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436 Hwy 1 W, Iowa City, IA 52246, United States

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REVIEWS OF La Regia Taqueria IN Iowa

Vasiliy Ulin

Excellent. They're local restaurant which branched off from a store and they're really popular. No matter the day they're almost always full and for a good reason too. One of if not the best Mexican food in Iowa City. I highly recommend going there to try the food at least once.

Ben Walsh

Large but simple menu with something for everyone. Service is fast and friendly. They bring a few different salsas out in chilled squeeze bottles out with your order.

Damn Juhl

An Iowa City staple, everyone should go at least once. Don't agree with every change they've made over the years but the food has always been top quality. Especially enjoy the carnitas torta and the chorizo tacos. The brighter green hot sauce is amazingly hot and flavorful.

Nurse Grace

Commercialized since their remodel and lost the unique flavor and quality of their food and service. Won't be coming back sadly. They had something perfectly great and unique, and they lost it by trying to make it like a franchise. They used to have long lines out their front door, I don't think that was a bad thing at all, just a great sign that they had great food and great service once.

Sarah Ross

Super delicious food, big menu, fast, friendly service, family atmosphere, low prices! Best Mexican food in Iowa City!

Johnny Taylor

Fast causal restaurant with amazing authentic food. Restaurant friendly to all and employees are bilingual. I have eaten in the best Mexican food restaurants in Texas and this place is really good. The food is tasty ( we had the beef fajitas) and the salsa and chips were second to none. Not your typical fast food restaurant but food that shows the pride of a family owned restaurant!

Brian Hills

One of my favorite places to eat in Iowa City. Quick and friendly service great authentic Mexican

Yusseff Talal

Had to change my review of this restaurant because of this upsetting reason. I love this place, it’s my number one stop in iowa city...Until my take home order had visibly rotten avocados in the tacos. You could easily tell they we’re old. Avocados are my favorite addition to my tacos, and now I’m sad. Still enjoyed the food. But bad avocados? Come on now

Barb Labosky

Friendly staff, delicious food. Large amount of choices

David Borger Germann

Some of the best tacos in town. Get at least four or five to try all the sauces. And make sure to get some chips with homemade salsa. Plenty of beverage choices too.

John Barrett

Very good Potato Tacos that are Vegan. Other meals and dinners are good too with plenty to eat at a meal.

nilüfer sayar

Cheap restaurant, with very good sauces. Food is simple and good as well, but not the best Mexican food I've tried. Staff is friendly and kind.

yulissa vargas

Great Mexican food

Nana Yaa Wright

Delicious food, tastes soo authentic! Staff is kind and friendly, and the space is nice too. Really cool that they have a store front attached as well.

Donald Froelich

Service was quick, and the food was delicious. If you are looking for authentic Mexican food, this is the place to go. I lived in Southern California for a few years, and this is the closest thing to Southern California style Mexican food I've had while living in the Midwest. You will not be disappointed.

Brian Sogard

Far better than most chain Mexican restaurant, but I have definitely had better. And they charged for chips and salsa which basically every other Mexican restaurant serves without needing to ask and without charge.

Tanmay Shah

Really great food, good number of vegetarian options. The only thing I would suggest to the restaurant is to have fresh jalapeños as an option to add on. Other than that the portion size was pretty large for the amount of money and they had a varied menu. I would definitely come eat here again if I was even in a 30 mile radius.

Malcom Queneau

Excellent food, enjoyable dining experience. la Regia's authentic and delicious food is unmatched.

Jamie Pryhuber

Great place for cheap and authentic food with a casual atmosphere. The tacos are a good deal at about $1.50/piece, and the guacamole did not disappoint. The food came out very fast due to the quick service. Great hole in the wall type restaurant to fill Mexican food cravings and eat with friends or family.

Bad LI3s

Good service they updated there quality but I think they should make the tacos more bigger.

Joel Nielsen

Excellent authentic Mexican food and really reasonable prices - the shrimp tacos (both fried and grilled) were fantastic. Fed a family of 4 here for $30

Round Guy's Gun Reviews

Our orders have been wrong and missing items the last 4 times there. Not helpful in regards to staff. Food tastes okay

Anthony Rodriguez

Best Mexican Restaurant in Iowa City. Great food, great service!

