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REVIEWS OF Agave Mexican Grill & Cantina IN Louisiana

Peter Jennings

Great place for lunch when I come to town.

Mamie Clark

Loved it!!!


Great place, great food, great service! We had a wonderful night, thank you :-)

Vernon Bates


Dustin Harless

The restaurant has great decorations, food, and prices. They have honed their skills with these restaurants, and Agave is a Lafayette institution as far as I am concerned.

Shamona Lavallier

Food is ok.. drinks ok...

Karli Leger

The patio and atmosphere was great- the food was just ok.

Kara Mazzarisi

Food is good. A bit on the pricey side. Fun environment and friendly wait staff.

dawn Edwards

Food is okay, just a little over priced. It's a decent place to eat if you're looking for somewhere to catch a meal.

Suzi D.

Wonderful secluded atmosphere, friendly staff. Delishious food.

Chad Duhon

Good Eats good service

CajunRealtor Phil


Cory Broussard

Above average service and offerings

Pam Moore Eades

Saturday 9/21 we hosted a party for our daughter bday We had three tables about 25 people Our service was great Our waitress great Our food great I am shocked and appalled to see my picture posted on a negative review regarding this evening by Stephe Fontenot I don’t even know her! The account is inaccurate and untrue! This lady came in and sat down at another table She moved to our table she never told either the server at first table or server at my table she moved to our table Nor did she ask to place an order! Everyone at both tables ate dinner and when we were cutting bday cake she said she was leaving We offered her cake she refused I personally spoke to my server who said she asked this lady if she wanted to order when the server realized she hadn’t eaten and this woman never answered I offered to order and pay for food for she and her son and she refused! I danced with our server and we shared cake with the cooks and servers! We had an awesome experience I cannot believe this woman took MY picture and attached it to her negative review! I apologize to Agave and our servers for the totally false allegations

Brandon Thibodeaux

Sarah is the best waitress at the downtown location. Amazing service and great manners. Definitely will request her when I return.

jose castaneda

$6 margarita and ceviche is great!

Heather Armstrong

Wonderful food and drink location!

Ava Hunley

Pricey mediocre mexican food. Enjoyable atmosphere.

Bryan Haviland

Seems to be bar focused these days. During lunch, vegetables looked and tasted past their prime.

Kelli Rodgers

I love agave shrimp pasta. And their salsa is pretty amazing too. As for other items sadly I haven't tried much. The margaritas are pretty tasty as well. They aren't normally busy and I have rarely had to wait for seating. The wait staff are normally very nice and the managers are easy to spot walking around.

Qdog Williams

Very good food, prices and drinks

Nidal Balbeisi

One more great meal

Grant Menard

Great food and cheap margz

Brittney Grey

Everyone greeted us when we walked in, was very pleased with waitress and my order. I shared this visit with my daughter as a pre-k graduation luncheon. Fiesta burger was delicious as well as the cheesecake bites for dessert!

Brian Thompson

Great food

Brent Brannes

Love the food here.

Cody Taylor

Very good fiesta burger

Angie m Lambert Pena

The service was terrible the chips were stale the food was not great it was bad I won't go there again I wouldn't recommend it to nobody.

Brent Bourque

The food is okay in the services semi quick

Matthew Valentin

This place is great. Has lots of character

George Williams

Food was great had the steak fajitas. Margaritas were on point. Our server was great. This was about 2 to 3 weeks ago. The entertainment as always was awesome. And Ryan the busboy is one of the most polite and hardest working people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Never seen a busboy work that hard.

brooke lambert

Get a seafood burrito with crab meat and a swirl margarita

Chad Gresham

One of my favs

Jarrett Bolin

Authentic Mexican food in a laid back atmosphere.

