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111 Justice Way #107, Pikeville, KY 41501, United States

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REVIEWS OF Moe's Southwest Grill IN Kentucky

Mindy Leblanc

Horace Pearson

I have never tried this place out my phone or the Google map must have thought I stop a this place

Alberto Modolo

Fast food inside the OKC airport. The food is alright the service is fast.

New Horizons Inspections

Great food, good service. It's like a subway or cool greens, you customize you own meal. I saw all the 1 stars, I'm sure they could get really rewind at times because you stand at the counter and choose exactly what you want. Just what I like, I chose double beans and no rice. Very happy.

Linda Lou Toncrey

Was treated very rudely from staff

Jesse Attebery

Jennifer Bennett

Because of a concert, they had a line going out the door, and they handled it! The line went fast, and the food was good.

Maria Coleman

Very good food and great service

Brian Sands

The best Moe's I have ever been to period. The food is fresh and the service is top notch across the board. Download their app to get discount and free food. Use invite code DougCh44 when signing up to get points towards free food. I highly recommend the steak homewrecker.

Zenovia Wallis

Anthony Poole

Kids loved the food. We didn't eat but it's the fastest I've ever seen the kids eat. Thanks Moe's

Karen Lathan

The Service and the food is/was awesome. I will go back..

Hunni Bae

Always such a great vibe when I come to the Moe’s location in Houma. Greeted with a huge “WELCOME TO MOE’S!” on every visit. They even asked if I needed more chips as I was eating and if my visit was going good. I love that this staff goes out of their way to insure a great customer experience. And it helps that the food is awesome too!

Diane Watts

Jodie Alverson

Great service! Great food!!! I was very pleased!!!

MoeBella Blasé

Fresh food, fast service

Treshia Griffin

Good food fast and friendly

Mathura101 .

Very friendly staff and good food.

Richard Breton

It was very good, the only reason I am not giving moe’s five stars is because the food is extremely spicy .

Patrick Williams

It's good. The even have vegan options.

Carolyn Medina Ortega


Veronica Petrick

Great food great customer service friendly staff just all around great place.

Janelle Yates

Friendly atmosphere, great food, and great service.

Cris R

very good

Anthony Wilborn

Do NOT order online delivery unless you're prepared to wait over an hour and a half. Food is ok, the service is not.

Donni Collins

God aweful food, soggy stale taco shell filled with un-seasoned bland ingredients. And the keso that I was told was complementary... was salty and terrible. Then I paid $13.68 for a taco that was billed as $4.00 on the menu! Then to top it all off even the coke that came out of the machine was flat. How the hell do you screw that up? I don't directly blame the staff, I've worked at aweful places myself knowing good and well the company owners were the problem. Making bad business decisions. And to their credit the staff were friendly but it was the forced friendly you get when you know the customer service review score was bad last month and they're trying to bring their numbers back up. All I can say is never again... Now I'm going to go take something for this stomachache I paid $14 dollars for.

Janelle Harrison

I always give people or food 1 maybe 2 shots at being good , well this definitely wasn't so I'll stick to Chipotle.

Joseph Rodriguez

William R. Land

Good food friendly people very clean

Josue Santamaria

Barbara Kimble

Very good

Nyquela Fields

Perla Cardenas

Came here for the first time 4/28/18 and the service was disappointing. The staff there looked like they hate their jobs... one of the girls asked me what I wanted and as I answered her she started talking to another co-worker so rude! Me and my husband were rushed ordering (there was no one else in line but us) none of the workers made eye contact when speaking to us. It was horrible service if I could give it no stars I would. Food is not even that great gets cold as soon as you set to eat it.

Veronica Terry

Excellent promotion

kendra Bremer



I could eat Moe's every single day...if it we're just a little cheaper. Seriously, for what you get, it's a little pricey.

Scarlett Judge

Sometimes there food is dry. Pricey you will get nothing for under 8.00 except for the sides. Must try the white queso sauce. Really good.

Alejandro Nouel

Muy Bueno y saludable...


The nachos are to die for!!! I just wish the chips were thicker so they wouldn't get soggy fast.

Tasha Brazan Lirette

Love Moe's! The food and service is always the best!

Alexander Stgo

It wasnt bad, it wasnt good at all.


Best mexican fast food

Jordan Cruz

Honestly I prefer this place over Chipotle any day!

John Rhodes

Fast service, but at a cost. Asked for steak on the burrito, but got chicken. Not a huge issue, but got charged for the steak. Clean restaurant though.

Valerie Ratliff

Ben Nutter

Terrific food. Fast service. Friendly staff.

Michael Lipkin

This place is comparable to Chipotle. I definitely loved all of the sauce options. This place also offers much more toppings variety to your burrito. I loved the Lime Cilantro rice. They have very delicious fresh ingredients and delicious fresh salsa to dip your chips and food in.

Debbie Mullins

Carl Frega

My go-to for Texmex! Super friendly service, rooms of options, fresh and tasty food! The salsa bar is great.

Ese Ofurhie

Good customer service I just didn't like my food.

moonbreaze .

Online orders take over an hour longer than estimated.

Maribel Burgos

Love their vegan (tofu) options

Jyree Thomas

Eh not terrible experience but not my go to restruant

Kyle Brantley

Nick Adams

Expected another Taco bell like fast food place. It's much better, seemed to have fresh Ingredients. You are served much as you would be at Subway. Take your pick of toppings on down the line to the cashier. Salsas are also very good.

Michele Levron

Alissa LeBoeuf

Francisco Santos

Joe Williams

Highly recommend this place. Food was very good. Staff was very attentive and friendly

Dresmiff00 .

Scott Nina

The food here isn't too bad its taste is a little bit better than Taco Bell and the staff seem to just want to push you through a Gestapo Nazi style line. The staff seemed really friendly just kind of pushy

Brookes McCain

This location is real stingy with the meat and toppings. Otherwise not so bad. The price isn't worth. Go to the one in Manhattan. More bang for your buck there.

Samantha LeCruise


I got a pronounciation lesson today at this location. Didn’t know food comes with an English lesson either way that was rude. First time eating here and last. The lady that served there didn’t even get the hint when I said excuse me, she went on explaining. Customer service is really not that hard to provide

Susan Barnes

WELCOME TO MOES!!! I have tried most of their menu and its all good.

Alisha Johnson

Good fast food, good service.

Justin Killian

Vickii Love

Great food & service

Lloyd McMullen

Staff friendly and the place is clean. Kinda like a Chipotle as far as choices go. Overall good place if you're in the mood for cost effective but mediocre Southwest/Medican fare.

Bobbie Edmondson

First time going to moe,s and the last time the staff looked like they didn't like people . i order earmuff and it sat for a long time before it was giving to me. The first bite was very cold.i returned it the first worker told me i had to get back in line then the other lady told me that she will make another one for me real quick and she did and it was cold . i went home and heated it up burrito zone is alot better.

Tania Prezas

Clean, quick service. The tofu quesadilla could have had a bit more tofu. Free children's meal with an adult's meal on Saturdays and Sundays!

Morgan Matthews

Loved it

Tifferi' Hollins

Literally my favorite place. Always greeted and always feel welcomed. Parking is terrible but NOT moes fault. The cashiers are my favorite super sweet and nice

Matthew Cloues

Typical Moe's serving tex mes southwest style food including burritos, nachos, tacos, and quesadillas with a variety of filling options. Counter ordering and they put together as you go through line. Food is nothing special but is good enough. This location is in vicinity of Durham Bulls Park, Durham Performing Arts Center, and the American Tobacco Campus and can get very crowded depending on what is going on. Physical space is fine, but like the food is nothing special but good enough.

Morgan Gabbert

Angie Carey

Extremely rude staff. Missing delivery items. Why would I want to pay someone to treat me this poorly?

Andrew Fiske

Very overpriced but the staff try their best to make you feel welcome

Caitlyn Dupre

Moe's is one of my favorite places to go when I want some delicious food. Their salsa is amazing too! Make sure you download the app for free rewards!


Always fresh

Gerry Brewer

I love their burrito bowls. I don't have a Moe's near my house. I am on the road daily for work. And, when I see a Moe's I always stop to get lunch.

Timothy McCurry

Just had a drink


Got food poisoning right after eating here. Food looked old and not fresh. The guacamole was hard and not edible. The green peppers were mushy and didn’t taste right. The lettuce was a mixture of brown and green. Something made me sick here right after eating it(never get sick off food) Also saw an employee stand on top of a counter(the exact counter she just got done preparing my food on) to bring down some more supplies. Didn’t even clean the counter after. I will not be returning here

Ruppsrunt5 .

Moe's will destroy you. It has destroyed me, and many others. Once you go there you will be trapped in an endless cycle. You will be unable to eat anywhere else. Other foods will taste of salt and sand. Moe's will be your life from there on out. I warn you viewer, if you eat at Moe's prepare yourself for a lifetime of addiction, if you are not prepared it will bring you to your knees.

Kendrick Norman

Great food!

Shelby Lickteig

The only flavor from the food was the queso. In fact, that was the only part of the meal I enjoyed and the reason for the second star. The staff was about the same as the food. The boy serving us needed to turn his hat around and wear it properly.

Sean Stringer

Best Turkey Burger!

Wallace Hinton

Great food very clean place

Shane Silkwood

The staff is not trained, the cashiers cant count change, the food sucks, the gm brandi is very unprofessional and likes to argue with customers on social media about "her store". Fire everybody and start over fresh. I can go on for days.

Sheri Mackie

Quick service and great food

TJ Hint

My Hope's were high initially walking I saw the fresh food ok the line. I immediately thought chipotle. But this would be a disrespect to them.i ordered chicken bowl in a taco shell bowl The food was poorly made taco shell was stale. And the total experience was subpar. Friendly staff though


Steve Spurlock

Great place with an excellent atmosphere. Started with burritos first couple of trips, but lately I’ve been getting the stack. Food is always cooked right and service is always excellent. Popular location in the shopping center and parking is very accessible. Getting out might be a problem, but that’s because it’s a busy area and not on Moe’s.

Julia Andre

kassy Mend


jeremy castleberry

Used to be 5 stars but with the revolving door of employees who are not trained properly it makes it hard to forgive when they don’t know the difference between corn or flower tortillas. And they really started skimping on the chips, I swear I got like 5 whole chips in my lunch today. Used to be so good now I don’t want to go back anymore.

Miranda Sturgill

Food was delicious, staff was friendly, restaurant was clean, service was great!

Amanda C

Great. They are so clean and neat.

Hunter Moody

Love the food, it's always great. Smells a bit, though.

Samlumberman1 .

Let me ask you a question. If you go to a FAST food place in an AIRPORT wouldn’t you expect to get your food decently quick? Today my dad almost missed his flight even though we showed up at the fast food place an hour and a half before his flight. They took that long to make 3 simple quesadillas. While they were making one of the quesadillas, their response to calling out putting chicken on a vegetarian quesadilla was to call us not human.

Alan Glass

Phillip Edwards

Worst Moe's I've ever been to. While you expect to pay extra at an airport eatery this places takes it a step too far. Their menu only consists of the standard Moe's fair that contains guac (think homewrecker not joey bag) so whether you want it or not you will be paying for guac. The portion sizes are also about half that of regular Moe's establishments and they do not carry any Moe's hot sauce or non-mild salsa and they upcharge you for everything.... sour cream was $1 extra!!!!! The real kicker that led me to leave a review though is that they don't automatically give you chips with your order but rather you have to ask for them even though their menu clearly says that all orders come with them, I can easily see someone in a hurry esp at an airport expecting them and going to eat their food after they get on their flight just to find that the chips are a lie.....

Jacob Pellegrin

Danielle Palmer

Eugene Thornton

Good food, and reasonable pricing.

