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REVIEWS OF The Hickory IN Idaho

Matthew Holli

The smoked meats are well flavored. The service is friendly and attentive. The portions are good for the price. A good thing to try when you visit is one of the many lemonade flavors.

Christopher Farley

Excellent home cooked food that warms the soul on any occasion. This restaurant is possibly the best one in all of Rexburg and the immediate surrounding area. The burgers are a must try and their smoked meats and fantastic. Their social media and website could use a little work though. I think it would attract a lot more customers in the long run.

Brad Fowlks

Excellent food. Went there on vacation and had to do back the next day! It was that good. Their bbq sauce was some of the best I've had.

Trevynn Kinghorn

Food wasn't very good, service sucked, didn't know who our waitress was. Definitely wont go back.

Steve Perry

Its always been slow service but there food has been ok but after last night we wont be back it took over 30 minutes to get our drinks and it took an hour to get our salads it was very hard to keep our two small children entertained for that long usually they give them menues they can color but ran out after waiting all that time my prime rib was black and smelled like fish I could not eat it I ordered med rare and received a dry fishy well past well done we wont be back

KezLee Ferrera

The Hickory is always a nice place to go in eat. They have good food, but their service isn't always on the ball. Our drinks were empty for a the majority of the time. Their many choices of lemonades are great but you can only see the wall or lemonades from two tables. Good food, okay service. Might recommend.

Heather S

The wait time was terrible, we waited for over an hour and a half, after being told it’d take about 30 mins. Still gave it a try, and the food was awful. Literally, everything we ordered was disappointing, even things like baked potatoes, mac n cheese, french fries and green beans, which are hard to mess up. And the meat was awful. So much wasted food, time and money. It has been several hours and 4 of us still have upset stomachs. Our waitress was friendly, but surprised she didn’t seem at all concerned that all 7 of us had nearly full plates and did not want to-go boxes.

jason christman

Attentive wait staff. Great smoked turkey. Yummy dessert.

Chelsea Coons

My family and I stopped here for dinner while attending BYU-I graduation. After reading reviews, we thought it would be a good spot that would accommodate us all, for dietary restrictions and large group size. We were wrong. After being told it would only take 25-30 minutes to be seated, we waited 45 minutes. Then ordered drinks and food and waited another 20 minutes for meat and then an additional 15 minutes for salads. The salads we received had items that we had allergies to. Then they took it back to the kitchen, and PICKED OFF the food and brought it back to us and put seeds on the salad to try and cover up the fact they picked it off and didn’t get all of it. Then after talking to the manager who was running the hostess stand, we were still charged for the salads and waited another 15 minutes until we got now salads made and boxed up to go. We WILL NOT be eating here again, and we do NOT recommend this place during any busy time of the day.

Megan Fullmer

Visited for my birthday and the pulled pork was extremely dry and grose. When we talked to the waiter about it, he just said "Oh" and walked away. Never said sorry or tried to make it right. My brisket was very fatty. The waiter never tried to make it right even when we had to tell him what his job was. Plus our salads came out late and right before our food. When we got to our food it was cold. Terrible service and food. 0 stars! We won't be back

Brody Green

My wife and I loved the hickory at the old location. Ever since they moved we have felt like the food and the service has gone way down hill. We had a terrible experience our last visit and won’t be going back unless some serious changes are made.


I figured this place was another BBQ joint. I was pleased to find a diverse menu. We were a qroup of 10, a challenge the wait staff handled well. We ordered salads and pastas, bbq and I ordered a New York Steak which turned out to exquisite! Well seasoned and well prepared. So tasty. So, if you can travel to Rexburg for a super meal here. Peace.

Haiden Huskinson

I loved this place fast service good food definitely recommended

Becka Ward

The food was amazing! The service, not so much. I wouldn't come here again unless I got it to go.

