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6001 E 86th St, Indianapolis, IN 46250, United States Located in: Castleton Square

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REVIEWS OF On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina IN Indiana

Michael Fritz

Great happy hour.....good food. $

Scott Humpfer

The chips and queso are very good. Most of the time we go there I get great service. The last time the food was good as always but the server was not up to par.

NatureMan 1

Great food and restaurant style. I was a bit disappointed they don't serve Quesadillas, or many vegetables on the food either.

Michelle Davis

Food is excellent! Salsa is addictive. The service sizes are large and for a fair price! Will go back when/if in the area again. The staff was very friendly and informative also. Only reason 4 stars because the entrance was confusing to find...parking wraps building but only one door on one side, felt foolish walking around the lot. Also the table and seats were dirty when seated and had to ask host to clean off for us.

Brandi Newby

Great!!! Went to celebrate the new bride finding her dress!! Our waitress was Great, wish I could remember her name! Went for chip salsa and queso.. great ad always! We will definitely be back. And the drinks are worth every penny, not lacking proper proportions! Recommended to anyone who likes our Mexican food! Enjoy, I know we will

Angela Stewart

Great restaurant, Delicious food, Awesome staff/managers


Good "chain" Mexican food.

Justin Long

Service is always on point. Drinks are strong and the atmosphere is laid back. Great place to kick back and relax

Christine Watson

The initial greeting was not so good but our waiter was fantastic. Asked for food recommendations and they were spot on. Good flavor and excellent service.


Good food and great service

Yashil Bhatt

Fast service. Good food. Gave us seating where we wanted to seat. No complaints. All positive reviews

Latasha Bailey

Oh was great. My waiter was the best

Blake Flannery

Chips and salsa are good. That earns it 3 stars. I'll adjust the rating from there if I can think of any reason to go up it down. It's so-so like this review.

KM Trice

What a waste of money and time. Years ago this was Delicious. Between the lack of service and wait time on food. We won't be back. I want to complain more. But will simply end this saying go if you like to resend your steak and pay for hot yet unseasoned food. The lovely host in the front, now he was pleasant. Our waiter was decent. But honey save the money and time and grab some Qdoba!!

Plain Jane

It is a very nice restaurant if you like spice!Unfortunately this was a little to spicy for me. The chips where very big though.

Stuart Bellmore

Great service. Server was quick as lightning. Good food. Fair prices. Great menu. Reccomend

Rachelle Neyhouse

Good food and service

Joel Whitesel

I had seen the chips on sale at the grocery (and ate them), and didn't even realize it was a chain if stores to. Salsa was excellent--not to bland, not sweat inducing. Nice fresh flavor. Chips were also fresh and tasty, although if the half tortilla size, which are hard to eat without being then first. I had basically a sample player with several different items. All were tasty. I particularly liked the chicken. The highlight for me we the refried beans which had a nice Smoky flavor I hadn't expected.

Lauren Cribbs

We decided to come to On the Border because the group of kids we had really wanted Mexican. The food was actually decent, but service and atmosphere was not good at all! It was raining and as we were eating the light behind us started leaking. Then a few mins later the roof started leaking on the other side of us. I think the waitress tried , but soups didn't come out till after our meals had arrived. Two people in our group ordered salads with extra meat one only had four small strips of chicken. One of the salads didn't even have dressing on it. Took forever to try and get it. We didn't have our drinks re-filled until we were almost done. Waitress was definitely overwhelmed. Finally, as we were leaving they had a really bad leak in the front area between the two doors. Overall not a good experience and pretty grossed out with all of the leaks in the building.

Lesley Hubert

This place needs managerial attention. We were sat by the host and then he decided to take our order. He did not write anything down, which is fine if the order comes out correct...but it didn't. He was talking negatively about the table behind us because they didn't like the yellow queso. They claimed it tasted like velveeta cheese. Well we had it too and they were right. They ended up leaving. As we were finished eating and walking out, the waiters were huddled at the host stand talking negatively about the customers who left again. It was not a good atmosphere and we will not be back.

Matthew Moriarty

Okay food came out warmish but good salsa and queso.

John Englert

Better than a Taco Bell, but not spectacular. Decent portions for the price.

