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REVIEWS OF Avalon Manor Banquet Center IN Indiana

Kelly Ovanin

Lovely event venue

Linda Orosco

They had a GREAT mother's day brunch. Great food. Only thing that they don't tell you is there are NO REFILLS on pop. You pay for each pop you get and they are NOT very big glasses.

Lori Clark

Nephew's wedding reception, great food and great space for it

Lisa Pajkos

Very elegant and we'll designed.

cindy berg

Food was correct temperature but bland

Ryan Sams

Had a great time at the Daddy/Daughter dance!

Wonia Louise Jackson

Very nice clean organized the food was very good but on the last piece of the chicken I had I can taste the old grease that had been fried in but other than that I gave them up for I like the service everything was wonderful just that last one issue

Ray Zajeski

Well organized multiple rooms for 3 separated events. All 3 can be opened into a big event of up to 500 guests. Great place to have a reception/fundraiser/gala. When all rooms are opened, the room is gigantic! The management is super easy to work with and the dinners are perfectly prepared. Ray – The Connexion Band

Leon Da 1

I’ve attended two weddings here . Very clean environment. Staff was/is fantastic. Plenty of parking. Nicest decor .

Mike Swart

Clean and a very well run place...

Angela Sannasardo

The Avalon is always a beautiful place to have a wedding reception and baby showers and or any event's. Great place and great food, weather is sit down dinner or buffet style.

Jessica Porter

I'd highly recommend this hall to any and everyone. It's a very nice place for all occasions.

Steven Grims88

Great atmosphere with alot of room. Food is excellent

Elaine Merry

Nice place to host an event.

Eric Jaeger

Great food, beautiful venue and amazing staff

Samantha Mathas

lovely place for a venue. attended multiple events here. pretty place, friendly staff.

Marti Gierke

Very nice venue, great food and service!

Paul Depoy

Went to a morning seminar there Breakfast was served Delicious !!!!! Great staff Beautiful ballroom Very clean bathrooms Management and staff should be proud Of the great job they do......

Chris Pahl

This is our closet fav when it comes to banquet venues. If you're doing a family style dinner, the beef is a must! We absolutely love working at Avalon.

Amanda Nelson

Beautiful room options and amazing menu!

Felicia Smith

Beautiful building and atmosphere

Ed Anderson

Had a celebration of milestones of work here. Nice room.

Lee Voided

The Avalon was fantastic, the decor was beautiful, location and parking was good. My only issue was with the staff... server's were unfriendly, I don't feel that diversity is welcome

Kelly Dooley

A great location for any event that you might be planning for. Can accommodate large crowds or smaller events. Also has outside area for use.

Rick Rife

Beautiful hall. Highly recommend

Pam Imm

Food great atmosphere beautiful staff helpful

Omar Hamed

Best place to do arrangements what are use gatherings and etc. my family has been going here for many years and my other family members have been over here as well it’s very big and very well priced

Luke Stigler


Jason Burke

Beautiful hall.

Marsha Eriks

Often go here for work events. Nice place

Jacque Paris

Great venue. Good staff.

Karen Stiver

Very nice place.

Tom Lackey

Had class reunion here they took very good care of us. Great food and prices.

Geri Ellis

Wonderful place for any special gathering.

Miles Follmar

Nice place

Arielle Anderson

We had our wedding reception at Avalon and it couldn’t have been a better experience. The Avalon staff are professional and respectful. They are flexible and willing to work with you to make your day beautiful and special. The food is amazing as well. I highly recommend the venue for weddings and other event.

James Zima

Great perch. Bartenders and wait staff are great!

J. Gallegos

Not as nice as you would expect it to be.

Dan McKenna

Food at the wedding was FABULOUS!!

