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REVIEWS OF Columbia Steak House IN Kentucky

General Krull

Wonderful service, delicious food, very quick for as busy as they were. Only reason 4 stars is because I asked for medium rare and got the more done side of medium.

Erin Henry

The waitress was amazing so was the food

Jonny Lizzul

Great food , Great atmosphere, the Servers very outgoing and friendly

Speedy Dave

Delicious food, great service, good prices. If you haven't been to Columbia's, you're missing out.

Corey .

Went in on a weeknight around 6:30 so it was very slow. The service was okay, a tad slow, but the real problem was the steak. I ordered a NY strip - medium. Once it finally arrived, it was completely raw in the middle. I don’t usually send food back, but that was just completely off base. They brought a steak back out. However, it was the same steak I originally cut into. This time it was charred, bubbled, and overall unappetizing. I asked to speak to a manager and he was adamant that it’s perfectly okay to serve a steak that’s been previously served and cut into. LFCHD Board of Health Regulations #19 Section 10 (10) states, “Once served to a consumer, individual portions of food shall not be served again..” I’m not an expert on food safety, but that seems like a violation. At least they took the meal off the ticket.


Great service. Food is very good. Atmosphere is very unique. Part of Lexington ky..

Krista Story

We drove 30 minutes to eat at my mom's favorite place for her birthday. We waited AN HOUR for our food. One dinner was cold as were 3 of the baked potatoes. The catfish was pathetic, mostly breading. The nighthawk special was so tough it was exhausting to cut. The kids chicken fingers were so well done nobody wanted to even try them. The waitress couldn't believe we were done eating so quick and then realized it was because most of the food remained. She did offer 10% off our bill and attempted to get the manager to see if he could do more, but he was on the phone and wouldn't even make time to discuss. Needless to say, we won't be back and I would not recommend anybody to go here.

Nick Parrish

The food was great and the service was just as good. I would highly recommend the Nighthawk special and my daughter had the steak tips and she smashed it so that means it had to be good.

Terri Ann

The baked potato is huge!

angiet11901 .

the best steakhouse in Lexington! Nice atmosphere excellent service

Cynthia Joslin

What it should look like what I got did not even get my side of bread. my dads meal did not get his Fries till we were done with our meals and when we got them they looked like they were dropped on the floor and smushed and then put on the plate not worth 14.99

Marci Martindale

Tips and baked potatoes are fabulous

Rand54 .

Recommended as a good place to eat but I was very disappointed. The steak was very chewy and stringy. The rest of the food wasn't that great. Staff was very friendly and the restaurant was clean. Won't be going back.

Debbie Kipp

It was the best that we have had in a long time nighthawk was cooked perfect and really tender chopper was huge and had plenty of bacon the gentleman that waited on us us great Will was his name and if I am not mistaken he was the host also great job by everyone

Rene Meadows

Stopped by the Richmond Road location to pick up a carry out order. My wait time was minimal but during those few minutes, I enjoyed the feel of the restaurant. Live music was being played and sung in the dimly lit dining area, creating a warm invitation. Behind me, a friendly worker sang along with the live singers in a deep voice, and shared a few minutes of pleasant conversation with me. After getting my order, the friendly worker, took a few moments to lead me out and hold both exit doors for me. I very much appreciate his kindness and taking the time to be chivalrous. Its rare to find people who take those extra steps in such a busy world. I wish I had gotten his name to thank him on here (by name). Nice experience...highly recommend. Rene Meadows

Maddy Barnes

Very good food and atmosphere

debbie campbell

Great steak and Diego salaf

cathy swain

The food was amazing staff great loved it .


Salad looked old but soup was satisfactory

Terry Tuttle

Service so slow changed diego salad not good anymore.

Keith Flora

Stopped in for lunch with a friend. I ordered the hot brown i am a big man and can eat a hefty serving of grub but damn. I ate half of this and still took home left overs for my grand daughter to eat and she was stuffed. Love this place and the food and staff. A must visit!

