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REVIEWS OF Duckfat IN Maine

Neeraj Dalal

A staple of our visit to Portland. Large sandwiches and copious serving of fries made for a tasty, a bit heavy lunch. We did take out and ate at the nearby by Peppermint Park/playground. It would be nice if the space was a bit larger so that there is more seating. Clean bathrooms and friendly staff.

Pat Canny

Arguably one of the best sandwich shops in Maine. Try the poutine.

Eric Lamborn

Incredible fries, and the lobster panni was awesome. Different in the best kind of way. I highly recommend it!

Darrell Van Meter

A bit expensive and tends to be busy, but generally worth the wait. Excellent food.

John Field

Amazing hole-in-the-wall restaurant. Their fries are the best I've had since visiting Belgium. They have a great beer list, awesome food, and funky atmosphere. Definitely worth a visit!


Wonderful vibe and amazing food. We had to make a reservation and loved the atmosphere and decor of this really cool Portland restaurant. We where a bit confused on how to get in as the door is tucked away right next to another restaurant so keep an eye out for that. I ordered a burger with some avocado

A. Suzanne Flynn

The wait was long but worth every minute. The fries were delicious but the poutine... the poutine was out of this world. Get the poutine, you will not regret it!

Marc Sierra

I’ve been wanting to go to this place for a while. It seems like the food here in Portland is better than the food in Boston. Definitely less expensive. I would tell any one coming to the area that this is the right place to go.

Ann Adams

Fun place! A bit of a wait but they are accurate in their wait times and their buzzers work at quite a distance so you can wander while you wait ... even catch a drink somewhere until your table is ready. The staff were quick, attentive and informative! All our meals were great, especially the poutine with the works (fried egg and chives on top) .... share as an appetizer between three people .... perfect!

Jonathan Nance

This place is amazing. We had the poutine and the overnight duck confit.

Blake Stover

There was a 1.5 hr wait at 230p on a Saturday, so we did take out and went to the park down the street. Much better choice! Poutine was fantastic!

Ryan Breau

Cooks do not wear gloves when handling ready to serve food. You can see it from the seating area. I don’t understand how they haven’t been shut down.

Mike Wu

A must go/eat place in Portland! The fries were absolutely delicious, as were the duck confit and pulled pork sandwiches! There's not much seating, but the ambience is really nice and comfy, and the staff are efficient and friendly. I highly recommend coming here if you're in the area!

Rebecca Lisska

Good food and friendly service. Enjoyed the fries and paninis. Small place and a bit of a tight squeeze.

Jennifer Villalobos

Fries and cuban sandwiche. Are a great combo.

Michael Jacobs

A cute hole in the wall with an interesting selection of food. I had the poutine and meatloaf panini, all excellent.

Joseph Agostino

Food is amazing seating is only ok.

Ted Grzesik

Fries live up to their reputation. Excellent sandwiches exploding with flavor.

Szuting Chen

Yummy!!! Creative menus and I had some really good

George Zhang

Can't tell if they're racists or lazy. Food is pretty good here. I love the Belgium fries. Not sure if this area has a lot of Asian tourists however, every table except ours got small plates and forks to sample the food they ordered. However we never received any. The waitress also took our water jug away and never refilled it. However they did for the guests next to us (we shared a table outside). I had to ask two more times for water and after that we the waitress helped the people next to us and other tables and didn't speak to us.

Joe Hohn

Amazing meal. Caroline's, one of the cooks, was amazing. Would highly recommend.

charles oconnor

Wow we drove from Florida keys on a food vacation we stopped in Washington DC new jersey and both places we ate at were a let down. This place duck fat is on point everything you hear is true all we had was the fries and truffle ketchup and it was above expectations. So good worth the drive

Natalya Krishchuk

Delicious. The fries are probably the best I've had. Thick cut, fried in duckfat. The poutine had a rich flavor. Also, the truffle ketchup is amazing. Yummy yummy. You get food to go, which is nice if you don't want to wait to be seated. Although the wait might be the same.

