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REVIEWS OF Golden Gloves Cuisine & Catering IN Indiana

Maisee Yang

The service in this place is wonderful, super nice workera. The food is BOMB! Super delicious, will def be back!

Dasia Magee

Great food great service

Brandon Oneil

The food is delecious and I'm never disappointed when I leave golden gloves cuisine. 5stars.

Emma Cleveland

Great food long wait.. But the food is good..

Billy Barnes

Robert Moore

Great Food and Excellent Customer Service! I come from out of state just for this restaurant, again and again!!

Alpha's Adventure

My fiance and I enjoyed our meals. Great customer service, which I highly value. To have good food and great service, I shall return.

denise parker

Ashleigh Murrell

Long waits, so be patient and get order early for all the menu items.

Denesha Gorman

Very dissapointed. I pre-ordered a chef special the day before so the anticipation was high. I live an hour away from the location so this wasn't something convenient for me - my support was out of love and admiration for black entrepreneurs to grow and I was willing to go the distance to do just that. I walked in and gave the confirmation number for my order in a seemingly crowded restaurant at around 1:45pm - blessings! It SHOULD be crowded. I patiently waited in the restaurant.. enjoyed delicious libations, very impressed with mannerisms of all employees about the place. It was beautiful. Despite all of this, I can't justify the one-hour wait. One entire hour. Rather I'm dining at Del Frisco's or the locally-owned- eatery in Hyde Park, that has never been acceptable. I kindly reminded the owner that I've been waiting for over 30 minutes but unfortunately I was not given much resolution - I simply had to wait.... even longer........ than I already had been waiting

Letitia Mighty

Share M

This place is the best . they have there food cooked to order . when i was in there a lady begin to get mad and yell . The man heard all the negative things she said and he gave her the money back . He checked her but stayed respectful . This is one of the best Black owned businesses i have seen !

Chuck Swing

Was turned on to this place by a friend we used their services for our Superbowl party The greens The wings and sliders was amazing.

Samantha xu. Mccloud

Went there today with my family and I was greatly surprise since I am a picky eater the food and the service was great left and told my daughter about it and she ran up there just before they were closing definitely will be back

Reall Forsho

I was so disappointed, we drove 1 hour to (I thought was going to be a enjoyable lunch), "from the media hype" The Chef October special, fried salmon, shrimp, crab legs, over shrimp and sausage jambalaya, can you say horrible!!!! My husband ordered the loaded potato with steak, not good will not be going back, and the owner was not so friendly.

marcus lowe

The food is so good they sell out all the time. I suggest you get there early

juan Villalobos

Very clean, organized and structured place. When you first walk in they greet you, follow by taking your order. While waiting for your food, they offer a refreshment. If your dining in, they bring the food to you. If your carry out, they help you carry it out of needed. Very hands on. The owner very nice, along with the rest of the staff. Prices are good, the portions are great. Let's just say, youI'll have left overs. Totally recommend.

Nathan Elizalde

Alexandough Bleezy

Real talk; some of the best food I have had. Chef Brandon and Chef Alicia are so passionate about food it is truly inspiring. They cook a variety of food, some of which I have tried for the first time, but they are on point. Their desserts are outstanding as well. I have seen them cater for huge parties, and they are ready. Sunday's they do specials for $10, so stop by. I wanted to thank you guys again, and wish you luck, even though you won't need it.

Jessica Burt

My visit to Golden Gloves Cuisine was an experience that surpassed my expectations. I typically “stalk” the social media account of new up and coming businesses to see what they offer, how they impact the community and if they remain consistent. I must say that I was truly impressed with this establishment BEFORE I even step foot into their restaurant! I decided that my cousin and I would go here for lunch as a birthday treat for myself. I AM SO VERY GLAD I DID! The mood set by the warm and genuine host who greeted us IMMEDIATELY with a smile, the old-school classic music, and the vibe from the patrons sitting down eating and waiting on their food had me smiling from jump! I must speak to the cleanliness of the establishment, the homey feeling I experienced while waiting on my order, and the uplifting and positive customer service provided by the owner and THE ENTIRE STAFF (this is so rare!). They offer complimentary juice and pound cake AND they have cards (Uno, Dos and regular playing cards) so you can really have a good time! When my food came out I immediately began to hum and dance as IT TASTES JUST AS AMAZING AS IT LOOKS! I swear you can taste the love and care used to prepare the food offered. The food was hot and fresh! The menu is not overwhelming, and you can tell the specialize in everything they offer so nothing is overlooked or lacking! I live all the way in Palatine IL (60 miles away one-way) and I have already planned my next visit to partake in the Soul-Filled Sunday Dinner and I cannot wait to support the catering part of their business too! This place is LEGIT!