Argie Tripodis

Awesome place

Jon Nasella

Great service and the food was delicious

Matthew Long

I came to Avalon Manor Banquet center for a family members wedding. After arriving in the parking lot I seen a nice set up outdoors with flowers and chairs. After going in I realized it was split off into different sections so more than one event can go one at the same time. A first I was like dang we are going to be parting with the people next to use but the way everything is set up I did not see anyone from the other party all night. This place seems to be set up and ran so that your party of people stays together and does not ever intrude on the other party's. I side the venue was very nice the tables and chairs where nice and in good condition the lighting was good. And we even had a bar set up In our room. We also had a nice back drop outside for pictures. All and all we had no complaints I would recommend this venue to family and friends. Also has a nice big parking lot for all your guest.

joe sepulveda

Very nice banquet hall! I have been here many times!

lorelei 330

Beautiful banquet hall with excellent food. The entrance is grand and the rooms are beautiful.

Luke Heisner

Good banquet halls, ample space, and a good bar selection. I just wish the food matched the rest.

natasha boilek

Friendly staff. Good food.

Norine Siple

5 stars because we had a lovely event last week for our daughters wedding and reception. Everything including the staff and meal were excellent.

Cynthia Fish

The event I attended was fun. The food was terrible. Spongy turkey, or maybe it was chicken, not good. I couldn't tell you what the other items on my plate were it was that forgettable.

Leroy Blanks

Attended a wedding here for my niece and her new husband. Outstanding place to have a wedding good service hard-working staff

Kim Love

Fabulous foos! The walls were way too thin. Other group's DJ should gave turned the music diwn! But the grounds were the young couple got married was very nice. The room she chose was really large (over 300 guest was big enough! The hallway had stairs where all 85

Joan McPherson

Delicious food and professional servers. Clean and great space

Yo girl Uni

Very beautiful place the room we were in was gorgeous with a great View

Tanya Guca

Very nice banquet hall. Friendly staff. Not enough toilet paper but clean

Anita Hudson

Food was not the best and was cold. Ive hand better service there before!!!

Linda Loera

Beautiful venue. I attended a teaching workshop here. Excellent staff and snacks.

Jay Rans

Some attitude but great food

Mary White

Food, service and cleanliness made for a delightful wedding and reception. We came in from out of town and the location was easy to find. There was plenty of parking. You will notice that I gave 5 stars, because that is the best!

Kevin Kosek

Attended a wedding, clean, good food, even better staff, great bartender!

Matt Nondorf

Nice place to have a conference with good food.

Nitapooh Jelks

Beautiful place for a wedding

Jennifer Siatta

I think this place for a wedding was awesome. Really pretty and its bigger on the inside than it looks. However the bathrooms were a mess- paper towels and water everywhere. There should also be a closer bathroom at the opposite end. We were in the fountain room and we had to walk all the way around to the front. Dinner was great and the ambiance was great.

c rs

I'm getting married here in september! I'm so excited. its so beautiful and the staff has been amazing so far!

Cole Spolaric

Interior was really nice and well maintained. Can hold large events. Food wasn't real warm when it came out is my only real complaint.

bryce jones

It's a beautiful place especially for a wedding. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful

Nicole Mock

We had our wedding reception here for about 150 people a few weeks ago and it was amazing. Our coordinator and several other members of the staff were more than willing to meet with us this past year to be sure everything was perfect. They went above and beyond to make sure all of our decorations were set up before we arrived. The food was amazing and they had us come in for a tasting before the big day to make sure we got what we wanted. I cannot say enough great things about Avalon and their team. We will be back in the fall for my brother's wedding!

Amber Clara

I was the maid of honor in a wedding at Avalon. The decorations were gorgeous, the staff were friendly, the venue was beautiful and clean and spacious, and the food & drinks were good. I have 1 major complaint, which is why I gave only 3 stars instead of 4 or 5. My complaint: The waitstaff cleared the tables WAY too fast. Examples are below: (1) I had to take the bride to the bathroom during dinner, maybe 10-15 minutes after they had served us our food, and by the time we got back, ALL of our food was gone. I barely got to eat anything! The bride didn't either! It was very disappointing. They should have waited longer and they should have asked if it was okay to clear the food. I've been to multiple weddings and I've also been a waitress at a wedding banquet venue for years, so I know what good service looks like. This was not it. (2) The waitstaff cleared off all of our drinks - including 2 full bottles of champagne, 1 full beer, and multiple full glasses of water - while my friends and I went on the dance floor for one song. As a waiter/waitress, you need to use your common sense. Guests are free to leave their tables as they wish, but that doesn't mean they are finished. Furthermore, it is pretty obvious that 2 full bottles of champagne and a full beer means that the guests are not done drinking. Other than this major complaint, I had a positive experience. I hope, in the future, the waitstaff here are educated on proper table-clearing etiquette as that will make the guests' experience much better.