Chris Jenkins

Chain experience in a great location for American underground workers and Durham bulls fans

Nathaniel Lawless

Burrito was tasteless and the rice was so hard it felt like I was chewing rocks and about to break a tooth. Was only able to eat the side of the burrito without rice on it. Subpar food will not be eating at this location again.

Brent Nelson

Lacey Williams

I love their burritos! Depending on who is working they're tho!

Donald Maloid

Moe-Mondays don't meet me there beat me there!

Saul And Paul The Brothers Yeet!

(Translated by Google) Good comids (Original) Buena comids

Greg Boudreaux

Kelsey Jandreau

To corporate: your employee Brenda at this location is losing you customers for life. Serving some "fresh" brown quac

Sara Nunez

Didn't like the food

Tony Dillard

A very tasty experience. You get lots of food. I barely saw the staff and the menu is a little confusing. But the salsa bar was really good and there's quite a few options. I just wonder if by my not understanding it, I lost out on several other items I may have wanted more than what I selected.

Jeremie Berthelot

Extremely good burritos

Pat Connell

They had no rice, the line that had four people in it took a half an hour, and they had one dirty spoon to flip your food on to your burrito. If your looking for free chips with your order your not gonna get them. This is the worst wannabe restaurant I've ever been at.

Matthew Walker

It's delicately declined in upkeep and deep cleaning since its opening, but it's still suitable.

Terry Brandon

Very friendly

James Hall

Moes is better than chipotle.

KIA Graves

Best burritos!


DFW Love Field is great. This one just didn't make the cut. Servers were very polite and friendly. It is a volume issue, not enough turn over to really keep everything tasting fresh.

Alexsis Allen

Ohhhhhhh my! This is the best tasting Mexican fast food I've ever tasted. The grilled chicken is so tasty. It is charred and cut into bite sizes. I love when chicken is grilled on my tacos! I ordered two soft grilled chicken tacos. The toppings were fresh and much to choose from. I topped them with pico de gallo, sour cream, lettuce, and shredded cheese. I couldn't wait to unravel the foil and take the first bite. Any entree or order placed gets a free order of fresh chips and salsa. And let me tell you, the salsa is green and spicy. I'm talking water chugging afterwards spicy. So, I didn't enjoy the salsa. But that's really a great deal you can't beat. This location advertises catering. I inquired and the employee mentioned delivery is contingent upon order and location. Private parties at home with Mexican food sounds like something to do in the future.

Richard Barrett

Fast food, Mexican style and it isn't Taco Smell.

Shawn Knight

Fast, friendly service in a clean environment.

Aurealys Candelaria

The food at this location is wonderful and the staff is super friendly, patient and Speedy when it comes to preparing Your order. I have come to this location a couple of times and I have always enjoyed their customer service and above all the food

Amanda Emmens

Was very slow. very very small burrito....very stingy with the serving size and the amount of chips you get for the price you have to pay......please give people more food. They are paying 8 dollars plus for your food don't be stingy.... Worst experience I have ever had at a moes.

I Don't

Convenient location

Big Red

Always fresh,hot and FAST.

Madison Voisin

Janina Ligonde

Faustina Cathey

Great food on the pricey side but very good

Sylvan Prater

Jeffery Roberts

Over priced did not get quality food.

jessi mccorkle

Staff was unfriendly, food was awful and the portion size was pathetic. I was very disappointed in my dining experience at the Mows in the okc airport today.

Merri Collins

Restaurant was clean, food was very good and really hit the spot. They have one of those soda dispenser where you can choice your soda from a large list... was able to mix a bunch different flavors (like more then 6) in one cup! It was rad and delicious.

Lisamarie Alan Dean

Kobe Lucas had great customer service. He made the experience here pleasurable and the food is great.

Deanna Fox

Had the carnitas tacos. They were awful. It was more like pork meat reheated with BBQ sauce on it. Carnitas are not supposed to taste Smokey/BBQ. The table-side guacamole is the only good thing I had.

John Morris

Price 4/5. Little pricey Quality 5/5. Food is fresh and tastes great. Service 3/5. Quit rolling your eyes, acting like giving me extra lettuce is gonna eat into your already exorbitant prices. Cleanliness 4/5. Clean for rush hour.

Gaynella Hamlett

They charged me for someone else order, then didn't want to give me my money back

Chris Gilley

Amazing as always

Dan Nerl

Good food, good salsas.

kenny schmidt

I haven't been there since the first time two years ago. So so, overpriced food.

Brandon Barnes

Frequent visitor and the service is always great. Love the food and the varieties available.

Nick Melvin

High but good

Rob Gottfried

Paid 8 something for a bowl and wasn't full. Need a chipotle here. They fill to the top. I also had extra meat added and couldn't find the steak. Not impressed at all.

Nick Warden

The chip machine was apparently broke,super expensive, and they tried to charge me extra for guac when it was included with the bowl i was getting. The guac looked old anyways, probably because nobody wanted to pay the extra dollar for it. This is the worst moes i have ever been to and its upsetting.

Diego Salazar

Sharon Humbarger

Fast and fresh!

Alice Ard

Enjoyed the food. The staff was very helpful. Food was fresh and hot they pay attention to detail keep it very clean. We eat there as often as we can

Jesse Seward

They make some really good burritos. And if your a vegetarian they have options.

dan ray

I love the food but there has been a smell of sewage in this place. It makes it kind of hard to eat inside. I hope they fix this problem soon.

John Williams

Very friendly employees

Spencer Dunn

I absolutely love Moe's. Great chain burrito restaurant. Enjoy the coke selection machine. So many combinations. Make sure to check out their daily deals. Burrito Mondays! Only issue is its always a struggle to get enough sour cream. Small complaint for overall terrific experience.

Isaac Lawshea

Its like Freebirds and Chipotle came to an agreement and bam. MOES

Brad Shade

Great food! Friendly staff, they were patient w my kids. I was able to get a Corona on a Sunday! The restaurant is small and crowds quickly BUT GREAT FOOD

Brian Meyer


Rocky Rollins

Chastity Partlow

Moes is by far the best southwest grill establishment that I have ever attended. This is because their place is clean, and their food is amazing! Especially their junior burritos with ground beef. Their nachos are also really good with queso. This is the place to go is you enjoy southwestern food.

Trevor Bingham

Good food. Good salsa.

Scott Carroll

A pretty decent make your own burrito place.

Vardaman Huckaby

Friendly n good food

George Acosta

The dandwich was e cellent. Id recommend the pull pork.

Joseph Billiot

Fast service. Very polite. Will give you a ton of chips if you get a to go order. Major complaint is they only have one soda machine so there is often a wait, especially if you get stuck behind a large family or group. Also, if you get a bowl, the trash can hole isn't large enough to throw away your container which is just not great.

Ashley Gipson

Great food and great service.

Yvonne T

Tyrone Humphrey

I had eaten at Moe's while working in Akron Ohio. The food there was so good I tried it here in Houma LA. The food was not as good. The service was not good.

Eva Parker

I LOVE MOES! No seriously I LOVE their queso. Granted it's like $7 for a bowl of it but its worth it. They also dont skimp on their fillings for burritos and such. Also download the app it's well worth it.

Berna Sellers

I am a when I go to Moe's I usually request something minus the meat...I had a veggie bowl, ordered to go, got back to work..and somehow a couple of pieces of meat had made it to my order. When I called Moe's, the server was very nonchalant about it - but my chopping down on a mouthful of meat repulsed me and ruined my whole appetite altogether. I will say it was tasty until then. They offered a refund and that is okay...but, I don't think I will be going back. Be more careful when preparing the bowls!

Sal Cataldo


Alex Brewer

I got the homewrecker..... it was delicious. The service was great, as well! The young ladies were sweet and helpful.

Eugene Boyanton

You know what you're getting every time can't beat that

Robin Hill

Maxwell Wang

Good location, great price.

Shawanika Covington

food was cold

Al Tariq J.

The people are cool and service is good but every time I get a burrito it’s like I can taste the cleaning supplies they use or I taste like the flat grill the use to warm up the flat bread. Either way there is an after taste with the burrito. I recommend only going in an emergency or you will eat a burrito that has that subtle after taste you can’t put your finger on.

Mozerkian 1

Best deal is the Monday lunch.

Bill Torkewitz

Same as all moes'

Wilros Rodriguez

michele torres

Good food

Brian Fields

Awesome food

krista quick


John Wheeler

These people are not in a hurry to serve you. Took them 30min to get through a 3 person line. Ordered a burrito (that comes with chips and salsa), and had to ask for the chips because they did not give me any, AFTER I answered "yes" that I wanted chips. THEN, I had to ask for the salsa, because they did not give me any when I asked for the chips. They dumped the chips in my bag, right ontop of my burrito. I had to dig through the chips to get through the burrito.

Aaron Gearheart

Tomieko Threadgill


Lonn Kaizer

Drink machine was out of order, but they don't tell you that until after you order your food and pay at the register. The men's restroom was a shambles. The staff didn't seem to care about any of this.

Kevin Gaughan

Good food

Nell Raif

I Love The Food.

Kimberly Jackson

Great place to eat

Joshua Hicks

Tasty food there highly recommend

stephanie green

Great Lunch!

Justine Roop

Fell in love my first time. Not too expensive and an easy quick bite to eat.

Corey Pitre

First time visiting amazing food and staff

Craig Smith

It's ok. Quesodia (w/ grd beef , mushrooms , sauteed onions & cheese ) was flavorless ! Making me agreeable to such a small portion. Very dissapointing.

Rocky Rogel

Worst experience buying a vegan burrito. Smallest burrito I’ve ever had and the customer service was one of the worst airport experiences I’ve ever had.

stephen c

Chicken stack was bomb.

Nicole Jones


Eddie Flanigan

Great food and service

bobby casey

Messy, unorganized. Good chance order will be messed up. Food is great though.

Josh Moellering

Kinda filthy, but the staff are amazing and the the food is good

Morgan Adams

Great place to go if you want your burrito poorly wrapped and your side of queso to lose the lid and spill all over the bag- this is the place for you! When I tried to submit a complaint online, the website was unavailable.

kayleen mciver

I order from bitesquad and when I originally got my order everything was wrong. Afterwards I drove to Moe's and ask to have it remade. The manager Marcus fixed it immediately and gave me wonderful service. Thank you Marcus!!

Sarah Paige

Very friendly staff.

Jerimy Crosby

Dennis Taylor

Food was awsome service was awsome only complaint is that the salsa bowls are not big enough to dip chips in

Travis Orr

Always very busy. Order ahead through their app if you can to avoid wait. I personally prefer chipotles food

Sarah Payne

Tripp Pollard

To be frank, Moe's is pretty much always good. This Moe's is better than okay, but isn't that great. Not as good as other locations on account of students working here, but they still have great salsa, bowls, burritos and quesadillas (don't get me started on how good the Wrong Doug stack is too). I personally recommend the Homewrecker, the Wrong Doug and the Bowls as the burritos are large and the quesadillas incredible, but if you're looking for more bang for your buck on any day other than Monday (where you ought to feel compelled to get a 5 dollar Homewrecker on Moe Mondays), the bowls come with great guac and in my opinion more meat than the burritos at a lower price. If you're going all out, though, the stack is the best thing on the menu by far. Nothing else to say.

Monica Reynolds

Fresh food at excellent prices!!

Cody T.

Jaclyn Martz

restaurant is good

Brandy B.

Good food!

Dwayne White

Good Food

akhil katpally

Kenny Warden

Really long line at lunch but progress was pretty quick. Plenty of help there to keep things moving. Food was really good.

Paul D

Home wreckers fantastic , always full of Fresh ingredients… has a good product

Rogelio Lopez

Always good anytime

Krystal Graham

Fast and fresh.

Suzanne Clark

Keri L

Moe's Monday is the best!

