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10020 Demia Way, Florence, KY 41042, United States

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REVIEWS OF Smokin' This and That BBQ IN Kentucky

Lonnie Oliver

What a great experience. Found this place by accident, but as soon as we walked in, we knew we made a good choice. Staff were super friendly. They give you a small sample of some of their smoked items to help you make an informed decision on lunch/dinner. They also cater to Veterans. The food was great, we stopped on our way to the Southern Scuffle and stopped for take out on our way back home. What a GEM!!!!!!!

Jeremy Hall

Very friendly staff, excellent food, very reasonable prices. Definitely stop by if you can.

Jennifer Goodwin

We love trying new places, and this one had fairly good reviews so we thought we would give it a try. First off the smell is amazing.... It hits you as soon as you get out of your vehicle. When you walk in it's a bit confusing. They had a lot going on. We were not greeted when we walked in so we had no idea what to do so we headed for a table only to find out you order up in a line and pick it up down the way at the bar. The menu was overwhelming and confusing as it was on a big chalk board and it was all over the place. They had a variety on the board. My husband ordered the basket as a sandwich with Coleslaw and baked beans. The beans had a baked beans taste with a Hormel chili type taste. The portion seemed a bit small for the price granted the brisket was a good pile. I ordered the pulled pork with BBQ sauce, macaroni & cheese and smoked green beans. Once again pork was pulled high and the sides portion seemed small. The smoked green beans had a great smoked flavor and I really enjoyed them. The macaroni was just ok. I doctored it up with some salt and pepper. Our total seemed a lil high for what we got. We did enjoy the atmosphere and the decorations were cool.

Jennifer Melugin

Life changing BBQ! We had read good reviews on Yelp and decided to try it. As we pulled up we could smell the smoker. It was a Friday night and the place was not very full which made us a little nervous, (we layer found out the Friday regulars were at a monster truck show!). We we're greeted upon arrival and asked if we'd been there before. We we're invited to the bar where our server gave us samples of all of their meat: chicken wings, brisket and pulled pork. It was ALL delicious. We then made our selections with sides and sat down to eat. My kid and I had the BBQ pork and it was amazing. Sides were decent too! Husband had the brisket tacos and said they were amazing. I highly recommend this place!!!

Travis Hannefey

Fantastic food, fantastic service and an amazing first experience.... We will certainly be back... Thank you

Brian Moyer

The BEST smoked Meats I have had. Slows in Detroit would be the runner up. Rose was awesome Great Service Amazing BBQ

Cheyenne Reed

The food is terrible. The wing looked like something out of a scary movie they were black the skin was shiny there was no dry rub or spices or sauce. It looked like u could biunce it off the floor. The green beans tasted like they were dirty. The macaroni waa good though. But it's a BBQ place! And all the meet was dry and terrible. I should've got my $32 back bc we threw our food away but at that point I was just upset. Im not even a tough food critic but come on

Phyllis Cagnola

Food was fantastic and it has a good vibe to it.

Emily Smith

Worth it! Love it! I even came in on a night with live music!

Cipher Glitch

Loved the food my wife and I got here and I also like the fact that they support our veterans if you want great food this is the place to go

Big 51

Small food menu but friendly staff and the food was excellent.

natalie kirtley

Went with a large group and we had the best experience!! The food was awesome! Texas girl approved of the brisket! Everything was great!!! The service was amazing!!!! A must go to!

Randy Carrasco

This place smokes with cherry and hickory wood. Smoked boil egg was different but I didn't really taste the smoke flavor. The brisket, pulled pork, & pulled rib meat tacos were not bad either. The ribs had a dry rub, good flavor though.

Chelsea Egbert

Amazing staff, delicious meat, fantastic ambiance and we will be back!

Alex Urban

My family and I went here for lunch today, we are from out of town, and the employees were really nice and let us try samples and the food is amazing. The atmosphere is comfortable and it's nice to see they are big supporters of the military. If I could rate this place more then 5 stars I would. We'll definitely be back!!!

Kyle Williams

Service was awesome. Friendly greeting upon walking in and was offered samples of the meats and then a full rundown of most of the menu with recommendations. Excellent place to eat.

