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REVIEWS OF Panera Bread IN Kansas

Latina Lewis

I was working in Crowne Center for 4 weeks and only had a 30 min lunch and opportunity for a quick breakfast before starting my day. I have to say the three stars are for the times they were not timely with my rapid order pick up. It was only breakfast where this occurred. They would not have an item ready for me to pick up and when I inquired I was told that it was being prepared. One order was about 20 min past the scheduled pick up time and I had to take it with me. The morning is not busy so I feel like this location needs to either manage their food inventory better or watch the rapid delivery orders more closely. Lunch was very was jut breakfast that was a problem.

Ray Dutton

Great food, but they have the diner do everything but make the food and then want a TIP... Give me a break.

Karen Meza

Viola Abernathy

Extremely cold and snowy waiting for the metro bus, finding out that the 63rd street bus was in a accident wow!!

Julee Sanders

Their rewards program is worth it. Friendly customer service!

Ibrahim A

Great place with great people

Jewelia Glenn

Every single time I go to this Panera they screw up my order. It honestly never fails. The staff is nice, but they ALWAYS mess up my order, I don’t even call and complain anymore because I got sick of complaining and getting a free meal here and there because I love Panera. I even paid for a sandwich and they didn’t even put it in my bag.

David Sluder

This is probably the second time I have ever been inside a Panera. It was clean and well kept inside. The people were nice. Service was quick. Food was good. Nice atmosphere, and even though I dont eat carbs the smell of all the pastries and bread was fantastic. We actually sat on the patio and it was also very nice. The tables and chairs were in good condition.

Vamshi Kulkarni

I really liked the ambience . I love the staff.

shequetta linzy

Fresh and hot food

James Bussell

I always enjoy eating here. Very pricey - you easily spend 30 $ or more on 2 people and get full if you know what to buy

Patty Albrecht

Lunch was great but the service was even better. Denise, the attendant at our table was a joy. Efficient, attentive and so very pleasant. She's the reason we will come back

Tamekia Black

Healthy food selection. The to-go salads can be a bit messy but some of the sandwiches are worth money. The bagels are tasty and the cream cheese flavors are amazing.

Ravi Nandrajog

Nice place with outside seating. My table was wet - should have been dry.


Stuart Riley

Sometimes you feel like you want to just have a quick snack or maybe an entire meal, then Panera Bread is a great choice. Chose from many menu items or just look over the window cases of all those goodies waiting for your taste, you cannot lose. Quality products, great service, and very reasonable prices for all that your choosing allow.

Anna Trollinger

Portion sizes very small. Overpriced. Customer service could be better

Mirra Mack

This is crazy every time I go to this location they never have cheese pastries it is 9:18 in the morning I have every other pastry but a cheese pastry ask the cashier will they be making any more cheese pastries she states this is all that you're going to see is all that you're going to get other words they're not making anymore every time when I come to this location they never have what I need their Lobby is always dirty the bathrooms are never clean they have multiple staff members always cuddling up in the front counter area but never have a clean establishment this is a point.

Portia Buford

Everyone there was very nice and service was quick.

Patti Strother

Disappointed. We bought 2 salads to go. Got home to eat them and they were horrible. My daughter was really grossed out. The lettuce was bitter and the chicken and goodies were skimpy.. Had hard seeds as well. Call the Mgr. Nicole. She said their new employee made it, and to bring it back for 2 new ones. Brought the salads back she wasnt there. I explained to the black asst manager lady and all she did was stare at me with a weird look playing on her CELL. She asks". What do you want? "(With attitude) She said as if Im asking for free food?!?!?? I paid over $20 for those btw. I even brought the nasty salads back...Rude and very unprofessional.

Nicole Duffey

I'm always amazed at the crappy service & management this place has! And it's always dirty

Angelica Scott

Great customer service and food. And fast for the lunch hour take out!


They're always on point! That's why my bank statement has Panera bread on it 3 or 4 times a month!

Brian Masters

Good food and decaf options. Some parts of the spicy Thai chicken salad were frozen

Angie Clegg

Great salad

Kyle Kiera Hart

Often busy, but good food in a relaxing environment right across the street from crown center.


Fresh(ish) food served in hygienic environment. It's basically communist. I eat here so I can feel poor and hungry afterwards. Liberals and women love this place. Not sure how a bowl of beef bullion with a single slice of onion served with a cream cheese bagel is a meal. Lemonade made with a organic suger substitute might actually be the most un-American thing I've ever seen

Jannet Hisspers

The food was very delicious, the teenager behind the desk was very rude. She kept it very short to rush back on her phone..

Arturo Gonzalez

Tuna was good and the potato expensive.

James Thompson

I went pass Panera bread

Ora richmond

Good food and pleasant ambience

Renie Doherty

The autumn squash soup is a delight.

Christopher Stevens

Good place

Marek Marcinkowski

The food is great, portions could be a little bit bigger but other than that ok. Food is usually quick depending on if they are full. One thing they should do is have more pastries in the evening. They are usually out.

Phillip Woodward

Good stuff. Handy location when at the #kansascitychalkandwalk. A couple few teas from which to choose.☝️

Majedur Rahman

Fresh food with good taste!

Elyse Cody

I have been going to this Panera for approximately 2 years. I usually do the pick up, and their service has been steadily declining. From getting bread instead of an apple, to the mac and cheese being cold, and the worst - getting an order wrong. When I got the wrong order I went back (I had gotten an egg sandwich instead of the sausage and egg sandwich, which is a pretty significant difference to me). When I brought the egg sandwich and receipt up to the counter the attendant mumbled something and walked away, so I waited. Several minutes later I was told to go wait *gestures vaguely*. I waited several more minutes for my food to be remade, then when I was handed it I asked if I would be getting a coupon/refund/anything as no one had volunteered anything, and was told I needed to go back to the front to ask someone. So I went back up front, waited again, asked someone else about a refund and was offered a cookie which I turned down, then the attendant walked away. I waited for several more minutes before the attendant and (I assume) the manager came back, but the manager just walked past us and the attendant said the manager was going to be taking care of me. So I waited some more, then the attendant finally came back and asked if the manager had helped me, which I said she hadn't, so the attendant explained that the manager was getting me a certificate that I would be able to use next time. After a few more minutes the manager finally returned and handed me a piece of paper and muttered something. I very much appreciate that last attendant and the vague attempt to compensate, however my second sandwich was almost burnt and the service was just not acceptable. I would not recommend this Panera to anyone - there are so many better, cheaper places around that you can actually enjoy.

Michelle Breakfield

Food is always fresh and tasty. Staff is friendly. Plus you can purchase loaves of bread.

Karen H

Yum! Friendly! Please build a Panera Bread restaurant in Horn Lake. Near the Horn Lake Wal-Mart would be good!

Matthew Cunningham

This is a standard Panera, but one that oddly does not value attention to detail in presenting its good. Each time I've ordered something here, it's sloppily tossed into a box or on a plate. The food is good, but this definitely strikes me as odd.

Jen Graham

Great food, but waited nearly 15 minutes to order. Had only 1 cashier taking orders and manager walked past me multiple times before finally opening a register himself to take orders. Unacceptable to wait that long to place order!! Typically call order in ahead of time so it is ready when I arrive. However with such an epic failure to wait on guests, food would have been ice cold waiting to pay. Sad the manger didn't make right and offer upgrade size of coffee or even FREE coffee, just said, "thanks for your patience" apology, i.e.sorry for your wait! UNACCEPTABLE!! Will need start using another Panera location!

Logan Tierno

Ken Wilkie

First time for 4-cheese souffle...very light and tasty. Always friendly service here.

J Thomas

Poorly managed.

Victoria Knepper

The food is great, but I caution everyone to check their order if ordering take out. A month ago, I ordered a sandwich low carb without the bread. They still put it on bread. Today I ordered a greek salad and paid more to add avocado......but there was no avocado on my salad.

amy clements

Beautiful veiw

Sherri Eubanks

Absolutely Great! Everyone is friendly and the food is Excellent!

