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1133 Lexington Rd, Georgetown, KY 40324, United States

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REVIEWS OF Zaxby's Chicken Fingers & Buffalo Wings IN Kentucky

James Flanagan

My only complaint is that everything is TOO salty.

Ethan Parizeau

The chicken place that isn't Canes.

Sandra Jaramillo

The best tasting chicken I have ever had @ we travel the U.S.A for work so we've had alot of chicken. This by far is awesome!

Kristen Phillips

Zaxby's food is majorly meh. The flavor is pretty much just salty - not a lot of other flavor notes - and this from a person who loves salt and savory foods. Cane's is much much better.

Richard Crum

I had the grilled chicken sandwich it was really delicious

Karen Carr

Excellent salads

Toisella Junius

Yummy food

Rob Snell

I would eat here every day if I could. Nicest drive-thru folks in Starkville.

Bill Greene

Food tasted like old grease, ice was empty as well as ketchup dipenser. This was at lunch time. French fries were limp.

Kristina McB

I drive from Cincinnati to go to Zaxby's because it reminds me of my time loving in Georgia. Still as great as I remember, and this is the cleanest and most friendly staff off all the ones I have wandered into throughout Kentucky (or even Indiana). Definitely will be back.

Sherry Blose

Very friendly staff and good food

Tykia Rogers

Jennifer Persac


THE GREAT 8 Butler’s

Great food

Damita Madkins

Okay I guess

Anna Ratliff

Chicken tenders are pretty good here and I like the sauce. Last time I was there I ordered a salad and it was actually pretty good. The lettuce was fresh and crisp and the chicken on it was good. Not healthy food by any means. But it's pretty good.

Elaine Rush

Daniel Lovorn

If you say canes is better you're wrong

Robert Stewart

Great food, friendly staff. Definitely visit again soon.

Aaron Quick

samantha rice

Waited 25 mn.. cold chicken!

Bobby Davis

Food is good. But prices are too high.

Ashley Wilson

Delicious hot entrees The zaxbys sauce is delicious - to me it’s like a mix of spicy ketchup and ranch mix ;) but if you would like something different, they do offer other options of sauce The coleslaw is amazing! I️t is always fresh and crunchy, not like other places that have that week old leafy, flimsy, chewy stuff The 4 finger plate is the way to go! Or if you aren’t much on slaw , the Big Zach Snak would definitely satisfy your hunger ! My kids also love to eat at zaxbys Service has always been outstanding No long wait times Food is fresh and out to you fast!

Tammie Letts

Food is really good tasting.

Gary Waters

Brian Richards

This location doesnt have milkshakes. The banana pie shake is the only reason I go to zaxbys.

Monique LaCaze

Zaxby Night Crew that was on last night Thursday 9.29.2016.... After a long day from work and appointments I made a quick stop to Zaxby's to order a Chicken Salad sandwich with no Tomatoes... I went through the Drive thru line since it was about 9:38 pm when I got to the window the young lady seemed tired or sick I can't really say but no issue... however I sat in driver thru a good 5 minutes for Chicken Salad Sandwich and Lemonade received my order pulled off well to my surprise when I got home my Chicken Salad sandwich was like whoever prepared the sandwich just did not give a care they slapped a piece of iceberg lettuce chunk and maybe a teaspoon of chicken salad on what was I guess suppose to be toasted wheat bread and instead of being sliced in half with knife the way it usually prepared and I have had this sandwich on several different occasions anyway it was like the staff person did not slice the sandwich in half with a knife but it was like they took their hands an ripped the sandwich in half and placed in the to- go- container and gave to me I was so angry when I open this when I got home that I even took a photo of the sandwich... the only reason I didn't drive back over there to Zaxby's Gonzales, LA is that they were already closed since they close on Thursday at 10 pm... Owners/ Management needs to address this with there staff and prep staff.. customers are paying for their food to be served and prepared correctly and with care and if staff doesn't want to be bothered with the job they have been employed to do then they need to re-evaluate the job they have been entrusted to do , handling customers food the way they would want their food to be prepared an served after purchasing. So very disappointed and I really like Zaxby's ...but the night staff especially when its nearing the end of the night just does not care for the customers or the preparation of the food or the Zaxby brand.

Ken Penn

I love the Food in this Fine Establishment....

Sabrina Francom

Shaun Bot

The chicken is the best it's not greasy like most fast food chicken places. The fries aren't bad either. They could offer more in the way of fries and dessert options. If you're looking for great fast food chicken you've found it. The staff has always been exceptional also.

Shane True

Great food

James Wall

Only ordered the Caesar zalad, but I will be ordering many, many more

Timothy Florence

Good food

taylor wh

Zaxbys is pretty good, I can never decide between zaxbys sauce or honey mustard, so I normally get both.

Aaron Howard

I don't care what anybody says, Zaxbys is waaaaayyyyyy better than canes. Canes needs that aweful sauce to be good, but with zaxbys you don't need any sauce if you don't want and it is still good. Way more choices than canes. And a hell of alot more flavorful.

Kenneth Bates


Tonda Robinson

Chicken was good. Did not recieve fork or sauce that she told me was in the bag. . Not going back. . I need more accuracy when I spend $8.00 on my lunch. .

Chris Pruitt

Their salads and grilled chicken sandwiches are the best foods on their menu.

Henry Toney80

Had to wait 20 minutes for the order to come out and order still wrong..

Latannya Jackson


Joe Steinhaus

For fast food it is great

Everett Tolley

Great place great food

paula mclain

My husband stopped by zaxbys on the way home and got 2 Cobb zalads which would have been Great but Montayia didn’t do her job so we had no dressing. Have you ever tried to eat a salad with no dressing. So we end up throwing away $18.00. Oh and don’t bother calling them because the GM Alex well he’s a lost cause too. Save your money and drive on past zaxbys. Oh and they don’t have their famous milkshakes anymore either. Done with zaxbys.

Lucas Walker


Tara Roberson

Prices a little high but good food, good service

lisa hutson-jimenez

Food was delicious, service was awesome...

Avery Hardy

Chicken! Chicken! Chicken! Gosh I love it all. The Cobb salad is very satisfying. Zaxby's is better then Cane's!!! I hope i get something free zaxby's!!! Whoo whoooo!!!

Mark Monterroso

Still not sold on the place...

Cory Williams

By far the worst quality boneless wings I have ever had. There was almost zero chicken in the breading. Your store ruined my family's dinner. You are a CHICKEN "restaurant", have a little self respect. Maybe call BWWs and get some pointers on chicken. Never hurts to ask pros.

Christie Williams

Always great food and really nice workers. Clean and quiet

Ryan Brunet

This particular location was disappointing food wise. Better fried chicken nearby.

Karen Montgomery


Joe Monroe

Have visited this location numerous times but today will be the last. I sat at the drive thru window for 13 minutes....then ask the young girl working the window (who was obviously frustrated with the kitchen staff) if I could just get my money back...which she did. The issue I had is when I called to co.plain to the manager she advised me that they were short staffed and didn't have time and if I wanted to complain to call the 800 number which I was more than happy to after the manager hung up on me while I was talking. Food and service have always been good before but I have zero tolerance for directing customers and lack of the understanding of what customer service is.

Jacob Landfield

Zaxbys is very consistent. The staff here is veer good as well.

Jessie Walczyk

Best chicken in the continental United States

Bud Sorey

Good chicken strips, good Wings, fast service.

Wzzam Beast

I just do they fries an zax sauce nothing intertwine me at this boring Applebees/Raising Canes

Drew Candela

Seems like a pretty standard Zaxbys. It's great if you want fast food, but not dregs quality food.

sixty6 miles

Awesome food had the black and blue salad and it was huge. Very fast service and helpful staff.

Keira Cecilia

My first time eating at a Zaxby's. Salads are huge and really good! I wish they gave a little more dressing; which the dressing just comes in packets (it's not made in-store). Staff was friendly professional and great. We ate inside and it was well-kept and clean.

Ariel Frank

Love the salads!

curtis greenlee

Clean environment. Pleasant people

Jeana Sanders

They have the best grilled chicken house salad.

Tony Teeters

Food is great, but they are always out of condiments and their kids on their drunk cups never fit.

Scott Grice

This place is convenient for us so we go quite often and typically enjoy the food. Recently we got food poisoning as well as three other people all on the same night so we won't be back. I will say they had great hot sauces of which I'm a fan but I can't go back after my family getting as sick as they were.

Natalie Bullard

Love love love Zaxby's!!! The Bleu Salad is fantastic!

Samuel Lewis

A different taste if you enjoy eat chicken.

Gabriel Mejicanos

Good food nice people

Abby Davis


Love the chicken, yummy and buttery, although if you want any sauce besides their signature sauce they charge you for it.

Jacob Boney

Vicky Sparks

Alright for chicken strips...pretty expensive.. I personally don't think the price equals the quality.

Todd Blackburn

As always, it was delicious! Zaxby's has the greatest grilled chicken sandwich of all time! Why are you still reading this? Go get some. Now! And get some for me too, please?

Chris Mcvicar

This one is really slow and seems like the employees don’t know what’s going on. It took 10mins to get a sandwich.

bryan newell

Chris Vann

This place is the best chicken ever. Period forget that one love place


Good Food

Tracey Dillon

Very good

Elden Robison IV

Zaxby's is proof that heaven exists

charles rose

Vickie Elliott

Great service and good food. Nice to have something different.


Love this place. The homemade tater chips are fabulous.

Carla S.

Food was great!

