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1307 W 79th St, Kansas City, MO 64114, United States

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REVIEWS OF McGonigle's Market IN Kansas

Robert Fenner

the burnt ends are the best in the city

Cheryl Chervitz

Great BBQ and their meats are wonderful.

chuong tran

I love theirs ribs yummy

Morgan Lindgren

I called THE DAY BEFORE requesting catering for 110 people. They were able to accommodate me and the BBQ pulled pork received rave reviews from our team! THANK YOU!

Andrew Barber

Love shopping at McGonigle's. The only place I can find great andouille and instant roux in the metro.

Kevin Cloud

I usually go there for the meat counter, which is great. Today I went for lunch. Wow! This has to be the most underrated BBQ in KC. I had the burnt end sandwich and waffle fries - highly recommended.

Brian Steggeman

Old school butcher shop, some of the finest meat you will find in town. Plus, their trimmings are used to make Westport Flea Market burgers, so it's like recycling. Delicious, delicious recycling.

Dylan Brown

The market has everything you need to cook a nice dinner at home. Fresh local produce, great selection of meats and seafoods, and beer and wine. Also, my favorite bbq in Kansas City, since I was young!

Bill Rutledge

Fun crowd....quick line....great brisket!

Petra Saidi

I used to love their baked beans. Recently they tasted different. Today I asked the owner if they put beef or pork in them. He ensured me that the beans are only made with beef. So I gave it a try and they were full of pork again. I went to return it. Another owner came to cashier and gave me a lecture that they always put pork in it. No apologies. I will not be back to Mcgonicle's.

Jose Rodriguez

I really liked the burnt ends sandwich

William Morgan

I can only speak for the BBQ. It is fantastic! You could drive 200 miles and not find a more delicious chicken, pork or beef BBQ. And the prices are wallet friendly.

Rob Roudebush

This is a revered establishment for fine meats, seafood and produce in general. I think for those "special" meals, this is the place to purchase your products. Great BBQ as well!

Mark R

The best meats anywhere.!

Marva Brown

McGonigles Mkt has tasty deli sandwiches and high quality fresh meats

Angie Davis

I have only had good experiences here. I have only been going the last 6 months but it is the only place I buy meat any longer. I have had the ribeyes, meatloaf mix, ground chuck, rib chops, sirloin, chicken and Italian sausage, and the wild coho salmon. All of it has been the best quality and I have never had a bad customer service experience. I joined the rewards program and have received $10.00 off purchase three times. The checkout people are nice and very fast.

J Marts

Customer Service at the meat counter is generally okay & the prices are usually above average but the quality & selection here is what keeps me coming back. Deals at the BBQ stand outside are pretty good too when it's up & running.

Maxine McMullen

It is a Great Food Store, Small but Clean, and the Employee are all so nice & Knowledgeable!

Elizabeth Cawood

Their brisket sandwiches are great and add the onion straws makes the perfect lunch.


Most underrated BBQ in KC hands down!

Brian Curry

Would give it 5 stars if not for the super rude guys behind the meat counter....

tc riley

Very weirdly set up. Feels very disorganized. Average prices.


The store has tons of meats/ cheeses/ fish you name it! Plus alcohol! Very good prices with a lot of verity to choose from! Also You order inside and Take the receipt out to the food truck style trailer I recommend the burnt end sandwich with sweet sauce (blues hog) and the mcgoo fries!! Top 5 bbq stops in kc for sure.

Keshia Nolan

Always friendly people and great product/food!

Grant Damas

Best meat in town. Seriously. If you want to buy quality meat to grill, barbecue, bake, or fry, his is the place to get it from. It is a bit more expensive than other places, but that's because the quality is that much better. It's well worth the price. I highly recommend McGonigle's.

Jake Wells

The guys in the food truck are always on the orders and don’t dilly dally around. Hands down to the guy that runs the smoker. He knows how to make consistently cooked food and that’s how you keep something alive. Love this BBQ!!!(Try the sausage sandwich with just mustard and pickles)

Jeremy Way

Never been before. Really nice market, great looking meats and fish. Variety of fresh vegetables as well as many staples. Lots of spices and sauces, too.