Janna Determan

No gluten free bakery options and the coffee wasn't very hot

Family of the Iliscupidez

Lukewarm soup,never hot enough been 3 tomes6.

carol mcneil

Really good food and service

charlie quintal

Love this place !!

Barry Mastrantonio

Food is good, but not worth the price.

Teresa Vazquez

The food is great and the staff is fast and friendly.

JJ Gaming

The food is good, but they need to clean their tables more often.

M Heissenberger

Really gone down hill. 8 people in line and only one register open??? You have 8 people doing nothing?? Finally a manger comes and opens another register but only takes card??? The first 3 people in front of me paying cash as well as myself. So the people at the back of the line get to go in front me??? This place lacks leadership. It’s very frustrating. On top of that when I order my food they are out of certain ingredients??? This is a nationwide chain?? How does that happen. They still had no issue charging me 11.03 for 1 sandwich??? I’m speechless. Bad leadership for sure. Replace your managers for people that k ow how to lead and actually care.

Lawton Tabor

Paid over 15 dollars for a dry grilled ham and cheese and a bowel of spaghetti sauce , that was supposed to be creamy tomato soup. No won't go back there again

Tanner Rozier

Got the baker's dozen bagel deal on Tuesday, although you could tell the bagels weren't extremely fresh, for just 7 dollars it is still a really good deal. Tasty bagels.

Robyn Wright

Salads are LESS than satisfying! I live on a plant based diet and these salads are a joke. The bread was hard and it's way to costly for such bland products. Just my opinion.


Awful service, worst tasting sandwich I’ve ever had, threw it away, open chunk of bread included with my meal without a wrapper and mold on the bottom... eleven dollars and change ... won’t go back... McDonalds is better than this!

Melik Herron

Love the soups salads and the overall atmosphere of this establishment

Sonia Garcia

Not a good service!!!

Marsha Mauck

Subpar for Panera. Brown lettuce and trash all over floor

Grace Abraham

Being a foodie , I never let go of good food serving places.How could I let this one go ?This is an amazing place that lets you enjoy the best food along with the highest comfort level.This place will never disappoint you. The food is really tasty and the place is extremely hygienic.

Julz G

I love their soup, solids and most of all their bengals n cream cheese.

Brook Price

Always love coming here. The staff are so friendly and the food, though a bit pricey, is always delicious.

jessica little


Cynthia Diez

Laura Ratliff

Visited on Sunday morning, 04/15/2018. There were two other families in the dining room, and the staff were preparing a catering order at the time. The problem was that our order (two breakfast sandwiches) took 20 minutes to make, but had NO meat in them. Took them back. One was wrong. Took them back a THIRD time. Sandwiches were made properly, but we're ice cold. So very disappointed in our service this morning. No apologies were given, just a "oh, we had an issue with the bread.".

Natalie Amber

So fresh and yummy and they were extra sweet to my twins. Great place.

dean olszanecki

Ashley Irwin

I love everything about Panera. I have never eaten anything here that is not delicious. My go-to is the asiago bagel breakfast sandwich. So good. Delicious coffee, too.

Larry Knotts

Great food

Jerome Nienaber

Cool place. I mean it's Panera, but this location is particularly awesome because it's spacious, leaving you with lots of room to camp out without feeling overcrowded. Besides, the staff have always been courteous, friendly, and helpful to me. Would recommend a visit, try grabbing a hot chocolate during winter while the ice rink is open across the square.

Ilona Tomasi

I don't go very often because it's quite far but I was looking forward to an apple crunch muffin and they don't sell them anymore! I was so disappointed! I had the orange cranberry and it is delicious. I also had a cheese Brittany which was just okay.

Mary Anthony

The food is always fresh. The staff is friendly. And the rewards program!!!

Michael Frederick

Delicious food and the staff was great.

Corey Smiley

I took my mother here the other day and she was undecided. They guy guided her and took his time to help her decide what to get and portion sizes.

Josh O'Neal

While I love panera bread in other places this one the food is sub par...if you can manage to get your order right..let's just go with today's story . I placed an order checked my order looked right in bag get home there is no turkey or meat of any kind on my turkey and cheddar sandwich also it was Swiss cheese ..and maybe I could understand if they were busy but I was the only person in there the 20 minutes I waited on my food...but at least my receipt was right as I got charged for what I wanted.

Hesham Bahhur

panera is a good place to go to for pastries and their food. coffee is good just remember to add your suger when they make it.

John Curry

I love this place the broccoli soup is the best.

Lindsey Scott


Jacarre Stanfield

Employee named Colin honestly made my day. He provided a warm and comfortable experience for myself and even helped me find a tasty item for myself and my friend.

Jamal Anderson

My favorite place to go and unwind

Harley Dree

Below the normal standard compared to other Paneras.

ButchSingSon Sison

Love the soup..

David Miller

Good food, great service!

Sandy Hodges

Excellent place to eat and very friendly atmosphere

Sherri Beattle

I love panera, i never feel guilty when i eat here.

Crystal Bauer

Great for lunch. Staff if very friendly and quick to help!

Grace Miccolis

Ashakia Hood

Healthy options. Fulfilling

Jim Paton

Randell Phalp

By far, not our best experience at Panera. First, they seemed short-staffed at the prep area. I ordered a cup of soup. It took nearly 20-minutes to get it. I had to go ask about it. The manager apologized and stated they were having problems with their ordering system. Later, a member of our party arrived late and ordered a Pick Two with a sandwich. The sandwich was on the wrong bread. We live Panera, but this is the second bad visit out of the last three (different location).

Bret Prater

Slow service and stale bread as my wide.

Sonet Guru

Not a great experience and it was kinda pricey for not so great food.

Deborah Goering

Took too long to get decaf coffee made abd some employees were not friendly.

Rich Morello

I have been going to Panera for years, and often. I have gone to other locations, gotten to know the staff and almost always a good experience. A faux pas here and there is no big deal. This location however, I have been to maybe 30 times. It was never great, but worse and worse. I will never return to this one. Mistakes happen. When they forget the Turkey in a turkey blt, no big deal. When it is met with do you want the turkey for it? That is stupid. The last straw was a sandwich that was made with the bread had been put in liquid on the side snd was orange and soggy. When I asked about it, it was meant with it was juice from inside the sandwich, when it was all soggy on the outside and not on the inside. I just didn’t eat it and legt. They do not care at this location. From the cashier, to the bussers to the kitchen staff. I always tip well and I am understanding, but when the staff as a whole just don’t care, I will not be back. Too many times this location under-performs to the point I am fearful what is in or how they handle the food.

Paul Lilly

Great choice and fast service

E Smith

Didn't like it and poor service waited 15 minutes for someone to come to counter

Saul Martinez

Panera Bread has disappointed me. I have always wanted to go to Panera Bread and today I got my first chance. (We dont have them in the town im from!) ...the commercial looks so good! but I will never ever, go there again. I have never had bread so hard in my life. I ordered a sandwich and they didn't put hardly a thing on it. I am so disappointed and I could have went to Subway right next door and got something wayyyy better for a wayyy cheaper price! LESSON LEARNED.

Ralph Hernandez, III

Zero Stars. Panera is dumb.

Mydur Gurubasavaraj

Wow lovely

Catherine Smith

the best food ever! favorite place to eat

Ari makes things

I bet McAllister's doesn't forget to put avacado on their sandwhiches... or bacon. I was really craving a sandwhich with avacado so my hubby picked up panara bread. I got the chicken chipotle melt on which there is avacado my sandwhich had no avacado. Husband got a stake sandwhich add bacon: no bacon. People are nice and food is usually good but I guess you can't expect a correct order at carry out.