Jason McGee

Great food!

Shannyn Revere

Restaurant is clean and organized. Food was very good and fresh and the service was quick and polite. For Fast Food....I really like this place.

Mr.D Woodz

Love the fresh hot fries w/seasonings. Take a lil time for food to be prepared,because it is going to be fresh. They have the big soda mixer of all different flavors and brands.

Crystal Francis

The food was great and the workers were really nice we were just irritated because our order got messed up and when we came in we went through the side door with my husband and our 1 year old. Looked around the inside of the place and asked if this location had high chairs so that we can sit our daughter down to eat. The manager glanced and said their location didnt have high chairs. Thought that was weird but didnt press. We just ate passing our daughter back and forth. When we went to leave we left out the main door we saw all the high chaors in that entryway. Wish the manager would have known his own location had high chaors because that would have been nice.

David Sr. Dean

Better than Canes. Signed "NOT a CANIAC"

Justin Greene

Great place to get Chicken and Chicken Wings.


Food great workers great

S Jason Frost

They're still over cooking the chicken

Shanice Emerson

Love the fresh hot food

Rodrigo Munoz Larios

Very bad service, they forgot my order, I wait 45 minutes and there where only 3 tables.

Dan Bohlen

(Translated by Google) one (Original) um

carmen bolden

Adrienne Williams

The Banana Pudding shake is amazing

Benson Davenport

Food was Lukewarm and the chicken tenders were dry, fries soggy it wasn't freshly prepared at all I'm saving my receipt so I can speak with the manager on tomorrow spending $30 plus dollars I expected better than that next time I'll drive the extra mile to Cane's

Joshua Doss

I literally walked out of this place because it was almost 100° in that damn place.

Darcus Daggs

Food served hot. Wait time was a little over 10 minutes but I was pleased with the quality. I got the number 5 chicken was fresh and juicy! I will return.

Adam Sams

Fast and Delicious chicken fingers and more. I like it better than Cain's.

Opal Fields

The service was horrible chicken tenders was cold and nasty staff was racist

Roger Galindo

Love there chicken fingers and lemonade and employees are extremely friendly to there customers awesome

Moses Ware

Good eats

James heath

Fried mushrooms the best thing on the menu... Chicken sandwiches and wings are average at best, went through the drive thru and took forever, had us pull to the side and said because of their new chicken sandwiches was the reason it took so long and those sandwiches came out looking and tasting like they were under a heat lamp for a couple hours.... Won't be visiting this location anytime soon, other locations across the country we've enjoyed Z quite a bit

Cammie Lukow

This is the first Zaxbys in which my family and I have ever been. It was delicious! The cashier was so friendly and sweet, the place was clean, and the food was amazing! We will definitely be back!

Robbie Malone

Very good but expensive.

Iris Elizabeth Torres

Awesome love it food is great me and my family go every Sunday after church

Ms. Monica

Food is always great!!

Bryan Burt

Very good food.

Sean House

Really good dipping sauce for the chicken strips and very affordable.

Todd Day

Service was terrible, food was ok, would not go back or refer anyone

Anthony Bowers

Food was pretty good. It take a long time to get my food.

Anne Willis

Zaxbys makes my mouth water when I drive by this fine establishment, whether or not I am hungry! The chicken is high quality, the breading is light and crispy, and the sauce is amazing!! We like to get the ten-piece chicken fingers with extra sauce ;) If you like chicken you will love Zaxbys!!

Joseph Guess

Had good cob cob salad

Bobbi Bennett

It was the BOMB!! As always!

W Wal

Kaitlyn C

Yummy place to eat at they have pretty good chicken and fries.

Angie Rucker

Love the chicken salad sandwich! The best ever every single time. The chicken tenders and salads are above par, also. Friendly staff and clean restaurant.

Matthew Wood

Very clean service was nice

Keely Wolfe

My kids and I are some chicken lovers that why we love zaxby's ....and u can't forget the zaxby's sauce too !!!!

Emily Harris

I would rather have Raising Canes for the price and quality.

Lisa Vines

Shar m

Bryan Standifer

4-5 they dont have shakes anymore

Sam Johnston

Sir Joshua Kates

Good place on this side of town.

John Harris

Donna Smith

Alot for the money

Alisa cable

It was ok but the chicken was over cooked

joshua rhines

First eating there and now a permanent customer

jeremy walker

Not nearly as good as cains

Kim Hamblin

Love the cheese curds.

Cass !!

I love Zaxbys, but my card only works through debit. So it got declined, i didn't know at the time that, that was the reason. The manger that took my order wasn't helpful and didn't try to understand or fix anything.

Marisol Velasquez

It was good and deilous

Rolando Torres

Excellent environment. Very clean restrooms. Wait time was longer than expected. Do not order boneless. Traditional is the way to go. If you order boneless, you will get the smallest pieces of chicken imaginable. Salads are very premium. Toast is very well cooked. Chicken is really well seasoned. Best french fries I've had in a very long time. Will definitely return.

Meg Harris


Nicholas mcgee

Food was terrible and way to expensive chicken strips were gross boneless chicken wings were tiny and the inferno sauce tasted terrible and was not hot . drink machine was out of everything .

Loretta Eldridge

Their salads Are Awesome!

Rachel n Daddy R

Good service, clean, and food quality was good

Aisha Ha

Absolutely wonderful experience and very friendly crew

Ben May

That sweet tea though!!

Kerry Bruner

Small proportions of chicken. Not to fresh

Susan Riley

Great food. Very fresh. Helpful, pleasant crew.

Felisha Holman

My chicken fingers was fried to hard

Courtney Lanaux

Food was great. Staff is so helpful and management goes above and beyond. They definitely give Chick Fil A a run for their money in customer service. Disgruntled employees have made some bad comments after being phased out because they couldn't cut it below I see, but this place has so much variety and flavor. Can't wait for the new one in Gonzales to open!!!!

Lawana Martin

Try the buffalo chicken dip and taters!

mattchs2001 .

Sharion Kelly

Great place to eat.

John McDowell

It's ok. The wings are not anything to write home about and the same goes for the tenders.

Andy Robison

J Wood

This was my first time eating at Zaxby's and I enjoyed the food and the staff was great! I would say that they have a very diverse menu so there's something for everyone in the family.

paris martin

Chicken was good but we waited over 30 minutes for our chicken wings. Originally we were told it would be 15 minutes because they did not have 20 pieces. Once we got the chicken one orlf our boxes was short.

Dacia Ruffin

I honestly wasn't impressed with zaxby's. Raising Cane's was right across the street and that's where I should've gone. First, the menu prices didn't reflect what I was charged, then I get food home, the bread was hard as a rock. I couldn't even eat it. The chicken felt a little undercooked but passable. Fries were seasoned but didn't really taste seasoned. As a first impression, I regret not going to Cane's. The brownie was the only thing that swayed me in zaxby's direction now I'm afraid to eat it as I don't want to be disappointed by a brownie.

James McWhirter

They get the order wrong very often.

Debisree Ray

Wings are good.

Ryon Hays

Great staff. Quick service. Amazing food. Wife and i ordered the cobb salad. Best salad i have had at a restaurant in years. Including much more expensive places. Great value. Super clean.

Loretta Hurts

It was awesome and the food was great

Jo Hobbs

Good food friendly faces

Lisa Wagner

Expensive...But worth it

Jordan Finane

Great twist on common meals and awesome sauce!

Connie Kesler

Awsome food but service is stupid slow

Ms Str8 Flexible Nance

It was amazing.. fast and friendly.. I even got my food for free .. I have the card after your seventh punch on the card.. your 8th meal is free

Frederica Ausbrooks

Zaxby's is okay. Just hope they get avacado ranch dressing.

Trace Vining

Multiple cases of food poisoning from myself and family and friends. Do not recommend

Miss LadyK

Try the chicken fingers with the zax sauce it's the best thing ever

Joshua Bader

James David

Food is served hot and you get it fast. Fries are very delicious too. They put a special seasonings on them. Staff are always very friendly. My go to place for chicken tenders and fries

Nichole Clegg

Yummmy Chickens!!!

Ronald Hill

Good service


Always awesome and clean!

Mrshall Davis

Always great food with good service.

Phil Stout

There food is great and fresh i always get the Cajun chicken sandwich and substitute the fries for side salad the original sauce is awesome my wife ge just a chicken breast a salad and a side of coleslaw we normally spend about $15.00 and we eat there at least 3 times a week

Lisa Dorsey

Love the kick in chicken

S. Cole

Ther food is good. The service is fast and friend. But on my last visit I was informed the side posta is no longer available and they were out of coleslaw.

Wesley White

Good food and drink machine, busy place

Beth Tharp

Always fast & people are friendly. Food is always great!

George Faust

Good food and selection

Mitch Patrick

Delicious cuisine, cozy atmosphere

Billy Mack jr

Christy Kennedy

It's. Okay. Too overpriced, snotty acting cashiers, and it takes forever to get your ffffood

Gerline Gibson

Customer service was great

Chrissie H

I love Zaxby'! Everything I get is awesome! But, my favorite is the chicken fingers with onion rings on the side. Yummy

Paul Carty

Very clean .Staff is very friendly and good was hot and fast

Falcon Saunders68

Great food, friendly service, affordable prices for such a good quality of fast food!

Christopher Smith

Good food and fast service.

Jennifer Nigh

Cindy Glanton

Love the wings and things. Clean and friendly service

Rodolfo Ramirez

Fast service.

jennifer gain

God love that food

Jacob Mccarty


Blake Shealy

Tonya Wingard

Fast courteous service.