Rick Cochran

The food was terrible and overpriced. Nice server

Haley Arnett

Love to sit by the fire and enjoy the best salsa and queso!!

Rob Walker

The for is always decent to good, but the service is often fairly slow.

Morris Windhorst

It was a quiet night and late. The bartender took perfect care of us. It was the time of night when restaurant people are ready to go home, but she treated us like we were special. Thank You. Take care of employees like that. They're hard to find.

Ryan Wolland

It's okay but I prefer Qdoba for taste and value.

Joe Eaton

It called on the border for a reason. The night we went I was on the border of not wanting to eat chips and salsa any more. Wasn't busy food seemed to take long time to come out. Food came out and it was on the border of not wanting to eat. wasn't that good.


Great food, great staff, great atmosphere.

Mark Jessica

We love the Avon store, but the service and food here is mediocre. My husband has gotten sick here also. Our last visit, we asked for an extra spoon for our little girl and the waiter brought it to our table holding it where you eat off of. There were finger prints all over it. Absolutely nasty.

C Life

Great food very friendly staff

Erin Sheets

Worst service.

Mike Day

Little slow but food was good

Tammi Kinchlow

Wish I could give a negative star. Service was HORRIBLE! Our waitress practically slammed everything on the table. She set food on the menus as we were trying to read them. The ultimate was she threw the check at me. FOOD WASN'T ALL THAT EITHER

Kyle Cooley

Great food good service

Kyle Henderson

Way below what I have come to expect. Food was cold. Service average.

Salena Woodson

Loved the food

donald shannon

Good food.bartender did a great job. Need to go back.

Amanda Knowles

Service was a little slow, but the food was good and not too overpriced. The servers were very quick to correct their mistake (I didn't want jalapeños with my nachos.) Otherwise, everything was great.

maddee maxwell

Happy hour Margaritas? Yes please!

Tara Grewell

Always a great meal

Dre Funk

I had never been here before, and it was actually pretty tasty! The chicken quesadilla and white queso were really good. I took a way a star because promptly after my meal I became sick and i know it was from the food. However, my friend did not get sick so something was only wrong with my dish. But nonetheless, not bad!

David Phalen

Excellent place.. great margaritas.. thank you Jodi and Amy

Angela Wright

Server was very attentive. Food was decent.

Shanasy Bratt

Good food and service. Few vegan options. I would have given 5 stars if they offered vegan cheese.

Steve Oreilley

Food was tasty and reasonably priced, how ever poorly managed! Floors looked like not deep red for a week, dumpy

Indy Med Valet

Always good. Wish they would expand their salsa past 1 option.

Todd Hollingsworth

Awesome Food, Awesome Service

cathi lee

Went here for lunch because we have always liked the food here.. Well the food was good but the service was HORRIBLE!! Our waitress Shante should not be a waitress at all.. She is the sole reason I am giving a 1 star.. We got sat at our table and almost 10 minutes later Shante comes and asks us what we want to eat, mind you we still haven't even given her our drink order, so we order it all at once.. Well another 10 minutes goes by and she brings us our tea and queso.. Then our food arrives and my husbands drink has been empty for atleast 6 to 7 minutes.. She goes and gets the tea picture, sets it on our table and goes to her other 2 tables and gives them their checks, comes back and refills the teas.. One of her tables pays with a credit card and they sat there for 20 minutes waiting for her to come and get it.. I had to flag down another waiter to find our waitress to get our check.. We were there for over an hour and it wasn't even busy.. HORRIBLE service.. Shante should not be a server..

Mary Palmer

Food was fresh service great.

Valendra Harris

Im vegan. The food here is yummy. I used to get the bowls But they put butter in the rice. I can't eat here anymore because I need rice in my bowls. They assemble your food like chipotle. They have much larger selection and give generous portions. They charge extra for extra sauce. Which sucks. The potato tacos are ok it's like they use tater tots or something.

Kelly L

It was terrable my fajita was 14 and it only came with 5 bell pepper slices and when I complained they said that's just how it is

Evelyn Brown

Very good food n service

Intisar Mustafa

Food was great. And if you can Erin as your server, you will have great service as well!

