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REVIEWS OF Chipotle Mexican Grill IN Indiana

Anthony Lillig

Average fast food

Riki H

Refused to even eat the nasty looking food.

Nikki Dee Stefanatos

Great service

dayna morgan

So this was my first time going to chipotle and the staff was very patient with me. They have a nice amount of options for vegans which catered to me. The manager Elijah was sooo nice and relaxed. The brunette was super nice too. I was so pleased with the taste of the food and the service and will for sure be back. Thankyou Elijah you and the brunette definitely need a raise.

Emily & Terry

I love the food here when it is cooked correctly. Sometimes the steak is full of grizzel (hard chewy pieces). And don't order the pork EVER. It can make you sick.

Malevolent X

Outstanding customer service. The quality of the food was fantastic. An employee named Christian assisted me and he goes above and beyond the customer service realm. Because of these things, I will be a repeat customer for quite some time.

Corey Plunkett

Great time with our German exchange student Julia!!

Dan Jones

Thanks for the chicken bowl to go without chicken.

Bo Weller

I'm a bit of a Chipotle-aholic and this location has become my "home base". The food is always fresh and delicious and the service is excellent. The staff is very friendly and attentive to any requests. I may eat here too often as some of the staff know what I'm going to order when I walk in :) The only complaint I could post would be that sometimes the tables need wiped down but when they are very busy the tables tend to turn faster than they can free someone up from the line to come out and wipe them down.

Dennis Poteet

steak fatty and gristly

Aric Acius

Good burriotos, bowls, tacos. A bit more pricey than comparable food in the area


They are slow as hell. They need employees that are fast to serve.

Nadine Medley

Not good for the first time in years! Dry, no flavor or seasoning

Wende Townsend

First Time eating here and it was very good

Nathan Miller

Pretty good Chipotle. Good portions, food seems fresh most times. Definitely one of the better ones on the Northside.

Melissa Hamilton

Love this place, a lil short on portions

Trent Nutter

Good food and fast service.

Samantha Cox

Fresh, fast, and hot food. GREAT service!

jasmine martin

Fresh food that tastes great. Best guacamole

Tammy Minnis

Pico tasted off

Kristy Burrin

This chipotle is great unless you’re ordering a large group order for pick up. They almost always forget a meal and rush you out of the building before you can check your bag. Very disappointing because the food is great. I learned that the person who rushed me out of the building was a manager, which is also very disappointing. If you’re going by yourself I totally recommend but would advise large groups to check their bags

Josh Heymig

The food is pretty good. The service is also pretty good. When there is a line it tends to move pretty fast. The only things I don't like about this place are the portion sizes and how some stuff costs. I can get a larger portion of food with extra that don't cost at a competitor. It's not a bad place to eat though.

Tasha Wisniewski

Loved the food and the service.

Taylor Burdsall

The food was good but the majority of the tables were dirty, and two of the three employees we encountered were very rude. They also didn't give very much chicken in my burrito, it was 90% rice. It was my first time eating there and I don't really have a desire to go back.

Taylor Hale

Always great service, love the new carne asada steak!!

Angel B.Johnson

Great Food and Service especially if you are Vegan! Try the Sofrita Bowl/Salad

Joe Harvie

The staff is always friendly and helpful. The food is delicious. The store always looks clean.

andrew Smokey

Mexican food that is good and leaves you feeling alright ,price matches the food and best of all wont leave you running to the Latrine afterwards

Cats Meow

Always good

Christine Floyd

Really disappointed today. Nobody in the place - got a VERY small amount of food - the rice was old and I barely got one small spoon of steak. Not like it used to be. Been coming here for years - I will not be coming back here again.


Never a problem with this Chipotle in Avon. Lines are always short because the employees are fast, kind, and effective. Food tastes great as normal and it's always cool to see it being made fresh in store behind the front counter.

Colby Cecil

Delicious burritos, burrito bowls, and tacos. It all tastes very fresh and healthy. It's like a subway for burritos, where you chose all your ingredients and watch them put it all together for you. If you get the burrito bowl, you can ask for tortillas on the side and make 2 burritos instead of one. The chips are great too, salted with a hint of lime. Amazing with guacamole or queso. It can get kind of crowded at times, but the line moves fairly quick and it's worth the wait.

Dan McCullough

Smiling faces, giant burritos and beer. What more need I say?

B0b 761

They get the cheese to meat ratio just right if you like chipotle this idea quality one.

Brittney Berry

Always hot....always tasty... customer service is ok ig

Perfected Chaos

Sweetest cashier and the food was delicious

Jose Ceballos

Not really for me but ill give it a five star... its just the Mexican in me.. lol haha

Jen Richardson

poor service

Matt Riddle

Service was not good. Old steak. Old veggies. Portions were much smaller than they usually are for a veggie bowl. Chips tasted like straight lime and we’re chewy. Yikes

Mitch Balke

Good, fresh food. Wish the menu was a little more diverse. Very generous portions.