Jennifer Gregory

We loved the pulled pork and the brisket, great sauce too. Didn’t like the smoke flavor in the tator tots, really strong smoke flavor that came back the rest of the night. Cole slaw was a bit bland. We’ll be back for the meat & to try other sides.

JT Ke3bz

Order your food at the counter, find your own seat, prepare for smoked glory; this was an amazing BBQ with incredibly unique concoctions combining delicious smoked brisket and pork options with homemade perfections like slaw, beans and potato salad. BBQ Tacos combined Brisket, Slaw, Avacado Spread and a tangy/smoky sauce that made for an insanely good lunch. The BBQ Parfait was a crazy single cup of Brisket, Sauce, Beans and Slaw that all worked so well together it was impossible to stop eating. So much more to try, excited for all of it.


Not a fan of this place at all... out of the 3 times I've been talked into going there the owner is obviously drunk and obnoxious. I've personally witnessed him saying some pretty lewd things to female customers. Not to mention the absent customer service Not sure how this place even stays open.

Tricia Braniff

I loved that when I first walked in, samples were immediately offered for my entire group. The menu was so robust that I wasn't sure what to order. I ended up getting the pulled pork tacos, which were amazing. The avacado sauce was to die for. I also enjoyed to loaded tots. The owners were very attentive. I would recommend and revisit this restaurant in the future.

Brianna Tomlin

Best BBQ around hands down! Owners are awesome too. They are so friendly and make you feel welcomed.

Bernard Martis

Great dry rub. Really enjoyed the beef brisket. The people here take great pride in their work.

Moose Hass

Freakin' Awesome! Great atmosphere, excellent food and service. Looking forward to many BBQ meals here

kate moore

Went there to take my grandma and my dad out to eat for their birthday, was nice greeting from one of the waitresses.i liked that I could sample the meat before choosing but they came over like once to see if we need anything. Its was cold as a freezer in there. They demanded that if you play music it had to only be bluegrass and country only. I ordered a side with my sandwich, got a sample size paying $1.80 I think the lady could have warn me how small it was going to be instead of them being money hungry. I mean if I was an owner I would be embarrassed to have that come out of my kitchen as an "side" food was decent though if you like really dried meat and cold food.

Kelly Bailey

WOW!! Absolutely amazing food and excellent service!! Brisket tacos, wings, potato salad, baked beans, mac & cheese and sweet tea- all the BEST we've ever had!! Will definately be coming back asap!!

Jessica Brushaber

Very good tacos. We opened the restaurant on our way home from the kentucky nascar race. Awesome food.

Darth Carrion

Great BBQ! Great food and live music. Some really good pulled pork. They are feeding the government employees affected by the shutdown for free. My thanks to them for the kindness!

Stephen Chesher

Food was decent. Ordering was confusing. Pricing was high. $17 for 2 pulled pork tacos, potato salad and a unsweetened tea with tip.

Amanda Hunt

This was probably the best bbq I have ever tried. I ordered the brisket Mac n cheese. It was plenty of food and very good. Staff were very kind and the restaurant was clean. I would definitely recommend this place.

Destinee Sizemore

Monday night family karaoke is such a fun time! My kids and I love it!! Every Monday 5-9.

Jeff Burleson

First time there , can't wait 2 go back . Was AWESOME

antosha duczkowski-oxley

This was a great stop on our way to Florida. It was quick, good, inexpensive, and the kids could move around easily. Speaking of inexpensive and kids (how often do you get those two things in the same sentence?) these fabulous people let kids under 10 eat free. On a Friday night. At 8:00. Amazing! Our family of 6 ate an excellent dinner for less (even after a counter tip) than it cost us to run though McDonald's. Our only regret was that we had to get back on the road before the band really got rocking. Check them out!

Michelle Painter

Walking in we were greeted and welcomed immediately (yes, this matters to me). They offered samples and suggestions as well as a detailed explanation of each item. We decided on the ribs with mac and cheese and baked beans. Everything was amazing! The ribs were tender and smoked perfectly. The mac was cheesy without being overpowering. The beans were seasoned and cooked exactly right. The service was wonderful and friendly. The food was perfect. We aren't going to let those kilts chase us off and will definitely be back.