Mike Dacre

Great patio

bethanie matthieu

Went eat there on 5/19/2014... we called before we went...and they said they would serve us. We had 3 adults and 4 a $90 bill....we had poor service....they had people cursing and being loud that we couldn't even enjoy our food...Then not to mention that the manager decides that we taking to long and pretty much kicked us out of the restaurant...We had my fiance with us who had recently got his jaw broken so it took him a little longer to eat his food....well after being kicked out of this place we will not be going back....for overpriced food that is not really good enough for the price, loud and obnoxious people, bad service, and can't forget to mention the worst manager ever...this place is definitely not a place we will ever go back to......for the price you pay here you should definitely get good service, great food, and definitely great management.... I would NEVER recommend this place to anyone.

Jerry Laborde


Mark Martin

Great place always consistent

Jeffery Wichers

The patio is a great place e to have lunch on a sunny day.

Curtis Richard

Awesome good and atmosphere,great dervice

Hoài Thư Nguyễn

Best food ever! Recommend everyone for the food in this restaurant!!!!!

Jaime Purvis

Me and my boyfriend were waiting on greyhound to arrive and found this spot. So glad we did, it's a must eat. We got the seafood chimichang, it had crawfish and shrimp with an amazing sauce. The portion was huge we spit one and it filled both of us up. That's saying a lot considering we both eat like fat kids, lol. The atmosphere was really nice, we chose to sit outside and enjoy the day. Can't wait to go back to Mardi gras next year just to eat here once again

Brian Sarver

Great food and drinks!

Jennifer Landry

They have very good, I go all the time, never been disappointed.

Jami Salard

I went to the Agave restaurant on Bertrand st in Lafayette, La. Our server was ok, but not very friendly. The salsa was nasty. The chips were stale. I ordered steak tacos and they didn't have a lot of flavor. The rice had no flavor. The one good thing I can say is the ice t was excellent.. The worst part was the restroom. NASTEEEEE!!!! two stalls were so filthy they couldn't b used. The one that wasn't dirty, the door didn't lock. Would I ever go back here, HELLLLLLL NOOOOOO!!!!!!

edward guidry

Nice atmosphere and great food

Leticia Porter

The service was horrible, we waited over 45 minutes for our food, which we didn't get because we left very upset, we watched other customers who came in after us get service, their food, their drinks and was able to leave be we even received our drinks, this was with a certain server, all of customers received their orders while a few us customers waited and we all was upset, the food has been said is pretty good, but I'll never know because I'm never going back

Jeane Theriot

Horrible service.. Don't waste your time so many other options in the area ... I can not even entertain the idea this was a bad night since there are multiple reviews with the same experience... The location being close to Lafayette's night Scene and having live music give them the opportunity to bring in people. However once you are there be prepared. Our experience took over three hours, a party of 5 with two kids with the intention to have a good meal.. The food was okay once it came, this was after the server asked to take our order but we had already given him it 30 min prior.. I got myself a refill since the server never responded to our request.. I also got myself a to go box as well. NEVER again maybe there other location are staffed better ( this was the vermillion St. location.) And don't expect apologies only excuses.. ON THIS NIGHT ALONE we saw 2 tables walk out, a couple wish us luck and stated they didn't get anything right, a server drop a plate on a customer breaking on/near her foot. When you wait this long you can observe the madness.. The staff is confrontational when we state the place has serious staff issues, but hence this,the owner is also walking around just observing the madness with no correction so I do not see this issue being addressed... Unfortunately you have to leave a star but my true review is -1

Renee DiMarco

So good I wish this place was in New Orleans I would eat here often. Seafood options for Mexican favorites. I got fish tacos and Kristen got seafood enchiladas. The food was So good, great service, pleasant atmosphere. I might have to make the drive to eat here again.

irma pinto

The fajitas

Rebecca Smith

Good food and margaritas! Server was Micheal and he was Great!

Patrick Généreux

Great food, but slow service

Ava Carter

Food wasnt good. Salsa had that canned tomato taste, and little more flavor. Wont return.

Stiel Aubrey

Great atmosphere

Jeff Wiresinger

I having a GREAT time the food is off the chain!!

