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13124 W Hwy 42, Prospect, KY 40059, United States

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REVIEWS OF Which Wich Superior Sandwiches IN Kentucky

Rusty Nailer

Always quick with service and fresh food and no lines to wait on every time so far

Jack Driscool

jay scherder

Had The was delcious. The owner/manager was a super nice guy. He kept giving me free dessert samples.

samantha onger

I'm a huge fan of which wich! It's so amazing, if you haven't must! Delish!

Syed Ali

Jackie dillard

We just finished eating here our first time and had a wonderful experience. The manager was kind and guided us through our options carefully. The location was quite busy but still clean. I love their menu options for children and even have the incentive if they finish their meal, for dispensing some M&Ms out of a gumball style machine. Being kid friendly and the hippie vibe alone, will have me visiting again. Thanks so much!

curt crew

Great sandwich


I waited 33 minutes for my order from the time I ordered online. I’m going to stick with Freaky Fast.

Rachel McMullen

Brad Corwin

craig burgess

Mitchell Jansen

Chavvah Penner Johnson

In general the food is decent and I was super excited when they opened in the IGA. However, I think giving rotten fruit in kids meals is not ok. I would post this if it is was the first time buy it is not.

Brooklyn Niemeyer

drda t

They make those sandwiches quick but the line to order was a wait. They have Groupon deal, so that was nice

Michelle flowers

Great Sandwiches! I love this place. Everyone is so nice and they remember you and treat you like a regular. Good place for healthy food options. I recommend this place for families and affordable eats.

vicky arnold

Robert Lake

Great sandwiches, a little pricy, but made specifically to order with lots of options.

Henry Hickenlooper

Food is good, service is terrible. Why should I have to fill out a whole thing to order a sandwich. Why cant I just go up and say I want a buffalo chicken sandwich how hard is that to understand.

Dennis Piles

Aletha Brown

Nice shop, friendly staff and good food! What more can you ask for!

Raj Patel

Chris Rayhons

chris meredith

Incredible sandwiches, wish they were where I live

Brandy Gerry

Matt Brown

athena Ambriz

Larry Triplett

Alisha D'Agusto

If they mess up they are quick to make it right.

Mike Reusch

One of the best sandwich shops around. Try the wicked you won't be disappointed!

Jessica Barfield

Ramesh Rajagopalan

High quality food

Patrick Sanders

David Brickner

Michaela Mapes

Let's you customize your own sandwiches. Great for families.

arfreeman11 .

Rebekah Keller

The whole staff is amazing especially the manager.

Karen Fick

Book Reader

Caroline OConnor

dlyutes001 .

Austin DeLotelle

Great sandwiches

Amanda Sander

luke niemeyer

Great service and great food.

Brogan Rodenbaugh

Bob Pelshaw

Rachelle White

severin ritter

Roger Floro

JR Hayes

Michael Reed

Mike Wilcox

Great selection service and smiles

Drew B

Best sandwiches hands down!

Derek Yelle

Everything is awesome. Staff and food!

Dudley Henderson

This sandwich shop is in an IGA. It is very convenient to my house, so I have used it often. Very friendly service. Great selection of sandwiches, plus you can create your own to suit your self. I like it better than Subway which is just down the street.

William Meyer

Kristen Kruger

yummy subs

Abhishek Goel

Jacob Lentin

Not at all different from any other restaurants that is apart of this chain you will find good food on a budget. Bathrooms excelled all expectations and so did the restraunt although I cannot speak for the kitchen all food looked and tasted as you would expect. Nothing off but nothing special. Staff is friendly and courdual as well.

Jeff Nechkash

Cathy Blair

Sherry Edwards

Clean fast food good little pricey

Zack Sempek

Love the pepperoni pizza wich!

Steven Dixon

This is the best sandwich place in town. The wicked is an AWESOME choice. Good prices for a great sandwich!!!

Keith Kunz

Cody Gaul


Hit or miss on the food. Had a few good sandwiches. Had others that were so salty or too much vinegar, it wasn't edible. Sometimes they put a good amount of meat. Other times it's very little. No consistency. Bunch of kids who work it. They need more training.

Dan Downs

God, I love this place. Get pretty much anything, it's all good. I do the turkey club hotwich. Their shakes are decent too!

William Lain

Vewy gewd fewd

Jarid Buchan

Philip Westerfield

My Wicked was awesome. It's my favorite wich Which Wich has, but they are all pretty great!