Mark Eberly

Awesome smoked meat and live music--on a Thursday! These guys were true bluesmen. If it is your first time, let them know and they will get you a meat sampler. My favorite was the beef brisket, which I got and loved. The others with me got the pulled pork. It was difficult fir me deciding between the two. I wished they would have had a combo sandwich--layer of pork and a layer of beef. Buns were excellent too. Sometimes places will skimp on the buns trusting their meat to be the focal point but nit here. The excellent buns enhances the meat.

Tommey Tommey

Great BBQ great service. The owner has been there every time I have been there. Nice when a person really cares about the business and the customers! Don't forget to sign the wall for veterans!

Wayne Selzer

Great food! Veteran owned and operated, great people.

Lauren Sullivan

So good for a great price! Everyone here is so friendly as well! They give you samples as soon as you walk in so that you know exactly what your getting.


Very good and tasty BBQ! I loved how they let me sample the wings, bbq, and brisket before buying. They even let me sample a tot. Friendly and fast service. Little bit on the pricier side but well worth it!

juli ragland

Fun, hometown pub atmosphere. Staff is extremely kind. And then there's the food...AM AMAZING!!! Absolutely, 100% worth the drive (through heavy traffic) down from Cincinnati!!! ❤️ Love!❤️

Victor Primov

I found this place purely by accident after stopping for gas. Frankly, I was blown away by the quality of the meat and I wanted to eat EVERYTHING! The place also has a lot of character and charm. The owner welcomed me like an old friend. I would highly recommend this place and I can see making a special trip to have the barbecue.

Rob Johnston

Fantastic food priced right, great bluegrass music, friendly people.

Colleen Keen

Gloriously American restaurant devoted to honoring all members of armed services. Food was beyond amazing and the staff goes out of their way to make you feel welcome. Free samples offered so you can get an idea what you may like. Also, loved the autographed walls from all branches of the service! Admired the flyers advertising a biker's ride for biker's against child abuse. This place is an American breath of fresh air in every way!

adam gundrum

Amazing BBQ and amazing people. It was amazing to see the community that this place was able to create. Pretty much everyone seemed to know each other and they were incredibly welcoming to our group. The owner has fostered something unique and rare in his restaurant, community. I couldn't recommend this place enough. Thanks for the amazing meal and memories.

TheKawaiArtistPop !

Guy has some funny singing and should see a vocal coach but overall the entertainment was good the whole aesthetic of the place was amazing awesome decor! And the food made me stuffed! Awesome would visit again!

Ronald Northcutt

This place to me, was like a slice of heaven! Everything was just so good! Great people great employees! As a veteran, I felt right at home here! I totally recommend this place!

Jerry Wolford

The bbq is awesome an the service is better than that I met the owner hes a good guy an very friendly this is a awesome place I highly recommend it an I will definitely be back one more thing that is awesome about the place an the owner there 100 percent about American an the veterans I love it

Karla Thomas

If you want great bbq go here

Jenifer Hoeft

Great food and service, would highly recommend. Ribs were my favorite! The staff was extremely helpful and friendly!

Jim Patterson

Food is beyond amazing! Service is beyond exceptional. I would highly recommend coming hear!!

Grant Grecu

Came down from Michigan in September to visit the Arc Encounter with friends and decided to go a little out of our way to try this place for dinner. Great service starting with samples of the meats. I had tacos which were great. Good friendly place, and great food and service.

Ramona Muhlberger

Delicious! Not too salty, not too sweet, just right. My husband ate the potato salad and said it had no taste. My husband loves everything so it must've been bad. Otherwise it was a yummy meal.

Greg Binkley

Very good food reasonably priced and a hell of a good place to stop and fill the tank.

Shannon Lackey

I'm a gov employee, and This & That offered free meals to gov employees furloughed during the shutdown, so I met some friends there, and will now be a repeat customer. Great smoked wings and mac & cheese. Good selection of beers. Chill ambience, and the owner and staff are super friendly. Check it out!

Shawn Batka

Amazing authentic smoked meat BBQ. Really don't need sauce, as the flavor is amazing. Very fresh tasting and moist.

Tom Ranft

By far the best BBQ in the tri-state area. The owner supports the community and the military. If you have not been there, it is a must. Great job Guy.