Michael McCallum

Have messed up my order multiple times within the past month. Do not order online, guaranteed way to mess up the up order even though it is written exactly like it should be, ingredient by ingredient, on the online order.

Lincoln Skalla

They close at 8 everyday not 10 like the website says.

SuchABeauty IsntShe

Food didn't look fresh..a lot of playing and talking on the line. There was a young, African American girl with braids that was very rude and short with me. Do kids run this place? Or are kids the only people that actually eat here?

Lakesha Campbell

Maria Mier

Delicious, especially the green salsas.

Laura Berry

Phil Johnson

Nice quick place for a burrito, but honestly they have messed up my orders twice so make sure you check what you got before you leave.

Jess McCartha

Food is rarely fresh, staff is flippant, store is often dirty. They also close early without warning, just a note on the door that everyone is gone.

Aaron Mau

logan bellamy

There is mold in the lemonade machine. Don’t eat here. The mold is in plain sight and I watched the employee put lemonade in her cup where you can clearly see the mold. Nasty.

Abby Tyler

terrell bryant

Super delicious, fresh and fast. Had the chicken bowl added bacon and lots of other goodies!

Devon Jackson

Worst of the Mexican restaurants. Tastes like industrial plastic. They couldn’t scan my Carolina card after they had made my meal, then refused to serve me and threw away my meal. Wasted time for bad food. Shame.

Natalie Herndon

Don't look at their business time online. They never stick to it


I recently (a few minutes ago) went to this Moe's because I was craving a chicken quesadilla. I went and the staff was pretty weird but that's beside the point. I told the guy I wanted a side of sour cream and a side of queso. I paid for both and only received a side of sour cream. It's my fault for going all the way home and not checking my to go box but they should have also placed the queso in my box. Not pleased.

Devon Roberts

Solid tex mex style fast food joint. Carnitas and steak are better than chicken. I liked that customer chooses what goes on the tacos or in the burrito.

Liz P

I love Moe’s but this location is subpar. I’d recommend driving the extra 10-15 minutes and go to the West Columbia Moe’s. The restaurant was dirty, trash overflowing, ice all over the floor, chips everywhere... The ground beef in my quesadilla was hard and crusty. Will not return to this location.

Yolanda Terry

Always great customer service

Matthew M

Recently renovated. Within the USC Campus. It's great! Great food. All the students come here to eat on Monday's. Welcome to Moe's!

Lewis Moore

Best southwestern diner.

Alex Scroggins

Bryan Eberl

Normally love Moes but at this location asked 3 times for more chips and each time barely gave a half a scoop. Asked for a side of queso and wasn’t even half way filled, and chips weren’t cooked all the way through.

J Harris

Staff is super friendly, very professional and food is always delicious and accurate

Scott Caughran

Excellent food and ingredients. Moe's Monday is an awesome deal too.

Wayne Carr

Great food and service

Jessica Bruce

Very poor quality of Moes. Very slow, short staffed half the time. Was very dirty almost everywhere in the store. Food didn’t taste fresh and the chicken was burnt so I was biting out hard pieces of chicken from my burrito. Don’t go here

Jordan Kessler

Food was great and I almost drowned in queso.

Greg Dyer

Dawn Jones

Eric Moore

Welcome to Moe's!!! Great food from nachos, quesadillas to salads !!!

Curtis Smoak

Very dirty all around. Floors are wet and muddy, every table left messy and never wiped down.

Yvonne Whitson


Peter Holst

We love Moe’s! The people are always so accommodating and of course, the food is fabulous!

Steven Miller

Ordered a Homewrecker online and everything went perfect. The two ladies working behind the stations could not have been any nicer.

Emily Bird

found hair in my food, took it back in, & they refused to give me a refund because I didn’t have a receipt (when i was NEVER given one). ridiculous, lost my business for good

Melanie Pauly

This place is AMAZING

Nicole Wilson

Moes is always delicious!

Marcel Lao

Chips we’re oily and grainy... had to replace them. Ordered an earmuffs and it was cold-ish. One of the soda machines kept releasing bugs on the cups. Not the best Moe’s we’ve been.

Daniel Scruggs

Love the salsa bar , if you like HOT try the reaper salsa

Anthony Green

Very good!

Cade Big Bob

Normally this moes is awesome. Been coming here since middle school when it opened. Been a patron all through college. It's always been an example of what all moes should be, until recently. I don't know if there's been a change of management recently, but the service has been noticeably worse in recent years. There is one particular person who never says welcome to moes, and changes the entire dynamic when he walks into the front of house I'm assuming it's the general manager because of the fear and awkwardness that emanates from employees whenever he emerges from the back. Moes has always been a fun place to eat but not anymore I dont ever want to eat fun food in an environment of fear ever again. The employees at this moes are always awesome and friendly without fail. It's sad to see this place sink into the sea because of shoddy management. I'd love to eat here again but it's too dang uncomfortable. Sad.

Emil Mercado

naya xoxo

Timothy Holcomb

Louis Palmer

Good food and friendly staff. Got to try the Catering it's Great!!!

Dwight Speight

Great food

Essence Byfield

Awesome!!!! The people who work there are nice and attentive.

Missy Webb

Debbie Vowell

Good food

sherill everhot


Wendy Rodgers

I loved it

Matt LeBlanc

james justice

Tera Allen

leguepheonix fortnite dudes

Dean Smith

Food and service was good my first time being there

Bryant Eubanks

I love Moe's they are friendly affordable and amazing quality of food. They offer a military discount which is always good. Their veggies always taste great and their meats are tender. Always get the queso and there Salsa bar is wonderful!

Nunya Voltaire

The Subway of Taco Bells. Still, it's good food, fast. Made to order in front of you.

seekinglight 101

Esthephany Valdez


Aaron Phillips

Good food, friendly service. Dinning room trash cans were over flowing, restrooms were not clean.

Bahaaeldin Gomaa

Welcoming all the time

David Walton

It shows they close at 9. At 7:30 the workers were already putting food up and basically told us (the people in line ahead of me, and myself by default) to go somewhere else. Schlotzskys next door was open and glad to have my business.

xxgame cool

Josh Howe

It's like Qdoba or Chipotle style place if you've been there you've been to Moe's. Now imagine that style food but waaaay better. Go to Moe's and get quick service, an easy price and delicious texmex food.

Shamra Shepherd

perris mills

Jeii Cruz

Kordell Young

It was good and they have great service

Jacob Authement

Great food and fast. Fresh ingredients.

Cainan Chiappetta

Rhonda Hall

Locutus of Borg

Perry Whetstone

Decent taste and always consistant but the skimpy scoop of chicken they put in a burrito is weak.

Ron Gramlisch

The line was nearly out the door due to the lack of employees working. The chips were stale and the tacos didn't match the description on the menu. The drink machine was out of all Coke products. But at least they yelled "Moe's" when we got inside...

Gary Cooper

Reynaldo Ospina

M Miller

Good. Food gets cold quickly

Anna Craven

Got a jr burrito, was enough for 2 people! Everything is so fresh. Lots to choose from. Attentive and employees that are good at their job. The prices are very fair for the portions. I'll be back.

Ronna Ricketts

Moes is always amazing

Iam BigBlood

Paid $11.92 for a burrito bowl that looked 3 days old and didn't have enough for a drink. Asked for a cup of water with my food and she said we dont give away free cups you need to buy a water. Terrible experience, embarrassed me in front of the whole line. Will never buy food here again.


I enjoy eating at Moe's. The food is fresh and the corn chips are made on site. You cannot go wrong with warm chips and salsa!

Stefano Masciola

Del buon cibo messicano che ti lascia soddisfatto

Bobby Stiltner

Always great food. Clean nice place.

Cindy Baker

That was a delicious meal!! Huge!

Dylan Rodrigue

Great food love le queso.

Carla Bennett

Salad bowl is amazing

Juan Alvarado

I visited moes at Bay Plaza, I gotta tell you that Ms. Rosa treated me and my wife like royalty. She introduced us to your app and sugested the rewards program. The burritos were to die for, she explained the different condiments in full detail. She is a diamond. May you realize the shine on her. Cudos to the store.

Lemmy Ousley

Amazing southwestern cuisine and very kind servers. Alright alright alright


Best food ever.

Dee C

Victoria Carrier

Delicious burritos

DestAlexis Arceneaux

Paul Langan

Very clean and professional Moe's location near American Tobacco Center Durham. I lean towards the Chipotle side a bit but Moe's is a nice place to visit, especially this location.

Collin Townsend

Good Moe's location, really cool how the building is on a decline and you can see level with the street on one side.

Ean McIntosh

Francisco Garcia

Tina Ware

Rose Koerner


Rob Crider

Muneeb Khan

Wish you could order Fish Tacos a head of time or through the app, because it takes 5-10 minute, which is tiring during lunch rush. Otherwise great location.

Thalia Ashton

This location at the American Tobacco Campus is a quick in and out dining option. Clean location and friendly. Typical Moe’s menu.

David Santana

Could be better not too spicy like spicy food

Natasha B. Watts

Welcome to Moe's! Moe's falls between Taco Bell and a sit down Mexican restaurant. Food is made right in front of you, and quickly.

Aishah Young

I love this place. Food always fresh and pleasant and clean atmosphere.

Lauren Zezenski

Friendly staff, never had any issues. Portions are great, of course they could give more food per serving but that's a corporate problem. The more you add, the bigger your burrito is...common sense.

Mel Tingley

Brittani Barrientos

Their food is always good

Azizi Hardin

Great customer service, fast, fresh, and a friendly environment

Greig Chauffe

natythabaddest' !!

A lot of choices of sauces and food really tasty

Brent Youngs

I have been eating at Moe’s for close to 15 years, love the restaurant. But every time I eat at the OKC airport location the food is horrible. The list of Problems is too long to leave on this review. Today my food was so bad I went back and asked for fresh food or a refund. I was told they don’t even cook the meat here. The purpose of going to a franchise restaurant is for consistency. I strongly suggest somebody from corporate comes out to this location and audits the restaurant and fixes the ongoing good Quality issues or pulls franchise name from the owner. It is not fair to your customers to be serving substandard food.

Dalida Javier

I dont like their food and the food looked dry just sitting there, I'd rather have real Mexican food where is all natural.

Deborah White

Food is great, only 4 stars because of that one worker that act like she doesn't like her job every time i go.

Bumper Jumper

Really good place with tacos

Houston Jackson

My go to on Mondays. Nice fresh food.

Nurys Robles

Tony Skeans

I went in and everyone said Welcome to Moe's. I like that, kind of like Cheers.

sexi Chocolate

Good eats

Theresa Chatelain

I know that for every great review... there are gonna be not so great reviews. Food is always like that because what may be yummy to one person may taste awful to another. With that said... Moes catered our daughter’s beach wedding. They arrived on time and did everything exactly as promised. When everyone was finished eating, they packed up all the food in containers that were heavy duty enough to make sure the leftovers made it home safe. The two staff members were friendly and knew what they were doing and did not need to be micromanaged. That was a plus. Did I mention that the food was delicious? We had friends attend from Texas who are very picky about their TexMex and loved the food and especially the guacamole. I would certainly recommend them to others who need an event catered. Thanks guys!

Lexx hayes

Love moes never dissapointed

Rafael Cepeda

Great food

thebritt1413 .

Liz Quick

Waste of money

Joshua Velazquez

The assistant waited about 7 minutes before she attended me although I was staring right at her ready for service. She also Spoke with obscene language and seemed uninterested in serving the line. I'm never coming back.

Jose Contreras


Heather Stanley

Jen Hendershott

Great location .. but when we ordered for delivery with uber eats only half the order showed up. I called and moes blamed the driver. So I called the driver and they blamed moes. Either way nothing was resolved and I won't do it again. Really frustrating

u dont_know_Me

Rob Elgie

Great Burritos...

