendly. I had fun.

tonia wilson

I am literally sitting at a Christmas party here and the staff is HORRIBLE!!! I have had to fight the staff from my salad to my wine to my dessert. If you lay a fork down to wipe your mouth your plate and drink are gone!!! So uncalled for. It made me feel so uncomfortable the whole evening. After telling staff I wanted my wine and cake FOUR times while I was watching the dance floor they took it anyway. This was two hours before the party ended. So wastful because I just went and got more of each but that was stolen too an hour and 15 before the party ended. They never asked once from salad to my second dessert if I was done either. They just took what I was eating and drinking every time. Very unprofessional and I won’t be back. Ruined the whole evening.

Natalie LaBoo

Shout to the DELTAS! Everything was well executed. Not a glitch. Ya Hurd me. See you next year

Mark Henderson

Always a great time.. large halls .. great help.. They are great at what they do. They make sure that things happen correctly. That goes to the manager and the staff.

Yvonne Lindesay

The food was not all of that but the DJ was great entertainment also great

Barbara Metzger

Fabulous food & service!!

Jeff Jones

My name Antonio they have good manners an above all there clean in an out kitchen

Mysticality Bub

I had my prom there, it was fantastic and amazing. The space was wonderful and the decor was off the charts. Totally making my wedding here in the most definite future.


Always a lovely time at Martin's. Question is when is it not fun.

Sharon Taylor Johnson

Attended a retirement celebration. Food was delicious everything was wonderful. Hospitality was great. I would plan an event there in the future.

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