Chris Jones

Good chicken

Zach B

Love the spicy options. Wish they had these up north.

Lorie Kirby

Never got a response from gm

Brittany Blankenship

Food was amazing but took 25 minutes to receive. We missed church because of our wait.

Jessica Weed

Food was good but the floor was very sticky

Joshua Copeland

The Zaxby's in leesville is delicious

James Guy

Trinati Gang

Trina gantt-lites

Brandon Roof

One of the best zaxbys I've been to.

Carl Clary

Good Stuff

J Smitty, Spiritualjedi

I love zaxby's. Consistently good, wonderful tea, always friendly staff. Can't go wrong with zaxby's. Zalads, fingers, sandwiches, fries, and now the fried white cheddar bites, which are out of this world good. My only complaint with zaxby's is they come out with this wonderful food, get you hooked on it, then take it away. Example: bourbon glaze chicken sandwich. I used to get the founders and have them roll then in the glaze. It was heaven. Then one day, they no longer had that sandwich and no longer had the glaze. I was so sad. But, what they do have is wonderful.

Lorena Ruiz

(Translated by Google) I love (Original) Me encanta

Danny Wright

Flipping kicking chicken sandwich is the best

anthony allen

Love it


Chicken was dry, flavorless, and stringy. Person that took our order had a script and wouldn't let us get a word in to explain or ask a question, though she was nice. Zax sauce was not impressive. Fries seasoning not either. Overall not worth the $22 for two meals. Have had better at other known chicken places such as the one across from their establishment

Pamela Branch

Always love Zaxby salads

MISSY hicks

Really neat

Anthony Brooks

Friendly service and great chicken wings.


mille quintero

Good food

Matthew Perkins

The food was great, but the the young man at the register had only been there about 5 days. He explained this to me the second time I went to the register to get our 5 person order corrected. They were very eager to make it right, free of charge, just wish he would have had someone watching him to avoid the mistakes. All in all, it was a decent experience with good food, will definitely stop by again next time we're in town.

Laura Turner

Good size plates for the price so affordable and fast service

Thomas Mellow

A bit pricey for fast food but great wings and sauces if you like them.

Angela Rusche

It look like it had pretty good salad selectio, they were big & maybe worth the money. The main platters or dishes was not worth $10. I had some boneless chicken wings and some chicken strips. They just went across the street to Walmart and got them out of the freezer section and made for their customers

Luke Lucas Lee Levi

Horrific Been waiting to try it. Got the wings/things. All I could taste was the sauce. Tenders were cold. Toast was burnt. The team could definitely use some coaching on serving hot food. Have to be starving to come back. $ 10.94 WASTED........

Michael Shane Tarrant

Love their mushrooms and cheese curds, worst service I have ever gotten there was lukewarm fries with the rest of the food still remaining high quality.

Black Cezar

Great food...clean...welcoming

Robby Herrin

To me, it is hit and miss. Sometimes it is good, sometimes you chicken that has sat there for awhile. Sometimes you get the coleslaw that comes with the plate (which is really good), sometimes they leave it off for no apparent reason.

Dora Williams

Service was great. ZaxSalad was awesome (chef salad).

Cody Decoteau

The food is good but the staff just does a poor job.

Dana Hammons

My first time here and gotta say I liked it. Price was ok, but you do get ample portions. Give it a try

Gary Sizemore

There chicken is out of this world!!

Martin Boldizar

Nice staff

Carl Smith

Pretty run-of-the-mill menu. OK for lunch but my least favorite fries.

Robert Villar

Always fast and friendly.

Kaleb Graham

Can never have a bad Zaxby's experience. Love this place.

Franklin Garcia Victor

Food is great

Ariel Nachtigal

Quick, good chicken strips and zalads. Good value for families!

Phamus Klown

Probably better to go early in the day. Usually very good.

Chris Maloy

My fist visit to Zaxby's. It was hyped by my brother and it mostly held up. Food probably would have been much better if I had been able to eat it sooner.

Leanna Weed

Food was made wrong 3 times and they had an additude

Dorothy Brown

Wonderful everyone was real friendly

Robbie Russell


Ryan N

Great service and food

Cindy Smith

Good salads and fast service.


Food was great nice and hot only took 27 minutes to get it

Jennifer Leonard

Not great service.

Eddie Mae Wilkerson

Quick service, knowledgeable staff and fresh tasty chicken. Can't really beat that.

Elizabeth O'Quinn

Originally from Georgetown. Visiting from out of state for the weekend. Food was good! We ordered a grilled chicken salad. It was a large portion, fresh and delicious. It was my first visit. I would go back.

Juan Mayorga


Rudi Pennington

First time here ever, and it was great! I actually prefer Cane's chicken fingers to these, but I really like the wings and sauce. Definitely will be coming back.

Janice Washington

Great food

Nic Garon

Already overrun with black women working the drive through!! Already slow! Is this turning into Popeyes already ?

Janice Manning

Andrew Duback

Finga lickin good


Horrible customer service, managers have no business being managers. I used to love Zaxby’s but will not spend another penny here until I hear about a improvement in customer service.

Caprice Thompson

I am currently in Zaxby's and asked for a refund. My tenders look burnt so I asked for my tenders to be returned and in return I got tenders that looked old. I love Zaxby's but today's experience was so unpleasant.

Sean Drennan

It's not Canes.

cecilia crocker

Great food, and fast service!

Sebastian Pettie

Your meal doesn't come with a drink. That should be enough said right there

Marva Marva

Always good and friendly

Don Cornelius

Great salads and sandwiches

James Kelley

Very slow service if your on lunch break with limited time don't go here , but the food is good if you have time to wait

oih82w8 .

First time experience was a pleasant one. A return visit is very likely.

Tom Shelton

I was really expressed with the quality of chicken tenders. The Zak sauce is good. Staff was some of the most friendly and helpful people in the area. Overall very good. Nice and clean. I will definitely be back.

Trevonda Moore

The best

Bobby Clements

Always good

Brandy Jarrell

David Muench

I’ve had their food a couple of times, not too bad. The packaged sauce is reminiscent of Raising Canes’ flavor, although they do have a variety of flavors. This time I ordered the 4-piece chicken strip meal. The chicken was hot and cooked well. Crinkle-cut fries were hot and crispy. Cole slaw was chopped thicker than I’m accustomed to; the flavor similar to KFC. The Texas Toast was toasted great on one side, not toasted on the other. They lost a star due to the fact that they were out of the standard non-diet soda (Coke products, btw). It didn’t affect me, as I drink diet soda. My wife and daughter, however, weren’t as forgiving. Management needs to work better at inventory.

Avyance Clark

Very nice establishment with polite and friendly staff. As soon as you enter the smell of delicious food puts in a good mood.

Scottie Sam

Many varieties onion rings the best

Bobby Calabrese

May have been the time of day (12:30) but the food was really hot and fresh. Better than the Tupelo location.

Cristen Kent

Awesome fresh food

Angela Edwards

Short wait. Good food.

James Cecil

Very very good food.

Amellia Bradley

Amazing salad!

Barbara Laws

I'm not really thrilled about the place and cost of the food is high.

Larry White

The food was hot, the problem was how I received my food. Not only was I told to pull up to wait on my order, I was the only person at the drive window and I had just made my order. The window worker told me it would only take 5minutes they have to make fresh wings. I said okay, 10minutes later the worker brings my food and walks off. After looking in the bag I noticed my dipping sauce was missing. So I checked my order to make sure it was right, upon opening my order I found my dipping sauce covered with wing sauce. It was thrown in with my food. At this point I just threw the order away. The food was hot but also cross contaminated with sauce packets that where probably handle without gloves.

David Houston

Good food. Good service

Jack Daniel

Zaxby's has great food in large portions for a better price than most chicken restaurants. They also give you your food on plate, with fresh rolls or Texas toast. The chicken salad sandwich is also quite delicious. I recommend zaxby's over other choices nearby like golden chick (which is halal food, meaning the animals are tortured and brutally killed) .

T-Roy Wirewing

Tried for the first time. Strips meal. Just go to cain's. plain unseasoned chicken strips in flower the size of a nugget, not a strip. Zax sauce tastes like mayo, pepper and nothing else. Fries had no salt. The slaw was basically mayo lettuce and nothing else. And the toast was exactly that, like wonder bread right out of the toaster with nothing on it. I don't get how this place keeps its doors open. I guess its a better choice if you have a heart condition and have to avoid seasoning.

Angela Fairchild

Great food!

kd charles

Their chicken sandwich is one of the best grilled chicken sandwichs out there and they also provide a wide variety of salads, desserts and beverage options too.

Nurith Weitz


whel rounded

I love the service at the Gonzales and Airline. They are professional even if there is something wrong with your order. I went in and there was food missing from my order. The staff was still professional and offered additional food to compensate me for my time. The food is always good. Make sure to get a little jerk sauce with your tenders.

Michael Mueller

Horrible experience overall. I had a lunch order called in for pick up at 11:15 AM. When I arrived there was only one person working the counter and three people in front of me. We waited for 5 to 10 minutes for one lady to come over and take the first two orders, and then walk off. As I waited she then came over to take my order I let her know that I needed to pick up my called in order. Each order was rung up individually And I was told that they could not be combined. They didn’t take down the drink orders for each individual And couldn’t remember what drinks were called in… and there was no ice in the machine. So after 40 minutes of dealing with this, I was late for the lunch and drinkless.