Rick Kahla

This is our favorite sandwich place. The food and staff are always excellent.

Christine Kuhlman

Best sandwiches ever!

Juston Schmidtke

Crazy good sandwiches. Occasionally the workers could be better ( periodically inconsistent sandwich making).

Emil Peter

Crap, dude. $40 to feed me and 3 kids? I mean the sandwich was good, but damn. Pretty expensive.

Ryan Kendall

Dan Leipart

always great

Lori Zachariah

The bread tastes like real bread. It's so good.

Ryan Spalding

Carl Wold

This was my first time ever going to a Which Wich. The lady at the register asked me if I had ever been in before, to which I replied no. She then came out and explained the process to me and was extremely friendly and helpful. Sandwich was good, I only gave 4 stars because of the amount of food you get for the price.

Matt Peterson

Always a great meal with fast service!

Mike Farrell

Debra Reddy

My family was not impressed. The sandwiches tasted ok, but it took way too long after ordering to get our food. The process of writing your own order on the bag is very cumbersome. I also think they are overpriced.

Ashton Darling

John Tyler

Robert Valdez

The food was horrible

Mike Massey

Terrible service and food.

Grant Buchanan

The food is always quality but the taste can sometimes slack. Really depends on what you get although you can't go wrong.

Chris Mclean

Friendly Staff, quick service! I had the Ham Sandwich on White the bread was very fresh and delicious, there was plenty of ham along with the lettuce and mayo. Definitely going back!

Scott Linderer

Terrific sandwiches and cookies. Probably my favorite sandwich place.


Good subs and shakes but be wary when ordering online. I ordered through the mobile app, the order was sent to the store but when I arrived one employee came out from the back room with 2 others following shortly after. The first one pulled my receipt and informed me they hadn't started making my order, in other words, although I was there a couple minutes after the pick up time on my order, none of the workers had bothered to check the register for online orders. I had to wait about 15 minutes while they made my food. Very frustrated.

Jeff Neill

If you love sandwiches this is the place and excellent shakes toasted bread and fresh ingredients

Ken Crooker

The food and service have always been excellent.

Jessica Charvat

Ed Fischer

Christopher Clazie

Superior sandwiches? Thats a hell of a boast considering you can destroy an avacado sandwich. Who heats up an avacado sandwich? Would have been better off eating subways dishwasher bread. Thanks for ruining a pleasant evening.

Arthur Blinston

James Bentley

My first time here and I got the bahn mi! Delicious sandwich with great customer service!

Patrick Gold

I like which wich

Greg Gilbers

First time there, and failed at filing out my order on my bag! Oops! Food is unique, good, and quick. Will definitely go back.

Ann Robbins

I ordered an R&D sandwich...and, feeling adventurous, wrote "surprise me" on the bag. I got my least favorite sandwich on bread I hate with vegetables I'm incredibly picky about. And it was AMAZING. Best sandwich I've had in recent memory. Will DEFINITELY return.

Dellis Fowler

Great food

Sarah Swain

Paul J Brown

This has got to be hands down the best sandwiches ever made! Love this place!

Yvette Diaz

Expensive, friendly servers.


Great hot sandwiches.

Jake Geisz

Employees are nice and funny with greeat ordering system and food!

Jackie Friedland

I first went to Which Wich in TN. I was super excited when it came to Chesterfield! I've been three times already and each time I walk in, someone is there to greet us and give us directions on how to order if we need help. I love the variety of sandwiches and especially like that we can get our sandwiches in a lettuce wrap or in a bowl of lettuce. Definitely recommend it to anyone that has not tried it! Super friendly to the kids as well.

Corey Hartman

Jonathon Marjamaa

Very nice sandwiches in brown paper bags.

Leland Dandridge

Stacy Rodolff

Really neat way to order sandwiches. Very tasty. Better seating for families with younger children would be better.

Stephen Carrier

If you love to get full, try the meatball grinder!

Jason LiCavoli

Wasn't impressed. They try to do too much on one sammich

Monica Ortiz-Kirby

Louis Ervin Bowser

Thomas Miller

Nathaniel Pettit

Good sandwiches with a unique way to order.