Becky K

Tender beef tips and a ginormis potato. So food was Great. Our server, excellent. We ate here around noon to avoid the huge crowds. Atmosphere, a bit drab but clean.

orland mark

Well we went after getting gift cards for Xmas. Sunday 1 p.m. We were seated in the very back even though tables were available in middle. Room was freezing cold and electric fireplace heater didn't work. Wouldn't move us. Our waiter took forever to take or order because he kept talking to this one table who he knew. He ignored the other tables including not ever remembering to bring refills. Brought our appitizer with food. My FF were oily and cold and either fryer was under temp or they have been sitting forever. I've had better food at Denny's. Told at first they wouldn't take our "coupons" on Sunday. I had to explain they were gift cards not coupons. What happened to this place? Use to be great.

J Smith

The food was great but the accuracy and speed from the kitchen was lacking on this visit. Our shrimp cocktail appetizer had only 7 shrimp and not the 10 shrimp that the waitress indicated it would have. My broccoli casserole turned out to be corn pudding. Both issues were quickly corrected by our waitress but I wasn't completely thrilled on this visit. I will say that it was Valentines Day and that could be a factor in the length of time it took for our main course to arrive.

Jamie Robinson

Always great food and great service! Thank you Melody for making our lunch so special! Wish you would open in Arizona!

Michael Huster

The world famous Nighthawk Special was the featured meal tonight as my wife and I split the tenderloin steak, huge baked potato, and Diego salad plus for the first time we had an appetizer of Onion straws. The Nighthawk Special was just that - Special and the Onion straws hit the spot. We never tire of going to Columbia Steakhouse because of the excellent service and succulent food.

Matthew Bryant

Left after 10mins... Dirty table, dirty floor, waited 10 mins for water and it was not a "rush" time for them.

Nicole Day

My steak was cooked perfectly! The service was wonderful and attentive.

tay Combs

I had order a steak through door dash an let me just say I tasted more of the grill then I did the steak absolutely NO SEASON taste but the bake potato an salad was better then the steak

Ronnie Goodman

Food is always excellent. Especially the nighthawk special! I would also recommend the fried banana peppers for an appetizer!

Amy Wilton

Columbia’s is a Lexington staple. We come here for lunch occasionally. We always get the steak tips swimming in a garlic butter sauce and they are always delicious. If you get a salad definitely get their Diego Salad with the house dressing. It’s delicious and has a flavor of celery that’s just outstanding. I’ve traveled in the area and people will ask about Columbia’s and how they need to try it. I always tell them they do.

Tanya Poe

Great staff and great view fully recommend

Goldilocks 7

I really used to love to eat here. I have always loved the Nighthawk special but the last few times it has not been a good experience. The steak is tough, the salad looks like it has been sitting out for a long time. I just didn't trust to eat the food. I don't like to post this review, I just hope this location can get back to what it used to be. I hope to come back and enjoy my food one day!

Shirley Stidham

The waitress was great, the food was good. We had a good time.

George Hopkins

Good place to take a friend dark laid back private great food

Valeria Tucker

I have been to Columbia's steak house twice in a month the cook is awesome everything is on point. My server Melody is great she is so attinatvte and makes sure I had everything I needed. I highly recommend you choose Columbia's for your dinner and ask if Melody is there.

Joe Bullen

The restaurant is in need of a major renovation. We went during the winter and it was cold where that say us. We asked about the fireplace that was near us but it did not work. The floors were dirty and the tables had an oily film on them. Many of the serving staff had dirty uniforms. The bathrooms were dirty and had portable heaters in them yet they were still cold. The food was well below average.

Rebecca Bushong

Great service with wonderful food. With advanced notice and an off peak time of the day they even attanged a private room for a family reunion We couldn't have asked for more. Highly recommend!

Trista Passen

Get the NIGHTHAWK SPECIAL ! ! ! Special treat for me when I'm in town with time.

Mark Smith

Food was EXCELLENT and service was good. Hostess was inexperienced.

