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REVIEWS OF Q39 South IN Kansas

Adam Barnes

Wow, this place has great BBQ. The portions aren't overwhelming, they are just the right size and the price is nice as well. A good selection of draft beers complimented the simply amazing brisket and burnt tips that I enjoyed with the original sauce.

Christine Mccoy

Everything was amazing, food, atmosphere and our server Melissa! She was funny, patient and right on the ball! We did not want or need for anything, she was on top of her game! Ask for her section and she will take great care of you. Thank you Q39 South and Thank You Melissa.... keep working those silks ;)

Tristin Autrey

This is by far some of the best BBQ that I have ever had. When my wife and I went there there was a bit of a wait but it was worth it. So not only was the food excellent, it was priced fairly reasonable! The service was great as well. The servers were friendly and knowledgeable about the food. Will definitely go here again.

Viki Gaston

The food is awesome!! The brisket and bunt ends is the very best in town. Our server was exceptional, attentive and efficient. Can't wait to go again!! Thank you Q39!!

Jacob Vest

I loved it. Best BBQ in Kansas City. Took some friends from out of town there, and they loved it. Definitely recommend for a date or just some good BBQ.

Kevin N

First time there tonight. Might be my new favorite BBQ spot in KC. Pulled pork was near perfect. Ribs were outstanding. Brisket was very good, not as good as Texas style, but I'd happy eat lots of it. Sausage was excellent as well. All of the sides were great, especially the orzo. Can't wait to go back on my next trip to KC.

Kaylee Pappal

Excellent food and service! We were on our way through Kansas City and figured we should stop at a BBQ place for lunch. I did a quick search on the top 10 BBQ joints and randomly selected one. I figure they are all great places to eat but I'm sure glad I picked the one I did! We ordered the Burnt End Burger and the Smoked and Grilled Pork Belly. Both were excellent! I have to say the later was definitely a favorite. They actually are in the process of changing that dish to a include Bacon-Onion Marmalade and our waitress was kind enough to ask if I preferred to try the new recipe. The pork belly was so tender and dissolves in the mouth and topped with the sweet apple and a side of apple coleslaw it can't be beat! I continued on my indulgent streak by ordering a side of Five Cheese Macaroni. It had a great aged cheddar flavor to it, I'm not sure what the other four cheeses were but very good regardless. I ended the course with there award winning Champion Cheesecake which was both sweet and rich! I highly recommend it! The portion sizes aren't huge but that made it so two of us could share the food just described. Our waitress, Geena, was very kind and polite in fact all the servers were. I give it a well deserved five stars.

Bart Carroll

Very good BBQ but a bit too upscale and pricey for my wallet.

Kilian Doescher

Incredible kc bbq and a fast staff that ensures you have what you need.... Pretty sizable portions fill u up

Brandon Sanders I grew up in KC and when my Dad suggested we go there instead of Arthur B's, KC joes, or Gates... I was uncertain.... blows them away in my opinion. The meat was literally falling off the bone. Everything is good here. You won't regret it.

Alvin Merz

They may have the best sauce I've tried in KC. Their brisket and burnt ends are amazing. The burnt ends were tender, with a great smoke ring, moist, melt in your mouth. Amazing... this might be my new favorite in KC. Great job Q39. The manager was nice and friendly.

Denise Murphy

Excellent food, as you might expect. Not for the diabetic nor the heart patient. The sandwiches don't come with a side , so you have to pay more. I understand they are a celebrated Q family, i.e., won lots of competitions, but paying close to $10 for a lunch sandwich, plus a side, plus a drink, is much too much, in my opinion! How much can you be expected to spend for lunch? Loved the food, but I think the prices are a RIP off.

Denison Cabral Futsal Academy

Amazing experience! Delicious BBQ! Great service, you have to check them out.

Jenny Billot

I hadn't visited a Q39 in almost 5 years. We went there as a department today to say thanks to our intern & were not disappointed! The server (Jacob) was so nice & helpful. Very attentive with great suggestions! The food was delicious! I got the pulled pork sandwich with beans & cleaned the plate. I'll definitely have to go back and try the brisket.

Victoria White

So delicious!! Great service and fabulous food! They have something for everyone. Known for its great BBQ, but was even great for a light lunch!

Raul Antonio Munguia Mejia

Some of the best barbecue I've had in a long time. A simple Google search surprised us by taking us there. Highly recommend it.

Casey Copeland

Really love the burnt ends, fried onions app, and about everything else on the menu. Service is good and the food is fantastic, only tried for dinner but have always been very happy. Huge portions and very very good sides. Check it out.

Auggie Flentje

Classic BBQ done exquisitely. Also new interesting dishes that are delicious like buffalo califlower. Friendly staff.

Jeff Fairbanks

Amazing BBQ! The ribs, brisket and sausage were beyond great. We had a party of 20 and the service rocked! Not an easy task and all the food and drinks were spot on.

