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REVIEWS OF Puccini's Smiling Teeth Pizza & Pasta IN Indiana

Nina Veronica Suntzeff

Good place to take your family and slightly better quality than most pizza joints. Good salads. It was crowded! I'd go again.

Jared Josleyn

Best pizza in Indy

Amanda Lumpkin

Best pizza on the northside! Salads are delicious too!

Brian Romano

So good! Love the Meatball Heaven and their salads. All their food is great though!

Brian Keitell

Asked waitress if there is anything on menu that is low carb.She said this is a pizza place.They did have 2 items on dinner menu but thought you had to wait for dinner but found out you can order off dinner menu for lunch.Waitress was not real friendly at all.I don't think I will go back again.

Emory Safford

Pizza was flavorful and tasty but the frozen crust put it down to $1.99 from the truck stop.too bad

Mavrick Jones

Bacon gouda is da best.

William C Halsema

Very flavorful pizza and a huge salad! Service was prompt and attentive.

Matthew Whitt

Great food as always

josh lynn

Great food, great service, great prices!! The wednesday lunch special is delicious!! Cant beat it!!

Daniel Thomas

Pizza is amazing. Salads are great. Bread is great. Pasta is great.

Stacey allen

My calzone was

Penny Ruth

Definitely amazing...De our server was awesome and Conner you are amazing watching you work..

Carla Cook

Went here for the first time for lunch today. Food was really good. My husband and I both ordered pasta dishes that we both enjoyed. We loved the homemade ranch dressing for our salad and that the salad had decent lettuce and toppings (not just iceburg lettuce with a few croutons). And the bread that came with the meal was my favorite..yum! I am only giving 4 stars as we thought it was cold in the restaurant. My husband and I both had to wear our coats the whole time we were eating. My hands and nose were icy cold. I wished I had a blanket to wrap around my legs. We will be back, as I want to try the pizza. Hopefully the heat will be turned up a little warmer next time.

Michael Sewell

Love eating here when we come down to the Indianapolis area. Great food, great prices and always a great staff.

David Searles

Great pizza and nice atmosphere.

Michael Benzing

Calzones where awesome! Nice atmosphere, 80's music, can't go wrong with the price either! 2 thumbs up!

Levy Grant

Our first visit here was fantastic. The food was amazing, dining area was clean, staff was incredibly friendly, and everything is moderately priced. Will definitely return soon.

Bradley Sneed

Family friendly Italian food that's a great value for the quality and quantity you get.

karina Johana Nuñez Bohuitron

The best.


I just want to say that, for family outings and an affordable dining experience, Puccini's has been my go to restaurant for the last 15 years. The Humble Pie is always superb and the pasta is on point. That being said... Puccini's, what gives? Your current wait staff is possibly the worst I've ever seen it been in these last 15 years. I recently dined in as a table of two, and didn't see a refill for the entire hour and a half. Not for lack of asking, just seemed to be carelessness on the server's part, to the point of the server appearing annoyed at our continuous requests for refills (which came with the check, and not in the requested to-go cups once we were ready to leave...) We also ordered an extra basket of bread with our meals. Unfortunately, that basket didn't arrive until after we had finished eating, again after repeated requests. I can understand slow service during a rush; I myself have worked as a server. But the section we were dining in had 3 empty tables. And the restaurant seemed well staffed that night, so not really any excuse for shoddy service. Finally, we had a to-go order placed that was prepared incorrectly (a shrimp pasta dish... with no shrimp?). Not too big a deal because we weren't in any rush, but again it seemed like carelessness on the part of the server (or the kitchen staff, but all the other food was on point). The worst part isn't even the fact that there were slip-ups, I know that being a server can be stressful, it happens. But despite how poor the service was, we received no apology or understanding from our server. Being met with disjointed apathy and an annoyed attitude, simply because we were politely requesting what we had already ordered, is not acceptable. And to top it off, at the end of it all, the table was swarmed by 1 or 2 other wait staff who were now suddenly available to take all our dirty dishes, without so much as asking if we were finished, or "how was the food?". This gave us the feeling that they cared more about shuffling us out the door than providing good service. Now, if this had been my first negative experience with this sort of attitude at Puccini's in the past few months, I would've let it go. But this has been a repeat experience the last 3 or 4 times I've gone (and not just as a party of 2, but with birthday functions, parties of 6 or more, etc). If it was any other restaurant I probably wouldn't care, but Puccini's has always been one of my top picks. Puccini's deserves 5 stars for the food, I will give them that any day of the week. But the family atmosphere I used to love that truly made Puccini's an excellent dining experience, seems to have been replaced by a bunch of apathetic busy-bodies who really don't take pride in their work, or making sure their customers are happy. All in all, I'm just hoping that my next visit will live up to the Puccini's "Smiling Teeth" experience.