Augusta McCain

We were recommended this place and found it to be disappointing. I had a salad and he had a panini as well as a milkshake and fries. Fries were DELICIOUS, everything else was average or below average. Waitress was somewhat rude.

Chris g

Very high quality ingredients and reasonable price as well for the flavorful experience. A small locale in which lines are common.The taste is excellent, although the price is a little on the high side but worth it. Truffle ketchup and curry mayo go well with the fries.

Jim Wallace

Like this place. Had an excellent panini. Really wished I would have tried the frited too, they looked superb.


Absolutely delicious. Had the poutine with duck egg and it was so good. Great beer selection, great service

Dennis Charolle

Long wait is worth the sandwiches and fries. Tiny, cozy and great service. Long live pork!

Ross B

Really good food! I love a sandwich place that takes care in the bread. The poutine was probably my favorite part though. Not too much gravy where it’s gross like some places. A light poutine (or as close as is possible.)

Den Correia

This place rocks awesome shared seating concept, the food is down right amazing grab some duck poutine fries and paninis you will be in food awe

Vineel Kondiboyina

We drove from Boston for this and it was totally worth it. The charcuterie was particularly exquisite and the ciders were amazing. The fries are to die for. The place is small and gets filled quickly. I suggest planning accordingly.

Carlos Zambrano

This place is awesome. There is always a wait. The milkshake and the fries with putin are amazing.

Robyn Huang

In beautiful Portland, there’s this tiny unassuming little place called Duckfat. It’s hugely popular and even arriving 40 minutes before it opened, there was a line forming (we luckily were third in place). Everyone was respectful and once they opened, the groups divided between inside and outside. I never really looked at the inside because we took the picnic communal table outside. The hostess was a bit brusque about the fact that we had a large group (some who were walking around across the street), so we ordered a bunch of fries and shakes, kept part of the table, and the rest of our group ate on the grasses across the street. The food was very delicious, even the duck fat blueberry shake. There was just this lingering feeling that we weren’t wanted because we weren’t a table of two.

Michael Vitale

Interesting experience. Food was pretty decent but not “to die for.” Not an amazing selection either.


The BEST poutine I have ever had.

Tammy Trantham

Great place for some food. Poutine was good, just need a bit more gravy for me. Duck Confit was tasty. Recommend for poutine.

Griffin Lavine

Amazing food, Amazing people. Stopped by on way home to CT and forgot my backpack with keys in it. Staff kept it safe and mailed it back promptly. Highly recommend.

Jessica Robinson

Excellent fries and truffle ketchup. Tasty cider choices. Get the tomato soup! Absolutely delicious! The duck confit panini was solid as well. The stools definitely get uncomfortable but worth it for the food!

Connor Prisby

Best donut holes I've ever had, sandwiches were also very good.

Abby Baker

The food is always delicious and they have the best wine I've ever tasted. My boyfriend had a milkshake that was really good too.

Nori C

We heard this place mentioned 3 times in 2 days, and I read reviews in articles as well. Poutine was on point, I could have had 3 dishes of it. Donuts a pleasant surprise! Had the panini with duck, awesome. But poutine sold me 100%

Guadalupe Moya

Good service Great food! Definitely recommend this to all who are close, a bit aways and those who plan to come to Portland.

Colin Harrison

Every bite is filled with amazing flavor. Even a basic turkey panini is lively and memorable. The poutine is fantastic. #NotJustPaninis

Ozee Moose

Most amazing food ever. I love the Brisket sandwich and the poutine is too die for. The milk shakes are best ever and the staff is very friendly. It is definitely worth waiting for. 10 out of 10

Dayne Morris

Best fries i have ever had, and the sauces were to die for. Every element of My sandwich was perfect and decadent.

Brandon Oglesby

Food was great and service top notch. Fries are some of the best I've ever had.

Jamie Morris

It's decadent but unpretentious and unassuming. One word - poutine!

