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REVIEWS OF Which Wich Superior Sandwiches IN Indiana

Aaron Meyer

Lots of options and tastes great

Kathy Brown

M.L. Sweeney Sr

Steve F

Yes love this place.

Terrance Lawrence

$30 for two small sandwiches, fries, and pop. We asked for ketchup, they gave us the smallest little dollop in a tiny cup, that we joked about it must be the best ketchup we've ever tasted. (It wasn't.) Kids working the counter were nice enough, but unhelpful when we asked about the ordering system since it was our first time there. They both laughed and didn't really give us any guidance, maybe they didn't hear us because of the music being blasted. Food was okay, but not anything cravable enough to go back for.

Damien Shelton

Decided to come here for lunch around 10 am Food tasted fine, was a bit pricey but not bad. It wasn't until 3 hours later that an odd sickness had hit me having to be food related. Having been the only thing I had eating in over 16 hours I have to assume something I ate at this place was not fresh. I will not be returning to this establishment. Nor will I recommend it to friends.

Susan Page

David Clary

Chamron Brown

I Love that there are vegan sandwich options available!!

James Rasor

I get the salad and it's always a good value.

Dorthy Hellena-Grace

Great place for a quick eat! I always get awesome savings from registering my Vibe Card. My favorite is the philly sandwich with avocado. I tell my friends and family to come in all the time for the food and they love it as well.

Jim D


Is was kinda awesome

Indi Ana Wanderlust

I clearly found ordering confusing because I paid $8.50 for bread and avocado. I kind of feel like the person making it should have recognized that we probably didn't understand how to fill out the order and questioned us. I got order to go and called while still in the parking lot to ask about it. The person on the phone was nice, but sure never told us about the 'guarantee'. The website says they will correct it, refund it, or both. I get that we messed up the ordering, but the lack of customer service when making and answering my questions ruined it for us and we won't be going back.

Shawnee Boyll

Jami Myers

Staff is friendly and the thanksgiving sandwich (not sure of name) is my fav! While my mom was in the hospital I would swing by frequently and I started being greeted by name. It was fun being a "regular" but I think that was just their genuine upbeat attitude too.

Tammy Sack

I was looking for something different and healthy to fuel a long drive and decided to check this little sandwich shop out. I was impressed with the overall cleanness, friendly sandwich masters and the incredible range off choices. The toppings were fresh and tasty. As a vegan I am often underwhelmed with choices. Not so here. I. Will be going back to check out some of the other offerings.

Andrea Stacey

This has become my fave sandwich shop. Healthy food options and friendly service.

Justin Reed

Amadou Diallo

clean and a good service

bianca payne

I went for the second time today and had poor service again! Wasn't greeted and waited for no apparent reason to get my order taken. Then had to wait for the workers to stop chatting to actually make the sanwhich. The first time I hoped a fluke. Bummed because bought a gift card pack from Sam's. Will go DT next time. Poor service is too annoying. Won't go back.

Steve Carroll

Don't carry sandwiches that are on their website

Chris Brown

Lots of options. If you like customized food, this is the place for you. Even if you don't eat, it is fun to fill out the bag and create something unique. The food is as good as you make it. The ingredients seem to be good quality. The wait isn't very long. I wish I had one close to my work.

Ali Al-Hassani

Jeremiah Caplinger

Megan Anderson

William Lowe

Elizabeth Miller

Chavione Litchfield

As for the overall taste that would be 5 stars but for the price and the actual amount of food you get on the sandwich... I was left highly dissatisfied. I won't order from this chain again.


Mike Russ

What I got was edible, but nothing amazing.

Josh Heymig

The service wasn't great and seemed annoyed that I didn't understand their ordering system. The food wasn't good either. To be honest I probably won't be coming back.

Jeffrey Rocca

Found the ordering process strange and unnecessary. Staff not all that friendly and portion size was completely unacceptable. For $10 bucks you should get a sandwich to fill you to the max, but instead I got basically a 6" size Subway for the price of a premium. Let's just say this is my 1st and last time at Which Wich.

satyateja thota

Jeremy Eldridge

The food is always good. Service is sometimes a bit gruff. I haven't seen this before but recently employee took my credit card and rung me up without fully removing her glove. Afterward this employee went directly back to finishing sandwiches. I thought that was pretty gross.

Michelle Lawalis

Excellent options: hot, cold, sandwich, wrap, or salad. And many different ingredients to choose from! We liked the easy ordering bag system too!

Will Brown

A word of caution for the uninitiated: instead of using your words to order you will be expected to write your order down on a paper bag. They do provide the paper bags as well as writing utensils so no need to bring your own.