Justin Claspill

Brisket was great and price was reasonable for lunch

LK Andrews McGaven

I had heard good things about this butcher/market. This is my first time living away from the coast and I was hoping to find that local gem from which I could purchase seafood on a regular basis as I tend to eat fish two or more times a week. Upon arriving to the store, I was pleased that I made it with six minutes to spare on my way home from work. But as I was walking to the entrance (literally steps from opening the door) a man exited the store with his purchases and another man made eye contact with me before turning off the open sign and locking the door practically in my face. Long story short, I will never discover if this is the local establishment I have been looking for. I will not support a store with such poor customer service and manners.

Stefanie Pastuch-Poteet

Sometimes, old school is not a great thing. I really was excited to go here. Sadly, I left disappointed and probably won't be back. I approached the meat counter and was greeted nicely enough. I had a lot of questions about their meat and where it comes from and how its raised. After my first -very politely asked and unoffensive question- the niceness left the staff. Instead of answers, I got defenisve questions back. The butcher was just plain rude. He absolutely refused to have a conversation with me, and instead was more concerned with defending his product -which wasn't even being threatened! All I wanted was information on their products and on grass-fed / wild caught meats. That was it. Things they sell! But I was treated as if I was just some stupid yuppie or something - despite the fact that science supports consumption grass fed/wild meats over conventionally raised. No matter what your stance on that issue, I just feel that customers deserve to be treated better. From now on, I'll be using local farmers for sides of beef and whole chickens. I'll even buy from Whole Foods over this place - great customer service in the meat dept. and staff that are educated as well as helpful.


If not Gates for Bbq I'm here! Deserves 10+ star's!

willard cilvik

Good products. Fella behind the meat counter could use social skills counseling. He was openly rude to another customer. Prices were high. But I'm a believer in the philosophy that you get what you pay for. (Generally)

Luke Pereira

Really good barbecue. 10/10 recommend


Best high quality meats in Kansas city

Tammy Spears

Ribs 4 Kids was awesome! Your ribs are heaven!

gary coates

Fantastic. Very courteous, friendly and get you in and out. Try it out and you'll see first hand.

Eric Ireland

Used to live out south and go there all the time. But have stopped by twice lately and like some of the other reviews on here you would think you are dealing with rockstars or millionaires. Very aregant conseited service. From the meat counter to the bag boy. Also meat wasn't as good as it used to be. Someone needs to tell them they work at a grocery store. I am going to find other butchers and give them a try.

Hans Guthrie

The best quality meats and steaks around! They can be pricey, but you definitely get what you pay for. McGonigle's ships their meats nationally, and are a good source of dry ice. In addition to their meats, they also have a small grocery store.

Katie Daniels

Cannot say enough good things about McGonigle's

Gregory R

The best meat in town. Highly recommend checking it out.

curtis klipsch

First time being there and love the hamburger

Nick Boeth

High quality meats and good selection as well. Expect to pay a little more for the higher quality.

Audrey Delgado

The BBQ they serve is so good!

jake gordon

Amazing food at a great price, gave me a pound burnt end sandwich for 7 dollars.


Always great selection, great food, friendly, helpful staff.

Joseph Biondo

Great wine and spirits selection. Great deli and lots of meat to chose from

Jocelyn Rampy

Great BBQ! Quick service and I love being able to eat outside on picnic benches on a beautiful day :)

Craig Friedrichsen

Always an enjoyable time shopping there!

brandon horne

Great BBQ, so so fries. Great staff!

Matthew Denney

I drive from Parkville to McGonigle's to get their ribs (about 20 miles one way). All I can say is that it is worth it. The meat case is unlike any other meat dept I've seen in KC. Big, fresh, beautiful cuts of meat, and generally friendly staff. The staff behind the meat counter are at times a little impatient, and are a little abrupt, but not enough to downgrade the service rating. Excellent selection of BBQ sauces and rubs conveniently located near the meat dept. Big thumbs up!

Trip Meade

Excellent old school meat market. Also daily lunch specials with outdoor picnic table seating.