Hilda Castaneda

Jay Kool

Was pretty good, was my 1st time!

Tom amoreno

We ordered the Close Talker salad. One in a large she'll the other in a bowl. Lots of fresh ingredients and choice of meats or tofu. They also have nice vinegret plus a Salsa Bar. Friendly service!

Thomas Roper

Kids love the food, I think it's much too salty.

Ryan LeBlanc

Great food but a little pricey

Lonely Lunchbox

Asked for a steak burrito got a steak burrito

joel raines

Good food

Jd Slatta

Fast tex-mex, always a clean restaurant, and very friendly staff.

Jamara Doiron

Great food. Fast and excellent customer service

Mark Ellington

Nice staff, good food. Quick!

John Roberts


wanda coleman

Nice place.

The Adventures of Morgan Tootle-Speaker

Great food! Great service! Sweet people! Amazing taco salad!! Definitely going again! They have the cool coca cola drink machine with All the types of coke products! Did you know there's a strawberry Dr. Pepper? I DIDN'T. BUT IT'S DELICIOUS!

Nishay Swinton

Food was great, great service, nice environment

Lottie James

Pricey and not good enough for the price. Order was wrong also. Disappointed

Douglas Compton

Lisa Stephens

My roadie was great from start to finish I got everything as order !!

Robyn Buckingham

Food was great. Huge portions.

Tanya N James Bacon

Use to love the place, went so much , they knew what we ordered, went today, different workers, different attitudes, food was horrible. Dont know what happened that there is so much change. But definitely not somewhere I plan on going again.

Anibal Maldonado Inestroza

Scott Magnetti

The food was absolutely terrible, I had to jump on a flight or I would have asked for my money back

Gerald Ramirez

they sale good burritos here

Kenneth ousley

Great food

Tanya Delacruz

This was our first time here. My daughter and I both really liked it

Ariadna Moreno

$ Cheap and good, with lots of sauces

Kiema Hauser

Awesome food

Vanessa Calle

Host : Chaouky Pretty bad experience here. My brother and I came to get lunch and the two women working the section neglected to give my brother his drink so we proceeded to wait for it thinking it was coming up. After a few minutes of them taking another guys order, giving him free food and a free drink, I finally confronted them asking for the drink. At this point I think the supervisor was out on the floor and overheard me asking for the drink. She claimed that she gave us the “Diet Coke” my brother didn’t order but that she gave to the other guy before finishing to attend to us. She claimed she already handed it to us and we showed her everything in our bag and didn’t move from the location since paying. Luckily the guy that came out believed us and handed us our drink! I’m just upset that we were literally the only customers there prior to the guy she gave free food came and she couldn’t even remember handing us our drink before giving everything to a non paying customer.

Cassie Stiltner

Jim Davis

Mediocre texmex. The daily specials are pretty good I guess

Wendy Tardif

Food was good Service was good. A little tacky when a table/booth was full of hot/cold bags for a catering job. Instead should have been in the back in another storage area.

Charles White

Cheap tasty texmex

Jason Branson

Two young women behind the counter January 23, 2019 are by far the rudest young ladies I’ve ever dealt with especially at a fast food establishment. Someone with your company should go through the line and see what I’m talking about. Definitely won’t consider this again. Oh, the food was way better than the staff.

Jonathan Gibson

I work at the American Tobacco Campus and this particular Moe's is my go to location. But other than the convience factor for it being close, it honestly has the best service ever. I always get greeted friendly, but seeing Reggie always is a great way to make a bad day better.

Michael Mebruer

The food was good but the staff was not quite on point or over friendly. I felt it was a bit overpriced. It cost 30 bucks for me and my girlfriend for lunch. We really went so we could here everyone say "welcome to moes" as seen on undercover boss.

Tony Rogers

Always a great experience

Brandon Doyle

It's no chipotle, but it hit the spot for lunch

Mickey Fonseca

Edward Thibodeaux

Troy Dupre

Food was greattach will not be the last time here.

Linda Wilson Toncrey

Great food, great atmosphere!!!

Mike Kennicutt

Taste was good, but I prefer hot food

Jewel Barnwell

Great atmosphere!

Forrest Liu

Probably my go-to place for quick Mexican food. Large portions are served and a wide variety of toppings are available.

Dylan Pellegrin

Suprisignly clean. Very filling

Roy Hamilton

Frank Dawahare

Erica Davis

Casual dining, great food, great service

Toni Otts

Everything is great!

Sandra Deroche

Jerry Felicies

Better and cheaper then chipotle

david cruz

Food was awesome and the staff were very friendly.

Rhonda Friedlein

Fast, friendly and good food!

Ajawesome 3100

Tammy Roberts

Bin Liu

Best Moes in the Triangle Area. Their salsa is always fresh and tasty. But recently they stop providing the spicy salsa which is a bomber.

Andrew Swanston

jahvorn white

Extremely friendly staff with great food!

Amanda Moore

Good Mexican food. Clean restaurant. Kind and personable staff. My kids love going here and ask for the chips and guacamole everytime!

Darrin Thompson

I'm a regular Moe's Patron, I am second from the top tier in the rewards program. This store is regularly out of flavors in their soda machine, and many times the store is not cleaned well in the lobby. The few times I've been there with a clean Lobby the cleaning chemicals are so strong in the air that you taste them in the food. I'll always be back it is the closest Moe's to me.

Brandon Lyall

It's like Subway for burritos (and more)! The service is generally fast, portions are generous. I usually go to the one in Pikeville every time I get an opportunity. Would recommend.

Katherine Dallett


Luis Perez

This place is amazing. The restaurant is very similar to Chipotle, except they have a greater selection of items on the menu. As far as the food goes, it was also better than Chipotle. If you like Chipotle, you will definitely like this place. Try it out!

Jamie Billiot

Always so quick and the wait staff is friendly. It is always clean. One of my favorite places to eat.

Donna Jerdee

Excellent service and food

Jose E. Martinez

Wayyyyyyy better than taco bell

Maximiliano Zayas

Great place to eat. Well seasoned food not overly seasoned like other places well done moes

Jasmine Villa

Horrible service. Ordered queso, paid extra for it. Took my order home. Got home. no queso

Christopher M Hebert

Awesome, love the welcome greeting from the crew ! Earmuffs are the best !

Jessica Lands

They had a long line but they moved the line very quickly! They were organized & the food was great

Nikki Turner

We love moes!

Thomas Kennedy

Great service, great location. Kind of like a K&W for tacos and burritos.

Jason Rodriguez

All the basic Mexican dishes and toppings you'll want. Really good for a chain..

B. Bowen

Had a very lunch experience was able to get in and out quickly. All of the staff was friendly and helpful. Definitely will eat lunch here again during the week.

David Schulman

Filling and cheap. What more could one ask?

Carolyn Newgent

friendly staff. average food. white queso was yummy

Austin Cundiff

I didnt like this particular Moe's compared to ones I've eaten at previously. I didn't feel that the ingredients were as fresh. It wasn't bad but it didnt blow me away.

Kesra Kings

First time I had MOE’S and its a hell of damn good burrito, the Queso is to die for and the free chips is a plus. Great bargain for the money. I find it way better than Chipotle

Jessie Allen

The food was great, lots of fresh toppings to choose from. The guacamole was so good. The service was okay, they were friendly enough but for me it was a little chaotic. The first girl working the order line seemed stressed and overburdened which made getting through the order line a little stressful. It seemed like they may have been lacking someone working the toppings/sauce part of the order line, too many workers running around or staring at the ceiling and not enough paying attention to the customers, keeping the line moving.

Vaani Chockalingam

Close talker ❤️

Keith Massey

Very good food and very good people.

Alisa Mappes

Staff were genuinely friendly. Breath of fresh air

Madge Joyner

The amount of food for the price was great. I made two meals from one order. Delicious

Thomas Hamilton

It's is near where I work, and the service is excellent!

David May

Moe's is the best! I'm torn between whether I like the queso or salsa more.

L. Myne

Great place to stop for lunch. Often business at 12pm Monday thru Friday.

Jeff Thacker

Good food,

Patrick Brunet

Laura Stanley

Tawana Aikens

Chad Usey

Staff was great. We walked in 10 minutes before closing and never felt rushed

The Crystal Jones TV Show

Steak burrito was delicious

Joel Klein

Got my food quickly, staff was friendly, like that you get free chips and there is a variety of salsa

Sebastian Mesquida

Amazing food and people

Jose Lopez

Food is pretty good. If you love Mexican this is the spot for a quick bite in the Bronx.

reorampage .

Walter G Heras

Eldon Bourg

Chris Bryant

Best burritos ever

Robyn Francis

Seriously bad for people with food allergies!! The lady working the counter was very thoughtless about mixing utensils in different food options. The food was good though.

Donna Levron

Great Food

Bill Hailey

Many better eating options in the vicinity for the same cost.

Kunal Singh

Tanlinda Morenita

I had to leave a star in order to leave a review. I spoke highly about Moe’s and drove all the way over here with my mother in law to just get nasty attitudes and food made how ever. Never again will I come to this one last time I’ll send anyone over here. Never again!!!!! Sad part I love moes

Travis Pell

Good food

luke sheridan

Love the huge Homewrecker burrito, and fresh salsa bar. Big flavor, good prices.

Hakim Ziyad- Bey

Within a ray of signature meals that do the job, it's no wonder this is an Uber eats favorite. The names alone excite the palate. The portions are Grand and satisfying with prompt courteous knowledgeable customer service reps they really tops off the experience of this restaurant I will visit again and again

Corey Moore

Awesome food. Staff is very prompt and amusing. Definitely the best place I've found for Mexican food in the Biloxi area.

Trenton Earnest

Nicholas Lafont

Tracey Derry

Love this place!

jcapicy C.H.

Great staff, happu, hard working, always see to strive to do better than what's asked of them.

Shanika Rayon Brown

The Burrito is good to eat.

Ray Kerr

Ashley Hart

Moe's catered our wedding reception and it was fabulous. Every guest told us they enjoyed the food and was glad we used Moe' s.

Michelle de leon navarro

The food is so good i bought a quesadilla qnd i love it

Christopher Henson

Ca kes

Literally anytime I order something I get it to go because if I’m eating at this location I’m at work, first time I ordered from this moes I thought I messed up my order thru bite. So today I called in an order, first I was put on hold like 3 times. I thought my order was pretty simply, wanted a 3 amigos with pork and then pretty much as they come with the cabbage, cilantro, pickled red onions, lite on the creme, no cheese and extra lime. So got no limes at all and instead of cabbage I got lettuce, cucumbers? and they put cheese on it. So since I’m at work I have to pick apart these tacos and hope to god I have lactaid. TLDR: this moes is terrible go to cantina 76 instead

J Williams

The prices keep going up But i would cry if this place ever left! So i just deal with it and bring my own drink lol

Ben Shields

Awesome service, food, and location. All of the workers are always enthusiastic and welcoming, and the food is consistently high quality. This Moe's is located on the University of South Carolina campus (still it's own freestanding building and not part of UofSC dining).

Joe Kunzelmann

Matt Oliver

A lot better than you might expect for a campus chain food place. Super crazy busy Monday.


The amount of chips you get with your meal depends on who is working that day. Lame.

Moriah Peyinghaus

Welcome to Moes!! Love the earmuffs!

Michael Breiling

Food was good. Service wasn't the same as the Moes near me, it was slower. And the place wasn't very clean.

lee robinette

Awesome place.

Paul Bryan

Kimberly Irvin

love it


Sherri Shedd

Enjoyed my discount for National Nacho Day.

Melissa Strong

Great food, great service!

Marco Bryner-Santos


jason jacobs

Didnt get his name but guy at the counter was great.