Melissa Hartley

We love the Hickory. We've been eating here since they first opened in their old location. The new location is great. Just remember if you can't find parking in the front then swing around back and walk in through the back door. We usually eat dinner early (5-6p) so we miss the dinner rush. But it's worth the wait. We love everything on the menu and don't forget to check the specials board! They have had a few specials that are fantastic and are not on the menu. I always get lemonade and my husband likes to pick a different root bear each time we go. We've also ordered cider if we are celebrating something. So many yummy things, you can't go wrong! Hands down our favorite restaurant in town.

Mitchell White

Always good food, never any mistakes. Sometimes there is a wait for a table and sometimes food comes out slowly. But they have free refills on lemonade and 30 different flavors. The restaurant is family friendly and well decorated.

Joseph Nebeker

Awesome brisket and sauces. I don't give props on brisket easily done my dad was from Texas and taught me how to cook it. The ribs are special in that they are meatier ribs than I have ever had.

Jared Smith

This place used to be an awesome BBQ restaurant. Something must have happened in management or something, because the quality went down hill fast. Everything from fatty cuts of meat over a few visits, to finding plastic in mashed potatoes...twice! I would go to Pitmaster BBQ in Idaho Falls for the areas best BBQ

Julie D

Not the best in Rexburg, but I cannot say that it is the worst either. The hamburgers are pretty good, and I personally like the pulled pork sandwich. The atmosphere and decor is really cool. However, the metal chairs are very uncomfortable and the restaurant is almost always cold. The service has never been very good anytime I have come here, but the food kind of makes up for it.

Daniel Hallstrom

Great place to go for a nice atmosphere. Want a cheap date? Go grab the nachos app and some drinks. Fills you up and doesn’t kill the budget

Garth Wilkins

First time eating here. Friends selected the place as they had been there before. Two of us had the fish and shrimp dinner. Lots of food. Restaurant isn't fancy and getting menu took almost 10 minutes after we seated ourselves. Would eat here again if we come back to Rexburg in the near future.

Adam Shorey

I visited this place a month ago and had to let my brain cool off before I wrote a review. We drove in from Nevada, after about 10hrs in a car with kids and dogs towing a horse trailer, exhausted, and hungry, we stopped here. We where handed menus and then a scrambled verbal list of all the items they did not have. As the waitress told us of the Items they DID NOT have, another waitress behind her continued to add more items to the list as she was giving it to us verbally. 2/3rds of the menu was unavailable. After sitting and trying to figure out what we could have, our orders were taken only to be quickly reported back that those items are now also unavailable. I wish could of said that the food was so good that all this frustration was worth the time, but it wasn't. Bland, basic, unappetizing, and a waste of money. I've never been a person to make major chains or franchises a hallmark of my travels, we always ask locals. The Hickory came highly recommended from locals. Unfortunately the highlight was leaving. And unfortunately if this is a local favorite, it can stay a local favorite. I would go find another place or, against my code, hit a major chain or franchise if ever pass through again.

Preston Hon

Melt in your mouth meat. Good lemonade. I'll be back for sure.

Charissa Merchen

I have always had great experiences with my food at The Hickory but every time I go with family and friends it is inevitable that one of their dishes is not good. The past few times the brisket has been so dry. I love their shredded chicken on the Potato Bomb! And their burgers are always yummy!!

Logan Graham

The food is great! I love their lemonade as well! Definitely a must visit while in Rexburg.

Keneshi Wright

This place was absolutely amazing. A-1 service and our meals were absolutely delicious. 10/10 would recommend for couples and groups.

Norman Larsen

Fantastic place to cater your event. Amazing food for our sons wedding. We feed 160 people and every one loved it. Great set up and take down. Took the stress out of our luncheon

Margaret Parson

Amazing! I got the brisket burnt ends sandwich without the bun and biscuits on the side. Wow! And the sparkling limeade was stellar!

Brenda Dudash

Big portions and mix & match lemonade is tasty.