Aleah Cooper

ron ron

Love it


Jenise Amos

Wasn't impressed with the food. I had the chicken and shrimp baked potato. Potato was bland and didn't care for the chicken. The staff was nice and very accommodating, would I give the food another try. Yes just not the chicken and shrimp potato.

Erynn Moore

A very pleasant experience with amazing food!

Tiffany Smith

There's almost always a line outside the door because they prepare your food after you order. But don't get me wrong, they are definitely worth the wait! The staff is always respectful, thoughtful, and very courteous!

wanda Gilmore

Good is good finger licking

Deron Chester

Very good and authentic food! Prepared fresh and ur treated like a King and Queen!!

J. Money

Great Food

George King


Torri Howard

Fidencio Villagomez

Awesome Food every time I came here!!!!

Vashti Hatch

helena winfield

The wait was RIDICULOUS.... Our wings were unseasoned and the sauce we ordered for my chicken did not have any flavor. I ordered jerk had NO flavor to it. I am disappointed.

baker phil

William Woods

I am not sure if I caught this place on a bad day or not, but my experience was way worst then the other reviews. I went there for my first time today and I wanted to order 12 wings and a nacho. I was told that the wait for the wings was 25 minutes, so instead of waiting 25 minutes I changed my order to 2 nachos thinking it would be faster. Well that was a huge mistake, I ended up waiting 45 minutes for the nachos!!!! To make it worst there was a lady that came in way after me that was given a 12 piece wing before I received my nachos. It wasn’t until I inquired about my order that they even acknowledged that I was even sitting there. To make it worst the chicken nachos were not even good. I pray this place prospers but I will never go here again. Well I decided to go back to this place today and thank God I did. It was absolutely a different experience. The food was great and the service was great. I was raised to support black owned businesses so that’s why I went back again. I would recommend this place with no problem at all.

Mayling Wash

Yolanda P Jenkins

Always an Awesome experience!!..The Food is flavored to perfection

Jessica Bell

My family and I decided to try this restaurant for the first time yesterday. I have seen the amazing reviews and pictures on social media and had to try it. We ordered our food at 5pm and didn't receive it until 6:30 which is fine. I don't mind waiting for fresh cooked food. We get home and can't wait to see what the hype is all about. I take a bite of the greens and taste nothing but salt. Lots of salt. I then move on to the mac n cheese which also had a lot of salt. The catfish nuggets was nothing but salty breading. We had a total of 4 meals greens, mac, sweet potatoes and baked chicken with gravy, catfish filet and catfish w/gravy. I didn't say anything about the food being salty so I asked the kids how was the food and they all said salty. My son couldn't even eat his greens because of the salt. Only thing that was good was the sweet potatoes. I'm not sure why they put gravy on the catfish since we didn't order this with gravy. Everything taste like it was marinated in salt overnight. We had to throw all of our food away because the restaurant was now closed and doesn't open back until Friday. Maybe the people writing these reviews love food cooked in a bucket of salt. I like for my food to have flavor with salt, but not the whole box/bucket of salt.

Michael Long

The food is top notch and the service is great. I go every chance I get.

Bobby Lark

If you want a unique dining experience I would definitely try this restaurant.They have a monthly rotating menu on Saturday. And a more consistent menu on Sundays. I've tried every item on the menu and 1 thing that I could tell you is that every time you go the food will be hot fresh and presented to you in a kind and courteous matter before you leave. And while waiting for your food they have refreshments for the guest. Try the turkey chops or the smothered wings

Pamela Otero

Cwillbnice W

Man!!!!!! I wish it had 6 stars. Mini gold mine. I appreciate GREAT service with a smile.

Takeia Green

Great food. Amazing customer service.

tarsha ricks

Windy Booker

Great Food! Very friendly owners. I will be returing!

Denise Enriquez

The food is always fresh and hot and full of flavor. It's like you're going home to eat.

Joann Hunter

Very delicious and the owner is very nice intelligent he makes you feel at home

IDeliver CanYou

Excellent service and delicious food!

Michaela Patton

My husband and I did not enjoy the nachos Cheese was not good and chips could have harder, but wings and loaded potatos are really good.