Juan Carlos Lara

Great place for a quick bite. While I love Panera, sometimes I feel is a bit overprice for the amount of food

Jess Senteno

I have been eating at Panera Bread for many years, and this location is by far the worst I’ve ever had. I’ve only eaten at this location 3 times, and all 3 times my order has been wrong, or poorly made. Tonight, they forgot our sides (to go order), forgot two other things we ordered, and the sandwiches were very skimpy with content. I’ll just go to the one closer to work to get my Panera fix from now on.

Richard Y

Quality selections

becky verner

My order is never correct or never ready whenever they call my name. They pack it togo every time; even though I said for here, please. I am left without my apple side every time. I work at high volume, fast paced places. I understand messing up from time to time, but every time your regular customers walk in is craziness. I am done going here for awhile!

Cam Mar

Flies landing all over the cookies. I left and canceled my order. They must do better.

Candy Boling

Food was prepared quickly. Breakfast options are better than lunch/dinner in my opinion. Finally had a decent bowl of soup (baked potato soup)....once I added a little salt and pepper it was perfect. Bread that came with it was TOUGH! Sandwich barely had any meat on it....

Idele Kaplan

Delicious great personnel/servicers clean venue cheerful good choice of booths table chair YUMMY

Nancy Moxon

Very nice clean and the food was delicious! I will be returning for more delicious food!!

David Armburst

Management is very hateful and unprofessional at 2405 grand location

Kevin Phipps

Good Sandwiches/Soups/Salads but Small Portions for the Price

Richard Lujan


Patricia Witherspoon

Very good an healthy meal there

Karl Nichol

Great food, good service ,and every employee I have ever dealt with has been great

Chris Holley

Nice and quiet, good staff.

Debbie Baumgartner

To expensive for the amount of food you get

Josh Layden

Food was good and service was fast

Aretha W

It's a great place to stop in to eat. Cookies, bagels, beverage of choice and gourmet meals.

Susan Cunningham

We stopped and ordered to go. The pasta we ordered for the price was way overpriced! Got about 2 cups worth for $9! The sandwiches were pretty good but the panini did not come with the sauce she ordered. Pretty disappointed.

Nicole Henderson

Great service and food, as always.

DeAndre Ellison

Service and the ability of the staff to provide the food you ordered the first time is what drives my poor rating here.

Kasey Coonrod

We came in near the end of breakfast. I placed my order and paid, only to for them to discover they were out of what I wanted. The cashier asked me if I would like anything else. I decided on something different, but they were actually out of that too. I heard the manager say to let me have whatever else I wanted from the menu. The young guy who was the cashier was really sweet and the manager was very accommodating. Another young woman who worked behind the counter even got involved to get me something I wanted. They were all very friendly and kind. Really great customer service!

Irma Murillo

Gina Horne

I was not pleased with my veggie sandwich. It was very soggy and had a ton of wilted cucumbers on it. I was shocked to see that the chocolate chip cookies were in the display case on the actual cookie pan. This particular location has hit rock bottom.

Rob Lynch

Panera Bread is a good place to get lunch. They have lots of options and with the "You Pick Two" deal you can really get a wide variety of combinations to satisfy your cravings. I like that they have fairly healthy food that still tastes great. Even at peak hours the food comes out fast and if there is one problem it is finding a place to sit.

Melinda Rader

My husband and myself go there all the time. The environment there is wonderful and the employees are wonderfull

Jenn Eiland

I stop here everytime I drive through Olive Branch. Great opportunity to get out of the car, get something other than fast food, and just relax for a few minutes.

Gerald Porepore

Great staff at this location!!!! So nice, I was BLOWN!!

Wm Bryan

Panera doesnt care at all, thanks for the bread and cheese and basically stealing my money. I watched the guy rip it with his bare hands, unbelievable

Brandi White

I have been going to Panera Bread for at,least the past 6 months, eating there pretty regularly. This is the one of the 3 locations I frequent the most. I have made my way quickly through the entire menu... The food has been delicious each and every time. This location is large and offers plenty of seating inside and out. This chain is a good healthy option, with a lot to choose from. I can't believe it took me so long to finally try it. But now that I have... I just can't get enough. (my only complaint, they run out of flat bread way too often before the night's end)...

John Wray

Paneras are consistently good/fresh. I like that their soft drinks are Pepsi, since that's my bias.

Jonathan Cue

Everything here tastes like a microwave and why is it so expensive for garbage?

Crysy Brawley

Fantastic location, great views of Crown Center, and the usual superb food you expect from Panera. One of my favorite places to go!

Danny Baker

Fantastic and beutiful place. Since ive been in this City ive experianced enormous life. I evenet somone from the Netherlands. How cool is that?

Garvin R Thompson SR

Great price on something's

Vic Panegasser

Thomas Belt

It's a Panera. Staff is always friendly, but always a little overpriced in my book.

Paul Westhoff

It was good like any food chain the food is good and this location was clean the staff was ok.

Ruby Fanelli

Not impressed with the portions at Panera anymore for what you pay $31 for two half sandwiches and two half bowls of soup not so great

Jackie Waring

Could be cleaner! Bread and pastries could be fresher. Sitting out all day doesn't help

Raj Parekh

Lunch...Asian salad with chicken had no chicken !!! The asian and grain salad lacked flavors (very little dressing).. Phones went unanswered. The evening shift manager was apologetic and agreed to remedy the bad experience. Check No. 260358 on 10/20/16

Dilion Smith

Good service & food.

Saliha Geller

Carina Graham

Good food

William Blaylock

They re to slow for me

Ashley Small

Great food better service!

Carmen Cismas

Good sandwiches & nice chilli. Very friendly staff

Julian Stone

Can't live without tomato soup.. they have the best

Hal Haywood

Too pricey. Bad service.

Vimla Lendway

Always good

martha williams

Too cold drink selection not good should have better selection of side items such as cold slaw, tater salad

Deonnah West

Loved it

Latonia Taylor

You can get great warm food .. Comfort place to get a bite to eat...

joe murrin

Been going here for ten years. Turned into a dump! Front of house is filthy! Front doors broken all the time! Whoever does repair work is awful. Handicap people have issues getting through. Carpet is disgusting . Trash everywhere . Booths falling apart. As far as the food it's fair, nothing over the top . Wish they would stop being big corporate! It's all about the bottom line! I suggest supporting locally owned, not franchised!

Chad Millette

Great service

Tony Wilson

Quick and friendly service, clean restaurant, and good food!

Jeffery Palmer

Quality food but pricy

Robin Smith

Love thus place! From customers to staff, everyone is super friendly. Always can find a smile! Plus they are super cautious when it comes to people and thier allergies! I have a nut allergy and they have told me every time I have come in, which items I can and can't have! Major bonus points in my culinary book!!

Christine Noyer

Was good.

J Williams

Food is food, right? After all, we go to places because we like how they prepare it. But the staff makes or breaks the experience. The crew here is very nice and they try. Because of it's location, lunch hour is extremely busy with those types on a 30 - 45 break and that get impatient. But the crew gets it done here. I've been there in the past so I know, it ain't easy. Good job. Plus, it's kept clean for as busy as it gets. (Not an easy fete)

Olivia Williams

We stopped in Saturday during the lunch rush. It was super busy, but they got orders out fast. I love this location because you can enjoy lunch out by the fountains at crown center. The employees were all very friendly, and our order was accurate.

Georgette Hendree

Panera Bread is my favorie year-round-eatery but especially in the fall and winter. Very cozy admosphere, abd delicious smells. Nothing like a bowl of there delicious soup(s) and sandwiches. Desserts are delicious and very pleased with the freshness of there breads, pastries, and the preparing good food.

Jeffery Jones

Super yummy

Get it Done

Great place to get your fresh bagels

Ronald Tucceri

a little pricey. good was ok. potions are small.

Judith Hartfield

Fast, courteous, attentive service. The food was fresh and tasty.