Russ Musselman

Best place to get grilling meat. Bbq sandwiches from the deli are meaty and delicious.

Wesley McDonald

Hit like!! It is a local store, VERY BUSY!! Great selection of meats (seafood, pork, beef, chicken) and more. Also a variety of seasonings, rubs and sauces. Sell a great variety of alcohol--more popular brands. I would give them 5 stars but walking into a butcher shop can be a little overwhelming if your not sure what your looking for. It would of been nice to have someone standing there to assist and answer questions at the meat counter. Love the atmosphere!!

Stacey H

Looks are deceiving. The store looks like a quaint little market. Inside there is an amazing meat market. There are specialty meats available in the freezer. The seafood department can’t be beat for being in the Mid West. You must try their crab cakes!!! I wanted mussels and clams for a birthday dinner. They ordered them for me, since they weren’t in stock at the time. I was able to pick them up on the day I needed them. They were alive with only a couple of shipping casualties. That was really good considering I had ordered about 7 pounds. I was more than pleased with the quality and freshness. Although the shrimp was frozen, when thawed and cooked it was much better than a regular grocery store. It tasted fresher than what you get at a grocery store. We had to stay strong to pass by the BBQ area, but I had my seafood in hand and on a mission. We are planning a return trip to try the BBQ. We will definitely be going back again and again. The customer service was top notch. Although busy, everyone was friendly and helpful. The young man who checked us out was particularly nice. He made sure we had everything we needed.

Angela Breshears

Prompt and good service. Good selection. Good BBQ too

Sherry Bender

Love this place! Great ready made ribs, deli, homemade desserts, meat department. The people are friendly and helpful. Thursdays special offers precooked barbecue ribs for $12.99 a slab!

Tom Flynn

We picked up a couple of brisket sandwiches and potato salad. It's very good. Sat in the shade of a maple tree on the property and ate.

Brandon S

I always purchase our fresh turkey from McGonigle's, even since I moved to Louisville, KY! It has become a holiday tradition in my own family. I might go ahead and start purchasing my Christmas and Easter hams from them as well. I haven't tried that yet, but I am sure they would be great.

Keyth Peacock

The BBQ is great and your people are too.

Mike Zalansky

Absolutely love this place. Have lunch here on a regular basis. If you visit the deli, ask for their smoked turkey or med-rare/med roast beef, so good. Spring though Fall you need to visit their BBQ food truck in front of the store; pork, brisket, ribs, half chicken, burgers, burnt ends, etc. During the winter, a trimmed down version of their BBQ menu is available. Did I not mention butcher shop? Some of the freshest meats and seafood in the city. Over 65 years as a business, a testimate of quality and service you can only find here.

Robert Jones

Hot or cold bbq from here will bring you back for more. Prime cuts are magazine quality and taste.

david miller

Very good service

christi bowman

Their meat is so good! Finally found breakfast sausage mash and sugar free!!! All their meats are this way.

Harry Zecy

Best meat market in town, with very helpful butchers.

Alyssa Knorr

Mcgonigle's catered my wedding last night, and it was beyond phenomenal! Service leading up to the big day was great, and day of was very easy with them! Food was a hit, and everyone complimented our choice - which is a huge deal in this bbq city! Can't recommend them enough.

Debbie White

McGonigle's is our "go-to" place to stock up on meat! Always fresh, delicious and quality. You can literally taste the difference! The meat, from chicken to pork to beef, is so much more flavorful than what we purchase at the traditional grocer. My husband is quite fond of his pork belly (bacon) so we stock up and freeze in serving size sealed bags. Did I mention the shrimp? Huge and awesome! We also enjoy the seasonal produce grown locally and brought in. This past Summer we enjoyed the best blueberries we had ever eaten! Excellent quality and customer service! They even carry my bag(s) to the car? Who offers that any more!

Scott Ricks

Quickly becoming my favorite location in KC

Mark Duncan

Used to be the best. Their customer service is horrid. They no longer care. I've been going there since the 60's and had sent queries to the manager which were ignored. Good bbq if you don't mind the occasional red hair from the beard of the guy in the trailer. Guess they have a sign stating their attitude stinks. Shame.