KC Myers

Great food. Fair price.

Ruth De Anda

The food lacks flavor, the white rice wasn't cooked enough, and the steak was dry.

Tommy Perkins

Great food but omfg why isn't soooo pricey??? Takes 2 minutes to make a burrito and 3 tacos. You charge 23 bucks lol??? How and why explain?? I was nice with the 3 stars.

Chris w

Ask for light on the beans

John Shea

The food is good, I mean it's Chipotle and better be. I can do without a chatty hostess asking me if I need anything. "Do you need anything?" "Left alone", is the only response I had...

xavier Kronk

lovr chipotle so good yum

Brandon Samson

This is the second best Chipotle compared to downtown the one in greenwood is what made me stop eating Chipotle all together greenwood store is garbage

Marc Petersen

Horrible customer service and horrible in general ripped off for the food and my burrito was ripped

Logan Penney

Love chipotle

Kim Edomwonyi

Delicious and healthy!

Trump Supporter Ann

Consistent everywhere. Include guacamole now!

keywanna sloan

Fast service.

Brian Lambert

Fast friendly, efficient, food was teally good. There were so.e tables that needed to be cleaned off. It was not a busy time of the day.

Debra Gray

Food was good but music to loud to lady behind counter.

Christian Butner

Great burritos, Great staff. Always happy when I come in. Never had any issues, and will continue returning!

Josh Schultz

Pretty good place for a quick lunch. I really like the soup.

Tim Gerber

Friendly staff

Quentin Smith

Great customer service! Good food!

Yvette Hackney

I love their food. It's always been fresh. It's a little bit pricey but very good!!!

Ryan Snyder

My wife and I had burrito bowls last night and she came down with bad food poisoning.The Avon Chipotle needs to make sure that their food is fully cooked and refrigerated properly. In addition they need to take efforts to ensure that food is not cross contaminated. Because of our experience it will be a while before we are brave enough to eat there again.

Joanna Daringer

Delicious Vegan Options...Organic Tofu! Recommend the Sofritas Bowl

Esme Ruiz

Chipotle never disappoints. I love the barbacoa burrito bowl with guacamole.

Fran Bartlett

Great food.

Caladawn Beltre

The girls in the front are super rude, the food has totally gone down the drain and the music is so loud, you cant hear yourself think!

Brandon Coston

They have to put some sort of drug in these things as I am broke and I still keep going back for more. Only downfall is the lack of good queso.

Dale Rardon

Hey I didn't get sick so, not too shabby

Kathryn Frye

They were very stingy with there rice and beans, we paid for double steak and they didn't even do that, they didn't have any lemons, there were no lids for small cups setting out, dirty tables, bugs flying around the restaurant, and employees that don't seem to be doing anything. Definitely not happy with this visit.

Pamela Scott

For the price, it was a but unfulfilling. Tacos are definitely a better deal than the burritos- more meat all around. Very clean facility from what we saw and outside chairs were mostly well-kept. Our table was very wobbly.

Joey D. florez

Was Hoping these coupons from online would work. They did not.. Tacos were ok

Jennifer Dueweke

Despite all the hubbub and concern, Chipotle's food is actually very good.

chuck batic

By no means am I saying that the food isn't delicious. Let's get that part out of the way. My issue is the portion size. I worked at chipotle part time several years ago, and when the portions are correct the burrito is perfect. As it stands the last dozen times I've been to this chipotle they way ober portion, the rice, the meat, and all the other toppings. And don't get me started on the extra cheese. If you ask for it you're going to get huge handfuls of cheese. And frankly it's too much. A correctly portioned burrito is the perfect size. It doesn't leave you feeling like a fullness induced coma is coming. Just a suggestion but I would recommend drilling all this into your employees. It's sad to see someone waaaaay over do it on everything and then struggle to roll a burrito because it ended up being a three pound monster.

Candy Dampson

Fast and clean

Valerie Maulik Khatadia

They didn't have the salad dressing. :-(

Priscah Mhango

Great food, professional staff!

Brian Beaman

I like the chicken bowl it is low carb friendly

Raechel Molly

Great food but they are a little stingy with the fixings. I have been to many Chipotle restaurants and this is one of the few that gives smaller portions for the same price.

Destinyelizabeth Adenekan

They're pretty good flavor wise it's just that with their portions they're very stingy

Kat Carroll

We love to go here and get the whole 30 bowl!

Mia Rice

Fast and delicious. Also has a great military discount: half off!

