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REVIEWS OF Taco Republic IN Kansas

Yvette Cohn

Fun atmosphere and good food. I felt it was a little pricey but the food was flavorful and the server was attentive.

Pat Mc

Chicken s&p and Jorge

Nick Kledis

Excellent tacos and great guac! I love mix and matching the 3 taco deal!

Alex Gorczyca

The outdoor seating and salsa were done well. Everything else was just average.

Clay Simpson

Great tacos. Delicious marinara sauce for the chips. Five stars.

Tracee Hegarty

Matt Ransdell was unable to take care of an expensive problem with a food order. We did not receive the food we ordered and were subsequently charged for it. What we did receive was awful.

Brandon M

I had three different tacos (one beef, one chicken, one pork) and they weren't worth the price. The rice and beans that come with an order of 3+ tacos were good, but small portions. I've been to many other taco shops that are much better than this one. It's a cool place to hang out and the drinks are good. Not my favorite and not pushing to go back.

Charlie Winters

This is a story all about how my tacos turned upside down. Wait a minute just sit right there, I'll tell you how stumbled across taco republic. It was a partially cloudy Saturday and we were on our way to purchase some world renowned barbeque. We entered the queue and it was going to take days, possibly years to get our bbq. We looked westward and saw the sign "TACO REPUBLIC". I sat there in an awkward silence, glancing between this BBQ joint and the taco republic. After much internal conflict we decided to leave. We were actually going to head to a different restaurant but flipped a coin. Heads we leave to this restaurant deep in West Point. Tails we go to Taco Republic. My wife armed her thumb with a quarter and flicked. For an eternity it felt like the quarter was suspended in the air. Clank. Clank. Clank. The quarter came to a stop and we ran over to check the results. It was a tails so off we went. We ordered elote and tacos and ate elote and tacos. 10/10.

Christine Baird

Verde Salad is #1


Food great, sat outside under the stars, waitstaff a little sow but would recommend!

Ms janice Kirkley

Great food and friends

Caleb Vanstrom

I like when restaurants take over a building that had a totally different purpose and still work with it nicely, and Taco Republic does this well by giving you a unique atmosphere within the previous fire station garage. The tacos come in wondrous variety and have fresh ingredients. Service is friendly and fast. The caveat is it can be a little pricey. I tend to ask for an outside table when weather permits.

Crystal Samuelson

I had the Cubano and it was amazing. I wish I could have fit two in my stomach! They also had a place for the kids to play in the sand/ dirt. I know lots of parents wouldn't have appreciated that but we just got in from a 3 hour road trip, so it was awesome. Great place to chill, cool environment.

Allen Williams

It was a first time there it was good


Always a great experience & food !!

Ginger S.

Great food but way overpriced!

Zach Nelson

My favorite taco joint. The salsa is amazing and also the chips. I love the street tavos there, best in town.

Sebastian Bruno

Amazing food, granted service a little slow but super friendly

Marnie Goff

We hadn't been back since they changed owners. The last time we were there it was just ok. Tonight was really good. The staff is always friendly too.

Scott Reaves

The Tacos are delicious and we're served to my table fast!

Jenner C

Great specials on Tuesdays, great food, and great atmosphere. Will be back.

Mr Keith Jones

Services were wonderful but the food not so wonderful the beans was hard the meat no seasoning.

Orla Metz

Service was a little slow getting to us but food came out fast and was on point!!!

Breanna Whittle

I used to be OBSESSED with T Repubs for years. Unfortunately, things have gone downhill the past few times I’ve been. Extremely slow service now, even to get water. Margaritas were so bad. We could hear people at another table talking about how badly mixed the margs were also. The tacos were good though. I hope things turn around.

Eric Del Toro

That cubano...yeah it's worth it! I didn't think it was possible to make it into a nice soft warm taco but yeah...they dog on did it! Although that fried avocado was delicious, it was a small thin sliver that you could barely taste. Overall good place

Lesleigh Pendery

Great Margaritas, super friendly day bartender, forget his name. Get the Jorge! Shrimp, pork belly, Chipotle and avocado. Chips are fresh and thicker cut with house made salsas. Did I mention the margaritas?

