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REVIEWS OF Pickleman's Gourmet Cafe IN Kansas

Shelby Scheiterle

Horrible service don’t even waste your money. Rude workers. Missing and wrong items. Multiple bad orders.

Ken Jenkins

If you've been there, you know you're going back! If you haven't tried Pickleman's... get busy! A great take on pizza, salad, sandwich and atmosphere!

Courtney Young

I love visiting picklemans because the staff is so friendly and the food is always fresh!

Zach Rau

Just picked up my fat mans paradise pizza. The Hog. It has grilled chicken, pepperoni, italian sausage, onions, giardinara pepper blend and 5 cheese blend. Oh and it's thin crust. Once I replace the marinara sauce for the asiasgo ceasar dressing one last step completes this pizza perfection. I add a chipotle ranch dipping cup and I'm on the way home to devour this masterpiece. Now it does cost $14 and change but it lasts me between 3 and 4 meals. So feeds a family of four once and so on and so forth. Well worth it. Do yourself a favor and get here as soon as you can.

Kent Seaton

First time I was there I was not really impressed. It felt like an upbeat subway but not quite to the gourmet level 1 block away at Planet Sub. It will do in a pinch... but parking in the area is a mess.

Mike Braniff

Best Deli around! Excellent place!

Jay Coop

Love eating here

Marissa Lewis

They have good toasted sandwiches and soup if you are looking for a quick bite to eat. There are a good variety of salads, sandwiches and soups. I personally like a few other sandwich shops better but I still liked the food.

Marian Nguyen

I seldom write reviews at all. My husband and I both work in service, so we give people the benefit of the doubt a lot of the time. But dang, this location is seriously lacking in delivery service. The average wait time we've experienced has always been 2+ hours. On one occasion, we waited three hours for our delivery. We called after the two hour mark to try and cancel because we decided to just eat somewhere else, but the manager said the food was already out for delivery. Granted, he comped the meal, but it still didn't show for another hour after we called. Tonight after a long day of moving, we decided to give it a shot since it's one of the few places open after 11pm in the Waldo area. The hours listed on Google show that this location is open until 3am. After a couple of hours, I just decided to call again to see how much longer it would be (I figured bar crowds tend to complicate things), but the phone kept ringing. No one seems to be there! Probably our bad for just bein' lazy and wanting delivery, but at least update your hours on Google. Anyway, sorry for the crummy review. Just wanted to give you a heads up for ways to improve your location.

David G Norris

Before placing areorder the young lady that's making a pizza,as she finishes up she scrapes all the toppings that missed the pizza on to the pizza off the counter. We later find out that it's the manager. Rude and everybody's business and not keeping to herself. There was nobody in the joint but she was all up in everybody's business and touched every item that came off the line. Instead of ringing us up.

Jacqueline Williams

Today I ordered lunch for my staff. The driver forgot the drinks. I immediately called to try and catch him. Staff was rude and abrupt on the phone. When the driver finally brought them, it was reported by our administrative staff that the driver slammed the drinks down on the front desk and stormed out. She called after him to ask if he wanted to wait while she called me. He did not even acknowledge her. This is beyond upsetting as many of our staff order from this location. But I will not do so again!

Michael Shields

Great pizza!

W Fa

I made a delivery order at around 10pm. Confirmation said it could be up to 1.5 hours, but I was in no rush (just hungry). I finally called around midnight only to be told that they had no delivery driver that night, yet no one from the store had called to tell me this. By the time I finally called, no other delivery places were open. This is the worst customer service I've ever gotten.

Melanie Wall

I work in the Waldo area and love the fact that there is a quick and easy option for lunch, especially on those busy days in the office. It definitely seems like the thoroughness has slacked off a bit with their delivery orders. I placed 2 orders, one last week and one today. I understand that people make mistakes, especially in a busy environment like this one but something has changed since they first opened up. Each of my orders had something missing. Even with the 2 items I placed today, 1 pizza, 1 tea, the tea was missing:( I called back over to the store and told them they forgot my tea and this was not the first time this has happened to one of my orders or others in the office as well. I love Pickelman's and I hope their delivery services gets a boost in the right direction.

jordan rainbow

The people that work there are terrible. One of the managers Tom, smokes dope in the back freezer part. They hired me for about a month. The said they had to let me go because they were over staffed.. they told me they would place me in another store but they wouldn't answer my phone calls. Food is good. But everyone's to high to even do their jobs right!