Ben Reinhart

Walked in, was immediately greeted, offered samples since this was my first visit. Very clean, the atmosphere was very appropriate for the food. The food...really, really good! The staff was super friendly, made me feel like I had been there several times. Definitely recommended!!

Mark Mason

Visited this restaurant with my girlfriend because they’re offering free meals to govt employees that are affected by the shutdown

Johnny Kroger

Had a dermatologist appt behind this restaurant, was an hour and half early. Stopped in to kill time.. The person next to me was eating a taco, looked so good ordered my own. Deliciously surprised just how good it was. Had the pleasure of meeting the owner, Guy, charming as heck. Sure knew his business. His wife walked in and besides my sister, she was THE MOST sweet , nice and such a pleasure to be around. I loved my food and my whole time spent there, try it if you're in the neighborhood. You won't be disappointed.

Brittany Reid-Benguche

The food was great and the customer service was even better! Very nice folks and made sure you were taken care of. We traveled all the from the Detroit area the owner made us feel as if we were home. I would definitely recommend to anyone in the area.

Jonathan Orth

The taste was good, the side were great, wings and Ribs were over cooked and dry...could have been a bad day, usually the meat is juicy and tender.

John Neumann

Taco Tuesday's is well worth the trip. The owner's wife who served us was one of a kind, and made our experience absolutely fantastic. The brisket was awesome.....but it was actually just shredded beef, not brisket. Either way it was awesome, I'm a BBQ prude so the name was inaccurate otherwise I would have given it 5 stars

tom ault

Great food. Friendly helpful service. Music was good until an old guy tried to sing "To Love Somebody." Fortunately, we were finished eating and could head for the door.

Dave Staake

Very good food samples were a nice touch smoked egg was different but good smoked wings very good brisket tacos excellent

Tim Reedy

Honestly the best barbecue I have ever tasted. I would drive out of my way to eat at this place. The smoked wings were to die for not to mention the melt in your mouth smoked pulled pork. The place is veteran owned and has a strong support for police, first responders and military. I can’t say enough good things about the staff and the atmosphere here.


This place is amazing. The smoked wings were crazy good. The atmosphere was chill and inviting. We were greeted as soon as we walked in and offered samples. The owner took out time to talk to us about our meal and was super nice. Anyone that wants BBQ in the area come here. I shouldn't have to tell you that franchise BBQ like City and Daves is not where you go for good BBQ.

Mike Meyer

Servers were really bad food was not up to par and I'm pretty sure the owner was drunk.

Lisa Pack

It was our first visit to this place, and it was AMAZING! The staff was friendly, and offered to give us a sample of the meats, which included the brisket, pork, and wings. All of them were smoky, BBQ heaven, so it made it even more difficult to decide what to have. I chose the ribs, while my husband opted for the brisket sandwich. They were some of the best we've ever had! The side of baked beans was phenomenal, and my husband, who's not usually a great fan of green beans, ate them enthusiastically. The potato salad was just ok. The owners walked around and greeted customers, and interacted as if you're old friends. He actually gave us a taco to try just because we said we hadn't tried them before. When we go back to the area, we are DEFINITELY going to be stopping back in. I'd give it 10 stars if I could!

Jennifer Spohn

I found out about this restaurant because they were offering a free meal to federal employees affected by the shutdown in January. I went there for my meal with a couple of other employees and discovered they have the best BBQ-themed food I've had since childhood. My favorites are the BBQ pulled pork sandwich, the pulled pork tacos, and the smoked wings. They even let you sample each kind of meat before you buy it. I'm taking my parents there to eat the next time they're in town. My dad will love them!

Erin Taulman

Absolutely the best food! Staff was amazing and so kind!! Would HIGHLY RECOMMEND and will be back! VERY kid friendly and the live music was an added bonus! Loved how much they honor the military and those serving.

Dar Rider

Great BBQ in a patriotic hometown atmosphere! Staff & owner were very friendly and there was even a nice little Blues band playing the evening we were there. Worth the trip and we'll definitely be going back!

Amanda Ennis

I just wanted to say how amazing the food was! I had the pulled pork sandwich and macaroni and cheese, both were delicious! The staff and owner were so friendly and generous! I can not wait to go there again! Thank you Smokin This and That BBQ for a great experience!