Nicole Charles


Consistently good food and service brightens my week

chamberline ozigbu

Chris Cook

The food was up to chain standards for the most part. Portion size on the queso was a little light. Staff was friendly and knowledgeable on how to ring up our custom order without issue. Restaurant was clean and slightly off the beaten path so it was easy to find parking for a quick in and out stop.


Davion L

Great food

Zackary Gann

Alright as far as a friendly staff and clean place this Moes was fantastic. I had a whole conversation with the burrito baristas as they crafted my Joey. The only downside to this place is that there is close to no parking but if you on campus and need a bite this is a great Moes.

Cwis, The

Too pricy for the food and the salsa is watery, but besides that, pretty good.

Nancy Ploski

The two ladies working around 11:30am on 05/14/18 were super friendly and worked well as a team. They greeted everyone who walked in. When they didn't have customers they were keeping themselves busy with prep. That's something you don't see a lot of these days. Food was great!

angelo marques

Katie Gulledge

Just bought a joey bag of doughnuts with chicken and kids quesadilla with chicken, neither of which had chicken in them. I also did not get the complimentary cookie that came with the kids meal.

Shane Johnson

Matthew Galyon

Thomas Marchbanks

Good food, decent service.

Byron Mack

The food definitely was great and it made up for the long wait I had to endure. I placed a order to pick up on the app at a specific time and I had to wait along with other people that placed their orders online. However, the food was great.

Alycia Self

SC Erica

This is a nice Moe's. The food is always fresh and well prepared, nothing special about the options that are available, but I know I will get prompt, accurate, and friendly service.

Cassidy Bartemus

Christian Oglesby

Everyone working at this location is super friendly, but the actual food is terrible. Rice isn't that hard to cook. There is no explanation for crunchy rice when people pay $10+ for stuff.

Scott McKinney

Great variety of items, fresh quality ingredients, good drink selection from the new computerized machine, nice salsa bar and plentiful complimentary nacho chips. Good burrito special on Mondays. Sometimes they close early so call before going after 7 or 8. Welcome to Moe's!

William Edwards


Josiah Sark

I got a side of queso.

Malory Hogg

Cynthia Sweet

Great, great, great

cool kiro

Best place to eat

John Eagle Miles

Christen McClure

Nick Seymour

Good service and fresh food. This location was almost empty likely because the USC students are gone.

Rosario Salcido

Gil is a great employee. The foof great and great staff

Gerardo Garzaro

Ashlynn Charles

Victoria Butterfly

I absolutely love this place. The staff are the friendliest people and they know how people eat. They don't try to downsize the portions and it's always reasonable priced. I love this place. You should try it.

Jamie Levitt

Easy Ebs

Got steak burrito , unfortunately 80% of the steak was burnt and tasted like charcoal. Disgusting and I wasted 9 dollars of my 12 dollar fast food meal

Mike Rodrigue

Qusadia was fair

Antonio Cuny

This is still the best Moe's I've been to. Always good, clean and friendly. You cant go wrong here it seems, though I've been to some where food is skimpy or cold, and service is slow or disrespectful. Not here! I really enjoy my visits, and we tend to visit as a family. Have Homewrecker every time, chips and queso! Enjoy!

Brandy Landry

Ryan Mcmillin

Loved everyone there so friendly

Jacob Petrisevac

Chipotle didn't stand a chance opening in the same area.

Maria Roman

Michael Richards

Its ok

Jaimee Bonvillain

Good food.

mclamb223 .

Delicious food, understaffed. Workers scrambled to keep up with sautéed onion, bell pepper and steak. Many customers waited while everyone else moved past them for minutes until food was ready. This happened both times I visited

jonny olson

Great food

mike cherry

The absolute worst Moe's I've ever been to! Not one employee said, " Welcome to Moe's" absolute horrible customer service and unfriendly staff!!! Needs new management!!!!

carol pankow

Food was terrible. When I asked for a bit more lettuce on my bowl I was told I should have ordered a salad. Seriously???

Makayla Hughes

Clark Babin

Always good always fresh not lying when they say we rock the house

Brittney Manzano

It was okay. I didnt really care for the taste


Jordan Bentley

Will C

Good customizable fast-service burritos

Kale Atterberry

John Ownbey-Fishel

Have been going to Moe’s for years, literally a decade now. After have been to chipotle and q’doba, Moe’s is by far the winner. And with Moe’s Monday of a burrito, drink and unlimited chips for $6.25, how can you go wrong?!

Jim Clement

David Couch

Welcome to moes good food

Maimouna Sarr

The salad bowl is delicious

Mark Sears

Used to work by this location and they gave a basket of chips with meal but now they only fit a few in the basket beside my quesadilla...about 1/4 what they used to give. Just kinda kills the fun part of Moe's and salsa bar.

Juan Dinardi


Good food. Bring a coupon for savings

Tina Graham


Manuel Brea

Betty Sialaris

Joel Baez

I like it

Angie Edwards

The food was good, the staff, not so much! If you're not happy with your job, find another one. Not a smile, threw the food together, literally! Barely even looked up at us. The negatively of hating a job weights heavily in this place. There were 5 employees working, but the tables were not cleaned and the floor was covered in food. I hate to say it, but we get friendlier service from a fast food restaurant .

Dylan Barrios

Best customer service and the food is alwayd top quality.

Jillian Santiago

More for your money $10 bowel with the works & chips

Bobby Rock Martin

Mark Holland

very god food very fresh and also helpful staff

Kirsten Cornwall

Good wraps

David Gilbert

Tim Klingensmith

Cecilio Virgen

Portions are ridiculously small...ten dollars for a small itty bitty burrito. Nuff said!

David Isaacson

Always closes early, and even if you do get food the mall staff will try to pick you off the table well before the mall closes.

Megan Williams

Maxine Hedin

Nice surprise...healthy options.

Marleny Matos

Me encantaron los Nacho

Leslie Sizemore

Good quality.

Jamie Wallace

Great tasting but skimpy .

Miguel Cruz

Good food

grisha Theodore

Love love

Jesse Weaver

I love moe's. nice sized portions with a build your own feel to it with fresh ingredients.

FYC Pope

Love this place.

Benji Borrelli

Always great quality and fast service!

Jason Cook

Jessie Taylor

Awesome place to eat!!!

Ray Diaz

Quality and how presentable food is is very poor.

Jimmie Wilson

Love the food!!!!

carlos sivilla

Sheila Moore

Mary Hyden


Kel Carbonaro

My girlfriend and I love Moe’s and this is one of the best that we have visited. No matter what state I’m in, Moe’s has never disappointed. The staff at this particular one is very friendly. Loaded our order with meat. Reheated my burrito (without being asked) because the restaurant was packed. Will visit again.

Dallas Hartsough

Great service, good food!

Jean McCorkle

The Raging Gamer Van Halen

Moe's has a great variety of food that's always fresh, well made, and delicious.

Joe Chaney

Good food, fast on your order, fix your food in front of you as you tell them what you want on it, nice employees, and they wear gloves to fix your food.

Marc Enoch

Very good healthy and good tasting food.


Super fab customer service helped me with my Uber eats order quickly!

Chasity Pardue

Best burrito place EVER!!!! ♥♥♥

Jeff T

Better than Chipotle. It will be my Chipotle like craving stop.

Ashley Litteral

Edwin Germosen

mab21273 .

I love the only other moe's I've been to so I was excited to see it in the airport. However they made my bowl with old, crunchy rice. She scraped the bottom of the bucket and even said under her breath to the other lady "its like, hard" as she served it to me. Was painful to get through but didn't have time to go back. Disappointed. Would not go again.

Charita McCollers

Fast, courteous service! Food is always the appropriate temperature and fresh!

Tracy Duplantis

Changed my mind. Left

Nelliechanelle .

Awesome food!! They even deliver as well!!

Samuel Jones

Moe's is one of my favorite spots to grab something feeling and healthy. From the time I started going to Moe's til now I rate you guys 5 stars every single time.

Mike Froebel

Protein Portions could be better mostly rice and beans

Fred Anlyan

Mexican restaurant in downtown Durham. Good selection. A number of decent choices for vegans. Very friendly and helpful staff. Reasonable prices, tasty food, and great location once you handle the parking. Recommended!

Michael Rose

Great place to grab a bite. Way better than chipotle

Chelsea Redden

The service was good, but not great. At one point, no one was in the front greeting or taking orders.


We went on MOEmonday and it was empty, we have never been to one that was empty on MOEmonday. The workers where nice but asked about my service dog. After explaining she was a service dog even though she is clearly vested they said nothing more.

Nique Carter

Everything is made right in front of you, fresh a bit pricey but worth it

christopher pagan

Food court but was good

Adam Mulchy

Love this place. Love this mall. Love Mint Vapes on the first floor too. Great shop.

Miranda Moffett Russell

Love this place. The only negative thing is by the drink machine smells horrible

emily william

Great value can split an order and fill you self up. Two people eat for 1 order

Anthony Compton

R. Hill

Gregory A. Hamm

Food was good but a little pricey. Also my wife said the sink in the women's restroom didn't work. Employees were very helpful and friendly.

Rick Green

Great food something different

Eric Richardson

Made me violently ill for a day. It was still pretty tasty, so 2 stars. Never going again though.

Darby Lachico

Great food and customer service! (Especially Dallas)

Charisse Gilbreath

Great staff, friendly! Sanitation score 98.5!!!

Niasha Blake

Wish they had more selections of beans and tortillas. Depending on who serves you, you might have a great experience. The fact that only 1 person there says " welcome to moe's" is mind boggling. Because they all should.

Greg Ivey

The best Moe's location.

Laura Clevinger

Christine Horner

Nice staff, clean restaurant

Philip Greene

tommy sizemore

Benjamin Cox

Ordered the daily special, friendly staff and great quality food

Paul anaya

Good place

Tyler Thacker


Good food and everything but there’s literally no place to park. There needs to be better parking for this’s horrible.


Will never eat here again. Firstly, i deliver from here and eat here and the order is almost certainly always wrong. Secondly, i ordered today on Grubhub and got the moomoo as i have SEVERAL times before. I called because i wanted salsa and hot chips. They tell me that the new manager says If you want the moomoo you have to get what we designate comes on it. If the new owner cares so much then he needs to take the option to add things off the menu. Also why wasn’t i called?? I called for a different resin and they brought this up. I thought this wa as warning for next time. They delivered my order with toppings i didn’t order nor pay for. I will NEVEERRRRRRR deliver from or order from this location again and i will be contacting corporate. You can’t just give people what YOU want either give them what they pay for or under the case of new management, time to adjust. I do not like ANY of the toppings given to me and i pretty much wasted my money. The new manager obviously doesn’t care about client loyalty but I’ll take my money elsewhere.

Dan Conrad

Michelle Smith

Food is great!

James Maxwell

It's 5pm. Getting the biggest load of nachos made from stale chip I've ever had. Portiins are healthy but quality is terrible.


Dingani Alexander

Great place to eat or have a group. It's a combination of Taco Bell and Subway!

kerry alexander

Always quality food and value

Mckay Wrigley

ArzoO Naqvi

This place is amazing. Absolutely love their food. And the customer service is awesome as well. A must try if you are in town.

Joel Denney

Awful and rude customer service


Was greeted and served like we were a bother to be there an hour before they closed. There was a giant pool of water in the walkway where you order. The soda machine was down and they were out of tea which they stopped selling instead of brewing more. When asked what they did have to drink they didn’t know. At this point between the rudeness and the lack of care we got our food to go so we could pick up something to drink on the way home. Upon eating our food the rice was stale and hard. I paid 25 dollars for a terrible experience and next time I’ll go to Taco Bell because it’s a higher quality. #bringbackchipotle

Ibrahim Jabbie

Kami Alexis

this place has gone downhill. used to be so good! i don’t know what changed, the food and customer service quality isn’t the same.