rachel tate

Nice, clean ,and friendly staff.

Maria Zayko

We had our barn wedding catered by Avalon Manor in Hebron. Food and drinks was one of the most important things to us and they certainly delivered! The buffet food was delicious with many options for all and stayed warm after setup. Everything was delivered on time and the bartenders did a great job. Everyone was happy! Highly recommend!

Andrew Bozak

Good times!!!! Great venue wih a great staff

She - She lil -Ma

Very lovely place... was a beautiful environment

Sheila Shelton

Love, luv, love. Nice place to have a function. All around just excellent

Keith Berry

Food, service, and the facility were excellent.

Kuro Tafolla

The area was nice but the event planning was horrible. And it was burning hot inside the building.

Robert Sheehan

Go here every year for the Friendly Sons of Erin party, and they are always great!

Alex F

Great place for any event, from a small business meeting to a big wedding. Upscale and well- maintained.

Robert Willmore

A beautiful reception and event hall.

Terona Skinner

I attended an event at your facility the wedding was scheduled at 4:30. I arrived at 4:15 to see the bride setting her own dessert table guest placing centerpieces and no staff on the floor. While sitting at my table a staff pouring ice in the glasses wasted ice all over the table picked it up with her hands and pkaced it in the next cup. When asked if she thought that was sanitary her reply was the tabkecloths are brand new. For such a high cost no genuine courteous service and attitudes of the staff rude. Nice facilty but staff needs more training.

Allison Zalesny

I've had a few events here for work and have always found it incredibly easy to work with their staff to make sure everything runs smoothly

claudia thomas

Nice atmosphere and good food

Karen Larson

I have been here many times for different occasions. Food is delicious...servers ...the best. A shout out to P.J. our server. This young lady reads minds...would look for her for a refill and she already had what we needed in her hands. Couldn't ask for pun intended.

Mark Vecchi

Nice atmosphere, good food.

Paul Dellemonache

Always great.

Sharron Rouse

Yes, food was good, so was the customer service.

Tensia Johnson

Great for weddings and receptions. They need shading over chairs outside but everything was beautifully done.

Dana Hand

Nice building. With the exception of two staff members, hateful people. The food was pretty good but cold. The owner was a good indication of why the staff was so hateful. Very unprofessional and rude person.

Dawgin Messi

I had my dads funeral service there. The food was terrible.. but the service was okay.. if I could do it all over I would have tried a different place.

Paulette J Jacob

This facility is good for anyone (business or pleasure) with great food and service.-----Was there again four months ago; and the service and food was just as good as each time I've been there.

Travis W.

Nice facility. Wedding we were at had an open bar, but they were happy to serve me plain ol' soft drinks.

Frank Czubala

The food was really Good! Pot roast done to perfection!!

Tracie Owens

I am very disappointed in this venue, my daughter-in-law had her bridal shower there last weekend. The the venue was very nice right down to the water feature in the pond. The staff was professional and the food was good however when it was time to pack up our things the staff told my daughter-in-law that she couldn't take the leftover food. She actually paid for 75 guest but only 50 people attended. Which means there was ample food left. I feel that she should have been able to take the leftover food or get a refund. When asked what they were going to do with the leftover food, she was told that the food would be divided amongst the staff which I think is very unfair. I advised my daughter in law to contact a lawyer to see what her legal rights are regarding this matter.


Very good food and service!

Ava Gardner

Very nice banquet hall.

