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225 S Linn St, Iowa City, IA 52240, United States

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REVIEWS OF Bread Garden Market IN Iowa

Ben Walsh

One of the best places in town for any foodie. The bakery, hot bar and salad bar are always excellent. Great wine selection. One of my favorite places in Iowa City.

Matthew Frazier

My favorite fresh bread in Iowa City with freshly baked giant pretzels on Fridays. The grill food and pizza have always been satisfying. Great coffee and a pastry deal from 4-6pm.

Aliah Jones

I really love this place as a student, during the semester I usually come here almost every day for lunch and dinner. However, their recent price inflation on their grill specials is kinda alarming what once cost me 5.75 now is almost 8 dollars. This price change defeats the purpose of the grill specials in the first place we might as well just go to chipotle. Even tho the grill specials have swayed my interest another topic that bothers me is one of the male employees I believe he is a manager. Throughout my years of shopping at bread garden I couldn't help but notice him following me while I am shopping almost every time he saw me in the store. One time I was just tasting a grape to make sure they were good before I purhased and he rudely asked me "can you buy that before you start eating?" Now I do understand the reputation college kids have for stealing but that is no reason to follow ME around specifically every time I am in the store. Most times he even follows me as I walk up to check out and makes sure he is my cashier. I really appreciate the quality and the concept of this store, however there are flaws and some discrimination I have face of my 4 years shopping here as a black woman.

Kevin Waddle

Management were very rude about my 3 year old not having shoes on. People in Iowa in general seem to freak out about that, so maybe it's a cultural thing, but they could have been polite at least. Garlic potatoes and kale salad were awesome.

julie redlinger

I was excited about Bread Garden coming to the UIHC Hospital. Both times I've been there now, the service isn't great and I'm not overly impressed. I know they're new, but it seems as if the girls are lost and don't know what they're doing. A lady that was ahead of me by 3 people stood at the end of the counter waiting for her latte she ordered, and was forgotten by staff. She eventually spoke up and they all looked @ each other as if they were unsure as to who was helping her or who took her order. When it was my turn to order, I asked for room in my cup for cream to the girl taking my order...she didn't relay the message to the girl who filled my cup, which was frustrating. I also think it would be a good idea to put lids on cups PRIOR to handing the drink to the customer. I was pretty disappointed that on opening day @ UIHC, hardly anything was available to speak of, (no merchandise on the shelves, nothing besides pastries) as were a lot of my other co-workers...etc Not a great 1st impression @ all. Also, I find it a bit alarming you're handing out very hot drinks to people in a very busy hallway, and the customer has to walk over to the stand w/ the creamer, straws...etc to get their lid... This is a HUGE safety issue.

DeShawn Strong

Kinda really just the layout.

Steve Hillis

My favorite place in Iowa City for food, great variety, very healthy, good price. Ambience is not great, but okay if you are mainly interested in good food.

Zachary Criss

Great food, great selection of produce and other grocery items. It's nice to have a place that you can eat all of the foods you can take home. Great wine selection also.

Levi Ponder

First time living downtown and this place has made such an impact while living in Iowa City. Best place to get a quick bite. The chicken quesadilla is absolutely amazing.

Martha Szylberg

Great salad bar, cafe, and a few groceries. Organic, sustainable products.

Lisa Inlow

So many selections!

Ayla Mamutoi

Best place to stop in town to buy a quick healthy meal. Friendly staff. Clean and in order. Smells like heaven

scott mead

The staff was fantastic when above and beyond The food was light and delicious just what I need it I would recommend this place to everybody

Kelsie Smock

One of my long time favorites in Iowa City. I frequently grab a fresh salad or a bowl of soup from the buffet and am very rarely disappointed. Plus any buffet purchase comes with free bread, and who doesn't love free bread!? Along with their buffet, they now offer delicious grill items. Each week day features a $4 option from the grill. These are all delicious and great for dinning on a budget! Along with their prepared food Bread Garden is also a great local market. Their best items are their house made products such as fresh pasta, hand churned ice cream, and delicious baked goods! This place is a great stop if your near Iowa City. You especially don't want to miss it in the summer months when you can enjoy their outdoor patio located right in the heart of downtown!

Paul Brown

Great time visiting here with my wife. Fun place to go, both to eat and shop. Wide variety of items to purchase, and their grill had nice amount to choose from, reasonably priced too. Went for breakfast, and the scrambles were fun to customize and tasted very good. Highly recommend!

