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REVIEWS OF The Skillet Restaurant and Catering IN Indiana

Christopher Sautter

Another South Bend must while in town! Their polish buffet is wonderful. If you have a chance to preorder a holiday meal, don't hesitate. We had a Labor Day celebration that we hosted and we had the catering from The Skillet. They did not disappoint!

Brad Massey

Love this place noodles are awsome an love the sausage. The coconut cream pie is to die for.

Audrey Kraus

The worst service I've ever had. I had to ask for silverware when they brought it she dropped it on the table and left we had to ask someone if we could get something to drink. We finally ordered 2 diet cokes 1 came no ice and it was tea. The chicken was decent but everything else was fair. I would never eat there again.

Richard Lester

Great food and they give back to the community feeding homeless children at Christmas time. Great company.

Matt B.

Great food, we love this place, but the bizarre hours (currently only open one day a week) make it difficult for us to come here regularly. Expensive.

Richard Wojtasik

Very Authentic Polish Wedding Style Buffet...Try the Fish on Fridays Buffet! Excellent Perch!! Smacznego!!

Amanda Virgil

Always amazing! Highly recommended polish buffet and catering!

bryan dion

Great food either done in or carry out! Just a great place all around!


Best food in town

Renee Brant

Great food, Owners go out of the way to make sure you have what you want. Friendly staff.

Alisa Shafer

The food and atmasphier is great. Could not ask for a better family polish buffet in town.

Jacqueline Boggs

Food great, pleasant Christmas meal with husband. Thank you.

T Crash

Great Sunday breakfast buffet, its all you can eat but its $10.00.

christine maddox

This is the real deal. A bit pricey but worth it.

Anndianni Pekingese

Look stop raising the price of your buffet every week was cold .your restaurant needs new everything.something was just not right today.your place felt negative .out of overall you raised your prices and lowerd your …

Kyle Bell

Polish Dinner, enough said. Great and curtious staff as well. Take outs for tailgates is a must.

Michael Cataldo

Good homey foods

HUNTER 57435

Great buffet

Sue Grossman

Supper great food

Brian Weller

It was polish buffet today. Almost as cute as Grandma's and mine. Very very enjoyable very very friendly very very clean. And most important very very good food.

Jim Dunn

Decent food, not as fresh when they are not super busy, but well worth the wait & time ! ! !

James Smith

Good food

Jill Yoder

Staff is always so great and the St. Patty's day Irish buffet was good!

Lynette Nijak

My husband I wanted the Skillet to do our wedding. We found out that the Woman said that they would being out the Polish dinner in foil pans, and leave it at the church. When, we found out this out, and not even a person to serve the food. We said not, and we cancelled the food. When woman said that she cannot give us back our deposite. The only thing we have is a receipt, not a contract. When, people change their minds, the deposite should be given back, not GIFE CARDS!. We have 3 weeks, and no food. Thia is not the way to treat the public. We would also call her, and she would give us the brush off, and tell us that she would call us the next day, and there was no phone call from Debbra! Very uspet!

Rodesa Van Vynckt

My experience has not been a good one. First of all, there is no contract if you use them for a wedding reception. My daughter was going to use them and then decided it was too expensive and didnt want a reception. We cancelled within 30 days later. I was told i couldn't have my money back. I paid $400. On the phone it was 200.00 then 400.00. I made 2 phone calls, by the 3rd week i get a message that gift certificates are in the mail. Well...they were sent certified to my daughter to my address. I couldnt pick them up because the letter was to my daughter and name not spelled correctly. She goes to pick the certified letter up and they wouldnt give to her at first because it wasnt her address. It has been a nightmare and i need my money back. The place is flilty dirty and i wanted my money. So i wouldnt use this place EVER!!! So brides to be take note. This reception was for July!!! Plenty of time to rebook. It is wrong and crooked to keep someone's money when there wasn't a contract.


I love fish, blue gill and lake perch. Not many places have that but this place has fried perch. Yum! They have a buffet a couple nights a week. I'll be going back for more fish.

Ron Packer

Excellent food and service. The place is very clean. What more can I say?

Janice Ringler

Delicious food. Catering options great

John Baney

Arrived early and my order was still ready. Food was delicious and very affordable. I recommend The Skillet

Philip Carpenter

Great food, people were very friendly and seemed to go out of there way to make sure you had an enjoyable dining experience.

Veronica DeMoss

Great Polish food, wonderful staff Very friendly.

joseph thayer

Love going there. Great food, very nice people

Douglas Hershberger



This is the dirtiest place I have EVER been inside of. I should have walked out just by the appearance of the restaurant! With the family and kids were hungry so we stayed. Gross. Not sure how fried chicken can be so soggy. Very pricey for the quality of the food. Definitely not going back.