Rick Hairston

Food was good, and even with a full house of customers I didnt wait long for my order.


Legendary place in Portland, you at least have to try it once. The donut balls and fries were the best I’ve had.

Maranda Nielson

Duckfat has such good food! I was very impressed with the service. The portions are huge! It's a very busy place so we did have to wait about 30 minutes for a table, but it was worth it!

Holly Runion

Duckfat is a must when we visit Portland. Great as always!

Nicholas Zastrow

Awesome food, friendly staff. Don't sleep on the duck fat fries

Grant Caldwell

Fries to die for, lobster panini sandwich priceless!

Heather Zybas

The restaurant's atmosphere overrides it's delicious food. The food is basic and heavenly. The chefs know what they do well and they serve only those items. Unfortunately the bulk of the seating is a cafeteria style bench with stools that are wobbly and uncomfortable. If we ate this delicious food again, we would definitely make our order to go.

Elizabeth Eubanks

Fast service for how busy the place is. We went while it was raining lightly and got a table outside right away. Otherwise inside was an hour wait. The outside seating has a heater right above the table and we didn’t get wet at all. Poutine is good, milkshake just ok. I tried the vanilla bean milkshake and it was pretty basic. Food presentation was great.

Kimberley Kenney

This place has a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere the wait Staff is awesome Thanks Sherry and Matt. The food is excellent

Tammy Liu

Intrigued by duck fat cusine, this place was packed, not too many seats, waited 40 min. The salad was interesting, tasted a bit heavy on the dressing, but fresh ingredients. The duck fat fries was delicious, got a large order and completely finished. Could be fried just a bit more to give them more crispiness. The panini was good, the bread was perfect for panini, not too hard or too soft. But, too much BBQ sauce on the brisket which overpowered the meat flavor. The duck confit was a bit dry.

Jerad Bice

Best strawberry shake I have ever had

Owen Bradley

Good food and milkshakes, but a little pricey

Chad Moore good. I had the overnight duck confit panini with a blueberry sweet cream shake, and my friend got the lobster panini and a cookies and cream shake. We argued over who's lunch was better.

Sean Thornhill

Oh man! Blueberry shakes and poutine. Life changing.

William Dziambor

It's rare that you find a proper poutine outside of Quebec and this place nails it. Would easily rank in the top poutines I've ever had. Small restaurant so make sure to get there early for a spot

Samuel Watson

Really good duck centric restaurant with a European feel. The small poutine with duck meat is plenty to share for two. The restaurant is very small, so be prepared to sit next to those not in your party. Prices weren’t bad for the quality of the food and service was good as well. I’d recommend reservations during peak hours. Plenty of street parking nearby

tom macconnel

Great food and services with some solid beer!

Tim Sutton

We were in Portland for the weekend and checked it out. Best poutine EVER! Great environment, I get anxiety in tight places and it didnt bother me one bit. Especially when we were served our amazing dinner!


Pros: Duckfat Mac Burger is great. Very tasty Garlic Mayo Cons: Small and condensed establishment Horrible customer service. Not warm, friendly or inviting. Belgian Frites are good but could be better. Average but the garlic mayo made it tastier. Cookies and Cream milkshake could be better as well. I was highly disappointed that it was raved about so much as it was must have in Maine but it wasn't that great. :( it wasn't worth the price.

Stephanie w

Absolutely hands down delicious, worth the struggle finding parking and the wait to be seated! If you're in Portland ME we highly recommend going to Duck fat or if you don't want to wait hit up Duckfat frites(a few streets over serving a condensed offering of fries and poutine along with their famous milkshakes). We went on a Thursday around 1230p waited maybe 20-25 minutes to be seated inside. Seats are limited and Carry out service is halted during peak hours. Items range from fries, paninis, soup and salads with daily charcuterie board offerings. For drinks they offer a variety of house made soda's, elixir's, shakes and alcoholic Beverages. Menu is a'la carte, paninis started at $11 not including tax and went up to $16 ( duck panini. ), Shakes are delicious and they have a variety of flavors including the house Duckfat original, seasonal fruit based options, mocha, vanilla ect. $7-8 before tax. All of their food was outstanding along with the service, just word to the wise plan on getting a to go box as the fries will fill you up faster than you think!