Celia Anderson

This is hands down my favorite restaurant. Staff is always friendly..its always clean. The salsa is to die for. I always buy a container to take home with me.

Micah Resnick

Good hot food, quick service, kind wait staff.

adam sharpe

I don’t normally review places but I just had to leave a review for our server Aaron - he was funny, polite, and probably the best service we’ve ever had at any restaurant. The food was great as well, probably my new go to spot lol I will be returning to see him!! He was awesome and deserves a raise - management - he’s your guy!!! 10/5 stars :)

Cynthia Gaddis

I really wish I could give this more stars. The good things first. The salsa and chips...terrific. The service was outstanding. The prices were fair. Good ambiance. Now the not so good. Sorry....but the food was really NOT good. I've had better Mexican dishes at Applebee's. This place could be so awesome if their headquarters would hire me to rebuild their menu.

Stephanie Alvarez

Food was good and it was actually a nice environment.

Catherine Dorney

Chips and salsa are good. Pineapple mojito is amazing. I've been twice and both times food was mediocre at best. Staff is nice.

Tyler Perry

Great food and fun atmosphere

Wendy Cook

Love OTB

Aaron Bogue

Best Mexican in town!

Alan Biggs

Favorite Mexican chain. So good

Rik DesChain

AMAZING food! Great friendly staff!

Lexi Lawless

Brian (B as in boat and boy) was a great server! He was constantly checking up on us and making sure we were all happy. He was also fun to joke with and wasn’t too serious about us messing with him... definitely someone to keep around, and possibly earn a raise!:) P.s. Brian, if you see this, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING AMAZING!! - The girl that wouldn’t leave ya alone and her best friend:) have a good day y’all

Barb Geddes

At on the border you always get free chips and salsa with your meal. The food is always and the music is usually not too loud.

Leonard Strickland

I always have issues with eateries that clean your table by pushing it off the table and on to your seat. Other than that our server was attentive, and the food was good. I got the combo fajita which was shrimp, steak, and chicken. I wish our plates looked like the food artist picture. I got three shrimp and three pieces of steak about the size of a 50 cent piece.

June Reisner

We decided to go with Mexican food for a change for our office Christmas party. We have about 100 people working for us. We got quotes from several local restaurants and compared what you get for the money. Yes, they were a little higher priced, but you get a lot of food, they use real chaffing trays and utensils (Not disposable ones) And the best part is they set up and take down. We had many employees say this was hands down the BEST Christmas party ever! They arrive an hour before, set up all of the food, & added some fun Mexican decorations! They came back towards end of party and cleaned up everything. We had plenty of food and it was all delicious. We HIGHLY Recommend them for your next party! The Taste of The Boarder was wonderful!

Amy Mertz

Love the chips and salsa!

Tiffany AW

Really good food and the inside looks amazing! Our sever could have paid attention more to our drinks needing refilled but other than that it was a good experience.

Kim Howard

Everything was off. Unfortunately the last three times everything was off. Our food was served just hot enough that it hard to decide if you send it back or eat it not quite satisfied. The service was so slow. This used to be one of my husband and I's favorite places to eat....

Tee Blake

Pretty good food. Typical Mexican restaurant fare. Fajita nachos ok. Very stingy with steak. Beef tacos good and like their rice. Alcohol routinely disappoints. No noticeable alcohol in their margaritas and I'm very sensitive and never have more than 1 drink. Music annoying girl bands yelling at you.

Lisa Y Juan Alvarado

Delish. So wet

Marquita Harold

Great drinks and even better food.

Koren Davis

They close at 11 we went in at 10:05 and our server was a bit pushy and rude. Food was great though.

James Reginald Mitchell IV

Incredible service. Great food. Excellent portions. Wonderful atmosphere. The salsa is delicious.

Holly Garringer

Decent Mexican food. Avocado fries were pretty good.

Shelby Butcher

Me and my boyfriend were craving Mexican so we decided to check this place out. Our server was Scott and he told us it was only his 3rd day. He did an excellent job! We had a great experience and enjoyed the food and the drinks and will definitely be back to try more of the options!