Noah Hansen

Great place to eat, great service and a variety of lemonade. Big dishes for a low price, and the food is great.

Edwin Soto

This place was okay. Staff was very polite and friendly for sure. Nothing really jumped out of the menu to me. It was small portions for the price. The food was okay. From my understanding it was greater from previous owners according to fellow coworkers at my job. I would go again.

William Estes

Server was lacking in tact and haste, food was dry and low quality. When one of our orders had a issue with tasting like chemicals had tainted the burger the refund we were given was incorrectly applied requiring a refund before being able to pay for the meal. Absolutely insulting for the price of the establishment, do not recommend.

Amy Christean

I highly recommend the Big Bleu! Melted, crumbled bleu cheese, bacon, and a dash of hot sauce on a yummy burger. It's my favorite!

Stev Keith

First of all, beautiful atmosphere!! I love the decorations, lighting and overall feeling of the restaurant. I do understand that occasionally restaurants have negative reviews due to the chance that some customers might have had a bad experience because of a variety of factors including quality of food, customer service, and just overall experience. However, I for one had an amazing dining experience here at the Hickory. The waitress Emily D. Was exceptionally kind and friendly. She greeted us warmly and was responsive to our needs in a time efficient manor. The lemonaids are delicious. We loved the brisket and all BBQ meats. The price of food is a bit much but we're also kinda poor so I guess it depends your circumstances. I would highly recommend this restaurant for a nice time out and good food. And if you happen to get Emily as a server tell her she is amazing and tip her well. We love the hickory so much!!! Thank you for a good time.

Justin schmitt

Waited for over an hour to get our food. When it finally arrived it was cold. Sent it back waited 30 more minutes steak was not cooked right. McDonald’s has better quality of food.

Beau Merrill

Hickory is great food. They have a bbq vibe. They do have good pulled pork dishes. Their lemonade is great too.

Jon Fry

Worst meal my wife and I have ever had in Rexburg. We are locals and have tried this place a few times and it only gets worse. My wife and I both ordered the Parmesan chicken pasta which was tasteless and the noodles drastically over cooked. We tried to get our servers attention prior but she never came around except to address if we needed anything else. Our plates were still full we had ate very little and told her it was terrible and why it was terrible. We requested a manager but the manager never came and we got a whopping $5 off for meals that were so gross we couldn’t even eat more than a few bites. I recommend to anyone to avoid this place because when they cook food wrong they don’t own up to there service. They just want there money.

Ардагуль Канагатова

It's nice restaurant and has best steak in Rexburg. Good service and friendly. We will come back

Griffin Hagen

Great food. Very nice helpings of food as well. It can get busy especially on weekends so plan in advance or dont go.

Christopher Lowery

My wife and I tried The Hickory while passing through Rexburg. I ordered the bisket sandwich and it was really good. Great flavor and the BBQ sauce on the sandwich made it even better. Wanted to try the Lemonade with the variety of flavors so tried the Watermelon Lemonade and it was also really good. The service was great, place was clean, and we both really enjoyed the food. Will definitely go back again next time in Rexburg.

Andrea Tice

The Hickory has a pleasant atmosphere and friendly staff. I love the fried pickles! I ordered the cranberry apple pecan salad yesterday. It was large enough to split for two meals. I was disappointed with the serving bowl though; it made eating awkward. The apples were in wedges so I had to cut them to be bite size, and the amount of chicken was less than proportional to the salad. The menu stated it was served with ranch, but I ended up with a strawberry viniagrette. My husband ordered the biscuits and gravy special. He said the biscuits and gravy were great, but the sausage that came with it was dry. Overall, a nice place to eat for the price.

