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722 Congress St, Portland, ME 04102, United States

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REVIEWS OF Figgy's Takeout and Catering IN Maine

Jenna Odhner

Conor Mahon

Gettin' figgy with it

random name

Though it took 50 mins to get here, none of the chicken was soggy - at all :D it was beyond amazing. The buttermilk mashed potatoes are perfect - not overwhipped like a lot of other places, they are very smooth and creamy... this place is to die for.

joshua Bankhead

Shawn Lancaster

Rachel P.

Different takes on sandwiches and salads that maybe you wouldnt expect to be as delicious as they are based on description alone. Get lots of napkins because it gonna be messy. A delicious mess of biscuit and meat.

Marie Pineo

You haven't eaten a good chicken sandwich til you've had one of Figgy's chicken sandwiches. This is a satisfying full, messy plate kinda treat you don't want to miss when visiting Portland. Her food is not your normal takeout food. It's worthy of a party!!

Elizabeth Pouwels

Delicious, environmentally conscious, cast iron skillet cooked- guilt free fried chicken- if eating Figgys food is wrong I don't want to be right!! Homemade sauces, biscuits & pickles & soups are amazing- it's worth the trip EVERYTIME! Good food done right-get messy-lick your fingers, fill your belly & feel good- life is too short for FAST food-choose GOOD food...choose Figgy's!! My whole family LOVES her food!!♡

Allegra Boyd

delicious food, I would say it's one of the best sandwiches i've ever had if not the best

C. Jones

Diane Bernier

Pinetop Guide

Great place and great Chef and friend!

Rasheed Alghamdi

Wings were good. Chicken sandwich was a mess. It didn’t hold at all! The biscuit just crumbled into pieces after a few bites in and I was left with a piece of chicken and crumbs. Food was pricey too.

David Gooch

Tasty Christy like mom used to make

Nick Lewis

Candy Campbell

Awesome food and service!

Jenna W.

deborah eaton

Best Friend Chicken anywhere.

Susan Fowler

Where I chose to celebrate my birthday lunch! Outstanding food that maintains extraordinary quality each visit, fresh ingredients, timely service and the VERY BEST ICE CREAM SANDWICHES!

Jacob Butler

The biscuit sandwiches are insanely good. And just filling enough where you're very much satisfied but not stuffed. Amazing.

Jake B

The fried chicken is incredible. It's the best fried chicken you can get anywhere within hundreds of miles of here. I've ordered a whole bird three or four times and loved it every time. I've so ordered wings, which was a very good move. Sides are good. Service is very friendly. It's a fun little walk up window. The only thing I'm not really into, to be honest, is the thing they're most famous for, which is their sandwiches. While I admire the attempt, a biscuit, however large, isn't a good containment vessel for anything terribly complex. And the At Any Ron (which I admit is the only sandwich I've had, but is I believe the one they're most proud of) is nothing if not complicated as a sandwich. Mashed potatoes, cole slaw, chicken, etc. It's all good stuff, separately, but together it turns into a goopy mess. I'll happily stick to the plain fried chicken and the dressed wings - some of the best food you can get in this very food oriented town.

Will Weaver

A local favorite with high quality food. Owners jump started my car for me when it wouldn’t start! I highly recommend

Ashton White

Congratulations on being named CHOPPED CHAMPION Figgy! How fitting it was to see a basket with chicken :) No surprise you crushed the entree dish and your competition. Naturally, I thought I was going to see a [blueberry] ice cream sandwich in the dessert round. I hope the publicity brings you many new and existing customers and continued success. Even if you hadn't won, those that have eaten at your take-out joint in the past surly would've given you the validity you deserve.

Judith Salter

Exciting chicken. Will go again!

Timothy Frary

taylor manoogian

Very good food, but way too expensive for so little. Might as well go to a sit in restaurant.

Gregory McLeod

Great food

Tara Snider

Skye Ferris

Arch Stanton

Top notch chicken! You can’t go wrong here Amazing food, fast service, and all for a good price!