Sara Thomasson

We stopped in with a large group and they were very accommodating. The staff was friendly and helpful. The food was outstanding. The ribs and pulled pork were both melt in your mouth good. Great overall experience including live music

Jerry King

The food is very good! I only gave a 4 star because you can't get a paper receipt for your meal. They email it to you. Not really trying to knock it. I've been there more than once.

Courtney Riggs

Delicious food, great atmosphere, nice country music. Overall the best smokehouse BBQ I have ever had.

Michelle Eads

Best group of people. Delectable food. Comfortable environment.

Regan Hall

Absolutely delicious food. Seriously good service. And you can tell from the awards and accolades on their walls that they're a vibrant and loved contributor in the community. This place is unique and well worth a visit.

Amber OConnor

Hands down my favorite place to eat!!! Havent had one bad thing!!! Its always so hard to decide due to its all so good!!! I love the fact the owner is a veteran. Makes me happier to spend money here. God bless our vets!!! God bless great bbq!!!

Vanessa Guarnera

Fun vibe, great local band playing. Simple chalkboard menu options. They provide you free samples if you're new there. Pork tacos were my fave , wings were crisp but still juicy! That's hard to do with smoking wings, nice job. Smoke flavor of all meat was perfect, not overwhelming at all, until 4 hours later you burp and still tasted the Ribs were not as tender as all the other meats, but all around great place to go. Servers were knowledgeable, friendly and seemed to all work well as a team.

Jeff Markovic

Absolutely a must try. Everything is great. Seriously

C Fisher

As soon as you walk in, the smell of

Virginia Simar

We saw the 4.8 rating and thought it would be good. NO. They were having Karaoke night. OK. I don't mind that too much, but it was very loud throughout the restaurant. The meats tasted good. That is the end of what I can say good about the food. The coleslaw was crispy, but not flavorful. The food was picked up at the counter, not table service. The food was served on paper rafts or pizza pan with paper on top. Just not a great place to stop in for a bite!

Mark Dunhoft

Delicious Bbq and a blues band Fri nites.

Chris R

Good food, good service, huge portions, but a somewhat confusing dine in ordering process. Also the atmosphere is geared towards military, racing and/or country music fans so it's not in my wheelhouse.

Anthony Malone

been there six or seven times over the last couple months always had a fantastic meal large portion friendly and helpful staff a great place!!!

Nicholas Metz

Fantastic BBQ. I was in town for a business trip and tried this place out. You can tell you're in for a treat driving up to the smell and seeing that smoker sitting outside. I walk in and after asking if it was my first time, they offered me a few samples to help decide what I wanted. I decided on the BBQ Tacos which where top notch. Pulled pork, topped with BBQ sauce, coleslaw and avocado. It was delicious. Will definitely stop by again next time I'm in the area.

Eric Taylor

First time here and I was greeted promptly by the gals behind the bar. The pulled pork was simply delicious along with the cole slaw. The smoky flavor really makes the pork taste like it was homemade right off the smoker. Excellent service and love the patriotic theme. Definitely a lunch time destination

Kristi Jaggers

Absolutely amazing brisket! Everyone was so friendly and offered us samples of just about anything we asked about. They even gave us a couple of mac n cheese sides for our little ones, free of charge. The brisket tacos were ridiculously good; I can't recommend them highly enough!

Chasity Kollar

Great pork tacos!! Prices are in line with most bbq places. When we arrived they offered samples of all of the meat choices since we had not been there before. This was incredibly helpful.

Melissa Davis

The place is nice, people are friendly, but wasn't crazy about the food.

john maren

Food was ok,ran out of tots but on the menu. .owner comes buy and asks us how everything is..we said OK but no tots..he yells to the kitchen get this table some tots....10 min later still no tots. .ribs were delicious though

Mieka Welykholowa

We had great service, so friendly (even the regulars) and the BBQ was outstanding. Brisket tacos were delicious. I love their honour for our front line services. Will definately go back!

Joshua Crook

Good food. Try the pulled pork tacos.

Craig Combs

Incredibly friendly staff. Great atmosphere. You can smell the smoke down the block, just follow your nose. Say hi to The Big Guy when you get there. Try the BBQ tacos, with brisket. You won’t be disappointed.