James Bethea

Loved it . I just wish there was a zaxbys near me

chris waller

All I can say is I love zaxbys

Paul Hancock

Loved it

Dennis Joy

Always a great meal. Only I tend to eat to

Ender .

Jon Boyles

We love zaxbys!!!

Matthew McArthur

Clean dining room and friendly staff....BUT HOW DO YOU OPERATE WITHOUT A WORKING SINK IN THE BATHROOM?!?

Johnny Leech

Good chicken strips and the sauce is almost on point. Fries are hard to beat in the city

Natural SoulSista

Was served old chicken tenders and this was during lunch hour.



Anthony Rice

Great food and options.

Jessie Richardson

I went through the drive-thru. I didn't receive any napkins and I have grease all over my hands. The fries didn't have enough seasoning so I had to ask for some extra Tony's salt. They only give you one dipping sauce for a 6-piece strip so you have to buy an extra sauce. The chicken was bland compared to other Zaxby's in other states that I've been to and the other states do not charge for the extra sauce. Came back again, was asked if I wanted coleslaw or extra fries. I said extra fries. They just basically left off the coleslaw.


Stop in on our way to Red River Gorge, the food was very good staff was very young but had excellent manners and were very friendly. Plenty of room to park as we were pulling a trailer. Only complaint is the building is hard to see from the road we passed it once then barely seen it coming the opposite directing due to trees out front and lack of signage. Would recommend!

zorin79 .

I could buy everything At Sam's and charge less and still make a profit on this poor excuse of a fast eatery. U are not missing anything at all!

Ramiro Tena

Food not so good chicken taste like it came from the frozen aisle.

Bryan Knox, Child of God

I like it.


ya.boi.requis 1209

Some of the best chicken even better than canes has a good sauce, nice warm chicken, and amazing fries and toast

Chad Hughes

1st time eating there. Went through drive threw 940 ish ordered 2 grilled chicken sandwiche combos. Asked for extra mayo received little the chicken was very dry on both even though I was pulled forward so they could make fresh they said. Fries appeared to have been cooked in very old grease and tasted the same. Also ordered 10 traditional wings were also very dry. I'm guessing the end of night is not the time to eat at this restaurant.

becki d

Maze Labyrinth

The only thing preventing me from giving this 4 stars or even 5 is one particular trip to this Zaxbies. I ordered 20 boneless wings BBQ and 10 Original. When I received my order it was reversed. Not a big deal, this was the first time an order from here was incorrect. The problem began when I voiced my complaint to the worker, and told them my order was wrong. She proceeded to take the reciept, hold it out the window and pretentiously tap it with her finger while saying "It says-" at which point I cut her off, perhaps more irritate than I should have been and said "I'm damn well aware of what it says, that still doesn't change my order" A word of advice to anyone who works in fast food. If a customer tells you their order is wrong, do not attempt to use the receipt as evidence against their claim. Just fix the damn order. What's more annoying? The price would have been exactly the same, regardless of how the order got swapped.

Stacy Barr

This place is okay sometimes it's great and other time just so so.

Jose Solorzano

Anytime I'm working near the Gonzales area, I always make it a point to visit this Zaxbys to try out something different besides Raising Cane's. The staff is very friendly and nice, however I've had one or two instances where I found the chicken wasn't always as hot and fresh as I would have expected to be.

Breanna Beckley

Nathan King

Great food. Great service. Will visit again.

blake chase

Best chicken ever!!!

Martha Garrett

Former employee. I love the food and always have but quit due to personal issues. I went in tonight and had a very large order, and asked for some assistance to carry things to my car. The manager, MIKE, looked at me, rolled his eyes, and said NO. I asked why and he said they were busy.. There weren't any cars in the drive thru. The 2 employees Jasmine and Drew offered to help and he shook his head and said whatever. If this is how you treat people who used to work FOR YOU, he must've forgot I bring in business as well. But Zaxby's lost it all from myself, family, and friends. My worst experience at any restaurant in a while. Would've been better at McDonalds.

Winning Winning

3rd time a mistake. This time zero dressing with my salad .Wow. Never ever going back. I almost expect mistakes around here .But 3 in a row now. And place was so empty. Sad .

William ONeill

Fast and good

Snow Mishibari

Food is really good BUT it is 1,300+ calories for most of their food and that is just where it starts. I wish they would have thought about how bad the food is for you and offer lower calorie burgers or options. Their salads are not even good for you, so I do not recommend going here is you are watching your blood pressure, calorie intake or are on any sort of diet limitation.


Love their chicken and salads. Friendly staff

Anastasia Byrd

Great location. friendly staff, plenty of seating. Has a tv to watch sports.

Revia Wilson

Their food is awesome and I enjoy it every time. The food is also make fresh to order so there is a bit if a wait, 5 minutes at least... But I prefer fresh food over food that's been sitting.

blazer81 spears

Nothing special. Just another chicken joint

Sandra Bernardo

Delicious! Very clean! I really love zaxbys I wish they had one in New Orleans!! I come from the home of zaxbys in statesboro, Ga. This zax is very new, the staff could be a little more welcoming and excited but what are you going to do? It's fast food. Only real complaint is that there is too much zax sauce on the nibblers.

Yolanda Thompson

Great place!!

Willie Gee

So so.

Donnasfocus .

This place is great for chicken lovers! The chicken is tender and juicy. The chips with buffalo dip is pretty amazing. My TLC sandwich could use more lettuce and a slice of tomato and more sauce but still it was delicious. The bathroom was clean and well stocked. The whole place was clean and it was in the evening. The cashier was pleasant and very helpful when asking her about menu items. Love the coke machine! Any flavor you wanted as well as water. We will be back

steve Love


Brian Bonds

Gene Branch

This place is a Chipotle-like illness outbreak in the making. Staff is poorly trained on basic food safety. Yesterday one of the team members blew his nose while wearing food service gloves and immediately returned to serving food -- without washing his hands AND WITHOUT CHANGING HIS GLOVES!! Not as bad but indicative of the failure of management to properly train employees: upon being called on this despicable conduct, he made a sarcastic, dramatic display of removing the soiled gloves, as if in defiance of a customer daring to call out such foul conduct. Before eating here, imagine what employees will do out of sight of customers if they do this in front of them.

W Joshua Burum

Food isn't bad. Prefer Raisin Canes

Katherine Meyer

Always fast and friendly. Also very reasonable prices

John Taylor


Jay Brown

Very friendly service and pretty decent chicken. A little pricey, maybe.

Ashley Mills

Salads so good

anthony thomas

Zax sauce is recommended with the chicken fingers, any other sauce is just flatout disrespectful to the chicken. The service was patient with me and helped me pick what I want. The sprite was a little watered down, but I'm sure that changing the filter would solve the issue.

Emily Henderson

We stopped here on our way to Shreveport and the chicken was fresh and delicious! We loved their Zaxby sauce and we thought it was a good price for the amount of chicken we got. We will definitely recommend.

Peggy Edwards

Love there food.

Janell Schroeder

Very friendly staff, good food!! Very clean restaurant

Monique Logan

Great food

Michelle Bushey

If you like wings and chicken fingers this is the place!

Tyrone Orr

Cobb salad is the best.

Adam Wansley

Always quick for the quality of food provided. Can't beat those chicken fingers or spicy fried mushrooms. Mmmmm.

james davis

Gr8 food and service

katie Sisemore


Angelique Buckhalter

I llllooooooovvvvveeeee eating here

ted poydras

Soggy wings Better in zachary

John McClain

Getting my grub on

Keith Sampson

1 star cause it didnt have a 0 star option. 20 min. to get a grilled chicken salad. Will never come back to this location.

Brittney Carter

Would give 5 stars but was inside the restaurant was freezing cold. But the food was spectacular.

Matthew Hearne

Drunk choice unavailable; too hot in there.

Bill Caldwell

4 tender plate tossed in tongue torch sauce is my favorite. The slaw is the best i have ever had.

Katie Bell

Nick Nassar

Staff was very friendly, food tasted great fries were a little thick for me but still good. It's was unbelievably clean. I can't speak for all zaxby's but this one is great.

Bronson Duncan

Here's we supposed to get your chicken from when I was in Alabama this is one of the chicken houses I always like eating at it's good stuff yeah I know it's about time that you got it made

happy vibes

Food was great I recommend the boneless teriyaki chicken wings

Neal Griffin

David Schleyer

Mason Shealy

Good food

Kay Oswald

I got the cob salad. It was delicious! They give you a lot for your money. I always use the drive thru here, and I've never had a bad experience. I highly recommend Zaxby's of Batesburg, SC!

Perry Williamson

Great service. Love the food.

Samantha Anderson

I love the wings and things with the onion rings..

Mariauhh7, Osuna

Delicious food.

Kimberly Newton

Always good hot food!

Joanne Cromer

Delicious food, nice employees

Masson Schumpert

Patricia Dobbs

Good clean place to eat

Trissa Jones

Angiee Holley

Love the insane chicken tenders

Ashlee Bledsoe


Good food and a great atmosphere for a fast food place

Michael Keisler

Service was ok. Food was overcooked.

legit luna

I love the kickin chicken

Joann Barr


Alfredo Sierra

Love the

Cynthia Rinehart

Friendly and good food

Karen Bryant

Great food I love there salads!!

Jessie salters

Awesome food!

Tina Hunter

Audrey H

Nick Oliver

Food is always hot. They fry your food to order which is always nice but creates longer wait times.

xavier colleu

Waited 40 minutes to get our food..... Is that considered fast food? I don't think so! First and last here!