GeorgeOssery52 Brownsfan

Great food and catering

Allen Duvall

Just wanted to say thanks Deb . Everyone at the rehearsal dinner last night loved the Polish dinner. Everything stayed warm and your team did a great job!

Cameron Evans

A great place to go for a weekend brunch buffet. The staff is friendly and the food is great, especially for the price!

James TheBoogieMan

Great food but the close to early

Denise Anderson

Very good brunch! Went for Mother's Day. Would go again! Best polish buffet.

Bob Strozewski

Yummmmm. Brings back childhood memories

The crazy cats

Had a company dinner, had their Polish buffet, was excellent! Very well done..thank you very much for a wonderful dinner/evening..

Sharon Tobias-Ingles

Great place to eat..

Andrew Knight

Excellent polish buffet on Saturdays loved it

Allison VonBlon

great food but they no longer have menu dining. it's only a buffet. great buffet.

Kevin Brazo

The place is kind of small but the Polish buffett is amazing! The broasted chicken is the best I have had,and I think the sausage is locally made.Everything was fresh because its busy and they dont put a ton of food out so it doesnt sit.They also have really good carry out specials.

Betty Lou Horvath

Catered for 20. Food was hot and delicious when we picked up our order and served it.

J. B. Blackwell

Excellent food. Great Polish buffet. Great value. Very affordable.

Liz Weller-Evans

No longer using the original owners recipes left for the current owners and the quality of food says it all. This is the last place I would use to cater a wedding, their servers were not directing traffic or releasing tables to go get food at my brother's wedding, my father was doing their job for them.

David Green

Good homemade food and excellent service. Always refilling drinks and owner even came by our table.

dan barcus

This is a local treasure usually only open for dining on Saturday. It is AMAZING.

Nathan Holmes

Bargain priced food that is good quality. They stick with what they know how to do well and catering is one of the things they do well.

T Witch

Some of the best Polish buffet I have ever had! Cater my daughter's wedding, cause I know you do that too!

Christopher Warren

Carryout is great, they set everything up if you need them to cater as well Their polish food is outstanding, Polish sausage could be better but it's not bad.

Kelly Todd

Would not go on Easter again during the buffet. I'd imagine their regular menu items are good. They seemed well managed very nice 7/7 would recommend, 5/7 on Easter.

Dawn Fluharty

Best chicken and sausage around!

Charles Speith

One of the best Polish restaurants I ever ate at.

Lori McDonald

Great catered polish buffet

Jessica Del Hoyo

Good food. Small space

Aubrey Hockemeyer

I love that they know my family so well.

Marilyn Williams

I had an awesome meal; it was the Polish Dinner Buffet. Most pleasing, fullfilling, delicious to the belly, eyes and soul. I would definitely recommend the Skillet to anyone that is looking for a prime place to dine and to come as you are.

Michael Harradon

Warm food. Tasted great. Friendly service. Very cramped seating.

Amber Balentine


Harley Anne

Food and staff is aweeeesome!!!!! Love love the Polish buffett, so good. WOW

Jeffrey Ford

Ok the restaraunt is a tad on the warm side for my liking and the menus felt greasy to the touch. Irritating they are open 1 day per week. No experience with their catering. In fairness I am not a fan of Polish cuisine. Staff is pleasant parking is easy. If you are a fan of Polish food this may be to your liking.

Whitnea Reeves

Very slow

Heather Young

I’m giving 2 stars instead of one only because the 2 women servers and the young man that sat us gave us exceptional customer service. Very attentive, but didn’t linger. Now onto the food. $13?? The “fried” chicken was cold and soggy. I waited for them to bring out new chicken and it was just as cold and soggy. The sausage was tasteless, the potatoes are instant, and the gravy wasn’t homemade. The “pierogies” were hard as a rock and tasteless. The soup tasted like sour vinegar, which I’m sure could be good if they seasoned anything. The noodles were old and unseasoned, and EVERYTHING was cold. If you like to eat cabbage 5 different ways, but all 5 ways taste terrible, then have at it. The restaurant itself was filthy with junk sitting everywhere, and I waited 10 minutes to be seated (with only a couple people seated) and 10 minutes to pay. These people have no idea how to run a business. It doesn’t cost anything to clean up.

Julius DeFreeuw

We had put on an apprecation dinner for our members that helped on functions this past year and all said it was fabulous.

Jan Mickelson

Wonderful food! Very nice staff members. Always get a great meal!

Cara Starzyk

The staff is friendly, the food is excellent, and the prices are good.