Chancelor Fletcher

My two friends and I came in just about 2 hours ago to get food. We were seated and then overheard the servers asking about our table and who was supposed to be serving us. About 5 minutes in we finally saw our designated server for the first time. We placed our drink orders, and then proceeded to wait a good 10 minutes for drinks, and then another 5 minutes for our rolls so the service started poor. We then had to wait an estimated 40 minutes for our food, which was edible at most and very lackluster. My friend and I ordered the same things which was the Porterhouse, I got mine medium and his was medium rare. When they came to us they were switched around wrong so we had to swap steaks after having already taken bites. The food was mostly unseasoned, the steak fries I got weren't done fully and we're unsalted. All around was not a good experience, and I was kinda disappointed having paid $29 for the meal. None of us very much enjoyed anything we got to eat besides the 1 basket of rolls we received, and with that being said I'm unsure if we're supposed to get extra rolls after the first basket, but that would've been nice considering the wait.

Becky Chapman

Great food! Great service!

Ken Wayne

Good food

Sarah Harris

This place has the coziest atmosphere. I can't wait to go in cold weather so we can be seated near the fireplace. We've been getting the burgers with either steak fries or a baked potato for awhile now. It never disappoints. Big & tasty burgers, fries & potatoes. You definitely won't leave hungry.

Warren Bowen

Super very good highly recommend

Marlene Eads

The waiters and everyone was very nice. They gave each lady a flower for Mother's Day and had free peach cobbler as well. Enjoyed our visit.

Don Wilkirson

Food and service great. Don

Paula Davis

One of a kind steakhouse!! Unique and interesting atmosphere, wonderful servers and food that just can't be beat! They have juicy steak and literally the biggest baked potatoes I've ever seen!! So good that you'll be planning your next trip there before you ever leave . Yum!

Monty Pennington

One of the older restaurants in Lexington, and I wanted my wife to experience it. I had not been to Columbia in years and was a little disappointed in my memories. Service was okay but not great let the steaks did not arrive as ordered.

Wildcat Norm

The steak burger special is legit.


Two separate visits, three problems. Our first visit was only because we purchased a Groupon, which we were informed was only good at the express location downtown. OK fine, we should have read the fine print better, however, the special was a very poor quality piece of tenderloin, sitting in a small vat of garlic butter. It was rather atrocious. The vegetables were unseasoned and frankly bland, and they forgot our mac and cheese, which for some reason took upwards of 10 minutes to correct. Our second trip was no better. We ordered the sirloin medium, which came out on a sizzling plate, of course continuing to cook the meat until it was well done. I'm unsure how a steakhouse can manage to consistently screw up the steak. We absolutely will never be back.

Lee Clater

Filet Mignon was excellent, salad was fair, baked potato was overbaked and no bread! I'm sure they'll do better next go around!

Jeeper Jamie

Honestly prob the best place in town ! Ate at Merrick the other night and spent triple the mo ey and did not even get half the service or the food I got at Columbia.

Galin Ivanov

The house of the famous Night Hawk Special!!!

Jocylen Harris

I had the 6.99 hamburger and fries special it was ok the burger was great the fries we're luke warm i loved the sweet tea and the waitress was really nice and the server of our food as well...they we're in a lunch rush so dishes were piled up and tables we're dirty but the servers we're all nice and the burger was great.

David Richardson

The baked potatoes are enormous. Love the Steaks. The broccoli casserole is awesome.

Mindy King

I was at the Richmond Rd last week to try this restaurant for the first time. The food was okay. The service was good. But what really upset me was one of the employees (maybe a manager?) was very inappropriate with a female customer. She had come in to pick up a to go order, and he was flirting with her all while telling her he was engaged. Then, as she left, he and another employee watched her walk to and get into her car and proceeded to vulgarly talk about her. It was very uncomfortable for me and my family. I was very disappointed and this makes me think twice about trying this restaurant again.

