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REVIEWS OF Graeter's Ice Cream IN Kentucky

Frank Murphy

justmuteit .

Don't know how the ice cream is but the worse place to get a smoothie, I took a fine young lady there and we got 1 strawberry banana smoothie each. The first sip was the sweetest thing I had ever tasted it seemed to be no ice. We went back she got a sunrise something and there were chunks of ice still in it about 3 gumball size chunks, I just throw mine away it tastes like diabetes & Orange juice after u brush your teeth. Never again, if u want a smoothie Smoothie King is the place not here.

Amaryllis Jones

You can’t go to Cincinnati without having a scoop of Graeter’s (in fact I had it three times on my last business trip)! Absolutely love their ice cream. Don’t hesitate to ask the staff for a sample. Their signature is the black cherry and black raspberry chocolate chip but they have other great flavours too. I recommend seasonal flavours since they don’t last long - I had pumpkin recently and it was divine. I opt for the kiddie scoops since American scoops are HUGE compared to Canada. Also had the black cherry and buckeye (peanut butter and chocolate) most recently.

myb b.

Used to go to this downtown location before heading to work early morning and no longer will do business. Some of the employees treated "certain" customers different and have noticed this numerous occasions. Lack of eye contact and less enthusiastic when serving you. There is a tall, brunette male employee who refuses to hand "certain" customers change in hand but chooses to place it down on counter and slide it over to you with a smirk on his face...Very Rude and Unprofessional behavior. The experiences from customers rating five stars says it all versus "certain" experiences.

Katie Hallock

I'm just realizing that I've never written a review for this place!! Probably because I've been coming here for years and it just seems like a given - like, doesn't everyone know that when you're in Cincinnati, Graeter's is the place to get your ice cream? This is the closest location to my home, so this is the one I frequently go to. But I also love this location because there are benches outside and tables across the street that are perfect for the summer. Two important reasons why Graeter's is one of the best in the country: 1. Their chocolate chips can be as big as your palm! Also, have you noticed how a lot of chocolate chips taste waxy and hard? Not these! They have a nice chew to them and a super rich flavor. 2. All of their flavors are awesome. Usually, I find a favorite flavor at each ice cream shop and I stick to that one and never try anything else because I know that it won't satisfy me the way my favorite does. But at Graeter's, I get a new combo every time! Basically any flavor with their ginormous chocolate chips are a win, but I also like to consider the seasonal flavor as well!

Brian Price

Best ice cream in Cincinnati. Great location on the square. Try the raspberry chocolate chip.

Michael Teo

This is a local ice cream chain from Cincinnati that serves very good ice cream that's thick and creamy

Nathan Chick

Hot day walking around or seeing a show on Fountain Square, nothing is better than this place right off the square. Never disappoints.

Peter Linko

Great place for a treat when your downtown

Mary Hamilton

Sebastian Stankiewicz

Great ice cream and baked goods.

Ravi Patel

great milkshakes

Bhavya Mohan

The ice cream and cakes are delish .


Michael Downey

David Schertz

Good ice cream and sorbet. Decent price.

K Liriano

Just plain stupid delicious ice cream. It is a daily struggle to walk past this place without spending $$$.

Bob Coffey

My wife and I came here for her free ice cream sundae on her birthday and the Man In Charge was willing to make her any ice cream creation of about the same type. We had a delightful time. This is a popular Graeter's and before we left there were many people there. Clean bathrooms and a water fountain with cups to drink water with your ice cream. There are places to sit inside and enjoy your ice cream.

Tim Mccandless

Good ice cream.

John Swank

Went there with wife and son and had my first graiters ice cream here. Very friendly staff. There french pot method however it works allows huge delicious chunks of dark chocolate to form. Love there favorite black raspberry. They sell in many stores now and its very good,however it's just better here


Best ice cream around! We always come here at least twice on a weekend when we’re seeing a football game. Kids size cup is the perfect treat and the gelato is to die for.

levi hummons

For weeks i kept returning to this store hoping to score a cheese crown after noticing they never had them I asked to have one saved/put aside for me the young lady working the evening shift extremely rude unprofessional and flat out ghetto said she’d do so while smacking and rolling her eyes.... came back the next day to only be told that no cheese crown has been saved/ placeed aside. Places like this in this area need better selection of employees not everyone has the patience to be treated with utterly incompetent nonsense!


Delicious Danish doughnuts!

Donnie Myers

Best ice cream in town

Alex Quan

A Cincinnati classic; every time I come to Cincy for business, I always get a scoop of Graeter’s, whether it’s on a sweltering hot day or even on a night when it’s below freezing (like tonight)! Great place to grab quality ice cream with loved ones.