Heather Grutt

The Mac - N - Cheese was really good. It was very filling and the flavor was spot on.

Victoria Pyles

Too pricey for abowl of soup

Morgan Ray

They didn't give us a big bad they give us several little bags when asked for a ladel and bowls for the family soup they said they don't have any even though they always do. For a whole sandwich whole salad and family soup they gave us two piece of bread. We asked no meat and they put meat in the salad. Definitely won't go there again

Laura b. castro

Delicious food and healthy choices, one of my favorites.

Elizabeth Carranza

Ann Ferguson

Always good and fresh!

Steven Foster

It was so terribly over priced we didn't even eat we just left. A half sandwich and half soup plus a drink was going to cost over $15 each.

Jaydev Sanandiya

Nice food...awesome soup

Khali Thorne

Bagel are still great, but they need to step up their pastry game. And go back to their previous brownie recipe. Little Debbie does it better. Same thing with the cinnamon rolls. They look good but don't deliver.

George Petersen

It can be busy at times and can have a long wait time. Other than that it has great service food

Kandi Tippit

Something has changed, the last few times we have been in to have breakfast seems they are off their game. It could be a new crew, nonetheless it is not as warm and friendly as I have seen in the past. The young lady that waited on us asked me twice for my Panera card and if it was for here or to go after handing me a mug for here. She seemed preoccupied with all that was going on around her and not really focused on our needs. But I will have to say the food is still good.

J. Klein

Jamal Benton


Eric Glock

Terribly rude every time I call and they keep giving me misnformation about my coupons saying that I can only use it once when it's clearly says that I can use it once a day, though yet to actually try to redeem it for more than once acday where it better work!

Marvin Cheng

Dulce López

Terry Eldred

Soup is nice and creamy

David Brady

Very tasty, pleasant atmosphere, good service.

Robert Taylor

Worst Panera Bread in America. Thought I would give it one more try and regretted it. At least they are consistent.

Kevin Wyley

Always serving good food, and a choices.

malcolm bissember

Great service, terrific baked goods

Christopher Karnes

Manager was really nice. Customer service needs a little boost. Sandwich was not cut in half, and was disappointed that they failed to put the sauce on the side. So no sauce made for a very dry and bland sandwich.

Loren Jones

Nice place and location

Joyce Lorraine Walker

The service was superb. The food was fresh and oh so tasty. The employees are kind and courteous. Service was immediately and not a long wait... although the line was relatively long. I will be coming back again and again!

Kenneth Williams


Tal Zaguri

Laura Remy

This is one of the more efficient Paneras I have been to despite how busy they can be. I think the staff are friendly and the restaurant is clean.

Bri Curnutt

Ciaran Mackey

Brought wrong bread for sandwich. Ordered small soup. Got tiny soup instead in large bowl. Used to be so much better.

verania carmona

Mac and cheese awesome but no bread

Sallie Douglas

Quick, friendly service and wonderful summer strawberry salad!!!

Geoffrey Voss

I’ve been to this location many times over the years. It’s always been a good experience with the great staff.

Beautiful Cupid

Please build next to the new Walmart in Horn Lake!

Darlene Frances Ulmer

Thanks to manager Lori's (sp) customer service approach to an issue I had on my first visit, I am giving this location 5 Stars. I will return. Customer service is key as we have many food options. The tomato soup was great, my husband enjoyed his turkey, bacon avacdo sandwich and my salad was very good. Thank you again, Lori.

Chantal D

Great food

Richard Viola

Love the soups.

Josh Bryant

Pretty good. Can’t complain.

Ori Naftaly


Erica Ulmer

Loved the food and quick speedy service!!

Dennis VanHorn

Great food and friendly staff. Cookies are always on point. I have yet to find a menu item I don't like. The price is pretty high for the food but it's very fresh and good quality.

Christine Dobbins

Fresh, service was great!

Daniel Ledeboer

Great staff. Bad Wi-FI. Not cool Panera.

Sonia Ravelo

(Translated by Google) Delicious creams (Original) Cremas riquísimas

Rico Rico

Food was good. The restaurant was a little stuffy.

Ciara Turner

They were very busy due to a high school choir competition, one that they had no notice of. They were slammed but the team of people that worked there handled everything AMAZINGLY!! This team of people is amazing and you will always have my business.

sherry miner

Went there for a bowl of soup was so good had the creamy tomato

Phaedra Wilson

The bagels, yummy, the pasties, delish and the people, friendly and good at making suggestions.

kourtney stroud

My favorite lunch spot, the soups are so delicious.

Angelique Files

in my experience there always fresh always delicious

Christopher Bulin

For the most part I’m a huge fan of Panera, however this location and complaint is more on the noise level and behavior. There has to be at least 10 employees (working) or standing around and myself and another gentleman in here. Often times I come to Panera to work and often times am on phone with headphones. The fact that I can barely hear my calls because of the employees rambunctiousness is ridiculous. In my opinion there is no need for employees to ever be shouting across a restaurant. Maybe I just hold a level of expectation that they clearly do not. From now on I’ll make the trip 20-30 min north to visit either Germantown or Cordova, TN locations ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Claudia Millan

dilyara belald

Best place

Niki Jensen

I've been here twice and both times I've had someone who was quite rude. Bottom line, I don't recommend this place if you're looking for quick or nice service. For the longer story see below: The first time I ordered to go and they gave me a pager. The pager didn't go off for 20 minutes so I walked up to the counter and asked if the bag with my name on it was ready- she said well is your name on it? I said yes. She said "well then it's yours isn't it". I again told her that the pager never went off and I was simply asking if it was ready. She stared and me and then walked away. I completely understand being busy during the lunch hour but there is no reason to be rude and make the customer feel stupid for asking a valid question. I went back another time to give it another try. I called ahead and when I got there they said they did not have my order. I reordered and had a free coffee with my rewards card. When I asked what coffee I could get, the lady seemed very confused and I had to ask my question in several different ways until I received an answer.

Mary Danaher

Oh ya get to the closest Panera Bread as soon as you can.

David Brewer

Good food and great hazlenut coffee

Dan B

Staff behind the register are not friendly. Food is not quite what it use to be. May try again in a 2019 to see if they improved.

anil kumar

Quality food and no antibiotics chicken at regular price. Love the you pick 2 choice.

Brandon Wilson

Great place! Not cheap.


Kinda chilly inside in the morning, service and food was great though

Denise B

Visited Panera today. Asked if the 10-Vegetable Soup was Vegan. I was told " No, its Vegetarian, it has CHICKEN BROTH." For the record, Panera, chicken broth makes the soup neither vegan nor vegetarian, as there are animal enzymes present. I encourage you to revisit your policies on labeling items vegetarian when they have a meat base. This brings in to question what other "hidden ingredients " may be in your food...


Very good good and service

Joseph Kasal

Good food but pricey. The wife and I go here some times for breakfast on the weekends and we order a small breakfast sandwich, pastry and two drinks and it's $15. We pay for the convenience.

David Ivy

The food was fresh and hot I love the food but then cooked when I asked him a question was very rude..

Chris Lacefield

A1 service

Concerned Consumer

Great place love all the staff especially the Manager Jayson

cheryl brideofchrist


Ms. Luz

I love panera mmm

Michèle Ramos

Always delicious food, nice presentation, friendly service, clean environment. There is an older Latino gentleman working there and is always removing the dishes from the tables when people are still seated but finished eating. Super cool and convenient !!! Overall a little pricey but I still always go back.

Tina Haney

I've never eaten here so I I'll not comment!