Jose Jimenez

This is a convenient so on my way home at the end of the day. The freshly baked bread is a great draw for me. I can build out a great meal with a quick walk through. The hot dishes they prepare the are also good for a quick lunch.

Ronna Boyd

Good food good variety. Service could be better

Ryan Younan

Better than whole foods but also busier.

Shenae Green

This is a cute grocery store, it has a very great first impression on new comers. The Gelato is delicious along with the bakery items. Favorite thing to get is the fresh burgers and a Croissant. You can also get a quick snack or drink.

James Nisly

I love shopping here. It is a small place, it is convenient and they have some organic produce options to choose from.

Abby Crabtree

While the food they provide is wonderful and the atmosphere is good, they have a lot of work to do in terms of sustainability. It is sometimes difficult to bring your own containers to shop in bulk. Their register system does not work well at all with bulk shopping if you bring your own jar. But to shoppers reading this: don't be discouraged! Continue to ask management and employees about the issue and hopefully the market will fix the problem!

Diana Morgan

Like to stop after work for breakfast

Jeremiah Moody

Best brussel sprouts in town

Riley Mullane

Allison and her crew always do a top notch job at weddings/events. From start to finish they are incredibly kind, positive and full of passion to provide the highest level of service possible. They set the bar extremely high for wedding/event catering in this area.

Angela Carroll

Boarshead meats are the best you can buy, love this place!

Frances Siddique

It's amazing how they fit such a huge assortment of products in this place. It's a treasure trove of international foods, and the beer selection alone is tremendous. But the best part of all might be sitting with a drink or a meal and watching life pass by on the ped mall.

Paul Hagerman

Wonderful customer service within this multi ~ mart of grocery store, coffee shop, bakery, bar, and a restaurant! I may have even missed a thing or two. It's worth it. Go see:)

James Pierce

Excellent place to go in downtown for coffee, food, drinks and groceries all in one.

Blue Saddle

This review is for the new coffee locations at UIHC that recently replaced JH. Having had my beloved coffee place for 10 years replaced with BG I wanted to try and keep and open mind and try BG's coffee. I asked for a large dark roast and butter croissant. I was excited at first because the prices for coffee were cheaper but the increase cost of my pastry negated this savings. In total it came to over $6 where for Java I was paying just over $4. They hand me my pastry and an empty cup. So I guess I have to pour my own coffee, no biggie, but I am not really sure which one is the dark roast. The girl at the counter said it is typically the French but could also be the organic or Dominican. I pour myself some french and head over to the cream/sugar bar. No labels on any of the creamers. When I ask they said one was skim and one was 2% but did not tell me which. No 1/2 and 1/2. IMO the pastry was better than JH but the coffee was not even close. All in all I paid 2 dollars in total more for coffee I had to fully prepare myself and a slightly better pastry (with double the cals!!!). News flash, medical professionals that work 20 hours shifts don't want gluten free soups, we want good coffee. Long story short, I am getting a Kruger for me and my staff.

Aaron Van Noy

Bustling location right in downtown Iowa City. They have their own parking lot but it seems to be always for when I try to park there.

Cassie Birk

Iowa City's idea of a Whole Foods. Great salad bar for eating in, along with a good wine and fresh produce section. I wouldn't recommend it for staple food items since the groceries is overpriced, but fantastic to meet a friend for a coffee and gelato.

Brooke Nichole .

Going to the Bread Garden is always a treat. It's a lovely place to swing by and grab a bite to eat or a beer to drink on the patio and enjoy the day. It is often crowded and loud, it is right next to a popular playground, but there is plentiful seating.

Scott Valentine

Wreaked of hippies, but the place is legit. Excellent food, and one of the coolest stores anywhere! Probably a million bottles of wine, and gelato that will make you go to sleep smiling.

Rose Y

Love it they have great gelatin and pastry as we as grocery and much more

Sam Hisel

Great for a quick lunch.