Michael Palte

Kara A Annecharico

It was fairly busy when we arrived, but they move through the line quickly. The service was great, but the ice cream just wasn't that good. It tasted all right, but it was definitely nothing special. I had heard so many great things about it, but it didn't meet my expectations. If you have to choose one ice cream place in Cincinnati, go to Dojo!

Colin Sebastian

Amazing ice cream! Chocolate still a favorite.

Larry Campbell

Mike Miltenberger

Tried to go to Graeters at 1020pm and the manager said they were closed. There were people inside and the hours posted on the door and online say 11pm. It was a holiday weekend (Labor Day). They should plan ahead and stay open as listed instead of closing early. Boo!!!

Mercedees Edwards

Delicious ice cream with so many flavors to choose from and great customer service. Love the location as well!

Aubrey Backscheider

I enjoy the seasonal menu offerings and birthday sundaes. Longer lines at this location.

Sean Grace

Best ice cream around. I visit this location whenever I'm on the square. Not one of their larger locations though.

Marta Wilmoth

Better than cold stone :) yum

Edward Chenard

Very nice ice cream. I have never been to a Graeter's before and I certainly enjoyed it.

Amnon Berger

Really great ice cream. I tried their peanut butter chocolate chip ice cream and it was delicious.

Guillermo Fernandez

Nice selection of ice creams, all very tasting. Chocolates and other food is also nice. Location of this store is very convenient. Staff but very friendly though, at least on that day I visited.

Husam Azma

Had two scopes of mocha ice-cream on a cone. Really big portion! Very tasty.. Yummy

Zohaib Abbasi

Cincinnati's famous ice-cream place

Brian Adams

Delicious ice cream. Vanilla iced coffee was sweet and creamy just as I like it.

Just Renee

Great for a late night snack.

Kimberly Pee Hair


Jess mayambi

Joe Wehry

The ice cream is good, no doubt. But the business management leaves something to be desired. Inconsistent portion sizes and no posted prices for the scooped ice cream = not a good value for the price.. I go in anticipating a nice treat and generally leave disappointed with the purchase.

Alex Ritt

Delicious. I can see why Oprah loves it.

Walter Ritchey

Not up for debate - this is the BEST ice cream in America. It simply cannot be beat. Their waffle cones are the way to go. Any time I'm in the Cincinnati area I bring my Graeters cooler and fill it up with pints of various flavors (they sell coolers and dry ice for long travels). But you have to try it in person too - so much better. And oddly enough, I'm lactose intolelrant, usually any icecream effects me, but I've never had an issue here. I credit their quality ingredients and simple recipe.

Haley Leisz

The ice cream here is great just like at all Graeter’s. Since this location is in fountain square, seating is limited and it’s kinda crammed. They are always super busy but the service is still friendly and fast.

Queenn Kardii Clark

Kirstin Goodwin

Tried to order a custom ice cream cake online for a birthday with zero luck...

Carolyn Whitehurst

Excellent break from the office

Rick Neff

Genuine Cincinnati experience. Don't miss the Black Raspberry Chocolate Chunk ice cream.

Aaron Anderson


Viridiana Omaña

The icecream is delicious the only but is the restroom, you need to ask for the key.

Tyler Fett

There is no better ice cream than graeters. We are huge fans. Service is always top notch and you get a good amount of ice cream for your money as well.

Stephanie Bridges

Great icecream. Convenient location. Giving a 2 star due to the customer service from Grant. While on a field trip, we wanted to stop and get our favorite icecream! Unfortunately, we had to experience the disservice that Grant had to offer. Firstly, one chaperone in our group ordered a delicious banana split sundae, without the pecans. When she got it, the one Grant made, it didn't have any whip cream or a cherry, so said chaperone politely asked for those. He huffed, snatched the sundae, whipped it onto the counter, completed the order, and went back to the kitchen huffing up a storm like the world just ended... Next order, Grant is hurrying customers to scoot up the line. That's fine, we were taking up space. So a student was up next to order. "How may I help you?" (Smug look included) "hi. I'd like to order a medium milk shake with whip cream". Then a long pause with Grant looking bug-eyed at the student, followed with, "would you like me to put milk in a cup and shake it??", Obviously very annoyed.... I bit my tongue and politely asked the student to let them know what flavor of milkshake they'd like, because I suppose it was too difficult for bug-eyed Grant to ask that in lieu of being rude... I did inform the store manager about the incident. Grant left the store pretty ticked off a few moments later. However, it wasn't just his interactions with customers. Grant was throwing things all over the counter, slamming things, rolling his eyes, just pissed off at the world. And Grant. If you were to see this, I was going to tell you that you had nice eyes in hopes of lifting your spirits, but not anymore. Noone likes bug-eyed, angry people. But the icecream was AMAZING!