Ricky Thomas

The servers were inexperienced and in training,,but besides that everything was fine..

chelsea Gray

We had an excellent experience last night! My husband and I sat at the bar and was taken care of by Matt. He was super friendly and the food was fantastic! We were having a rough day with our AC going out and needed a place to cool off. So glad we stopped in

LaRell Humphries

Not enough food for the price you pay. Still hunger afterwards.

Daniel A Martin

Bland taste. Chicken tasted old. Steak was not satisfying either. The bartender was good so I give 2 stars.

Becky Myles

Service and food were great!

Barbara Gadd

First time. Very awesome! Clean, great service, really good food, nice portions!

Luz Pride

Feed back 100%...Listen up folks! It has been the best place for Friday’s after work! After having a rough time, my husband took me to my favorite place. I was greeted by “Bill” and gave my family the best table! Then “Mat” my favorite “guy” brought the best “salsa deep”, and our Order was taken by this wonderful guy named “Dean”. After having the best time of my life... few Margaritas later!... found out that “Bill and “Dean” are Managers!!! I told my guy Matt that everything was so good! But , Dean and Bill .... made my night! Thank you for the wonderful service!!!!

SunShine \o/

Great food, great service & great desert. Super fun with a group of your favorite peeps. - SunShine Smiles

Tim Martin

Good food and service

Diane Duffy Robinson

Great food & servuce

Nana's kitchen

Aaron was our server and he was great, attentive and had terrific suggestions. We all three chose the Enchilada Monday night special. We will be back...

Tee Abdullah

Love specials

Linda Woodburn

Love the chicken enchiladas! Had fabulous service, too!

Teela Curl

I had OTB cater for my wedding this past Sunday. Everything was fantastic! The ordering and payment process was very easy with the catering team and my guests loved the food. I would definitely recommend them!

Elan Eiland

The service wasn't the best but the food is good. and endless chips and salsa is always a good thing!

Steven Stott

Food was great, service too. Prices are fair.

Quindale White

Bomb margaritas an good food

Nathan Coleman

The food was really good!!! I would have given 5 stars except for, they sat us in those little seats in the middle of the restaurant where there is barely any room for the plates on the table. OTB, it's time to get those single booths out of there. It's like a balding man holding on to the last strands of hair before he finally shaves his head and accepts his baldness. Lol. Remodeling time!!!

Flighest One

My food came out only slightly warm and the server was horrible very inattentive had to all our drinks after waiting 20 minutes and napkins will likely not ever return to this location

Brandon Brooks

There Mango margarita is the Bomb

Kimberly Matthews

Good food. Chill atmosphere. We ordered the grill shrimp tachos and the rancherodilla ro something like that lol! Everything was fantastic! We went around 3pm on a Saturday afternoon and it was slow so service was quick and the food was fresh. Definitely going back!

dib L.

Absolutely everything was awesome. Everyone gets their own dish of spicy salsa with the complimentary corn chips. Wait staff were great. Atmosphere was cozy. Had no trouble seating 8 of us. Very box worthy!

Natasha Ferguson

Great service food was awesome best waiter I have ever had.. will be going again.

johnna kern

Very good I love Mexican food from here food was fresh

Kirill Sushko

Aaron is the best waiter we’ve ever had. Professional , kind, humble, and showed genuine care. He serves as a standard for customer service. Outstanding food and service. Thank you very much!

Shelby Brooke

I took my best friend for her birthday. We didnt have to wait to be seated, not was it a long wait for our food. Our waitress was very sweet. It was definitely a good time!

vicki Heard

I went here thinking I was going to eat some delicious Mexican food I went on Taco Tuesday and the tacos were not good the tacos had very little meat lettuce and whatever else that was in there it was in the bottom of the taco shell and you had about a inch and a half of taco shell above the ingredients. I was very disappointed with Taco Tuesday.

Julie Disalvo

My ultimate place to go where they make everything themselves fresh!!

Barbara Bowser

Clean, know the wait staff. Great fajita specials 7 days a week.

Rashad Baker

Good Food of course. Portions are reasonable and prices are fair. I typically visit during lunch hours. Every member of the wait staff has been friendly, helpful, and fast with service. Lots of natural sunlight fills the restaurant and seating is comfortable.

Russ Hart

Great service and consistent quality food. We use them to cater company lunches.