Tim Millard

Katie Kelly

I had a great first experience at this restaurant about a couple months ago. I had a coupon for a free sandwich. I ordered some kind of Italian sub warmed and it was delicious! It was easy to place an order and they even gave me two coins use in their yellow M&M candy machine for my kids. They loved it! The prices seem very reasonable so I will be back!

Joshua D

One of the best sandwiches I've had in years. For a chain, I was really impressed with the quality of the food. The ordering system is very unique that you fill out a bag with your order, they then use that to make the sandwich and give it to you. The people were really nice, helping explain the ordering system with a smile. My only complaint is the music was louder than I thought it needed to be.

Jonathon Boerema

Cassandra Hamblen

They have better quality ingredients than most chain sub shops. You can customize your sandwich with their long list to choose from. Fast even when busy.

Nico Guides

I’ve heard people say that the prices are too high, but I find them very reasonable! Sandwich quality is fantastic and all of the ingredients are nice and fresh. This is my new go to sandwich place!

Matthew Black

Corey Gavril

Hands down my all-time favorite sandwich shop. The employees are friendly. The food is always as ordered as well as very tasty.


They food is great

Kelly Southworth

Never been here but it was one of the best sandwiches I have eaten

nav K

Gary Black

Amazing and friendly

MM Harmon

Service was EXTREMELY slow, even with 5-6 employees working and no one in line ahead of us on a Sunday afternoon. Sandwiches were delicious, but overdressed with sauce. Will try them another time.

Dave DeRoin

Can always get a sandwich exactly as you want it. Staff is great at suggestions. Also, they have the best crushed ice!

Samir L


Staff was friendly, vegetarian options plentiful and the prices were good. I asked if when making a shake if they could blend a whole slice of chocolate cake into it and they agreed. I got a sandwich with mixed veggies, beans and olive salad, it was delicious. My girlfriend got pesto cucumber and cheese sandwich and she liked it too.


Reuben all the way. Make sure you get a chocolate chip cookie I've cream sandwich to though. Eat it quick cuz it melts fast!!

Arbia mcallister

Awesome of the first place I actually looked into franchise posibillites. You have got to try them out, I wish they were in Illinois. They cashier was excellent helpful and courteous. I will definitely be back.

Drew Boling

Great burgers lots of choices

Butch Fletcher

Rolf Munk

Michael Kennedy

Nice people, great sandwiches.


First time here and the sandwich was great. I like the concept (filling out the cards). Will come back.

Sue Francis

Love their food

Thomas Fenlon

Great sandwiches!

Lubeth Alvarez del Castillo

Emily Clement

I have never had a bad sandwich here!


Great sandwiches and easy to order too!

Hari Madhusoodanan Pillai

Melesa Viehmann

It was okay. Felt like I got way too many condiments to meat ratio. My sandwich also wasn't completely warm so it was akward biting into certain sections of my food with cold or hot.

Elizabeth Goodlett

Tammi T

Great sandwiches

Jeffrey Weaver

Cliff Spangler

La'Trece Maxson

joseph kopacz

Broderick Rogers

They do hot and cold sandwiches. Standard is hot so if you want a cold one you will have to request it

Patrick McCracken

Andy Stanton

Best casual sandwich place in St. Louis. Warning - don't order the large unless you're prepared to take half of it home.

Sue Tierney

Absolutely love this place! Best sandwiches ever! Love that you can order what you want on your sandwich!

Tamika Moore

Evan Goldstein

Good sandwiches.

Ashley Dickherber

Joel Cavin

Awesome place to eat, fresh ingredients, fresh veggies..

Brad Myst

I love this place and I love their food. I’ve taken many people here to enjoy. I’ve tried nearly everything on that list and enjoy all of it. This is my favorite sandwich place to go to! All of the players are friendly and even recognize me

Scott Shewmaker


Got the veggie wrap, good ingredients, but one bite was spicy and the next would be flavorless.... May want to work on your spreading skills!

Skip Dotson

Luke T

Brad Arth

I like the way you grab a brown bag and write your order on it and sit down to wait. makes ordering easy and really good foods.

Corey LaShomb

Kinda pricey for a sandwich.

Amanda Scholtes

GREAT sandwiches! Also love the yellow chocolates for the kids' desserts.

blue j Nye

Great staff,. Fast and very good food.

Chris Adams

Which wich = Good Samwhich, lol Ordering is unique but simple, Sandwich was really good, I got the Italian with my choice of toppings. Staff was nice, efficient, will visit here again.

maryann kohl

Always good and staff is friendly. ❤ the PBJ PROJECT too. So many varieties to choose from.