Robert Siersema

Good place for work events. Food is always good as well.

Monica Bly

Atmosphere great, service excellent, food very good, was there for a benefit!! Will continue going there for other reasons!!,weddings shower's benefits, mtgs 10 stars!!

David Morganelli

Went there for a financial seminar.Dinner was very good, and service was good to .Nice facility.

Trout Gal

Beautiful Bride, bumbling staff. Half the guests watched the wedding standing up, then it was one mistake after another.

sandee rush

Very beautiful place.

Molham Mhd

Worst service I have ever found. Very mean waitresses, they even ignore serving food for all guests. We simply didn't get out dinner served,after several times of requesting that!

yvonne Scruggs

My Daughter had her wedding there it was beautiful. Garden wedding

Edward Cooper

Beautiful venue

Floyd Williams

Very nice place, food was great.

Maksim Monastyrskyy

What a great place to have wedding at , fun , clean and great location .

Jodie C

Veronica and Ana we fabulous servers for a wedding shower. Highly recommend

Linda Mandalas

Great food, nice place. Excellent for an event

Mary Gibson

The place was beautiful and the service was great it is a nice choice to have events

Keith Erickson

Went there first time for Easter Buffett. Food quality was good but seletion was poor, there were 4 breakfast items, vegetables were a medley only, carved meats had only one item, ham. The salad was pre mixed, and there was no types of fruits or cheeses offered. Also there is no alcohol served there which is NOT mentioned on there flyer. Servers were polite but under staffed. Took awhile to get our drinks

Rich Gomez

Opened hall late. Food was disgusting. Clean hall with good servers and clean restrooms.

April Thorne

A great hall to hold any event. Food also very good.

Dave Waffler

Always an amazing time and great food. Clean and wonderful as always.

Dan Nolan

The Avalon has enough room for as many people as you need. The meeting of Realtors was a packed room and well-organized. And we all had coffee!

Sam C

Been coming here for various business and social events for years, and years, and YEARS. And, Avalon has been *the* *exact* *same* down to the worn carpets, dingy walls, and just generally 90’s look. In the 90’s, I would’ve given this place 4-5 stars, but hey that’s 20+ years ago. Time for a new coat of paint, new carpets, or ...something.

Ayrial Frith

I had a great time

Sarah k

Yesterday, I was here for my pinning ceremony for school, and I was so impressed by the staff and service I received. My waitress was exceptional and I will be keeping this place in mind for my events. Food was amazing too!

Finding Fluffy

Great banquet hall. Went here recently and had a great time. Food was excellent and the staff was very friendly.

Nathan Hand

Staff is rude and a little obnoxious. Served everyone food then immediately closed the bar of all drinks. Why give us food then deny us drinks? Didnt apologize said closed for dinner very rudely.

Angelica Guzman

The staff was very helpful!! Many places to take pictures, and my venue was near the gazebo, loved it!!

Greg Koszut

Great events here. Be sure to order the Perch if you are hosting an event here. All the food is great but the fish is exceptional. Very good service at these events as well!

Javier Ortiz

I've been here for a couple events, (wedding, prom, banquets, etc.) Friendly staff and well kept up.

Norma Hopkins

Big facility easy accessible

John Kuehl

Wow, that place is first class! We were there for a banquet, and the service and food was marvelous!

Al Rodriguez

Good food.

Denise Hallett

Awesome food and top notch service

Aaron Thomas

Was there for my son's bowling banquet. Food was as you expect for a large group. Everything was dry. Very crowded room, food cart kept bumping my son. Staff was kind and quick to help. There was another event and the music was so loud that we couldn't hear our speakers even with the microphone.

Janine Bray

The best place to have parties, or any celebration with a large crowd!

Bernadine Randle

The fried chicken is the best, but all the food is delicious.

Mark Settle

Great place for Weddings and fundraiser s

Kelli Dudley

Popular banquet hall; limited veggie options.

Vanessa Breese

Nice place

Nina Wiseman

Great place


Very nice banquet hall for Christian Prom

Sandy Stropky

Fabulous food, very nice.