James Forrester

This place is a must. It's always bustling which means you have to park far away usually and walk but it's worth it. Watching the kitchen work is mesmerizing, it's run like a well oiled machine! I like everything I've had but he competition plate add a rib is my go to order. I love the fries and I don't know what it is about the iced tea but it's fantastic. Highly recommend

Steve Purdum

Again. They did not let us done. The food was outstanding the service really good. Can't wait to get back for another great dinner. Has to be one of, if not the best bbq in KC.

Crystal Karmann

Service was terrific, food tasted amazing and was well portioned and the price wasn't too high. It was a nice ambiance as well. My son even liked the presentation!

Megan Knapp

Just very average and overpriced. Spent $40 for one person and only had 2 drinks and a sandwich. It wasn’t that good, and it was kinda cold. The drinks were okay, but the old fashioned was a little sweet. Overall, disappointed for the $.

Zhenya Holubnyak

This restaurant combines great BBQ and a bit more upscale setting that is very pleasant to be in, which is a bit unusual and this makes this place unique. There is also a steak or fish option available in the menu, so it is probably some sort of BBQ fusion, but I absolutely love it. There are many great BBQ options in KC, but this one definitely stands out for me.

Omar Odeh

I would eat the whole menu if I could. I got a burger with fries and wings and I loved it. The meat is sooo juicy and soft. Great service too!

Bill Holdmann

The table shared the Judge's platter and a brisket sandwich. Good food, no complaints here. Brisket, ribs, and pulled pork were all solid offerings. Great smoke flavor by themselves, made better by adding the "zesty" sauce. Service was fine, though difficult to hear our server due to the noise level in the open restaurant. Not much to say about the ambiance, it was a restaurant. Nothing more.

William Johansen Jr

This is a barbecue joint with a "restaurant problem". That is completely complimentary because this place is both a really great casual restaurant with excellent barbecue, terrific sides and great service. I have been to this location many times. This is one of the very best barbecue places in Kansas City and perhaps the country.

William Pollard

Something special right here. The brisket tips are to die for. Busy place with great atmosphere, and the servers were very prompt.

Drew Batch

I’ve had a lot of bbq in my life but this was the best! Manager greeted me at the door & asked where I was from when he figure out was from out of town. Jim the bartender was very pleasant and chatty. Only in town for a couple weeks for work but I’ll be back!

Drew Byron Meadows

Ribs are 10/10. Chicken is some of the best anywhere. Brisket is fairly decent as well. I also enjoyed the apple slaw and excellent service. Definitely a nice BBQ experience.

Kevin Whitaker

Everything my group of seven ate was delicious! I ordered the brisket plate with burnt ends and sides of fries and apple slaw. The standout by far was the burnt ends. They were cooked to perfection! A slight hint of smoke, tender and savory! I read a review complaining about the which mentioned the fries. Our fries came straight out the fryer and were seasoned. No complaints here. Our waiter Andrew was very helpful and attentive. He replaced our first waiter which was weird because we were told Andrew was our new waiter because the previous waiter's shift was ending, but when we got our new waiter he continued helping others. I hope Andrew tells him about the big tip he missed out on.

Kyle Starr

Applied here, and instantly got an e mail with a test, which I obviously passed. My resume was a match on indeed, and katey after being 15 minutes late to her own interview, told me I didn't look like a good fit, and that she's not sure if q39 is the place for me. Said i didn't have much culinary experience, yet the application said i did... (having 4+ years)i figured when i saw there was not one worker, besides Katey, who was not Hispanic, I already knew I had no chance. Waste of time. Nice place, but I don't eat with racists. Very very disappointed in the 3 minute interview, and obvious discrimination this place allows.

Amanda Wilson

Stopped by on Labor Day for lunch, they were quite busy. Service was great though. We ordered the buffalo cauliflower as an app - lightly breaded and realy delicious. I ordered the smoked chicken and pulled pork, both were flavorful and cooked to perfection. Location was a bit challenging to access - listen to the Google directions!

Ivan Trail

Great excellent wonderful and amazing food. Noisy. Couldn't speak across the table with friends. Ears hurt afterward.

Ashley Stoll

Melt in your mouth ribs, excellent sides, incomparable ranch and an attentive staff. We love this place!

Jess I

It had been a few years since I was back in the KC area, but this is way better to remember any of the BBQ joints I'd been too as a kid being. Ribs just fall off the bone. Sauce is just perfect. Burned tips tender. Yummy!

Chris Hansen

Ribs, brisket, chicken combo (The Judge?) with cucumber & onion salad and potato salad. All were very good. I appreciate that it's full service. The waiting in a line like cattle has lost its luster for me.

Serena Kelley

Like good BBQ?? Q39 is the place to go!!! I had their pulled pork and sliced smoked brisket and it was fresh, cooked to perfection. Great wine, drinks. Friendly staff. Definitely want to go back!!


The service was good - not great, but good - and the BBQ was moderately tasty for the price. The brisket was good, the pulled pork wasn't quite what I was looking for.