Jay Jones

The food was excellent, definitely going to go back. While we got good service, it wasn't the best, just bland.

Dave Handler

I only ordered one thing. An antipasto salad for my wife, since she's hospitalized that's what she wanted. After paying $9 whatever was put on that was NOT Italian dressing. I even tasted it and it was more like either water and vinegar or oil and vinegar. I'm thinking more of the foremost since it really didn't have any oil feel to it. Needless to say won't be going here again!

Julia C.

I love Puccini's pizza! I have only experienced take out of lunch from this location. King of Hearts is my fave!


Mama Mia it’s marvelous! Great food- great service!! Vita bella

Breann Walker


Mike Dashnaw

Great service a tasty food.

T Weaver

They have an amazing selection of Pizza and awesome local beer choices. We haven't had anything that hasn't been great?

Mary Blackmon

A must eat place

Next Meme

Always an amazing place to eat

Jonny Mac

5 stars but get more phone lines, been calling for an your food and your employees are the best. Great combo of food and customer service. I'm just giving you all a hard time!

Jackson B

Great food. Especially the pizza crust.


Great food and service.

Adam Harvey

Service was great. Our server kept our drinking glasses filled. The breadsticks were tasty and filling, and the nacho cheese had good flavor. We had the medium Ultimate Warriar combo pizza and it was very good. Toppings were well flavored and generous. Definitely recommend.

Charles Perkins

Amazing pizza

Stephanie Cummins

Love this place my grandma and I have been going here for years they Pizza Great environment

Bill Scott

Best pizza around. Won international awards.

Erin K. Lewis

Great food! I have no complaints from our experience dining there. We also do DoorDash, and have picked up from this location many times. They need to improve on to go orders. Our most recent pickup was totally unacceptable. They told us 10 minutes, but we actually waited for 30 minutes. They need a better system for to go orders. There were multiple people that came in after us that left before us. All we were waiting on were salads, which could have been completed much sooner.

Alyssa Jones

The ranch is so good it makes me cry.

James Schultz

I'm sure the food is good when its hot, I wouldn't know mine was ice cold. First time ordering from this restaurant. I Placed my order about 4:50 and was quoted that my food would be delivered by 5:45. I waited till almost 7:00, I called the restaurant, couldn't get through cause their phone was off, had to drive to the restaurant as I walked in the person that tried to deliver was lost. Turns out he was the person that works the phones had to fill in to deliver cause their driver called in, that was why I couldn't call for status. So I ended up paying full price for 2 hour old cold pizza . Even though I was offered my next order would be free, Still think its ridicules I have to pay for cold food way past the time I order and it took me going to the restaurant myself just to find out what was going on which defeats the purpose of ordering for delivery.. Not sure If i would recommend this place to anyone.

scotto lufkin

Delicious! Everything was delicious. Pasta. Pizza. Salad. Good food. Very fast!

Nathaniel Cantwell

Always good. The lasagna, quatro formaggio, and calzones are all great. Their salads are big, and the ranch is delicious. The garlic bread is also good.