Matthew Campbell

Good fried chicken and terrific sides

Barbara Whitten

If you want the best chicken sandwich in New England then look no further than Figgys. Their menu has a good variety that gives you plenty of choices without feeling overwhelemd. Each type of their food ranging from the sweet and spicy wings to their sides of mashed potatoes and gravy are completely out of this world. The spicy rancher is a great go-to if you like spicy sandwiches and the portions are huge. You definitely get your money's worth eating the quality here. Anybody complaining about the prices here clearly doesn't each out in Portland much

Jeremy Yehle

My wife and I both had the Spicy Rancher. Amazing! Also a huge sandwich. Totally worth checking out. Will definitely be back to try more.

Gregory Hugill

Jados Moreno

I'm a chef and if I had enough money to never cook again I'd eat figgys every day. Perfect.

Scott Kahlstrom

Best fried chicken of my life!

Regan Sweeney

David Clarke

The best fired chicken! Everything is fantastic!

Brendan O'Meagher

Katie Hatch

Love this little fry shack! A slice of the south on the west end! Get the chicken and some sides & have yourself a picnic on the outdoor tables or watch the sun set on the western prom. Get an ice cream sandwich. You'll thank me.

Megan Edwards

Heather Budney

Cute little place

Samantha Scarpa

Andrea Wood

Michael Valentine

Morgan Kellogg



SO good!! I tried to eat my sandwich without a fork and a knife and it was just too big (not the worst problem)

Vincent Dickhaut

Awesome fried chicken !!

Mark Cheever

Holy moly! What a spot. Eaten here a few times and each time has been nothing short of outstanding. The fried chicken is exemplary. The flavor combos oh so good. And the staff is great. In a city known for an overabundance of delicious fatty-eating options, Figgy's is Top 5 easy.

steven steeves

Best wings I have ever had,,really

Susan Roth

Another reviewer wrote that he was underwhelmed. Personally, I think he was being very generous. The chicken was over cooked and very dry. We ordered several different chicken dishes and none were worthy of 2nd visit. Including the famous sandwich which we found to be a heavy, mushy mess. Not to mention that when we asked the order taker what dish she liked best, she responded that she's a vegetarian and doesn't eat there. Wow!

Sean Banks

Good chicken. Wish the wings were bigger but great breading. The slaw isnt creamy. Wasnt expecting that. It was ok. Loved the mac and cheese. Real convenient location. I'll have to go back and get a sandwich or half a chicken and see if that's better than the wings. Garlic soy sauce was also very good.

Tim C. Murphy

Great little take out spot with big ol' biscuit sandwiches that are gourmet.

Liam Szwed

Best fried chicken in Maine. Wonderfully crispy and a lovely variety. 10/10 would recommend

Sean Daley

Nathan O'Leary

When you throw mash potatoes on top of an already killer chicken sandwich it takes it to a whole other level, you can go wrong here.

Nathan Mendes

Scott Nutting

Jim Marshall

Awesome! My dad is a southerner who made fried chicken in an skillet. His was the best. This is better, on the next level... Sorry Dad. Sides amazing too. Literally the best fried chicken I’ve ever had

Frank Douglass

Really good... almost super amazing

Joel Bilodeau

Mister Epilito

This place is pretty good. Pricey but worth it. Their mash potatoes taste amazing. The fried chicken is nice and fresh. Also, clean and light. It's not too breaded. You can taste the simple ingredients. Definitely worth a try.

M Fields

This is my favorite place to eat in Portland, hands down. Nothing beats their chicken sandwiches. They rock.

Geoff Fallon

Really good biscuit sandwiches, filling and messy. A bit pricy for a sandwich and a side, but the side isn't really necessary.

Allison Pike

Don't tell everyone but it's true. This really is the best fried chicken I've had. The sides tend to be more on the Asian flavor wheel . The biscuits are a go.

