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Ibrahim Abe

Nice, polite people, and clean organized place.

Sultan Zamzami

It is Ok

Tara Andrews

It's (kinda) local, the selection is usually great, and the people are always friendly. However there are rarely enough cashiers working, and even less people bagging groceries. Check out process is so so slow.


Not as good as the west ames one. Very dirty, unfriendly staff, and annoying layout. Spent an unreasonable amount of time looking for simple items that they placed as far away from each other as possible via 1980s retail marketing scheme. No reason to go here, just drive to the other one that is 5 minutes away to get better service, nicer produce, and not have to stare at an eyesore the entire time you're shopping. Parking lot is also in disrepair.

Sue Vonn Quezada

They are always busy... seems a little smaller in layout but you can find everything. The people are friendly and I love their Saturday morning breakfast.

Adam Crumpton

Good grocery store. Items are marked in the isle with there health options.

Bill Moore

Great place! We found great varieties of food stuff and enjoyed their food bar. Great place

Larry Carter Center

Under construction prices on a weekly roller coaster

Bristal Waldera

Always clean and friendly service

Eddie Miller

Easy to find what you need and friendly people

Russ O'Rourke

Love their salad bar

Dean Hundley

I always find the best quality of the product I want.

Michael Cravens

AWESOME panini sandwich and the treat was it was the daily special. Just $5 and we could split it for dinner.

Francisco Leyva

My Hy-Vee of choice. Staff is pretty great, in particular the employees at the beer/wine section. One of the guys there gives great beer suggestions and is just all around a great dude.

DeAnn Malfero

What great 3 day sale

Jeff Moyer

Great store and good people

Anne Alden

Always good quality and alot of selections

Tommy S

They got a fricking Doctor's office here

Timothy McWherter

Excellent and quality products

Greg Wilson

A helpful smile in every aisle

Donavan Nehls Sr.

Don't buy overpriced food just for gas points

William Bugely

Kind helpful at home feeling

Abigail DeRoin

Service is increasingly nonexistent; the employees need more training as the entire culture of the store seems to be blatantly toxic. We live in the neighborhood and frequently shop here due to necessity, but wouldn't if we had other options. Managers seem grumpy, like they would rather be anywhere else; some managers are openly grumpy with their behavior, and checkers and baggers do not prioritize service for people in their line. It's rare that they make eye contact or acknowlege me in any way while I'm paying for my items, often openly ignoring me by talking casually with other checkers. Product is unappealing: rotting produce, sloppy merchandising, and sale of expired product throughout the store. It does not have to be this way.

Douglas Plath

Great place

Leo Oram

Had to bring back a skewer of cooked shrimp that were definitely no good.

John Deinert

A very good store clean and organized and and all of the employees are the very best you can get I tell everyone about it and it is open 24 hrs

Berrett Rice

I love Hy Vee - they are good to their employees, and good for the community.

james holsinger

I love going to this hyvee the staff are always great and everything flows nice to me. I definitely recommend it. Also the prices are fair.

Cody South

Wonderful clerks and managers. Never a bad time here.

Shanks Online

Use the online ordering... they do an excellent job making sure we get everything!

Marty Simonson

Pricey but high quality. Late night hours but tough to shop with pallets of product everywhere. Discount beer and wine are a plus. Really good selection without being a stupid Walmart.

Sudsy Star

I had the water and the fresh fruit that I needed thank you

Natalie Clark

I really like this Hy-Vee. They have everything in one place and the products are high quality.

Tyler Buck

It is convenient for being open 24/7 and for having one of the largest selections of food and brands(it has really improved and devoted to a pretty extensive organic and healthy eating section. It is a bit pricier than say Fareway, but can't beat it's availability.

Ryan Simpson

Great selection and fuel saver make Hy-Vee my go to spot

Missy Wierson

I used to work at hyvee ok

Lori Patterson

Normally I have a great experience but not today not with the kitchen we ordered food to go 40 pieces of chicken and sides and all was very dry and very bland

Christophe PETIT

The only point is that it is busy and it is quite expensive but it is good service and availability of products is great. The service flower shop is wonderful

Vatis .