Dave Merritt

Food and service was great!

Michael Hunt

Try the sweet lil' razorback...always the best pizza in around!!!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Real Reviews

I friggn love this place! I don't know what they are doing to their pizza.. but its addicting.

Maricela Mayhugh

Delicious as always!

Sam Stone

Go to a different puccini's location, this one has terrible staff and the food never comes out as good as it does at the other ones

lori voorhis

Excellent service and hands down the best pizza in Indy. Try the Bar 20 (barbecue chicken, Gouda,and red onion.

Kathy Compton

I would usually give this Puccinis a 5 star. We ordered this evening for carryout. We were told 30 minutes, but was well over an hour. Then they forgot our salads and we had to go back in and the servers acted like it was our fault. Pizza was limp and not cut and the small side salad barely had any lettuce in it. Very disappointing and poor customer service. Hope this isn't a sign of things to come for this location.

Wendy Rivas

Excellent service and food!!!!

Bryan Springer

Tasty pizza place that had great options for the healthy eater in your life to everyone else.

Russ Sumner

Great pizza and other stuff. Always top-notch service.

John Castillo

Our favorite pizza in Indianapolis. Fantastic pizza and antipasto salad!

nancy sommers

Stopped by for lunch and had the slice & salad & drink special. Large slice, your choice of a veggie or a meat option which change every day; nice tossed salad. Wait staff was very attentive and friendly. Would definitely recomend !!

Brook Ebtinger

The food we got was really good, but the service was kinda slow for an empty resteraunt.

Will Watt

Good food and excellent service.

john pappas

Love this place, great pizza, salads, and non pizza entrees.

Henry Cervantezzz

Delicious pizza and calzones.

Sara Gilliatte

Excellent pizza!!

Alexander Golaszewski

Food was good for the price, and you get quite a bit of it. The art was unique and very weird but I found it interesting.

Seth Halstead

Decent, but not fantastic pizza. I tried this place for the first time recently due to the great reviews. They seem to have very good and friendly service and the pizza is good but unremarkable. If you go in expecting a 5 star pizza you may be disappointed, but if you just want a good pizza with friendly service you will likely be happy with your experience.

Laura Samide

Great food in a fun atmosphere

Joe Ely

Popped in after a Butler basketball game. We beat the rush on a Saturday evening, were seated promptly and served quickly, though they were short staffed. My wife had red clam sauce on linguine and enjoyed it a lot. I got the BBQ chicken calzone, very meaty. The dough was very well done. Nice refills and pleasant wait staff. Liked it!

marsha Scott

Always good food and service

Stacey Spencer

Side salads are huge and the dressings are great. Meatballs are tender and juicy. Marina is fresh and flavorful. But for me, the garlic bread is the star. Simple and delicious! Service is always good too.

Elizabeth Sumner

Love this place. We make the trek over there at least once a month. The salads and pizza are great. My mother in law loves their desserts. I haven't tried them, but she raves about them and is always trying to get me to try them. I would except I am full from the great meal.

Mark Stoltz

I love Puccini's! I have been going for years and the food is always excellent. The house salad with their Dijon vinaigrette dressing is a great place to start. The pizza is very good and the choices of toppings have something for all tastes. The pasta is a great change for those looking for something creative and homemade. Try the lasagna! Great deserts, too.

Gillian T

So good. The lunch pizza and salad special is a great deal, except on Wednesdays for vegetarians because mushrooms are gross

Pat K

Good Italian food at a reasonable price.

Lawrence Wilkins

Cozy neighborhood place. Wonderful pizza. Huge salads. Friendly servers. Super chef.

Mike Dukehart, II

Great staff. Great food.

natalie soteris

It's got a great selection and the staff is always very friendly and you can eat in or order carry out as well!