Kira Tropp

My new favorite sandwich shop, the caprese on a spinach wrap was delicious!

Shawn Black

Patrick Nowak

Ro Ostuni

Andrew Embry

Robert Withrow

Excellent service. Excellent sandwich!!

Jeff Snyder

Favorite sandwich shop in Omaha

Austin Petak

I love which Wich. Super dope.

Joe Schaab

Meatball sub, best meatball sub

Michael Pusatera

Taylor Lilly

dzign art

Perty good vittles!

Owen Slaasted

Teja Mysore

Don Stubbs

You must go here. You choose how you want your's in the bag!

Appetite For Deduction .

Man, when it comes to sandwich shops in the O-Town metro area, there is A LOT! Long ago, I was a Subway fanatic when they first showed up in Omaha, but that was nearly 25 years ago. Let me just say that Subway is NOTHING like it used to be. It sounds weird to crave something that one can make themselves at home, but sometimes the execution and ingredients needed make it worth it to go in search of a good sandwich. Which Wich is one of those rare places that to me, gets it almost completely right. First off, the number of choices of sandwiches is unreal! There are 42 types of sandwiches at my local Which Wich and each one of those has about 60 different options! If you can’t put something together here that you like, you probably just don’t like sandwiches in the first place. The sandwiches run from the Classics: Egg Salad and the BLT to the Sriracha Tuna and the Chicken Cordon Bleu. They have pretty much every type of sandwich in between. I usually prefer something a little more heartburn inducing: Italian Grinder (Genoa salami, pepperoni, and spicy capicola) with mozzarella/provolone, horseradish mayo, hot peppers, caramelized onions, spinach, pickles, oregano, garlic, and oil & vinegar. I usually prefer to get my meat wagon hot out of the oven to meld the cheese to the toppings. Which Wich offers the ability to add double meat or cheese but the toppings are quite generous in the standard sandwich. They also allow you to use two different types of cheeses and these will both run the length of your sub, not just half of each. The lettuce and spinach always test fresh as in NOT coming out of a bag already chopped but I can’t confirm this. I also thoroughly enjoy the number of sauces, mayos, mustards that you can place on your sandwich. To me, this is what usually sets apart a sandwich shop. Anyone can throw meat and cheese on a bun, but coming up with the other items, such as sauces, that tie it together is what makes for a real winner. My favorite, the horseradish mayo, is a little spicy but also has a nice creamy, tanginess that goes well with the pickles and hot peppers. The meat and cheese are also excellent. They are more thickly sliced than most places and taste high quality. I especially LOVE the capicola with its added spiciness and saltiness. I suppose if there is one weakness to the sandwich, it is the bread. This isn’t because it isn’t good, which it is, but because it is a little bland compared to the rest of the sandwich. I know a lot of people who like thin crust pizza because it lets the toppings stand out. This is all fine and dandy, but I want all supporting characters to pull their weight. I believe this is the one Achilles heel to an otherwise awesome sandwich. I would like to see a little more for options in bread other than white or wheat. Finally, we get down to value. This is where a lot of people may shy away from Which Wich. I have personally made a $15 sandwich there before with a little double meat. Most will think that is ludicrous to pay for one sandwich, but whether I’m eating fast food or fine dining, I will go with quality and value on nearly all occasions. $15 bought me a 14″ sandwich that when tightly compressed, was 4.5″ in diameter! It literally was a meat missile and probably weighed 2-3 lbs when I started with it. Taste–9/10: These sandwiches are the real deal with fresh tasting, abundant toppings and complete customizablility Service–8/10: The sandwich comes out as quickly as they can make it and into your grubby little hands. Not much else for interaction with their staff Atmosphere–6/10: The store is clean and decorated in yellow colors. Not much else to stand out here. Price–6.5/10: The sandwich is pretty expensive. No way around that. However, I give it a 6.5 because it still represents a huge sandwich which ups it on the value scale. I feel I get what I pay for. Overall–7.5/10: Not so exciting as a store, but I think the sandwiches here are among the best I’ve eaten.

Dave Derington

Get the spray cheese!