This was my first experience with KC BBQ, and I wasn't disappointed. It was smokey and fresh. The sides were mediocre, though. The service was good for how busy it was and they had a good knowledge of the menu. Bathrooms and the dining area were well kept. I will come back in my next visit.

Nick Dusil

Amazing BBQ! Best I have had! The brisket is my suggestion.

Joel Mork

Pretty tasty food, great service. I only had a couple of minutes to eat for lunch so I just got their burnt ends appetizer and a single rib. The burnt ends were fantastic, and the single rib was pretty good. The rib was a little over cooked and came off the bone too easy, but had great flavor. The staff was very friendly and when I told them I was on a time crunch they accommodated me very well and got me in and out really quick. Overall a great place to eat!

Chris Gidley

I had just got into town after a long day of travel and was looking for a decent place to eat near my hotel. I was excited to see a highly rated restaurant only a couple minutes away! I stopped in around 9, an hour before closing and there were only a few tables still occupied. I sat at the bar and was reasonably promptly served. The service, however, was not able to offset the food experience. I ordered the burnt ends burger with a side of fries (which cost extra but I guess not everywhere includes a side with a burger). I was excited to hear her ask how I wanted it cooked (some places don't do anything other than well done). I ordered medium rare. What I got was a dry, well done patty (zero pink) with hardly noticeable burnt ends. The only saving grace was the BBQ sauce and coleslaw to give it some flavor and moisture. The fries were cold and not great flavor. I was a bit shocked given how quickly the food came that they manged cold fries and an over cooked burger. Had I not been tired from driving all day I'd have asked for a do over but it was late and I just left for my hotel, quite underwhelmed with the experience.

Ashlee Waters

My husband and I decided to go a little out of our way to try the best BBQ in Kansas City and I am SO glad we did! The food was absolutely amazing! Our waitress, Emma, was down to Earth and incredible! We had the brisket with burnt tips and added a couple of ribs (Emma's suggestion) with sides of slaw and baked beans. It was a phenomenal choice and I highly recommend it

Steve Kolb

This is a more "upscale" BBQ place and by that I mean limited selection, smaller portions and overpriced drinks. That being said the food was good and the service great. They are popular so expect a wait at the normal times. Still one of will recommend but not a favorite. Being KC it's a competitive market.

Fred Miller

Great tastes...first time guest...extra rack of ribs brisket...sausage..spicey baked beans..and the onion straws a great starter to share..

Frank Jameson

Burnt ends, sliced brisket and a pint of KC Bier dunkel. Ends melt in your mouth, sauce is on point and I even tried the Honey BBQ style later and it was good too. My wife had the burger with the pork belly and she enjoyed that too.

Dr. Andrew Tran

Why doesn't this place have 5 stars..that I do not understand. I'm visiting from Texas. This is by far the BEST BBQ I have ever had. Like my mouth is watering writing this review. If you are visiting from out of town or you are local. Get your BBQ fix and you will not regret it. Service: Fast, friendly and FUN! I'm sure this is a great spot to go to during football season because of access to TVs and the bar. Environment: Balance of group conversation, music, and TVs. Bathrooms: Clean. That all that matters is if its well kept. Food: Ordered the wings and Brisket sandwich. WOW Highly recommend you and your future kids to come here.


Absolutely delicious BBQ!!! My brisket melted in my mouth-seriously delicious sides too! The cucumbers and dill were best ever and baked beans amazing!!!! I loved the cauliflower appetizer also! Not an empty seat in the house...great service and atmosphere also!!!

Darian Goodwin

ALL BARBECUE WAS EXCELLENT!! The sides could have more flavor. However, the Q is more than worth the visit!

Linda Cole

Not impressed. Wait staff was ...meh. Small portions, cold fries.

Jeff Smith

It is ok, they are trendy and popular but to be honest the burnt ends weren't that good and they were out of them on the appetizer menu two days in a row. This forced me to order them on the dinner menu and I was disappointed, plus I wanted them with pulled pork but they don't allow that.... I had to have them with brisket.... I'm from Texas and love all styles of BBQ but KC is not one of my brisket favorites

Debra Skouby

Hope their inside service is better than their to go service. picked up our order, totalling $76, waited for fresh onion straws and the person threw them upside down on the counter. We did not get our pasta salad either. High priced sandwiches with no sides.

Carl Tousey

Q39 South the Food is excellent. Brisket platter with sliced and burnt end was perfect flavor. Only reason I give it a 4 star. the sides are to high class. This is a BBQ place you need onion rings, cheese corn, cornbread, mac-n-cheese for sides. And doing an upcharge for fries as a side item with a platter is ridiculous.

james huang

upscale yet so delicious. Their BBQ was impeccable and I dont think it gets much better than this. Easily 5 stars. Top 5 mac and cheese I've had in my life. Great service and every dish I ordered was amazing. Not one bad thing.

James Tucker

Outside of the initial wait, which was a good sign people wanted to eat there, the experience and food were both exemplary. Would definitely visit again when I'm back over on this side of Missouri.