Haley Lewin

Amazing customer service! My friend had visited me in San Diego a couple years ago and fell in love with a sauce from a local business at our farmer's market. She traveled back to Iowa with several containers, and we thought she wouldn't have it again until she returned for another visit. However, as it turns out, the sauce is actually available at natural grocery stores in Iowa! Bread Garden Market typically doesn't offer grocery delivery, but they made an exception as my friend is currently in the hospital and I wanted to send her this sauce. They worked seamlessly as a team to connect me with the right people. Allison from their catering department was very organized and made the process so simple. They delivered to her room just a few hours after I had placed the order. Thank you for making this happen! P.S. The sauce is called Bitchin' Sauce, and you must try it if you haven't already.

Charles Johnson

Very well organized small, but upscale grocery store with a coffee shop, specialty items, nice seating, and free WiFi. The employees are well-trained and customer focused, even at 7 in the morning.

Dennis Lambing

Excellent wine selection. Wonderful to sit outside on their patio and enjoy their food. I even buy groceries as well. :)

Gabe Small

Tall blond got behind the counter knows what he's doing. Makes a mean pizza and a meaner wilted spinach

Sue Ast

Good selection, extensive hot and cold food items on buffet

sam knutson

Reasonable urban grocery. Nice hot food selection. Great bread and coffee. Some produce. Basics. Not bad.

Hunt Blatz

Convenient heath food focus grocery store with seating for meals right on the pedestrian mall. This market also has good wines and beers for sale. My first intro to this store six years ago was in taking a beer tasting seminar at the store. Expect to pay a little more for the organic produce, convenience, and focus on quality.

Sara Maidment

The Tuscan tomatoes soup is so delicious!


The bread garden is a somewhat overpriced, but makes up for it by having excellent (albeit limited) selections in a fantastic location. The bread garden also has a number of dining options that are very nice, making it a pretty great one stop shop in downtown IC - if you don't mind paying extra for the luxury.

Terrence Kennedy

Lots of good and tasty foods....... young & friendly staff

Frosty Life

This is a great way to eat unique food and jave a healthy lunch

Maria Brigida Dukarevich Bertuch

I really like it, always eat great! I also enjoyed it when they had bands perform

Mackenzie Morgan

This is for the Bread Garden in UIHC. I waited quite awhile in line due to there only being one cashier at 0800 which is the busiest time. I ordered a breakfast burrito and asked what was on it and the man working said he was unsure so I ordered one. There were mushrooms which I will not eat so that would have been good to know. I also ordered a chai tea with some vanilla syrup to make it more sweet. He said he was going to put 2% milk in it which was great. I have never had such a strong awful chai tea. Not only is it very strong, but it tastes watered down even though they used milk. I am not impressed. Also I have heard nothing but bad reviews from employees here at UIHC.

Nate Swenson

They have great $5 meals available all the time. The list includes a burger and fries, burritos, a burrito bowl, personal pizzas, and more. The meals are also made with high quality ingredients and is some of the best food around for the price.

Joseph Tibbs

Excellent food in a variety of styles. Much of it is pay-by-weight, which is a little pricey, but the quality of the food itself is 5 stars. Many vegan, organic, and healthy options. But don't worry, there are also chicken strips and burgers. Electronic ordering can be convenient, or can be confusing.

jim budde

Great little restaurant,deli,bar, grocery store combo, Burger was good . Lots of menu choices and a comprehensive grocery store.nice beer and wine selection as well.

Rick Discher

Very healthy food and not bad price

Travis Edmonds

They offer a little coffee shop which is great, but has some problems. First off, my drink was good but not what I ordered. I ordered a Vietnamese iced coffee. What I got was cold brew regular coffee with sweetened condensed milk and cream mixed up in it. I was in a hurry and didn't want to explain what was wrong with the drink holding everyone up. I sent time studying in Vietnam and fell in love with the coffee. Vietnamese iced coffee is made from brewed chicory root coffee that has a very distinctive flavor, it is served in a glass of iced with a pool of sweetened condensed milk at the bottom. The pool at the bottom allows the drinker to chose to stir in as much as they would like to reach whatever sweetness they desire. This store smells wonderful and has good coffee, but they should not offer items on the cafe menu they do not know how to make. My coffee was good, but not what I ordered so 3 stars for them.

Stephanie Garcia

One stop for all including their buffet and all you can order on the kiosks. I loveee all their vegetarian/vegan options! I always get a tofu burrito or a black bean burger- so good.

Rob Morgan

Pricey but has a lot of variety. The atmosphere is loud but all in all a nice place to shop and eat. The food was excellent and the kombucha bar there was great. A must visit if you have some spending money.