Magaly Iglesia

curtis cameron

What is wrong with the chicken tenders!! Last two times I came here the chicken tenders are tough!! Like it's not a good quality......I just ate everything else and throwed the tenders away because I couldn't eat them!! Won't be coming back!

William Edwards

Good food

Todd Robinson

Good food. Friendly staff. Comfortable atmosphere. A bit pricey.

Stephen Scott

Tami Hartley Spencer

Pretty good for the most part.

Daisy King

Red Neck aviation

Nice place to eat. Very nice people,in a clean family environment


Great food, glad they finally came to OKC, poor service. This could be the slowest "fast food" in town. Always irritated after waiting 20+ mins at the drive thru to find 5 employees having social hour behind the counter. This happens often, I visit 3-4 times a week, when I have time to kill and want good food.

Gary Clemons

Good french fries.

Steve Walker

Great chicken.

Lori Thompson

Better service this time, I placed an online order went in to pick it up, they said it would be another 5 minutes on the egg rolls. I waited and received extra chicken on the salad for my wait. Was not expected, but appreciated. I would order online again, after walking in and waiting I still got served quicker.

Katie Young

Food was great but need to keep table ckezn

Timothy Crawford

Friendly staff

Julissa_ Cookie

Bruce Docter

Tonya Randle

I like spicy food

Susan Fisher

Rowdy Johnson

Loved it great chicken and very nice people working there. Very good place to have lunch

Cornelius Thomas

Keith OGara

Stopped by on a Saturday at 11:30. Not busy at all inside. Waited 21 minutes for food. The food was hot and OK. Order of fries was small for price. Wouldnt recommend if you are in a hurry. OK other than that.

Lakisha Cistrunk

Good service

Assata Averett

Robby Johnson

Good food and good service.

John Kassan

Great customer service and friendly atmosphere, however the fries were a little salt and the wings were over sauced

Gene McDonald

Went here probably 20 times during my 4 years of college, and they only got my order wrong once. Great food and great service

Chris White

Really good ceasar salad for a fast food restaurant.

Rodrigo Reyes

The food here was cold. It must be the sauce they use but it wasn't worth it.

Chelsea Eaves

Best house salad "Zalad" ever!

reaina robinson

Chicken is okay, but the toast is horrible and fries are always cold and under cooked.

Justin Baughman

Best place to eat

Kmarie Temple

Cold food!

Patrick Havard

Such a variety of things to choose from and good food

Reese Bowen

Great food all the time on time.

Leslie Houvenagle

They were not busy and it took a long time to get food. The chicken and Texas toast were cold.

Nick Thebeau

Loved it

Stacey Fryman

Very friendly staff! Cara was a great order taker. The sensation sandwich was amazing, thanks to Cedric an amazing cook

Rachael S

Great food and friendly service

Timothy Jenkins

The Kikn Chkn sandwiches here rock!!

Ricky Hendrix

There food is good , but they are really slow at making the food & bringing it out. That’s why i rarely come here. They need faster people working here. They’re also very very rude and seem like they hate there job , And the customers!

rachel kent


Kelli Burt

Great food!

Andrea Doerr

Super friendly staff

Cory Lambert

I didn't get my coleslaw...I did get it to go, but I live .5 miles a way. The fries were cold, the mushrooms were old and mushy....should have went to Raising Canes!

Jason Mouton

Pretty good as usual but always a bit slow.

Truong Le

Paid for our food at the drive thru, and gave an extra $20 by accident. Kierra handed it back to me a minute after letting me know. That service alone deserves a 5 star review.

Dawn Hoot

Great food good priced for the amount

Beau Williams

Sucked. Sauce was cloying and wings were cold.

Trina Travis

Decent food

Landen Larry

Callie Grant

The Blue, grilled, blackened with vinaigrette dressing! OMG! Yum


Great Cajun chicken sandwich..

James Novak

We need one of these near cincinnati

Jackie Capers

Great place to eat at good food

Nelson Munts

Food was good nice and hot but the lady at the drive thru seemed in a bad mood way she acted and not friendly at all more like my business bothered her no thank you or nothing maybe just a bad day for her but food was good.

Russell Parrish

Good food but had to wait 15 minutes for the food its fast food.

Randy Bradley

They do chicken right. Sweet tea is perfect. You can order chicken fingers from mild to volcano hot. Great for a family get together.

Randy Knight

Not bad.... I'd recommend the do something to distinguish themselves from Cains.



jj bullsack

Found a bug in my food after coming back to get a return order

Dal'ris Hardin

Common...its Zaxby's. Never a bad word.

Ian Haneline

Update: Got the blue zalad this time and it came out in a timely manner. The zalads are top notch! Old review: Took exactly 20 minutes to get my zalad from the order time shown on the receipt. The other three guys I was with had finished eating theirs by the time I got mine. Zalad was pretty good, though.

Jeremy Snow

Worst fast food place I have ever been to food cold and old.

MississippiBest- MaleTwerker

joey antonio

Took my girl there, she had never been to a zaxbys (ik how sad) she the whole meal backwards like a degenerate anddd i gotta say i think i like zaxbys more than her

MattieJ Vs the World

Not knowing my cup was broke I spilled it all over me and my truck. You can’t tell me they didn’t notice it.

Jayden Miller

Good food but the dining area is always dirty. Come on management. You can do better.

Jonathan Flint

Similar to Canes with one exception. The toast was cold and hard. I have never had a bad piece of toast at Canes. May seem like a small thing, but I know people who go to Canes just because of the toast.

Marilyn Hampton

Got to have my chicken strips

mecalette landry

Freshly done but extra light on the fries

Melissa Long

I spent 32.00 there and they acted like they could give me no ketchup. Then when I was leaving all the workers were being smart a$$e$. I called corporate on them to let them know. I will just go to Cane's from now on.

Allison Buechman

Always good choices, plenty of food and friendly service.

Pam Collier

Zaxby’s is our go to dinner every Sunday night and my husbands favorite Chicken source.

James Pack

Bought 3 of the 4 piece tender meals tonight, 1/9/2019@7 pm, in drive thru. Got home and chicken was dry and too salty to eat. $25 worth thrown away. Have eaten at other locations in the past with good results. Will most likely not go to Georgetown location again unless management can convince me this was an isolated incident. Hope no other customers get bad chicken like I did. James

RITA F. Brown

Best Chicken place ever

Stephen Kiper

Always a great place to grab a bite!

Justin Rogers

Great place overall

Maricela Castaneda

I personally haven't tried this place I guess I have to

Gloria Mccall

The restaurant had an awful smell almost made me not want to eat there right as you walked through The door. The restaurant wasn't busy but the dining room wasn't very clean as the workers stood around. Then when I ordered the cashier was rude. However, the food was good and hot

Ralf Heckel

Tasty and quick

Faith Foote

Good fast food. Not amazing. Overpriced.

Josh L

Took 20 minutes to get through the drive through with only one person in front of me. They mistook my order for a dozen wings for a half dozen, and I still only got 5 wings and no fork. I will not be returning to this Zaxby's. The food was good, per usual Zaxby's.

Brian Alcorn

Good food

wilmetta holmes

Curtis Gregory

Very little chicken on salad. Coke machine was out of most flavors.

Tom Garrett

Lousy service. Food so so. Havent been back.

ishine youshine


Peter Harris

Good food, love the ability to mix and match strips with wings in one meal.

Jeremiah Nielsen

My favorite chicken place. Better than Canes imo

Kimberly Williams

Good place for lunch

Debra Lavergne

Their PRICES for Chicken Dinners are way too HIGH!!!!!

Lawrence Earl Jr

Great salads as well.

Ann Marie Robinson

Again, the nice sized chicken was cooked and tasted great.

Soniki Williams

Amanda Carr

Fries are seasoned well, salad are full of chicken and according to my son the best fountain drinks compared to other Zaxby’s.

Elissah Bolden

Food was fresh but the building was nasty. Trash cans running over onto the floor. I won't go back to this location.

Nicole Pederson

After waiting 23 minutes for a salad, my number was finally called and the salad was messy in plating! No sorry for the wait or explination by the staff. I sat in a booth close to the drink station. The drink station had a sticky floor all over infront of it! I asked to speak with the store manager Shantelle Price about my experience but heard her yell out to the cashier (Im busy they gone have to wait) after waiting 15 minutes and watching her play around in the kitchen with one of the cooks loud and flirtatiously, I walked away. And to top it all off I stopped by the restroom on my way out and there was no toilet paper in the stall! I will be patronizing Kanes Chicken Fingers instead of Zaxbys!

David Jones

Food was great

Keirra Gardner

I love their salads.. But while in drive thru an employee and manager were talking about me in the window and I overheard them and they kept looking at me during their conversation. Then she gave me my order incomplete. Food great, but needs to work on management and employees..

autumng360 .

So good and the service was great! It's better than normal fast food!

Sylvia Sanchez

Cashier was a little unfriendly and the food was ok

Navin Solomon

kelsey smith

The managnent is very unprofessional toward employees.

Jazzmin Garmendia

Inside the store, is very well kept. The employees are always very helpful and I always have a good time eating there. Food wise: wings are cooked to order and at least for me, they have always came out fresh and hot. best boneless wings. Their insane sauce is actually quite hot but very tasty which is hard when the amount of heat could be overpowering. They’re always busy through the drive thru so I recommend to dine in, the experience is always nice.