Dave Reed

Yummmmm as usual, one of my favorite steak house to eat. Love their Night Hawk special!! Speedy,friendly an prompt service. I'LL BE BACK!!

Zeb Davis

Used to be really good, now it's just okay at best. Service is eh and the food has gotten worse.

Chris Reynolds

There was mold on one of our sandwiches. When we complained, they brought us a new one 30 seconds later. It was clearly just the same sandwich on different bread as the mayonnaise she had added to the fish was still on it. They just transferred food that was sitting on molded bread to new bread. When we complained to the manager, she just took the plate and took it off our bill. Didn't offer to replace it, didn't offer to comp any of our other items, and didn't even apologize. Even an apology would have been better than nothing. It wasn't the server's fault, she was more apologetic than the manager was. Horrible first time experience, we will likely not be returning to this location.

steve wray

This place has gone down hill from it's past level. Three of us ordered the Nighthawk tenderloin of beef, medium. All 3 steaks were cooked to different levels. One was rare one was almost well done and the third one was pretty close to medium. The baked potatoes were not even warm enough to melt the butter. Everything tasted pretty good but, just not like it used to be. Disappointed

Kim Huguely

I love Columbia steak house on Richmond Rd. Not only is the food good but the service is wonderful, never a bad experience.

John Lovell

Biggest and best baked potatoes in central Kentucky! I love the steak burger and my wife loves the Nighthawk Special. Love this place...

daniel ritchie

Wife was looking for something a little different than the normal steakhouse. Had just enough variety from the normal fare. Diego salad is unique flavor and fries were seasoned well. Kentucky silk pie was delicious and large enough to share. Tenderloin was cooked perfectly for our orders and had good flavor.

Steve Garrett

Steaks were not cooked with any seasoning and didn't seem to be the best quality. Service was good and the prices were reasonable

Chuck Jennette

Poor service bland food poor atmosphere

Gregory Wirtel

The 8 ounce Ribeye, instead of being a small section of a thick steak, is a 1/4" thick full size steak. This means you should forget about getting it cooked anything but well done. I asked for medium rare and got dry and brown throughout. Very expensive for my taste, and nothing special about the food. Waitresses were polite, but did not keep track of the group, so many orders went to the wrong person. No reason to go back since problems were in how they did things, not because of mistakes.

Joe Banks

Excellent as always top notch food and top notch service

Amie Fields

Very good food and very friendly staff

Daniel Yates

Melissa is the best waitress!! Service was great and so was the food. Gotta get the nighthawk.

Susan Jackson

I litteraly just left here. After an hour and a half I still had no food. There were people who litteraly came in after us and were getting appetizers. My 18 month old grandson didn't understand why he wasn't getting to eat. I left a 5 hoping this covered our drinks. P.s what makes this worse was I just moved back to Lexington and this was one of few places my dad and I are together.

Eric A. Riebau

Service was great and I loved the restaurant atmosphere. The Prime Rib I ordered wasnt the best quality, but will give them another chance in the upcoming months.

Pat Robinson

As expected, good food and service.

Jacob Armstrong

Ate at the Richmond rd location. service sucked, when we got a refill on rolls and the waitress handed us the basket, there was chocolate or BBQ sauce all over the bottom of it, and the to go boxes looked like they were dragged through icing. The nighthawk "special" has nothing special about it unless you're into eating a folded over piece of beef made to look like a sirloin. And to top it off 3/6 of us in our party (myself included) either got sick or had to find a bathroom very shortly after. 15 years ago this place was great. 2019 absolutely pathetic. Will not ever be back.

Scott Ferguson

Food great, waitress seemed to have a lot of troubles. The other waitress working around us did great. For the price we paid and a $11 tip.. it was not the level we expected. Columbia Steakhouse is a Lexington Staple and has some of the best quality steaks around. Hard to get good help. Waitress was not a bad person, just very slow, and.seemed preoccupied...Probably needs time off. Food was 5 star...service was 1 star!!