Robert Couture

Food was very good, particularly the Triple Threat sandwich, the burnt ends app was delicious. The server seemed a bit overstretched and there Ranch dressing was delicious but was a bit thin. I definitely recommend the restaurant. Overall great family time. The patio was very nice!

Julie Fletcher

Awesome food and even better service. The manager personally came to greet us at our table. I will definitely be back. It was a fantastic first experience.

Blake Sorensen

The meat is super tender and delicious. I got the brisket and burnt ends with baked beans for a side. Loved it! They also have a good beer list.

Joshua Baker

Amazing bbq. Great service. Atmosphere is laid back.

j cruzer

I've lived in Kansas City all of my life and I grew up eating barbecue. I cannot speak for the other meats but I had the pork, and they rely on that sauce primarily for the barbecue flavor. Atmosphere and service was awesome and prices were fair. The table and bathrooms are clean as well. I wouldn't call it classic Kansas City barbecue but it was good.

Jason Ross

Went on a recommendation from a friend, and it was packed! We sat on a really nice screened-in patio which allowed us to enjoy the night without pesky bugs. The inside was nice, but definitely try to sit outside if it's a nice evening. The food was delicious, if a little pricey. I sampled the brisket and burnt ends, which they said are their specialties. I would definitely order them again. For the price, there was enough food to be full. Our server was really attentive and really helpful, despite having her well-manicured hands full. I'll definitely be going back, but I'll be calling ahead to save a seat.

Cherlynn Bell

This place was wonderful! Very friendly and helpful. Awesome food. Glad to discover this place! Loved the view while we had dinner!

Abi McCartney

Super bummed they discontinued the kickin' chicken sandwich, it was my favorite! It's still a great spot though. Good eats and wonderful service!

Andrew Cunningham

Meat was absolutely incredible. So tender. The flavor wasn't anything unordinary or unique, and the BBQ sauce was solid but again, fairly normal compared to other sauces Ive had. I'm no expert though so you've gotta go check this place out for yourself. Pretty dang good. Also, the service was awesome.

Nick Doriot

Great brisket! Definitely get brisket! The service is good and the BBQ was great. It is a nice atmosphere but it can get very busy so you may want to make a reservation. They also have a good selection of local brews as well as an in house brew. Check out the meat prep for the next day!! This is a serious BBQ joint!

E McMahon

Good bar-b-que, but much better choices in KC in my opinion.

Dawn Buckman

Kansas City BBQ is King and this place is one of the reasons why. I present to you the Mr Burns sandwich. It has burnt ends with onion straws on it and of course amazing sauce. The baked beans also have chunks of meat in them too. So good!!

Frank Drake

I really enjoy this place! The food was awesome and the service was exceptional!

Ducker Smash

It took a little while for this place to grow on me, but it is a more than welcome addition to the Kansas City BBQ experience. While I would argue most of our better BBQ restaurants have are not necessarily inviting to those unaccustomed to their traditions, Q39 is definitively a perfect restaurant to bring the out of town guests. I only ding it one star because they chose to go with Diet Dr. Pepper instead of Mountain Dew on their soda options, which feels petty, but ultimately cuts out one of the primary features of using Pepsi as a soda provider.

Jawad Akhtar

This place is amazing. Food was excellent. The burnt ends are great. The atmosphere is excellent. There was a wait on a weeknight and the place was packed. Reservations are advised. The cheesecake is delicious. All in all, you can't go wrong with the Q.

DeMorris Glasper

Stoped in on a Monday for lunch a little 12:30pm. The place was busy but was able to be seen it right away! The atmosphere of this q39 and Johnson county it's quite comfortable and has an excellent restaurant feel. Every employee I encountered was very friendly and seem to want to go out of the way to make my visit a pleasant one. Ordered off the lunch menu which is respectabley priced for a barbecue restaurant. Food came out and presentation style as for their trademark style and tasted excellent. Brisket was so tender you could cut it what's a fork. Hey recommend going to this place to try out if you are a barbecue fanatic.

Matt Thomas

Amazing food and service. You simply can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. The only thing separating the south location from 39th St was my server Donald Z. Absolutely fantastic. Knowledgeable, charismatic, and cared that we enjoyed our experience. Can’t recommend him or Q39 enough. Will definitely request him when I come back!

Kurt Semon

Excellent food, atmosphere, and service. We had the certified angus beef brisket dinner with two sides. And a kids meal for our daughter. All three were amazing, the brisket was tender and not over cooked and the sides of vegetables were tender well seasoned. Service was fast, we arrived at 4pm and had a table immediately. Definitely recommended.

Jason Smith

BreAnn was excellent. Food was great. Sweet tea was the right amount of sweet. No major complaints.

Rob Young

Had reservation then waited 15 minutes for seating after party was reduced by 2. Prices have been raised, $15 Brisket was dry! Still good but now looking for alternatives for client lunches.