Lori Janssens

First time trying Puccini's. It was really good. They have some interesting toppings & combos of toppings. We got the King of Hearts: artichoke hearts, smoked bacon, mushrooms, capers, & black olives (which we switched out for basil. We also had Scamorza & a salad. The crust was a little on the sweet side, which did not bother me. Their dressings are house made (ranch was delicious). 7 out of 10 would go back.

Madison Potts

I know it’s a pizza place but I actually love the salads here too!

stacey gibson

You have not lived until you try the Campfire Pizza. Staff have always been friendly and attentive. You can't go wrong here, try this place today!

Kashana Knierim

Yummy inexpensive food!

Giles Hoyt

Good pizza. Some of the best in Indy.

Peggie Lambard

Always a great place to go. House salads with blue cheese dressing is scrumptious! Try the warrior pizza or lasagna.. full of flavor, they also have wine and beer. Service is always friendly!

Mr. T

I ate at Puccini's off 86th and Ditch. I've been here before, but this time I was slightly disappointed for the following reasons. 1- on a slow night like tonight, it took close to 5 minutes before we were greeted and asked what we liked to drink. 2- I noticed the table had a thick layer of grime on it, and immediately became disgusted by the restaurants cleanliness. 3- I order a calzone with pepperoni, bbq chicken and pineapple, but ended up getting onions, pineapple and bbq chicken. Our server was friendly, but I would highly recommend the restaurant do a deep clean.

Ross Thomson

Pizza was not good. Chicken peccata was terrible. Appetizer was tasteless. Beer was good.

Rubin Foley

Awesome place to eat, great food, staff is cool and prices are fair


First time ordering from them. I was a bit disappointed when the sever told me that my food will be delivered in 1 hour and half. Luckily,I received a call 30 minutes after because the driver couldn't find my apt. They were nice through out the process and it was easy for me to place my order. I ordered their spicy diavolo and meatballs heaven calzone. The food was ok, not excessively great or bad.

M love

I went there for a birthday party and like always the food was delicious. The wait staff was so nice and understanding of how loud we were because it was a kids birthday party. My one judgement was that they took a long toke to get waters out and brought out other drinks and they waited still my drink had been empty for about 10 minutes before they refilled it. But overall a good experience.

Travis Lowe

Regular and Vegan Pizza are amazing

kelsi wagner

I love their beer and food selection! Been going here since high school.

Linda Woodburn

Delicious food and great service!

Lisa S

Their alfredo and paparazzi pizza are my go-to's. Not many pizza places around me (south side) have ricotta so it's worth the drive to get theirs. Staff is always friendly.

Michael M. Simpson

Great casual place for pizza, pasta, salads, and desert! Allergy friendly, with gluten free options!

Slava Vidomanets

I normally get delivery from the 86th street location. Since they stopped delivery and have you go through doordash i decided on carry out. Let me just say poorly run and not food safe imo. The teenager or young adult making the pizzas while they had gloves on would continue to grab their pants and pull them up and wipe off on their apron or forehead and then go on about making more pizzas. The young teen that's handling the cash register was also handling food. Took customers money and then went on to prep salads and food with no gloves on.

terri dremonas

Just the best pizza in town.

Matt Jones

Always amazing pizza. This is my favorite pizza place in the city

R. Barry Melbert

We get carry out here at least once if not twice a month. The crust is fantastic as is the variety of toppings.

Sssteve W

Excellent pizza. Good amounts of ingredients, hot, fast service.

Tracy Morris

GREAT pizza. Okay service.

Valerie Gerholdt

Food is great. Very casual with a pleasant staff.

Michael Snyder

Used to be great & fun. Now a franchise cookie-cutter feel with shareholders insisting on production automation processes. If you want a suggestion, ditch the low-cost pork meatballs & bring back the beef.

Tambra Macaluso

Good food. Good service. Good combo!!!! ;-)

Tonya Scott

Ordered delivery and pizza was lukewarm when I got it. Cheese had already started to solidify and pepperoni was slightly burnt

June Strange

Excellent. Delicious and unique menu options. Great service.