Rebecca Franklin

The portions were great, but the flavors were pretty basic. People were great!

Da Illipino

I've been coming here for meal prep once a week for the past few months and the staff/management have been outstanding. Using Chipotle for my weakly meal preparations has saved me time and money. Not to mention, it tastes great. I highly recommend the Avon restaurant to any healthy conscious individual or to anyone in general looking for a good meal. The staff take their time and put passion into making your meal. If I could give more stars I would. P.S: Special thanks to the manager Elijah for all the help and support.

Bri Brooks

Fast service Good food

Mary Rybak

Service is excellent. Management is doing a wonderful job.

Alexander Godwin

The portions are just horrible. I'm extremely disappointed with the "new" quessadilla. Chicken is too salty a majority of the time. Im not even sure why to come back.


Recently ordered a burrito bowl. They were so stingy with their portions, it was ridiculous! The bowl was only half full and was mostly cheese and lettuce. It was like eating a cold salad. This usually isn't my experience at other locations. It cost almost 10 dollars and was such a waste of my money. My friend and I both left hungry!

Bob Zellers

Good fast food

Charlie Marlow

I really love there food

Shelby Shepherd

Always good and fast

Brandon Wade

Just plain YUMMmmm!

Sebastian Curless

Me and my wife came in when they first opened on a Sunday moring. They had not quite got all the food out a d still was cutting the steak that had been made fresh that morning. It took them 10 seconds to get the steak to us and they still comped our meals. I was more then will to pay for the food knowing just how fresh the food was. Will definitely be returning for the customer service alone. The food tastes amazing

Yoojung Kim

This specific location's burrito bowl was extremely salty I couldnt even continue eating after a couple of bites.

Tony Adams

Depends on which location you visit...its $2.05 for guacamole and the portiona vary big time. Small pprtion at this location.

Steve Otto

The burritos were delicious. They made them exactly like I wanted. The employees were very helpful and friendly. I will definitely be going back.

Velma Drinkard

Love everything about Chipotle !!! Everything I get in my bowl are all of my favorite foods that I can eat everyday :)

Tony Jump

Good, but a little too expensive

Tyler Edmondson

Great fresh food daily. Friendly staff.

Carmen Worlds

Best quick food EVER! Easy way to make a healthy meal

Carissa Johnson

After my recent 1st visit here I found the food to be delicious and fresh. Great options available for ingredients to your tacos, burritos or bowl. My biggest complaint was price. There were a lot of "up charges" for various things like avocado and queso. I got water with my bowl and somehow paid almost $12.

Kay Corrice

Always love it. Always great service.

Katelyn Bertolet

Can never go wrong with Chipotle. This location is fast and decently generous with their portions.

Michael Hayes

Very good, Destiny was great help!!!


I enjoy the consistency of the experience; friendly staff and tasty food!


Fast service amazing taste good portions would recommend people are nice.


I love Chipotle. The food is quality and the service is always great.

Ryan Michael

Have never had a bad experience here.

Zak Flash

I used to really like the burrito bowls, but lately they're not that filling for what you pay.

Saurabh Rahurkar

This is based on the one time I was at this location so this may or may not be generalizable. I usually like Chipotle a lot and this one was similar to every other Chipotle I've been to. The staff was courteous, the inside was clean etc. What I didn't like was that the rice was undercooked to the point that it was firm to hard in some cases. I was heading to a movie and had ordered it as take out so I really couldn't do anything about it.

Evan Wagner

Smiling faces and great service as always! Food is always incredibly fresh

diane smith

Love love love Chipotle !! Food is awesome and prices are good for the quality of food.

Anthony Cicciarelli

Great food and staff. The manager Loreal or “LC” made the visit wonderful. She is extremely professional and ran her store well. Will definitely keep returning

Austen Eriksen

This place is great! Jerelyn the new GM is moving the restaurant in the right direction!

Marcio Assis

Best fast food chain in US

Tammy Holmes

I enjoy the food and the workers there they treat me like family

Eric Pruneda

It's a sad day when you unwrap your burrito and taco bell does a better job at rolling/wrapping your burrito. Also it was cold. :(

Caleb Yoder

Fast service, friendly staff, and good food. As usual Chipotle is killing it. They updated their Military/Police discount to buy one get one free on Mondays. Staff is quick and very professional!

Don Morrison

I love Chipotle with all my heart but this location has got to be the slowest in the state and the coldest food. It's so pittful that I have to choose this location when I prefer any other locations than this one.

Mandy Duncan

One of my favorite fast food places

steven waltz

Never had a bad meal from Chipotle Grill


Brown rice is undercooked often

cat kegeris

Delicious but eh on variety and customer service.

