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REVIEWS OF Market Street Eats IN Maine

Robert Thompson

Fantastic food, cheerful staff, good conversation!!

Maxine Secskas

Best breakfast wraps!

Ryan Hurley


Love their wraps! The owner is super nice and remembers names of regular customers! Even if you’re not a regular, he always makes a point to ask how your food was and send well wishes as you leave. One of my favorite local spots!

Michael McGowan

Excellent tasty food and very friendly staff

Jeremy Dean

High quality sandwiches. Not breaking any molds. Bank a little more broken than it should be.

Anderson York

My wife and I have both eaten here on separate occasions. Great food quality. Friendly atmosphere. Nice people. The Mike Thaison was awesome.

Jack Haskell

Great lunch spot with wraps and salads. Always a different special to try, and even the regular wraps are delicious. Owner is super friendly and will remember you by name if you are a regular.

Chris Goodell

Great stop. Well recommended.

Luke Holmes

The food here is awesome and the guys are super friendly. Great experience all round!

Monica Boissonneault

Zachary Goater

Good sandwiches (all served on a Syrian pita by default), good sides/drinks, and fun ambience. What this place lacks in flair they make up for in convenience. A neat little joint without being a standout.

Allison LaCross

Delicious sandwiches if you’re ambling around Portland. Super friendly and helpful staff.

cwalkenisgod .

Ian Stead

Great experience! Was visiting with family from out of town and chose this place for breakfast on a whim. Staff was very friendly. Ordered a Buddha with bacon and added hots and it was delicious! Would love to try lunch!

AmiiLovesHerself .

very delicious wraps and fast and friendly service. good selection of different ingredients

Joanne Puzio

Awesome breakfast wraps. Definitely a unique breakfast spot with delicious food for a reasonable price.

David Nakano

Great place for a quick lunch, service is fast and friendly and the food is great!

Tyler Gould

Good sandwiches in the land of abundance. Great option if you want to grab a sandwich to go.

kaystew922 .

For a company lunch today I placed an order by e-mail at 10:30 am for 29 sandwiches. I picked them up at 12:00 noon on the same day. Every single sandwich was labeled with the name of the person who ordered it. Every single order was done correctly (no onions, etc.). The best part? The sandwiches were still warm when we opened them. Fantastic service, incredible food. Definitely a must for lunch. I would recommend this place to anyone.

Rowen Varga

Frequent customer, food is always on point. The owner works open to close every day and it really reflects positively on the business.

Brian Danz

A local favorite for nearly 10 years.

Bj Pulkkinen

Chris keys

They are the best bunch of people !

Mitchell R.

Incredible unique wraps with awesome flavors

Sean Duggan

Delicious wraps. Affordable. Fast and friendly staff!

Hanna Aistrop

Brian Emerson

Great wraps and friendly people

Roger Tiao

Jill Barbera

Charming host made us feel at home, food is delicious. Thank you!!

Shannon Sarkisian

Had a delicious wrap for a great price! Get there a little before noon and you won't get a wait! Ten minute later there was a line nearly outside the door. Will definitely come back.

Seth Whiting

The special is great every day. Always something delicious with super fresh ingredients. Also, Nick is the best! Tell him your name once and he'll call you by it forever.

Andy Hanft

Very good wraps! Love the Turkey Avo wrap!

Bradford Folta

Great small place!

Heather McCracken

My first time here - and I am very happy with my super tasty meal. I ordered the Red Rooster with pickles. Nice portion, delicately toasted pita, and a nice balance of flavors - nothing over loaded. Thanks Nick for a yummy lunch!!

Dawit Elias

Kyle Charest

If you are in Portland and in the mood for a wrap, this is the place to go. Hand down.


Excellent salads and great people! Nice to have a local choice.

Adam Riemer

Fantastic food here! Love this place and wish I lived closer to Portland to go here more!!!

Matthew Campbell

Good wraps and sandos

Chris Slesarchik

This is a local staple! Unique grilled wraps in a casual atmosphere downtown, great for a quick bite or lunch. Owner and staff are always warm and friendly. Definitely try any of the melts or signature items and you won't be disappointed

Eric Mulvihill

Jacob Krueger

Portland's dedicated wrap lunch counter! Everything there is a wrap! They've got meat eater, veggie, and vegan friendly options if you're looking for flexibility. Heads up though, deliciousness this good closes early, be sure to check the hours because when I say they're a lunch spot, I mean they're *only* open during lunch hours. Trust me, this is worth it.