Jacquelyn Goodlock

Great food! Excellent chips and tacos!

Kushal Shah

Good place to get some food

Chris Kostelac

We visited on a taco Tuesday. It was quite busy. I would note that only a limited selection of tacos are on special. All three that I had were excellent. I also tried the street corn which was delicious. The chips served with salsa are unusual. They appear to be fried in house but are a combination with some being fried flour tortillas and others being fried corn all mixed in the same basket. The house margaritas are tasty.

Trip Meade

"Street Taco" style tacos that are really good and inexpensive. Not a traditional Tex-Mex kind of place. Outdoor patio is big. Full bar. Gets crowded often which should be a good sign.

Richard Lagergren

Some of the best tacos in KC, great margaritas.

Melanie Sherman

We love Taco Republic. Nice outdoor seating, fast service and a killer Al Verde Salad (try it with the fajita chicken, so delicious!). All the tacos are amazing ans super creative. Try the S&P with chicken.

Bri Van Til

The food is good. It won't change your life, but it's good. The service is usually spot on. Parking is kind of a hassle.

Ryan Franklin

I was very impressed with the quality and selection. Ate there on a day when all the doors were close and we were in AC. I was told that on nice days the whole place is opened up. The atmosphere was fun and I look forward to going back on a day when it is all opened up. My favorite was the Salazar!

David Leonard

Good service and great tacos

Vickie Clipston

Chips were delicious. Atmosphere was fun. Tacos too fancy for me. Need to have more than 2 salt shakers in The restaurant.

crispian paul

Great tacos, good price, good service

Sabrina Phillips

Love the pork belly tacos.

bryce volk

They have respectable margs + free tortilla chips & dip, so it's already good. The pork belly taco is wild though, and always a staple of my order.

Royle Perkins

I gotta say this is a great place with a wonderful staff. Well organized and very helpful.

David Knobel

Stopped here during a work break hoping to find something that didn't make me feel like garbage afterward. Glad I did, it was delicious and fresh

Janelle Quinlan

Fancy tacos, and a different flavor than your average Tex-Mex. Elotes, ortiz & feliz taco are my favorite but I would caution ordering the queso and guac and it's different (very little flavor/spice). Bar drinks are great, and prepared with care.

Ross Allen

Great service and lovely atmosphere. Good drink specials. Queso was cold, separated, and the texture was gritty. Salsa tastes like tomato paste. Chips were too oily and had too little salt. Tamales were decent. Beans were gross. Rice was fine.

john smithhisler

Good food, fast friendly service, nice atmoy

Jeff Senff

Food tasted good but I think this place game violent diarrhea.

Meredith Mau

Good food but you gotta pick appropriately. Tacos are small servings.

Jenna LaMaster

Whew. This place is the bomb diggity. Outdoor seating, amazing tacos, and vegan options? Shut the front door— yes please! Lookin’ good KC! Danielle was our server tonight and she’s the bees knees. You do you, Taco Republic, we’ll be back soon

Misti Gurley

Wonderful environment with good food..

Jared Palan

Interesting tacos in a cool restaurant which is a converted car repair garage.

carlos v

The meats are cooked to perfection.

Kp duty

The chips and salsa are muy bueno! My entire family loved the food. The staff made us feel as though they enjoyed their job. We’ve been coming here for years. I would recommend this place to anyone. Your chocolate dipped churros made me weak in the knees.

Christopher Baron

Great tacos with fresh tortillas (corn And white flour) and a revolving menu of some seasonal offerings. The vegetarian offers are quite good as well. It's also easy to fill up on chips and salsa!

Joanna Lee

Great quality tacos. The table tops could be cleaner. Service was fine. I would definitely go again to satisfy taco cravings!

amjad abaalkhail

Beautiful atmosphere.. the food was not great!!