Gaming Jimmy

I loved the beans, tacos, chips, and fries. It was great service and nice employees. As I said before, AMAZING FOOD AND SERVICE best restaurant I've been to!!

B Dizzle

Love this place, food is always out quick as well as the drinks , friendly Staff and a very awesome environment.

Keri Kiraly

Great environment. Great food. Great drinks. Great staff. Nice little hang out spot to stop and eat dinner, get some drinks and walk around down town.

Amarette Talbot

They was very attentive and the fajitas we're good. They also had live local music for free when we were there! They also had a fried cheesecake dessert that was so tasty! Thank you Agave for helping us enjoy our time in Lafayette!

Ryan Shaw

Great chain restaurant! We're like the food and the location.

Steven Miguez

Some of the best food in town.

2219mp .

Food was amazing!

Jesus Carrion

Good food nice personal stuff...

Clint Robin

Great food and music EJ and Connie G awesome

Stephanie Webb

The food here was DELICIOUS!! Seriously, the beat enchiladas ever. And our waitress was super friendly! Great experience! Cool atmosphere.

Margot LeCourtois

Great food and wounderful staff. A must go!!

Misty Dayz Bartie

Great food

Scott Geiger

Kids... So many kids.

Phyllis Perez

Great food and service

Trincella bonnet

Great food. Loved it. Friendly owner and staff. Thanks Nidal

Jeremy Johnson

Great management, great staff, excellent food.

Anthony Red Neck Way Of Life

I agree more fat and grizzle than meat

Ryan Trundle

Delicious and delightful!

Michael Murray

Went with a friend before the Gregory Porter concert. Food was delicious and the service was top-notch.

Michael Rgnonti

I went there today (5-28-16)..we ordered two swirls $25 ...really...what a ripoff. .when legends charges $16 for two...unbelievable last time I go there..

Tina Cormier

Love the food...good times!!

Jeniese Wilson


Ryan Bourque

The food isn't great, and the music is too loud.

Craig Conzelmann

Great location in the downtown area. Large seating capacity both indoors and outdoors along with live music as entertainment. The fish tacos alone are worth the visit.

kerry thibodeaux

Such a great atmosphere. We love sitting on the patio and listening to live music while people watching those who are meandering downtown.

Aaron Coon

If you are looking for decent Mexican food and a great location, it's a great place.

Brandi Marie Farris

I did not receive what I ordered. The manager took my order and gave me traditional fajitas even though I asked for the fajita wrap with a side of french fries. I believe had my order been repeated back to me, this error could of been resolved. The kitchen forgot to include the cheese with my fajitas, which added to me not enjoying my meal. No fries, no cheese and way too many fajitas.

Tom Trevino

Enchiladas made with flour tortillas. Store bought flour tortillas. Yeah, probably should have had steak and seafood across the street.

Donald Blue

I've been to this location as well as the bertrand location numerous times and have eaten most things on the menu. The food is average at best, but yet they charge a premium. Unless you're going for a cheap special, I'd stay away from this place. Last time I went I got their chef's special that night. It was a choice between fajitas or quesadillas with filet as the meat. I've never ordered filet with that much fat and gristle. In addition to the overpriced scraps of meat, there were the overpriced margaritas. They are so watered down, you can barely taste the store bought mix they use. I don't care who wants to have their birthday or whatever there anymore. I've been screwed too many times by that place.

Brad Johnson

Good food and better margaritas

Olivia Martini

Poor service( 20% tip included already at check out) so waiters don't care. Owner is not even Mexican!!!! Bad and loud music.. The soup I ordered was ridiculous, looked like swamp water with pieces of sausage and chicken cut with a hammer...

sam coker

The salsa was just ok. It had chunks of tomato in it while I don't mind but didn't have a flavor that really stuck with me making me want more. The food was decent but not spectacular. The shrimp burrito I got was good but the portions inside where not evenly spread out having alot of spinach toward the back and alot of rice toward the front.

Marla Trahan

Love you Connie G!!!