Tia Newbill Mack

Great Food! Awesome staff! #marykay

Dona Stout

Great. Polish dinner Reasonable price

Roger Knouse

Polish buffet was amazing in the desert selection was great and yummy

Rachel Marino

The place is run professionally, and the food is very good.

Shawn Castaneda

Really loved the Polish buffet

Cathy Ellsworth

Food wasn't good. We had a taste testing, and the only thing liked was fried chicken at best.

Winnie Alveraz

Best buffet in town for polish food.

Enrique D

Tasty polish buffet, and homey personal service.

Joseph Carbone

Great carry out Polish dinner special

Bunny Holdema

Got there at the wrong time. Food was cold. Forgot to light the sterno candles. Usually excellent food and service.

Lisa Kruczek

We used them for work banquets. It was horrible. The food was not the right temperatures. They were late with delivery etc. I will never eat there.

Donna Johnson

Food was good ..cabbage a little more sour than sweet

Tim Parrish

Go there atleast once a month...great food and reasonably priced

Jody Wallace

This place is wonderful if you are looking for a caterer. The food is excellent!

Freeman Obannon

Awesome great food friendly environment

butterfly poet

Consistently delicious Polish meals.

Nakia Herron

Great food, went for Polish dinner and all I can say is wow! Great service. Good food. It's a winner!

Greg Hastings

People here are so nice I felt like I whent back in time. All you can eat buffet is great!

karlene cox

Excellent food but needs improved handicap accessable too small of dining area pricing excellent staff friendly carry out fast very reasonable prices

Vinnie Spiteri

Best polish dinner in the area cable service available buffet-style also smaller dining area specials are on Saturday that are very good

Aislinn Salinas

Kind of dingy but great food

Timothy Barcus

Great good best service

Brendan Moore

Great Foods unfortunately they're only open a couple of days a week

Sarah Siklas

Had them cater my wedding. The Polish buffet was delicious. We ended up starting an hour late and our server performed amazingly. Kept everything hot until we finally got to it.


Was good but not all that impressed. Was quite busy, and seems to be a popular place. I'd go back.

Ken Van Nevel

Food is fair wouldn't go back. Went for breakfast all food was cold and tasteless

Jack Shultz

Delicious food

Maria Suzana

Yummy eggs

Kelly J Andrews

Food is amazing. Highly recommend.

Fred Weisberg

If you like polish food it's the best

Joshua Walters

We purchased an entire Thanksgiving meal from The Skillet. We had to pick up our meal Wednesday to reheat on Thursday, but I was impressed they were still willing to take our order less than a week before Thanksgiving. On Wednesday they had everything ready for me to pickup at the designated time, all packed nicely in a box. The box was an especially nice touch because it made it easy to get the food back home and then again over to my mother in law's for the meal. Everyone agreed that the food was fantastic, and we were particularly impressed with the richness of the mashed potatoes. Reheating the food was not much hassle and still allowed everyone to enjoy the holiday without much focus on cooking, which was our primary goal. We will definitely be purchasing a Thanksgiving dinner again next year, and we may also consider other holiday meals. Based on that first experience, I will also be considering The Skillet anytime I need food for an event or special occasion.

Aileen Webber

Great polish buffet

Ruth Brittain

It is the best food.

Mike Conway

Great friendly service!

Vickie Bryan

Great chicken.

Jessica Gaffney

Awesome place to eat. Very laid back. Family friendly

Melissa Lester

We used The Skillet for our wedding reception. Deb was fantastic to work with, very friendly and informative. The food was great and the staff that worked the event really took care of our guests. I highly recommend them if you are looking for affordable and delicious food to serve at your event.

Spencer Felix

Good polish buffet.

Nancy Sitter

Warm and Hospitable ... Looking forward to more visits to come!

Tia Wiley

Was the best!! Stan is the best cook I swear go #teamstan xoxoxo

Jodie Crawford

First time going and my last! It was dirty and food was gross end of story..

Amanda Sheley

Awesome food! Amazing service!!

Nick Cook

Great for brunch or polish buffett


The staff is awesome! So friendly and kind, and they go out of their way to make sure everyone is taken care of, regardless of if they're working in the front or back. I went on Saturday around 1130 and their breakfast buffet was over but their polish buffet was out and it was AWESOME! The perogis were my favorite. If you're looking for hearty, homemade food come try this place! GREAT food at a reasonable price.

Paul Soderlund

Great food, we will come back soon! Check to make sure they are open, mostly catering hours. A+!

Erma Grover

Goid home cooking, buffet or menu

Hilary Sension

This was my family's 2nd year at The Skillet for Christmas lunch. We love going because the staff is very kind and attentive and we are given the luxury of walking away from our dirty dishes.

Holly Virgil

I just called to find out what time they serve the polish buffet on Saturdays. The phone is offthe hook. So much for friendly caring staff. We were planning on eating there tomorrow ,now I am not so sure.