Laura Ragsdale

Pro's Friendly Service They do Dine-In, Delivery and Carry Out When ordering Delivery, their drivers are very fast and their delivery fees are far beyond reasonable To say their food is delicious would be a significant understatement Their Pick-2 option is perfect for lunch-choose 1/2 a sub, 1/2 cup of soup or 1/2 salad; the perfect way to get more than one delicious item when you're having a difficult time deciding between a few favorites Con's I have yet to try something from Pickleman's that I don't absolutely love. This makes ordering considerably difficult and timely as I can never decide quickly. Take heed of this advice: If you even remotely like, or even just tolerate, Caesar Salad you absolutely MUST try theirs. I will warn you that when it arrives, the dressing looks pretty questionable with a slight brownish hue. Do not be fooled. Have a napkin close by because your jaw will drop the moment their Caesar dressing hits your taste buds and you will be at a pretty high risk of drooling all over yourself. I have yet to investigate and see if they sell this dressing by the bottle because the moment I find out they do, I'm spending my life savings on every bottle. You'll see me happily living under a bridge somewhere with a little hovel made of salad dressing bottles.

Brett Holt

Pretty good sandwiches.

Km Bailey

Terrible service. Mediocre food. I posted a recent review about my experience. I am writing a new review because I completely fed up. I emailed the owner of this establishment and was told that the manager would be giving me a call after the lunch rush. It never happened. I recently emailed the owner yet again telling her I never received a call and to please make it right. Never got a reply. At this point I'm willing to go as far as I need to in order to get this place to fix this mess. Unbelievable.

Travis Copple

Good food. Would be nice if they delivered to my house, I live one mile away, yet I'm not in their delivery area. Response to owner: My house is five minutes away.

Shhajsns Sjbbwbsj

This isn't for the food it's for the delivery service and it sucks it took them 2 hours to delivery and one other time they overcharged me. Their sandwiches are good.

Hans Guthrie

Friendly staff, great sandwiches.

Mark Z

Too expensive for a sandwich.

Danielle Grunz

Good food and staff. Slow delivery times.

mr still yo girl perez

Good sandwiches and pizzas

India Taylor

I had pizza and it is good

Gwenyth Hagan

Get the chicken Giordano pizza!! its super spicy and sooooo good. i come here when I'm craving smth with zing

Kyndel Richardson

Alright we will start out with The Bad: It’s a lot smaller than I expected. They said it was medium size but it was definitely a small but they have one size only. That’s the only bad I have. The Good: the ingredients were fresh and amazing the pizza being a little smaller was made up for with the taste. And I also got a sub which was an okay size but was amazing. I recommend the chipotle!

Douglas Echeverria

Great place, great food!

Chuck Ross

Get the Italian beef

Garrett Palm

Dont go here if you're hungry, you will be waiting 20-30 minutes for your sandwich.... food once you get it is not bad. But other places are just as good and will save 25 minutes of your life.

Draden Vaughn


Big Stig

Pretty good sandwiches little overpriced.

Kellie Gillespie

Consistently good food, service.

Tammy Hoffman

Excellent food and super fast delivery. We just love all their sandwiches and pizza. Drivers are very polite and efficient. I highly recommend this place. So everyone forget pizza hut and papa John's and subway and Jimmy John's order from pickleman's they have it all and even better.

Ella Love

Great soup and sandwich cafe lentil soup and tomato bisque are great

jamed puryear

I get it delivered love it

Meggie Mapes

Love me some Pickleman's, but this is the worst pizza join in Waldo (and we've given them multiple changes). One night, it took 3 hours to get our delivery, and instead of saying they didn't have a driver, the manager sent her FOURTEEN year old out to illegally deliver. Last week, we ordered and, after an hour, called to check-in. We were told "all pizzas out for delivery" (though no one verified our order). After 30 more minutes, I called back and the manager told me that "they thought the order was fake so it's been sitting there for an hour" (we paid with a credit card). All around bad. Every single time.

John Lemons

Been to this location several times and they are always extremely slow and often get my order wrong. They also seem to be out of stock on several items all the time. Its not Pickle man's as a whole, no issue with other locations I've been. It's mostly just this location.

Michael Laird

Italian beef hit the spot.