Omar Imran

Melissa Song

So alarming to watch people right ahead of me get double the size of scoops as myself. I feel discriminated and cheapened. I would not recommend anyone come to this location, as clearly the training for different team members is insufficient to achieve continuity.

Rusty Lockett

Love it, Cincinnati institution

Marc Zev

Laura Kauffman

I was about the 40th person in line (for a reason) but they are efficient and move you through very quickly. Delicious ice cream!

Faisal Altalhi

peilanyu peilanyu

Kamyka Lashai

Robert Ash

Best ice cream in the USA !

Ilia Lopez

Awesome. The best Viena cofffee ICE cream and butter cookies. I miss you

Scott Cassidy

97 percent of the staff are great. ( You always have one it two anywhere) . Adam, the manager is awesome! He and a few other employees welcome me by name upon my arrival. Oh yeah, and the ice cream and ohert products are the best. Not too sure of the merchandise for I've not purchec any yet. KEEP UP THE GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE YA'LL , It keeps me coming back!

Ken Gibson

Many know that Graeter's is an ice cream magnet. However some locations also carry bakery goods such as this one on Fountain Square in the Fifth Third building. While selection is limited the quality is all Graeter's. Translated, that means graet! They also have merch for that friend or family member that has moved away.

Lisa Ashman

The workers were not very kind or friendly and extremly inefficent and slow, it took 10 minutes to get served and checked out because only one worker was helping customers and three others were standing around. I finally got my ice cream and there was a hair in it! I took it back and they tossed it in the trash, did not apologize, took forever to get me another cup. It was obvious which one of the workers' hair it was because she had really long hair that was not tied back. The floor was also filthy. The ice cream was okay but not great.

Cameron Foster

The ice cream here is amazing. Many different options to choose from.

dropshocking .

i was woundering where in the world was a good icream place and then i remebered what about this place i went there and the icecream was ok which is very on like the name which has great in it so just why save Graeter's Ice Cream Shop #RIPHARAMBE

Daniel Shapiro

The service is not as consistently good as the other locations around town, but the ice cream is still delicious

T Simpson

This location is closed for remodeling

Kendra Julion

Great selection of ice cream. Cookies & Cream was amazing

Shawnie Is Mee

I didn't like it at all. I come in here all the time but today, I had a employee and the supervisor pick on me for nothing. I bought something both times I sat in there, was just talking to my friend and they kicked me out. All of he people in there were new though so idk what the problem was.

Marie Fields

Vivek Reddy

Von Snow

Great location even better employees and services. Best ice cream and bakery.

Michael Bebo

Good ice cream.

Paige Walls

Steven Floyd

Delicious ice cream. Vanilla iced coffee was sweet and creamy just as I like it. Worth to try

Owen Stayner/ThisWorkplace360

Very good ice cream and wish we had a store in Birmingham.

Jay Mehta

Overrated is the word that came to my mind as I finished my ice-cream here. No, it wasn't pathetic at all. But there wasn't a much wow factor either. However, given a choice, I would go for Cold Stone which is few miles away in Newport. It may have a less diverse menu from Graeters but very good quality ice-cream. Ice Cream: In terms of menu, there are some good innovative items on the list and you can definitely try that. We went for Apple Cinnamon Sundae and Affogato. Affogato was actually nice with more of a rum flavor than espresso in an ice cream. Or perhaps it was Bourbon Pecan that was doing the talking. I liked the concept and the end product was good. However, Apple Cinnamon Sundae was more towards "okay" than amazing. None of the above are on their regular menu, so I may have tried a little too much. However, having had a taste of their ice creams from Kroger store, I am more certain about Cold Stone than Graeters. The lady serving us wasn't even aware that Apple Cinnamon Sundae is on their menu. She read through the ingredients on the board behind her and made it. Ambiance: The place was very crowded and remains crowded pretty much all the time because of the legacy. There is much more besides just ice-cream if you want to purchase. They made a good use of napkin holder by placing information about their history and their process of ice cream making over it. The place is a little cramped with a decent seating capacity. But if it is a warm day, you may as well take your ice cream out and enjoy it sitting at Fountain Square itself. Staff: The staff was good, overall. While the lady was clueless about Apple Cinnamon Sundae, the lady at the cash counter quickly jumped in and helped us out to explain to the server what do we want. That was very good. There was a huge crowd but the turnaround time was pretty quick, so not much of a wait there. Overall, it's a good place and worth try. But not so amazing as people here make it sound.