Ronny Smith

Scott Whitney

Jeremy Dubner

Great customer service. Great food. I always tip my first time if i feel welcome. And here was great. Going back for sure

Brian Carroll

Expensive and takes forever

Butch Wheasler

Like the spinach wrap

Chris Heerdegen

GREAT SALADS, good sandwiches.

Sandy Baskin


Chris Paul

Martin Jipp

Katie Dumler

Adam B.

Good sandwiches overall, but they removed the Cuban from their new menu. Sad day.

David Hermsen

David Piroutek

Great place for a quick sandwich

Evan Sunderman

Natalie Shattuck

I am so soooo happy with my experience. Last week I had a HORRIBLE experience at the Des Peres location and was overcharged for my meal and never received a refund after a week of waiting!!! I called this location and explained what happened and the manager was SO SO sweet and helpful!! And apparently the other location did everything incorrectly to refund so I would’ve never gotten that money back:(( Crystal made it right and ensured I received the best customer service!! I am so appreciative and will always go to THIS location!!! Best staff AND management!!!!

Jeff Ottens

Love Which Wich!

Cathy Eklund

Katherine Mitchell

Very confusing ordering system, food was just okay. Bread is not store made. Service was very friendly.

Bryan Brown

Christopher Keane

bryan, charles wiltfong

Jordan Frost

Great food and service!

connie kuhn

The best!

Charles Kaemmerer

For a place that was completely dead, service was fine but quality control is bad. See pic that was in my sandwich that i was sharing with the son. Glad I Got that part and not him. Did not say anything i am not the person that wants free meals for complaining. Just wanted to let other people to keep a lookout.

Joseph Roberts

Had the gryo, and it was ok. Service was a bit slow. Later that night my stomach was a mess. Regrets is not how you want to remember a sandwich shop.

Jeffrey Schweig Jr.

the workers were so slow and pathetic it ruined my experience and i will never go back. the place was backed up and the people behind the counter continued to disappear for minutes at a time.


Jhasmine Robinson

pretty good sandwiches

Greg Resler

Best chain sandwich shop! My personal favorite: The Wicked with cheddar, pepper jack, provelone, red onions, garlic, oregano, spicy mayo, and au jus.

Rebecca King

Always love Which Wich

Mack Buchanan

Best meal I've had by far

Brooke Koller

I love this place! Meat, cheese, and the fixin's in a wrap or bowl. What's not to love?

delonjay ward

The food is awesome.

Keith ginsberg

Jessica Kipple

Shawn Wolfe

Great sub sandwiches. I like the Italian Club.

malory duke

j luls

God level sandwiches

Megan Thedford

Kayvon Ghayoumi

Andria Thompson

Robert Wilson

Fantastic selection! Great tasting freshly made sandwiches. Never gets old.

Julie Stuckmeyer

Laverne Oliveras

Mediocre. Service and food. Definitely not worth what I paid for it.

Michael Wittmann

Love their sandwiches and your ability to choose so many options.


Yet another great sandwich shop. I love the ordering style. You get to pick what you want on your brown bag with items to pick from. Then they make it to the way you want. There's no yelling and misunderstanding over the glass while the person is making your sandwich. Much cleaner way in ordering in my opinion.

Vivek Jha

Bella Voils

John Wilks

Tried out this place while visiting family in Prospect. Awesome and interesting selection of tasty sandwiches. Will be back...

Claresa Craig

Love their lettuce wraps. Will be going back.

Shawn Hubbard

Byron Hudson

Not s0 good

Ted Juch

Great sandwiches! Quick tip: if there are a lot of people there, draw something on the back of your bag. This way when they put your bag in the queue you can see where your sandwich is in the process as the back of the bag faces outward.

Misty Jones

John Spence

Kim Linger

Best Sandwich Shop EVER!!

Joyce Butler

Dirty. Food good.

Aubrey Ward


Sarah Markuson

Matthew Leopardi

The sandwiches are always made exactly add orders. And the ingredients are fresh and taste great.

Jeremy Sanford

Elisa Deer

Great place and the employees are fantastic

Bud Schmidt

Rebecca Webb

Anthony R. Harland-Bennett

We are never disappointed with their service. The sandwiches are custom made and are delicious! The portions are large enough for leftovers!

Jeremy Christ

They serve breakfast at this location! Very convenient and staff is excellent.

Jason Iden

tarrah nealy

Michael Sawicki

Amber G

Andrew Lucker

Tapan Khatri

Joe Thompson

Good sandwich for the price


You better be hungry. Heck of a sandwich.!