Patricia Callen

Great smoked meats. Best service ANYWHERE! They will give you samples of all their meats (wings, pulled pork, brisket). That way you know what to order. Absolutely THE BEST slaw in Greater Cincinnati. I might actually make that my next lunch on my way through. Yum!!!!

Terrisita Gray

Great food and friendly atmosphere. Owner sat down with you and made you feel comfortable as though you were at a backyard cookout. Our first time here. The food was great and the service was awesome. Go check it out.

Devin Massengale

Great food very friendly staff!

Nancy Nason

So very good! I had the smoked wings with "this" salad. Both were excellent!

Allison Lapp

Wonderful service, they went above and beyond and the food was fantastic! You can’t go wrong with any of their items!

Ethan Bradley

Great experience! They'll ask if you're military and give you a discount.

Abby Gardner

Best bbq pulled pork I’ve ever had! Great service too.

Bryan Roemer

This place is awesome!! Great food and amazing service. We had never been there and they let us sample so much until we knew what we wanted. It's also one of the most patriotic places I've stepped foot in and that takes it over the top for atmosphere. We will definitely be back for more!!

Brian Smith

Would have given it 6 stars if I had the option. Been to all the best BBQ places in the country and this by far is the best ..yes even Texas. Owner came to our table and chatted for a few min and really made us feel at home there . Will definitely be back to try more options.

Mynden Helmkamp

Walked in, was handed a smoked wing, pulled pork, and smoked brisket. Each sample was absolutely delicious! It made it horrible for me to decide what to get! I ended up getting the brisket tacos, which were fabulous, and mac n cheese, and potato salad. I've driven by this place blindly for a couple of years? I wish I had found it earlier, its amazing! City is good, but this is genuine!

Michael Whitefeather

Been everywhere from Florida to Memphis TN and St. Louis hands down this is the best BBQ we have found! I will drive the 2 1/2hrs just for the BBQ!

Janelle Schmucker

The tacos are amazing! Very family friendly and great staff.

Brian Quintana

Good BBQ, down home ambiance, and great service! They honor our nation's veterans and aren't shy about it. Unique dishes and friendly smiles. I recommend this place if you are in Northern Kentucky.

Ted Stevenson

Great smoked chicken wings Love the combination of the two sauces they offered

David Meier

For the negative reviews I did not see any of the things mentioned. Several people walked in and did not see the "order here" sign but staff asked if they had been before and directed them. Outside is a big cooker with meat smoking. Good sign. If you are new you get samples of each meat. All were tasty. Got baby back and chicken wings. Both delicious. Sides were good. As mentioned a bit small but only $1.50. Order 2! Veteran discount. Nice staff. Maybe when they have a band or super busy it is not as good. Don't know but it was great for us!

Robert Schweitzer

MUST TRY!!! Great staff and the owner is one of the most generous people I’ve met. Need to try the smoke eggs and tots, you haven’t tasted anything like it. If you like supporting local businesses and good causes, spend your money here. There is no ranch, just be prepared.

Gary Staten

Wish I lived closer or I would be here everyday. Awesome place, amazing food.


Absolutely wonderful great tasting barbecue. Loved it. We were just passing thru and we stopped there. So glad we did. Big A+++

John Williams

This place is Awesome!!! My daughter and I stopped in this evening for some great barbecue. We sampled all of their meets. The pork was perfect, very juicy but not to juicy in the flavor was brilliant. The brisket had the right amount of fat so that The whole flavor was wonderful. I also ordered their rib sandwich. I was amazed at how large the sandwich was. With all of this great food I was expecting the price, I was feeding four, to be much higher than it was. The food however isn’t the best thing about this place. It’s the people. They are warm, caring, and very appreciative of their fellow man. This is the only place that I will be getting my barbecue from going forward.

Brad Metzger

I really like local places. This place is very different where everything is smoked which gives it the smoke flavor of course. That said I didn't love it. But it could just be me and you. I would have liked to seen more flavor choices in barbecue sauces someone that doesn't and meats. the weights that is very friendly they will give you plenty of samples to decide what you want. The prices are decent.

greg botos

Very slow service. Good barbeque. Good sides.