Not as good as other Hyvee but is still fantastic.

Calamastia Blue

In the morning and afternoon it's pretty busy but I normally go at night. The team members are usually very nice and try to help out as much as they can. I go here almost every day. It's very convenient to where I live and work.

Michael Swett

There's always a helpful smile in every aisle

Jonathan Hertz

I like Hyvee. I don't, however like that they donate to the Republican party in the name of it's employees.


Good prices

Wesley Wood

I always liked Hy-Vee, good friends of mine work there!!

John Potter

Always friendly always prompt!!

Cecilia Cabrera-Hernandez

I like that I find fresh vegetables that I would not find elsewhere

Ann Trine

The heath market is great! Only wish they still carried King Arthur Flour brand. I have to get it @ Fareway

Holly Berger

Love their Starbucks and Jay in customer service

Alex Grimes

Not letting your employees have water at the registers is kind of rediculous, Fareway let's their employees have water and lets them be hydrated. Maybe it would be a good idea to keep your employees healthy? Idk just my 2 cents.

Jami Tharp

Disappointed that I was to get .10 cents for Fuel saver and did not get it.

Mike Lathen

Great place to shop.

Pyromancer 32

I love all the free samples they have there

Linda Allen

Wonderful clean big store love it, first time ever being in one love the store . but when I was checking out 12 items or less 6/11 the cashier was very rude did not want to check me out, she said she was busy fixing the candy. Very rude.

Seth McCoy

I visited the liquor store. They had a great variety of alcohol with a lot of great deals. The walk in cooler was well stocked. The only down side was that there was a line because they were only using one register. By the time I left they had opened another.

Jordan Thompson

As far as the grocery part of the store it’s fine but I still return cans and bottles (most people don’t anymore) and this part of the store is not very good. Down for maintenance or not working or gross in there. Keep in mind people HyVee takes your 5 cents for every can and bottle and most people don’t return them...they make money off of you not returning. They don’t want it to be a pleasant experience returning!!!

Piyush Patel

Nicely organized and specious atore

Cari Nordstrom

Best cutomer service experience I've ever had. The Assistant Director fit the slogan... A friendly smile.. thank you for making shopping there a rewarding experience. I'll remember your gratitude for years to come.

Brian Hemesath

Had breakfast at Market Grill. It was very good and pretty fast.

Michael P. Marion

The clerks are always quick and ready to offer help and go above and beyond customer service...

Kevin Wobig

The deli used to be so great. We used to go there to eat above any other restaurant in town. Now, not so much. The food is usually old and crusty, the employees are surly, terse and act like you are imposing on their time when you ask for help. I really want to write good things about a place I used to really like and where I have shopped for 30 years, but, alas, it now sucks outright and I won't go back for deli or groceries ever again

eric dalaba

Love their panini

Terence Alexander

Great grocery store. Has everything you'll need for the pantry.

Chris Richardson

Excellent store, nice selection of products.


Store is in a remodel, not very much to offer at 730 for hot food, pizza all out , half of Chinese food gone or looking old, same as chicken and other items, No deli opperating either. As you see we were staying in hotel stopped to get a few things and dinner not much to offer right now.

Brytta Fitzgibbons

Good location

Rock Trice

I want to give a 5 star to Hy-Vee. The staffs are always friendly, and it's a relaxing and a pleasant place to go. I always appreciate how they treat customers. I think that reflects the tenet of a company, which is reliable and warm-hearted. I especially want to praise Manager Kevin Kisling and A.J. Stanley, because they treat the customer considerably and whole-heartedly. They are treasure to have for the company.

D.J Jones

Great location good service

Veronica Ramirez

Come here all the time. Great customer service. However, Hyvee is not the most affordable store.

Amy Worrel

I can always find what we need at Hy-Vee. Less of variety, good produce, nice meat.