Steve Willis

Had a great time with friends. Enjoyed the classic chicken chimmi. Our waiter, Franklin was very attentive and treated us very well.

Curt Epperly

My girlfriend, who is somewhat of a picky eater, suggested On the Boarder. We were not disappointed. My chile relleno was exceptional. Everything was quite good. Relaxing atmosphere, our server was the nicest guy, attentive and friendly. Also worth noting, it's right next door to the AMC theater at Castleton Square, where we planned to see a movie. All in all it was a really good date. Thank you On the Boarder. We'll be back!

Cory Mosena

I enjoyed eating here. I might come back. I ordered the fajitas. They came out sizzling just the way I like them. The tortillas were shaped funny since they hand make them. they were pretty small and did not hold a lot. The fajitas themselves could have used more peppers and onions. I ran out of the onion and peppers before I ran out of chicken. The toppings like cheese and gauc was a little on the skimpy side. Had to ration it to make it stretch further. Waiter forgot my desert. The brownie ice cream thingy was really good.

Becca B

We went to celebrate a birthday. The host had attitude about our party size. Refills for chips and drinks took entirely too long. Wait staff did not care when orders arrived incorrect and one person didn't even receive a meal. Food was sent back. The only person who cared was the manager. Paying the bill took forever as well. We've always enjoyed OTB but it's been crossed off the list.

Jamie Gregory

5 stars because the manager Bill was awesome! Started off rocky because shortage of servers. But Bill made sure we didn't notice that he was short staffed. Thank you Bill

Joe Degenfelder

I hadn’t been to an On the Border in a number of years, and my expectations going in were that it would be just another below average cheap sit down restaurant. However, I was happily surprised with the amount of food we got for the price and our waiter was very timely and polite. The only complaint we had was the time it took for our food to arrive, but we had chips and salsa refills to hold us over.

Amanda Ely Pedigo

The star I gave was for the bartender and manager. Don't eat here if you are interested in Mexican food. It's not remotely Mexican food. It's not good tasting either. My food had a film on it by the time it got to the table, the veg was undercooked squash (for a MEXICAN place)... I left hungry. I'm glad the guest manager was helpful, but we still spent $25 for both my husband and me to leave hungry, and disappointed. I will never return.

James Sachleben

Not sure how to grade this place. The facility is somewhat run down, except the mensroom was very nice and clean, with good equipment. The personnel were courteous but lacking enthusiasm. But, the food we had was better than average, in fact, quite good. The complementary chips and salsa (spicy) were also fresh and tasty. Prices are definitely reasonable. Atmosphere is an important part of the dining experience, and it's in this area where there is cause for ambivalence. Otherwise, we enjoyed the experience.

Ryan Burris

Great food. Our server was fantastic.

Richard Francis

Jodi is the best server ever! We often come just to see her and enjoy great Mexican Food.

SathishKumar Govindaraj Srinivasn

Price n food is good here.

marge bill

Good place. Nice selection

Gary Bishop

Usually I have low expectations with chain establishments, but the flavor of the Monterey chicken ranch was actually quite good. The only complaint I have is the tortilla chips came out salted. The dipping salsa had a reasonably good flavor. The service was both efficient and attentive.

ty nicholson

Amazing food, excellent staff and great service!

Brant Davis

Wife and Myself trying this place was a hour plus mistake. It took a hour to recieve our appetizer and by then any desire to ordet a main was gone. Even after the wait for the app it came out tasting like it had sat and had been microwaved. Very disappointed in entire experience and have tried to contact the company at on the with no success. Live and learn. Fountain drinks priced at $2.79 were good but thats the only thing positive.

Jennifer Jones

Great food,with a different tex-Mex twist to it!spicy salsa &fresh made warm chips.terrific desserts that really finish off the meal,if you have any room!

K King

This location is awesome! The food is always good, and everytime I place a to-go order it is always packaged so nice! All the staff members I come in contact with are super friendly. I came in to pick an order up today, and 3 people asked me if I had been helped :) I eat here pretty often and I've never had an issue. Would totally recommend!

Adam Kuhn

Favorite Mexican restaurant in Indianapolis when I'm high at the mall with Kat and we don't want to get in an Uber because they might talk too much but the mall food courts too loud.