Ian Wills

Let’s start at the beginning, first they seat us right away, which you would think would be great, but then they don’t tell the waitress that we are here. We sit for a long time and finally the kids are getting upset because they are thirsty so I have to go to the hostess and ask for someone to bring us water. Stupidity on our part, we don’t cut our losses and leave. Finally a waitress shows up and tells us the hostess never let her know about tour table. At that point we are definitely ready to order so as soon as she shows up we order since we had plenty of time to look over the menu. What felt like an hour and very well could have been we finally get our food, and if you like cold bbq it would have been a great dinner but it was all cold but we tried to eat what we could, which is not as much as we would have if it hadn’t been cold. When I informed the waitress that it was cold she said I’m sorry gave me the check and asked if we wanted a box. Not happy! Will not be returning!

Andrew Cox

Went today to have a nice date with my wife. We were disappointed. The service was pretty good. Our re-cooking of steak took like 15 minutes, but that's the only service complaint I have (it was busy but we were still served pretty fast overall). The salad has cheese when the menu doesn't mention it (lactose intolerant). My turkey bacon avocado sandwich came out in shambles with not a lot of bacon, but it was still pretty good. This would merit 4 stars, but... My wife's dinner was awful. The shrimp tasted like it came from the freezer section at Wal-Mart, the beans were 100% from a can, and the steak was rare when she ordered medium-well, not to mention the lack of promised hush-puppies with every dinner meal. The mashed potatoes were homemade and good, and her steak was good when it returned, but not worth the $19 it cost. Their new Huckleberry Cheesecake was okay, but the cake itself tasted store-bought. We will never be returning. TL:DR Sub-par service, good sandwiches, not-good-for-the-price meats, terrible seafood, terrible sides, okay desserts. Would not recommend. Go somewhere in Idaho Falls.

Andrew White

This review comes down to quality for me. Not only is this place a very long wait to get into we were stuck waiting 30 minutes past our reservation. I would attribute it to a slow service staff more than being too busy to handle. Everyone was extremely friendly! But when reading the menu my mouth began to water, when we finally got our food I was disappointed. Steak had great flavor but was cold, along with both of my sides. My wife's rack was hard as a rock and cold as well. We had to haul staff for help, again perhaps its because they were so busy. My experience may not reflect a typical night/ visit here. But it was poor enough that I don't believe we'd come back. Lemonade gets a 10/10.

Tim McClanahan

Great food! Great Hamburgers.


So good, probably the best meat place in Rexburg.

Kody Hogan

I’ve ate at the hickory multiple times and for the most part it was pretty good. This last time I went I ordered a smoked prime rib! The menu said it was a 14 oz smoked prime rib. For starters it didn’t have a smoked taste what so ever. Secondly it was nothing close to a 14 oz even with all the fat on it, it could maybe be a 6oz. Actual meat is no more than four bites. Worst of all it costs $21. I will definitely never eat here again and unless you like paying for terrible food I suggest you don’t either. I do know quite a bit about prime rib. What I’m saying is even with the fat it’s only the size of a six ounce. And for the price you should go to Texas road house because there is no way it was a 14 oz cut of meat. It was no bigger than one of your side dish containers. So maybe you should figure out what 14 oz is before you serve it. Plus your food is always cold. This place is a joke!

Tanner Leavitt

Very nice place to eat, rustic decor, clean, good service. And the burger I had (Brisky Business) was really excellent. Only complaint I had was not being able to bite it very well due to its enormousness. They also have flavoured lemonades, with near endless flavour combinations, I had huckleberry peach and a couple others. I would highly recommend.

Penny Ward

Over 1hr and a half to get our food, missing one person's order, and other 45 mins before they "found" his meal and it wasn't even what he ordered. Spoke with manager about service being slow and his response was "when it's this busy our resturant is made to service this many tables at once" - wow about you dont fill the tables if you are un able to service them properly. Great food but very very poor service from management. Unfortunate that the servers have to face the patrons when the management clearly could careless if they over book. Wont be returning.

Bryant Dye

Super good! Awesome waitress! And the food is amazing! New menu and new items that are superb!