Christalyn Thjorne

A nice establishment, but I took a group of students here after we went on a field trip and the employees followed them around and even made some of my students empty out their pockets accusing them of stealing! This is BAD customer service! It's not your job to stop them, its the police's job. A retail employee, should report or stop them as they walk out the door. THIS is when it actually becomes stealing. Holding something in your pocket around the store, while very suspicious, isn't technically stealing till you walk out the door. You don't badger them in store and demand to see their pockets. As a person who has worked in retail for 10+ years, this is a disgusting practice and harmful to people who are innocent shoppers.

Randy Dillon

Consider the wine tastings on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon. They are really fun and the wines are always interesting.

Nicholas Meyer

A classic stop for quality groceries in downtown. So many fresh things.

MaryChrista Nàppi

Great food. Lively atmosphere. A little pricey. Good can get specialty foods here.

Soren Pearson

Great place, fresh food, plenty of organic and vegan options as well. Try the spiced chai, It’s very good. Will come back again.

Pamela Stone

Nice prepared food selections. You should be able to find something there that you want to eat- soups, salads, sushi, and many other items. We walked through wishing we were hungry because everything looked so good. We ended up grinding some peanut and almond butters and buying a loaf of the delicious artisan bread for later. There is a nice big room near the entrance for dining.

Alan Rolla

****2nd UPDATE**** 9/24/2019 Reduced back down from 4 stars to 1 star due to lack of judgement by management in re-raising the prices on the kiosk items. ***UPDATE*** 8/26/2019 Raised from 1 star to 4 stars for reducing their grilled items to the original price! 6/3/2019 Unwarranted rise of the prices for the grilled items on the kiosk. #BoycottBreadGarden

Susan Poole

What a fun, unexpected treasure! Grocery, bakery, deli, restaurant all in one! A little pricey for groceries, but their breads are works of art and reasonably priced. Lots of choices for lunch from buffet sold by weight, to soups, to specials of the day. I had the salmon patty, and an orange. The patty was surprisingly cold, but delicious, and the orange expensive (about 90 cents) but also delicious. Great spot with lots of light to sit and eat with an eclectic mix of business people in expensive suits, to street workers in their gear, to students, to a homeless man enjoying a gifted meal. Fascinating! Highly recommend!

william it was easyon

Good food. The place itself is a little small. But they fit alot of stuff in there. Great sandwiches.

Phill Morris

I like to eat here.

Jeff Hackbarth

Their made-to-order foods are delicious, they have an amazing salad bar selection (not as extensive as Whole Foods but just as good), and their coffee and smoothies always hit the spot. I recommend the Green Almond smoothie - the combination of almond butter, spinach, and banana will keep you feeling full!

Supersonic Man

great place to get a basic lunch. some days i'll stop by and get an apple, drink and something else before going home or back to work

Jay Evans

Was recommended by Hotel Vetro staff for brrakfast. If you do not knpw the process to order it is frustrating. After walking around to find where to order for 10 minutes or so I discovered Kiosks where you selwct what you want. No clear signage I coild see to help. Kiosk was on opposite side of store from where you pick up food. Made no sense. Once I got my egg scramble, I was chewing egg shells constantly. Ack. It was aweful.

William Hebets

Boutique shopping for cherrios

Maggie Melville

Really love this place! But they need to check their dates.

Lindsay Greth

Cute and convenient, but expensive

Rex Clemmensen

Great selection of food for lunch. Can sit outside in nice weather.

Ben Jones

Jacked the prices up on the kiosk again. What a shame. such an affordable and quality meal. Back to Chipotle. The cooks are great though

ausidofy .

One of my favorite places to get lunch or dinner. The hot bar has a great selection, and Bread Garden probably has probably the best burrito in Iowa City at only 5 dollars. The chicken sandwich / burger and fries is the same price and amazing as well. The prices for the craft beers served on tap are much lower than most of the surrounding bars. The bread is reasonably priced and great quality, and I usually will get the three rolls for a dollar whenever I go. The groceries are higher quality than most of the other stores, and it does tend to have prices somewhere between Hy-Vee and the Pioneer Co-op, so I tend to only go get essentials when I need them.

L.J. Swanson

Healthy eating and good company.

Lisa Hargrove

Love the salad bar, and the burgers & fries are a deal, and the taste is on point!!