Jack Czerwinski

Fast, simple, and great prices! Try the supreme burrito!!!

George Kelly

Their enchiladas are the best I have eaten in a long time. Two emphatic thumbs up!

Lane Losh

Easily the best tacos in iowa city. Reasonably priced, and just frickin delicious.

Ben Hertz

Excellent value, one of the cheapest dinners I've had in a long time

April Cardenas

Omg the papas tacos amazing best ive had

Jay Liu Bondurant

This place isn't talked about enough. Flavor is rich, lots of options, and prices are great. Amazing tacos in Iowa City. I haven't been able to find good tacos like this in awhile so I'm really glad La Regia is here. Always something new to try. I don't think there's a bad thing on the menu. Fast service, even when it's super busy. Please go here! It's amazing!

Kim Reimers

Best food in town

Crystal Mathias

Best authentic Mexican food in the area!

Jovani Galvan

I dont dont get some people that work in this field. Its lunch hr rush and its one of the best places around but the energy workers give off is important. Especially if you're some sort of management. Fake it till you make it. Just smile.

Meshia Showwwnte

Found hair in my food and my taco shells was so hard not the same as when they first open I didn't enjoy it

Cara Donels

We had La Regia catering for a wedding shower and it was the best decision we ever made. The food was AMAZING and the people were so nice and helpful!

Matt Leighton

Some of the best Mexican food in Iowa City, it’s hard to go wrong here.

Derek Johnk

Such a wonderful place to go to for some real chorizo. Best authentic Mex in IC, maybe all of Iowa.

Claudia Reyes

The food is really good and well prepared. The place is clean, the service is fast and the staff members are nice. It's time to open La Regia 2 restaurant!

Fj Lopez

Awsome food and service

James DeSchinckel

Great family taqueria attached to a Mexican grocery/butcher. Authentic tacos with many meat options. Busy Saturday afternoon but service was still fast and friendly.

Rose Y

Best burritos ever

Daryl Simmons

I grew up in San Diego and have had great Mexican food all my life there and in Mexico. Since moving to the midwest in 2014 I have been on a mission to find the best and most authentic Mexican food that was close to what I grew up with. This place is phenomenal. I do have a few I prefer cabbage in my seafood tacos and burritos instead of lettuce, but it was still good. I LOVED the carnitas taco and it was done right. I also liked the fried tripas taco which is difficult for me to find. The carne asada on the taco was a tasty well done for me but still had good flavor. If you like real authentic Mexican food, this is where you want to be. I will be back MANY times! Great job La Regia, I am so glad my brother recommended you!

Kyra Van Voorst

The tacos are authentic and amazing. Their service is fast. I love this place. My new favorite.

Dustin Hobbs

I have been coming here for years even before the make over. And I love Everything about this place. A menu with so much variety. Amazing staff that takes care of their guest. And the food is soooooo goood. Thanks for the consistent amazing experiences

sam knutson

The best Mexican in town. PERIOD.

Emily Waddle

The *only* place for legit Mexican food around, and for the record, I am from Texas. AND they're veg-friendly, which is a rarity for most Mexican places, especially the more authentic ones.

John Warren

The food was outstanding along with their mixed drinks. prices are very good to the amout of food you get. Me an the wife want sone place new to try an we found this little gem of a restaurant. We'll be back you can bet you're butt on that.

Lupe Carter

Sometimes they have so many waiters that everytime someone comes check on you you have a different person. Which has led to miscommunication several times.

jose alvarado

I like the 5 hot sauces on each table and recommend the Torta (Mexican hamburger)

Kim Watters

Great authentic Mexican food.

Cindy L

Best Tacos in the area. these guys have the best tacos!! I will never go to a chain Mexican restaurant again because nothing compares. I love the carnitas and fish tacos. The Price is also right, the staff is friendly and the service is fast.

Benjamin Potter

I eat here 3-4 times a WEEK. The staff are efficient and helpful and the place is well-lit and clean. The food is always quality and comes out insanely fast. I can not recommend this place enough; by far the best Mexican restaurant in town.

Michelle F

It seems to be a popular place so I gave it a shot. My hopes were too high. While I didn't throw it all away, I did throw away the chips and salsa. I thought the chips had an interesting seasoning, but they were too hard for my taste. They charge $3 for chips and salsa. They did hustle and bustle to get me my order though.

shawn knepp

Very consistent. Always the best in town. They started in a taco truck and it was better than any restaurant even then. If you like real taste then check it out.