Ashley Decareau

I stopped by Smokin' tonight to try it for the first time. It was a suggestion from a friend, and I was in the area. I was welcomed immediately, and seated promptly. After telling the waitress, Toni, that it was my first time, she brought me out small samples of each meat to try before I made a decision on what to eat. I really appreciated that, as I am often hesitant of trying new places because I don't want to end up paying for food I don't like. I decided on the tacos, and they were phenomenal! There were gentleman singing and playing on the guitar, and everyone was very friendly. I had a blast! What I had intended to do was stop in and eat dinner, turned into hanging out for two hours and enjoying the company of some really awesome people. I definitely recommend coming here and giving it a shot.

Cy Jenkins

The BBQ here is DELICIOUS!! The servings are large and cost is very good. The service is very friendly and attentive. Great place to eat.

Amanda Stuber Shockency

Guy the owner was freaking amazing, really pleasant conversation with him and a few locals. Funny we all were talking, ends up all of us were from Illinois!

Mike Cook

How in the world does this place have 4.6 stars with this many reviews? The only thing I can assume is I ate food from last week. Terrible. Brisket was dried out and tater tots were old. I don’t know how to be polite and convey how bad this place is. Stay away.

Eddie Willoughby

The food is delicious. And the staff is very friendly. They have many different things to try. If you've never been, they probably have something you've never tried before.

Howard Reedy

Great food and service! Fun times!

Bobbie Jones

Wow! This place is amazing! Gave us free samples before we ordered! Was the most delicious bbq I've ever had! Owner is supper sweet and staff is amazing!

Karen Dalton

The food is absolutely delicious. If you like barbecue, there will be something for you. There's a family atmosphere, and a bar if that's your thing.

Debbie Burns

We programmed the GPS wrong and found the restaurant by mistake. The smell walking in the place told us it would be awesome. Follow the footprints to the counter and ask for samples. OMgoodness the brisket, pork and wings are amazing. We ordered 2 brisket tacos and a full rack of dry rubbed ribs. Best ribs we've had. Try the smoked tots. Guess we have to visit Kentucky again.

joey wiedmeyer

Staff was incredibly friendly, and the service was quick. The tacos were delicious, and the Mac and Meat is so big you won't need to eat for the rest of the day!

jayson kirk

We took a group of 65 10th graders here on a Wednesday night. Prepaid a week in advance and arrived hungry. Food was excellent and we had just about everything on the menu. Not one of our people complained. The ribs, wings, sandwich, and parfait were by far the favorites. Kids were sharing food and piggin’ out. Thanks, Guy, for feeding us and giving us great service. It was fantastic. Atmosphere was fun too with the decor and jukebox.

Karen Harris

People were nice. Buns were hard for both brisket & pork sandwiches (stale). Baked beans at least were hot. Smoked tots were cold...not frozen, but not really heated. Meat of both sandwiches was barely lukewarm. Went bcuz of high rating, but definitely will not go back.

James Creekmore

Best local BBQ, hands down. The beer system is amazing as well. Worth the visit for sure. Owner is former service member and is always trying to improve our experience. Give them a try, you won't regret it. They do catering as well.

Nicci Grigsby

Probably the best bbq I've ever had. Awesome staff! Loved every minute of it!

Matthew Branam

Very good food and atmosphere. They truly pay it forward to military and first responders with a generous discount.

Marcia McAtee

Went there as a family tonight before my son had to return to Wichita. We went there as a 'thank you' because my son (an FAA employee) read that he had fed federal workers free during the shut down. They couldn't have been nicer. The owner spent a lot of time with us and was so friendly - and pretty funny too. The food was great and there was plenty of it. Will definitely return.

Jay Grimm

Se Staff is friendly Food was ok, tater tots Not as good as hope Brisket was stringy Restrooms were not clean

Alvin Goldizen

The smoked food is the BOMB! Sides need love. Owner is all American original fella that loves his people and his food.

Brelyn Reed

Passing through town and gave this place a try, very nice people and great food

Walter Tomaszewski

I haven't had BBQ that good in a long time. Great food, great service. Nice clean place.