I tried getting someone to help me all night but was constantly ignored ; a girl with blue hair walked passed me after I asked for help then turned around smirking at me and walked away. That experience made me never want to go again.

Brian Finnerty

This place is awesome. Best meat in town.

Joseph Gearon

Awesome BBQ in lot Great lunch

Evan Anderson

Hand breaded chicken tenders are AMAZING!

Brey Owen

For years my Grandmother always insisted we buy our Turkey at McGonigle's and every year it was delicious, but I recently learned that they also donate a great deal of meat every week to St.Vincent DePaul an organization that provide food to the local people in the community. This place deserves more than 5 stars, but that is all that is allowed. Thank you to you for all that you do for our community!

Kevin Tipton

Solid Butcher Shop. Friendly Staff. Clean Establishment. Amazing Smoked Meat Sandwiches. Good Prices. Overall Good place to get your meat :)

Caleb Reasons

The bbq is perhaps THE BEST in KC. I know, I know! You don't get a nice sit-down dinner or waiters dressed in black. You get picnic tables and napkins. Perfection.

kathy whitlow

Greatest local market

Joe Burke

Had their cheeseburger and waffle fries. Great food.

Peter The'Witch

Quality Food is worth more then money, this place has all good things and the sandwiches which are priced well for the size of them

Jennifer Deleon

Great selection and quality steaks!

Steven Pahls

This is where I go to get the good stuff for family gatherings.

Pat Armstrong

Ggreat place to go.. I have been going since 1960 at least.

J'llysa Dobson

Such a great neighborhood market! Awesome selection of fresh local meats, produce and alcohol. Also has GREAT barbecue for lunch and dinner in the food truck outside. Everything is smoked on site and makes the whole neighborhood smell delicious!

Raymond Brill

McGonigle's Market is the place for old fashioned service and the best meat in town. You would never know that this small store has everything you need. He has one of the largest selections of barbecue sauces in the area. If you think you can't cook meat, it is time to buy better meat. We did and were surprised that it was not our fault. Check it out and have a sandwich there at lunch.

Ted Boeger

Awesome place for Lunch on a nice day! Burned end sandwich is the best way to go! Also make sure to hit up the amazing meat counter for dinner! Great family run KC staple, been going for years, 5/5 everytime!


Not just a meat market! They have delicious ready to eat BBQ. They use Blues Hog BBQ sauce which is my favorite. Definitely in my Top 3 BBQ in KC. The guys working the BBQ trailer out front can be short tempered and rude, but I guess I would be too if I were out there in the heat all day.

Paul Case

Great place to get quality meat

Tanya Ziegler

Always helpful and knowledgeable staff and fantastic deli and butcher meats

Chris Ryser

Awesome food, smoked sausage was amazing

Galen and Judie Cornwell

I have shopped Mcgonigle's meat market for many years. Every year at Christmas. I get a prime rib roast. Most everything I ever get there is excellent plus. Thanks for being there for us year after year.

Fairly Decent Comedy

Family owned. I go there for the Deli and Meat and poultry.

dan ross

Butcher's always come off unfriendly but I'm used to it. The cashiers/stockers are kids some are mature others are on their way. Deli staff gets the most points & my admiration. The outdoor summertime bbq boys have a great customer service ethic.

Kim Winterton

Ribs for Kids is always a great event!

Bobbie Martin

Family owned grocery and gourmet meat market. Always friendly service and the store made options of food to take home, like slaw, brisket, etc are yummy. And if you want to eat a barbecue option there, picnic tables in shaded yard next to store. High quality small town feel close to Waldo area

Ms. Andrews

The absolute best seafood place in town! I'm from the Gulf Coast and cant find fresh seafood anywhere, this place is on point. I'd highly recommend.