Emily Musgrave

Love Puccinis. Always happy with svc. and with food.

Michael Ulmer

A regular stop for a great and inexpensive lunch or dinner. I've been going there with family and friends regularly for years. Pizza is really good, and so are the calzones. They offer two lunch specials every week day, one veggie slice and one meat slice (plus salad and drink). Service is always quick and friendly. All-time favorite pizza: bacon + spinach + Gouda!

Gloria Comstock

Everything is very fresh and the servings are large. The house salad is a meal by itself. Great carry out as well. Try the tiramisu.

Carey Cseszko

Yummy corner family corner Italian joint.... LOTS of gluten free options, and nice wine choices.


I like to grade restaurants on their side salads and Puccini's has never disappointed me. Their pizza and pasta are also great. They had an interesting pizza menu before it was hip. They have regular toppings too.

Duane Thomas

One of my favorite pizza spots.

Erin Damerell

Typical place for pizza and pasta classics. Interior design is only so/so: acceptable for a family dinner, bad for a date. Veggies tasted fresh and crisp. Prices were slightly too high for quality level but not outrageously.

Camille Cantwell

Great food! Pasta comes with a large salad and garlic bread making it one of the best deals on the north side of Indy for an Italian dinner. The Calzones are definitely made from scratch and are full of deliciousness! Pizzas are good, but sometimes a little skimpy on toppings. If you come when they are busy it can be a little slow, but they have a great takeout clientele, so if you don’t mind waiting, come even when they’re busy. We’ve been going here for 20 years and the quality hasn’t changed.

Michael X. Heiligenstein

Honestly this is the best pizza I've ever had, try any of the house specialties

Katelyn Brewer

Food was delicious. We got there right before the big rush. But even though our waitress had a lot of tables to tend to, she still made time to come back and check on us and make sure we didnt need anything else.

Patrick Lavelle

Love the restaurant. Go back often with my wife for some comfort food and find memories.

Mary Grider

I have never been disappointed with Puccini's pizza! I've had their pizzas several times and it has always tasted delicious! People who know me also know I'm quite particular about my pizza...and I RARELY post reviews. But Puccini's is fabulous! Love, love, love the crust!!!

Keenan Salla

Very good, but not the besr


Loved the pizza as usual! Went with plain cheese and it was excellent! If you carry-out check your purchase on the statement. It seems a 20% tip was added to my carry-out order despite me crossing a line through the tip section. It's the only reason I couldn't give a 5 for my visit.

John Markey

Pizza was very good, service was excellent

Kim Co

Delicious pizza pie...cozy atmosphere. Even great to go.

Blake Dolson

Great pizza and other Italian food and I am conveniently between two of the locations

Adam Paugh

Super fast at lunchtime even when we have groups up to 15 people. Great food.

Christopher Collins

Unusually great pizza at this unassuming strip mall pizza joint(s). We hit the Nora locale about every other week. High quality, in service, too.

Jeremy Keiper

Low carb chicken was exactly what I needed!

Cassandra Mills

Ahh this place is food and customer service. But don't go to Pizza hut in speedway horrible customer service.

Tameca Evans

The best pizza!

David Good

Great food, good service, okay atmosphere.

Christian Moore

Puccini's is a fine, and as such generally adequate place to go if you want to eat pizza. I'd recommend it for such as a result.

Stacey Dybala

Love their food and service is excellent!

Robert Essex

It was delicious as always

Sarah Ellen Mamlin

Our first meal after a year in East Africa. Always love the salads & pizza that actually have sauce & the Queen of Hearts! ASANTE!

Amanda Gilliland

My first time being here and the food was good. The salad that came with my food was bigger than I expected but still good.


You can never go wrong here. So much better than the other pizza joints.