Emily Meyers

Absolutely rude rude rude workers there. I had my service dog, the owner was very rude to me because of my dog. Wasn’t pleasant at all. Left before ordering anything bc of how rude they were.

Tristan Allen

Great time food and drinks

rl dwg

Love the downtown location, makes for a better dining experience

Richard Zodrow

Bread pudding to die for.

Bernadette Castille

Love the environment and service

Brian Murphy

Good Mexican restaurant.

Lizzie Gambino

I went to Agave last night and left before we even ordered our drinks. My friend has an auto-immune disease and many food allergies. When asked for the ingredients in their food the owner seemed as if we were bothering him. We later found out from him that the do not make their own tortillas or chips, they are store bought. We left imeediatly and went to La hadienda where they showed us everything and gave us amazing service. I will never go to agave again.

Margaret Lorimor

Excellent Margaritas

Wayne Bourque

Awesome band. Just had an appetizer, very good.

Robin Wijgman

Tasty and affordable Mexican food!

Dana Haynes

Great enchiladas..

Nancy Gervais

Fun atmosphere with fresh, delicios Mexican standards and a few surprises. Veggie fajitas were yummy, but the chicken ones were a little dry. Frozen swirl margaritas were strong and tasty, and priced right during happy hour.

Steven Bowers

My wife and I love the food and Margaritas!!!

Care O. Fine

Best Ceviche north of the border.

Allison Scates

Very slow and inaccurate service, expensive mexican food that was just alright, crab cakes were really good and drinks reasonably priced, but no other redeeming qualities. Will only come here for drinks now on.

Scott Progresso

Great music for Downtown Alive!

Kevin Miller

Really good food; chips n dip and all the entrees were outstanding. The live entertainment made the night perfect. Will come again - all the way from Wisconsin.

hwystar _

Food is ok. Overpriced for what u get but it's faster than most restaurants too. Pretty much a get drunk grill. There are better options in town. Service is pretty good too I'd give it 2 and half for that upside

Kim Welan

Really friendly staff and (so far) great food. Come to relax, being in a hurry here just doesn't make sense. Athough I am sure you could get a quick bite here if you wanted. Omg the Carne Asada just arrived's beautiful...with enchiladas on top of the steak.

Anneysa Vidrine

Downtown in the middle of the bustle of businesses. This is a favorite, with indoor and outdoor seating. The food is great and drinks are pretty and delicious. This is a one stop party. There is often live music and dancing. A great time is waiting. Mexican food within a Cajun flair. Try it, you'll not be disappointed!

Mark Vance

One word: Overpriced.

Michelle McKay

The avocado salad is a must! I've been missing out all these years!

Ross Ritchey

Been to Agave's many times. I can summarize in a few words. Loud drunks, sometimes nice music, nice breeze, OVERPRICED, BAD service, BAD management, and pretty nice food.

Garland Tong

Chips and salsa are great really garlicky

Bob Kirby

Nothing better to scratch that occasional itch for bland salsa, 13 dollar margaritas and Dave Matthews covers on the patio.

Cody Hernandez

Food is not that great and is overpriced. The atmosphere makes up for it and they have good bands.

Arielle Mansion

My husband and I just walked in one night. The food is AMAZING! I love the atmosphere and live music (on the nights I've been).

Derek Brown

food good, service is excellent. (the other 'new' Agave was not as good, and service was frustrating.)

Live And Local

Mexican Food w a Louisiana Flair in Downtown Lafayette LA

virgindragon76 .

The food and service at agave downtown was good, but the plan e was dirty with spider eggs and dead mosquito hawks on the window sill.

Jason Snead

Great food and drinks

Ariel Moon

Great restaurant

Tammy Roderick

Loved the family-friendly atmosphere.. The live music helped to set the mood. Our waiter, Michael, was a SUPER kinda guy. Loved his smiling

Margaret Smith

Love their ceviche but the service seems to be hit or miss.

Alte Nijhuis

Nice diner in a local restaurant. Fair pricing.