Caley O'Bryan

Delicious fries. Truffle ketchup is amazing

Randall Crandon

Great food, extremely limited seating. A 45 minute wait for two people after being open for literally 5 minutes. Ridiculous.

David Patterson

Absolutely fantastic. In Portland for 3 days, came here twice. Brisket sandwich was out of this world.

mary harvey

Really yummy! Hubby and I were not super hungry so we ordered poutine and walnut maple shake to share. Incredible taste and large portions. Really wish we were hungry because the panini, farmers market salad and charcuterie looked and sounded delicious. We were seated right away. Will return.

Armeen Ghafourpour

The best fries I've had in years! The poutine gravy was crazy flavorful, the fries were crispy, and the house made mayo was the perfect companion. Beer list is top notch too, bringing in local brews that pair well with the menu. Highly recommended!

Wayne Andrew

Great unusual food. Enjoyed very much!! Only complaint I would have is the hard wooden stools to sit on for a long time. Otherwise, good staff and food. I will go back.

Lawrence Roberson

This place has delicious food. The fries are everything you thought they would be especially with the truffle ketchup. Milkshakes are phenomenal as I enjoyed the strawberry one. All ingredients are basically farm to table. I recommend going early as they get packed. I went at 10:45am on my way to start a brewery run and when they opened at 11 it was already a 30 minute wait. Thankfully I got right in since when I got there there was only 2 people ahead of me waiting.

Charlotte McClure

This is one of my favorite places to eat at on a cold winter day in Portland. Deliciously cosy, warmly lit and full of friendly faces. The communal tables and bar seating always foster a convivial atmosphere. And simply put, the food is incredible. I almost always order the poutine with a fried duck egg paired with a salted caramel milkshake. The soups and sandwiches are also amazing, though. You really can't go wrong here! Side story: I brought my grandma here for her 80th birthday a few years ago and the milkshake here brought tears to her eyes. She said it was the best shake she'd had since she worked the milkshake machine at her father's drugstore in Milo, Maine as a kid. Thank you, Duckfat for being the home of so many awesome family memories like this one!

Yoko .

Poutine at Duckfat. What more can I say. This should be the top things to do while visiting Portand Maine. Tasty gravy wrapping and being soaked in by the potato chips. The plentiful cheese curds that you can't stop wanting more of. nom nom nom

Sheryl Bass

Food was great. Service is top-notch. Duckfat is a place you go for the food and not for the atmosphere. Very small place with minimal comfortable seating. Not the best choice for groups or small children. Having said that, I would recommend for the quality of the food and service alone.

tom hedge

Food is on point. Always bustling but it's always a place to go when visiting the Old Port.

Josh Dunlap

I tried Poutine for the first time and it's great. I highly recommend trying it. You can order a flight of sauces with your fries and they are all good. That's basically an automatic 5star from me. It comes with Truffle Ketchup, Thai Chili Mayo, Curry Mayo, Horseradish Mayo, and Garlic Mayo.

Patrick Guthrie

As always a fantastic flavor experience. Fries a must and this time a great fennel quinoa salad

Kristen Pearless

OMG... I split everything with a friend and we still couldn't eat it all. It's popular so go early or be ready to wait... It's worth the wait but. Say yes you what ever you thing sounds good because it is! Milkshake, yes please. Fries, yes please. What ever is the special... Yes please You'll be pleased you went. Enjoy!

David Perloff

The food lives up to its name. Rich hearty meals that's cheap but great quality.