Erik b

Izza goood

erica ashton

Amanda Palmer

Two ladies, two sandwiches, both amazing!

Alex Jensen

Brad Yoder

Good food and service. A little slow if the place is crowded. I like the chain, and will definitely go back.

Mark S

Nathan Kampwerth

Hey You

Maddison Anne

Always the best. I love the bagging system

Susan Skocpol

Cher Gagen Wiltsie

Susan Holland

I have really enjoyed the sandwiches and the friendly atmosphere.

Bill G

Zachary Watkins

Michael Burton

Great customized sandwiches.

Bethany Hayes

Last time we were there we found hair in a sandwich. they dont require hair or beard nets for their employees and almost all the guys working there have beards. The bearded employee claimed it was an arm hair?

Randall Zaitz

Ryan Francis

Had to check this place out after a few people recommend it. Was not disappointed! Food was fresh and delicious. Would highly recommend.

Jeremiah Omoto

Good food

Mike Guericke

Dustin Ward

Nathaniel Ruiz

Walked in right before close with no cognition of time like 'those people'. I know how much that sucks, but the employees ruled and acted like it was no thing. Really appreciate it guys. A+

kaci kk

David Churchill

Curtis Sawyer

Very good sandwich. The meatball sandwich was great.

Barbie Trapp

Great new find for sub sandwiches

Mimi C

Fresh and tasty. Love the bacon, guac wrap.

Linda McDowall

Always great food and friendly people. I could live on their sandwiches

Tyrone Mcgee

Eric Koeppe

Great sandwich place

Asma Salek

Nick Schlottman

Jim Bishop

Awesome sandwiches and very friendly staff. I like how much one can customize their sandwich. I love being able to add caramelized onions and mushrooms. The chipotle mayo is also very tasty.

Jennifer Compton

Greg Dayton

roger Holmes


Nathan Schleper

First time ever coming here and the staff is super friendly, the food is really good and the place is kept super clean. I will definitely come back!

Melissa Lewien

What a phenomenal sandwich! First time here so I had no idea what I was doing. A gentleman with long dark hair, glasses, and beard warmly welcomed me and asked if I had been in there before then showed me the ropes. He was knowledgeable about explaining the different sandwiches and made suggestions without being pushy. I opted to make the grinder and needed some help of what to go on it. He was very helpful with that process and the finished product was so good! I look forward to a returning trip.

JJ Loneman

The Wicked is their signature sandwich, for a dollar more, and it's worth it. Be sure to get the caramelized onions and avocado added to it. The chicken pesto wich is equally as delicious. Save room for dessert, the banana malt is the heavenly. I'd choose this over Jimmy John's or Subway any day. They also have a rewards card to get a free wich after a certain number of purchases.

Denise Wernick

Still one of my favorites. I always get the ham sandwich, toasted. If you have never tried Which Wich you go in pick a brown paper bag from the wall that indicates your meat or vegiterian option. Fill out the bag with your personal choices of toppings and cheese and they build your sandwich. Your sandwich can be cold or toasted.

Tony B

Sandwiches are always great, never a long wait. Friendly service. Can tell the owners care.

Prashant Rawat

George Sutherlin

Good food and great people!

Deborah Martin

Some slow have the order ready

Brett Masterson

Always great sandwiches!

Ethanendgame9 endgame

Mac Mcintosh

It was f****** awesome

Duane Rough

Small sammy big price...go somewhere else

Brad Hanson

Great food but a bit pricey

Erik Wilson

Troy Windhorst

Good: - friendly service on my visit - like other Locations in this chain, the custom ordering system (bags & Sharpies) is the best! Bad: - nothing bad to report FYI - located inside a very clean and tidy grocery store; has its own area with seating

Matt Griffith

More options and better control than other sanwich chains.

Kurt Andree

Fast service, and everything we have gotten here has been good.

Venumadhav kowtha

Brianna Billings

Not impressed. Sandwich came out wrong the first time and then I had to wait again for everyone to get their sandwich before I got my fixed sandwich.

Connie Isham

It's good sandwich shop

FiFi C

So so delicious! I love the easy way to order, you get to pick exactly what you want and they'll make it for you. Turkey/Swiss/Bacon/Avocado is amazing!!!

T Lam

Great staff and always quick service.