Gimeil Suca

I really liked this place (and if you have a little kid it might be useful to know that it's right in front of a splasher fountain). The "tres leches in a margarita glass" was nice. I don't give 5 stars because of the annoying club music in the background.

Nate L

Service was alright and the food is always edible. It's a safe choice for Mexican food if you can't decide where to go. A little overpriced for food and drinks.

Aaron Morris

The chimichanga was very bad. The music was too loud. The waiter made me feel rushed. Overpriced for what I got. The only good thing about it is the design of the place.

Sherry Willis

Great service, great food.

Abby Cole

Great service

kara linyard

The flavors in all of the different dishes at our table were delightfully delicious. The chicken and steak were extremely tender and juicy. We had steak and chicken fajitas, taco salad with steak and fish tacos. Fish Tacos were excellent too. The fish itself was very well seasoned. The Margaritas were strong and good. One and done.


Great food!

Megan Medina

Great experience, it's was so good, food came out nice and hot. Kareem kept my drinks full.. Great job.

Raine Rhodes

Not a legitimate taste of Mexican food. Service was average, food was shockingly NOT Mexican flavor. (Why is there peas & carrots in bland excuse for Spanish rice? Really?! Nothing I ate had ANY spice or heat. Even the salsa was weak.) I'm not going back... they've lost their flavor, or frankly never had it to begin with. Sincerely, a New Mexican with standards of authenticity.

Shannon Ralston

Nice atmosphere. Great food and drinks. Will be back

Albis Franco

Excellent place. Very fun and entertaining. Delicious food and they serve big portions. Always clean and organized. Great location, easy to get there.

Justin Thoroughman

Best Mexican spot in Lafayette, we're from Baton Rouge but we eat here everytime we're in town.

mardi claw

Carne asada. Hells to the yes. Tender flavorful flank steak. Ate here 3x during festival international

N Shuford

Love this local chain! The decor is fun and bright. They have good bands on the weekends, good food, and good drinks. My last visit was not as great as those in the past. We went at lunch, there were only two other tables seated, and in the hour we were there, we had a beer and water along with the complimentary chips and salsa. Our waiter only came by when we stopped him, and believe it or not, never asked if we wanted to order food. It's ok, I'll still go back; everyone's entitled to a bad day.

Larry Theriot II

Awesome food and service!

Robert McElligott

Loved it

Dylan Arceneaux

One of my go to restaurants in Lafayette. Great food, good service, and wonderful atmosphere!

Vanessa Foreman

The service and the food were both unmemorable. They weren't great, but not bad either.

Jo-Jo Pere'

Great food and atmosphere!

Brandi Guidry

Salsa was amazing as usual. Busy Friday night. Ordered beer. Thirty minutes later asked if ready to order. Nope. We are ready to leave.

Barry Mcgee

Good food. Friendly staff

spencer mudge

Great food, fajitas are huge.

Kevin Hebert

Highly recommended!


Good atmosphere, but the waiters are sometimes pretty slow and have messed up my order on more than one occasion.

Marisa Dunphy

Good food, drinks and the live music makes it special.

Veronica stalvey

Hi I got food poisoning from you. Thanks so much for making my body feel like it’s dying. Not coming back and telling other people I got food poisoning from your quesadilla

Russell Schafer

They charged me 1.50 for ice for my tequila. Really? Would not return.


Always a pleasant experience here. Food is ample and delicious. Friendly faces on staff.

Ashley Cook

The best Quesadillas

Madison Romero

Great food and great price! You get a lot for what you pay for!

Mr T

Very good food --- the fajitas are great. If you can, eat outside. The service is off and on but the food is not. The place is rarely crowded for dinner as downtown is not known as a dinner spot. Recommended.

Brian Foster

Chips were stale n th band was terrible! An off-nite for sure

Martha Marty Phillips Goodson

The food was ok. We got cold chips right off the bat....first impression. I have never had salsa like theirs. I didn't care for it. The atmosphere was good. The server was excellent. I don't plan on returning.

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