Timothy M Schwenk

Great for quick and kid friendly food.

Christina Ryan

Sandwiches were so so good! I love that you check off exactly what you want.

Madison Goff

Justin Baxter

Took away the pulled pork sandwich which was my favorite. Changed menu now and not as great. Won't be back any time soon

Dave Wilcoxson

Really sad day for Which Wich. This location has started serving Pepsi products instead of Coke. Great sandwich but really need a coke with it. Won't be back. Sad day losing a regular stop. Notice empty seats.

Colby Cecil

Absolutely love the sandwiches here! There is such a great variety of toppings. It's different from other sandwich shops, as you write your order on a bag and hand it to the cashier. Very cool concept.

Ashley Wojcik

Kara Baker

Great selection, great people, great price. Rewards system really pays out!


Ged Lammers

Great options, little pricey, would go again

Shane Axsom

Jim Bruer

Absolutely delicious sandwiches! Fresh, custom, tasty!

Matt Riddle

Clueless. Yikes. Horribly prepared sandwich. Lackluster service. Gave it a shot. Was too embarrassed for them to return it. Hire people who take pride in making a perfect sandwich every time, if you plan on being a sandwich shop.

Chris Burns

Great sandwiches

Dan Fanning

Out of half the menu, two teenagers working without a manager or even cash to refund our purchase that they couldn't make.

Luan Voehringer

Leigha Lawhead

Lisa Robertson

I came in a few days as my first time here, the employee/host was very lovely and he answered all my questions I needed answered. I was able to get my hot crispy BLT with extra avocado. The place is a little pricey but you get your money’s worth. I would highly recommend this to a family and friend. I’ll be coming back again.

kara hefley

Love this place. Their sanwhiches are a bit pricey but they definitely fill you up.

T Turner

Bryan Quan

I’ve been to a lot of sandwich shops and I have to say that Which Wich is hands down one of the best places I’ve been too. There are so many options to choose from. Whenever I look the menu, the cashier always ask if I ever needed help. The customer service of this place is pretty great. The employees always made sure that I was enjoying my meal, one of them even helped me throw my trash away. I also like that you can l draw on the back of the brown bags where you order from, they even place them on the wall to show the artistry. I love Which Wich and its customer service, you won’t find a better place than this. It’s a whole lot better than Subway.

Luis Otero

Matt Allanson

Delicious sandwhiches

Susan Lallak

Sandwich was good, but they were out of the cheese I requested.

Elizabeth Lewis

Jason B

Stacey Spencer

Love the French Dip!

Cory Graves

Ordered a tuna sandwich and I maybe got a half a can of tuna on a large sandwich. The mobile app screwed up my order so I had no toppings on it. To top it off the tuna was so flavorless I felt like I was just eating bread. One of the worst experiences I’ve ever had at a sub shop.

Blair Briscoe

Yvonne Bines

Food was good, a little pricey for what I get staff is very polite and friendly and it was clean that is important to me

Michael Douglas

Joey Meister

Michael McKim

Rachael H

This was a unique sandwich experience. You write your order on a paper bag and give it to the counter, and I wasn't quite sure what I was actually getting. That said, it was pretty good, if a bit smaller on the portion size for what it cost.

Jill R

ben roembke

A step above most sandwich shops. Very good for someone who is vegan or vegetarian as you can add as many veggies as you like.

Mohamed Jalloh

Good food

Tony H

Lauren Baker

Marie Zisoff

Curt Elliott


Rob Lebkuecher

Food was good, but a little pricey

Megan Buck

Consistently great wiches! Clean dining areas, great Vibe, and fresh food

Dude Wanderlust

Bad order process very easy to not get what you think you are ordering. No real check and balance to ensure that the customer is satisfied.

Ben Parsley

Great, fresh sandwiches!

Anthony Montani

Love it. Excellent Idea

Phoenix Pickett

Anastasia Curtis

Great vegan options.

Vicky Byarley

Never been before, lots to choose from almost overwhelmed. But got a grinder very good. Staff and Service just ok.