Timothy Ratliff

Host wasnt that great but our server made up for it she was awesome

David Stelting

Cool place fresh food. The menu is pretty straight forward street taco inspired. Service is good, the wait and parking can be tough. The out door seating is a fun feature.

Ryan Murphy

Great out door seating with both open and covered areas. The complimentary chips and salsa were delicious. We tried 5 different tacos and they were all very good. The Cubano was definitely my favorite. The service and atmosphere were both great. We will definitely be back.


Have never had a bad experience here! Everything is always delicious and fresh!

Sheila Fowler

This was my first time here. I enjoyed the atmosphere and the food was delicious!!!!

Benjamin Kendle

Great food with nontraditional spin of traditional dishes. Great service.

robert lamaster

Love the food and atmosphere is laid back.

Erica Bell

Excellent food but sooo soo sooo inconsistent with take out orders. The only thing that is consistent is how inconsistent they are. Here's an example, we order the cheese dip, normally comes with large salsa, side of guac and large bag of chips, half of the time they will give us a small bag of chips, other half they either miss the salsa or the guac, or they might forget the rice and beans with the three taco meal. Always check your take out order here. Despite the inconsistency we go back again and again, because they are doing a lot if other things right. Workers are friendly, food is delicious - they just need better quality control with take out orders.

Dustin Horvath

Fast and tasty, despite being crazy busy. Nice outdoor seating that's dog friendly.

Julia Nehring

One of my favorite taco places in town. Love the buena terra taco, and the chips and salsa are great. Also love the outdoor seating area.

mike m

Nachos are awesome. Plenty of outdoor seating. Great service

angus cormack

It's a decent taco place, but nothing to really crow about. The tacos are solidly standard American style, though they are labeled as "street tacos."

Becca Richison

Great Tacos and great atmosphere. The chips were excellent, but the salsa was not. The salsa barely had any spice to it (and I am not the biggest fan of spice) and it had way too many tomatoes, almost tasting like they added tomato paste to it. Otherwise, our server was very polite and served us efficiency and effectively.

Brydon Papenberg

Awesome tacos. We went here as a 2nd choice due to Oklahoma Joe's across the street having a line. We were in a hurry. Very surprised as to how good it was. Lots of outdoor and indoor seating. There is a bar inside. Large assortment of tacos and drinks. Service was fast and very nice. Drinks were very strong.

Nicole Tran Dang

The food was fantastic. I got the steak fajitas and my wife got the flautas. Our server was very nice, personable and her service to us was great. The reason I docked one star was for the long lengthy times between us sitting, us getting drinks, us ordering, us getting food, us checking out. It was just long spans of time between it. But over a great experience. The outside patio was awesome to sit and enjoy some Sunday brunch. A little windy but hey that's Missouri weather for ya!

Vikteria Butler

I called in a pick up order for the Carne asada nachos and the 3 taco deal that comes with rice and beans. I ordered the Old School (ground beef), Jorge (shrimp and pork belly), and the Feliz (shredded chicken). The Jorge was by far my favorite followed by the Feliz, and then the Old School. I was particularly impressed by the Feliz because I am not a shredded chicken person, but it was really good! I'm looking forward to going $2 taco night.

Matt Rolfes

Service is hot and cold sometimes and tacos can be hit and miss. Great patio though so it is a good time when it is nice out.

Luke Dearinger

The food was excellent and the margaritas were very good.


Really slow service, had to ask multiple people just to be seated and then was not waited on for another thirty minutes.

Brandy C

Great variety of tacos (really enjoyed the shrimp tacos). They have a nice patio to eat on and enjoy your friends. There is also a happy hour!

Master Painter

Not a big fan.