Jaime Aikmus

Loved my sandwhich. Employees NICE and efficient at filling your order

Brookside Auto Rx

I love Pickleman's and I love ordering their salads for delivery. They are always great and delivery time is wonderful. My favorite is their Italian Chop Salad. I finally convinced my hubby to have a salad there and when it came he commented that it was not very full. I kind of had to agree with these ones, although I had never had this before. I left them a good review on their site but, I did comment regarding the amount. The manager quickly called me back and I let him know and he said there would be two salads on them. 2 weeks later + called and got the salads. No charge, not even for delivery. They came very full and delicious as usual. This place is delicious prompt and I always have great customer experience! Thank You

Jeri Stewart

I was a virgin till today and OMG I'm so sad it took me so long to discover this. Everything from the salad to the amazing soup to the Toasted roll to the cookie and even the tea was great and just when I thought it couldn't get better they started playing Pink Floyd you cant get a better lunch break

Jack Anderson

I ordered my sandwich and they forgot about me. About fifteen minutes later I asked and they hadn’t started it. Other than that a decent sandwich.

Rebecca Cone

Just tried to stop in and grab a late lunch, the only employee in the place was passed out at one of the tables. I've never had a complaint about the food from this location, but the cleanliness and staff has always had room for improvement. I waited a couple minutes at the counter to see if another employee would come from the back to help us, but was left with no option but to leave and go to a different establishment.

Valerie Freeman

Friendly, fast service. The manager was really great. The chocolate chip cookies are delicious.

Haley Davis

Staff was great and helpful, and the food was great, too!

Emily Burris

Great place. Friendly employees. Delicious subs.

Mary Wano

Love their spicy soup!

CuNeese Patterson

Love the food and friendly employee's

Hannah Montgomery

Will definitely return. Lots of variety on the menu, with plenty of vegetarian options and cauliflower pizza crust for those gluten-free folks. My salad was delicious with fresh ingredients. The cashier brought our food straight to our table, and the owner checked in with me and my friend, making sure everything tasted great. Later he even brought both of us a free cookie! Can't beat that kind of service.


Their food is so delicious. Their sandwiches made perfectly. I love the tomato bisque. I especially love that they deliver!

Mariah Burkholder

Everyone is so nice food is amazing !

Donald Matthews

Food good but sandwiches hella small for the price

Legacy Events

Every time I place an order online I am charged for extra toppings that never make it onto the sandwich, I have had deliveries never show up and then told it would be credited back to my card - never happened. I stopped ordering picklemans for a year bc of this. Recently, decided to give them another try and again - still paying for toppings that aren't there and delivery takes well over an hour and a half. This will unfortunately be my last picklemans order.

Josh Greenway

Why have I not ever given this place a chance?? My new favorite!!

Kate Heimonen

Full disclosure: I work at this location. I also eat lunch there after nearly every shift, because I get a discount and it's delicious. The meats and veggies are sliced on-site, the dressings and cookies handmade, and of course your sandwich is made to order. The service is admittedly hit-and-miss, especially delivery. You will get your best service at the start of a shift, 11:00 am or 5:00 pm. If you're looking for something fast, get soup and a roll. We keep pans of soup, and just need to ladle it out for you. Otherwise, expect to wait 5-10 minutes for your food to be prepped and cooked.

LeAnn Branham

Good food & good prices

Oie White

It ok for me

Money Finney

Customer service

Jeff Ritter

Awesome soup

Chenelle Singell

We've requested multiple times at our location not to send back one specific driver. However it continues. Then today I ordered cookies along with my sandwich and there were large pieces of eggshells. Not appetising at all!!! Never ordering here again.

Carolyn Martin

Good food but I thought it was a bit pricey.

Fallon Thompson

I work off of 86th and Ward Parkway and placed my lunch order at noon. I was told my order would take 1.5 hours to make & be delivered. The order was 2 subs, 2 bags of chips & 2 drinks. Come 1:30 PM there was no delivery. I called and was told it would be an additional 20 minutes. The order finally arrived at 2:00 PM, but the delivery was missing HALF the order. The employee stormed off and said "call the store." I proceed to call the store and asked for my money back and order to be filled free of charge. And hour later, 3 hours AFTER the original order, I finally had food. Cold sandwiches that were meant to be hot. Will NEVER order from this location again.

Eric Scheer

Great food and you can usually can get in and out.


Be nice if I could give zero. Y'all took over an hour to bring us our food and it was the same stuff after getting lost once. Should've called and cancelled our order before bringing us old cold food. Had barely any sauce on pizza and was like rubber. We didn't get lunch today. Thanks

Jayme Cable

Good little sandwich shop

John Shaw

Bathrooms needed attention, lots of standing around; otherwise, great food, friendly staff. Better than other Pickleman's I've been to.

Liz Vostrez

Good food at a fair price!