Lavenita Burnett

Service was great and food was ok. But, for $12 for dinner I feel like the wings should have been whole wings and not party wings.

Gabby Ashford

Candice lowkey-soprano Sanders

Is this place ever open?? I've been here 4 times and each time they were closed for this and closed for that...

Traci Wardlaw

It was tasty! The loaded potato was excellent! Can't wait to taste the smothered catfish!

Jessica Conley

The food was so good and it's worth the wait. Always fresh, made to order.

Jerri Spear

The food was good the chicken nacho was so good

Monique Howard

I saw all the delicious picks on Facebook and had to try it so i took a trip on my lunch hour and when i got there i was greated with a good afternoon and a smile the wait was reasonable. When my order was ready i loved that i was shown my food and it looked awesome and that lemonade was worth every penny. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for some really great food. Did i mention they had snacks while you wait.

Alexander Blum

I love eating at GGC. The dishes and sides are to die for. The owners are incredible professional and nice and incredible chefs! They are a bit far from me, but I try to get down there when in the area... thanks!

Craig Harper

Always Delicious

LaAndre Fentress

I like there food and service , their wait times have gotten better , every month they have new specials and on Sunday they have soul food. I've eaten hear several times and I the food is good I'm not a fan of the steak they use on the nachos and in the baked potato but it's not bad it's just not the quality of steak that I'm use to. The prices for the surf n turf is about $25+ tax but most meals are around $10-16 dollars range and there lemonade is good also and cost around $3.. they are only open Fri&sun

Aaron Bell

Excellent food, excellent service, and excellent atmosphere. I was very impressed with my first experience here! I would highly recommend for anyone looking for a delicious twist on traditional wings.

Chanda Wright

Good service

Stacey K

Best place around. Excellent food and even better customer service!

Joe Sulls

Pretty good food for little crazy

Karen Plunkett

I came all the way from Texas to bring my husband to try the food and brought two others. There were other customers driving up and just as disappointed as I was. Please post on your voicemail when you aren't going to be opened on Sunday.

Dominique Gaines

My first time going and I was not at all disappointed! Will be making it back for Soulfood Sunday

Sheena H

Anthony Caster

The food is great service great but not enough parking

Robbin Bell

Excellent food and excellent customer service.

S Rowe

Great food. Excellent Service...Family Friendly....

Katina Johnson

okarri jones

stephen virgil


Amii Brooks

Amazing!! They make you feel welcome and good by greeting you with a "Welcome Queen and King thank you for coming in!" So right away you feel great and comfortable. The customer service is excellent! While you wait they offer complimentary refreshments and you can enjoy Free WiFi, movies, and card games! Then when the food came I thought I was in an exclusive rooftop restaurant downtown! The looks alone made you feel like you should be paying more. Then the TASTE OMG everything was to die for! Finger lickin good! And plenty of food to fill you up! I am so excited to come back and try more of the menu! I would love to see this place grow and even have more locations! We really found a

Angela Davis-Coleman

Great food catch them open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Great soul food.

Otis Roper

Black owned, food Really good seasoned and good presentation plus affordable prices..

Jermaine Todd

Excellent food, actually looks like the pictures, and tastes as good as it looks

Chris B

antonio cannon

My wing looked dry so I asked for more sauce and he said pay 1.65 for more and was rude as well

Melissa Parker

Amazing customer service, great food

Justin Ward

Ordered nachos. Cheese was nasty chicken and steak were cold tasty old as well cheese was cold also

Sean Miller

Great food! Excellent customer service

Miller Miz

Sunday early dinner with family. I'd heard food was tasty from friends that live in the area; so when I had the chance to visit the area decided to dine. I travelled from far west suburban IL, and prayed it would not be a disappointment. Upon my 1pm arrival, the restaurant had not opened as listed on its social media page, but a sign in the window stated the days opening was 115pm and the it did open right at that time. There's a dine in area, you must order your meal at the front counter first, then your meal is delivered to your table. The gentleman that opened up, began taking orders, and calling them back to the kitchen--keeping things moving like a well-oiled machine. A line began to form and wait times began to increase upwards of 35 mins for those waiting for take-out. My party of five waited 10-20 mins for our meals to be delivered to the table. They came staggered. So a few of us had our meal long before others. It's not really a place where you should expect personal table service. They did bring us ice water & ask if we needed anything else, but basically that's it; it's a small family business & taking the orders & preparing the food are priority #1. The food was worth the trip to Hammond! My initial order the special jerk wings with Caribbean rice & veggie egg roll, I discovered once delivered to the table contained shrimp in the rice, to which I'm allergic! I swapped my meal with someone in my party & ended up with baked chicken, dressing, yams & cranberry sauce. Not what I wanted (not big on any of those lol) but what I ate of it, I enjoyed. Seasoned well, tasty. I'd like to give the locale another try when I'm in the area for takeout. It has a lot of promise and from the steady flow of traffic I witnessed during my visit; it already has a loyal following!