Dylen Thompson

Nate Stafford

Nicole Christiana

Keith Brenner

Ginger Roether

Great food selection and very friendly service. Food was really good

Luis Saucedo

Laura Pearce

Perfect place to grab lunch during the week if you work downtown. I never really thought to tow straps before, but it makes them really delicious.

Kelly Miclette

Friendly place, first time there and it was good. Will go again go try more things!

Lisa Carter

Yummy breakfast burritos.

Andrew Allison

Dustin Jones

Great wraps.

Jason Kelleher

Lumberjack is a win!

Gregor Nobis

Awesome wraps full of fresh ingredients at a good price. The salads sounded good too, didn't try them, though.

Anthony Lombardi

Great place for lunch in Portland. The staff was very friendly and helpful. The horse whisperer is a great choice if you're a fan of roast beef and horse radish. I will definitely be going back in the future.

Rodger Kueck

Tasty food, very friendly staff and reasonably priced options.

Erik Sheehan

Amazing breakfast wrap on Syrian bread with Thai mayo. Sounds different because it is in the best way!

James Schwab

Really good place of you like wraps. The food was delicious and the staff was friendly. I prolly would have 5 started it accept I was a little disappointed I missed breakfast and I'm not too much of a wrap person.

Emily Wingenbach

Amazing. Need no more words.

Brittany Fontaine

Seriously awesome! Kolen is a wonderful guy! Old school customer service! Thank you Ps Bone Dry Carpet Cleaning loves you guys!

Scott Sadler

Alexander Nohe

This place offers hot wraps for lunch. Every wrap I've had was a reasonable price and absolutely delicious. Service was great as well

Linda Willis

Excellent wraps - and they will cheerfully customize them to your taste. Great service, love the eclectic vintage sign and poster decor.

Todd Erickson

Great sandwich designs. Great and friendly service.

Brendan O'Brien

First, they get the flavor combinations perfect especially on their best selling Sgt. wrap. They are so quick in their service, never waited more than 5-10 minutes.

Darren Stein

Jeff Wilson

Eric MacAlpine

Stopped in for a sandwich and ended up getting a salad too. Excellent salad and great pita wrap roast beef! Very friendly clean and will definitely go back!

Ben Kramer

My Favorite Lunch Spot! Greatest wraps, fresh ingredients, friendliest staff!!

Carl Bonura

Wonderful breakfast spot and inexpensive

Paul Nickerson


Nick Siviski

Great sandwiches

Hal Incandenza

Great lunch place. Friendly & fast

Elise Adams

Wonderful!!! I cannot praise this place enough. The staff is amazing. The food is always great - and to have such reliability in deliciousness is very important. The people are so kind and really seem to care very much. I love coming here.

Daniel Labrecque

Great little place for lunch. All the sandwiches are made with fresh pita.

Joe Slone

Great spot for a quick lunch. Unique food pairings in the wraps and fun names!

Matthew Carnes

Ryan Faulkner

Cool place and great food! Staff was very friendly as well.

Adam Kempler

Always great

Joy Orr

Wellllll, I wasn't impressed. Ordered a "natural" for breakfast, and yes it had a couple of fried eggs . . . I guess. But for $6 the tiny slivers of avocado & tomato were hardly noticeable and the "melted havarti cheese" was also too minimal to notice let alone taste. And I paid an extra 50 cents for spinach and there could not have been three baby leaves on the entire sandwich. And I t was handed over to us on a plate without so much as a parsley sprig to accompany it! I'll try to post the picture to prove it!

Jason Maher


Mike Giampetruzzi

Thomas Romano


I had a custom sandwich made, toasted. So yummy. Good portion sizes. I don't live in the area but if and when I am back I will definitely come here again.

Steve Hilton

Walter Cowing

Good food.

CJ Knight

Great food and the staff is so friendly.

Harshwardhan Karve

Sandwiches were super yummy. The staff was very friendly.

Jordan Morano

Friendly staff, fun ambience and tasty wraps!

Luke Rioux

This is my go to joint for sandwiches that actually make you psyched for lunch. I have no Idea how Colin manages to remember the name of every single person that has ever set foot in the place.