Steve Schuette

Delish! Fish tacos .. mmmmmm.

Dade Altman

Great authentic Mexican food. If you want real Mexican food there is no better place in the area.

Rando Keo

If you're looking for the best authentic Mexican food, this is it! The guacamole hot sauce is the best, all the tacos and fajita burrito

Jumber Merkviladze

Best tacos around this area! Great prices and the market is awesome. The taco meat by the pound there is the best. I always get 5-10 pounds.

Brady W

Some of the best food in town. Authentic, fairly priced and always delicious. Unique menu items and meats available, as well as DELICIOUS and spicy home made sauces on the table.

Andy Mills

Tacos, salsa, drinks are all excellent. However a while ago they changed from an "order at the counter" model to a "table service" model. The service is bad. No one comes to check up on you and they never bring the check. So what's the point of table service?

Saralyn Ostwinkle

Excellent fish tacos! Very good Carnitas and horchata. My husband loved his tongue and head taco. The guacamole was excellent also!

Sundus Yousuf

The only authentic and very delicious

Barry Chen

Great Mexican place (and by far the best in town). And they offer a variety of meat; try the al pastor!

Cynthia Fischer

So good!! You certainly get more per bite than what you pay for. Our waitress was friendly and recommended the Jamica Water, which was excellent. Food was authentically bueno!! Highly recommend.

Chase Sommer

This is a great authentic Mexican restaurant. This is a fast-casual restaurant where you can order at the counter to go, or sit down and eat. My wife and I usually spent about $25 when we go there to eat. I recommend the tacos, chips and guacamole, and the horchata. We come here regularly.

Kami Kinzebach

Love this place!! Good prices!

Damon Laud

This is an amazing restaurant. No matter what I have had it's been amazing! The staff is always welcoming and very prompt! Nothing like authentic corn shell tacos!

Matt parizek

Great food. Great service.

Clint Wrede

High-quality, "authentic" Mexican food (if there is such a thing given the diversity of food across Mexico), very reasonable prices, attentive service. And the sauces! They bring 5 homemade (I believe) sauces to your table, at least one for every taste, but I like them all. And if the menu stopped with just the tacos, that would be more than enough, but they have many other tasty choices. Many of our trips to Iowa City include a stop there.

Clifford Ash

One of the best mexican food places I've ever been to in iowa, everything was fresh and street vender like. The fish and goat tacos were amazing.

Tina Becerra-Hinsley

Very good food, but long lines during student season. The grocery is small, but the meat counter is good.

evan robinson

Only authentic tacos in iowa city. Always good, can be packed though.

David Vogt

Awesome, the habanaro salsa is out of this world

Michele O'Brien

I love the food this restaurant has but the service can be a hit or miss. The food is 5 star.

Jacob Mozena

Great value Mexican food. Really fast service and delicious! One of my favorite restaraunts in Iowa city by FAR

Kelsey Griffiths

Excellent tacos and burritos. The fried potato tacos are unique and delicious, and the chorizo is cooked to perfection.

Timothy Fuhrman

Food was good, but it's over priced and service wasn't very good.

Steven Glass

I absolutely loved eating here! The carnitas, pollo, and asada tacos were phenomenal! The carnitas taco, though, is absolutely what you need to try if you go here. Spectacular food and service!

Alex Tuggle

Amazing food but meh service

InViNcIbLe BlueMooN Alpha

Cozy place for some devine homemade food and experience there way of there theme "get it while its hot and enjoy"

An actual spider

Came in about 3pm, restaurant was about half full. No wait staff evident. Waited in reception area for 60-120 seconds with no greeting or offer to be seated, only bored cashier looking at us. We seated ourselves. Waitress came by eventually, the whole party had decided what we wanted by then and had been idly talking for almost 4 minutes. The food arrived neither quickly nor late, and similarly was not good nor bad. Waitress never returned. We all had empty glasses and were wanting to leave, but did not have the check. Had to talk to the cashier at the takeout counter to have him track down server. Could have easily dined and dashed, and we would have been home before they missed us.

Charles Quan

"Best fast food Mexican in town for tacos!"