Ben Kuhl

Greater's has really good quality ice ream and my wife is somewhat obsessed with them. They use really good ingredients.

Dave Alzayer

Very unsafe. My wife and daughter called me crying after being surrounded. After the Bengals game on Thursday, I dropped them off at 10:45pm while I parked, but the ice cream shop doors were locked. They had closed early. My wife and daughter turned around and were surrounded by about 50 "people", the guys were yelling at them. Over the phone I heard my wife yell, " She is only 14!"

Regulo Salinas


The dessert here is absolutely AMAZING! I had to try the seasonal Pumpkin Spice Sunday and having been in ketoses for about a week or two it definitely hit the spot. I do warn you tho, the portions are big. I plan on going back after loosing a few pounds

Nick Biere

Might be my favorite ice cream place ever.

Jonte Nichols

Giacomo Luca

Delicious ice cream!

Kyoko Bartley

Rachel Port

Barbara Gifford

One of our favorite ice cream places! A must visit when in Cincinnati! You can tell by the lines that it's a local favorite as well!

Matthew Ketteman

Mike Wazyniak

Great way to end the perfect night around town with Blink.

usdsyr .

Delicious ice cream. Мороженое со вкусом детства.

Arthur Fonseca

The chocolate chips are fantastic. Very creamy! Could eat it the whole day

James Schutter

Mediocre ice cream. Texture was good but the flavor was lacking. Friendly staff and good portion sizes though.

Joshua Rubin

This is a Cincinnati staple, cakes cookies and best of all the ice cream!

bllmd1 .

John Tabor

Be sure and get your free two dip birthday Sundae !!

W. Iako Kalili Jr

I went in on a Sunday night, an hour before closing. I don’t know if it was an off night but everyone that worked here, besides Nadya, looked like someone pooped in their Cheerios. I tried to smile and be nice to Destiny, who took my order, but she looked like it was her job to have boo boo face. I ordered a Brownie Sundae and a Cafe Mocha and the sundae looked like it came directly out of the cows rear end. To be fair, it was fairly busy and the staff did service the customers quite quickly.

Rae Walker

I come here all the time but all the new employees are extremely rude! The supervisor is stupid honestly. She kicked me and my friend out for being PAYING, LOYAL, CUSTOMERS & "causing a rucus" when the employee, Devon, tried to argue with us. Last time I checked, the first rule of customer service, is the CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT! They came to argue with us and kept it going when we clearly were done talking. I am beyond done with this establishment. They need to clean house with all of these employees.

Matthew Spoelstra

Some of the best ice cream I have ever had

Big Shon

Ths Graeters has sme professional ppl who wrk there, towards the end of the day, u might run into a very short supply of goods tho

Andy Lai

This is a review for their black-raspberry chocolate chip. Get it - it is delicious, creamy, and flavorful while not being exceedingly expensive. Hand-made ice cream is the rage currently, and Graeter's lives up to its competition.

Howard Jackson

Hands down the best ice cream. I'm from Louisville, and was super excited that there was a Graeter's a walkable distance from UC's campus. Ludlow is a cool street. Would Recommend. Chocolate chips are A+.

ronnie phillips

Great police shop

Khyati Rao

Amazing selection of handcrafted french pot icecreams. Pecan bourbon, double chocolate and mocha chocolate chip are my favorites.

Tim Butler

Best ice cream I've ever had.

Eric Sherwood

Good stop for a break while walking through Fountain Square. Might be a bit of a wait in line (which sometimes means you wait outside).

Doug Fung

Black raspberry chip!

Jessica Showalter

Christopher Tucker

Sergey Zakharov

Stephen Turner

Wonderful place to take a break while skating on the Fountain Square.

Joey Polk

Line was long, but worth the wait.

Terrific Bloke

Wendell Williams

Clean, good pastries and good selection of great ice cream. Friendly employees. Service can be slow but worth the wait.

michael shea

Excellent as always.

Justin Wray

Kevin Cornish

Staff is very understanding and they also maintain the cleanliness of the area effieciently

Mike Messig

Been there they have very good coffee and it is clean

Travis Wise

James Williams

Louis Frey

love the ice cream

Keenan Ryan

Very yummy

Karin Marks

Great place and the best black raspberry chocolate chip ice cream!!