Cottrell Richardson

Love it!!!. Great service and Food

Mark Atkins

great large portions and super service and good music

Jeremy Knight

Friendly service, decent steaks and very affordable. Also it is the quietest restaurant for intimate dining.

Justin Riley

Good food reasonable price

Norma Miller

It was wonderful. The garlic and butter steak is just as I remembered it 37 years ago plus their Diego salad. I remember Smitty, the matre'd. He was friendly and welcomed everyone into the restaurant as if they were family. He worked at the first restaurant downtown. They also had two gentlemen playing country music on guitars. I went up and told them how much I appreciated them. It brought back memories. Drinks are good,too. Service was excellent as always.

omega lewis

We was there for my sister in law's birthday! We all ordered and there was people who were diabetic, and people who has blood pressure problems, and other's just snacked, because we had to be there at 6:30pm. That's a long time to wait! We waited so long for our food and wrong orders came out! As high as the prices are you would think that everything will be exactly how you ordered it. Finally everyone received their food and it's too late trying to eat. From 6:30pm to almost 9pm people were still left there waiting for their check. The two waiters were awesome, but it still wasn't enough hands for all of our family! The room had two televisions, but they didn't work and the big room we were in wasn't clean.. I couldn't enjoy my food because, I waited so long! I won't be back

Brian Hambrick

Loved it. Steak was good

Mo Lykins

Terrible!! Cold bake potato. Meat chewy. Bread cold. We won't go back.

privategardener .

Service was lacking badly today. Our waiter was quite elderly and seemed very confused from the moment he came to out our table. It took the hose several minutes to seat us all the while she was talking to friends . Not the best Day at Columbia's .

Robert Srodulski

The Night Hawk special is back! Tender, juicy and delicious. Wonderful service. Price is right.

Todd Waits

Good food and great service.

Chris Hiser

Rustic charm. Attentive staff. Food was good and prepared as requested.

John Miller

Best steak ever! Everyone is so nice. I eat there often and feel like family! Great place

Bill Buchanan

Love Columbia and have for years, but the nighthawk was tough and service was very slow (2 hrs) tonight. Probably because of father's day... but we did get free dessert.

Carmen Johnson

Food was cooked to perfection

Margaret Baeza

I was there a year ago and the night hawk was so much better. This time had no taste

Shelia Young

Ribeye was full of fat, green beans were cold and the oversized baked potato was the best thing on the plate. Most likely will be my last visit!

Art Melton

One of the last meals I had with my father in law before he passed. He loved it and for that reason so do I.

Bear Giles

Great people great food my kind place too eat

Lance Hurst

Nighthawk Special is always a good choice.

Madester Wage

The service was great. They took us in basically at closing time. Most delicious dinner rolls. The Ribeye was tasty but it was a little chewy. The steak bites were prettt good. It's was closing time so I will probably give it another shot next week.

Jenniffer Laverdure

The food quality was not so great. Burger was greasy. Steak tips were boiled and came out covered in grease and juice and was very unappealing. Beyond that my steak tips were not cooked properly and were served in a dish that made it very unappealing to eat. Took steak tips out of bowl it came in and a ton of grease came off onto the plate. Also steak tips were a bit chewy. Even the casseroles were a bit greasy. Atmosphere was very dark and dated. I think this was a place that used to be great but it is stuck in the 40s or 50s. I think they have probably a loyal following but when they are gone I don’t see them getting newer clientele as much. This place reminds me of a place that needs to be on restaurant impossible. We had higher hopes but were definitely disappointed in food quality. My husband was trained as a chef and he was disappointed in presentation but also food quality.

Tom Blake

Nighthawk special can feed an army. And it’s delicious as well. What’s kinda cool about this place is the mid to early 80’s vibe you get while eating there. You’ll know what I mean when you eat there.


We had a really great time, the prices were appropriate for the amazing service and delicious cuisine. Will definitely go back

Mary Robinson

Great food and great service.