Patty Davifson

cashier was friendly guy making orders to go not so friendly my bread was just thrown in bag not wrapped or anything

John Niemira

Always good

Kevin Barber

Great staff. Great food. They are transitioning from summer to fall salads, and they were out of strawberries, but they substituted those with fresh blueberries no charge. The table service is great, and the place is very near and clean.

rechel ben shimon

(Translated by Google) Tasty, good sandwiches, good salads, good soups and excellent service (Original) טעים, כריכים טובים, סלטים טובים מרקים טובים ושרות מצויין

silia violante

Horrible customer service, they didn't get anything right, they forgot to give me things and had to ask multiple times for things like a spoon. I also asked for something to go, they said they checked it but I ended up getting the wrong thing, even we the lady in the front repeated it back to me. I'm never coming here again.

Johnathon Harmon

Was very clean and typical of a Panera Bread. Employees were friendly and service was fast. I enjoyed my time here.

Milo Johnson

The driver, Paul, ran a stop sign in the parking lot, slammed on his brakes in the middle of the intersection to attempt to cause an accident because I used my horn, and then refused to provide his name/info so that I could report the incident to corporate. He then flipped me off (on camera) right outside the front door because I took a picture of him/his vehicle in lieu of any personal information. I alerted management and all they did was offer me a free drink and a customer service phone number. Just an immoral and unsafe establishment.

Samantha Boland

They were packed so there was a long wait time, but the food was great and fresh!

Kurt Kroh

I love Panara Bread because I travel all over the country and there is often a Panara around. Very consistent food and free wifi. Very productive for a road warrior.

Kim Purser

Ordered 1/2 watermelon & feta salad with everything and chips/crisps for you Brits, really refreshing and tasty. Hubby had a 1/2 strawberry poppyseed chicken salad again with chips/crisps again really tasty. I had a superfruits smoothie made with yoghurt and hubby had lemonade not the fizzy kind. Good food friendly service and 1/2 salad is plenty for those who want a normal portion size.

Deborah Tolbert

Always clean and fresh food

Murrae Haynes

Great food, easy to find....verify your order before leaving...

Ryan Gaddy

Staff are very friendly. Prices are a bit high and the rewards program is not always that rewarding but the food is good.

Dylan Cranfill

Nice ppl

Elissa Macrae

Great food and great service.

Carmen Pang

Very friendly, great customer service. Only reason why I gave 3 stars because my daugther had to use the restroom and to my surprise the toilet was dirty and even worse behind the changing table 3 friendly roaches came out.

m kay

Vincent D

not bad, bread was a bit rubbery but the potato soup was awesome and so was the smoothie!

Tony Peavey

Very Hot Temperature in the Sit Down Area

Sierra Lake

I've never eaten here but they have great coffee. I always go when I'm in Vegas because the coffee is good and the wifi is free. Maybe some day I'll get some food lol

Frankie Adkins

Good food fast... fresh salad.. need to clean tables more frequently

Andy Gross

Food was good, service was fast a d friendly and the resturant was clean.

Nikki Lee

Always delicious but the portions can be a lol skimpy, I'm never really satisfied when I finish. Maybe I just need to order an extra pastry with my meal for 99 cents

Sheila Hanson

Great food, great service and friendly atmosphere

Leo Limuaco

Still a good place for a salad!

Rae Jones

Excellent customer service, Always Greeted when you walk in the door! Food is great and a really clean and nice atmosphere!

Stephen Christensen

Fast food and not crowded. Would go back

Elizabeth Krdzalic

Love their soups salads and sandwiches.

Tam Lynn

Great place for a quick bite.

Michael Saripkin

Love the half sandwich /half soup lunch.

Korey Herrick

Awesome food

April Johnson

Love the minature scones

Yesenia Alvarado

Jerry Oldie

Best value for the money. Great staff. Sit down, read a book, enjoy

CHRIS Davidson

eric900ish .

Coffee and pastries at this location bright and early set a glorious mood for the rest of the day. Cozy. Love it!

Michael Rodgers

Got food poisoning from the chicken ceaser salad and the chicken frontigia penene called just to let them know and the manager just said “oh it prolly wasn’t us” instead of saying oh I’m sorry I’ll look into it for u and I hope u feel better” rude ... whatever

Barry Bennett

Good location. Enjoyed my food. Comfortable seating. Had unique food offerings.

G Rodgers54

Great service the food was delicious, they will always have my business.

Ann Bernard

Unfortunately this particular Panera Bread was a completely disappointment. They messed up my order and gave me the wrong salad which I didn't finish because it was horrible.

Steven Fisher

Cold soup. No bread bowls, Again! Coffee machine out of coffee. Panera is lame.

glenn woods


omid hh

Nice staff

Kevin Barnett

The service is friendly. The food arrives quickly. Food isn't 5-star, but good for the area. Mostly adult customers (loud children very rare).

Kari Obey

We used to go to Panera Bread a lot when we lived in Texas and loved it. The food and service were great. We hadn't been for a while because there isn't a Panera Bread that is convenient to where we now live. This Panera Bread isn't impressive. They don't bring the food out to you. I didn't get exactly what I ordered. It was in need of cleaning at 9:00 a.m. I'm hoping that this is just a different Panera, and they haven't all fallen into an establishment that is lacking in cleanliness, quality, and service.


Had a breakfast sandwich was done like panini flat?? Got two croissants to go it was greasy and soft. Found out they baked it the day before? I could get that at Kroger- for half the price

Todd Connor

Michael Black

Prepare to wait. Molasses-speed staff takes their time during the lunch rush. We ordered "rapid pickup" and a staff person brought up four bags at once and for some reason placed one on the counter behind the register. The other three went on the shelf and were promptly taken. The other bag sat for about 10 minutes, along with myself, until someone looked in it and rudely said "You [last name]?" to which I said "yes" and they shoved the bag at me and walked away. Lovely. Cold food from a slow-service restaurant staffed by people who don't care. Won't be back here again. Oh, and there are four parking spaces outside. Four.

Manuel Martinez

One of my favorite places to eat especially when I have to travel, because it's healthy and consistent. This location's staff was very friendly, the store was very clean and located in a convenient shopping center.


Food is good however price for it is ridiculously pricey for the type of food

Regina Brownlee

Love the food.

Troy Walbaum

I ordered a Roasted Turkey and Avocado BLT. It was missing the bacon and the tomato. All it had was turkey, avocado, and one leaf of lettuce. How do you forget 2/3rds of the BLT? The girlfriends food was good and correct. The dining area was as expected: fairly clean with a confusing layout. If Panera Bread was reasonably priced, I'd say it's okay. But it's not, so I find myself asking why'd I come here? every time I eat at one. With a inexcusably messed up order, I definitely won't be back to this one. Don't bother with this place.

arika collins

Joe Pipkin

Really like the broccoli cheese soup with bread

David Michelson

Fresh, friendly, and healthy. I’ll be back.

Jake Aga

Always a great place for good food! Service is fast polite and friendly! A+++

Kayla Garner

Order is never right when coming to this location. They’re always out of bread and things are very skimpy, poorly made, and missing ingredients. I’ve given this location lots of chances to redeem themselves, but they have failed me every time. Please check your order before leaving if you have ordered Togo!

Debbie Harbin

If I could give 0 stars I would. I’ve been here twice in the last two weeks and one in July. Every time the coffee has been more than 3 hours old. So, I wait the 20 minutes it takes to brew. Today, it was filled with grounds. No apology until after my refund was given and I was walking towards the door. Really Panera. You’re known for your coffee, danish and people sitting around enjoying it while they work in your place. You can’t even keep the coffee fresh? You might have 2 people in this particular location that are even courteous. You can do way better. Last visit.

Justin Braden

This Panera Bread was very clean and had quick service. The wifi was fairly good even with a big crowd. The servers were friendly as well as fast.

Myla Delos Santos

Great place and food

Martina Kustura


This was our first and last visit to this location. We went for breakfast. The employee who took our order was not very polite, never smiled, and had poor communication with us. While she was taking our order she called to another employee to take a break, which was a little rude. There was also another employee working in the front who was wearing an earbud in her ear and mouthing words to whatever she was listening to. Restaurant was a little dirty and floor was sticky. It was a nice wake up call for us to be thankful for the good service we get at the South Olathe location.