Stan Buchanan

Excellent. The brisket is probably the best, truly melt in your mouth BBQ. Ribs fall off the bone. The sauces are nice without being overly dominating. The sides unique instead of the traditional and mundane.

James Wylie

Hands down the best BBQ in KS. The appetizers were amazing, especially the “burnt ends” and brisket poutine. The 2 meat plate with two sides is reasonably priced and portions plentiful. Ribs fall off the bone and brisket can be cut with your fork. Well done Q29, well done.

Jeff Brown

Bbq brisket and burnt ends were good. Wife got the chicken and pulled pork. She said chicken was delicious but pork not so good. Good beer selection. Dining area was very loud. Great for hanging with friends but not family.

Erin Reasoner

Brisket is juicy and tender. Cucumber salad reminds me of grandmas refrigerator pickles! Get there early for dinner as it gets PACKED

Tabbie Nellon

A group of us visited this place for lunch and it was packed with patrons. We were lucky enough to be seated quickly as one of our party went early to get us on the seating list. I had the BBQ brisket sandwich with fries and it was excellent. The sauce was mixed with the brisket as it was good which allowed for the great taste. Service was excellent as well.

Andrew Kon

I wanted to come here because how great I heard it was. I would say it lived up to my expectations. I imagined an hour or so wait to get seated. It wasn't bad at all, approximately 15 minutes. I did get there a little after 6:30. Once I got to my table my server BreAnn greeted me and got my drink going. She saw I was waiting for another person and was patient with us. Once the person I was waiting on got there, she came by waited until we were done speaking and started off with their drink and asked if we were ready to order as well. We ordered our meal and had some great suggestions from her on the sides. I ordered the Judge's plate and chose the ribs, sausage, and brisket with beans and veggies as the sides. Meal came out pretty quickly. Taste and tenderness of the cuts were excellent. I prefer a little more spice to it but still great tasting. Stop by and give it a try.

Brit Waye

The best of the best gourmet BBQ! Had a bite of the burnt end burger and never looked back - its all i can order now. Really the best and freshest burger with an amazing smoky grilled flavor with the burnt ends, topped off with a spicy jalapeno pickle slaw. Never ordered anything that I didn't love. Great drinks, great atmosphere, we love this place!

Lisa Goode

In town visiting family and they took us here. Oh my gosh the wings are excellent, the burt ends were wonderful. The atmosphere was great. The whole experience was wonderful including the story and the staff. Thx

Barbara Clark

Service was Fantastic. Food was delicious. Cocktails were So good

Mary Harper

First time there. Absolutely delicious! Very noisy (at lunch time). Hard to carry on a conversation.

Brian Fowler

You HAVE to get the Pork Belly and Burnt Ends..... HAVE TO!! The wait staff was excellent.... and the beer was cold! What else can you ask for! Two Thumbs Up!!!!

Hassan Shakil

Burnt End Burger is spectacular. Juicy, tender, and better burnt ends than Joe's. Expect to wait during peak hours... Check Google maps for how busy.


Great BBQ. Best in KC. Great selections and good prices. Several combo plates to choose from as week as buy by the pound. Brisket is thick cut. Sausage is good. Turkey is also very moist. Salads and sandwiches to choose from. BBQ sauce is worth buying and taking a bottle home. Onion strings abs the special sauce are a must try. Very good BBQ and a must stop while in KC.

David Arkle

This place came highly recommended as the best in KC. I’ve been to Joes and Jack Stack and would say Q39 didn’t earn their number one ranking. I would give the ribs the best rating of all the food and the sausage a close second. The brisket was average and I wouldn’t order any of the sides again. Last but not least, the fries were simply not good. Overall, an average meal and no championship delivered tonight. I’ll take the Jack Stack cream corn and beans all day long for average meats.

Cheyenne Butler

One of my favorite BBQ places to go. Even now that I'm a vegetarian, it's still one of my favorites. The picture is the veggie burger. So good!

Shawn Marquez

Got carry out my 1st time trying them. The service was great & quick. The Mr. Burns sandwich & wings were fantastic.

Kevin Below

Great location with great service. I tried the brisket, burnt ends and seasonal vegetables. I have got take out from this location before but this was my first time dining in. Q39 is a Kansas City classic everyone should try. Prices are a little high but seem normal for good BBQ.

Aidan Garrett

One of the best BBQ joints in KC! This, Joe's, and Jackstack are my personal top 3. Everything on the menu is delicious, I'm especially a fan of the Mr. Burns and the Chicken sandwich. Service is quick, no complaints!

maggie rudzik

Great atmosphere for big groups. The room is open but broken up into areas by low walls. Tables are long . Service was very good.everyone loved the poutine and BBQ meats were tender. Sandwiches were wonderful.

Chelsey Dunham

So good! We bring any friends or family who visit from out of town here. It's nice that you can make reservations online or by phone as long as its not the day of. I recommend the Mr. Burns sandwich with the barbecue aoli sauce.