Mark Drake

Great place to buy steaks and meat. Try their BBQ. Shakespeare's frozen pizza sold here

Carol Baker

I wouldn't know how their food is since I couldn't get anything but dirty looks and snide comments from the employees for asking for the soup on their menu. Turns out, they keep it all frozen, but I was supposed to surmise that on my own despite the menu mentioning nothing about frozen soup. If you've never been there before and don't know how things work, you get barked at. I drove all the way back to my office, pulled up the menu and there it was under deli - soup - lots of it. No mention of frozen. Called the store - have no idea with whom I spoke. He agreed the menu doesn't state that the soup is frozen, but I'm pretty sure he was one of the ones giving me the stink eye for asking for soup. I don't give a tinker's darn how good the food is. You don't treat people like that. You can't undo a first impression like that. And when you call in and the manager or owner kind of shrugs about his employees speaking to customers like they're stupid.

Charles Smith

Great neighborhood market. Meat is outstanding

Fred Mollon

Great market and fantastic grocery, deli, meat and seafood. Service was excellent.

Tina McMillan

Best cuts of meat in KC!! Very impressed !!

lucy b

I drive 45 minutes to eat here all the time! Totally worth the drive!! Great prices and AMAZING food

Deron Burger

Combo brisket/pork sandwich with spicy bbq sauce is delicious! We will be back!

Adam Ziesmer

Good Burnt End sandwiches and who doesn't love waffle fries?

Fred Hoeppner

Neighborhood grocery store feel. Great barbeque smoked on site. Meat counter is the tops. Deli serves sandwiches to-order with premium quality at a bargain price. Great place!!!


This place is Vintage Kansas City in 2018. Excellent market dedicated to your shopping pleasure. Fresh seafood and meats. Been going there for many decades

Mike McGuigan

Best burnt end sandwich I’ve found in KC so far. Generous portion of tender moist meat with a choice of sweet or spicy sauce (both are good). Bought some (annual adoption fundraiser) “ribs for kids” & both my in-laws loved them. The sides are great too - esp. the cheesy corn & waffle fries. Great staff too - friendly & helpful (if only they had some seats in the shade & I could get a beer too!

deeno bits

I’ve been looking for a butcher shop that has high quality beef. I look at the menu online I see they have grass fed beef . I’m thinking wow! They’re going to have quality meats there. I drive about 40 minutes to get there I’m looking around and I don’t see the grass fed beef. So I ask one of the employees and he tells me it in the freezer. IN THE FREEZER! So,I thought well since I’m already here I’ll just pick up a couple of fresh ribeyes. The beef kinda had a translucent cherry red color to it. I’m thinking well this beef has to be somewhat quality with all the good reviews. I take it home cook it expecting to have a wonderful dinner with my wife and this beef tasted like dollar tree quality beef . I even cooked it on the grill with smoke flavored charcoal it did nothing for this beef. Needless to say I will never be going there again.

Karen La Rue

One of KC’s GREAT BBQ joints! Order inside—— eat at the picnic table. I always have the brisket sandwich!

Tracie Clark

They had every thing I needed and were very helpful

The Baroness

I took my best friend in after church so he could get a bottle of Maul's Barbeque Sauce (which is harder than snot to find!). I wanted to see the look on his face when he saw the ginormous selection of sauces, rubs, meats, coffees, beers, etcetera. Sure, the prices are higher than at a grocery, but it's well worth it when this is the sort of stuff you're looking for. Our church has McGonigle's pegged as its go-to for smoked salmon for special occasions for good reason. When it's time for shameless self-indulgence..... MCGONIGLE'S!

matthew ridgeway

Had a great sandwich there... Meat was to die for... I'm only buying my meat from them now... Way to fresh to pass up... It's no P.Chooper I can tell you that... Quality... Prices were very decent... Would totally recommend this place... Either to grab a bad azz sand... It just pick up the freshie... That's only if you like quality though... Thanks had a great time and look forward to coming back... Who knows maybe even today... Lol... Prolly

Greg Lundgren

Great meat and great service!

Deb Twy

Great meat market with wonderful BBQ options prepared fresh daily. Try their combo sandwich (pulled pork and smoked brisket), a generous helping of delicious BBQ with either sweet or spicy sauce. Delicious! This is also a great place to get specialty meats.

Garrett Evans

The most recent "sushi grade" fish I bought wasn't so. However, McGonigle's Market usually delivers on quality. It is also the only place I can find Dick's horseradish.