Elizarde Huguet


Tara Schy

Very busy and for the most part they get your food out to you pretty quickly.

Brenda Miller

Thanks so much to the young lady that was working the counter today,she was sooo helpful with what I can eat and letting me taste all of the soups. Thank you so much for that and the soup is great.

Mike McGuigan

Went for a quick drink & snack, not remotely busy, but ignored by counter staff for 5+mins. Very unhelpful (poorly trained?) & surly staff, very cold coffee in jugs, I was pointed to the microwave

Vicki Tipton

I love the strawberry poppie seed salad and the broccoli cheddar soup!

Daan Kengen

Lovely place with quite a wide variety. One of the healthies alternatives for lunch I think.

Marilyn Miller

Hate weeds.Had them remake my salad with lettuce.

Stabby Jack

Good service and pretty good food

Charley Clarissa

This location is always busy. It's not really a mystery. The prices are good. Many people pop in on their lunch break. The service is fast as it can be. It's good to bring children here. The view out the window is great.

Tina Hedleston

Love Panera Bread! My husband and I enjoy their bagels, pastries, sandwiches and soup. We have never had a bad meal there.

Hai Dao

My top choice food Panera never disappoint about them

Darlene Lindsay

Good eating

Larry ALB

Every Panera I stop to eat is the same good food the help is very attentive I whoever owns the franchise appreciates the workers.

Krissy Brassell

Great, fresh food with good portion size.

Joshua U.

Pretty good. But I didn't like the bread itself. I didn't get soup though so that might make a difference. The sandwiches and mac n cheese was good.

Heaven Balanciere

Very polite, food is great, and never crowded.

AddieMay Say

love panera

Kenneth Thomas

Love this place!!!!

alexis haynes

My Soup was Delicious!!

Юлия Гуревич

My only lroblem with thus place is that it's too tasty and highly addictive :)

Ronoldo W.

Good quality on most things. Customer service has always been good. Bagels are a nice treat.

Sharon Moran

Love it

Julia Thompson

My husband and I ate here today 11/1 and noticed that we were charged more than 9% taxes while this location is in MS. When we told the manager, her response was less than receptive. I hope the state will investigate the over charges of taxes and refund the overages to customers.

Ivana England

My order was wrong and missing items. Not happy. I paid money for a salad that I didnt want and couldn't eat.

Krislin Spencer

The service is slow and so is the wifi but the food is awesome. They have great bagels but you have to get them before they run out

Izm Domains

super friendly, great food and the best bread

Jonathan Walmsley

Poor accountability. Their phones are shut off during lunch hours, so I was unable to tell them my order was wrong. When I stopped by after work, the manager did not come out to address my issues. Will not be ordering from here again.

Marvin Grantham

Great food love the broccoli cheddar soup and the staff are the happy I love it

Edyth Dorning

Food was good.

Fred Romaine

Good food.

Mary Lou Ondra

Great food but a little high priced.

B Happy

Got the order wrong X2

A Diaz

I go for the delicious fresh baked bread and the lemon drop cookie.

Bill Randall Randall

Panera in Olive Branch Ms....went there today and ordered 2 for 2 sandwich and salad. Salad not fit to eat..lettuce brown and full of hard cores. Sandwich had hair in it! When asked for money back on salad I was referred to manager and treated with attitude by her and staff. Not many people there on a Sunday after I know why! Won't go back and now understand friend's complaints and why they won't eat there either!

Matt Webster

Awful. Out of everything I wanted. No bagels at 9:30am?!?

Janette Pacheco

Love it! Great soups and sandwiches!

Vannah Rucker

Solid lunch choice. I was sad they didnt have my favorite sandwich on the menu any longer, but hey, what do I expect? Food was served fast, to my request, and was tasty.

Jasmine Fields

Love their walnut and cranberry bagel. Best i have ever had. Wish they would keep them all year long


The cashier and food prep folks were nice. The restaurant was clean. The food was just okay. (Exception was the sweet pastry: outstanding!). Very pricey for the type of food they serve! For soups, sandwiches, and salads, Newk's is so much better.

Gregory Morgan

zeusbrodie .

Great salads and cinnamon rolls

Angie Irons

Excellent food! Staff extremely friendly and welcomed us to their city!


Onion soup!!!

Kathy D

Rapid pickup and I decided to eat there. Good thing as it was the wrong sandwich. My last visit, the salad I ordered the lettuce was bad and I had to walk back from my office to complain. The replacement salad was not much better. Think I'm going to give this Panera location a break for a while.

William Belsan

Great Food.

Dakota Heath

They never have bread bowls, don't expect to get one.

Whitney Jones

Panera is not my favorite place to dine. The service is always slow and unfriendly but the food is always great tasting. When you're looking for a nutritious lunch or breakfast, I would recommend them.

Krisztian Rozsa


Fidencio Vasquez

Feel like home and enjoy the breakfast

luz turner

Love Broccoli Cheddar soup!

Donna Cooper

Great food and very clean!!

Alisha Noblekind

Don C. Railsback O.D.

Worst experience I've ever had at a Panera. Staff did not want v to be here. Served cold breakfast sandwiches. Wife got her coffee and then the young man who was helping us went off to do something else half way thru making mine. I had to ask him if my coffee was finished yet and then he went back to it. When ni got it it was cold. Pretty disappointing.

Christopher Richer

Fantastic as always!

Mohammed Hourani

Used to have the best Mac & cheese bread bowl in town, before they reduced the portions and the quality of their foods. As a plus for the panera bread corporate, they donating all left overs of unsold bakery products to local churches and people in need.

Cheryl Mahnke

I am a regular customer. This Panera location has very helpful, efficient, friendly and professional employees. I am always very impressed by how they remember the details of my preferences even when it is extremely busy. They make me feel welcome and special each visit. Great customer service. Maria Soto, buses the tables and does an excellent job. She is so kind and helpful. She goes above and beyond helping people with their dirty dishes. She is a very hard worker. I always enjoy her warm and friendly smile.

Demetria Wallace

Andrea Sadat

Panera is not the place to go if you're looking for. Flavorful meal. It may be real not tasty.

DD O'Garro

Love their asiago bagel

Andrew Landis

They really struggled here. Didn't get the order right. Then used a countertop toastwr that didn't even toast. All of the tile floors were so slippery because they had not been cleaned well at all. Just overall disappointed.

Sammie Thomas Barlow

Always fast and friendly

Aretha Braddock

Very friendly staff. The food it's good. The dining room is clean.

C Scott

Great meeting place..great food..a little pricey but the atmosphere is worth fresh and clean

Melissa Haynes

The food is good, the staff helpful. Case in point - I got the quinoa almond bowl. It wasn't as hot as I like. They didn't give me any attitude about warming it. The only issue I have is their WiFi is in painfully slow. I bring my boys her for a homeschool change of scenery and need a decent signal.

Michael Myers

first time visit... LOVED it....

Jonathan Pennington

Great selection of bagels.

Juju Bee

Customer service is very good. Food is fresh and delicious.

Matthew Squires

Always delicious soups, salads, and sandwiches. Staff is always friendly, food is always quick, excellent, and surprisingly healthy. Calorie counts are shown on the menu also which I like. Good spot if you just want a good sandwich or a warm cup of soup and happen by.

Archit Bhartiya

Awesome food. As i am vegetarians, good options for me. Liked most the garden veg soup, though they have it only few days a week. They should have it all day..

Harley Fea

Awesome food.

Candy Russell

Food great, customer service great, the floors were disgusting..Def need to vaccum really bad. Came around 4:30 pm

Rahel Demessa

It was very good

Teresa Day-Smith

This Panera Bread restaurant is sad. It is in a low end strip mall. The few plants they have outside are dying. It is nice inside once one is passed the sweating front doors. What I had to eat was good. But as usual, the over head menu print is too small and the area too dark to read the menu.