Jonathan Hayes

Stoped by before a baseball game. Food was great. Seemed like a good deal. Would go again.

Joshua Armstrong

By far the best burrito in town. Friendly service, and the food is always hot and fresh.

Tonia Woodley

Fast friendly service! Great tasting food!

Tim Combs

Awesome combinations here. I'm stuffed! They help me carry my food to my table.

Rhian Carreker-Ford

Good place that is directly next to the ball park. I ducked in to escape the heat and wound up buying lunch. It was decent for the price. I did really appreciate that they let people come in and just get water, I am used to places that make you buy something in or see to get water.

Robin Deal

Service is fast though it's not authentic Mexican food. Great salsa and chips.

Maria Delgado

Got sauce could use work but good food.

Kevin Allen

We love this place, especially this location. Kids night is a family favorite.

Lu Willis

The morel omelet was excellent. The cinnamon toast, made from a slice of their cinnamon rolls, was incredible.

Clint Hartsock

It's no Chipotle, but it's still pretty dang tasty.

Lauren Dufilho

The food here is always fresh and Moes Monday prices cant be beat!

J Adkins

david hall

Good food

Carol W

Good food, some of the staff, not so good


Love their guacamole.

Alicia Campbell

Awesome delicious food everytime with wonderful staff.

Emmanuel Bryant

The price of the food matches the prices. It's a friendly environment but the location is only optimal for baseball and DPAC goers.

Donald Monroe

To friendly just kidding WELCOME TO MOES

Cindy Bramel

Good food, stays busy.

Jp Ranch

Pretty good very food

Carla Illich

Really great food and service

Marty terrebonne

Great place to get a quick bite for around $10-12 bucks. All ingredients are organic, staff is friendly, and their salsa is on point. They also offer a discount on their burritos, Joey Chicken, on Mondays for lunch.

Joy Holloway

Fast service. Kids eat free Sat and Sun!

Amone Alexander

Kirsten Harrison


Delicious food better taste and price compared to Chipotle

Tricia Mullins

Good fast mexican food

Angel Powell

Good food . Good service. Good new avacado salsa


Sara Upchurch

My food was prepared promptly.

Johnny Riquero

I love Moe's.

Tim Patrick

Jennifer Rivera

Travis Cooper

Always great servive

Maria Munoz


Ellie Wallace

Sonia Clark

This was my second time... my first time which was years ago... I believe when Moe's and Chipotle became a thing... but I really enjoyed their homewreaker... their meat was seasoned well... in my opinion better than Chipotle... but I'll return back to Moe's again and more frequently this time around

Avis Tell

Love their food and friendly staff

Matthew Mahaney

We come here frequently. The food is always good quality and the staff is efficient and friendly.

Regan Case

It's SOO good it's kinda like a Chipotle

Tracey Myers

Randy Parnell

Bright and colorful with a friendly dose of "Welcome to Moe's" when you walk in. Parking is on the street or right behind them is a parking deck with alternative parking. This location keeps the standard's of the chain.

Kimona Wallace

Love this place

Chico R

This place doesn't even deserve 1 star, they can't make a simple burrito or quesadilla and the food is terrible definitely not a $10 burrito.

derrick lilly

Victor Diaz

Greg Gambill

Mondays are definitely the day to be here any burrito $5.99

Thomas Zacharias

Lillith Rene

Love their queso

John Schultz

This Moe's is a well oiled machine. They get slammed at lunch, and handle it gracefully. Service is friendly and efficient. among the more affordable options for lunch in the area

Sensimania Sound

The food is disgusting. I will never eat there again. I had a burrito the food has no flavour. If I could give this place 0 stars I would.

Mary Best

New crew very nice and customer service is much better.

David Caro

mariia e.

Delicious food. They are fast

Rosa Arimont

You enjoy the food in Moe's Southwest grill I'll check it out

Brenda Dominey

It's ok. People are very nice. Price is a little high, but all was good.

Justin Brown

A Ben


Shanna Justice

Love this place. Food is great! Friendly staff!

Awah Muirhead

Great food

Avigail Bristol

Very officiant

alex josue Rodríguez

I like saturdays(kids eat free)

Dan Wagner

How do run out of chicken and steak at 2 PM?

Job Thibodaux

I find the servings to price Is a little off and I personally do not care for the items here but my wife loves the food here but we normally stuck waiting on tofu normally relatively fast otherwise and they give free chips aswell as free salsa free refills on drinks it is pretty calm atmosphere they have strange names for most of there menu items

Laurie Rodrigue

My son is vegan. So this is a great choice for us.

A. G.

Horrible food and service!

Stephanie Williams

great place,menu hard to understanding a taco subway.


Server had an attitude and was rude to costumers and gave a tea spoon of meat 27 Oct 18 @1246

Michelle Legebow

Monroe Paddie III

Would have gave them a five star, But their price is outrageous for the little food that they give you.

Luis OFarrill

Maria Rodriguez

Nice time very friendly staff


vijendra rana

Gautam Pangaonkar

Amazing place with good tasting sauces!

George Hendrix

William Hadley

Jessica Williams

My husband and I have been coming here since it opened and have always been pleased with the quality of food and service! This time, we brought the kids!

Matthew Dobson

Sally HHarrison

Nice people, and I am gluten free, so she checked on corn chips to be gluten free, manager checked our order, nice amount of food for money


I love Moe’s. But this location, please for the love of the world, clean it. I’ve been in there multiple times and even seen managers and higher staff not care about how dirty the place was. Just because your main customers are college students doesn’t mean we’re okay with dirty restaurants. Please clean it. That’s all I ask. It’s not hard, it’s a huge part of maintaining a restaurant.

Cliff Fulmer

Food was awesome.

Daniel Fieldstone

I went here when the place was dead. I discovered if you get chips with a side of guac it can make for a very cheap snack. This was a ground breaking discovery and maybe I should publish my findings in some scholarly article that the local university in town would read. The staff was great at this location too.

emily brownlee

Parker Reid

It was Moes Monday and NO Rice??

LaFar Crocker

Place ran out of cheese,there was no sign posted,spoke with assistant manager,and he still wouldn't compensate any on the bill.

Corey Stevenson

nolan hill

Attilio Lospinoso

Food was good per usual, but they were a little on the slow side.

Michael Sagmeister

Graham Shroyer

Can be very slow some nights, still great food.

Chris Stanny

Great burrito, could have used more meat. Gave me a whole pile of chips with the burrito too. Overall good food.

Pedro Sánchez

Matt Cleaver

I went there to get a bowl... No queso... I left and went to another restaurant.

Amanda S

Great friendly service, really quick.

Cun Wen

Very nice recently renovated restaurant inside the USC campus. The food is good, especially the rice bowls.


The young woman who rolled my burrito at this location is terrible. It came out looking like a softball.

phibal rath

Atmosphere was good. Employees are friendly. Got the nachos. And it was delicious.

Jaylon McDonald

Emmanuel Torres

Can't beat Moe's Monday. Don't come on Monday if you expect fast service. If you do, order online.

Robyn Alexander

Mario Jacques

Great burrito

Matthew Lawlor

This moes had the least amount of meat on a burrito I've ever seen what a rip off.

Scott White

Went here out of pity to my kids. As usual, ungenerous helping of rather bland beans with some of the worst salsa ever made.

Ashish Patil

Super slow service under cooked rice best place to get black guacamole and instant diarrhea if you are constipated dont need a doc

Larry Pung

Good service. Typical moes food

Sarah Jane

Great Mexican If you're looking for fast food

noah swingle

Gary Martin

Food was good. Clean Restaurant.

Prithvi Tippabhatla

Simply the best food and customer service.

Matthew Nicholson

Justin Wolf

Good Mexican food, close to campus



Kurt Hamm

So good. I love Moe's generally, but this location on Main Street is the best. Had a veggie homewrecker. It was awesome. There was a Guac dip that I hadn't seen before. It was very good. Can't miss with Moe's!(TM)

Y Meng

Tiffany Givens

Lucas Clarkson

I love Moe's, namely the Homewrecker burrito. I also love their salsas and Moe's Monday. I gave this store 5 stars overall, but last time I bought a burrito, the guy making it was too busy talking with his coworkers and did a horrible job rolling my burrito. It was quite a nightmare trying to eat a burrito before it completely unravels.

Steven Fielding

Patricia Adlam

I happened upon Moe's while walking back to my hotel. I had the earmuff chicken bowl, and it was delicious. Plus, tons of food for the price. Staff was very friendly too. Will definitely go back when I'm in town next.

Taylor Lewis

The worst Moe's I have ever been too. Never was greeted with welcome to Moe's when I walked in, workers took forever to even acknowledge us, and my food was burnt. If you have any sense as a consumer, I would stay away from here

Ryan Brown

Two different people got my order wrong then was given the wrong bag of food. Waiter was rude and charged for wrong meal. All the trash cans are full and trash all over tables. This place is getting run into ground.


Kathy McFarland

John Dickey

Good customer service. Fresh food. Enthusiastic staff.

Celeste Sanders

Great fresh food. Cantrell was so sweet and made our food perfectly.

Equinox _YT

Food was good but tomatoes wernt that good or the beans it wasn't very clean but food was good i would recommend it

Tracy Mac

Matthew Tyler

The food was great!!! Injoyed Every last bite from start to finish love the employees attitude and great service will be back


A little bit dirty when busy.

Jon Barwick

If I could give ZERO, I would. The girl who "helped" me disgusted me with her attitude. I walked IN hungry and walked OUT without an appetite... had full intentions of purchasing only 2 burritos, all the while, this sad excuse for QSR is full of customers. We walk up to the front counter and this young lady with red hair and thick glasses looks at us as if we have worms crawling out of my ears and snarkly says "uhh we're closed" even though your online hours were misrepresented on google. Here's the kicker though ... I've never heard of a restaurant where it's workers cook RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME for themselves and tell me "uhh we're closed" without even an apology. In fact, I caught myself apologizing to her being the courteous individual I am. HR and management need to do a better job at hiring people with manners. This isn't McDonald's. I don't plan on making the mistake of coming back here again. I like Chipotle better, so it's fine

Jasmine Oliphant

Last week I came in to redeem my free burrito from signing up on the app. When I went to check out, the coupon scanner did not work when he tried to scan the code, so the cashier gave me a complimentary burrito and told me I could still use the code next time for the inconvenience. I went in today and the manager did not honor his workers word, saying that I already received a "free burrito" and I had to pay. I explained that he needs to tell his employees this policy because it was misleading. I was surprised that the manager did not fulfill what his employee said to me instead of just shrugging it off as nothing. I had no problem paying but I did not like the miscommunication and the way he handled the situation. Good food though. I put an extra star for the cashier I dealt with last week. He had the right idea when it comes to customer service.

Thai Anderson

William Criss

Very good service. The food was prepared well and they were not "out" of things like some of their competitors. This place seems to be well run. My wife and I both noted we would return for another visit.

John Kopp

All kinds of mediocre.

Truman Rowley

Martin F

Welcome to Moe's!

Lucas Blanchette

John David J Gregg

Like all of the Moes in Columbia. They never fail to impress. I just hate having people like them too. Call me selfish but I wish Moes Monday was only for select people so the place was not packed

Lee Tudor

Shantae Harrison

I've been here 3x and although I love the food the restaurant is always dirty. This particular visit it wasn't only dirty but had a foul odor. The floors, table tops and top of trash area always has food on them. There should be someone to clean at all times. I will start going back to the Forest Drive location where it's always clean. I would prefer not to eat when it's dirty and smelly. Very disappointed appearance wise!

Joanie Johnson

Jonathan Jones

Bring your appetite because the restaurant has wonderful food, and don't skip on the guacamole and extra cheese.

Krystal Mounts

Fast and friendly staff. Location visited have military discount.