Brianna Schumacher

I’m always trying to find the next best street tacos, and these guys are pretty dang far up on my list of favorite tacos. The atmosphere is always awesome and I personally really love the salsa, it’s a little sweeter than most places. Not to mention they make margaritas the way that they SHOULD be made. I’ll always keep coming back :)

Tammy Jones

Food is fantastic. Needs some AC

Amy Marie Fisher

Shredded chicken tacos are delicious

George Baker

Wanted to eat at KC Joe's, but the line was so long, we went to Taco Republic instead. This place should have just as long of a wait! It is so good. The chips and salsa are great, queso as well. I dont remember the tacos I chose, but they were really well crafted!

david kinerk

Had the Jorge tacos...... shrimp and pork..... yes they were perfect.


Our experience was horrible. The customer service was ridiculous. The food was not appealing nor appetizing. Severely disappointed with the service we received from this establishment. Absolutely will not be back..

Joseph Hanks

Great food great service

Dru Davis

Love it so much that I go there more than Joes BBQ across the street. Need I say more? My favorites are the Feliz and the Costa.

Jeff Perry

Good tacos, fun, great service.

Lance McCarthy

I really love this place. The tacos are excellent and unique. The only reason it doesn't get five stars is because the tortilla chips are too thick and heavy for my liking. Pretty picky, I know.

Peter Babb

Good tacos at a decent price

Charles Ambrose

Great Tacos and service. Food was fresh and delicious. Only problem is too many good sounding tacos to try! Chips were amazing also.

Levi Sperry

Parking has improved thankfully because it used to be awful. But the food is fantastic. The Cubano imo is by far the best and the flavor of it is bar none. Good fast service great on a beautiful day for lunch.

Bellagio Bro

Decent tacos. Expensive for what you get

Shea Smith

Good as always ... parking on friday was a beast!

Hollie Kirkwood

Love the variety of tacos, quick service, and their flour tortillas are excellent!

Shawn Marquez

Great food and service. Got it quick as we were in a rush. Didn't have 1 ingredient for cocktail I wanted though.

David Rodick

I really tried to enjoy it, but kept feeling like something was missing from every part of the meal. The chips were half burnt, half soggy/ chewy. The salsa tasted good, though. I felt like the tacos were trying to be modern wave tacos but didn't know how to be. The flavors either were missing or had a foul addition. The shrimp tasted spoilt, the chicken tortilla soup tasted like nothing but bean paste, and the chicken taco had beef in it which is a turn off if you don't eat red meat.

Vickie Libeer

Very good food and service!!

Lindsey Besser

Great tacos and great atmosphere! One of our favorite places

Tilly Jane

Very cute place. Friendly staff. Tacos were outstanding. Outdoor patio looks cool in the summer as we are visiting in Dec. This place is jus east of mission walmart behind the aldis grocery store side road.

Ben Jackson

Taco Republic has flavorful tacos, tasty margaritas and a fun atmosphere. My buddies and I really enjoyed our time there. The only reason why I’m not giving it 5 stars is because of the value. I paid $12 for three tacos. Unfortunately, they were small and didn’t fill me up. $12 at most comparable restaurants is a lot more food.

Jeff Meador

Great selection, wonderful staff

jennifer moore

Great atmosphere! The tacos are amazing!

George Barraza

Quick service 45$ 3 ad 1 child

小丹 A. A.

4.5 Stars. Everything was GOOD - food and service. "Overly salty" after-taste, likely culprit: the salsas and seasonings (on fish tacos, for example)

Stephen Zimmerman

Very unique menu. Good choice if you like different choices instead of the same old same old


This place is great! Food was outstanding! Service matched! Keep up the good work! We're sure to return soon❤

Elizabeth Fulton

Great flavor! Manager was super friendly!

Rosalynn Mccord-Bey

The food looked good, but it was bland. It was disappointing.

John Wilczewski

First visit. delicious food! Spicy lime wings are great. Service was ok. Arrived about 330 and it seemed that they were under staffed. But recovered nicely! Will be back!

Corey Spaulding

My husband and I had our first date here five years ago. We frequent here quite often when we visit. Food is always perfect but the service is horrible.

Elsa Aguilar

Delicious food and good prices

Jaime Rankin

Great food, service and atmosphere. Nothing more you could need! So glad we came here. Fish tacos are AMAZING.