Kristen Anderson

Awesome, awesome restaurant. We stopped into Portland for a day on our way to Acadia National Park. We had heard great things about this restaurant, and it did not disappoint. It has lots of tasty and unique menu choices. The poutine was great, it wasn’t too heavy and the flavors were great! Definitely stop by if you’re in town!

Robert Happ

Love this place! Always my go to spot when in Portland, they have the best paninis and poutine. It can get crowded in the summer but the service never lacks, always worth the wait if theres any.

Clara Carpentier

Small portions for a large price. The fries were excellent. A fun little spot with high end diner food. I expect to get a ton of fries when they are featured on the menu, we were a bit disappointed by the small portions.

Thomas Griebel

This is a really great place to eat! The fries here were especially delicious and it’s something I’ve never tasted before. The staff here is really friendly as well. Would recommend this place if you’re planning to stop by Portland!

David Hasbrouck

Yummy gourmet junk food.

Axel Ringwood

I had been looking forward to this place since forever, and I'm happy to say it didn't disappoint. The thing to not miss here are the fries, they're cooked in duck fat giving the namesake of the restaurant use, but what I didn't expect to be so good was the soda that I believe was made in house, usually I don't get soda but hand made works for me. The overnight duck confit sandwich was a pure delight as well. It's nice and cozy but if you're lucky you can grab some outside seating on a nice day. Can't wait to come back to here.

Amie A

Best fries! Place is a little tight with communal seating. Fries were amazing and crispy. Poutine was great and we had the lobster panini that was on special and it did not disappoint. Milkshakes were also tasty.

Eddie Huey

Belgian fries and Donut holes. If I could only eat those items for the rest of my life, I would die a happy person.

Tyler Collette

The wait was a little long but it's a small place so what can ya do? But damn the soup, soda, and paninis made it worth the wait. Only 4 stars because I'm a big guy and the seating doesn't give you a lot of elbow room.

David D

Excellent service, excellent food, had poutine, farmer's salad, and bgt. Don't ordinarily order desert, but had to do it. The blueberry buttermilk milkshake was delicious.

Jonathan Bratten

Sometimes you wonder if there's some sort of order to the universe, then you have Duckfat fries and realize it's the best of all possible worlds.

Therese O'Hara

We only had the Belgian Fries, but everything we saw and smelled looked delicious!

Mat Briggs

Great food! Hostess could work on her friendliness but waiter made up for it.

Jason Babineau

small, cozy little spot i hunkered down to for brunch during a mild snowy day. Service was great despite being a very busy spot. I kinda felt like it was all about the duck-fat, deep-fried offerings. I had the Duckfat poutine with egg, and it was delicious! impressive selection of craft beer offerings to accompany rare, greasy delicacy.

Sabrina Butler

Delicious food and mocha milkshake. Nice truffle ketchup dipping sauce.

Tay H

AMAZING!!!!! We ordered the poutine and added duck and sunny side up egg and it was a 10/10 for sure! The duck confit sandwich was also incredible!! Will definitely be back.

Taylor Thompson

POUTINE WITH EGG OMG YES. Was so good. I wanted two to myself.

steve kellough

Food was good. Very busy little place. Staff isn't very friendly.

Mindy Siota

We had a very good dinner experience here. Our sandwiches were good, and the fries were fantastic - quite possibly the best fries I have ever eaten. It would be worth stopping by just to try those fries. My husband also enjoyed buying a souvenir t-shirt! Do be aware that the restaurant is tiny, so if you do eat in, it’s quite likely you’ll be sitting next to another group at a larger table or counter.

Ryan Kelley

Had the poutine and the cuban sandwich, both of which were outstanding. The service was really friendly and the drinks served were delicious. Great spot in Portland.

Michael Goodfriend

Everything we ordered was amazing, especially the milkshake. Waits can be a bit long even on off-peak hours but it's a very small restaurant, so it's expected. Would wait again. The bar across the way is within the restaurant's pager area so you can drink there while you wait!