Renae O'Keefe

I've ordered delivery from here 3 times - all three times, they have forgotten part of my order. Won't be going back or ordering from this location. I'd rather drive to the one by umkc and get everything I ordered.

Anthony Brownfield

Great and friendly staff fast delivery awsome food, I always used ranch dressing for my salad until I tried there asiago dressing dude blew my mind

jason goulet

The employes wear great and helpful the food was very good


It was ok. I mean it's basically a version of subway. But less popular. Sandwich was good. Could have been a little bigger though.

David Coyne

Great sandwiches and polite service

Paul Sanders

Fair food, kind of expensive for what you get.

Sam Cook

The delivery is wonderful and the sandwiches are good.

darian guein

Good food a bit pricey for the portions.


This used to be our go-to for delivery. My wife could get the pizza she loves and I can get a hot sandwich. The quality of their pizza has really gone down. Customer service has always been an issue. I think they screwed up my sandwich order the last 5 times I had it delivered!!! Eventually the hassle was not worth it. Moving on. In response from the owner: I wish you luck. I know a lot of my neighbors and I used to enjoy having you so close for delivery. Wish I had written a review sooner, or that it was detected throughout my history of phone calls to complain. Maybe taken a look at frequent customers and see who has dropped off and why? Unfortunately I have received so many incorrect orders it became the norm and I'm no longer interested in taking the chance.

Jeremy Lindsey

Love the staff, always so friendly and helpful. But the Italian Beef with cheese and peppers is was pulls me back. They have some seriously good food.

Alfred Williams

Fast and friendly. My kids love it

shannon hammer

Need AIP options, I could not respond to the response. Even with made to order, what options would I have without grains, dairy, vegetable oil (your salad dressings), evening shades, seeds/nuts, refined sugars, or processed items? Plain lettuce with carrots? Just making a suggestion for people like me. I get tired of eating plain lettuce and need more vitamins and minerals. Thanks!

josh madden


leighanne newby

Unorganized teenagers working here. Don't waste your time.

Lucas Borntreger

Very good food at decent prices. Their order process is a bit confusing and I could see ordering at busy times might be a bit overwhelming leading to slow ordering. This might be compounded by the fact that their is only 1 soda fountain with what seems like a thousand choices.

Russell Criswell

Good selection of sandwiches, soups and salads. A bit pricey but fresh.

Carol Baker

Really good prices and they do a great job of getting your order right.

Zach Callahan

I used to order all the time from you guys. Then you stopped serving the broccoli cheddar soup. Now I don't order from you at all. That was the only thing keeping me coming back for your mediocre sandwiches. 1 star.

Peter Trozzolo

Great sandwiches at great prices every time I go there

Daniel Teeter

The staff is very friendly and fast. I was greeted upon entering and was helped immediately. Their selection is better than Jimmy Johns. I met the GM, Thomas Lynch, and he was as hospitable a manager as I have ever come across. Definitely coming back!

Adam La Barre

Good sandwiches and great soup.

Christina Lee

A lot of people who don't care about customer service work here.

Joshua Holt

Good food. Parking is either behind the building or across the street. The pizza is good, but the boxes don't fit in the trash can opening. That's a bigger problem than you would think.

canita alexander

Friendly people

Michael Kelsay

Good food, clean place with good selection. Employees are usually friendly and mindful. Broccoli cheese soup is a favorite.

FatKat On A Bike

Good nice crew. Food decent.

westley laboda

Don't deliver 4 miles from establishment and person who answered the phone didn't give name or anything just said hello said the don't deliver only 4 miles away and hung up.

Joseph Wiedemeier, PE

Small but dense sandwiches. Nothing real special about it but I friekin' love their sandwiches and pizza.

Jake Lee

I enjoy picklemans food. My only siggestion is that you do not order delivery unless you need your food a few hours later. I have ordered deliver from them mulitiple times. The first time it was 1.5 hrs. It was a friday and figured they were just busy. A few weeks later I ordered again and the same thing, took over an hr. I gave them one last shot and it again took forever. After an hr I called and canceled my order and made a complaint to the manager who didnt seem to care and only made excuses. Going in person has always been a decent experience though.

Aaron McMillin

Great food

Michelle Blindt

Placed order, located 7 mins from location, took 1.5 hours for two cold non cut pizzas to arrive. Not impressed for first time ever ordering. Will never eat or order again.

Johanna Amelia

Waited 2 hours for a sandwhich and salad and a drink. Sandwich was cold and ice was melted on the drink. Won't be ordering again. I called and was told it was on it's way just to wait another 20 minutes. Ridiculous.