Justin Perry

The pizza was amazing sad they didn't have sweet tea

Luke McLaughlin

We ventured out to find something different in the area today and stumbled upon this homey Italian joint. Food was excellent and very moderately priced. TONS of vegetarian options which was a huge bonus. Gluten free options available as well. No complaints, we will be back soon. Thanks Puccini's!

Benjamin Stout

Campfire ftw! Love it. Great service. Courteous staff.

Laura A

My favorite is the shrimp diabolo. Excellent pizza, salads, and ranch dressing

David Cooprider

Always good service and good food!!

Anita Irvin

First time! Ordered GF Sausage & Pepperoni Pizza. It was excellent!!!! Delivery was fast and convenient.

Cameron Mehl

Most excellent food. Being someone from out of town, the Italian dishes hear were excellent and I will be trying to go back when I am in Indy next!

Kim Kim

Yummy the best

Joshua Price

I love this place and their amazing pizza. Get the bama jam or campfire pizza plz

Erica Diebold

Live Puccini's...this location was good but I find 5hat the Fishers, Indiana location is better in service.

Dave Philpott

Love this place. I had the campfire pizza and probably will each time I go. It's that good. Affordable and nice place to eat, Puccini's is always a great meal.

Alexis Kinsey-Davis

Great pasta and pizza. Family oriented as well.

Ashley Mullins

First time trying we did carry out and we won't be back. Chicken fettuccine alfredo had no flavor and three pieces of chicken in it. I ordered a medium pepperoni pizza and a kids cheese pizza. They were cut so strange where there was an extremely large piece and then tiny piece. You could tell that who ever was cooking didn't care about the food coming out of the kitchen. It's so close to our home I was excited to find a pizza place for us but sadly this isn't it.

Dawn Wenzinger

My daughter & I were looking for a different pizza place and came across here. We are in town for a soccer tournament. We both had the homemade calzones. Delicious food and great customer service and wonderful atmosphere.

Derek Gibson

Went for lunch and the lunch specials are definitely worth it. The pizza was good the salad was great and the service was very good too.

Rotch Shope

Pizza was very good! Tried the sweet Lil razorback, the twice baked, the campfire, the cheese with bacon and the cheese. Service was excellent. Recommend everyone to try this place.

Brian Bunting

So either our server was High AF or he had serious ADHD.. My partner and I ordered soup and a salad. Garlic bread and a pizza. Never saw the soup, was never asked if we wanted a refill on our drinks, then after mediocre food had to go the counter to get the bill.. No excuse for bad service.

Mukesh Mehta

Good pizza, courteous staff

Chris Stehlin

I love this place make sure to get a Greek salad all house made dressings.

Jared Guntle

Great service, great food, great prices! This place is a definite must, especially for people who need gluten free options! Their gluten free selection is great!

Sam Hudson

Best pizza and breadsticks in the game


Good good and prices. Service usually good.

Dick Harper

Been here many times. Good food but service can be a little slow in peak periods. Will definitely go back though.

Gary Burt

The pizza is amazing!! I had the camp fire/bar 20 pizza. Both were incredible. Definitely would recommend it to anyone. They make their own dressing which is great! Only negative is they don't have wings. Would love to dip some wings in their house dressing.

Jacqui Peterschmidt

AMAZING lasagna and chocolate torte! Actually, everything was fantastic, and the prices were super reasonable. We'll be back!

Bob Magnuson

Good food and good service.

Scott Levine

This is a casual local Italian chain - those familiar with the chain will find it pretty much the same as any other Puccini's. For those unfamiliar - I would consider this to be a family restaurant. Pizzas are good, salads are better than one would expect. Traditional family entrees use slightly better quality than one would expect. Prices are fair, service is about average.

Tammy Brewer

Great pizza and garlic bread

Mark Sheidler

Select from their innovative topping combinations, or create your own. The quality and quantity off the toppings is well above average. For my tastes, they have the best crust in Indy. The side salad is a fair portion. Haven't really had the pasta items, so can't comment about those.

Michael Fargarson

Great food at fair prices. Great service too.

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