Clifton Willis

I LOVE McGonigle's Market! Probably the best place you can buy your meat in Kansas City. We always just buy their sirloin, the price is good and the quality is fantastic. The meat is cut thick and it's just incredible. This by far is the place you should purchase your meat, especially for a good cut of steak. Price is a little high, but you pay for it for the quality of meat. I'd rather buy meat here and grill it myself than go to a steak house like Sullivan's. Can't say how great this place is. I'd come here every week if i could, but that's a lot of steak.

Gina W

If it's fresh cut meat or unusual grub, vegan, organic, gluten free, salt free, or even if ya have a hankerin' for some ALLIGATOR MEAT, a goat milk body bar, or some shoe string potatoes, this is THE "conversation" place to go! My only concerns were the items were over prices and the isles we're uncomfortably narrow, but we spent a whole hour just looking around and reading labels. And every employee is super duper nice. FUN, FRESH, & FASCINATING!

Cathy Sanderson

Always the best steaks around and friendly service

Evan Meyer

Basically any meat you could get at McGonigle's is fantastic. Their smoked meats are particularly good. On top of that, the store has a very nice feeling to it.

Wayne Avery

This is an excellent traditional style market! They have some great grab and go barbecue. If you’re looking for the best meat to throw on the grill, you need to shop here.

Marlyn Houston

Love this market

Grace Gist

Nice staff, great food

Brandon Strasburger

Love this place.

Tomas Tucker

Killer food. Very good BBQ spot, tender meat and killer sauce

Alex Ayala

Best brisket I've had in a long time

Cory Jones

Excellent burnt ends and Italian sausage sandwiches.

Jason Simmons

So happy my work moved down the street. Everything is amazing and prices are great, especially the daily specials!

Bob Anthony

Yet another Kansas City Icon. Somehow surviving the rise of the big box supermarkets Mcgonigles has been bringing the citizens of Kansas city the finest meats and sea food available for several generations. Easy to find plenty of parking helpful and efficient people happy to help.

Jeff Best

Meat should always tast this good. After shopping at the grocery chains for some time, getting a good cut of beef at McGonigle's is a breath of fresh air. Their meat is so fresh, always in stock (as far as I've seen), and is always worth the higher price to me. Their chicken and beef are miles above what the grocery chains sell. I'm excited to try their seafood and pork, too. Nervous about cooking it yourself? They barbecue on-site, and it's incredible. Great spot for lunch. They have outdoor picnic tables if you don't want to take your food to go. I've brought many out-of-towners here, and McGonigle's is always worth the trip.

Robert Merrick

Great neighborhood meat market. Everything is good quality and fresh, (except the frozen alligator, made us sick). Their burnt ends are my favorite. Sometimes their hot italian sausage has so many pieces of gristle in it that it makes you shiver when you bite into it. Mostly it's amazing.

Tyler LeBar

This place is awesome. The food is absolutely delisous.

Jim Maatsch

Their grill fodder is top notch. Anyone who has had meat shipped to them from here has been very pleased. Jimbo. Randy hippie feel free to comment on the meat counter.

Karen Holloway

This is the best place in town for that special meat you want. They are friendly and helpful. I feel they have the best over the counter seafood. FYI All stores sell cod but if you go in their freezer they pack their own. There is a big taste difference and you dont have to worry about anything "previously frozen". The store is one of Kansas City's highlights.

Jason Green

OMG...great burnt ends on Thursday and Friday !

Peter Krull

Been going there for 30yrs and have never been disappointed and always learn something new

Paul Miller

When I was getting my lunch, I saw a guy on the smoker putting frozen ribs on the rack. So I asked, curiously, "You guys use frozen ribs?" He got angry, and said, "YOU wouldn't know the difference." He completely dismissed me. Later on, while eating my lunch, they took the fryer grease from the outdoor kitchen, and dumped it straight into the KCMO sewer lines.

Shatoya Bland

Wonderful food and service is always exceptional. Only giving a 4 star because they advertise that service starts at 1030 but i was only able to get a sandwich. While it won't stop me from visiting I'll probably decline as a first choice if it's not during the later hours of the morning.