Gregory Reed

The Dream Team rolled into this place after Yelp reviews suggested that it would be a solid choice. We are an interesting crew of three regarding diet, as one chap eats super clean and highly disciplined about it at all times, the other has eaten an entire Little Caesar's Bacon Wrapped Deep Deep Dish pizza in one sitting, and I am a blend of the two seemingly. This joint was capable of satisfying all three of us. The music, service, decor, and food make for a great experience. The great flavors of the properly cooked and combined ingredients on the somewhat rare way of preparing the wrap (crunchy, but not overly so that it would break apart with the contained ingredients) were also perfectly proportioned so that all three of us were able to eat and not have to nap afterwards.

Sjoukje Stewart

shannon phillips

Cool place, cooler people and unbelievable sandwiches

Sun Bert

Hot or cold sandwiches served on Syrian flat bread. Tokyo P was our favorite!

labby Jane

Very delicious! Limited seating, but that's a small issue the food is delicious... the soup of the day when I went was "No Soup For You!" Think they may be Sinfield fans.

John Manley

Love the staff and the food is amazing, especially breakfast.

Johnathan Emery

I've gone here a couple times. Never had a wrap I didn't like, and service is good. Great location tucked deep inside the Old Port.

Cindi Bonet

Danielle Leoni

A GREAT place to grab a sandwich! Attention all picky eaters: They have TONS of lunch options! You can get panini's, wraps, salads- including Falafel! We love that there are lot's of healthy options to chose from. They are reasonably priced and have a great location; eat in or take out. We find their food is very consistent, FRESH and have the provide great service. Stop by if you are looking for a quick, tasty lunch to stay or to go!

Jay Rabe

Great food, friendly staff, and good music. Every time we drive home from Maine we stop here.

Melissa Burnham

Very good food popular with the locals

Eduardo Thomas Pérez del Postigo

The Red Rooster must be tried!

Alexandra Heseltine

Market Street Eats makes the best wrap sandwiches in Portland --- by far! The atmosphere is fun and service is quick and friendly. If you want a delicious wrap sandwich, this is the place to go!!!

Jason Hurder

Fresh food at a really decent price for downtown Portland. Highly recommend the Red Rooster, it's a staple.

Jim Frawley

Excellent breakfast wraps...but the people working made it friendly...great way to start the day...

Katlyn Abbott

You must stop here if you are in Portland! Food is great and the owner is wonderful. You won’t regret it, stop by!

Robert Rynard

Nice place for a quick bite. Good selection of healthy food.

Emily Belanger

Staff is lovely, vibe is modern, decor is chique, if a bit ironic considering it's mostly coke and the only sell Pepsi products

Graham Nichols

Awesome place. Food is great and staff are very friendly. Decor is fun to look over while eating and the music will take you back. My wife and I ordered the buddah wrap with spinach and they served it with a side of their spicy Thai mayo. I would definitely eat it again. If I were in Portland for longer than just today I would be back here often.

Shannon Howard

My dad and I eat here every time I’m back in Maine... it is truly a gem in Portland, Maine. From the always friendly, genuine, hard working and familiar staff (who never fail to also remember and acknowledge their usual customers) to the delicious wraps- it is truly something I recommend to anyone and everyone visiting, moving, or just passing through Maine. Living in New York now, I dream of “The tuna Kamikaze” and anxiously await my next trip back to Market Street Eats and Portland. Thank you!

Ashley Miller

AMAZING sandwiches and a great atmosphere. Must try!

Dave Foster

There is a secret to this area, but you probably already know what it is...

Phil Morin

Amazing customer service combined with delicious food at a price I can enjoy every day! Plus every 10th sandwich or salad is on the house with a punch card. Im in love.

Mitch Kiah

Great sandwich selection and a friendly staff

Brian Gagnon

Love this place. The owner is friendly as can be and encourages you to customize your order and doesn't nickel and dime you for it. Food is great as well

James Ross

Dylan Glockler

Super friendly guy running (owner of?) the place. Huge variety of sandwiches made in a unique way.

Teresa Elmore

Outstanding! Coming back tomorrow!

Brad N

Great quick bite place to eat I like the wraps the Mike Tyson is my favorite. My wife also enjoys the salads there. Only downside is it is not wheelchair accessible in any way so I have to get it to go and have someone grab it for me. With that said they are accommodating and will bring it out if they have to.

Judy Hagemann

Good place for lunch, great service they have 2 sandwiches with similar names and they misunderstood which one I wanted and they quickly remade my sandwich...