James Alvarez

Simply put, everything is very well done. From the food, to the space, to the service, Duckfat gets it. I had the farmer's market salad and Maine lobster panini, both of which were specials and absolutely delicious. Highly quality ingredients, with a great mix of tastes that are not overdone. Really enjoyable.

Ian Mcburney

The Pountine was amazing made with the duck fat fries. I had a cherry phosphate that was a revelation! Also had a pork panini, also wonderful. My favorite place in Portland, hands down. Downside: it is small. May have to wait for a table, esp at dinner and in the summer. Try them, you won't be sorry.

Justin Riddle

Phenomenal place, stopped by for a bite while in town, we were blown away.

Aaron Bateson

Food is great, menu is larger than I expected from a place focused on duckfat dishes. Good local beer selection and the food is delicious. You can't go wrong with anything that has duckfat in it - which may sound gross but it really is a savory experience. The duck confit is well worth a wait with no standing room.


Horrible. Will not be returning. The wait was not bad. It is place cozy and they do communal seating. The highlight was the conversation from the people at my table. However that is where the good time ends. My fries were all cut short and look like the scraps from the bottom. The homemade soda was not bad but my server never asked if I wanted another so I just stuck to water. Server just seemed in a rush and didn't really seem to care about our dining experience. Very little contact, the server gave us our check and that was it. Limited menu and not worth the money.

Sean Smith

Cool, casual space. Thoughtful and delicious food. I sat at the bar and enjoyed some amazing brussel sprouts and a handmade spritzer. The kitchen was so excited because they got a delivery of “beautiful cauliflower”. Very into that kind of excitement from a chef. You can tell they care about the place. Obviously the fries are amazing but their salad was delicious, also.

David Curlis

While searching online for a place to eat lunch in Portland Maine, saw Duckfat and was intrigued by the name, then the menu. It’s a small venue with some outdoor seating and there can be a wait, but don’t let that stop you from eating here. It’s worth it! We had the Belgian fries, fried in duck fat, Duck & charred cabbage salad and the slow roasted pulled pork cubano. All were awesome! The fries are delicious and addictive! Nice selection of craft beer and wine. Our waiter Eric was great!

Deepali Gotur

The duckfat fries completely lived yup to the hype and then some! Paninis were amazing too! Loved the friendly, warm staff and the easy ambiance

Kenny Danberg

The poutine was exceptional! I had the Cuban panini and it was one of the best sandwiches I've ever had.

Tom Cooper

This is one of the best restaurants I have ever eaten at. The duck sandwich was one of the best things I have ever eaten. The milkshakes may have been too much after a big meal, but I'm glad I went for it! Man, I can't wait to visit Portland again so I can eat here!

heather polese

This place is an absolute must on any trip to Portland. Most amazing poutine I’ve ever tasted in my whole life, unique tasty drinks and shakes and fresh seasonal salads and sandwiches. Definitely do not miss the homemade gelato, they will even put a scoop into one of their house made sodas. I had cherry phosphate and I’m still dreaming of how tasty it was. Staff made our experience even better with amazing service. We will be back every time we are in Maine for the best fries on this planet.

Amanda Jones

Walked up on a Tuesday night to sit at the bar for a cocktail and some food. Was told seats at the bar were at “a bit of a wait”. At that time I noticed two bar seats available however didn’t think much of it. I decided to leave go to the next stop of the night. The couple behind me was immediately seated with the hostess stating “we’ve got two seats waiting for you here at the bar”. They don’t take reservations so... take that as you will. Wouldn’t recommend for parties of one looking to grab food or drinks.

Jeremy Dooley

Great food. Very very crowded. Had to take off a star for that.

Miranda Jackson

My friends and I from Louisiana went here on vacation. They had a long wait but they have shops and bars around that you can walk to while you wait. It was well worth the wait! The fries were amazing and we got a lobster special and I was so satisfied and happy! Highly recommend

Jane Chamberlain

Best fries ever. Truly. Delicious paninis. A little outdoor seating. A great place for a casual yet somehow special bite.