Tim Carpenter

Decent food and tender steaks but menu has been cut way down. Not many selections to choose from. The worst part of our experience was we were seated in the back room and it was cold and drafty. The building is in need of an overhaul and remodel.

Jason Tice

The "Night Hawk Special" has lost it's 'Special'. It just wasn't up to their normal standards this evening. Serving 101- don't sit a couple, who are obviously out for a date night next to a couple with a screaming child when there are other seats available.

Bonnie Waugh

Terrible service for a reservation party of 24. Arrived at 7 pm...did not receive our food until 9 pm and some of party 9:30. Food was either overcooked, raw, mine was cool, steak had absolutely not taste was gray in color..salad was so wet that when you applied the ranch dressing it turned to a milk consistency. Never returned to refill drinks. I know they were busy and our waitress was doing the best she could as she was also waiting on a full front of the house. We were in the back room...out of site. Won't be back. I had the Night Hawke Special which was higher because it was on the Holiday Menu this was on Saturday night before Easter...was a family members 16th birthday. Eush I had taken a picture. Oh and the women's restroom was nasty.

Wes Blake

This is such a unique and cool steakhouse. Dimly lit, good service, and lots of atmosphere. The Nighthawk Special is the way to go. Diego salad and steak fries. One of a kind.

Tyler Cline

My husband and I love Columbia's! We have been coming for years. I have to brag on Jason- he is the hardest worker and is so personable!! He is one of the main reasons we come back. He always makes us feel like family. We never have to ask for anything because he is always on top of it. He is one of a kind. Food is always delicious.

Arion Jett-Seals

Great service, food was pretty good. My family enjoyed our Sunday meal.

Andrew Gaskell

Great food, great service, great atmosphere!

Chris Sedersten

My New York strip was phenomenal the owner mr penn was great

Charles Miller

Poor good. Steak was over cooked and Gristle. Baked potato was code in the center not even cooked.

Brandi Batten

Me and my dad love eating at this restaurant, however today has been the worst experience ever. We drove all the way from lawrenceburg just to sit and wait over and hour for our meal. we arrived at 11:30 and still waiting on our lunch at 12:30. they have it only looks as 1 server trying to take care of the whole building. There is NO excuse for this. You can’t give quality service to people with only one or two servers expecially at lunch time. Dad asked for a water and she said you’ll have to wait. A table came in after us and they got their food before us. This is pathetic. We won’t be back.

Mark Stovall

Great food and the best take out stake ever! The staff is always friendly and attentive.

Cyndi Briley

This is an amazing place to go eat whether u want romance or fun and laughs. The waitors and waitresses are always great and make sure u have a great meal and a fantastic time. They Hot Brown is my husband's favorite and i tend to choose the Nighthawk Special. Both are to die for. But then again so is their burger and fries. While u are there try to say hi to Greg or Tim, they. will make u really feel at home.

Nancy Greene

Very very good


My wife and I had an outstanding meal at Columbia steakhouse we will definitely return.

Teresa Bush

Food wasn't as good as it has been in the past and they need more help and people that can speak English.

Reverend Eric Ha

We were at the Richmond rd location on Saturday. The food was pretty good but the service was lacking. I've worked in food service as a manager and noticed that there were no bussers or runners so the servers spent a good portion of their time doing stuff on one side of the restaurant when there were far more important things to be done elsewhere. This didn't appear to be the fault of the servers, just the lack of a busser and a runner To give support. I've read some of the reviews and it seems that those two things would fix a lot of your issues with service. you might give it some thought. Merely having a busser would take a lot of stress off the servers....

Daniel Baisley

They had good rolls, and I did enjoy my burger. I was there with a big group, probably 20 people or more , and they only had one server assigned to us. The guy did the best he could but there should have been more waiters.

Joe Roberts

One of the best steak's I've ever eaten, if not the best. But also one of the most expensive also. But portion per serving is sufficient. And friendly service. Only complaint would be the price, and the decor. Kindly depressing and dark. But would be good for a date night. Enjoy!