Pat Starner

Very disappointed. Couldn't detect even a hint of smoke flavor and that was a turn off for me. Also the sauce was too sweet for my taste. I'll have to say the meat was tender and the beans and fries were very good.

Diane Allen

Ordered the mac and cheese for the first time...amazing! I had the brunt end plate with fries. So juicy and tender!

andre croizer

This is a great place for ribs in Kansas City. There are two styles of barbecue one is suite which Q39 falls in this bucket the other is more vinegar and tangy-based. Places like Gates or Arthur Bryant’s. This is the Second location for this restaurant which is truly fantastic. The burnt ends, ribs and other menu selections have always been Tasty Highly recommend

Robert Bowen

When in Kansas City, there’s really only one choice for dinner and it’s Barbecue. The ribs were good, the brisket tender and the atmosphere inviting. Loved it.

Deborah Everson

We were so excited to get a reservation for Q39 while in Overland Park based on a friends recommendation. When we got there it was packed. At first we thought there would be a problem since they couldn't find our reservation (I had my email confirmation), the manager came over and said he would take care of it and we were seated at our scheduled time. Our server was friendly and she gave us the history of the restaurant (which I love). I ordered the smoked chicken and brisket with potato salad and coleslaw. My husband ordered the brisket and burnt ends. We shared the mac and cheese. Be sure to order the mac and cheese. This was so good. I ate it with my brisket and the delicious bbq sauce for a winning combination. Yum! My husband said that his burnt ends could have been a little more "burnt" otherwise everything else was on point.

Sue Scott

This is an awesome place to eat. We had a group of ten and they were so accommodating. Our server was terrific. He took great care of us. The food was excellent. No one got anything they didn't like. Hands down the best place I've eaten in a very long time.

Shawn Bramblett

An upscale BBQ restaurant that is clearly a favorite of the area. It was packed and the waitstaff was hustling. I ordered the 3 meats combo, brisket, pulled pork, and short ribs. Of the three the pulled pork was the best. It was flavorful and juicy. The brisket was good and the ribs okay. I was disappointed that the mac and cheese can only be ordered as an app not a side. Overall a good meal

jeff feddon

This feels more like mainstream BBQ than a whole in the wall with the best collard greens you ever had.

Alesha Kuechler

Delicious BBQ! The ribs fell clean off the bone and the smoked chicken portion is huge! Their selections for kids were pretty good. My picky 3 year old loved the mac and cheese. :)

Anne Ridgway

What an amazing experience. Everything was so good. The service was immaculate. I am a vinegar based girl but this sauce was awesome. Loved it.

Robert Mayster

Best BBQ in town! Ribs are totally worth it, veery crispy fries, staff is super friendly. It's very popular and they don't do same day reservations, so be sure to book your table in advance.

Kyle Schoenberger

I've been to Q39 three times. Each time was a disappointment. Q39 is way overrated, small portions and below average BBQ. My last experience I got the Brisket dinner for $19. I got 3 slices of brisket, 4 burnt ends and 2 sides. The brisket slices were good. The "burnt ends" were the least burnt ends they I've ever had. They were horrible. Service was also atrocious. I asked if I could get Mac n Cheese as one of my sides. She said "no" with a smile. Not I'm sorry, but no we can't do that or sure but it would be an extra $3. The waitress removed the appetizer plates as folks were still getting appetizers. They came and took a table from our party of 10 but tried to take a larger table that would only leave us with 8 seats. I had to tell her that her math didn't work and she could take one of the 2 seat tables but not the 4 seat table. All in all, I won't go back where I have to pay for it. There are several better BBQ places in KC that I'd rather give my patronage to.

Tony Harlan

My family moved to Kansas City one year ago this month. We've always been huge fans of Jack Stack, but after moving here we decided to try all of the other local places. For some strange reason Q39 didn't happen until last night. I have to say, so far it's the best brisket and ribs I've had so far in this city. Their cocktail menu is small, but fantastic, and their beer selection is extremely refreshing. They actually have one of my absolute favorite summer beers from Vermont (Magic Hat #9), which I've never seen on tap anywhere outside of New England. The only negatives about this place is the horrendous parking, and the miniscule waiting area. I also don't agree with their waiting procedure, where they take your cell phone number and text you when your table is ready. Seated in the waiting area I could hear every single customer give their phone number, clearly, which isn't very safe in my opinion. Overall extremely impressed.

Jason Campbell

Overall great food, service, and atmosphere! Potato salad was okay, but brisket, sausage, mac & cheese, and sauces were fantastic!

Jefferson Vieira

Even though the place was quite full, the service was really good. The servers were nice and fast. The food came in no time. The prices are affordable and the food is of good quality. Ribs are well recommended.

JT Galloway

Here's what's going to be your order: appetizer of wings, their signature beer, and the judges plate to get as much of this amazing BBQ as possible. There's a lot of places in KC that specialize in one or two things on the grill but this place has it all! I will say, their sides are a bit lackluster, but who needs them with how great the main fare is!

Anakorn Jaiprem

BBQ is very tasty and juicy! The waitress was very nice and provided a good recomendation for us for order.

