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708 S Riverside Dr, Iowa City, IA 52246, United States

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Where is Bruegger's Bagels and Jamba Juice?

REVIEWS OF Bruegger's Bagels and Jamba Juice IN Iowa

Steve Dolan

Matt R.

Kind of expensive.

Cynthia Lippold-owen

Luke Roy

It's alright. There are better local places but the speed and convenience of a place like this is unparalleled

Siva M

Eric Pedersen

Julie Mulherin

Just drove by

Davis James

Takes forever and they mess up your order a lot food tastes like how bruggers usually tastes which is always good. Don’t know that it takes 10 minutes to put some cream cheese between bread though

Daniel Hong

Rachel Heinlein

Marcelo Castilho

Michael Fitzpatrick

Marcus Origer

Service in the shop is a little slow but drive-thru is quick. Food is good

Don Chalupa

Amber Wen

Ricardo Cortez

Nothing beats being able to get a bagel sandwich and a smoothie at the same time.

Derek Kim

It's been 25min sitting in the drive thru. The employee who took the order was rude. Overall pretty bad experience. Not sure how things can suck this much. Either management sucks or just don't care. Other reviews mention similar problems yet here we are.

lynzie Attig

Employee taking my order was not friendly, was rude and didn't care for the customers happiness.

Kelly Huston

Matthew Yorek

Quick bit. New building could use better signage... Same great food and quick service!

Deb Palmatier

Jens Zalzala

Great place to get bagels and juice. The bagel sandwiches tasted better at the old place across the street though. Still one of the best places to go for a quick breakfast or bite though.

Aaron Van Noy

Now open in a new location across the street. They are busy! Good eats and drinks! The drive through is a bit crazy because it goes back on the flow of traffic and when it's extra busy it's kinda a mess! I recommend parking and eating out on the new deck/outdoor patio. I uploaded a photo of it at night. Also be careful of the drive though. Worst design ever. They've been open for weeks and you can already see where people have hit the building.

Philip Huang

Solid food, very clean and new place. Like the style. I don't drink Jamba as much as Caribou though, so personally I would have liked to see the Caribou coffee combination. Also, wifi isn't as good as it could be (comparing to Starbucks). Design is also very open - so not as good for being productive or reading a book.

Drew Workman

Fine establishment, just painfully slow drive through service.

Dorothy Bzdyl

Not as flavorful as I expected

Julia McQuisten

Lisa King

Good food and drinks but priced a little high in our opinion so we definitely don't go very often. Last time we got a bag of bagels all of the bagels tasted over a day old. Ended up throwing away half a dozen because no one wanted them.

Kirsten Malacina

David Armstrong

Great smoothies, slowest drive thru in town!

Lauren Foss

I've been going to Brueggers since I was a child and honestly this location is the worst I have ever experienced. For starters, the drive thru is an obstacle course and generally takes me half an hour to get through if not more. When I've gone inside my food takes nearly just as long. The food is ~ok but 9/10 my order is somehow wrong and the workers don't really give a damn about it. The final straw was the espresso machine being down this morning(again). A girl just needs her morning espresso! Never would I ever want to bash Bruggers but after giving them many chances I am still unpleased. Go to the downtown (Iowa Ave) location and you will have such a better experience!

Laura Jacobs

Service is extremely slow and staff seem totally disorganized even at off-peak times. Waited in line today for 15 minutes in the drive through for a single bagel. By the time I got through the line there were 8 other cars behind me, and my order had been prepared wrong.

Karen Summers

Best bagels in town, drive through makes it super convenient.

Michah M

tammy meza

Sean Nichols

Anonymous Kate

Loooong drive through wait only to get the wrong order. And it did not work in my favor; I ended up with nothing but 1 plain bagel. I love Bruegger's but will Not be back to this location.

Wesley Love

Bagels are terrible. Have a buscuit sandwich for breakfast like a real man.

Quentin Adams

Fantastic acai and pataya bowls.

Rod Merfeld

Excellent breakfast sandwiches! Very friendly staff!

Amber Williams

James Wray

The food is good and sometimes the service is too.

Nicholas Meyer

I LOVE Bruegger’s but every time I come to this store it consistently takes forever to get my order. I know this shouldn’t happen because all the other breuggers I’ve been to have been speedy.

Mk Cz

The drive-through is too narrow for trucks or large suvs. Barely any parking. Incorrect order 2 of 3 visits. I love Bruegger's but this location sucks.