Sean Heard

The service was great and the food was delicious.

Tonya Hayre

Delicious steaks, great salads, and friendly service!

Tiffany Howard

Food wasnt good, and was over priced for what we got. I think the place had a lot of potential but it was just weird vibes all around.

Kimberly Green

I have been a fan of Columbia's steak house since the 1980s! whatever they make it right, the nighthawk special is one of the best dishes you can get in Lexington Kentucky. Lately, though, it seems they have changed the recipe or they have Cooks who just don't know how to make it. There's rarely enough garlic in it anymore. If I just wanted steak with butter, I could get that anywhere. What truly sets this apart is the garlic butter. I hope management will improve the training of kitchen staff to make sure that the garlic butter is made consistently with the same recipe that has been used for decades. It truly makes a difference between a five star and a 2-star rating. When it is made correctly, I would give it ten Stars!

Al Baker

Great place to eat. Good food great service.

Cindy Bellman

Horrible service. Food was okay but the fried shrimp had way too much breading.

Heather A

Great meal. Service is always the best. Jason always makes you feel like you're a special customer.

J Belle

This was our first time eating here. Our waitress Amber was great! The food was amazing! Such large portions. Will definitely be a return customer.

Gremlin Games

When you can see the pity in your server's eyes you know you made the wrong choice. Sub par in about every way possible. You can do a lot wrong and still be a good steak house..but not bad steaks...highly disappointed. We actually gave this place a second visit about a year a part.Sorry to write this.

Rick Gafford

Nice older restaurant. Always very friendly.

Karen Carter

It was just OK I got the hot Brown in it was so lok aded up with sauce I couldn't even taste Turkey or the ham

Jon Pentecost

The food was horrible and the employees seemed to be high as a kite! Worst experience at a steak house ever. If I could rate 0 stars I would!

Jason Mcclanahan

I'll be honest. We first walked in. Stood by the podium a few minutes. 3 people in the office right next to us didn't acknowledge us. One guy sitting on a bench said good afternoon. Not even sure if he worked there. Place looked older and outdated. We had our concerns. Apparently the host was also serving. We finally got seated. Our server Jeanie was great. Very pleasant and attentive. Honestly the lamb fries were ok. Liked the fried green tomatoes. Loved the steak dinners. You can find fancier more expensive places. Save your money. The steaks are great. Huge potatoes. Even steak fries are huge. We'll be back.

Adam Hill

Columbia Steakhouse By: Taste Exemplar Follow on Facebook 1. Sweet Tea and Bread 2. Diego Salad 3. Steamed Broccoli 4. 12 oz. Ribeye (Med-Rare) 5. Miscellaneous 1. The sweet tea was normal for the Lexington area - sort of sweet with a hint of a woody taste. Added a squeeze of lemon which greatly improved the flavor. The bread was generic - no defining flavor or aroma. It came with a butter lightly spiced with cinnamon. Normally, I enjoy the combo but this one just tasted off and left an odd flavor in your mouth. 2. The Diego Salad was an plain salad with celery and celery salt added. Oil and vinegar plus lemon juice to top it. Turned out to be a decent salad but nothing spectacular. I did like the celery salt. 3. The broccoli came in cup with a lump of butter on top. I like butter so that wasn't much of an issue; however, the broccoli had a hard time melting it so I had to rub it on. Tasted as you'd expect. 4. The star of the show - the Ribeye. Or so I thought... It was presented on a hot skillet along side the broccoli and a bonus potato (didn't ask for one). Steak was a medium (I'm ok with that but my guest asked for a med and got med-rare). I'm not sure how this was possible but it had no flavor. Even a minimally seasoned steak of the higher cuts has some flavor. There was a decent amount of trimmings so 12 turned to 8. If you can mar a ribeye, I'm sorry but you are not a steakhouse. 5. I didn't expect a baked potato but it was cool to get one. Just butter on top. Huge potato though. Again nothing special. The atmosphere was nice and dark with the timbre of fire (gas but well enough). Now for something positive - the service. Our waiter/server was very friendly without being overbearing or annoying. He was prompt, albeit a tad forgetful, but I think that was his personality. Overall, with the sin of messing up a ribeye and all the food being lackluster, I cannot recommend Columbia Steakhouse for anyone. Perhaps, they were better back in the day or I got the wrong thing but I have the feeling any future visits would be better spend at Outback. Grade: D