Deborah Le Sure

Love the healthy choices

Jonathan Mawdsley

Convenient location with a wide range of sandwiches and baked goods. Especially recommend the cookies!

Stephanie Gail Bell [Moore ES]

Service was nice ordered; the broccoli cheese soup and got food poisoning.

Virgenia Sykes

I ordered online a breakfast sandwich. It was ready when I got there. It tasted delicious. I used my free reward.

Anna Bean

Ordered a bunch of bagels on the app one morning. Because we all know if you like panera they always sell out of the good ones before you feel like getting out of bed. When I got there I was directed to a shelf that had my order. I liked the fact that you can just pick up your order and go. But I worry that one day I'll order and some random person will walk off with my order. Or rummage through my bag and touch my bagels and maybe just help themselves to one. Since the pick up shelf doesn't seem to be monitored by employees. They're much too busy. Anyway- frickin delicious bagels.

Brandon Bland

We had never had Panera bread outside of occassionally catered meals at work. This place is awesome. It's a bit overwhelming with the amount of food they have and the limited descriptions but we haven't gotten anything we didn't want. They have multiple lemonades and fruit juices and I believe most of them are vegan friendly and have the potential to be keto friendly (optional cane sugar)

Douglas Radunz

Great soup and food

Michael Antonio Canganelli

Good onion soup!

Brad M

Had tomato soup and grilled cheese here on a rainy day. Was excellent.

Lily Celis

I ate here probably every other day during their fall menu, and since then i've always ordered a bowl of soup for my husband and a 'pick 2' meal for myself - one being soup. Not had gone dined here for a few weeks we decided to return, we ordered the usual a bowl of soup for him and a pick 2 meal for myself. Well my pick 2 meal consisted of a broth and half a sandwich. My husband received the bowl (cup size/green bowl) i had usually gotten with my 'pick 2' meal and i received the bowl (large bowl/ yellow bowl) he usually got soup in. Once this was brought to the managers attention (Last Name: Madrid) he insisted we were wrong. (Being that I worked customer service, I was frustrated.) He insisted and kept telling us what is right and what is wrong. I thought: I'm a customer, I don't care what is right and wrong - I am telling you what has been served to us. I understand, it's not his fault but thats not how customer service is dealt with. Its safe to say not everyone is meant for a customer service position. He should have just brought the kind of bowl of soup we expected in the first place and warned us about how it will be served next time. Simple!

Harold Johnson

Excellent soup

Ranjit Obrien

Not very happy right. Ordered food like I always do for delivery, they we're almost 30 minutes late and my food is just abotu cold ( it's soup) so I dldon think I will be ordering there again..

LaQuette Al-Asadi

Love their pastries. The cranberry orange muffins r my fav. Friendly staff. Always clean.

Ray Cessna

Chain store, known best for salads, bread, soups. Giving this specific location four stars because of the awkward parking situation. The specific panera bread is located in the Crown Center complex, which is a wonderful spot to have this type of restaurant. However there are only for parking spots directly in front of the building, with the rest of the available parking in the garage.

Suzanne Pierce

Quick and always Fresh. This one is at Crown Center. Great place to eat outside!


Clean, friendly and fast service

Nidia Caro

the bread bowls are really good. I love the deal that comes with half of soup, salad or sandwiche you can pick two. it's a great way to get the best of two worlds.

InsideOut Restore

My favorite place..

Andre Hoyt

My advice, order online, skip the lines unless you like pretending to look like your busy on your phone while waiting....ha ha.. anyway. I love Panera, is consistent about anywhere you go. Bagels done did good. Mixed berry yogurt done did good. Coffee, same anywhere Panera you visit. Maybe it's about time I ask to be a paid spokesman.

Tarek Ragab

People were so nice and friendly there. Great service


How can this place be in the won't break your bank section when is expensive as heck 20 dollars is just for 1 its good thoe

Donna King

Service great!Strawberry Smoothie on Point.

Grant Hewitt

Victoria Rechester

Mike Valant

Panera Bread is Panera bread. Nice clean and healthy foods.

Robert Morris

Good service good prices. only place I purchase bread

D. L. T.

Great soups, salads and baked goods, semi self-served. Delish cinnamon rolls, corn chowder and a very good French Onion soup served quickly and efficiently. Good sandwiches and a seasonal menu utilizing fresh produce accompanied by a nice array of cold teas, lemonade and homemade drinks. Eat in, take-out or delivery. Practical, fresh breads, good butter and great dish selection, a popular lunch or dinner place that rarely disappoints.

Eric Boss

Presentation people!!! For that cost, at least make it look like you meant to make it that way.

Michael Liimatta

Always a great place for a quick and healthy lunch. Love the hazelnut coffee

Dee Dee Day

Excellent Service. Delicious food and very Friendly Professional Staff...

Trish Doran

Blah. Just blah. Better than Jimmy John's.

Alan Goldstein

Make sure to check order before walking off. They constantly forget the red onion I ask for on my bagel.

Andrea Martinez

Always great service and always delicious food. Great stop for a quick bite.

Spring Taylor

My daughter has food allergies and the employees are friendly and helpful. They also have delicious Chicken Noodle Soup.

Maureen Swift

Really tasty food and fast efficient service.

Ludwing Cordon

Samuel Young

I’ve been here a few times and they always seems to be understaffed. Food however, is always great. They seem to be updating their restaurant which is nice. Must faster check outs than before

Patty Damme

what can you say? it's always amazing, this location was on a trip we took to kansas city but the food and the people were just as they are at home, wonderful!! never a bad experience at panera

John Hargrave

I always enjoy Panera Bread you never had a bad experience

Elizabeth Johnston

We have given this Panera location many chances to prove itself. It has only proved to be pretty terrible. I have lived in other states and been to LOTS of Panera’s. This location is the worst I have ever been to. Terrible quality food. From breakfast, to burnt pastries, salads that are missing ingredients or portioned well below standard, sandwiches missing ingredients or barely having any meat on them. We have been several times over the past year here hoping things would improve and will NOT be going back.

Galina Kontaxis

Ulysses Louzada

The soup is good and the man in the cashier is fantastic. But the bread bowl is a joke!! I ate the “bread bowl” with a four spoons.. Never ask this!!

Bobbie Pitchford

My daughter had an interview set up with this location for work. She called to cancel 24 hours in advance (because she was hired elsewhere) and spoke to Luke the manager. He was very rude!! Told her he would tear up her application and hung up in her face. I would NEVER refer anyone to this location for work let alone to spend money there. She defintiely dodged a bullet on this one. Would never want her working for anyone like this!

Eric Devan

They always have free samples of bread and treats. When they ask if you want butter, say YES !

Patrick Hogan

The soup are okay and the bread taste old.

Shawn Alexander

Love the pick 2. Roast Turkey avo and the mac with bacon with an apple is my go to with a cold brew with almond milk.

Dwayne Hollinshed

Soup & Sandwich anytime

Linda Verkruyse

We had them cater lunch for a group. The salads were good but the order was delivered an hour and 15 minutes late!!! This absolutely does not work out when you are at work with limited time for lunch. Will not use them again.

Taylor Francis

Coffee was cold. No wifi. Ice machine wouldn't quit beeping. Left and went elsewhere when staff refused to do anything to help...

Veronica Lee

Friendly staff and great food

Eric Scott

Delicious ad always

K Kiper

Sharon Monroe

Love their food, and the people greet you nicely when you arrive.

Daniel Lerew

The people who work at Panera are generally some of the friendliest that I encounter when I travel. I don't consider it overly pricey when I compare it with other options considering quality and flavor.

Kelly Hodges

Ok food. Overpriced though.