Pat Glazer

The guacamole was really good, we also tried the flautitas, and three different tacos, all were tasty. We sat inside, but the outside area seemed very pleasant and great for families. We would definitely go back of we are in Kansas City again.

Dave Sarowski

Great place to grab a beer and a meal


So so so good. Even the veggie ones.

jose o. portugal

I love this place if you go there order The Jorge

Sonja W

I got take out for lunch and it was perfect. The service was quick and friendly. When I got back to my desk my hot tacos were hot and the cold ones were cold. Truly made my day! Thank you!

jeffrey carson

The service was quick and the food was great.

Sadie Carpentier

It was okay. The tacos were fine, not terrible, but wouldn't recommend. For side dishes, rice was good, beans were meh. Chips and salsa ok. A bit overpriced overall. Atmosphere was fun, but no A/C, so we should've sat outside so there'd at least be a breeze.

Mike Saller

The food was good and service was friendly but it felt like 85 degrees inside and was very uncomfortable to even wait for my food. I even overheard the waitresses complaining about it to the manager and the manager refused to lower it.

Michael Culey

Friendly staff. Fun atmosphere. Good tacos but menu is limited.

Jackie Chandler

Beef on taco very bland. Other than that great place

shannon laber

The food was amazing and so were there frozen margaritas

Gabrielle Tuttle

So, so disappointing. We moved away from KC a couple years ago, and while visiting the area, made a special trip to have our favorite street tacos. Sadly, it seems the place has gone *very* downhill. The chips were chewy and undercooked, to which I could bend them. My all time favorite pork belly taco just wasn’t what it used to be. The pork and chicharrones were tough and over cooked. And my pibil taco’s garnish was stale. I’m just really sad cause we loved this place back in it’s hey day. No wonder it wasn’t busy.

Anna Hockey

Tacos were very tasty but the service was a bit of a let down this time

shelly West

Chips were burned and acted like we were bothering them when we asked for new chips. Just to get another basket of more burned chips and was told they are all mixed in. I got you the best ones I could. Tip for the cook: if you burn something throw it away. And try again. Nobody wants burned food

Victoria Calderon

It’s worth going to for the tacos, but be wary of using your credit/debit card. First, they got my order completely wrong, but the tacos I got were good and I was hungry, so I didn't want to bother with asking for a new meal. Then, the next day, I saw on my account that they had charged me over $5 more than my total had been including tip. Normally I wouldn't care about $5, but I figured I would call and ask just in case it was done intentionally. After calling multiple times and getting hung up on by the manager, he finally said that he had processed a partial refund. Any type of transaction shows up on my account immediately, even if it's still processing, so when nothing showed up on my account after 24 hours, I called again. The next person also said he initiated a refund but I never received that one either. However, after going in to the restaurant, the manager explained that they had a system shut down, and he processed a full refund. While their beans and rice could be improved, their tacos are really good and they have lots of options to choose from. I’m glad they made it right with the refund, even though it seemed like something suspicious was going on at first.

Marcin Kalisz

Great food for the price. Outdoor eating option is great.

Jesse Cooper

Great staff, food was beyond expected and interesting atmosphere. Only complaint was the "old school" taco. Definitely try "The Salazar" which is pork belly and the "Costa" which is friend cod. I'm not a fish guy and I loved it. Plus, if you order three tacos you get ranchero beans and cilantro-poblano rice.

Michael Coffman

Awesome "street type" tacos. Always a must when in the area!

Steve Kaestner

Love this place for tacos. The homemade style chips are my favorite in the city! Tacos are sold individually so try them all! Also try the wings... Overall it's totally worth it!

Andrew Brownfield

Meh... but the atmosphere was great.

Nathan Taylor

Delicious, prompt food with great service!

Terry Mulcahy

Try this place, it's unique and authentic.

Nicole McMillian

Unique, specialty Tacos great environment

Maria Vish

Nice outdoor seating area, tasty creative tacos, good service, somewhat pricy and wish they had more options for non-alcoholic beverages.