Danielle Bateman

The first time I get here, I had a cold sandwich and it was just ok. Second time had it hot and that is definitely the way to go. Never cold again at this joint.

Mike Farmer

Love it

Gib Filter

Good stuff, solid sandwiches

John Stoess

Shae duryea

Food was good but the philly wasn’t all the way full, and we ordered 2 shakes one chocolate and one chocolate Oreo one was right but the other one was straight vanilla. Disappointed.

Rebecca Smith

Harrison Crawford

First Time to Which Wich and I have to say I was not disappointed. Thre customer service was the best for a chain restaurant not name chick fillet and my sandwich was one of a kind and tastes great. Very happy with this place

LeeAnn Rolloff

Every time I have been to this store staff have all been kind and sandwiches are always very good.

David Smittle

Qui k service and good sandwiches.

John Harbeson

Kevin Bruce

Richard Whitman

Ernest Garcia

Amber Ressen

Brian Schwinderman

WOW, INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE! A+!! All I have to say is WOW!! A friend at work had gone out and brought Which Wich back with him on his lunch break. I asked him what it was because I didn't recognize where his big yellow cup came from. He explained how it worked and I decided I wanted to try it out. I am so glad I did!! WOW! I am hooked! Better than Jimmy Johns, Subway and Little King by far! I got the Italian "Grinder" with mayo, oil, extra onions and pepper jack cheese. Best sandwich I have had in a long time. Let me make a suggestion though.....You write your order on a paper bag and you write your name on that bag. Your bag works its way down to the end and when your sandwich is made it is cut in half, put in a wrapper and then wrapped in foil to keep the heat in before it is placed in that paper bag you had written your name and order on. My suggestion is to speed up the ordering process, keep that brown paper bag since it never makes contact with the food and then when you arrive you can just hand them your bag and they start your order right away! (Assumiung you order the same thing over and over again) When I approached the door, the owner (think his name was Tim) opened it for me, welcomed me and showed me how the process works. I saw him making his way though the tables while I was waiting on my food making sure his customers were 100% satisfied. Overall, I'd give this place a A+ all around and I can't wait to go back for more! :-)

Cindy Doucette

Amanda London

All sandwiches are tasty.

Meir Elberg

(Translated by Google) excellent (Original) מצוין

Glory M

As a chef and home cook ( Very picky with food and vegetarian) Very impressed a beautiful vegetarian sandwich and wasn't sloppy or plain ugly to eat and tasted great. Will differently be visiting again in area. The staff was friendly and my daughter loved her Turkey sandwich too.

Jessica Bueoy

Decided to try this place today as we wete in the area. Ordered our food. Got half way thru half my sandwhich and discovered a long black hair inside my sandwhich. Gross!!

Chad Bean

We tried subs from here for dinner the other night. I found it comparable to Subway, and it's nice to have a few more sandwich options in Goshen.

Lee Ervin

So many choices, always friendly

Mandi Heilig

Carl Jensen Jr

Thanks again we will be back again 2!

Brandi B

Love the vegetarian options!


Tia Scarbrough

Vickie Hyre

Jake Ferguson

Chris Piesbergen

Claire Keifer

Emma Davis

If you are looking for a outstanding lettuce wrap sandwich Which Which on Clarkson in Chesterfield MO is the place to go. Lettuce is fresh and crisp ( iceberg a must) and Ingrediants are plentiful. Brett and gang took care of me and my sandwich needs!!Thanks Clarkson WhichWhich

Fred Coon

Which Wich is great for getting the exact sandwich you want. We were greeted upon entering and, since it was our first time there, the girl came out from behind the counter to describe the process in detail. The sandwich I chose was amazing. I missed the part where they advertise that all sandwiches are served hot, but it was a welcome addition. The interior was clean as were the bathrooms. I will definitely recommend to friends and family.

Victoria Garcia

Have it toasted ALWAYS!

Jeanna Lichtenberg

Delicious sandwiches!

Ryan Dailey

McKinley Griggs

I can't brag about this place enough it is amazing the staff is always awesome and if they mess up they are more than willing to fix it. Even if it is the smallest problem. Be sure to sigh up for the rewards you will get a free sandwich on your b-day! :)

Kaitlyn Ballinger-Smith

Root Beer

Tamara Mitchell

Great food and service

Andy Johnson

Great food, great service

Wes Dodge

Slow service. High price.

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