Michael Morris

My first visit to the often raved about Q39. Honestly, I wasn't that impressed. Service was good, so no issues there. But this is Johnson County BBQ, meaning very clean, and very expensive. I ordered a platter with brisket and burnt ends, beans, and fries. First, I wanted onion rings but I was told they didn't sell those. Strike one! Any BBQ joint that doesn't have rings loses legitimacy points immediately! Second...the beans. Probably right up there with some of the worst I've ever had. They were like warm pinto beans with a few bits of meat and a mysteriously weakened onion flavored syrupy sauce. Nah, beans aren't their strong point here. Brisket was tasty...very lean and smoky...good job there. Burnt ends were way too soft and fatty. Finally, no sauce offered other than the tiny little cup that comes on the platter. Like I said...JOCO BBQ! Save your money and go a real BBQ joint...messy, smoky, and down home real!

Stefan Tomlinson

The BBQ here was good. I would strongly suggest coming here during off hours. We came here around 6pm and the noise and fact they sat us almost shoulder to shoulder with other tables ment we couldnt even talk without everyone listening in or just being drowned out by the other tables. The burnt ends were some of the best I have had in the area. I will be trying this place again just at a better hour.

Randy Jones

Don't, to this place. We had the Brisket, chicken and ribs...oh, so very good. Brisket was our favorite and baked beers. now our favorite BBQ place. Service was fast and friendly. We went on a busy Tues evening and expected a long wait.. waited maybe 5 minutes. Finished it off with cheese cake. Next time we are in KC we're stopping here again. BBQ sauce also sold..we had to have some.

juston taylor

This is a fraction more than most places, but I think it's worth it. The feel is great and the food is a guaranteed win. Easily a top 5 BBQ place in KC. They aren't just a new place trying to be KC BBQ. They have spent decades working on their style and flavor. They ARE true KC BBQ.

Brad Good

My burger was AMAZING, but my 1 beer was $9 (seems a little steep).

Traci Herrick

I've been to Q39 a number of times and have consistently been pleased: great BBQ, friendly and fast customer service, and great atmosphere. Highly recommend...and love the recent new items too!

Larry Kramer

Wish we could have waited to get a table in the restaurant. Luckily they had 2 go that was fast enough. It was fabulous. The burnt ends burger was amazing. Our daughter loved her burger but could only eat half of it. Such a great place to eat. Next time we are close, we will definitely make the time to eat at the restaurant.

Jeanie Cook

Our Son and daughter in law went to Q39 2 years ago and our son and his wife lived it. We tried it out today and Q39 is top notch.

Cory Rankin

Amazingness. We went for lunch on a Sunday passing through and place was packed! Took less than 20 mins to get seated. Service was good, they were busy but checked in just enough. Ribs were top notch definitely one of the best, brisket was perfect texture and not dry but not super flavorful. Bring some friends and enjoy some great food and great atmosphere. Covered and screened in patio perfect for summer evenings.

Rachel Clontz

My husband and I have been here twice now. Both times the food and service have been excellent. This is our favorite BBQ in KC!

Anatollo Crosswhite

I am a KC local but I always take out of town friends to Q39 because they have the best BBQ. Either location is great. Food comes quickly, and then I get to listen to the kudos of how great the BBQ meat is--pork, beef, doesn't matter. It is all wonderful. Meat is always moist, not dry like other restaurants. I have gone at both lunch time and dinner. Service is always excellent. I can't say that I have a favorite dish because I have liked each one I have gotten. No complaints from my guests either.

Kristi Lovetoread

Excellent meal as always! Menu has been updated with some new entree additions. Mr. Burns sandwich & the pork belly sandwich were great! Burnt end burger is always a good choice. Service is friendly & attentive. Highly recommend. The 39th St location is also great!


Staff are awesome, food is just as good. This place gets packed quick

A Meunier

Great atmosphere and knowledgeable bar staff! Portions were generous. Sauce was a little sweet for my liking, but overall I would recommend.

Edward M

My work has had Q39 catered a few times and I decided to grab lunch with a friend. The staff, food, and atmosphere were great! With so many BBQ choices in Kansas City Q39 still managed to stand out. Will certainly be back.

Lisa George

Really good. They were out of ribs when I went so be ready to try something else instead if it's busy. The pulled pork was fantastic. Also great to see a long list of craft beer and some fun cocktails.

Jeremy Graves

Arguably the best BBQ in Kansas City! Make a reservation or be prepared to wait. The food is amazing, try it, you will love it.

Luke Chang

Christina Garcia

The food is always excellent and so is the service. Super easy to make reservations and I recommend it because they're busy. Try the Mr. Burns!!

adam c

Always love their barbecue. Somewhat pricy but the brisket is no joke. That is one of the best I have had. If you need barbecue and don't want to go to Kansas City then head to q39 south.

Jojo Brigadoi

Awesome food. Quick wait. Excellent service. The triple delight sandwich with their new pasta was amazing!