Michael Johnson

These aren't your average, ordinary, run-of-the-mill tacos. These are some special tacos. They range in price from about $2.50-$5 and are worth every penny! If you order three tacos, you also get a side of rice and beans (pictured). It isn't a very big portion, but it doesn't need to be. It complements the tacos well. I ordered the Crab + Shrimp, the Feliz, and the Cubano, as well as their house margarita. All of this was very filling! I highly recommend going when the weather is nice outside. I sat on their large outdoor patio and really enjoyed myself. Will absolutely go again sometime soon!

Ashley Burdell

Delicious cheap tacos! We tried at least 7 of them and they were all good. Our table was a bit sticky from previous guests and server could have been more attentive. I will definitely be back for the tacos!

Ashley Raymond

Fusion Mexican food that is decent. The service is always speedy and on top of everything. The two stars are lost for flavor. There just isn't much going on - the tacos are quite bland.

chad fellers

Great tacos.. great service.. abit pricey but definitely worth the visit

Heather Leffel

Good tacos but way too expensive for what you get.


Looove the chips here! They are sturdy and very crunchy. The fundido dip is a unique experience, as it is not the traditional dipping cheese (which they do have). It is more stringy and mozzarella like consistency rather than a liquid, but still very flavorful. It is a wonderful spot for inexpensive, fun, festive atmosphere, with good margaritas, for sure. Don't forget to try the churros; the chocolate dip is out of this world!

John Maxwell

Goodness been here forever finally tried ... I love tacos so this place was a great choice ... give it a try ots worth it

Bill Evans

Very good tacos. A little high on the price but worth it. Service is friendly and helpful. Nice place to eat and enjoy the atmosphere.

Elizabeth Tustison

Interesting taco combinations and a good Marg but not as much food for the price as I'd hoped.

Dustin Lloyd

The waiter was fantastic always checking in. The food was decently priced and tasted wonderful. I had the Cubano, The Salazar and some other one with beef. Incredible. If you get 3 tacos, the rice and beans are free. Had a great night out with the family. Highly recommend. Try sitting outside on a nice today like today, it felt amazing!

Brian Peterman

Great tacos, they are a bit smaller though, normally I eat 4-5 to be somewhat full.

Duane McFadden

It was my first time there, I'm really pleased with it, see you again soon

Elizabeth Emami

Very good. Love the pork belly in the tacos I get. Very fresh and you get free rice and beans if you get 3 tacos. As well as free chips and salsa sent home with you (if you order out, or if you ask). It’s a good deal!

John Laundy

Great food. High end street tacos. Hard to find a place to park.

Debra Good

Good service and food

Lori Reierson

Be sure to ask for an itemized receipt - I was overcharged for food I didn't order. I let them know and it was corrected, but you have to ask for an itemized receipt to make sure you know what you are being charged for. Usually to-go orders come with chips & salsa, but there was no salsa. Check your to-go bag before you leave.

Jerome Montgomery

Reasonably Priced Delicious Tacos! What I enjoyed most about my visit was that not only was the staff friendly and the location clean. The tacos were actually what you'd find at a traditional street taco stand!

Courtney Sickman

Great patio! Even better tacos!

Julie Moyer

Great food and fast friendly service. We sat outside which was fun. Will definitely go again soon.

Scott Smith

The Jorge is great. Great service. I like free chips and salsa, but their salsa doesn't tickle my fancy unfortunately.

Chris Wolcott

My wife and I's favorite and go to taco joint in Kansas City!

John Smithhisler

Fast service, great food, fun environment

Robyn Arenson

Really yummy and the price is good too!

David Rose

Excellent tacos and for a good price during specials/happy hour. Plenty of gluten free options. Indoor and outdoor seating, with dogs allowed in certain outside areas. Parking is a little tight, but with nearby lots it's not a problem.

Riaan Ferreira

Haven't been in awhile. Everything was great. High quality steak here, better than Chipotle for sure (even though i ❤ the Chipotles). Spot on house Margaritas

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