Tammy Bogar

I love this place !!!

Chris Crochet

Xiomara Mejias

Love their taco bowls

Deanna Pizzolatto

Love Moe's! Favorite burritos in town and the staff is always super friendly and quick.

Jeannette Roman

Love the food from the Moe's. The young black male who serves, should be employee of the month. His customer service and really good, and he knows how to smile at his customers. However, the cashier named Jasmin (I believe), who worked Saturday night, March 18th, 2017, has a complete attitude problem. I wish I had the energy to point it out to her boss. But right now I hope he sees this, remembers us and offers to her some corrective action.

Nate Harvey

It's hard to beat the value that you get with the nachos, and the flavor is spot-on. Like all good chains, you know exactly what you're getting at this location versus others. This location is on my shortlist of go-to lunch places in Durham.

Heather Hotard

They know us by face when we come in for lunch!

Denise Bourg

brian clay

Not really worth going. You pay double for the same as you would a local Mexican restaurant for tacos. Shouldn't fast food be cheaper not double the price? I've had it coated a few times at work, it's pretty good, typical Tex-Mex food. Made an online order, takes me 30 mins to get there. Waited for me to come in to start making my order? Ummm isnt that the point of ordering ahead? Then they put my taco toppings on my coworkers burrito and his on mine, I could have lived with everything except that dish soap tasting cilantro, just disgusting. Anyway, had been kinda curious to try it not being catered, wasnt a fan, not terrible like taco bell but not as good as the half priced local Mexican restaurants tacos.

Juicy Jazzy

Wasn't good at all. Customer service is horrible. Could use more smiles. Just spend your money on Chipotle instead.

Laura T Moon

Best tomatillo salsa

Jason KG5VHT

Shawn Hunt

Great food, very clean. . . Staff are extremely friendly and try to make it worth your time and money to eat there. No complaints.

aubrianna kirkland

I dont know what to say the customer service was amazing they never take to long with your order and when it is done cooking it it is delicious you will never be unsatisfied !!

Katy Krieger

Great vegetarian options (tofu nachos with queso). Very filling and a decent airport food spot if you want faster, cheaper options than the sit down restaurants and bar/grill areas. Next to an open food court area with charging stations. Lots of food for the price. Margs are good but spendy (could be dropped a few dollars to be honest). Not super fast service-so be careful if you are pinched for time.

Lala Love

I did like the attitudes of some employees and rolling of the eyes of the employee making my burrito. The Customer service in this place sucks! Soon after I got my order another lady came into Moes. She complained about how the customer service has gone down hill. Then once the customer left the establishment , the employee started defending loudly the other employees bad customer service. He stated that some of the employees didn't know how to speak English so they didn't know what was going on. This statement pissed me off completely. Another employee discount his agreement saying they all knew English. In my opinion there is no excuse for bad customer service so I will not be returning. There are plenty of better places to eat downtown

Queen Poetry

I am in LOVE with their food... I have been eating at moe's for the past 8 years ever since I tried it at their GA location...

Daniel Trosclair

David Handel

Food was cold and horrific it was from lunch time over cooked and down right nasty sorry but true

Misty Hodge

Love this place

Jani Matherne

Ralphy H


Decent food. Cold. Didn't get cookie for my kid's meal. Convenient location to baseball arena.

Curtis Beasley

The value of the food and the price were great. I got a burrito and I was still thinking of it for hours. This location was also very clean. Not even a dirty table.

Jim Sexton

Always consistently good QSR food! I love Moe's!

Travis Templet

Travis Scott

Got charged 17.22 on a $5 Monday for two burritos

Caitlyn Lodrigue

Great service!!

Stephanie Short

Not good at all.

*C•G•T* .

Super food and super service

Sujitkumar Nair

Matthew M

Arnold Hamilton

Great food and service. Been here several times and the food and the people are fantastic.

Julian Varga

Always good. Go on Mondays!

Manuel De La Cruz

(Translated by Google) Very good food (Original) Muy buena la comida

Adina Thimm

Always friendly service and good food. I know fast food has high turnovers but this batch isn't the quality that is normally there.

Mike P.

Jacob Pearce

Great value compared to the surrounding food places. The employees are always friendly.

Barry R Jones Jr

First time ever eating at one of the Moe's food was good , kind seat down fast food Mexican place , I would go back Visited December 2013

Mark Simpson

Great service and food.

Kayotik Newt

Cooked Karambwan

Craving food to last you the whole day? This is one of the best place in the area to fill you up.

edwar uceta

john hosey

Quick average food at a good price

Antoinette P

Monica McNally

II went to the Moe’s in the OKC airport. I am an airline pilot and have been to many Moe’s all over the country. This is the WORST!!! The service was extremely slow. There were 7 people in front of me, and it took a half hour, with thee people working to get the rough the line. It says on the sign, chips with EVERY Meal. I had to go back and ask for mine. The chips tasted like they were mixed with old chips. They up charge for everything. I got a salad that was supposed to be 7 dollars and some change. It was $11.45 with my employee discount. I didn’t even ask for salad dressing and wanted an extra tiny salsa, and they said it would be extra. The serving portions were very small . If I could, I would show you with a picture. So disappointed. If you can avoid this Moe’s!

James Houck

food is good but they are seriously high priced

Michael Todd

I've eaten here a few times and the service is hit or miss, depending on who is on the food line. Recently, the service has gotten worse over time. No smiles, greetings or friendly service. Chik-fil-a this is not. The reason for the 1 star is the newly adopted policies. The taco salad no longer comes with the taco shell that holds the salad. Instead everything is just thrown together in a plastic container. Yum. The last two visits I purchased the burrito. I was given 1/2 a scoop of chicken and the scooper is very small to begin with. When I asked for a little more chicken I got another half scoop and a $2 and some change upcharge, bringing the meal close to $10. Today I visited and purchased a kids burrito meal to go. At the register I was informed that the manager would not allow anyone over the age of 12 to purchase a kids meal. I informed her that I was going to have lunch with my child at school and was taking him a burrito, that's why the order was to go. It was reiterated that I could not purchase a kids meal any longer. Fine, from now on when I have lunch with my child I will go to Chik-fil-a. I'm sure the food will be cheaper, taste better and I will leave with a smile from the friendly service they typically provide. Win, win.

Adam Caudill

Rebekah Amanda

Food is always great. Staff is hit or miss.

Candi Sites

First time here, food was great, fast affordable, very friendly staff and clean restaurant , definately recommend

Donald Bergeron

Great food

Mikey's RC Races

Excellent food

Mikayla Rush

Axum Chevannes

It's good

Judson Adams

L Mora

Great food but I would suggest working on your customer service. Two of the three people we came in contact with were rude and not helpful at all. I was concerned about our ticket being right and asked the nice lady checking us out to explain what we were paying for when Joanna butted in and told me it was right and that I could look at my receipt after I paid. As I mentioned, customer service training is needed!

Luke Dary

This new location is everything I love about Moe's without the crowd and more seating. Family-friendly atmosphere and plenty of high chairs. The catch is that we went during dinner on a night when there wasn't a baseball game. I would imagine lunches and game nights are probably packed.

Ed Daniels

Excellent Salad Bowls

Danielle Adams

Zackery Skelton

its goos

Andrew Timberlake

Food was great

Beau .

After you decipher the menu, the food is great. Kids eat free on Tuesday (cookie, drink, and taco). It is downtown Durham, though, so parking mayb be hard to find if you're driving.

Joshua Muhammad



Jeff Hensley

Not as good as it used to be. Food is just ok.

Rebecca Robichaux

Zari jost


Meghan Dickey

Awesome! Very friendly staff. I was helped by Dallas and she was exceptionally polite.

Mark Johnson

It's a Moe's. They offer a consistent meal at a reasonable price. This particular location is always pretty crowded around lunchtime on week days, but they move through the line quickly. They always keep plenty of salsa and containers on hand. They are also generous with the guacamole.

Ellery Fisher

Moe's is fine. Food is okay. This location was not super clean and the salsa bar was sort of destroyed on the day I visited

Doc Holladay

Best quick Mexican in Houma!

Antonio Torres Torres

Nice and clean and the food was delicious and very good prices.

X Rock Radio

Poor service. Roaches on counters...just overall filth

Tacianalizardo Lizardo

(Translated by Google) It is good food (Original) es buena comida

Adalberto Aguilar

Danny Marrero

Exceeded my expectations

Amy Parfait

Sean Griffin

They have great Mexican food the prices are great it's located on the 3rd floor at Bay plaza mall in Bronx New York


Nichole Brown


Jerry Sheets

Lynette Verdin

Great food and service.

Edward C Rog

Loved it

Jay Dee

Great food and wonderfull staff

Marcus Cato

Chicken club quesadillas are the bomb!

David Henderson

Ok airport fast food. Always have to ask the definition of the food item names.

Anthony Bang

Really good and service was surpurb

angel suarz

The food is great ....but that mall is located in is a ghetto fabolous... trash don't go to the bay plaza mall please

barry robinson

It's ok

Lol Its just me

The food here was good the first couple times I had it. Every time I went to the mall I would get Moe's, but after about the 3rd time having it my stomach started to hurt and I had to leave the mall early to go home and throw up. I don't know what happened this time but I must of gotten food poisoning from here and I don't wanna risk getting it again.

Lori Kelly

Eating with Ebony

It's ok if you can't get to chipotle or qdoba

Amber Nesbitt

Love the food and service.

Rodney Smith

Pretty good food. Great location near DBAP plus Duke employees will get a 10% discount if you have on your badge.

David H.

Service wasn't that great. Asked for two types of tacos, got one. Chicken isn't that well flavored.

Mike Taylor

The staff at this restaurant must be having a bad day as they were short with the customers, frowned the entire time, and seemed pretty put out to have to make food. Not the worst food, but dear god, we are all stuck at the airport. I get it.


It's just ok

Michael Barker

Friendly and fast

Frank Alexander

Welcome to Moooooooes!

Zuri Han

Usually I do not go to Moe's. With only exception of here. They offer free queso and chips for those attending DPAC event!!

Tiffany Hawkinson

The earmuffs is the best.

Omar Wazir


Good food!

Alexius Lovett

I came in with three orders from my job... During a luch rush places get so hectic, but they were so patient with me...Everything moved smoothly! They even helped me carry the food and drinks out to my car... :)

Norman Crenshaw

Boot on my car wheel for parking legally during lunch at American Tobacco campus. They want you to install an app or something and remember both you license plate number and parking space number and all before you leave the deck on foot- not when you leave with your car- important distinction not discovered before the boot on my wheel and $25 fine. No thanks I’ll go somewhere else.

joyce watson

Enjoy the food

Kevin Cheatham

Always love Moe's!! Make sure to go in for Moe's Monday!!

Sal Trigona

Always great service, great food

Erica Burden

Great food great people

Dominic Robinson

Never fails me

Dhanasekaran Dasarada

Good south mex

Zacky Rodriguez

Savior Static

Larry Joe Thacker

Chelsea Francois

Joseph Delos Reyes

Janeen Earwood

Food was great! A tad on the pricey side, but the portions are huge and you never leave there hungry

Richard Dillane

. Did not go to Moe's. Want to Chinese next door visited most couple years ago, was not impressed

Rod Kendrick

We eat at our local Moe's in Diberville regularly. It is always delicious!

Katelyn Green

Very quick, respectful and yummy

Michael Landry II

Roxie Stewart

Fast service.

Patrick Lasseter

Pretty good food and a great location. Visit before or after a Bulls game.

Maureen Henry Joubert


Made me wait to check out for next person to order. How inefficient. You just waste more of the first persons time and the SE and gets out the same time. Idiots.

Ronnie Adkison

Love the place... The Pikeville location had to have the friendliest manager in the restaurant business! Love the food and the salsa bar! Quick and friendly, with good food! Can't ask for more!!