Me Me

Absolutely AWESOME, and I am a picky eater. My only complaint is the amount of food. It's too much! You can feed two to three people with one order. I love it!

damon brown

Great food !!!!

Lunetta Ellison

Absolutely love this place. Such a great atmosphere and yummy food!!

Shawntrice Wright

Bill Fitch

The service. The satff. The food all get 5 stars from me. I highly recommend this place

John Coleman

April Showers

I got the turf and surf with steak. I had no issues with ordering, and the staff were very friendly! Service was worth the wait. Mrs. April is loving this place. Tight parking, hot in the dining area, but they have like 10 fan's going. It's great!

Lashelle Sutton

The atmosphere was warming. The employees are welcoming. The food is excellent.

Greg Black

Good food Great customer service always

Nicole Davis

My experience at GGC was fantastic from first entering the door with a hello Queen till leaving with same great customer service. I tried the baked chicken and when I say tasty that's exactly what it was. Will be going back very soon. Thanks for a wonderful experience GGC.

Jai Johnson

I've been rocking with GGC since before they opened their restaurant. The food here is always fresh and seasoned just right. They offer soul food on Sundays and generally alternate their menu each month. They have games and refreshments while you wait for your carry-out order or you can dine-in. They're very nice and treat all patrons with respect even when under pressure.

Kendall Kennedy

The food is so good! Love the chicken sandwich, mac n cheese, all the soul food is great. Support local businesses

Gregina Underwood

anthony carter

jamaica sawyers

Greens are good

Jerri Leonard

The food is amazing

Chavis Atkins

Very delicious food!!! Black owned too

Tawana Barham

Great food!!!

Ledearedra Magett

Super small. They run out of food early. Think food is a lil salty. The service is amazing!! The wait to order is long.

Angie GO

Welcoming service and delicious flavorful food! Found a new spot we plan to revisit and spread the word!

Moneisha Rice

Great place. Wonderful customer service.

Marie H

Amazing food...anywhere from their loaded exploded potato topped with steak and shrimp to the chef's specials that change up each week. Desserts are great and a must try is their lemonade in a variety of flavors every time you go.

Yvonne Manley

The Best Soul Food Ever, Will Not Cook On Sunday's Anymore, Will Let Them Cook For Me

M Herrod

Good vibe, Good service, excellent food. They got my black support

Berry B Beatz Bangaz

Dont know where to start I'm there every sunday like grandma house. The line is worth it every time because the food an service is GOLDDEN. Southern hospitality in the midwest at its best thank you golden glove.

Verrinda Hubbard

Love it!.... Quality delicious food with amazing flavors!

L Ruff

A Blessing

Kris G

Very Good A+

Dominique Jackson

Got the steak Chalupa's and an exploding potato w/ steak and was fire! BLESSINGS TO THE COOK!


sara dargis

Tae Flexxin

Antonio Woody

Customer Service was amazing they even offered complimentary cake and punch while u wait the food was amazing pot roast was good just a little salty wasn’t impressed with the sweet potatoes too mushy the taste was just ok. Best fish ever string beans wear amazing Mac and cheese the best! Please consider using plates for dine in guest instead of paper to go plates this is why I had to give it a 4 star! But all and all it’s amazing! I will be back!

Robert Walker


Jennifer Roytan

Hubby and I had this last week, catfish was the best I ever had, put the hennesy sauce on it which was great. Loved, loved, loved the greens..again best I ever had. Pot roast was very tender n good, just felt it was a tad salty, mac n cheese was good and sweet potatoes were just ok. Will most def be going back again and again!

Keaohna Reynolds

Customer service and food were excellent!!

Ariel Lamb

Phenomenal customer service and delicious food!