A Milk Man

If your not from the area This hyvee will made you feel at home with a little upscale class, the people who you will see made me feel out of place as if they knew I was not from there, so I had a fun time saying hi to people I'd pass and watch the horror in their face as they tried to process what happened and attempt to say hi back. What fun

Garth Flaming

Simply what you are look for in a hyVee. Well stocked and staffed.

pamela reese

Always good help

B Ware

This is a great place to shop and eat. The store is well kept and clean and the staff is friendly and helpful. The salad bar is top-notch and is my favorite and you can't go wrong with HY-chi!

Max Porter

Great grocery store

Wayne Bouley

Great selection, well marked aisles.

Luke Turczynski

It had all the things I needed. Organized in an easy to find manner.

preston obrien

The pricing is ok. It's like a Harmons.

austin woodin

Be sure to check out the Friday/weekend specials in the wine and spirits department.

Erin Selch

They are always great here. Even at 1am and I'm needing some flowers or balloons they help me no matter what. If you need something written on your cake they will, no problem. They have great meat also and fresh produce.

Kelly B

I am here often. It's a great place to shop, eat lunch, get a coffee (Starbucks) or pop in for something quick. The selection they offer for lunch is great. You have a selection of multiple items. I real like their chicken and I know a lot of people enjoy their Chinese food. Staff has always been friendly and helpful. There are times it is busy but you never have to wait long.

Mark Yeager

Nothing wrong with this store like the motto states helpful smile in every isle

Richard Stocker

Prices are a bit high to me

Vicente Valle

I went in and bought the things and then the guy was like hey you gotta pay so I paid and he said have a good day

David Orrison

Love the deli for supper!

Andrew Murray

It's a Hyvee. Have you been to one? This is one. I can't speak to the helpful smile in every isle but the Chinese food is always good for a Sunday afternoon pick up, the alcohol selection is reasonable, and they have more interesting items in their organic and health section than probably any other store. Only 4 stars because the regular grocery prices are higher than other places.

Brian Anderson

Excellent Service

Kali .

As a non American I really like this supermarket, there are a lot of options and the hot bar and salad bar are always full of good options. They even have their own brand which I usually buy a lot of as it's pretty fairly priced. Definitely recommend this place and will keep going to in the future.

Thew Pops

Good selections prices and staff

Bruce Milligan

This is the best hyvee in Iowa. Had the best meal at the in store delicatessen.

Sara W

Hy-Vee is awesome.

bryan blair

Good food except the meatloaf is extremely processed tasting and looking. The way they made the meatloaf 5 years ago was amazing but I don't eat it anymore because it just lacks the home cooked meal flavour and texture it did. This honestly is the only reason I ate there but now I tend to skip it do to this new wave bar & grill atmosphere they are changing along with the menu. Would not recommend unless you eat Chinese food , that okay.

Pat Doyle


jesus lozano

Always friendly atmosphere

ThinkSpace IT

Clean with great food.

Kay Lande

Excellent service and have shopped at Hy-Vee Lincoln Center for many years. From the Store Director to sacking person friendly service. Have also had pleasure and never been disappointed in floral department.

Mike Baumgarten

Great prices, fun environment and love the employees.

Pallabi Chatterjee

Fantastic grocerrie store.. good n fresh veggies. Meat quality is always good. Love to have cheese pozza here...staff is good. A little expensive but pay what you get for

N. L.

Everything you would expect from a Hy-Vee.

Kayleen McCoy

Found some products I hadn't found elsewhere

Ginger West

Great variety high prices

Chelsea Proffitt

Mussels in the bowl are dead, ones in the sink are good. Bought these 5 hours ago they've been in my fridge the entire time.. I understand they are out of season but that is 3/4 of a pound at 5 dollars a pound that aren't usable.

Demrie B

I just wish there was a tad bit more variety

Wilhelmina Hawkins

They are pricey but it is worth it. The freshness is refreshing! The customer service is inpecable! The store is clean and bright. I love the store hours. They are open 24 hours a day. Love this store!

Patrick Greene

Always good fresh

Bob Green

A lot of good food Friendly service

Keith Jones

Very clean and I loved the food court.