Joyce Lambert

Placed a $91.00 order online for our whole office, we went and picked it up and had to wait almost a half hour after the time they told us it would be ready. Then got it back to the office and was missing 3 different items. Called them back and they argued with me saying it was in there, when it clearly wasn't. Three people had to go without lunch!! They then agreed to give me a refund, but said they couldn't put it back on my debit card so they would have to issue me a gift card and I would have to go back and pick it up! I will not be picking up the gift card, I'm just going to eat the $15.00 I'm out and NEVER EVER order from this place again!! This is the 2nd BAD experience we have had with them!!!! *** UPDATE *** Decided to have someone go and pick up the gift card after all. Whey they arrived the gift card was only for $10, should have been $14 at least!! When we told them that, we were told $10 is all we were going to get and that's that! So still didn't right the wrong. Will never go back or recommend this place to anyone!!!

Morgan Kosar

Great, cheap tacos and excellent hot sauce selection.


Food is still amazing, service was wonderful, and the variety (e.g. tongue tacos) let's you make things interesting.

okley nutt

Always good food.

Phil Johnson MA, CSCS, USAW Senior National Coach

Some of the best Mexican food I’ve ever had. I’ve been a patron since Jose was making his street tacos out of a food truck and these guys are the real deal. It’s been fun to watch the business grow over the years. Michoacán inspired, fresh, and authentic Mexican cuisine. My go to are all / any of street tacos and Chorizo tostada the charts

marianne satinsky

I have been going to this restaurant since they opened. They have expanded seating without sacrificing great food. The Best "street" style tacos I have found in Iowa City /Cedar rapids area . Also excellent prices in their connected store, my favorite hibiscus tea ear, only 2.99 !


The best Mexican food you'll get damn near anywhere. Not playin. By comparison, the prices are cheap too. I never leave here without a full stomach.

DaNeeka Tasco

Chicken quesadilla was delicious. Nice and juicy seasoned meat and chessy.

Nilda Tomlin

Excellent food and service for a reasonable price

Darren Page

Asada tacos are the best.

Ethan Jorgensen

The best Mexican food in the area and one of the best restaurants. Great food and sauces and friendly staff

Erin Hutt

Very Good Local small Taco Shop. Very clean & Comfortable. Need better Homeade Hot Sauce however

Brian Rubaie

If there is any other Mexican food in Iowa half as good as La Reg please tell me where!! Top 5 favorite food in IA. Tacos de papa are incredible.

Darryl Harris

I put 4 stars because usually u get free chips & salsa while waiting for your food at Mexican restaurants but other than that it was delicious & I couldn't finish all of my cheese steak fries

Derek Barnard

Simple, yet delicious food.

Alan Gustafson

Good food! Good service! Try the shrimp burrito!

Rachel Montgomery

Waited over an hour for service, no refills on chips or water... still waiting for food actually worst service ever

Dan Cassidy

Really good carnitas, fast. Good service. Good value.

Kevin Reilly

Always the tastiest place for authentic Mexican in the Iowa City area!


Totally love the mushroom quesadilla here and the asada tacos. The rice was not what I expected, taste like tomato sauce and nothing more. I'm use to a little onion, garlic and cumin taste so the rice did not suit me. The staff here are always friendly. The steak and cheese fries are pretty good too.

Lauren Arvanitis

Best Mexican food in Iowa City, inexpensive too. Absolutely worth a visit or ten.

Brad Knudson

Good tacos, I cant complain about the food, the only thing was it kinda felt like a fast food atmosphere.

Asaju Walker

Excellent every time I go, the food is just amazing.

Randy Mills

Excellent food and service. Loved this place. Great chips and salsa too!

Andrew Roers

This is where you get tacos, street wise or otherwise! Hands down fastest service and best quality in town! No question about it!

Veronica Ferreira

I liked this place better when it was a dive. They upgraded a while back, changed up the menu a bit. Still fantastic and prob the most authentic Mex in Iowa City.

Matthew Whittle

Authentic Mexican restaurant with Hispanic market in the back for proof. Great food and water/ juice. The staff are super nice and there are several options for different sauces.

Birdie Lopez

It's not too bad of a place. Workers need to have better customer service. Some treat you like they are being inconvenienced by you helping you.