Megan Jensen Zalzala

This is my favorite brueggers location. They all have delicious bagels and spreads, but this one also offers coffee drinks and Jamba juice smoothies. They also have a drive-through!! (Though the drive-thru is set up a little weird)

Samsung Asong


Stephen Graves

Stacy Moore

Always fresh and yummy. Always happy with the food and the service i recieve

Beth Cramer

Super long drive thru wait consistently. But good food.

Jenna Gibbs

I have been here a few times before work during busy mornings, and I give this place a 5-star rating because of the helpfulness of the staff. Every time I come, they offer me the freshest bagels and freshly brewed coffee with a smile on their face. I appreciate the great customer service. A wonderful stop for breakfast! Not to mention they also had great catering for conferences and events.

J. Andrew Elliott

Great food. Not enough parking.

A Callendine

Great every time I come through, drive through is so faster than going inside but it will take a bit longer than a Wendy’s or something like that. Only once did I have a problem with my sandwich and they ended up refunding me, even my smoothie which was perfect!

Kaylee Hahn

Chad Wilson

Great way to start your morning! Grab a bagel sandwich or bagel with cream cheese and a Caribou Coffee!

Dan H

Poor attitude from the girl taking our order. She obviously didn't want to be there. Poor completion of our order. Had to go back in because we didn't get everything we ordered.

Madison Gurley

I go here all the time, but this morning around 6:50 whoever was running the drive through was completely incompetent. Ask for clarification if you don’t understand. About the only thing correct was that I got a bagel. Their employees are usually awesome—just hoping for better training in the future.

Jackie Jensen

Good food and variety of options, but pricey for what you get. Drive-through is way too narrow and slow, and the staff always seem too busy to say "thank you", even when I've handed them a tip.

decombeau bahn

the short manager lady there ,she so rude,disrespectful, very bad attitude. i think she doesn't know what customers means or how to manage a store

Trish Moyer


Annmarie Bailey Sabel Sabel

An interesting place, especially when you consider the juice bar.

Shelby Edmonds

I was at this location early this morning and as the window employee handed me my latte she said "I know you are just going to drink it, but there is a pretty design on it" and I looked and there was! I don't know, it just made my day! The two girls were so cheerful and it was so early! Great customer service, thank you!!!

Tyrone Pierce

willis barr

Delicious. Wish there was one closer to me so I didn't have to go to Iowa city or Coralville.

Irving Treadway

Edwin Lee

Service was not great, neither was the food. My to-do bagel was cut very unevenly (one side was thinner than the other) and the fillings were all spilling out the side when I opened it up back home. I didn't order anything over the top either, just a very ordinary salmon bagel. The employees all either seemed very new or very grumpy. I noticed a lady just stare into space not doing anything whilst my bagel just sat for a minute ready to be bagged up. I usually don't write meaner critical reviews like this but I feel like something had to be said. Ultimately I'd still go to the other stores in downtown.

Lon Kluxdal



I brag about bruegers to my east coast family. So they're legit.

Caitlyn Baxter

This is my favorite place to go in Iowa City. I was beyond excited to hear a Jamba juice was going to be opening, and even more excited to hear I could get Brueggers at the same time. The staff has always been exceptionally nice, the food is always delicious, and I love the interior design. We've done breakfast there, date night, studied for finals, and so on. It really is the best!

Matt Thedopestmatrix


Elaine Hammer

The line for drive thru was very slow. The order was wrong and there were no napkins provided. Fortunately I took my order home so had access to napkins.

David Rosazza

Good drive thru service

Barb Zook

Love this place but I little disorganized especially in the mornings and not very fast other than that awesome

Eleanor Patterson

John McEchron

Great bagels and coffee to start your day. The drive-through can be difficult for larger vehicles.

Jasmin Arredondo

Beth Mooney

One of the best breakfast places in Iowa City!

CJ Vander Linden

Thanks, Cody!

János Ács

FourString Hammer

Always friendly staff

Tami Pardie

Great bagels but a little pricey

cheryl haezebroeck

Kelsey Parman

The product is good, like other locations, but this place is the slowest restaurant on earth. Not just once or twice; every single time.

Brian Daw

Nice new building, great as always.

13 Talbot

Charles Kramer


Your drive through is CRay crAY!