Kevin Gray

Good food. Just wait for it

Niluka Sivurupitiya

Zachary Lee

This specific location was a bit of a disappointment. The boneless wings were the size of a quarter with little to no chicken. Chicken tenderz felt a bit underwhelming than normal too. Overall I really enjoy Zaxby's but when the celery is 1/16th of a full piece...something's not right.


Love the food

Who I Am

This Zaxby's is in a great location traffic-wise but you'll have to pay attention or you'll miss it. It is tucked in & doesn't sit directly on the street. The chicken could use a little flavor. This is where the sauce comes in though, I guess. When I went I requested no salt fries & got salted old fries. They were the correct shape but very mushy & salty. I had 4 large fries & 8 small ends of fries in my box. I was disappointed by this because I go for the fries first when they're hot & fresh. The sandwich I got I asked for no sauce or tomato. I got sauce on both pieces of bread & 3 slices of tomatoes. Oh yes, & 1 piece of bacon. Overall, it would have been better if I'd received what I requested. It's a great spot to get something for your kids. It won't upset their tastebuds.

Dana Brooks

Very Good ,tasty& fresh and fast.with good attitude

Joshua McElroy

A local fast-food requirement. Consistent!

Santa Claus

Chicken was so-so. Texas Toast was below average.

Theron Oubre

good food from A-ZAXBY'S

Marie Laveau

Great food otherwise but the chips we're so over seasoned that nobody could eat them.

buddy campbell

It was great the staff and food was awesome Val was so polite and helpful to me and my wife the salad she suggested was perfect

Deana Lewis

Best Chicken EVER!!!

Patricia Henry

Great place for lunch and great price. Satisfied for your buck

Jennie Brewer

I always get a salad here. They always get my order right.

Nathan Bratzler

Angela WraggSpivey

The food here is awesome & the service is amazing

Rashele Shoun

Pretty good food. Love the salads and deserts here!

Kenneth Desselle

Love it

Mary Carlisle

I manage a local resturant and i just went through your drive thru line and the girl who works the drive thru with the red hair has the worst attitude. She ignored us even though she saw us waiting all we wanted was sauce that wasnt in the bag. She didnt need to be so rude to the customer. Awful for your business to have someone like that

Billie Ann Knight

Usually a good place. Today I received my order wrong and the wing sauce tasted as if it was either old or burnt. Hard to describe the taste.

nashtiff nash

Order a fried chicken salad made it all.the home with just a salad without the fried chicken

Jaime Green

Was in today and the management staff is extremely rude! Young lady ordered a lot of food and asked for help to carry it out to her car since they weren't busy. The manager screamed at her and told her NO they were not going to help her. What if that had been my 87 year old mother who needed help? What if it was someone who was disabled and couldn't carrying all of those items alone? If this is how you treat your customers you will not be in business for long! My family and I will never be back again!!! - A Very Disgusted Customer!!

Teena Anne

Didn't think i would enjoy this because I'm not fond of chicken. I was surprised, i really l8ked it. Black & blue salad was delicious. Great place to eat.

Chris D

Too expensive for too little food. If it wasn't for the wife I wouldn't ever go back

Tami Harrell

Had lunch at the Gonzales location, similar to canes, more choices than canes, I had a snack box and chicken was good.

Robyn Cannon

Fingers too salty for me.

Carla Hiler

Our stop,at the Georgetown, KY store on the way to a funeral, the fountain drinks were flat, so they got us new ones from the back. The cashier, when I was standing by my husband, who was ordering, kept staring at me, I was like, why are you looking at me,


Always a good place to eat:)

Vincent Freeman

Food is good and service is fast. They are a bit pricey but comparable to most other upper crust fast food restaurants.

Doug Huchteman

Finally tried them today. At this location getting into the parking lot is half the fun, their access is actually off the parking for the dental office next door, who sold them on this concept I don't know. It's sort of a tough turn for a full size pickup. Our food came quickly. The chicken etc was hot, clean and tasty. I'm not a fan of their regular sauce, bit too spicy but there are other options. Strangely if you want a fork or knife you have to ask at the counter, we only got one for two meals. Had to get in line for another. My only problem with this location was cleaning. Someone had spilt something by the pop machine and they set up a wet floor warning when a couple paper towels and 10 seconds would have cleaned it up. Several pieces of trash were near the spill and 4 different employees,including the manager saw them but didn't take one second to pick them up. This is a training issue but hopefully they'll learn to clean messes as they go. Final vote, it's good but I like Raising Cain's sauce better but this is good fast chicken.

Jeff Cook

Food excellent. Wait for food wayyyyyy too long. Service marginal

Yvette Yvette

Love this place

Angela Mackey

I cannot say enough good about this restaurant. The staff were all very welcoming and helpful. The food gets high scores on everything from taste to presentation. I will definitely be back as often as possible.

Gerald Castille

Quick & Easy

Tony Lawson

Fast and tasty

Reba Davis

sean williams

Great food besides the chicken wings looking like some robin or pigeon wings

Ida Stephens

The second best chicken restaurant in town. Great food and service.

Glenn Gourdon

Super nice staff great food!!

Jaime Dean


Levina Hill

Fast service with a smile.. Great food

Emily Herrington

You always have to wait forever for food! I'm not exaggerating either!! The workers are not considerate that we had to wait 10+ minutes to get 1 meal!!!!

Richard Ford

The food was good. Had to go back to get parts of my order. Very expensive for what you get. Not worth the price. Rude drive through staff. Overall I would skip this place and go to Golden Chick or Raising Canes. Lower pricing better food and better service.

Nate Wilson

Pleasant experience and friendly staff. The restaurant still has issue of sewage smell which was faint during this visit.

Ashley Baughman

Amazing food! Wonderful service!

Lawton Pemberton

Bert York

Love zaxbys

Ralph O'Hair Jr

Good place to eat.

Lisa Pyron

Shelton Green

Service was good, but the place has a dirty feel to it. The tray the food was served in had crumbs left over, doesn't look like it was cleaned from previous guest. The tables looked like they hadn't been wiped down. The drink area had lids and straws laying around. Typically Zaxbys are clean and fast. This one in Gonzales has some work to do.

Matthew Fetters

Would like to start off by saying I am not the easiest person to please ...First time at a Zaxby's and loved it !! Great portions super fresh food that tastes amazing friendly staff !! The wait time was kinda high but it's all good for fresh food pretty sure everything is made to order.. If you have never been to a Zaxby's location do yourself a favor you won't be disappointed

Chris Boley

Good chicken fingers.

Charlie Yeary

Great Products

kelvin ross

1st time & admire every crumb....

taurlach mcclelland

I loved their food, especially the fried mushroom! Good service

Paula Vaske

I like Zaxby's. There aren't any in our area, so I look for them when I travel. This one was a little hard to spot, it is right out on 25 but for us the signs didn't really catch our attention. The service was friendly, reasonably quick. They had a drink machine that made all kinds of fancy drinks. The food was good, the dining area could have a little cleaner. Positive experience, friendly staff.

Rob Montgomery

Always quick and great food for the price.

Sherrylynn Hawkins

Salads here are great! Cashier was fast and friendly.

Dillon Vance

This place has gone down hill since we started coming here about a year ago. They food quality has gotten worse, the drink machine is always out, and the employees seem like they truelly hate their lives. Sucks. Zaxby's as a chain overall is pretty good.

Amy Mccallister

Worst service ever today. Over 20 minutes in drive thru and the order was still wrong

Xaundra Washington

It's Different ... The fries are great... They are kind of slow... I Would come back....

David Trammell

Canes cost just a bit more, but is so much better quality. Fresher fingers, better toast and fries... I don't care who stole whose idea, Canes execution is much better.

Deborah Roberson

Fries too salty

Julie K.

Good food. Clean place. Great soda fountain. Love Zaxby's!

Sheree S

Great customer service

George Hendrix

Usually the service and the food are great here. Tonight we walked in at 9:15 and the girl was cleaning the lobby that was also the cashier. she saw us walked in huffed headed back behind the counter to take her order as she did that she threw the rags she was using on the drink stand. We place our order she ask if it was for here or to go. When I said for here she kind of started slamming everything around and and shove the cups at me. I understand that they close at 10 but this was 45 minutes before they were closed we were out of there by 9:30. Other than that the food was fantastic as always.

Michelle Simmons-Padgett

Chris Rice

Melissa Burno

The service is great .The food is always fresh & hot.

Bridgette Sharpe

Chicken wings were dry and tough.

Randy Bland Bland

Horrible service,,,25 min.wait time. Only one register open with people lined up to the door. Never again.

Shannon D. Grim

Anthony Jones

Men's bathroom soap dispenser and paper towels were empty, self serve tea overflow tray was running over onto the already dirty counter, One napkin dispenser was empty, my toast was hotter than my chicken strip and fries and it was lukewarm at best. Service was terrible, the two patrons in front of me ,their order was wrong and when the counter clerk ask to cook to correct it she could be heard voicing her opinion and it wasn't pleasant. I was there at Sunday Jan 14 at 2.38 pm and it was not crowded. And they want 15 dollars and hour?

Michael Fulmer

Stacy Scoggins

Didn't receive all of my order and was refused a refund

Joshua Sopha

Tony Rockhold

Lucy Sandoval

Felicia Latten

Jamey D.

Kat S

Slower than molasses on a cold winter day (waiting 30 minutes for fast food is insane) Update: they gave us our food 15 minutes after closing and then 10 minutes later shut off the lights in the dinning room. There were at least 15 people around. After a few minutes someone complained and they were forced to turn the lights back on

Hannah Wooten

Good refreshing to hear klove on the radio. Praise and worship the Lord our God. Thank you and God bless you

Teresa Brady

My granddaughter loves this place great chicken fingers

Thomas Morell

Always a good experience, I should ear there more often.