Michele Dixon

Good food choices. Service was great.

Rhonda Kidder

OMG! Best fries, hands down! Plenty to share with a friend, but you will want your own! Small place, so be prepare to wait.

Shawn Kelly

Sandwich was alright and the fries were great.

Alice Xia

Amazing! The fries are extra crispy and the cookies in the cookies and cream milkshake were still crispy when served!

Nicholas Smith

Amazing food! Had the best and thickest milkshake ever. Loved the meatloaf panini and the service was fantastic. Worth every penny (and calorie)

Genevieve WB

Well, I'm standing outside waiting for an order of poutine to go... my first time here, but I'm a poutine purist die hard and I'm in town and this place seems to be getting a lot of attention, so gotta give it a try, right? For the record I'm from north of the border where ws invented this and I have yet to have truly good poutine anywhere in the US, but I digress... First impression: i walk in, place is small and obviously busy so I make a quick decision that I'll get it to go and save the table for someone else... except that no sooner are the words "to go" off my lips but i am practically shoved backwards out the door and told that there are laminated menus outside and I can only come back in and order when i know "exactly" what I want... so, i step outside, take a quick look, yup, i only want poutine. So, back inside and now I'm waiting at the counter to place my order next to a guy who clearly does not know what he wants and is just taking his sweet time with the stack of menus right there! Ok, whatever, like 8 minutes later i get to place my order and 11 minutes after that my buzzer goes off (I'm asked to wait on the street btw) and i go to collect the order and the bag is pretty much thrown at me. No hi, no thanks, no enjoy your order... not a word just a surely look. I don't care if this is the best poutine ever (jury's still out i haven't actually had it yet) but I would never ever go back. PS it was kind of meh.. fries were undercooked, gravy was thin and sparse, curds barely melted.

Vincent Pesce

A must stop. The best sandwiches ever and the fries with dipping sauce to die for. Milk shakes are off the hook as well.

shawn s

Don't believe the hype! Mediocre fries, burnt, better at McDonalds honestly. Donut holes were decent. They wouldn't let a gentleman who ordered takeout wait at the bar even though seats were empty and nobody came in the entire time he waited. Would only have 1 star but dipping sauces were actually pretty good!

Christopher Hantman

Won a gift card here from a raffle, glad we did! Everything was delicious from the fries and brisket sandwich to the fresh Arnold Palmer. I see why the wait was so long (beware, upwards of 1.5 hours!) So we got our food to go and we're just as happy.

Roger L

Very unfriendly host,and wait staff. After eating over half are meal, forced to share are table with two other people, that didn't like the idea anymore than we did. Food not worth the wait. Not kid friendly. Do not recommend!!!

Jackie Levine

Wow. Super good. The poutine and our sandwiches were amazing. I especially enjoyed that the poutine wasn't too heavy. Just perfect. This place gets busy and is small so make sure to leave time to wait for a table.


Delicious fries and pulled duck. Poutine was amazing as well. Definitely get the truffle ketchup or curry dip for the fries. I actually ordered two large baskets of fries since they were so delicious. You can definitely taste the duckfat!

Richard OBrien

Might be the best fries I've ever had. My sandwich (Cubano) was also delicious. Prices are perfect for what you get. Very small place, so plan for your wait times accordingly.

Vincent M. Haney

Wow! My wife and I stop in every time we go to Portland. It is on our list of must-go places whenever we give recommendations for restaurants in town. The fries are like nothing you have experienced. Be prepared for a wait, but it is well worth it

Joey San Miguel

The best poutine ever! Hands down!

Chris Taylor

I mean the duckfat poutine is worth murdering someone over. The wine and beer selection are amazing. It's a required spot in Portland for a great meal.

Lauren Ivey

My favorite meal of the trip so far . Outstanding food .