Brent Duncan

Friendly staff, good food.

Frank Rouse

It's been a while since I went to Moe's and given my experience it will be a while before I go back. The person creating the dishes didn't listen when I said I wanted a little sour cream and just plopped a large dollop in my chicken bowl. The chicken itself was very dry and stringy. There wasn't a lot of it but given it's condition that was a blessing. During our meal someone spilled a large ice tea on the floor. The attempted cleanup was quick and incomplete. Two different patrons slipped and almost fell before the staff came out and made a better attempt at the cleanup. Numerous reasons to give this place a skip.

Linda Ellis

Charlene Hilliard

Food very good need more attention in the dining area. Very nasty

Larry Boggs

Rude and food was awful

Sean Walden

Maurice Ball

Excellent food. Fun atmosphere. Reasonably priced. We always enjoy eating at Moe's

Vicente Vila

Friendly service with with reliable good food

Marsha Syck

Good food and service. Like how they list the calories for each item.

jose juan

This is a nice place to have a great time ..very cozy place ..

Milleen Babin

Very good. I enjoyed my burrito.

Amanda Rivera

Love me some Mexican food. This gave me the squirts.

James Sloan

Great food, fast service. Everything you need in a lunch.

Praveen Sriram

Gave 4 stars since the meals are pricey compared to Only Burger. I come here occasionally but personally prefer Only Burger for my dining experience. Food at Moe's is delicious though and usually good service.

Maurice Hargraves

The food is always exceptional, but what makes Moe's special and worth the price is the service. This particular location seriously lacks the service we've come to expect from Moe's. We aren't welcomed in the typical moes fashion when we enter and the preparers don't use common courtesies like please and thank you. I hope management takes some time to do a little uptraining to get this location to par with the rest.

Curt Rowe

Matthew Thompson

The food was delicious and the service was much appreciated after a long day of flights.

Christine Carrier

Great food

Ronald House

Was. Not there. Try again.

Justin Tancig

Awesome burritos at a reasonable price.

Jay Olson

Waited in line for about 20 minutes with a line of people waiting to order. The employee making the food was slower than ever. Very poor portion sizes, the proteins were dry and none of the ingredients that should be hot were hot. Ordered a bag of chips and salsa which aren't even on the menu, and a quarter of them were under cooked and soggy/chewy because they didn't shake then in the fry basket while frying or pulled to quickly which makes them under cooked. The menu alone is hard to read in small print and no descriptions of the different offerings. I get better food at Chipotle and much faster service. You expect being in an airport you would get fast service because people are on the go trying to catch a plane. Not here. Don't waste your time or money here. Delaware North needs to step up their quality of service.

Parker Lawrence

Randal Blanchette

Moe's serves some big food. It's like Chipotle for the most part. Slightly different menu but for the most part about the same. Prices are a bit better tho.

Jeffery Thibodeaux

Pricey but good bang for the buck

Jay Tickle

They set the bar for slow and inconsiderate service. We waited in a short line (4-5 people) for over half an hour. I fianlly ordered and was waiting for my wife to finish ordering before I paid. The woman behind the counter left (no explanation as to why) and stayed gone for 10 minutes. We gave up aand left before she returned. If I could rate lower than one star I absolutely would.

Johnny Naron

Pretty good


Friendly staff, fresh ingredients, awesome coke machine. Better then Chipotle.

Angela Aspon

clarissa rangel

Albert Blanchard

Love it

Austin Orbeck

Matt Wilson

Friendly staff and huge burritos. Better than Chipotle any day

james black

Shawn Higgins

Always friendly and the food is good.

Ronnie Forest

Bobbi Carter

Fantastic food and service.

Tabby Jo Hurley

Karen Dorsett

I dearly love this place Great food Have never had a complaintAbout anythingI have eaten there

jackcasse .

Javier Dominguez

Burritos are on point

Chuck Fishburn

WOW : Moe's or Chipolte Don't waste your time going to Moe's. Been to 2 now Florida and now Will Rogers airport Oklahoma city. For sure wouldn't eat at airport Moe's. Food was dryer out steak was tough. Charge xtra for everything. $27.00 for 2 bowls that were not even full !! Service was not all that great either. Had to ask for chips & Salsa !!

Travis House

I love the service

David Branham


Mayada Doyle

D James

Always amazing at moe’s can never go wrong here

Rick Rizzle

Great food great service!

Chad Jackson

The food and services was great

Kenny From da parish

Janae Bosse

shawn Mccoy

Chyrl Ayers

Food is fresh and delicious. Be prepared to have leftovers.


First time excellent food great choice nice and clean

Rusty Bodden


nyah the baddie 1234

The food is great second time I ate from them

tonisha Perry

Yazzzz, they gave me life

Gina Knitter

Quick service, comfort Tex Mex


Excellent food,terrible parking

Erik Gnaedinger

Mark Pack

Good food

Austin Winkler


Great food and service

Agnes Velez

matthew pabon

Good food

Nolan Luke

Great food, great service.

Jonathan Barley

Well, its a Moe's... Tasty enough and quick. Friendly service

Julio Torres

For "mall food" it was quite good and quite fresh.

Smith Tyree

Jade Becnel

Akilah Jones

The hours at this location is not the best. They close at like 7 or 8 and there is NO parking since it's in the downtown district area! Which is EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING! They literally have 3 parking spots for moes and one of those is handicap. And so of course those spots are always full.....smh. The food is typical moes, the staff is not super peppy like at most moes, but it's right next to the Durham Bulls Stadium and the DPAC which is convenient if you're going to an event at either of those places.

Gabe Mallah

I work around the corner and frequent this location. Danielle's customer service is great!


Good place, very clean and good music. Food choice is limited. But the food was great

Kallie Boudreaux

Michelle Crow

My boyfriend and I went in MONTHS ago, and again today, and they STILL can't wrap a burrito correctly. At first I have the girl the benefit of the doubt because I thought she may be new, but months later I now know that isn't the case. Also VERY DIRTY. Clean up your act, Main Street Moe's.

travis oliver

Excellent service and very clean store

Damion Graham

Elle B.

Tracy Schultz

I love this Moe’s

Matt Boyce

Lauryn Workman

Roy Ipatzi

Xiangyang Cao

Gloria Ashley

Abby H

So slow

Belina Sengmanyvong

Friendly service. My server was very nice about me picking any of the toppings as choice, and she was very careful and precise when making my burrito. Thanks! Patio seating area was clean as well.

Dayton Pruet

Great food and location, but can be packed at lunch during the school year. Especially on Mondays when they offer the Moe's Monday burrito deal.


Michael Chandler

Straight forward and predictable

Jim saba

Tanya Hayward

Des B

Everything was fresh and good! Great options for a vegetarian

leonard johnson

Moes Monday! Great location. The staff is friendly and the food is fresh.

Bill Ray

Ordered nachos with steak and it was very good, a bit pricy for the size but good.

John Dunleavy

Katy Harrington

First of all I love Moes! Their food is good for the price and the chips/salsa are hard to beat. They load up your burrito enough that I usually take half home. Disappointed in this location though because the last time I visited they had run out of beans at 5:30 when they close at 10. How do you run out of both kinds of beans? Lol. Also I always order a home wrecker and get guac on the side during Moes Monday but the guy wouldn’t let me. I understand the policy but was just confused why I had been able to do it the other 10-12 times I’ve gone.

Aaron Hill

Really good nachos today and free because of the app

Tom Restivo

Food is always good here. Friendly staff

David Welch

Normally great however this past Saturday was less than desirable. Usually a good place to eat.

MiReina Loves

Love it!!!

Kathryn Reynolds

Very good but busy

Elem Ay

They put up with me, that's enough for 10 stars.

Daniel Rohricht

Great food, friendly staff.

Susan Grant

Arrived at 3:00 pm and the restaurant was empty as well as filthy! Every table needed to be cleaned and since I was meeting friends had to ask to have the tables cleaned. The kid by the name of Jessie was asked by another employee to clean and he walked all around sliwly cleaninv orher tables instead of the one I wanted to use. Still never made effort to sweep which the restaurant truly needed. I came in to check the food out to see if I wanted to use them to cater a luncheon and if this filthy out front how bad in back!?


Jermaine Thomas

love the food please can I move in

Petsa Ivanovic

At 3pm I made a carry out order for 20 people for 7:15pm pick up, showed up at 7:45 thinking it would probably be good to give them more time, and my order was not even half done. Had to wait until 8:10pm to get all the items. The whole place looked like a mess, chips, food, paper, greasy boxes all over the floor. It was absolutely awful. Our orders were half filled with food as well. All we got from the man who I assume was the shift manager is "sorry it won't happen again." We had a 7h bus drive home and we wasted almost an hour waiting for our food which we ordered before 3pm that day.

Tamara Holloway

I mean it's decent but I can get a steak and two sides from a diff main chain place's lunch menu than I can from here!

Topher Paul

Good food and convenient, I should go more often

Paul Dalby

I’m a former employee, I was getting food for me and a friend, and I came in around 11:30 right after they opened. Manager Marcus was working front of the line and starting everyone’s food and as soon as I got to the front he refused to make my food and made someone else make it as he went to the back to avoid talking to me, after I went through the line he came back out and went back to helping people with their order. I was also given about 5 chips in my to go bag, dont know if it was on purpose or not but after the rest of the service I recieved from the GM I wouldn’t be surprised. The rest of the employees were very kind but I felt like that was super childish and worth mentioning. Thanks.

Craig Sweeney

The Monday deal, I think it's $5.50 now for any burrito or bowl is the best QSR deal around. You can get whatever you want in it and it's packed full! Plus you get unlimited chips and salza. I get it around 3 and let it be my lunch and dinner.

Matt McCarter


Jaime Schaffer

Jason Rogers

Extremly Dirty in the food preparation area. Leaking water at beverage machines. Would not recommend this location.

Kymmya Starr

Loved the food but the service needs to improve the guy who helped us was rude

Clayton Cravath

Md. Akhtar Hossain

Favorite Mexican food.

Adam Ruonala

Just pulled up and they are closed at 845 pm bc "they are short staffed." When I walked up the staff was laughing about door being locked. Poor performance Moe's. I frequent your establishments at least once a week. This one will no longer get my business.

Nate Carnes

I brought my university class to Moe's for a celebration. The manager was very accommodating and professional.

Tyler Folkmann


This particular location seems to be very on-off for whatever reason; it's either a great experience or really terrible. I always order a Joey but for whatever reason, the line workers are stingy with your "free ingredients" - I quote this because they always tell me they're going to charge me extra for cheese! Then it's not a free ingredient! (And yes, I've factored in how no two line workers are the same). This location is dirtier than most, and there's always a problem with their Coke Freestyle machines. The salsa bar is OK during the day - but on Mondays in particular, it always runs out for whatever reason. I agree with others who say the food is bland - it is, and it didn't used to be like this. The fact that Moe's Mondays are now $5.95 - it's almost worth it just to go a different day when it's much slower (unless you want a drink) - and you can ensure your experience is better. If you really have a craving for Moe's, go visit the location in Rosewood (right next to Smashburger). It's so much nicer, cleaner, not to mention the staff is leagues better than the Main St. location! Otherwise - go to Chipotle in the Vista; it's simply a better value.

Tonyetta Buckner

Awesome Food, clean establishment and courteous and friendly service.

Avery Toutges

Kristi Reynolds

No mild salsa at 5:30?????

Sara Fowler

This Moe's was dirty, the staff was slow, the salsa bar wasn't filled, and the prices were higher

alexis bantle

Food poisoning. Never again.

Brittany B

I was an atheist until I came here. If you are looking for a religious experience on a low budget come here and get their chicken club quesadilla

Med Student Family Medicine

Too much cilantro in the tomatillo salsa

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