Sheila McKenzie

If I could give them less than 1 star I would. 1st they brought the wrong drink. Then they brought the wrong food. I took the plate back to them and they finally brought the meal. It was supposed to have lettuce tomatoe onion and cheese on it. Not on the outside but they put 2 little pieces of lettuce in it 3 little pieces of tomatoe and maybe a tablespoon of cheese. Never did find the onions. Was messy and falling apart and leaking some sauce. Finally gave up trying to eat it. The refried beans tasted nasty. They did take the beans off my bill but that was it. Worst restaurant I have ever ate at and I've ate meals in 11 different counties. I will never go back and do not recommend this place.

troy tietge

Most excellent mexicano authentico! Reasonably priced and served friendly.

Christina Diaz

Grate food and prices but servers was slow and naver chaked on us only to get order somone else brought food out and the server brought the bill naver asked if we needed refills or if everything was ok it was vary cold inside

Will Erwin

Excellent value priced Mexican food. A 9 for quality at a 4 for price.

Elizabeth Noyes

Friendly, fast service, delicious food, reasonable prices.

Tracy Fitch

Excellent authentic food, casual, relaxed atmosphere, not too many students.


Good cheap food, genuinely nice and efficient people. Casual but nice place. Tastes better than most local restaurants I've frequented and there's a grocery connected to it with healthy, tasty and cheap food. Honestly, I want to go here all the time.I like the chill atmosphere here. Every age group would like this place, I believe.

Sarah Santiago

Great food. Lively place. Awesome eat in or take away. Recommend the market as well.

Glorianne Dorce

I love Mexican food, being from New Mexico Makes me kinda picky. But this place is above my expectations. A definite reccomend.

Forrest Gerst

Food was made quickly, but I found it lacking. There are better places in town for sure. Staff appeared friendly and genuine, but were slow in taking our order once seated. I'd return to try something different, but not my first choice of restaurant.

Ben Cool

La Regia is a great local restaurant with authentic mexican food. Formerly a taco truck, this restaurant maintains that feel in its dishes. The tacos are authentic and there are a wide variety of protein options available. They are friendly to English speakers and there is a small grocery store attached. This is one of the only places around with beef cheek and beef tongue available.

Gary Newcomer

The soft shell tacos are barren none the best. Love this place.

Tammy Mohr

Amazing!!! My husband is extremely picky and only likes authentic Mexican food. This is hands down THE BEST authentic Mexican cuisine in Iowa City. The staff are friendly and efficient. The prices are good too. The place is clean and the little store next door is great.

Amani Jordan

I heard of this place that was given very high praises. I was greatly disappointed when I was let down by the service and also the food. The taco’s did not taste fresh and had an odor that gave that very impression. There is obviously a lack of professionalism by the workers. There are workers there that play and joke around rather than checking on the customers. I was let down by a place I had such high hopes for. I only hope this can help make advances to better the service of here.

Jill Evans

La Regia has some of the best food in Iowa City. You can dine-in, carry out, and they also do catering. The burritos are very filling and delicious; I recommend the fajita burrito. They also are amazing at tacos. We used their catering services for our wedding and we could not have been more pleased. The food was a hit with our guests and the perfect first meal to share as husband and wife. A year later I still get compliments on our wedding food and direct folks to the local source. Me encanta La Regia.

mashiro white

Really like the Mexican food there. Taco with with various meat options. I would definitely recommend this restaurant. They also have a Mexican grocery next to it where you can buy many rare ingredients for the Mexican dish

James Ankrum

Easily the best taco joint in town. Simple and consistently amazing. They have a hot sauce to to suite anyone's taste.

Dereck Capper

Best Mexican in town. This is a litte more like California style Mexican food than traditional Mexican though. My favorites are California burrito, fish taco and pulled pork tacos.

Adin Leetch

I had 6 tacos today, all different from beef cheek to chorizo and they were all delicious. Tasty sauces too.

Brynn Boche

Delicious!! Just what I was craving! Satisfied my hunger for REAL tacos like I could get in south Georgia. Im really picky about my Mexican food, I cant sense BS americanized garbage from a mile away! Great selection of sauces! Not sure if they make their own tortillas or aguas fresca but if they don't the tortillas I'd love to know brand of tortillas and Jamaica mix they used cuz they had me fooled! I know for sure it wasn't klass Jamaica mix cuz I'm there was no aspartame after taste! I was also very impressed with the meat selection not only do they serve lengua (beef tongue) but also cabrito (beef cheek). And no cilantro on my tacos per my request

Lorena Garcia

Great place to eat


best m restaurantin the city, probably in the state

Evie Richardson

La Regia Taqueria is our favorite Mexican restaurant. Good service. Good food. Very nice environment.