S Hensel

We bought two KC strips yesterday and put them on the grill. Medium temperature. OMG. The KC STRIP !!!!! Wow. Not cheap - $20/pound but worth every cent. A knife goes through it like it was butter. And the flavor.... We are still talking about how great they were today, so I went online purposely to write this review. We regularly eat at Capital Grille, and those $50/pound steaks don't taste nearly as good the steaks we had at home last night. Do yourself a favor. Learn how to cook a real steak and get one from here. You will never eat a steak out again.

Tom Lentz

I personally have never stepped into their store. All of my correspondence has been via telephone and they have catered meetings for me a couple of dozen times. Always professional and the BBQ & sides IMO are the best in Kansas City "Sorry Joe".

nicholas poser

Dangerously good place! Great meat selection

Pete Reeves

I've traveled all over the U.S. and the beef here is supreme. It's not expensive for the level of quality. The Ribeyes are bar none. Locally owned and family run. Why go anywhere else?

Emily Marrin

Whether you need advice for a dinner party, a quality cut of meat for your favorite recipe or just a burnt ends sandwich from their outdoor smoker - this is one of the best butchers in the city.

Sharon Patsch

I think they have the best Meats in Kansas City

George Hipp Jr.

They have amazing meat and some of the best burnt ends and ribs! Great place to try a new meat or cut and ask them how to prepare it, they are always super helpful! A bit crazy right now, due to everyone picking up their fresh turkeys, but they are well worth the wait.

Aj Oslund

Very good food and a free sample of the wine we bought.

Doug McNulty

Everything was on stock at good prices!!

William Fitzpatrick

Wow. Had the burnt end and they were fabulous. The onion strings were great and so much more than I could eat. It was super busy but we were in and out in no time. If you want great bbq, you must give them a try.

Jimmy Olson

Hidden gem. Excellent pulled pork sandwich for $6. Will be back many times in the future

Aaron Weber

Quality butcher shop, with fantastic seafood. Friendly, very helpful staff.

Lauren Fox

We didn't realize they closed at 6pm (which is incredibly early in our opinion) and as we were looking at the produce, the man shut the cooler lids right in front of us. As we were confused, the man rudely informed us of their closing time. For being as expensive as this store is, the service was less than ideal.

Megan Kelly

I'm there every week. Great selection of the most unique and Specialty Foods along with their award-winning Meats and Seafood! I recommend them highly to anyone seeking quality shopping!

Johnson County Tree

Wonderful place. I love the smoked meats out in front of the store. Best damn BBQ I have EVER had!

Jim Ferguson

We decided to stop by and get a sandwich Saturday. Got it and it was the greasiest most fat we have ever seen. If this is what they have gotten to we won't be back.

Leah Perkins

Splendid small grocery with great meat.

dan needham

A true Kansas City treasure. Hands down the best meat in town.

Scott Strausbaugh

The BBQ to Go is just the right amount of smoke and tenderness. Juicy even without sauce. I'm unable to give them more than 3 stars due to the inconsistency. Of the 8 times I have gone there, 3 of the brisket sandwiches have been heavy on the fat.

Regina McGowan

The bbq was good, however the sauce could have been mixed in better. The onion strings were wonderful! The pork tenderloin was very nice, with meat not overwhelmed by the breading.

Inca Zonian

Best specials best meats great place location is perfect!

Richard Moeller

Great place to get quality cuts of meats. Parking is not sufficient, especially on the weekends

Justin Oswald

I had heard from a friend of mine that McGonigle's is the place to go if you want to make a really good dinner. So I stopped one Saturday when I was in the neighborhood. What I didn't expect was the great selection of seafood that they had. I had heard about the great ribs, steak, and other meats. But they had shrimp that were bigger than golf balls and beautiful salmon fillets! You can tell that their meat is quality. It has good marbling like you always want and the ribs and other cuts were cut well with not a lot of fat on them that you are stuck paying for. The man at the meat counter was very friendly and helpful. I learned some valuable information about rib eyes and t-bones. I ended up getting some smoked pork ribs, old fashioned beef jerky, and salmon. Everything was extremely good and I will keep going back!

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