Pam Burnes

Excellent sandwiches and salads. WAY better than Subway or Quiznos. It was open a little later, which was perfect for us travelers. Parking was easy and right across the street. They had so many options that it took me forever to order, but the staff was very patient with me. Try the pickles! If I lived in Kansas City, I'd probably get food here A LOT.

Nettie Amrine

Great Food....Try the's


Try their pizza it was very good.

Kathleen Shoemake

I live right next to it and I've been wanting to go for a while. I decided to order online and do a pick up. When I got there there were 2 workers and one person in line. It took a whole to get noticed to be handed my already paid for food. Sadly I didnt check it until I got home. I got a sad floppy salad. And the wrong soup. I'm deeply disappointed. Also got a sandwich which looked like cafeteria food.

Chris Wentz

Have came here many times and today was the worst experience. Was not greeted, staff acted like they bothered and not friendly. After we ordered we asked for plates and silverware as we were eating in the girl said she did not know where any were and was slamming cabinets. Highly disappointing on the visit this evening. I see why there are never any customers in here.

andy vanderwerf

Pretty good.

Emma Wilson

Very rude staff. I ordered over the phone and was hung up on each time I interacted with the staff. The first time was while I was giving my location information. I called back to give my apartment number and instructions for how to get to my building. The staff told me that the driver would call later and I could tell him and then hung up again. Later the driver called and told me I should have given my apartment number and instructions for how to get to my building. He was blaring music and I could barley hear him. He then hung up on me after I told him my apartment number and tried to explain where my building was. He called back a few minutes later and told me he had found the building and demanded I come out and get my order. Domino's had no issues getting to me and brough the order to my door. I will not be ordering from Pickleman's again.

Tiara Birdsong

Eric is a beast

Angela Dougherty

Late night delivery on a Friday night. Got here much faster than expected. 2 hot sandwiches ordered and both were piping hot and awesome! Cool delivery guy and super good food.

Brooke Bilyeu

I have been eating at this establishment since they opened a few years ago and it seems as though the quality of food has steadily declined over the years, right along side of their customer service. They have never been top notch at customer service (especially if you order delivery) but it has gotten noticably worse. I could get past that if the food quality wasn't so bad. I got a turkey bacon club today and it was smashed, somewhat cold and the bacon was hardly cooked. Unfortunately I do not think I'll be ordering from here again. Safe yourself the headache and go down the street to planet sub or Jimmy John's if you want a sub sandwich in this area.

T L Kuehn

Good sandwiches. But pricy.

Pepper Pancoast

Pretty solid food, but small subs. Overall a pleasant experience with nice staff

Whitney Jones

I love Pickleman's! Their food is always fresh and delicious! I order from this location and my food always arrives fast and warm! Great place!

Spencer Benlon

Excellent staff, good fast casual toasted deli sandwiches. As expected, excellent pickles.

Heather Carey

Called in an order 30 minutes prior to picking it up. Got to the restaurant and our order wasn't even ready, nor could they find the ticket. Had to wait another 15 minutes for it. Then when we got our order, it was wrong, & we had to send it back. They remade it and made it wrong a 2nd time!... Ridiculous!!. I'm not sure what the deal was, we've been to the Waldo location numerous times and have never had any issues. Not sure I'll be going back any time soon, that's for sure.

Gabrielle Yates

I don't know how this places stays in business. It never fails that they are late with an order. Everytime I order online I have to wait about an hour before my food ever arrives. And they send an automated email when the driver leaves with your food. I work off of 80th and wornall and after 20 minutes I called and they said the driver was on the way. Then I called again after another 15 minutes and her response was "The driver SHOULD be on his way" I had them just cancel my order. This is ridiculous. They all have bad attitudes.

Diamond Tatum

There needs to be something done about the pay rate that the employees are making, there are several children who work there and work very hard and aren't getting paid what they should. There isn't any consistency and there needs to be more organization.

Shawn Rodgers

Ate here for the 1st time and was really impressed! I have to admit my expectations were low going in. I had the pizza guy ... go for it!

George Moore

Really impressed with the flavor and portions! I ready to go back again!

AlFonzo Bowens

My first time at pickleman's and I am impressed

Linda Runions

Sandwiches were not the greatest. My blt was short on b. Meatball sandwich was short on sauce. Wont go back.

Casey Clark

Good sandwich and soup joint. Clean and friendly.

Taylor Evans

Inconsistency between website's hours and when they're actually open and delivery staff tend to be rude and resentful when you order delivery.