Pam Griffin

Loved it

Kathy Poole

staff very polite, no wait time

Johnny Vega

Cindi Floyd

Cashier acted as tho her life was coming to an end....not once were we greeted, thanked...etc Cook staff took forever. Yet we arrived when nobody was in the restaurant....but still took 15 mins to fix 1 chicken kick'in meal, 1 chicken tender, and a slider combo....which was NASTY!!!....1st trip here in a while and last trip for even a longer while!!!! Cindi Floyd

Harriett Evans

Valerie Mosley

Just WHYYYYYYY Can't I have what I ask for. Something always missing or not right. Lesson check your ish before leaving bc the GM is snobby and she walked away like bc my complaints of their poor services annoyed her.

Brian Shealy

Haylei Noel Price

Jorge Rojas

(Translated by Google) Good restaurant to eat something fast. Highly recommended (Original) Buen restaurante para comer algo rápido. Muy recomendable

CJ Busbee

Best tenders

Phil Mader

Great customer service. sweet tea was good.

mia vargas

Very good food


Place was filthy

James Smith

Patricia Branham

Zaxby's has the best chicken ever! It is also reasonably priced and a drink comes with all meals except the salads. The salads are delicious also and it comes in a large bowl, just about more than you can eat at one time.

toni stone

Stephen Wingard

Good food

Melanie Scheppmann

Ashley Olmsted

Every Zaxbys is Awesome!!!

Ashley C

This location is getting slack with the customer service

Cheryl Vansant

Wonderful wrapps

Sue Wegrzynek

Jessica Gunter

Lisa Swartz

Great place to eat!

Catrina Ramirez

Service could have been a little fast through drive thru.

Johnette Rusche

It's a little too high on the money.

Cathy Parham

Always pleasant experiences and food.

madie simms

The wings here are really delicious.

Mark Ernst

Fast food that tastes good. Service was nice.

Steven Heinrichs

Outstanding service, great food!

Jeremy Madison

My first zaxbys was in Atlanta Georgia. My wife and I have been in love with this place for years. Wish there was some In Ohio

Danielle Anderson

Fast service.. Great salads and wings

Bill Taylor

Had their new chicken sandwiches and they were OK. We like Raising Vanes better

Ron Gilbert

Great food

Helena Romanow

Love the Cobb Salad and tea

Benji Lee

Giving it 5 stars because of the food.

Michael Pounders

Overpriced but very tasty chicken

Billy Hearn

Great food

grant tollison

LilRonnie45 .

Bunch of worthless employees!

Micah p

The food is good. But extremely oily. My whole family gets heart burn after eatting here. I love their onion rings. And nibblers the best. Just be prepared to feel bloated and oily..

Sky Young

The cob grilled chicken salad is superb, restroom is clean, service workers are friendly

Chad Horsley

First time here, my boss loves it. The food was decent. A lot like another chicken finger place around this area.

Willie Wells

Geneva Wood

Past two times I went , I ordered a 4 finger plate and got an extra tender. Food was hot and fresh ! Employees were friendly

Tyra bradstreet

Tired it for the first time this weekend and it was awesome. We actually ate here the whole weekend. We love it.

Little Bella Blue Nose

Disappointing chicken! Not really good!

Benjamin Anderson

Shadow Moon

Zaxby's house salad made with fried chicken is wonderful, IF you can get past the romaine. I think that anybody that does not like romaine, should be able to get a salad made with just iceberg lettuce. There are alot of people that do like romaine, and alot of people that don't. I'm one person that does not. I have called before and inquired about this, and the woman that answered the phone, (who was the manager at this time) said that they will not make salads with just iceberg lettuce, because it's not on the menu. Of all the scares we get on romaine that is tainted, in my opinion, an iceberg salad should be added to their menu. Because of this, I have not been to Zaxby's in 3 years now. And that's a shame, because Zaxby's has lost 3 years of my business. The employees have explained to me that the salads are premade. The employees have always been nice to me. They were always very curtious towards me. I don't blame them for this because this is not their fault. This is a management issue in which she showed no interest in trying to resolve. In short; if I want to eat a ragweed salad, I'll go graze with a cow! Please like and share. scott-

Erin Reine

Everything was good, but the coke machine needed adjustment. Not much flavor, all soda water.

Kimberly Green

Great chicken

Andrew Buckhalter

Iju Richard

Food is alright just bring your own condiments!! The dipping sauce would cost you additional money!! They should at least give one dipping sauce at no cost...

G.L. Watson

Love this place. Salads are to die for! Good flavored chicken strips. Enough selection for the whole family. Not terribly expensive. Store is always clean. Employees are curtious and know their jobs. Add this one to one of my regulars!!!

Jasmine Hault

I got a salad and the lettuce was soggy. I called them and they gave me a new one that day. The manager on the phone wasn’t very nice but when I picked it up they were all really nice to me. A little inconvenient but u can tell they’re trying

Nikki Jackson

The food use to be good but the last 2 times I have eaten here my chicken has been VERY pink

Emily Downing

Boneless wings were more like nuggets. Quality has definitely gone down hill. :/

Toyna Robison

Was good food. Big portions

John Hobbs

Amazing service and food

LaTisha Webb

Delicious chicken! It's $$... definitely get the buffalo dip and chips this are so good

Teresa Hill

Saucy not dry wings really good

Ariel Kovach

Go through the drive thru and get a ceaser salad among othethings. When we finally get our food made sure and asked if all sauces were in the bag. She said yes get back home and my 8 dollar salad has no sauce. Very irritating.

Michael Butler

The Blue salad with Buffalo Chicken and Blue Cheese dressing is a great spicy salad!

Twana Harris

Andrew Michael Jones

Great environment and great food! We love the variety on the menu and the friendly service at the counter! Try the Zalads - they are great!

Daniel Austin

It's a fairly average Zaxby's, but the customer service is great.

Cheryl E Sidney

I love this place

Russell Robin

Very good

Patricia Cunningham


VuduVince .

As always good food for the money Fries are hit or miss though either great or just meh.

Brenda Brooks Koehl

Great food awesome service

Jeni Jeni

Wasn't impressed at all. Was looking forward to eating here from all the reviews and hype about it but in my opion the food was nothing special at all and the prices were to high.

Tony Ray

I made a call in order, was told it would be ready in about 10 minutes, I live about 10 minutes away but school traffic made it take about 15 minutes and I made a quick stop to get a cola, when I arrive my order wasn't ready..and 15 minutes later it was explanation. .no free drink for my longggggg wait, no discount. ..I won't be back..

Sharon Warner

Good food, fair service

DeShawn Butler


Chris Jones

Great and fresh food.

Crystal O'Connell

IF I COULD LEAVE A 0 I WOULD! Do not eat here worst service ever! Dirty and rude employee!

Derek Bergeron

Great chicken!


Good fresh food fast. Great service.

Aletha McKinion

I ordered house salad. Salad was good but, my Texas toast was burned. Not good. This was 11:00 Sunday morning so not many people there. I love real lemon in my tea but was told they stopped having lemons. 2 strikes against Zaxby's!

Blaxze Tv

Great food service needs a little bit more work but good food

Larry Edelen

Love this place. There is a server with a name tag - Olivia. She has been there a while and you can tell she loves her work.

baldasiwannabe1 .

Good food as always

Dezmond Summers

Parida Serton

Very friendly staff. Excellent customer service. Good food

Bryon Eddens

Good yummy yummy chicken

Sandee Aucoin

Great food equaled by great staff.

poe france.

They gave great taste and a variety of options. The food is fresh and made fast, and you can dine in, have take-out, or go through the drive through.

Anthony DeIorio

Very slow

Mike Baker

The food isn't bad and drive through service is good. It's a kind of Raising Cain's clone, although the food and dipping sauce isn't quite as good.

Valerie Gehegan

Love the cobb salad

Ethan Welnicki

I really love Zaxby's variety and generous portions. Everything they serve is so savoury or sweet it's delicious. They can be a bit salty sometimes, especially in their toast and chicken breading, but not terribly so. Their cheddar bites and fried mushrooms are the best.

Mike Hernandez

Fast service good wings

Joe McGlone


Meredith Lollar

I wouldn't know about the food quality. We never got that far. Heard it was great. But I CAN vouch for the service. I tried to modify a large over the phone, was left on hold for 20 minutes and when the "manager " got on the phone... RUDE I ended up canceling my order and will NOT BE TRYING THAT AGAIN!

Jason Hanson

I didnt like my fries to be dropped into a styrofoam box with no wax paper. The fries were so hot that the styrofoam melted into my fries. I threw them away

Bryan Whittenton

I have heard a lot of good things about Zaxby's, and when I walked in the place smelled amazing. Needless to say I had very high hopes. I wasn't completely put off by the prices they had as I though the amount of food would make up for it. However, I was extremely disappointed when I received my food. I don't think I have ever seen chicken strips that small, and for such a high price. This is worse than going to a high school concession stand. At least in high school they gave out their sauces for free. Never going back.

Rebecca Acosta

Very nice staff

Rich Goad

I would rate this a 4.99 star if I could. Cashier was justadequate but the rest of the staff was excellent. Food was quick and delicious. My moderately tricky order came out perfect. Cane's should be worried.