Jessica KissKiss Love

It's not bad but definitely not the best. The BBQ sauce looks like it's watered down. The baked beans looked really good and homemade but when I tasted it, it tasted like it was out of a can and watered down a lot. It's just not really for me. I would recommend trying it at least once you might like the BBQ sauce that way.Never know until you try :)

cesar laso

I was told the original one in Kansas Missouri was worth the drive but enclement weather forced me to stay close. The good: clean, food was brought out fairly quickly The bad: Brisket and burnt ends were moist enough but had no smoke flavor, or seasoning. The side potatoes salad was not creamy or rich. NO POP. No reason to go back ever. Also had to circle three times to find a spot, unless I wanted to walk a 1/4 mile.

Christopher Steele

The restaurants environment is pleasant. It's got a nice vibe. The restaurant is very noisy. If you go to Roadhouse, it's just like that and you know what I mean. The food was really good. Especially the burnt ends. The brisket dip sandwich was good, not excellent. The size of the sandwich is underwhelming. It's more bread than meat. Another item we ordered was the pick 2 combo. We got chicken and beef brisket. It's 14 dollars. The food was excellent. Portions are pretty small. Two thin strips of brisket and a chicken leg quarter and small side of pasta salad. The last item was a burnt end sandwich. This was the best item. Tastes the best and the best value. Overall, it was a nice dining experience. The noise does start to wear on me though. The food is mostly great, but the value is not. That's just my opinion.

Thrill ville

Found hair in food talked to manger and he said they wont discount the food becasue they brought a new dish out. Will never be coming back Here. If you eat here make sure to check your food for hair...

Dan J

I have to give this place a 5. I have been smoking, grilling and BBQ'ing for years. There are several competitor's in this area, but this has to be one of the best I have been to. I had the judge platter, with brisket, ribs and sausage, along with beans and cucumber and onion salad. The meat was so flavorful, no sauce was needed, however it comes with a side of some really sweet, tangy and delicious sauce. The brisket had a great smoke ring and was fork tender. The ribs did fall off the bone, but making on such a large scale is very hard. Very little fat, so it was either trimmed nicely, or was rendered out. Very nice bark. The sausage was so flavorful, no sauce needed. Again, much competition around, but the beans rocked. Packed full of flavor and sweetness as were the cucumbers. Nice balance of acidity, sweetness and dill. Definitely be back again.

Dennis McCarthy

Sweet Melissa is the best waitress ever! Brisket poutine is out of this world!

Caleb Sommerville

Sigh. While the food is pretty good (even if KC barbecue is a saturated market), I've never had a good experience here. Parking is nigh impossible. The wait around peak times is long. And the service. Yikes. After not even getting water after 15 minutes, we asked an employee who was standing at what seemed to be a lookout post (?) where out server was. She said they had a new computer system. Granted, she took the kids meal orders then, but we also had to wait another 10 minutes to order our food. Once it arrived much later, one order was wrong. The bus boy/food deliverer guy had to be stopped (he was rushing away without verifying the orders) and was notified. He sighed and said "well, do you want the other sandwich?" We said nevermind. The Rude Busboy returned with another sandwich (again, not the correct one) and plonked it down, saying, "there, now you have TWO sandwiches." Yikes. No apologies, no acknowledgement of the rudeness.

LaTonya McDaniel

Was not impressed at all worst $56 plus $15 gratuity, I have ever spent. It was our first and last time to this restaurant, when we first sat down, one of the waiters dropped some type of strawberry sauce on the floor, which got all over my sweater(didn't notice my pants til I arrived home). The Manager was apologetic and offered dessert, which we took to go, opened it and it appeared to just be thrown in the box. My Ribs and chicken was Dry, I took it to go also... Maybe my Boyfriends dogs will enjoy it more than I did. Very over Rated

Robert Lovin

Absolutely great BBQ Most definitely would go again when I come back

Elizabeth Mowery

Q39 has absolutely fantastic competition style BBQ! The best BBQ we’ve ever had! We drive over 30 mins to eat here! Only downside is that it’s so popular that it’s gets very busy and a bit loud, so be prepared if you’re wanting a romantic date...this place might not be the best. But if you want amazing BBQ, Q39 is it! (Side note: I do not usually like/order pork because places often cook it so dry, but their smoked meats, including pork ribs etc, are super moist and delicious!)

E Villapudua Noriega

Above average BBQ, I didn't find the burnt ends to be good but nothing out of the ordinary.

Adam West

It was very good. I tried smoked chicken, pulled pork and brisket. The chicken and pulled pork were okay, but not great. The sliced brisket was the best I have ever eaten. I am not sure how they got it so tender.

Chris Kemper

Great atmosphere, staff were terrific, meats were excellent! White bean side was perfect with the thyme and tomato. Baked beans and the cucumber side had too much sugar. That's all I'd change. Will go back

Gail Hutchins

Good BBQ, nice atmosphere. Our waitress was very friendly and helpful, she knew her beer!

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