Nora C

wasn’t great. i’ve gone there multiple times and the majority of the times i’ve been there the bagels i receive are stale. their smoothies are good, but not good enough to be $5 for a small.

Dessie Barraclough

Delicious bagels and energizing shakes. Love the place. <3

Laura Kilburg

I love Bruegger's Babels but I was somewhat disappointed in the new location on South Riverside. Service was slow and disorganized.

Angela Kenna

Ordered vegetable cream cheese on a hot plain bagel and it was delicious. Nice staff and clean comfortable place. Needs additional parking.

Percy Fields

Bagel was a bit small but good

Rose O'Brien

I will recommend this place, but if you have a nut allergy then I recommend you not going to this place.

Karley Brantman

Waited 10+ minutes in drive thru with no movement. Pulled around and went inside to continue to wait 10 minutes before even being acknowledged at the cash register. Took another 10 minutes to actually get my order (one bagel with cream cheese). At least 7 employees were behind the counter, many not paying attention. Major changes should be made to the way this Riverside location runs their business. Completely unacceptable.

David Dohrer

The staff are not personable. I ordered a classic deli sandwich and did not receive the coleslaw, when I inquired I was first told that it did not come with it and then they gave it to me but the cashier who had not practiced hand hygiene handed it to me. Unless the staff get a little more friendly I do not plan on returning.

Lars Nordang

Good bagels for early morning roadtrips.

Alma Parada

Good., Place


Charle Hull

My bagel was good coffee was horrible! I threw it away

Chelsey Montgomery

This was my first time going to this new location of Bruggers Bagels and so was actually really looking forward to it. My overall experience was not so good at all. Talk about awful customer service. The manager (at least that who I thought it was) was frantic and rude, the staff seemed clueless about questions AND our $5 smoothies were gross. Totally a bummer this place didn't turn out to be what I thought it would. They have a long way to go if they are wanting to actually keep the customers that are coming in to try out the place to keep coming... Because I know I won't be any time soon.

Katrina Wolfe

you guys didn't toast my bagel

Chris Dibbern

Combo bruegers and jamba juice - both good stuff!

Arwin Shrestha

Waited 20 min for 2 cream cheese bagels and a large coffee

Tina Taylor

Very good

Stephen Drobinski

Manager bragged that my 11 minute wait with one car I front of me was really short since others wait 25+. Avoid this Brueggers.

Debra P

Great bagals but very poor service. We waited 20 minutes for 2 bagels ... we had to ask for it while the cashier looked for it ... place in z carryout apologies. We will park downtown and deal with parking instead of dealing with the slow, poor service.

Jeremy Kaemmer

Lindsay Elliott

Rachael Hills

Snapped 4good

Love it, & love Caryn!!!! <3

desmend williams

I went to get someone a gift card at 6:50 where the store says they closed at 7. They served the person before me but wouldn’t serve me. I feel this is unprofessional for a business to have posted they close at one time but to close whenever they feel. Will be taking my business else where.

Christopher HarrKuhn

Deidra Baker

Kristin Evenson Hirst

Good bagels and coffee. Good service inside, don't know about drivethrough.Sometimes parking at this location is difficult

Eleanor Stever

The bagels were fresh and tasty. You put an order in at the counter from a large menu overhead. I felt the filling was a bit on the "slim" side and sides were extra. I thought they might have added a pickle or chips as the bagel sandwich was in my opinion, pricey.

michael thompson

johnny morrison

Such a good combination of stores in a single building . Love them both. Their everything bagles are delicious!

Claire Wilson

I went through the drive through and ordered a coffee and an egg and cheese bagel - first they tried to hand me the wrong sandwich, then I explained what my order was. They grabbed a different bag - there was only a plain bagel in there. I went in to the store to explain that they had messed up my order and instead of apologizing, the staff grabbed the mistake-bagel from me and gave me the right one, and when I asked to confirm that it was actually the right order the staff member was short with me.

Valarie Taylor Crawford

Best Bagels

Katy Brown

The peanut butter Moo'd is life. Yum. The drive-thru takes a bit of time but I will not complain because I don't have to get out of my pjs.

Cindy Shafer

My favorite place to eat! Have always loves it from a little girl! My whole family enjoys there bagels!!!!! Definitely a must eat at place!!!!

melissa Ettleman

The smoked salmon bagel is super yummy! They add capers on top of the salmon! Great touch

Kelly Nylen

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