Angel Lopez

This used to be our favorite place to eat. My wife and I would come here every date night and we always recommended it to everyone. We went about a month ago (for the first time in a year) and we were very disappointed. The atmosphere is great, however we had very mediocre service. They did away with a lot of the things that made them unique and good, like their homemade fry sauce and hand cut fries. Their new steak fries taste like any frozen fry you could purchase at Walmart. My wife ordered a pulled pork sandwich and it was extremely dry - the meat was like cardboard. My meal wasn’t bad, but nothing to rave about. We decided to give it another shot since it used to be our favorite spot here in Rexburg. The wife got the 2 meat plate - they gave her the wrong side and both the pulled pork and smoke sausage were dry. The sausage tasted like dried deer jerky and the flavor was off. The honey badger burger was pretty good. Overall we feel that this place has gone downhill. It’s not what it used to be. We would rather eat fast food - better service, better food, and a whole lot cheaper.

Mark Day

Great Food, Atmosphere and Service and Location!

Aaron Smith

Hickory Management and all staff!!! thank you so very much for being so reliable! We just sat at another restaurant for ,believe it or not, 1 and an half hour. We didn't even receive food. But we knew to come straight here and sure enough you served us or drinks and food within the first 15 minutes and you look pretty busy! Your food is delicious! your lemonades phenomenal! your service is friendly quick and checks up frequently. The atmosphere is so homey and comfortable. thanks again for being our savior tonight from horrible service. We will always have the hickory as our first choice for dining out.

Candelario Romero

The Hickory in Rexburg looks good. The interior is even better, and the staff is nice. The only reason I am giving The Hickory such a low review is because of the food. I had one of their recommend dishes, the New York steak. All I can say it was awful and here is why. It was not cooked well, and after getting it cooked for a second time it came back raw. Also for the bit i ate, it had absolutely no flavor. The sides were not great either. I had a loaded baked potato which was not loaded, and my mashed potatoes tasted as if they came out of a microwave. For the price, one is better off going to a sizzler.

Anna Polley

One of my favorite restaurants ever. Everything on the menu is delicious. 18 hour smoked brisket! Even the soup was just a means of getting meat in my belly. The fries are fantastic and huckleberry desserts - need I say more?

Gwyndolyn C

The food was so delicious and I loved how they had peanuts to much on!


Love this place! Has great workers and amazing food at good prices

Shyla Kunz

Everything here is fabulous! The lemonade and the honey badger are legendary.

Robert Wylie

This one was better than last time when my steak was inedible. The cook likes way too much garlic and no other seasoning

Tanner Emerson

I'd give it 4.5 stars, but I have to err a bit low, because the changed their menu and raised the prices a bit in the past few months. However, their prices still are decent. Their BBQ isn't top notch, but it's not terrible. I'm more of a burger guy anyways, and let me tell you - their burgers are great! They have a fantastic variety of burgers on the menu: both classics and unique non-traditionals. My personal favorite is the Honey Badger. If you're looking for a new, big, and flavorful burger, The Hickory is definitely where you want to go.

Addy Merrill

Overall good quality restaurant. They recently got new fries and they are much better than they used to be. The lemonade is delicious and they even let you take a cup to go. They usually have a long wait but that's what happens when its one of the only sit down restaurants in town. The decorations inside are cute but the workers could look a little more professional.

Monica Hillman

I love their burgers, their pasta not as much.

Peter Carbonell

Went to The Hickory for an early dinner tonight. Contrary to some of the recent reviews, we had an excellent meal and great service. Alex L was our server and she was attentive and very sweet. The meal was really great and it came out in 15 minutes or so which is reasonable for a sit down restaurant. We are in town on vacation and leaving tomorrow, but we're glad we got to eat here for our last dinner in the area.

Allie Jay

This is a nice sit down place, but rough to be at during dinner hours. It just gets so busy and they forget about you, plus they’re a bit pricey for some pretty average bbq.