Lucas Cotterell

Kaden Yokota

This place makes the best food EVER and they have HUGE servings, you will be full by the time you leave there

Shelly Remington

michael rumo


Wonderful food from this walk-up counter restaurant. Delicious Mac n cheese and chicken sandwiches. There is a nice patio area outside to sit and enjoy your food. Small menu, not a bad option to choose from.

Jim S.

Worst customer service I've ever had. The Owner responded to my complaint about the potatoes having hairs in it and informing her that the chicken was dry, By yelling at me and saying that it didn't, and everybody loves their chickenI unbelievable! The owner hung up on me after promising to refund every penny, we'll see if she does. She did Save your money, and go to KFC, at least they understand how to treat customers.

Brian Nicholas

Nik Mirage

I cannot sing high enough praises about figgy's... Unless they start giving me free things... No, they're amazing, though. Come through, enjoy the atmosphere, people, and fare.

Beatrix Potter

chad arsenault

I've loved a few of my meals from Figgy's, but recently the chicken has been over-cooked and under-seasoned. Hopefully it's just been bad luck.

Peter Carnevale

Best friends don't let each other eat bad chicken, wait at figgy's for excellent chicken

Ken Moon

Kristen Hodak

Thordis Arnadottir

Emily Beaulieu

Hands down some of the best fried chicken I’ve ever had! Also Mac and cheese is off the hook

Ben Taylor

Trish Hayes

Fried chicken was fantastic! The biscuit was quite bland.

Darryl Sargent

Jonathan C. Fenton

There's nothing else like Figgy's in Portland. HUGE pieces of fried meat on amazing biscuits. I'd reduce their star rating to 3 for being closed on Sundays, but that's not fair. I just want MORE FIGGY'S! GO HERE!


John Hecht



Sarah Demarest

Nathan Dodd

sawyer p

Kaitlin Doyle

Garlic soy wings

Rebecca B

The food was just okay and pricey.

Will Fisher

Figgy's is an absolute gem. Great food, great prices, great location, and great people. Tons of veg options too! Mac 'n' cheese, fried garlic/soy brussels sprouts, and IMO, one the best sandwiches in town - The Smokey! Don't sleep on this place!

Bill B

Best fried chicken in Portland. The Ay Ay Ron is fried chicken-mashed potato-biscuit awesomeness, highly recommended.

Jennifer Day

Miss B

Patrick Materer

Joseph Aiello

This what a 5 star restaurant looks like in portland great food, big smiles and even bigger entrees!!! Best fried chicken in Maine!!! A must see

Devin Kelly

Dick Long

Best fried chicken you can get. Pricey. wings aren't great.

trey meadows

So good! Pork tender sandwich is huge and delicious. My wife and I each got a sandwich and split a cup of really good mashed potatoes and Mac & cheese! Nice picnic tables for a great summer dinner spot.

Tyler Waterhouse

Lets just get one thing straight here, you aren't going to find a better fried chicken place in Maine. Period. Figgys has delicious Fried Chicken, Mac n Cheese, Veggies and Sandwiches. If you go, I'd suggest going big and getting a Spicy Rancher or an Ay Ay Ron. They also do ice cream cookie sandwiches that are really tasty. The staff is always friendly and helpful.

Charity Woolverton

Visiting from the land of sweet tea and fried chicken..I was apprehensive about trying it. I got the lunch special, 2pc fried white chicken, I chose mashed taters for my side. Loved the crispy skin, and it had been perfectly deep fried (so many people overcook fried chicken). Absolutely would come by and pick up a whole chicken rather than fry one and make a giant mess at home, and I am super partial to my recipe, so it's a big deal to say I truly enjoyed Figgys!

Silas Lunetta

Ian Milligan

Andy Martin

The food is great. This place is located away from the congestion of the old Port, you get to see the other side of Portland. It's usually very entertaining while waiting for your food.

Brian Ferry

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