Gayle Campbell

Ordered food for Thanksgiving and Christmas there. Delishious.

Nancy Brown

The BBQ ribs were nice & tender potato salad too chicken fair

Kelley Neville

We really enjoyed our catered lunch from the Skillet! It was delicious, and the portion sizes were large for our hungry group- we all had leftovers to take home! We went with the polish meal to celebrate our boss' birthday. We will absolutely use them for future events. THANK YOU!!!! Coulter Family Dentistry

Mike S

Great food and reasonably priced! My friend got food poisoning but I didn't so five stars! (Stay away from the mushrooms)

Chuq Jackels

Very friendly staff, excellent food and service!

Amanda Morrison

Good food and the employees were friendly. They seem happy to work there which is always a good sign.

Kathleen Barkow

Delicious polish buffet ,great price,very friendly staff

Caleb Darr

A very inviting family restaurant, the food is quickly prepared!

Maggie F

Great place for catered food...breakfast is made in front of you on Saturday and Sunday mornings..fresh and hot.

Joe Miller

Great food friendly staff. Professional catering. Love this place!

Laura Copp

Very great food

Kent Rininger

(Saterday)Polish dinner ++

John Kingsbury

Pretty good food in the restaurant and catering is excellent. Not open except weekends usually, but St Patrick's day is awesome for a buffet dinner! We've also had Christmas and Thanksgiving meals to go and the choice of sides is great.

Keith D. Jodway

A great place to celebrate. The service is great and words cannot adequately describe the food. They will bend over backwards to make sure your event is 5 star. I would highly recommend.

Kim Stratton

Noodles are the best ever.

Mary Magnusen

Great food and coffee. Will be our "go to" place in the future.

Juan Cepeda

Awesome people, and very friendly.

Emily Grace K

Had Yummy Irish food for Saint Patrick's Day!!

Irish_wolverine73 Hayden

The skillet just did our wedding! From the time we talked with Deb until the event I knew everything would go smoothly and it did. We had the prime rib with a chef cutting it - It was perfect! Thanks so much for helping us have such a wonderful day!

Laureen Johnson

Their food is the best! We pre-ordered Easter dinner and picked up. It's definitely our go to for family gatherings from now on! Reasonably priced and the works is done for us.

Delilah Bell

Nice empolyees

Kari Caudill

The food is phenomenal. The best pecan pie I have ever tasted. I definitely recommend eating at The Skillet.

Everett Smith

Bad no breakfast ok if you like cabbage


This was the first time I have eaten at the skillet. My in-laws wanted to try something different this year and it worked out great for Thanksgiving! We had reservations and we were seated right on time the buffet was well-stocked the whole time we were there. It was a nice change for Thanksgiving. They also had takeout Thanksgiving dinner available.

Don Konrath

Got their tailgate special for our memorial day family picnic. Awesome as usual!

kwan lee

Great tasting food and very friendly staff

m w

They were out of food that we ordered for the 25.00 family of 4 meal. The chicken was fine nothing amazing but the sides all 4 of them were horrible. The mashed potatoes were crusty and the noodles were pure salt. Wont be ordering for to go family meals again.

Elizabeth Mendell

Good amount of food for the holiday special. I had to bring it home and season it and crisp up the chicken. Overall not a bad experience and worth the price.

nikki monjeau

Was surprised on how good the food was.

Mary Reyes

Best polish buffet ever. Bad thing is they are only open on Saturday! Great caterers!

Glen Williams

I used to work at the skillet and the food was awesome. Now they season everything with water and it sucks ass. I literally ate better food in prison!

Angela Balderas

The staff are very friendly and will go out of their way to get anything you may need. On a visit, I had been craving a chocolate dessert, from the all you can eat polish buffet. There wasn't anything chocolate on the bar at the time, I asked an outgoing server and they went back to the kitchen... bam! Chocolate cream pie had been cut for me.

Chris Sautter

Yet another gem of South Bend. This place offers the best polish buffet in town. They also have a fantastic catering service. Don't hesitate or think about it. Go to The Skillet!

Ron Smith

Always good Polish food. Everything I've ever tried at this place was very good.

Erika Simental

Love the food and the employees are great

Kay Bailey

Awesome food! Good service.

jolene cockey

I been many times over the years..i have home delivery of polish food for holidays.always very good food and good customer service.

Heather Freehling

Nice Christmas dinner

Matthew Bontrager

Good Thanksgiving Buffett.

Zoe Remmo-Long

The Skillet is an obvious choice for polish in the South Bend area and their catering service for my wedding was great! They handled the details for the food set-up, clean-up, and also have bartenders available.

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