Betty Adams

Took my mom after her Dr appt my 4th time there I always ask for my soup too be extra hot... I was told too use the microwave in front too heat I up

Floyd G

I have been going to this and two other Panera shops for years now (excess of 5 years) and this one is one of my favorites for breakfast and lunch, never had a problem with customers, always saying hello and greeting me while I'm sitting, management and counter help also always greeting me since I have been going there and the counter help has always been polite and happy to work there (which is rare for Las Vegas) and helpful. I connect with my laptop and there are days that I am there for more than one hour and none of the employees rush me out or tell me to leave, which I appreciate. Thank you Panera Bread for the quality of people that work in your restaurants and the food preparers.

13Duke Alexander Montagu Manchester

Kate EbunOluwa

A nice meal is served here

Robin Tally

It was good. I had a bowl of broccoli and cheese soup with bread. Soup was great. Sucks if you like dr. Pepper or coke. I had root beer was ok. I gave 4 stars because it was so hot in there. Its January. I should not be so hot !!! Other thank that I love Panera bread. Definitely recommend

Tracey Fluellyn

Staff is nice. Food is good!

Marcia Bell-Cobb

Food was good, but not worth what we paid for it!!

Huda Aladdin

When I was ordering there was a male employee on the side mocking everything I was I was saying. I ask the girl to had a candy cookie & he kept saying “you can have anything you want baby”. I ignored him the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd time but it was clear he was desperatey trying to get my attention. He walk over to me & kept asking me if I had a boyfriend & that I was pretty. I’m over here trying to get some food & go without getting hit on by a random employee/ stranger . He stood there & talked to me until my food was ready which was about 10 mins... 10 mins of him hitting on me refusly in front of all the employees & not one employee or manager stepped in? For real? I felt so uncomfortable.. now I’m never coming in anymore in fear he will be in there.

Debra Colbert

Very healthy great food

Jason P

Good service for a busy location.

Carlos Fernandez

What is going on in this restaurant today I walked in and immediately walked right back out, it stunk of garbage like it hasn’t been changed in a week I don’t know how people were in there eating and ordering

Jack Coffer Coffer

Good good nice place.

Peter J

It's a Panera - what did you expect ?

Charlene Anderson

Soba Noodles is all I can say

Ex Nusquam

As far as Panera Bread company's go this is an excellent restaurant with well-kept restrooms, Pleasant wait staff, and plenty of seating. If you can't be beat at Christmas time with the mayor's tree right outside the window, and Crown Center lit up at night is great. There's some nice seats and a fireplace in case you want to try it. There's more seating in this Panera than there is in other Panera's. As usual, the selection of bread products is great and they are all fresh daily. The clam chowder is great but could be a little thicker.

Chris Clark

It's been awhile since my family and I have been to Panera. Previously, it seemed like they REALLY skimped on what you received even though you paid a premium price. This time we received a proper portion for what we paid and the food quality was excellent. My wife and I previously talked our kids into going someplace else when they suggested Panera, but that won't happen in the future. It was very good.

Eric Gustafson

It's Panera, if you're been to one before, you know what to expect. This one however is in a great location if you're in the Crown Center area or near Union Station.

not sharing my name

I ordered a bowl of soup (not the bread bowl) and was brought a "bread bowl". I immediately told the guy that brought it to me and he went away and came right back and said "Sorry it is the same amount of soup so enjoy"...I figured OK no problem. It was disgusting. The tomato soup was completely absorbed into the bread, and what I really had was a strange and very thick "soup pudding" which left me feeling sick and bloated for hours. I find it extremely rude that they forced me to eat a completely different product from what I had ordered simply because they could not be bothered with simply bringing me the BOWL OF SOUP that I ordered which was clearly written on my receipt, and not the cashier's mistake. I hate to have to drive further to another Panera, but that's what I have to do..

Zack Z

It's like they made Lil' Bits from Rick and Morty a real thing, but they charge premium price for the food. I had a $10 Steak and Arugula sandwich and was still hungry after. They were extremely stingy with the amount of "steak" (roast beef) in the sandwich. It wasn't even remarkably tasting, just very mediocre and forgettable. It says a lot to me that the food here comes with a bag of chips. They know that you'll need those chips to feel like you've just paid for and ate an actual meal. This is not the place to eat if you're anybody besides a 5'0" woman on a diet or a picky 5 year old child, and even then, you could just go somewhere else and get the same amount of food for cheaper.

Henry Moss

love the country loaf.

Tiffany Ayers

Fast and friendly service. Food was hot and fresh!!!!

Pamela Dugan

GOOD FOOD!Very expensive though.

Ursula Roberts

Coffe was cold ,

Doc Dwayne

Food was fine.. But the restroom was very nasty! No toilet paper in the men's restroom and wasn't the cleanest.

Jamie Cornejo

Very good food!

Vanessa Spriggs

The rapid pick up at this location is a joke. The orders are never right, and when they are they look like a 5 year old made them. An $8 sandwich should look better...this time mine had brown lettuce, more tomato than anything else, soggy bread, and was put together so half the ingredients were coming out of the sandwich. I order one specific sandwich and its looking worse and worse each time I they remember who you are and prepare the food accordingly. The only thing ever done about this is having the manager say he'll comp you next time you come down and order and then they're not there and no one will accept what he said would work for that comp. Until this situation is resolved they'll be losing a repeat customer in me.

Sarah Boltik

Lashawn Griffin

Dirty store. Employees not very friendly and management staff seems incompetent

jacques saenen

(Translated by Google) Good breakfast (Original) Bon petit déjeuner

Craig Charbonneau

Reliable and generally friendly. Nice to have a healthy choice in fast food strip mall

Erika Schwartz

Great tasty good quality food :) wonderful service the pastries are to die for.

Vonshella Briggs

Love the food

Cindy Johnson

Very good, have to make a point to come back.

Kenneth Rose


A. Diamond

Rude staff and overpriced food. When I entered, no one said hello, the staff completely ignored me. I walked to the counter and asked for a French croissant (which is quite small) and the cashier acted like she was doing me a favor. Anyway, I paid almost $3 for that croissant, which is outrageous! I paid with card and the machine asked me whether I wanted to leave a tip. I clicked on no (why would I tip when 1. the staff is rude, 2. I take the food away, 3. it is already wayyy too overpriced). When I left and said bye, the cashier completely ignored me again. I will never return to this location.

Buttons Duckman

For the first time ever in my life, I saw someone going around tightening the screws on tables and chairs. That is dedication to consumer experience.

abu zakariyyaa

Excellent products

Leva Tillman

First time there loved it

Carla Anders

I. Would have given it 5 stars but during a lunch rush you should have a nicer manger .and clean tables and also check bathrooms more and staff should not be rude

Mat Burrows

We went in for breakfast. Paneras in our town are usually really good. They didn't have any quiche made. We waited 20 minutes for food. They called other names, but never ours. When my friend went and asked, he got attitude and was told he should have stood and waited for it. They said it sat up there and no one picked it up so they threw it away. They remade our food. He never got his pastry. The coffee was mediocre. Food was bland. As we left I saw 4 people in the food prep. One person making food while 3 others stood and talked to each other. (One of which was the rude guy that blamed us for not knowing our food was there.) I was not impressed. I would not recommend.

Jamie Mitchell

Love panera

Jenni McCalmant

I LOVE Panera, but hate this location. Second bad experience today. I'd rather drive further out of my way then go here again. My salad had brown rancid smelling avocado on it, and my toddlers ham sandwich was half smashed, the meat was not even on the bread and the cheese was partly dried out and crunchy. Took 30 min to get replacement food....not fun with young toddlers. The Boca Park location and Green Valley locations are amazing though.

Tracy Blakely

Located in the middle of the area hotels this was a nice quiet place to grab a hot meal. Service was friendly and quick. The food I ordered was hot and of good quality. I'd come back here if in the area.

Drue Howarth

Horrible. I won't return to this location. Bad customer service.

Jose L Rodriguez


It's really good and really expensive but worth the damage to your wallet

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