Easton Chinn

The meat was pretty good, but the rest did not reach expectations. The orders were messed up, and the macaroni and cheese had no flavor. WARNING: THE GRILLED CHEESE HAS SWISS. Overall, this was a letdown.

Trevor Woodcook

My favorite sit down restaurant in Rexburg. A must-try if you ever come to Rexburg (and like smoked meats). The burnt ends are delicious!

Daniel Grundfossen

Food here is not up to par , first they said they are out of ribs , the pulled pork was way too dry , the coleslaw was warm , i would find a different place to eat

Jeff Kinman

The food was great and the 19 different types of lemonade was really nice. The only thing that I didn't like was the ribs. The taste was very good but the texture was not "fall off the bone". It was a bit tougher than what I like for ribs but everything else (brisket, pulled pork, and various sides) was awesome!

Hattie Nogueroles

The employees got my order wrong and were annoyed when I asked for a new pizza. They have passive aggressive signs on all the tables suggesting that they are incapable of cleaning their own tables. Go to little ceasars or Blaze.

Shelly Larson

If I could give this place no stars, I would. First, the service was atrocious. The food is so salty you can't eat it. Not one of our 3 meals was prepared properly. Plus they didn't have one if their sides available, and it happened to be the one we all wanted, baked bean. What BBQ place doesn't have baked beans?! They said that they had to go to Walmart for ingredients to make it, WHAT?! The slaw was sour. We asked for the manager, instead we were given the check. When we finally demanded to see the manager, all he would do was give us free desserts, which we declined. He said he didn't know what he could do for us. Really?! Maybe make your food right, have a server that visits you at least once, and have your menu items available, and when a patron tells you there is a problem FIX IT! Oh and we paid the whole bill, even though we didn't get to eat it.

Chad Russell

I came here to have a quick meeting with a client of mine. I ordered an unsweetened iced tea. I was impressed with how attentive our server was. The atmosphere is sort of like a good steakhouse. I would love to come back and have a meal.

Laura James

I love The Hickory. There are lots of options on the menu and the food is delicious. The restaurant itself is always clean and the decorations are great! There is art on the walls and chalk drawings - super cool! The staff are very friendly and consistently check on their guests. One of my favorite places to eat in Rexburg.

Jim Picanco Jr.

Man, if you are looking for some good BBQ, and you happen to be in Rexbirg, hit this place up! The brisket is great, the burgers are massive ans will leave you wanting a bigger stomach. If you like onion rings, order them, you won't be disappointed. My kids literally cleared their plates, and this rarely happens!

David Dye

Very nice waitress. Food was good as well. Good portions. I was disappointed that their menu was confusing. I ordered a two-meat meal, and it said in the menu that it came with sides that were a step above the house sides. But alas, such was not the case. The waitress checked with management, and I was charged extra for the sweet potato fries. It seems that the up charge for the meal itself, in addition to the wording on the menu, would allow the higher-priced sides to be included in the higher meal price.

Austin Asplund

The food is okay but the service really really struggles Everytime we go. This last time hon of got the right orders and the food was cold and it took forever for anything to get to us. We also enjoying leaving a tip for the servers but they automatically charged us for tip even though we honestly felt we were overlooked and not taken care of very well The brisket is my favorite thing on the menu and the bourbon shredded pork is really good too. Also the best buns in the industry if you ask me.

LaReesa Sorensen

The food has decent flavor, but the bun of almost any sandwich I have gotten is soaked in grease. I literally squeezed it and grease came dripping out of it like a sponge. The environment is homey and family friendly, but I can't bring myself to eat there again for fear of getting sick from the excess oil again.

Korrin Francis

The food was great. Terrible service! I never got a drink refill. We asked for boxes and had to get them ourselves. When she gave us our check she took around 10 minutes to come back to get them. Also we ordered desserts and never received them. We had to ask for them after we paid. They only have 2 toilets and they are able to hold around 200 people. There were often several staff members standing around. They are banking on the fact that there are not many choices so they don’t feel the need to provide quality service. I’m very disappointed.