Sanjay Yadav

Good food, limited seating, and great service

George Madrid

The name says it all. Best fries I've had in a very long time. Great charcuterie. Good beer selection. My wife loved her sandwich. If I have any complaint, it's a little pricey, but I'll go here again. No doubt. Be sure to add extra time for the wait.

austin graham

Don't leave Portland without having fries here! Make sure to try all the dippins!

Benjamin Murphy

Best fries ever. I used to eat the fries every day when I worked there and I never got sick of em

Tristan McKenna

We had the small poutine with an egg on top, and a Cuban sandwich split between my son and I. I was happily surprised that the pork was smoked perfectly on the cuban, and the poutine was also excellent. Plenty of beer on tap as well!

Clifford Kelly

The Cuban sandwich was awesome. You can tell the chef has passion for his food. Nice beer selection as well. Reminded me of a place I love in Northampton.

Sara Lovell

#yum Go early if you're not into waiting, but know the wait is worth it! The food is great and the service is very fast and friendly.

ÄnnÄ vanKay

Crispy, tasty fries! The Poutine is simply amazing and the fries go very well with that truffle ketchup. Fries are a bit heavy on the salt, but only if you are used to Low - salted foods. Simply wash it down with some of their very good beer ;) The staff is friendly and helpful, the interior looks good, too.


The food is really good. Other places are rising to the allure of Duckfat past. Going alone or as a pair seems to be easiest.

Katherine Brana-Milian

Attention Attention!! Poutine fries with duck confit and duck egg is a must have!!! Omg so yummy! Their paninis are also fresh and flavorful. I had a mocha shake (I’m a coffee addict and I loooove chocolate) so yes I really enjoyed that shake (so much I might have had 2) friends got the boozy shake (tried it, very good, best use of sherry in my opinion) cookies and cream shake also good.

Ricky Leung

A great lunch/snack place

Eric Guth

We picked this spot on our way through Portland. Everything was up to par. Try the Fennel soup and Oxbow beer.

Cam Cote

Duck Fat is one of my all time favorites in Portland. Simplicity sometimes defines the best. When you perfect something, why change it. Poutine and the Sandwich are a must try.

Shawn Wu

Duckfat is really popular! The line was really long so I ended up getting takeout which was their duck fried fries and their duck fried munchkins. It was really good and crispy.


Went in with VERY high expectations... and they were ALL MET! Little past lunch time and they were still busy , luckily it was super cold and snowing outside so noone wanted to sit outside in the sheltered patio. Obviously, us being brave we went out but surprisingly it was warmed by a heater right above our heads so we were super cozy while sipping on their famous beers. Now, their duck fat fried fries ARE THE BOMB! Do yourself a favor and get an order of that as you sit down, thank me later for that advice! The staff was super clean and friendly. They served us delicious foods and drinks and made sure we were comfortable. Loved the place , loved their food. Will return when in town! Thank you!

Anthony Vanaria

Underwhelmed. Fries were nice, didn’t get to try the milkshakes. My wife’s salad was tangy and fun, unfortunately my sandwich was a chore.

Robert Emery

Really cool place to get a delicious sandwich. Inside it had a bit of a classic pub feel with the exposed brick. We every much enjoyed our bottle of blueberry wine.

Albert K

Must get the brussel sprouts. Somebody came in here just for a few plates of it. The fries are also a must, along with a Spritzer. Well worth coming here just for the fries. There will be significant traffic in the summer, so good luck if you're there after mid-May.

mark derosier

I have never eaten a French fry so damn delicious. I thought I knew fries. I did not. Duck fat is what everything should be cooked in. Will you die early? Yes. But you will die deliciously.

Allison Jones

Absolutely worth the wait! Staff is amazing and food is PERFECTION. highly recommend.

Peter Stewart

The food here is excellent. Everything was very flavorful and the portions were quite generous. Be sure to bring along some friends because everything is very filling and you're going to want to try as much on the menu as you can.

Jonathan Liu

French fries was very good but cost $8.95. Brisket sandwich has complex flavors with many fresh ingredients.

alex erb

Great fries with very interesting sauces. The salads ate very good too

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