Kenneth M. Thames, Sr.

Awesome time at the Dreamers Conference! This place is always great.

Kevin McGill

Great place, so much fun

Laura Isley

Pretty place, very clean. Nice atmosphere too!

Bob Willmore

A beautiful hall for a special event

Shannon Colleen Villanueva

Went here for an event. Soup was delicious! Portion was a little small, not offered more soup but was given more bread... the chicken sandwich with gouda was soooooo dry. Everyone away my table removed the chicken from the sandwich in effort to be able to feel full. No sauce. Nothing was offered.

Betty Lloyd

Refuse to provide containers for food not. Eaten

James Stolte

I attend meetings here and am truly impressed by their food. The lake perch is what I really go there for and I just can't eat enough of it. I recommend Avalon Manor with gusto.

Keith Gingerich

We'll run & pleasant atmosphere.

Michael Blakesley

Nice place, particularly if the company is paying

Joan Sporny

We've been coming to Avalon for our retirement planning dinner for several years, and the food just keeps getting better and better! They have several large rooms available to rent, so there is no problem when lots of events are taking place. Their parking lot is huge, so I've never had problems finding a spot. Their staff is friendly and efficient, too.

Beth Kozlowski

Beautiful place for a wedding reception, or a bridal or baby shower. Some of the rooms large windows, with nice views The food and service there is great!

Quentin Brown

Classy venue and wonderful for conference! Great views of the pond in the rear from inside center! Would recommend for banquets, seminars, etc.

Alex S

Took my family of 20 to the Mothers Day Brunch. It was incredible. All of the food was fresh and prepared very well. Smoked Salmon was out of this world. Cocktail Shrimp was big! Ham and Prime rib very tasty. Everyone in the family loved it. Waitress Nicole extremely pleasant and quick. Unlike resturants this venue is more unique... They are nit pushing you out the door to get the next tabe seated. Years ago we used to go to Strongbow Inn for Mother's Day and Avalon exceeded them by a lot!

Stephen Muenstermann

The staff did an amazing job

Mark Price

Very nice place. Peter (owner) is amazingly hospitable & treats you like a valued guest.

Patricia Cephas-Wiiliams

Love it class get together very up scale

Robert Sommer

Good food and extremely efficient and pleasant wait staff

David Graves

The Avalon helps our non profit organization put on a charity auction each year. And each year they continue to shine with excellent service, great food, all while maintaining an upscale atmosphere.

Dianna Borum

Went to a banquet for my organization and the environment is nice. Service was fast and friendly, food was regular banquet fare.

Deborah Crayton

I've been there several times. Always very clean. The staff is friendly. Handicap accessible and plenty of parking space. The food is good too.

Jeff Lawson

The Avalon always has our programs well set up and ready to go when we arrive. The staff is extremely courteous, pleasant, and enjoyable to work with on events. Thank you, Katie, Peter, Donna, PJ and everyone!!!

Diana McGill

The Avalon Manor is a beautiful place to hold your events. The staff are very personable and they work with you on every detail to make your event perfect. The food is good and the wait staff are very attentive to your needs. I highly recommend the venue.

jacqueline misera

I attend many affairs here. The food, parking and safety are great. Atmosphere nice intimate quiet. Large enough for the midsize to large events. Has smaller venue spaces upstairs also. Nice for business venues. Hotels, restaurants and mall on strip.

Vaughan Pritchett

Service was topnotch. My mom's 80th birthday celebration was great! The food was enjoyed by everyone. The room was set up beautiful.

Anne Aiken-VZ

Beautiful and clean. Lots of parking, good food and good service.

Octavio Ruiz

I had a great time there with my cousin's brother-in-law good time at day best place to party

Pat Szczecina

Staff was very good saved it. The food was mediocre mashed potatoes more like soup. Didn't even try the rabbit food broccoli raw. Sorry millennials think it's cool I like my food cooked. Chicken was okay. Bread was real good that's what I ate bread and butter. I realize they had four weddings going and it's a hard task.

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