Shelby Bedford Ross

Hella busy on weekends so you’re better going during the week! Food is yummy but can be a gamble to get it back completely right. Staff is running around everywhere and lemonade is a fun touch to the theme. Pretty good steak and meat as long as it’s cooked right

Kyle Holmes

Through the years I have eaten many times at the hickory. As time passes their food and their service has declined greatly. I once felt it was the best place to eat in rexburg and would always recommended it to people. Now it’s not even in the top ten and I would recommend fast food over their establishment.

Emily Haviland

I love the Hickory, my husband and I eat there quite often. However, based on the last five times we have eaten there, I can't give more than three stars. The service is normally good but the food has been disappointing. Twice we were served brisket that was super dry and tasted wrong. We sent it back the second time and the waitress informed us it was supposed to be for lunch but it was served to us for dinner so it was old. They brought out fresh brisket which was much better. The most recent time, I was afraid to order brisket again so I played it safe with a pulled pork sandwich. The bread was completely soggy in a huge pile of melted fat and the meat tasted so gamey I couldn't eat it... In summary, some of the time the food is mouth watering and delicious, and well worth the price. Other times the quality just isn't there and the issue seems to be food that should have never been sent out in the first place.

Seth Barton

Great food and you get a lot for your money! The waitress we had was very patient and attentive, especially for our group of 13

Alona Smith

"I have been to the Hickory before and I have liked it. This time I ordered the plate that comes with smoked meat. They were out of ribs so I ordered pulled chicken and turkey. They were both extremely dry. I always expect that smoked meat will be dry but today it was extremely dry. I could barley eat it, ended up taking it home and gave it to my roommate. The sides I ordered tasted better than my meet. I wanted to tell my waitress but she was busy. I was also smushed by the table next to me. I had to ask them to move so I could get out of my table to leave. Overall, wasn't worth the price I paid." This was my previous post of which I gave them 1 star. When The owner saw what happened he worked with me to make it better. The next visit I had was perfect. The food was great and so was the service. This time I was able to have the ribs which originally I wanted to order. They were fantastic. My friend was also happy with the food they receive.

Logan Shawhan

This is my favorite restaurant in Rexburg. Everything I've tried there so far has been delicious. Their burgers are massive and I love their sides. I'm not crazy about fry sauce but theirs is the perfect balance of savory, sweet, and smokey. The last time I went my fiancee and I split pulled pork nachos and a pie shake and it was exactly what we wanted. Will be returning here often

Matthew Gilbert

Great food and service

Symona Barnes

The good was delicious with huge portions. The staff was super friendly and kind. It makes me sad to be moving away!

Billy Galloway

This restaurant used to have so much to offer however, they tried to cut costs and this directly affected the food, I used to recommend them to everyone I knew looking for a bite to eat in Rexburg, but after the food they served us tonight I would have to say that you would get a better burger at burger king.

Ethan Wolfe

Nice dinner place in Rexburg. Burgers are the specialty.

Taylor Silbey

I have eaten at The Hickery many different times. While the food is usually pretty good, the service is terrible. Every time I have gone I have had to wait at least 30 min for my food and tonight was no exception. My husband and I waited 45 min after we ordered with a less than half full house. A table of 7 sat down and ordered after us, got their food, and finished eating before our food was even brought out. The waitress seemed frazzled, running around everywhere, and when we asked why it took so long she said they were patting out more patties. I find that hard to believe when I saw 10+ burgers leave the kitchen while waiting for our food. The prices have been increased significantly but the service doesn’t match the prices. If service was improved The Hickery would probably have a lot more success.