K & C Thomas

First visit- will definitely return! Taco Tuesday unkown to us- 3 tacos price of 2- tried one order & went back for seconds- delish! This place ROCKS! Also, carry diet dew for me, cold beer for hubby

Tony Ray

Friendly staff, Best flavor smoked wings Ive had..besides my own.!

Troy S

Great place. It's not often you go into a restaurant and are shocked by the service and food in a extremely good way. Attentive staff, huge portions, friendly other customers even!

Daniel Thomas

Great smoked pork and beef in a fun environment. Come with a hearty appetite. The portions are generous.


I have been here 3 times and have enjoyed each visit. Was greeted immediately each time, was offered free samples on my first visit and the beer is super cold. I can't say enough about this place....and the food

Jimmy Manning

Excellent prices and even better food. They let you try before you buy. Loved it!!!

Susan Studer

Great place for authentic BBQ! They smoke all day, so it's fresh, so tasty. Great casual atmosphere, fun place to meet and hang out. Live music, family game night, military benefits and lots of activities . Wonderful support place for military families and friends!

Scott Brown

Huge selection of BBQ! Had the full rack of ribs nice smoke and will seasoned. No sauce needed. Wife had the pulled pork sandwich which was also very good. Fast and good service, free samples! Good selection of craft and domestic beers as well a some local brews. If you like BBQ you'll not be disappointed if you're in the area.

daniel kuehn

Very good natural smoked wings! Could probably use some better sauces, but good by itself. Havent had anything bad on the menu!

James P

Best tasting BBQ I've ever had. The staff is amazing, the owner is an incredibly affable, upbeat guy who is a pleasure to interact with. The decor pays respect to our brave men & women in the military on every wall, and the owners give free meals to federal employees every time there is a government shutdown. Highest recommendation. Give these people your money. They have already paid it back into the community over and over with their extreme generosity.

Duetsch Pack

The staff greeted you with samples and the food was great! Nice home town feel.

Mike Jordan

Had lunch there today. Atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable. Staff is friendly. They offered samples of brisket, pork and a wing. The bbq parfait was amazing. Can't wait to go back.

Frank Rose

This place is great; samples to try, great staff and the food was amazing.

jonah sigel

This is a family owned bbq place where you can tell blood, sweat and tears go into every dish. They honor military, and those who actively serve with a discount in a fast and efficient manner. The food is fantastic and the bbq outside with the acre of chopped wood is an amazing touch. Some of the best ribs I've ever had!

Cory Loring

Amazing food, amazing people! Staff couldn't be any more friendly, owner was on hand introduced himself and gifted my son some Christmas gifts... My kind of people. Will be back with the whole family to let them experience quality food and service.

Ryan Gimlin

Nice people good food just wish there were more sauce options. Messerschmitt

The owner and his wife are awesome people with amazing food. Come check the pace our for a nice lunch, an amazing dinner and don't forget that they do catering too. Great place for some BBQ.

Kerry Perry

Just got back from a yummy dinner here! We had the pork tacos and the brisket tacos and they were amazing! The staff was very friendly and helpful (you order at the counter), and gave us several taste tests!! The mac-n-cheese was great, slaw is really good too! Can't wait to go back and try another menu item! Owner is an Ex-Marine and the place is very Veteran friendly!!

Janalyn Miller

We are here now and the food is great. The smoke flavor is great

Mike Martin

First time there.. offered us samples of the meats.. went with the brisket.. shredded on a bun. Excellent..definitely will be back.

Donel Sutton

Great food! If you're new there...they let you taste the meat before you pick! Awesome idea. Cant go wrong with any of the food though.

Ben Ashcraft

Best barbecue spot I’ve ever been to! Staff and atmosphere were spectacular. Smoked wings, brisket tacos, smoked eggs and green beans and beans. Couldn’t ask for a better experience, will definitely be back!

Rhonda Losey

OMG, food so good, makes your tongue best your brains out! Staff are great! Smiles all around.

Natalie Vaughn

My family and I were referred to This And That BBQ by a friendly couple we met during our visit to Cincinnati and Kentucky. Upon our arrival we were greeted by a nice young lady and then introduced to the owner, Guy Cummins. Guy treated us like royalty. We got to sample whatever we wanted from the menu. The kids played games and Guy sent them home with all kinds of fun books and activities. And I even got a chance to sit on his Harley Davidson

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