Bob Stout

Good food and sevice


I've been to this Chipotle once before and the food was good. Today, however, was a different story. The barbacoa wasn't very flavorful and the chips were mainly salt with some chip. We had to scrape off the salt to be able to eat them. I don't know why there was such a difference but it wasn't good

Kathy Britt

This place is awesome! I have always loved Chipotle, so I decided get burritos for my daughter's volleyball team during their tournament. I worked with the manager, Elijah, and he was so incredibly gracious and helpful! The food was amazing, and Elijah even called me the next day to make sure everything went well and to see how Ben Davis did in their tournament! Now that is customer service!!!

Joe Atkins

Good food at a fair price.

Joe Whitlow

Best Chipotle I have been to.

Amy Parker

Today must have been an off day...they weren't that busy but the staff was tripping over themselves to fix the food, but no one was listening to the orders etc. It was very annoying. Usually they are better than that, but I was disappointed this time, as was my daughter who was ordering before I arrived separately.

Dallas Deakins

This was a mediocre location. Meat was dry, they were out of several things (at 5pm), chips were stale like they had been out for 3 days. Still love chipotle just won't go to this location.

jose marcos

Fast service

Jason Brewer

Slower service than some of the other burrito places I've been. But they have good seating (including outside seating). They have the consistent food you'd expect from the Chipotle chain.

George Williams

Quick in and out. Food is awesome start is outstanding and always smiling

Austin Sims

Extremely friendly managers and employees that do the job fast and well and always polite. Would recommend the food and the environment to anyone any day of the week.

Stephen Macfarlan

Never had a problem with their food quality is always been high

Miguel Tovar

It's a great place to hang out and they serve fresh food I recommend it to you

Jaysen Lee

Expected extra charges just for little bit more chicken!!!

Cody Cozad

Worst chipotle I’ve ever been to. Sad. I drive an extra 20 to go to the one in Plainfield so i can actually get quality service and decent portions.

Debra Babbs-Martin

Always delicious everything fresh. Condiments stocked. Employees well trained and polite.

Mary Michael

Missed the fresh limes. Otherwise, great healthy food, good price.

Jason Hagen

Good service, food was fresh

Rick Raeburn

Food and service always good.

Chris Hontz

Oh sweet baby Jesus every time I eat I have to spend the next 22 to 37 hours on the toilet as Trump would say "I bring fire and fury like the world has never seen to sewer system" but I really like the food and will go back!

Randy Ragon

Excellent burrito, but too expensive to have more than once every other month.

Andrea Sharpe

Restaurant could have been cleaner.

MEL Johnston-Stock

Honestly I have not been to Chipotle's in a couple years because of the issues with their meat supply. I thought I would try it again, it was the healthiest & quickest option in the area. I ordered the chicken taco's & they were good, it tasted fresh & flavorful not to mention a good value. Be aware that they do not have non gmo or organic options... although I did see another Google guide mention they have organic tofu ?!

Eric Guptill

Good and consistent as always

Juno Greer


Carrie Ardito

Kind of pricey but really good it's worth it

Brighten Exterior Cleaning Services

Taste is good but never had a burrito folded correctly. Ingredients spilling out all over making a miserable mess to eat. Ruins the experience.

Tessa Hintz

Daughter and I split a bowl and were both full afterwards.

billy hancock

Walked over 2 miles one way with the dog to eat there. They have outside dining there. The food is good, enjoyed the time with Debbie, walked back to the pick up. Ordered two of the Bowls, they are good, we should have split one. Got over 5 miles of walking in. We are looking for more places we can take the dog with us and sit outside and eat.

Damon Workman

Great food. Cannot go wrong with getting either a burrito or a bowl. Their customer service could be a little better but that could be because they are always busy and rushing around.

Jessica Moehlmann

Love me some chipotle.

Danicsa Morales

Bad service

Ariana Moffitt

great healthy option in the area. i like the points system and if you're on a diet, chipotle has a really great online nutrition calculator where you can see all the macros for your entree!

Carson Welch

The food was gross. Burnt pieces [like crispy, charcoal burnt] of whatever mixed in my food. I got a veggie bowl and found a few chunks of chicken (if you have diet restrictions, buyer beware, cross contamination is bound to happen). The bowl wasn't sealed all the way and spilled everywhere. 3rd time is the charm, wont give chipotle a chance again. I'm sorry for betraying you, Qdoba... please take me back!!

Lisa Hornbeck

Love the carne asada! Staff was great!

jacob beaman

Imagine qdoba but one star lower. And that's wht you get here.

Tanesha Mcgowan

Great food

Barbie Miller

Great portions and fresh ingredients! Excellent service, helpful to know some details in the food prep to help with food specifics!

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