Jennifer Hauerrberg

Loved it. Love the atmosphere and people who works there, they are so nice and friendly. Gets a very high ratings in my book.

Gianluca Scopel

Gug fud, not so gud Cpt Price

Elizabeth Cullison

Always love this grocery store. Clean. Fruits and veggies always fresh. Good selection of deli meats. Only store I have found that carries my specific gum for grandchildren. Thank you, thank you!!

Kim Sallee

We ordered buns for graduation and the employees at HyVee were a great help. They helped to figure out how many I needed and were very knowledgeable on cost and ingredients. It made the whole process quick and easy!

Marc Witte

Great variety of food. Always helpful employees.

Sam gaia

Friendly people, but prices are not always the most competitive. They offer rewards to make you think it's a better deal but the rewards don't add up to the savings from shopping at other stores most of the time.

Kevin Eichelberg

Great prices and great location. My go-to for grocery shopping.

Chander Bhushan

Good quality.

Elijah Sanford

I love the samples.

Jan Mcclelland

Fast and friendly service.. great prices!

Maxx Menagerie

Great selection and good service.

Art Snyder

Excellent selection of grocery products and related items. Very helpful staff. Prices are very competitive. The meat section has a large variety of items for main dishes and accompanying foods. They usually have different meal menus and the recipes for preparation if you are wondering what to fix for dinner. I've tried several and the are tasty and usual quick and easy to prepare. Checkout is usually quick with very shortly wait lines. They accept all manufacturer coupons plus have in store specials that save money on gas at their stations.

Dominique Cheri

Awesome prices

Sagnik Banerjee

A very nice store. You can find almost everything you need. Some items can be overpriced though.

Jim Raich

Good grocery store. Employees are trained to help customers! Broad selection. Health market has food for restricted diets. Organic section in large produce department that also stocks locally sourced fresh produce. Pharmacy. Large wine, beer and liquor selection.

Grant Pryor

Great selection, decent prices, extremely friendly staff.

Kenni Terrell

Friendly staff, fast lines, discounts are always good.

Christi Johnson

Went with a coupon for hamburger and was told they dont have it...and that I could get a raincheck...... They need to be stocked for the special. Or let me have the hamburger they do have stocked for the same special. Was disappointed I couldnt use coupon when I needed the meat for that evenings meal

belinda cardona

Most kind staff anywhere!

Dirk Stowe

Always ask for a receipt!! I didn't get one and they ripped me off $9! I called and they said they could help, but I live 17 miles away! Want me too drive back for their mistake!! Just be aware and watch your receipt!! Don't call for customer service because the "friendly smile in every aisle" doesn't include over the phone customer service!! Maybe some "how to handle multitasking " needs to be applied to the managers!!

Todd Hageman

Hy-Vee seems to have forgotten that they're a grocery store. They're trying to be a bank, deli, cafe, Chinese restaurant, pizza joint, salad bar, gas station, convenience store, and doing a barely-adequate job at all of it. They have an enormous variety of items but they are an expensive store. They recently did away with the Fuel-saver program, which was a main reason to shop there. They do have an awesome produce dept. and that's one draw. Staff is always pleasant but they never seem to have enough lanes open and they seem overworked. Aisles are often blocked by people stocking shelves in the middle of peak hours. Bathrooms are gross.

James McCarville

Always fun to shop any HyVee. Very friendly staff!

Tom Cupples

Great customer service.

Richard Barrette

We stopped to eat here while traveling, and then grab snacks for the road. It's a grocery store. If you're looking for groceries then it's a good place to go. The deli serves good meals. The bathrooms are clean but you do have to walk a country mile to find them.

Lillian Ellison

Friendly staff, clean store, and a variety of items at good prices. Lots of choices. Starbucks inside store. Large dinning area for buffet.

Barry Wilson

We live out of state and always appreciate Hy-Vee when we are in Ames to visit our son at Iowa State. Nice store and clean. Very friendly service.