Bo Kapatsila

Great supermarket with a good community feel, that offers a variety of groceries for a reasonable price. Their in-house baked bread is just terrific!


don’t buy the $4 rainbow sherbet. absolutely flavorless

Brenna Kingyon

Delicious specialty food options, as well as great dining and coffee. Additionally, they do made-to-order $5 burgers and fries, which never disappoints!

Lauren P M

I am in love with the bread, Friday wine and cheese tasting, the buffet and the people!

Jerri R

This place is excellent. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts outstanding quality. Fantastic spot downtown.

Emily Rouse

Expensive and not good food

Michael Delcau

Coffee quality has gone down considerably in the past year. Don't think they train any baristas.

Jad El Masri

Great salad bar with a good variety of food.

LinnEast Kennedy

Great selection of sweets, vegetables & groceries, plus buffet

Jane Morey

It can be a bit pricier than some chains, but it's not nearly at the Whole For expense level. There's a wonderful hot bar that is very popular for meals nearly all the day - and some of the best bread in town. Pretty good coffee and gelato, too! If anything, they might have a bit too much for the space - it can feel crowded and cramped at busy hours, but that all just means they're doing good business. A wonderful staple of downtown IC!

David Bozaan

Great venue for a quick bite, craft beer, or glass of wine.

Rob Weingeist

You can get everything from boutique international snacks, vegan baked goods, high end produce and fresh bread to redbull and Cheetos. Hot bar and made to order grill make lunch options great. I miss the in house meat department. Was the best in Iowa City.

Garik Himebaugh

Eat here all the time. The buffet style food bar has great healthy options and if you're looking to save you can't beat the price of the $5 grill options. Vegetarian friendly. Coffee bar and wine/beer bar are also great.

S Johnson

The market and hot food from the made as you order cafe are anazing. Their bakery was also top notch. We will be definitely stopping back there when we take our daughter back to college!

Bernie Byrne

Our Friends Reunion came to an Iowa game recently and stayed at hotelVetro. We were so pleasantly surprised with the convenience, ambiance, and quality of food at the unique Bread Garden Market. It has an elevated environment compared to the Pioneer Co-op but also has a very good buffet and seating area, both inside and outside. The coffee was very good, too. We look forward to using this Market in a variety of ways the next time we visit Iowa City...Bernie

Abby R

This grocery store has a great buffet perfect for lunch or dinner. I enjoy eating lunch with some of their tasty soups than picking up whatever I need to make dinner. This place has a large wine and beer selection. It also has a coffee bar. They make lots of tasty bakery items made in-house including great chocolate dipped coconut macaroon cookies.

Ben Villegas

Great food. I would do most of my shopping there if I wasn't followed around constantly by that one bald dude. Not implying anything but if you're a black male and shop there, remember to keep your receipt in hand, you will be asked to show it! Seriously wish the food wasn't so good...

Max LeaVesseur

I love BG. Come here for a nice cheap lunch. They offer hamburgers, tacos, chicken sandwiches, burritos and even poke bowls! I used to come here almost every day because it was so cheap for lunch. I love the samples they offer, they have a nice meat market, and a huge wine/beer selection. I would sleep here if they let me. What do you say, Jim?

David Dixon

Always good food from the grill, and very reasonable prices for a quick meal.

Pat McKay

I love the Bread Garden. I get coffee or lunch there at least once a week. My friends often meet for a beer at the outdoor patio after bike rides. There is a covered portion that is enclosed when it's too hot or cold. You can buy beer from the store or they have local Reunion beers on tap by the patio.

Josh Hammel

Excellent selection of fresh-baked bread in addition to quality foods. The wine bar is unique and outside porch a nice attraction. Be warned: the groceries are pricey!

x Gao

Always great food, chill vibe, excellent wine selection, plus best fresh baked bread in IC!

Ben Ross

This a great place to stop for a bowl of soup, a small meal, or a quick snack. It's also great to pick up the few things you don't have for a recipe for dinner that evening. The bread is also fabulous. I would say it is a little pricy for every day shopping, especially for a college student, but the produce prices are good on what's in season.

Nathan Brauner

Great both for going to get a quick healthy bite to eat as well as to get groceries for the week. Great selection of both high end quality items and every day affordable items. Also great bread!