Leah Martin-Brown

Very tasty ice cream spot in the heart of High Park neighborhood. Vast array of flavors in offer and you can sample as many as you like until you find the right pick. Loved the coconut one I had, it even had little shreds of coconut in it.

Zach Welp

Best ice cream on the planet.

Jami Anna

My daughter has a tree nut allergy and this is a huge concern when considering ice cream. The staff was so amazing when I explained our concerns! They not only opened a new fresh container of peach ice cream to ensure there was no cross contamination, but also opened a new package of cones, freshly washed their hands, put on fresh gloves and cleaned the ice cream scoops! I was so impressed! Thank you Graeter's! You will always be my #1 choice for ice cream!

kayleigh and riley

Terrible service! One of the employees gave the person in front of me the wrong item. Instead of apologizing, they proceeded to complain about him in front of him and everyone else.

RoseGold RiRi

Great people...great ice posted prices smh... Center of the city but 1 restroom... Very small tables, weirdly one line that kind of wraps to the restroom.. Its weird

Andrew Bradshaw

Best ice cream I've ever had...

A.N.C .

This review is going to be two fold. The ice cream is not great. It's icy, grainy and less than examplary. The shop is like a small cattle herding operation; and it took a long time to get a small hot fudge sundae. I was really disappointed; I can get better ice cream in the grocery store

Jonathan Newton

Ice cream, you scream

Bethany Ramage

This ice cream was some of the best I’ve cream that I have ever had in my entire life! The only reason I am giving this place 4 stars because the girl that was up front and scooping ice cream for people did not say one word! She had a look on her face like she was pissed to be there and it made me afraid to ask her for help. Haha oh and I found a hair in my ice cream cone

Kc 23

The watermelon is awesome

Anthony Ricco

Creamiest ice cream I have ever had.

Israel Belmonte

Graeter's has some of the best ice cream I have ever had. The portions are a good size for the price, and they have a large variety of flavors to to choose from. Every time I go to fountain square, I make it a must to stop by and get a chocolate malt or a double scoop chocolate ice cream.

Sylvia Bradley

Portions and taste are right on point. Well worth it. Service is a bit slow. Girls need to learn the meaning of the word HUSSLE.

Brandon Wilson

Some of the best ice cream and pastries in Cincinnati. Friendly staff and clean. My team and I frequent there for a treat. You won't be disappointed.

chaitu loya

Nice and very tasty. I recommend for kids and ice cream lovers.

Alex Efimov

Bruno Martinez Leo

Great quality Ice Cream, I love them. Bad thing is employees are usually rude.

Bee Jay

Just horrible. Unprofessional, drinking while trying to fill an order, AND told the African American guy he could not use their restroom and to user three one outside.

Christina Brock

Awesome ice cream! Had the homemade taste to it that took it over the top. The chocolate chips are no chips, they are more like huge fudge chunks! The staff is super friendly and you can sample flavors before deciding. Plus, if you're a vacationer like us they tell you about nearby attractions where you can stroll and eat ice cream.

Anuj Kapoor

Great creamy heaven.

Dawn Ard

Kaycee Schwanck

I'm just realizing that I've never written a review for this place!! Probably because I've been coming here for years and it just seems like a given - like, doesn't everyone know that when you're in Cincinnati, Graeter's is the place to get your ice cream? This is the closest location to my home, so this is the one I frequently go to. But I also love this location because there are benches outside and tables across the street that are perfect for the summer. Two important reasons why Graeter's is one of the best in the country: 1. Their chocolate chips can be as big as your palm! Also, have you noticed how a lot of chocolate chips taste waxy and hard? Not these! They have a nice chew to them and a super rich flavor. 2. All of their flavors are awesome. Usually, I find a favorite flavor at each ice cream shop and I stick to that one and never try anything else because I know that it won't satisfy me the way my favorite does. But at Graeter's, I get a new combo every time! Basically any flavor with their ginormous chocolate chips are a win, but I also like to cons

Colin Dorman

Keith Heard

I go here almost every time I make it downtown, great excuse to park underneath Fountain Square. Lots of ice cream flavors and some baked sweets to enjoy as well.

shana smith

great place

Morgan in Ontario

Great ice cream

Map Cat

One of the better stores in the chain. Great selection of flavored. Staff are friendly and professional. Open late.

Nick Cagol

Not enough places to seat, no WiFi and burning tasteless coffee. Not recommend

Taehoon Lee

Rostyslav Tverdostup

One of the best ice cream I've ever had!

Howard Jaffe

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