Steven Davis

The cooks a dope head & all the food is over seasoned & taste old! The staff thinks if you complain its a joke

Rob Smith

Was ok. I had to stand there and stare at my meal (which was sitting up on the heat lamp area) for 7 minutes before someone finally came out of the back to grab it and hand it to me. By then it was barely warm and not very good.

Eric Faris

Brittany Chandler

Great food and environment!

Valorie Healy

As always, Great food!

James Taul

Food was greasy.

Michael Hernandez

Yhats shoy was weak.

Eusebua Martinez

The drive thru was so slow 16 min. For just 1 meal i like this food but if im on a hurry. I dont stop here

Tiffany Ash

We paid for our order and had to sit in line for over twenty minutes. We were the only vehicle. I won't be going back.

Terri Seals

Frank Ruiz

Fried chicken fast food chain. This fried chicken is good for a fast food chain. The salads, surprisingly, are good. The restaurant didn't have air conditioning the one time I went. This is a big deal in Oklahoma City in the middle of the summer. The staff are nice and the bathroom was clean.

Bill Blair

Order taker was awesome. Made it easy for me in the drive-thru. Waited a few minutes, not bad. The fried pickles were a disappointment. The batter is not what I like. Also had a mild but noticeable fish taste. Ate 2, my wife ate 3 pieces. Ordered 2 salads, one Cobb, the other was "Buf Blue". The Cobb was good. The Buf Blue was not. The sauce was too hot (she likes hot; in South Louisiana we use lots of Tabasco), she ate 2 or 3 pieces of chicken. She says she'll never order that zalad again. She wasted 90%, totally out of character for her. She has a very good appetite but that salad bombed. If we had been at restaurant I'd have taken it back. SO it was a very big disappointment. Your building is fine, service was good. The food was marginal at best. I want my money back.

Nick m

It's the first and only Zaxby's I've been to. I just hate the name. The buffalo wings are decent though and cheaper than Buffalo Wild Wings. The inside was clean too but I had to wait a bit both times I went. Service was slow but food was good.

Aaron Hall

The entire staff made fun of a disabled veteran who was disfigured & that was my 1st Zaxby experience. Never, ever go to the Georgetown location. I pray this isn't systemic in their organization.

Jamalle Rasheed

This was my worst experience ever at Zaxbys. Can't believe I had to wait 40 minutes to get my food. Myself along with about 8 other customers were terribly disappointed in today's service at Zaxbys....

Amanda Hall

Love their ice.

Nayana JLMU

Went with my family after traveling for a quick dinner. Very rude, extremely rude staff. Including manager on duty. Sauce is nasty. Pasta salad disgusting, no flavor whatsoever. Won't be going back

sherry bishop

Food is always hot and fresh! Sometimes the wait is a little long, but is worth the wait!

Bob Gibson

After four tries they finally got my order right, then they tried to give the food they had given me to another customer.

Monica Moore Hebert


Jocelyn Hernandez

So I made an online order because my husband was going to pick it up at lunch break and they said it would be done at 12:19 pm and it’s 12:52 pm and the order was not done!

Steven Roberts

Good food. Nice, new restaurant. My wife and I can split the wings & things meal for $10.

Haley Nobles Chadwick

Food is great if they get your order right.

Christopher Wright


Wyatt Schulze

Roscoe Jackson

First time eating there. It did not disappoint, food was great. Need these nation wide.

Nate Greve

It's zaxbys, what else can you say

Chris Ruhs

Good boneless wings. I like the tongue torch and the honey barbeque.

Richard Mattison

What impressed me about this location was Don, the guy on the dining room floor. This guy was a real hustler and made sure tables were clean, supplies were available, maintained the garbage receptacles and did it with a quickness in his step. Give this guy a raise

Chaplain PatriciaG


tony cunningham

Friendly staff, good food. This is a good Zaxby's location.

Nakia Brown

I usually have a good visit overall. Sometimes getting your order in drive through is difficult at times

Caitlin Miller

Best fried chicken ever!

Vetrina Cannon

Hot and good everytime best service ever

Don Perry

The food is always excellent

Sam Herrington

It is what it is

Moose Bennett

great spot for a quick bite.

Love Dev

Really good just a looong wait.

Chandler Schulz

Good food with great service

Eric Meyers

Marc Pugh

Food is good But beware, even though they say "we close at 10 pm", they love to close at 9:50 pm and leave you sitting out in the drive-thru waiting for someone to take your order with no response on the monitor

Semone jammess

Anorexic wings service was slow an the bread was stale unbelievable but I guarantee I'll never spend another dollar there an the sauce smelled like old dirty draws

Matthew Senkow

Good food and they get orders right unlike some other fast food places.

TheFreew67 .

We drove 1 hour to eat here. For what whatever reason there isn't one in NKY. We had Zaxbys on vacation for first time a few years ago and loved it. This time didn't disappoint either. Food was hot and just as good as I then remember. Shame there isn't one in the Cincinnati region.

Jarod Morris

Twice I've been to the one at Reno and MacArthur and I've waited 13 and 15 minutes each time for my food. People that ordered after me got theirs.


They have delicious chicken strips.

Chris Ambrogio

Way better than Canes, with more options, flavor, and cheaper!

kristy mays

Love the food

Valerie Dorsey

Don't know their own menu and how to make their own drinks

Toi O'Neill

My son loves their toast ❤

Jonathan White

Friendly staff and good food.

Paul Gault

I know some Zaxby's have gone downhill in quality and service, but the one on Reno hasn't. Very friendly and fast service on every visit. Food is always fresh and hot.

Robert Davis

Great food . Fair prices

Mickey Malone

Zaxbys is one of the best places I have ever ate at.

mindy mckinney

Food is sloppy and cold.... way too expensive for it to be that way.

John Ray

Zaxbys is always the king of chicken

Timothy LeMay

Great service.

Sue Young

Fries are never fresh. They're burnt hard and the chicken tenders our way too done hard crispy You can't even chew them

Kim Lanham

The chicken was slimmy.

Bridget Blankenship

Doreen Kennedy

For food is always usually fresh, but tonight for some reason tonight was different.

Ashley Weeden

Zakvill hot bomb

Bonnie Granier

Awesome salads

Ms. Harrison

The staff & management was a lot different than the last time I visited. There were a couple on staff that were cordial however, over all the customer service and the food wasn't as good as usual. Very disappointing.

Uriel Garcia


Love zaxby's

Nick Kaiser

It took me and my two friends half an hour to get our food when there were less than 10 customers in the restaurant. When we finally got our food, one of the orders was wrong. Two other families also returned food because their food was incorrect as well.

Chanel m.


latricia none of your business

Awesome food there and an great manager

Corwin Drummond

Shirlecia dickson

Always fresh and good from fried pickles to entrees.

Tina Inskip-Richards

Food was good but I've definitely had better. Customer service was OK considering 3 people working front and drive thru looked to be of high school age so they are probably just learning.

Linda Garner

Great food ,staff very friendly, waiting time a little long ,would recommend

Richard Huddleston

The chicken, fries, onion rings, and cheese was good. Coleslaw was not fresh and Texas toast was not fresh. Service was great.

ALV Beatz

I loved it

Susan Wrench

Food is fresh and hot. They always have gotten my choices for sauces and dressings correct.

Alishia Young

Jasmine Necaise

Make sure you go during the right time of day or the wait will be long but the food is always worth it. Extra zax sauce is a must.

Joseph Payne

Staff is extremely friendly and food is delicious!

Amy Clingman

Me U


Brittany Rexroat

Jessica Binion

Good food and nice workers.

Marc Epting

Love their salads and chicken.

Kelly Pauline

Fast service always clean fast drive thru time clean restrooms love their salads and boneless wings.

Danielle Collier

Erick Negrete

Frankie howell

Always good service and food is always very good

Quinton Whitt

Paul Derrick

Teresa Mccary

Good food, fast service, & friendly server

JoJo Poppy

Always yummy!


They're pretty good but I've received some undercooked tenders a few times. Also, be mindful of the salad, a few customers have found a hair in it!! Pricey as well.

Lois Campbell

Jen Clary

Great food and the service is great too! Esp for fast food in batesburg

Phillip Burgess

Kathy DeLong-Anson

Good food and service

Lynn Rude

Worst experience ever with a Zaxby's. Ordered 5 fingers with Teriyaki sauce and instead of them giving me a cup of teriyaki sauce to dip them in like all of the other stores they smother them in sauce which made them soggy and absolutely disgusting. I don't think I'm able to even eat this disgusting mess.

Jennifer Hudson

Love the big zax snack with extra Texas toast and a banana pudding shake

Tonya Williams

Travis Rogers

Good food and service

Kevin Goins

Zaxby's is always great. I'm a wangs and thangs man hot honey mustard.

Bert Gives, Jr

Love the food.

Gail Shiffner

Good but they are slow

James Shealy

Good place to eat

Donnie Pearson

Favorite meal of Wings & Things traditional (Teriyaki) is my go to meal and is always satisfying.

Logan Smith

Fast and friendly service.

Ashley Humphries

Tabletops aren't always wiped down, but I usually come in after a rush. The staff is super friendly. Food usually comes out pretty quickly. I'm a loyal customer! Will continue to eat here when I do fastfood. Love these guys!

Yanali Tolentino

juan hernandez

Walker Lewis

Never disapoints. Always a great place to eat.

Gary Smith


My best friends work in one and I always get the same thing

John Marks

Greg Sides

The food was decent but the floors were slippery to the point of being unsafe. Someone gonna get hurt.


Cashier had scary eyebrows. It was strange for sure.

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