UKG Teknekon

Great location, wonderful selection of food and super helpful staff. Check out the self-serve salad bar and daily hot menu items. Great value for busy students!

Victoria Samala

We go on thuradays for 1/2 loaf of bread sale. Yummm. I can have a delicious healthy lunch for $3. Fruit and salad

Madison Schroeder

Always delicious food, just be ready to wait if you order from their grill around the lunch hour. Otherwise, my favorite place for a quick bite.

Patrick Mboki

Love the place its simple and has healthy food choices. Went for breakfast and lunch here and I enjoyed my meals every single time

Shannon Mulligan

Not the cheapest but has a lot of what you need (and more!) Cashiers always nice, my favorite is Elin. Elin is my roommate and they are great. I give Elin 5 stars.

Winnie Uluocha

Super underrated. Their pizza and other daily specials are great. The pizza is some of the best I’ve ever had and I’m from Chicago, pizza haven.

Block Fifteen

Food is amazing, nothing beats their market fresh kitchen

Fellipe Nobre

I love their Cheese and Wine selection. I dare say, I don't know of many places in Iowa City with such variety

Caitlin King

I love this place because it has has everything: good coffee, cheap lunches, wine, beer, groceries, a nice seating area with WiFi. Definitely try it out!

Kelsey Steffen

Love Bread Garden. They catered my wedding and everyone still talks about the food 3 years later. Tasty donuts and pastries. Love the lunch offerings and they cycle through discounts so you can try everything from tacos to pizza for $4 during the week! They also do a wine tasting Fridays which is fun and informative.

Aditya Roshan

It is very uncommon to see a place like this in downtown. With different types of foods available to eat, wines/beers to drink, WiFi and outdoor seating. Had run to this place couple of times while sitting in library across it. Great coffee is also available here. Some of the items are pricey, but one can't get everything cheap right in downtown.

Pat Tait

Not just your average run of the mill food bar! But a varitable cornucopia of palatable delights. In addition try the pizza. If you like sausage. You'll find a time honored family recipe that will leave you craving for more. How about all those homemaid breads. Or that homemaid gelato, the homemaid pastries & pies. This place is a like a national treasure!

Greg Johnson

Great selection of wonderful foods and a delicious buffet.

Asia Monay

Great food, Great environment!

Amanda Bittorf

The best gourmet salad bar around. Plus they serve up made to order and pre-made items that are all real tasty. Enjoy the coffee, gelato and wine bar too - oh and buy groceries while you're at it.

Nicole Napier

Clean, friendly staff, have many hot food options, has a bar, well kept, pricey, similar atmosphere to whole foods, has parking on site. $5 cheese pizza was awesome, burrito bowl was meh and with not much flavor. Overall interesting place but groceries too expensive.

Andrew French

Excellent selection and service .

Alicia m

Good quality and tasty food, but it is on the expensive side

Glorianne Dorce

I had the vegetarian hamburger (forgot the name). It was good yet there was nothing spectacular in comparison to any other of the restaurants that I have been to.


Three stars for the powerful

Judy Hardesty

Love the $5 grill specials. Love the deli ready to eat chicken walnut sandwich. Great produce section and helpful employees.

Daniel Levitt

This is a great place to both shop and eat. The store part is well organized with a great selection of fresh foods. The eatery side is delicious, cheep, and convenient. I usually have the burrito or the burger but I had the tuna poke bowl and it was wonderful as well.

Dan Smith

Great food that's ready to go. Friday has a stuffed chicken that is delicious.

Brian Zeman

Great little grocery store located in downtown. They have their own parking lot, which can get crowded from time to time. Still though love coming here. If they don't have it, you probably don't need it. A smidge higher on their prices, but I'd much rather stop by here any time than visit a big box grocer. Also they have a wonderful little selection of tarts and pastries.

Mark Bowden

The Bread Garden could aptly be named the "garden of eatin' " . A huge selection of freshly prepared food to match any taste and appetite! I stopped in mid-morning on Saturday for a mug of robust coffee and an incredibly delicious pecan roll.

Dale Dean

Pleasant place to sit outdoors on a summer evening,, sip wine and listen to live jazz performed on pedestrian concourse. Light food also available.

Monique Cottman

I hit the Bread Garden for on the go sandwiches but their soups are good too. Plus, their wine selection has options not found in the other local markets. However, grocery shopping there isn't worth the "downtown" markup prices.