Kendra Holloway

adebola adeogun

Not good

Veronica W

My husband and I have always wanted to try Which Wich and figured since it was so hot outside it would be a good time to give them a try. My husband went in and based on what he told me the customer service was ok but could've been better since he did express he was a new customer. He placed my order which was a crab salad lettuce wrap and his a regular sub sandwich. When he came out to leave he notcied that our car was hit! He went back into the restaurant and told the employees what happened and inquire about whether or not they had a camera system. He let them know that he believed the customer ahead of him hit his car and pulled off. They told him no they didn't have a camera system so he asked some of the surrounding shops and was informed that they also didn't have security cameras. He called home to let me know what happened at which point I tried calling Which Wich to speak to someone about the camera system located inside the restaurant and no one answered. I called a total of 7 times and not only did no one answer their voicemail was full so I was unable to leave a message. I reached out to another location and spoke with the GM who happened to be in at the time. He stated that all their locations should have cameras but because that wasn't his store all he could recommend was that I wait till the next day and try calling in the morning and hope that the manager on duty will be in and answers the phone. By this this time I was frustrated by the lack of help we recieved but was at least hopeful that when my husband got home I would have a delicious meal to eat. I egregiously opened the paper on my wrap took the first bite and got nothing but lettuce. I took another bite and again got nothing but lettuce. I took another bite and yes...nothing but lettuce smh!! I then decided let me open this thing up and was very disappointed to find that I had about a pound of lettuce and a tablespoon of crabmeat, 3 banana peppers, 4 tomatoes, and bits of sliced cheese that looked to have been cut and thrown on my footlong lettuce wrap. Needless to say I was very I was over it and extremely disappointed with my meal and the lack of security cameras in and outside of the restaurant. husband like his sub for the most part. Try at your own risk!

Joseph Wedding

Abi Burke

Stephan Kline

Tasty sandwiches!

Anthony Agres

jonathan pfeffer

Best sandwich shop in town. I love the Wicked sandwich. Also, if you down load the app you get free food or drinks almost everytime I go there!

Matthew Noble

Scott Beam

Sarif Zaltosh

Quite Literally a Superior Subway with Superior Sandwiches. No standard meatball sub option, however.

Tony Jump

Pretty tasty...kinda costly though

Nicoya Mahoney

Greatly amazing

Delzie James

First time here so far I like the sandwich pretty interesting how you order least they can't mess up your order right

Gele Zisoff

Great as always

Christopher Gilles

pretty good sandwiches, little pricey for you get, but not a bad value


Kevin Bilinski

Mark Daniel

Good but a bit pricey

Megan Grabbe

Nathan Mccarty

The restaurant was clean and the staff were very friendly. The fries were undercooked, but that was probably a fluke. The hamburger sandwich was awesome

Craig Updike

Brenda Hardy

Lori Welter

Mark Fairchild

Gpa2002 DLS

Very good sandwichs. Good variety and reasonably priced. Much better than a burger place.

Alma Piedad Alarcon


Crystal Hottman

Always yummy and quick

Kinda Fire

Mike Schwartz


These sandwiches are better then subway, Jimmy John's, Penn station, ect. Just pass all those places by and go to which wich....

Ann Mccool

They need a good house soup to go with a good sandwich

Cristiana Pamponet

Christopher SK Duvall

Enjoyable first experience! Friendly staff! Thanks!

Nick Schall

Solid sub shop. I can expect consistent quality and pretty fast service.

Delia Dunn

Carolyn Niemantsverdriet

Sean MacDermott

Edward Benson

Avon is the best the ladies r very sweet.

Kevin Lewis

Beckie Margedant

I love which wich!

Jessica Weir

Great food at a good price.

michelle enzinger

I got a lettuce wrap, huge. And mike got a sub. Awesome food


Great sam wich

Irwin Gafen

Novel approach to delicious food

Nathan Cecil

Kate Glover

This place is ok there's nothing really wrong with it I just personal like other sandwich places better.

Stacy Wiggington

Extremely tasty sandwiches, even if it's at a somewhat premium cost.


Ordered via Uber Eats. Everything came on time, and the order was correct, but I expected more for the price. The gyro sandwich was delicious, but there wasn't much meat, toppings, or tzatziki sauce for the price. House chips were good. Everything did arrive hot. I'd try it again, but I will be more aware of the portion size next time.

Ayobami Joseph

They have the best sandwich ever.....the delicious taste of the sandwich reminded me of my mother's cooking. Yumm

steven becker

Michelle Bush

Hooked on the Ruben sandwich

shannon walker



Food is really good. I like the way that you order by filling out an envelope however this is a little chaotic when it's busy.

Mark Scott

Aaron Baldwin

Each time I have been here they are short staffed and at lunch time had 1 employee so they had to take the order then go make the sandwiches making extremely long wait times. This seems to be a regular thing here.

Don Rushton

Second favorite sub shop.

Lois Amanda Webster

Asher Collins

Awesome place

Tom Byerley

EWC Home Services And Interior Design

Always love the fact you order what you want clearly on a brown paper sack!

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