Lanese Smith

Had a chance to see what the buzz was about and it definitely lives up to the hype..first of all i love how they greet their customers Kings and Queens, secondly you can feel the positive vibes within the establishment kudos to provide superi customer service. Now lets get down to the food..delicious however i know next time to come way early on Sundays because coming late you get whats left..I left with the bake chicken which was juicy..mac and cheese on point and greens wheww was I surprise to have that smoked meat at the bottom..mmm good definitely will be going back as i want to try their whole menu. It was well worth the wait and worth the drive! Thanks Chef A and Chef B. ❤

Jesse Christian

Their collard greens are outstanding however they don't have them all the time on Sunday

Ryan Jackson

Man I can't say enough good things about the food or the service here get ready to have a great meal .. and great service all in one trip ya can't beat that with a stick much live golden gloves and God Bless see ya soon

Lloyd Thomas

Good food just a long wait

Cheetara Reddick-Gregory

Sarrah Cotton

sandy williams

The Food is always flavorful and a bit different from what you would expect from Soul Food. If you get the chance to scroll through the gallery of pictures, that's what your order will look like upon leaving the establishment. Just be patient with the preparation of your meal. It's worthwhile.

junior amitoelau

Ordered the loaded baked potato, the loaded nachos , and the golden wings to take home. Small place but the flavor of the food is big and tasteful. I will be back for more especially the Sunday's dinners

Asha Xpressions

This place is AMAZING! The food is incredible, the customer service is phenominal!!!!!! I love the fact they are of color.

Karen Addison

I Absolutely Love this place!! When you have the owner come out to the crowd and pray over us and his establishment that we all are blessed how can you not continue to support!! Highly recommended!!

Tanita Marvis Killingham

Delicious,excited to try more. Had buffalo wings and chicken tacos.

Leon Wallace

Nice place and good food I will be back!!

Cassandrar Seibert

Food is always superb! Great atmosphere if you leave hungry that’s definitely your own fault the portions are large. Chef A and B do their thing all the time.

silecia nicholson


I dont know they're doing in that kitchen ,but i will say this they've added a the main ingredients to there work....Excellence on the food,quality of music,and overall service. This place has refreshments(great lemonade,cake,taste of cookies) while you wait..This place is the TRUTH!!!


They are so wonderful here!! Appreciate the good service and food from our own people.


First time visiting this establishment. Had the pleasure of meeting Chef B! Glad my husband, and I decided to check this place out. Great service, and boy was it more than enough food! The food was really good! We will be returning soon!

Kea Thompson

Great food

Justin Albright

Super friendly service, amazing food,good portions. You may have to wait a little bit because everything is made to order

Randy Burnley

The food and service is amazing

Roselyn Jones

MeMe Abrams

All the food is excellent. Presented well. Great customer service.

Aquilla Hicks

Awesome customer service! Great portions ❤️

rah Williams

Yesterday was my 3rd time visiting the restaurant & I was very disappointed. The food was great, but customer service, unacceptable. When I got there at 3:30 the line was out the door so I figured it would be a bit of a wait. I’ve waited for about an hour in the past & for that reason I don’t come often. Since I hadn’t been here in a while I was curious to see if the system had improved. It hadn’t. I waited in line for over an hour. AFTER finally placing my order I waited another hour & 15 minutes until I got my food. This is common on a Sunday. The dining experience is not good at all. Everyone sitting in the hot, crowded dining room was waiting for food so it would be very uncomfortable if you wanted to eat there. It’s literally a waiting area... & should be converted into such until a better system comes about. I spoke to the owner about the wait while ordering my food & he says it’s like this every Sunday from open until close. It seems with its popularity on social media the wait is getting longer. They can’t handle the demand. The food was good, but not worth the wait. I could’ve went grocery shopping & cooked in the time it took for me to get my food. By the time I got to the register to order, they had ran out of dressing. One of the sides I really wanted. People further down the line couldn’t order the mac n cheese because they had ran out. After waiting so long, at least you could have the food we’ve stood in line to order. They kept running out of things like pound cake as well. So if you’re not IN LINE when doors open, you’re risking all of the dishes being available. The owner was very hospitable & the offered complimentary lemonade, but there definitely needs to be a better way to handle the crowds without waiting your whole Sunday afternoon, not having anywhere to eat it or the establishment running out of the dishes you really want. I love to support my people but I’m sorry, That was my last time coming here on a Sunday.

demond hall

I highly Recommend any and everyone to visit Golden Gloves Cuisine the staff are great and welcoming everyone is greated with a King and Queen welcome and the Food is Beyond Amazing

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