Scott Cannistraro

Asa Martin

Jon Choate

Great breakfast and very accommodating to our large group

Matt Sones

Great fresh food. Staff works hard and fast, and gets it done right.

mike falcaro

Awsome.only dissapointments it came with no sides.not even coleslaw or pickles ×ta$ if you wanted ir

James O'Keefe

Delicious, healthy wraps of all kinds. Colin and his staff are, collectively, a Portland treasure. My favorite wraps are an egg salad/bacon combo, anything roast beefy and the occasional veggie wrap. Also have had their eggy morning wraps a few times -- worth it! I've been a consistent customer for 10+ years. These guys are the real deal. Not touristy -- just every day awesome.

Mark Keller

Brian Barry

The breakfast wraps were very good. The two owners are enthusiastic.

Patrick Robinson

Karen Rotkis

Simple ingredients, fresh, tasty wraps. Friendly staff!

Brice Bowman-Laberge

Rick Nobers

If the owner reads this, we need to get you a North Carolina plate to put on the wall! Came here two days in a row during my stay in Portland. The initial time was an opportunity stop as I was walking past and was hangry. Wraps are not my thing but hunger knows no limits. Here we are. Unique entrance, fun decor, cool dining area. Both times a tall gentleman took my order and addressed me by name. He asked about my travels and why I was in Portland. Like the intimate attention to details. Wish I caught his name. He was excellent. He understood customer service. The food, this is what you came for. Both times I got the Natural (5.50 and you can add sprouts and spinach for .50 each). I did add these. Wow. I can't describe how awesome this was. And at $6.50 for this, why on earth would you not come here? I said wraps are not my thing. They still aren't. But in Portland and at Market Street Eats, they have my business. Cheap excellent tasting eats, attention to customer service, and a quirky fun location sets the standards for wraps to which all will be compared. Thanks and I really hope ownership is reading this. Ya done good!

Emily Sullivan

Yeepan Penny Zhu

Waitstaff was really friendly and the breakfast wraps were simple but delicious. Would definitely go again.

Andres P

Ordered a chicken sandwich and it was delicious. Customer service was excellent, I couldn't decide what to order and the person at counter assisted me and was quite pleasant. Will return when in town.

Richard Wolfe

FAST and they remember my name! Love the way they crisp the wraps!

Mary D.

Great staff. Good food. Fair prices.

Kris Mehta


Red Rooster!!!

Andrew Bartley

Amazing wraps on fresh pitas. Perfect for a quick bite in the old port at a good price, most wraps hover around 8-9 bucks. They look a little small coming out, but rest assured that’s just an optical illusion because the pitas are long and thin. A wrap with no sides is definitely enough to fill you up (unless you need >2500 calories a day).

Ben Jackson

One of my favorite lunches in Portland. Delicious, fast and the team is always pleasant and helpful. Get the Sgt Slawter.

CJ Wilckens

Kevin McLaughlin

Joshua Nagine

Super quick, inexpensive and most importantly healthy food served by friendly people. Substitution for dietary consideration? No problem! The only place in downtown Portland you can consistently order and get served in under 5 minutes regardless of the crowd size qith good made to order food.

Megan Walters

Awesome sandwhich shop!!! Friendly and helpful staff who are happy to explain the menu! The Sgt. Slawter was delicious!!! If you have picky kids, get "The Meltdown Preventor". Which is your choice of meat, cheese and veggies/fruit on a plate...not touching

Brandon MacNab

Price is reasonable, staff is exceptionally friendly, not a long wait, breakfast tastes very good. I would gladly go here again.

Lisa Corey

Buddha wrap! So good! Great coffee!!

Kelley Schepers

Cool place, great staff, I've been a couple of times and my favorite thing was a smoked chicken wrap special... Put it on the menu!!!

Madison Mann

Ethan Parker

Small local's lunch place with great wrapps and salads.

Matt Devlin

Had such a good lunch here... Can't remember name of sandwich... Curry chicken salad..yumm. guy behind counter was possibly the owner and very welcoming. Great spot to grab a bit or takeout, awesome breakfast sandwiches also I found out the next morning.

John Kidd

Good lite breakfast fare. NOT GREASY. Very friendly owner.

Arturo Astarita

For breakfast, cannot beat the Buddha with bacon. Great photos on the walls

Brian Ferry

My favorite little lunch spot in town. Great atmosphere and a menu full of unique and delicious wraps. Tell Collin I sent you, and then let me know if he gives you a discount, I'm curious.

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