Carlos Carreno

Beer tasted like water and I didn't get sour cream. I'm a Mexican I can't go without sour cream on my burrito. I Had to get my drink made twice because my first beer glass was dirty I happen to look down into my drink and I saw few lil strawberry seeds I'm assuming from an old strawberry margarita in my glass and so I said something they did replace my drink but was an awful experience there. I would suggest to always look into your drink if you go here. it'll be the last I will eat here..

Karl Schantz

Excellent food and exceptional service. Our food came out so fast and delicious we were amazed!

Ericka Mason

First time there. Good food. Reasonable price. Good portion.

Dre Vaulx

Ultimate Fajitas was the awesome. Ask for Server Aaron best service I've ever had and super nice.

Jesse Barnes

Tasty witress was cool

Maureen Grande

Service was super slow. Beer warm. FoI'd was good.

Brandy Buchanan Moore

Great food and always great service one of my favorites

Joe Garcia

Pretty good food n good service. My second favorite Mexican restaurant.

Keyiri Ramos

Served old food. The employees are lazy. Youtube vlog coming SOON, Follow us on Instagram @theEmpowerCouple @eyeronicBeautyEnhancents @NoworNeverRecordz

Mike Dunagan

Food was good I had Cabo shrimp and a salad with the jalapeno dressing. Wife had spinach mushroom enchiladas, said they were okay. Our server Matt was amazing.


Nathaniel brought us fantastic service with our alright food. I wrestled him for the Cholula and her didn't even mine

Ross Williams

Delicious food and great service

Doc Riley

Good enchiladas and great weekday lunch specials

jason chaudion

We have been there several times. But tonight is by far the worst experience we’ve had in any restaurant for a long time. Went for the 5 dollar combos. Waited for ever to get drink orders, placed an order for queso, which we never received but was for sure on the check! Once we received our drinks took forever to get refills, this after the waitress (who needs to find another line of work) walked by our table countless times. Received our food finally, as it was literally just thrown on the plate!!! Tacos arrived flat on the plate? Overheard that the cook was not there tonight and the manager was cooking? What? Overall a pretty bad experience. I understand it was the 5 dollar combos but come on, at least try!!!

Geoff McCuen

The Chicken Fajitas were great, and very healthy. Almost no oil on the pan. At other places the food is swimming in it!

Judy Bauerle

Food was good. Music was way to loud. You had to talk real loud to be heard by people at your table.

Julie Houlahan

Delicious food and great service!

Julian Foster

I loved being greeted with chips and salsa. I got the chicken fajitas, and they were amazing. The chicken fajita is on special on Wednesdays, so that's a perfect place to eat on that day. I also had a margarita, that included a short of tequila for a dollar extra!! What a deal (margarita only cost $3 on Wednesday too!!). Our waiter was great and gave us everything we needed In a great time. I would recommend this place to anyone that likes Mexican food.

Dave Connor

Best Salsa and chips

Joseph Halcomb

Me and my fiance have a standing Tuesday date everyday when we get off work. Tacos are great margaritas are great. Service is great look forward to seeing them inn Tuesdays.

Kristen Romanovich

Our server was terrible, forgot our drinks, messed up our order and then never refilled our drinks after we finally got them & didn't check on us once. Two other servers had to help us in his absence with our big party!

Danielle Dillon

Pretty good good. Server not the best today, but decent. Could tell they were short staffed.

Patrick Connelly

Excellent food, good price, slow service

Ben Northcutt Bohmert

More on the Tex-Mex side but still good.

Jennifer Foxx

Pretty nice to go sit in the bar area, my husband really enjoys the Guacamole Live, and the make your own lunch combo is pretty good too

Rose Weis

First time there. Good food, quick service. Loved the chips and salsa.

Patty Strother

Good food, good service.


The food to me wasn't that delicious,,,

jacob beaman

So I've been wondering for a really long time, if this restaurant is really on the border, if the wall gets passed will this restaurant just be removed entirely or be renamed to "Slightly Off the Border But Nearly on Don't Worry we Still Have Your Back Buds"?

Kareema B

Yes this my other spot. Yes I love all things On the Border. Yes my kids do to. Yes Yes and Yes.

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