Gregory Williams

Everything you want in one stop. This market includes indoor and outdoor seating for food and drinks made in the kitchen or purchased in the market. No matter what dietary restrictions you might have, you can order prepared food or purchase what you want and enjoy it at the bar or dining area. Super fast super tasty affordable pizza made on site.

wsad ahh

Great variety of fresh food how to things are nicely stacked, good & fast service!

Joseph Klingelhutz

Great food and drinks.

Lars Nordang

Great market place, with artisan meats and cheeses. Burritos the size of your head too.

Robert Urban

Best grocery store ever.

Jeff McQuiston

They always have the best selection of everything that you're looking for, bread and meats and cheeses and fish.

Clare Smith-Larson

Never realized it was even there. Lovely place.

Paul Cornell

Produce is barely acceptable. Majority of staff rude or on their phone. I only recommend going here for their cheap, fresh bread and delicious gelato.

Denisa Haret

Good bread

Dereck Capper

Over priced for what you get. I have found metal in their fish, sharp bones in their supposedly boneless meat and sand on their strawberries. I'm never getting food from here again.


Love this place!!! When is summer time me and my co workers come here to have lunch. Food is amazing

Becky Birch

What's not to love about the Bread Garden? They always have a fantastic selection of foods in their daily buffet. Fresh baked breads are oh so good! And you can shop for groceries, too.

Joe Svec

Delicious as usual. Excellent service too!

Louise Rauh

The best bread and so much more.

ashley tyler

This is a cool place. We love the $5 meals they offer! It's a great deal! Some of the staff are rude but the ice cream guy is super friendly!

Frank Ruiz

Complete store with some nice natural food. They're like a small version of a wholefoods. Their coffee is decent and they also have some n8ce breads and pastries. They sell a lot of local brands and food from the surrounding area farms. Prices are reasonable but some things are expensive. I've never had the prepared foods but the restaurant part is always full. You can sit outside or inside

Judith Atkins

My home away from home or kitchen!

John Ruby

Nice place. Good food, groceries, Nice employees!

Jake Bales

Way overpriced, but good stuff

Nick Chandler

I am a huge fan of bread garden in Iowa city. It is so convenient and has so many options for grocery shopping. In addition to the groceries, they have great hot food ready all day. They make excellent burgers and chicken sandwiches. I would also recommend their breakfast options as well.

Sandy Clark

Great selection of food made fresh daily. It's ready to go for when you're on the run like I am. Big thumbs up!

chris kilgore

Love this little downtown grocery/deli/cafe... you're going to pay a little more than you do at HyVee, but it's independent, it's local and everything is high quality. It's always money well spent. Highly recommended for enjoying a meal or a drink and people-watching on their outdoor patio in the summertime.

Kuann K. Fox

Bread Garden Market is one of my favorite places to eat. When I was in undergrad, I ate there constantly. Almost every Friday, and the introduction of the quick kiosks made meals so affordable for students.

Omar Aziz

Not the cheapest, but the location is convenient. Good coffee and good food!

Porter Carolyn

Love the Bread Garden. Vegetables are fresh and I love the kindness of the staff.

Sarah Duhon

Incredible affordable bread (perfect sourdough loaf for 2.50!) and awesome $5 lunch options from the market fresh kitchen. Also, the fries are the best I've ever eaten - hand cut, crunchy like a chip on the outside, creamy on the inside. I try to stay away from fries but they've got me hooked...

Mike Majeski

Great coffee....pastries...also full salad bar and hot lunch selections buffet style.... The seating area is very summer the glass room is able to open for open air dining...Amazing selection of organic grocery bar too...we will be back!

Katy Brown

If I could date a grocery store, it would be Bread Garden. Gourmet food, delicious coffee, groceries, free Wi-Fi, and ample seating. Plus the staff is always on point.

Matt B.

Awesome selection of made-to-order food! I had the black bean burger and fries combo with cheese and guacamole. The burger was massive and tasted pretty good for the price, and the fries were cooked very well.

Bradley A

Takes some getting used to to how things are setup, but the food is good. A bit expensive, but good.

Kenny H.C. Wang

I wouldn’t say the food here is cheap, but the price is acceptable. The “order here” burgers are perfectly delicious, yet the process is a bit confusing. I personally love the deli section, but the only thing is the price can sometimes become *not so friendly*.

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