Trent Minch

I've probably been here 50 times since living in Lexington. The atmosphere is a little dark and reminiscent of a hole in the wall, which can make for a great date environment. The nighthawk special, like all of the food, is absolutely phenomenal. Know that how your steak actually turns out will be greatly dependent upon which chef you get, they all seem to have a different idea of what "medium rare" is. Otherwise, fantastic restaurant.

Charles Lee

The food was good series very slow,bad waiter!!!............I have been back to Columbia's steakhouse, and have good service with other waiters, I want to brag on the morning/afternoon manger had been great ,and the to go orders are 5 stars The lamb fries ,rib eye,hot brown ,and steak burger plus all you can eat fish come on Check this well know restaurant out,and bring your friends,this is like parkette drive in,these restaurants been around for a while My drink recommendation is the daily the way my dog loves this place for the grill cook hamburger patty. That's all for now .go give cobumia's a try today/tonight.i have been going to Columbia's since 1974 .

Barbara Srodulsk

Food and service were good.

Lewis Gregory

Melissa the waitress was great but the baked potatoes were not hot still a nice place to go

Beckie Richards

Rosa was our waitress and she took such good care of everything we needed. Today was I had the BEST experience there and I will be back. Rosa was truly amazing!

Walitta Russell

Initially I was bummed because during certain times "Nighthawk Special Weekend" they only serve a limited menu with a few items on it. With that being said, I couldn't order what I originally wanted to, but what I did order was DELICIOUS! Melt in your mouth steak with all that garlic butter, hearty sized potato, rolls piping hot. I would go back just not during this event.

Stewart Combs

Food was good and staff were excellent.

Jill Kinnaird

Great experience. Delicious.

Maggie Brown

Night Hawk Special is amazing!

Michael Lewis

It was good. Quick service. I had the night hawk special the last time I was here but didn't like it. Too much butter. This time.eI had the steak burger. It was great. Vegetable soup was good with big chunks of potato and steak. This trip was so much better.

Bobbie Westfall

Great service!Very friendly people and good food.

christina stewart

Food was great as always! My steak was cooked to perfection. Little pricey but good. Service was good too.

Katie Weitzel

It's a staple in Lexington, good food, service excellent

Jeffrey Sheffield

Everytime I come through Lexington a nighthawk special is required! Been coming to Columbia's for 20 years and it is one of my favorites!

Deron Lee

Service was good. Salad was good; love the Diego salad. We had lunch steak specials. Steak was not good. Bland. Sides were just OK. Plus we were seated too close to the kitchen and heard everything going on between workers.

Dennis Eads

Great eating experiece! We were greeted and served a very good meal. Steaks were cooked as ordered with a tasty side.

Ben Fogtman

It was very good very Kentucky

David Potter

Awesome lunch special, great burger and steak fries for a fantastic price!

Ronnie Abrams

I have eat at Columbia Steak House a couple times a month they have some of the best service and great food all ways fix right

Mark Thomas

The food is good only catch each dish loke green beans , and corn cost extra on your plate.

Cheryl Shimfessel

Excellent food and service!

James Fuqua

Decent food, a little dark and dated decor but not overly expensive for the quality of food you get

Nancy Menshouse

Always a great meal. Our server was very efficient & friendly.

David Cleghorn

Have been for lunch many times and have always gotten good service and great food. The Columbia burger is a great bargain for lunch. Evening service is a bit slower but only because of volume.

Justin Branham

The nighthawk special is my go to. The Diego salad is unique and delicious!

Janet Vannatta

Excellent service. Jason is the best

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