Tanzeel Ur Rehman

Covers almost all. The essentials. Also have free samples on Saturdays. Lol

Diana Egan

I'm disabled and can no longer shop in large grocery stores. So in winter this Hy-Vee's staff delivers to my home and in good weather I pick my groceries up at the drive through. The staff lead by Michelle is wonderful. The accuracy of my order is very good. It is worth the small fee for the ease of shopping.

Amy Rowcliffe

We buy all our groceries here. It is the best

Micheal LeVine

Extensive selection of groceries. Friendly and helpful staff. Prices are a bit high. Great wine selection.

Julia Anderson

The vegetables, particularly the cilantro, was looking pretty tough. Many of the specimens in the "green grocer" area rightfully belonged in the waste box! :/

Doug Roberts

As usual it's a pleasure to shop at your supermarket. You offer everything we need and more. We always leave with more than we came for or need. We shop with you only cause of you're employees and offer what we need. You have great ad's and super price's most of the time. You also have ad item's in stock most always. Very seldom are you out of a ad item. You have a fabulous store. Store is always clean and presented. Keep up the good work.

NaNa G

This was the first time I ever been in a Hy-Vee store. So, I have nothing to compare it to. Anyway, it was your typical grocery store. It was very clean, organized and friendly cashiers. I did had small hiccup... I purchased a fresh cooked pizza that costed $7.99, but the cashier charged me the wrong price. She weighed the pizza instead of entering the correct price. Long story short...I took to the Manage to get the different and end getting all of my money back. The Manage stated if the item is changed incorrectly you get the item for free. All I can say is "THANK YOU".

Judy Johnson

I shop at HyVee regularly. They're truly is a smile in every department and aisle. Sale prices help shoppers. Shop specials! If they don't have the item, they will get it if possible.

Henrik Sternberg

I am a big Hy-Vee fan, it has good prices as well as good products, even including Swedish bread.

Susan Anderson-Whipp

Customer service was great.

Baba Agbaje

Hy-Vee is great. Employees make the store. Best place for wedding cake and an excellent value too in my opinion. Fantastic bakery, expansive buffet and hot foods, Post Office, Dry-cleaning and they even deliver your groceries. Wow! And they sell gas. Definitely a conglomerate. Is there any service that they don't offer and they do everything well. Employees are well trained, polite and friendly.

Tyler Teske

They have just about everything. Wish it wasn't quite so expensive.

Matt Redling

Great overall product selection and outstanding staff! Currently being remodeled. Rearranged and difficult to navigate right now but should worth it when compete.

Michael manke

Good steaks an alcohol

othman en

Adequate supply of foodstuffs of high local standards

Garrett Jaenke

Good selection of gluten free foods along with a being well stocked

Sheila Scheele

Helpful and pleasant workers. Had what I was looking for.

Scott Dougherty

Te John's! part of hyvee is Terry share the profits with the employees. Always very clean store, fresh produce, meat . Awesome service. Great to catch a quick bite to eat. Prices are a bit on the higher side but good value.

Rob Allen

Good place to get things and stuff

Austin M

Great friendly staff, always helpful.

Brenden Johansson

Great range of products overall with a nice varied range across fruit and veg, deli and other meat selection. Prices are decent and staff have always been helpful and friendly to me. As a non American this place was an interesting shopping experience. The ability to dine is a nice novelty, and the take away hot Asian dishes were always great. One little cultural quirk ive found with these Asian dishes is that Americans like orange chicken, where other western nations have lemon chicken and honey chicken. Was initially strange getting used to the taste but after a bit it was nice.

Nick Gradoville

Great selection and amazing service!

Felicitas Avendano

Hy vee is my go to grocery store, mostly because it is convenient. I find everything I need at one location, and I get to grind my own peanut butter. The produce section is okay, there is a lot of room for improvement in this area with regards to freshness, quality and pricing.

Dallas Dickerson

Hyvee is one of the best grocery stores in the midwest.

Samantha Krause

The best Starbucks in town is inside this hyvee. Staff is always friendly and helps me pick out a new drink everytime. They even remeber my name, makes me feel like a valued customer. And the drinks are always super tastey, just the way I like them.

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