Alexander Allensworth

Best sandwich shop around

Josh Tart

Best subs in town!

Ken Polvino

Great food and service. Visiting from Phoenix and this is a great restaurant.

Badcats 2016 Mosher

Great stop it was random but well worth it

Robert Merrick

Today we ordered the Lentil Chili, the baja chicken soup, the broccoli cheese soup and a chop salad. It got here in 15 minutes and it was all top notch and fresh.

Zechariah Daetwiler

Great gourmet subs! 5/5 would definitely recommend!

Urstruly Palmer

Love them :-) have delivery all the time.

Venita Schroeder

Awesome sandwiches, salads, pizza , unique!

Christina Evans

Love their sandwiches. Also, friendly service

tyqcall .

Placed an online order. Upon arrival the driver forgot the soda and said he'd go right back to the store to get it. I let 20 mins pass. I call the store and the guy there said that the driver had other deliveries on that specific route and then said when that driver gets back he'd instruct him to send a free order of cookies along with my soda and insisted that he would do so because "it's not within that specific driver not to". Like I'm supposed to feel better based on the honesty and loyalty of the driver. Another 20 mins passes and the driver shows up with only soft drink in hand. And I ask him where's the free cookies. And he threw kind of a little fit. I'm like dude clearly your having a bad day. Forget it. And yet I still haven't received a call from the manager of the store that promised me the free order of cookies when he found out that the driver showed up without them. So in result of this, I will no longer be a customer of this store.

David Rader

Great food

Anthony Bland

Great sandwiches

Queen Karla

Food is bomb! But if you order delivery they always mess up or forget stuff , every single time..

robyn buckley

This place is great. Soup pizza and good sandwich.

Matt D

decent pizza and sandwiches. Delivery is usually pretty reliable..

Myke D. Reed

Had them for the first time a couple of nights ago and was really pleased with the sandwich and soup I live about six to eight blocks away from their location and I called tonight to order dinner there and they told me they don't deliver to my area... I said I live 6 blocks away from you guys and they said our cut off his two blocks. How the hell you going to be a delivery place and have a two-block cut off this is not Jimmy John's and 6 blocks really oh well I guess it's going to be a Papa John's night tonight

Benjamin Williams

Overprice, poor service, depressing atmosphere - so much potential lost for a great location and neighborhood - too bad!

Sebastian Mackall

I would avoid this place at all cost especially if you are a black male as the Dm Paul Tuttle “rule 1” do not hire black men. I worked there and he told myself as well as at least 2 other employees this “rule” this man.. ok person deserves to be fired. Best thing happen to me was to be fired from this company’s and there racist rule number 1!!!!!

Dustin Lloyd

Went with a friend. Food was ok priced and was really good. Ordered buffalo chicken and turkey sandwiches. The staff there were very nice and professional. 3rd time going here. One of my favorite places to eat in my neighborhood. Will likely go again.


Good food, fast service

The Feedbacker

Asiago pizza is delicious

Nick Trapani

Love this place. Their buffalo pizza is the shiz. Good sammies but try the pizza. They are open until like 3 on weekends so drunks and late shift workers alike can dine. Honestly wish they were open this late every night.

Rob Knight

Went out of there way to deliver my food to me which was farther then they usually travel. And food was greAt

Gloriabella Lehman

There was a very sick employee who you can clearly tell shouldn't even be around the food. Who made my order and cashed me out. She could barely even talk nor stand up for long. I ended up throwing away my meal so i wouldnt get sick. This is terrible management why have a sick employee handling food. You guys could get ur customers sick.

brad bennett

Very good


Great food and awesome service!

Ann Dickey

Great salads, decent sandwiches. Have not tried their pizzas.

Jack Nelson II


Bob Ward

Pizza is great

Nathan Munro

Expensive small sandwiches that are delicious!

Havi B

Went just yesterday to grab a whole cobb with extra avocado and a veggie sub with ..customer service over the phone was great.. but when I left and opened my salad...I was very disappointed..I paid 15 bucks for a basically a half of a salad and my extra avocado were no where to be found..I had very little spinach, very little tomatoe, don't even think I had onions was very scarcely made..will NEVER go back to this location..should have gone to the mixx, where they generously make my salad and it's way cheaper!!

Christine Wong

love it

nakia c

Delicious as always!!!

Mattea Clear

Quick service

Josh Fowler

Placed an order for delivery was told it would be a 45 min wait no big deal here I am an hour and a half later still no food and have been told it's on its way twice when I have called

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