Trent Tappan .

The absolute best food in Iowa City. Great service, great food, great atmosphere. The cost is very reasonable and I always leave satisfied.

Jason Reis

Wow. Came on a recommendation by my brother. Great authentic Mexican fare. I was starving. Had 3 tacos, all great. And topped it off with a quesadilla. We shared queso. With the chips which was spot on. My brother even had a Mexican bottled. Coke. Would go back any time.

Jonathan Prall

Outstanding food that is served quick and is cheap. Not a fancy food type of establishment which is made up for in value!

Deanna Dement Myers

Get anything with pork cheek. You won't be sorry!

Matt Santiago

I haven't even left the parking lot yet, and I'm still thinking about these tacos. Yep! We're headed back in to place a to go order. Most tacos are $2. Quick service. Spacious, clean atmosphere. Lots of choices. Great salsas, too!

Deveraux Spicknall

Good eats. So so service.

Humberto Gonzalez

The very first visit made me fall in love with the place and the food. Authentic taquería with well-seasoned meats, and flavorful salsas. Vegetarian options available. Attentive, quick service.

Cathy Sievers

Very authentic Mexican food and OHhhh so delicious!

B Riley

Delicious Mecican cuisine at an affordable price!

bonnie thiede

Great authentic Mexican food... Attentive service, everyone pitches in, especially when busy. Lots of salsa choices and the fresh homemade guac was to die for! Check out the attached Mexican grocery store...

Shorty Trochez

Okay, so this is a MUST visit spot In Iowa City. You have to try the tacos for sure but if you are looking for some AMAZING cheese fries, go with the supreme fries

jason green

Food is always good. Service is generally pretty good. Try the guacamole it's always really good.

Turk Mon

Good authentic food in a hurry, priced nice as well.

Genevieve S.

Really really good food. Remember to stop over at the store and get some taco meat. Delicious.

Danilo Jahn

This food is amazing. Maybe it is just because I like Mexican food. You can come here every day and get a new dish but I often get the go to comfortable choice. Delicious every time. Recommiendo!

Linda Patterson

Our 1st time here. The asada tacos and the California burrito are both amazing! The red and green sauces are both great. Will definitely be back again and again!

Omar Aziz

If you live in Iowa City, you absolutely must try La Regia. Personal favorite is the California Burrito (guac add on).

William Neumann

Iowa was the absolute last place I expected to find great mexican/central American food. The tacos and burritos here are on par with some of the best I've ever had from New York or Philadelphia. If I ever find myself in Iowa City again, I will definitely come back!

Christian Chicas

Great place to eat.

dan K

Service can sometimes be lacking, however they as usually fairly busy. Their food is by far some of the best is town. Highly recommend.

Jenn M

We had a terrible experience here for the second time. They didn't get our order correct and when we called to tell them they said we could come back and get another order. We said that we could not come back so they were going to give us $14 gift card to cover what we didn't get and was wrong and they only ended up giving us $10 which didn't even cover the cost of the food that was wrong. . We had 2 people who didn't get lunch. And they said uou shouldn't have placed the order online. I don't understand that.

Kenneth Doull

Authentic. High quality, reasonable prices.

Teri Ventura

Authentic Mexican food. Delicious. Reasonably priced. Friendly, casual atmosphere.

William Schwaller

Went for the first time and enjoyed all 4 tacos, especially the fish and fried shrimp. My wife loves the fajita, steak, and chorizo tacos. Will go back! Would be nice if they could serve alcohol.

Alex Greazel

Great authentic Mexican food. Asada tacos were the tables favorite.

Carly Finegan

Great food! Good service! The tacos we're great, a decent size, and we'll priced. You have to pay for chips and salsa, but it comes with free refills and it's only around $2. I went with a group of 9 and we were served our food quickly. Would definitely go back to La Regia again because it was some of the best authentic Mexican food I've had. (I took the bites out of my food before remembering to take a picture)

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