Hunter Stadler

The place was not busy at all yet it took forever to get our food, Togo box, and check. And when we left there were a bunch of workers at the front just taking with each other, so no reason I should have taken that long to get stuff. Food is good, service not so much

Blaze Eckman

The Hickory has always been one of my favorite places, even after it’s moved around and expanded, the food is still great. Sometimes in busy nights you have to wait longer for your food to get there, but it’s always worth it! The Big ‘S’ burger here is amazing!

Stephen Cook

The new York steal was perfect.

Joey Redzich

Rexburg to the max, all the way up to the sparkling grape juice in the wine racks on the walls. Friendly staff, above average steaks. Minus one star for slow service, but it was a busy night, so I may add the other star on my next visit.

Derek Wimpee

Nice restaurant with good food. But wasn't prepared for our large group even with a reservation. Food came out random. Took forever to get our food. I ended up having to leave with my food in the to-go box because it took so long to get it.

Maria Campbell

Mixed feelings about the hickory. The burgers are good, but they are so big and expensive you should definitely share! Also, the fries were mushy... and the flavored lemonades they have are tasty, but seem overpriced.

Patrick Franco

One in town for a day. The food was good, service was friendly and fast.

terri thieme

I was so disappointed in the NBC xservice, traveled from Idaho Falls to go to dinner with my wife. We never got any service after 30 minutes we left.

Christina Anderson

It was really good! A sit-down restaurant. You do have to wait a little bit before they serve you, but the food is good and it comes in large servings. The service was good, and waitress was nice. I heard you have to wait longer on Saturdays, so don't go on Saturday.

Kenneth M. Geraci

Absolutely awesome ribs. Great taste, fall off the bone, perfect. Very reasonable price. Service was great!

Jordan Palmer

The food is so good. If you go with more than two people get the Family Sampler so much great meat to go around. The service is great. The seating was fast. Great place all in all!

Kimball Wilkes

Was provided with excellent world class customer service from Emma! 10/10 would recommend!

Gramama Addison

Good food, fast service. Sometimes too popular with a wait time to get in but worth the wait if you have the time.

Ephraim Tripp

I love the Hickory and their food, but the brisquit this time was VERY greasy which was odd.

Scottie Murphy

Immense Sirloin Steak

Georgia B

I feel like this is a reasonably priced restaurant with lots of different options. I have always liked the dishes that I try.

Bernardo Blanco

This place is actually quite good. Food did not take any longer than other local restaurants and it was quite tasty. Our servers were really what made the difference here, they were on top of it throughout the whole visit. Our glass was full and we did not have to call them to get what we needed at anytime. Good work guys!

Abby W

The food was amazing. However, I never got the correct sides I had ordered and got sent home with a sad baked potato which had melted to the styrofoam. We also never got the hush puppies it supposedly came with. The waitress was super nice for the first bit, and then would ignore us for the rest of the meal. Which is why I stopped trying to get my loaded baked potato and fries

Tanjie Hurst

They catered my nephews wedding luncheon and the food was delicious!!!

Lorne Miller

My steak was very tender but I didn't care for the seasoning they used. The sides were good and the appetizers were excellent, especially the cheese curds. They didn't serve alcohol but there was a soda bar that you could get a myriad of drinks from. The waitress that served us had a bit of an attitude but all in all a good experience.

Christian Fialho

The food was really good, and we split one dinner between the two of us as a lunch. That way it cost about $5 per person. And they even accommodated our special request for breadcrumbs and cheddar baked on our mac and cheese side.

Celeste Parker

The food and drinks were amazing but the service sucked. We waited for a good 10-15 minutes after we got there to have a waiter welcome us and get drinks. They forgot see of my food but did bring it later on.

Thomas Adams

Food was great, but family BBQ side portions were very small.

Jessie Bigelow

Good food. Service was a bit slow and chaotic. Atmosphere was fun and inviting

Garrett Myers

Great food! Cool atmosphere. Prices seemed reasonable! Overall I had a great dining experience here. I’m a big eater, and the proportions at this place really impressed me! They also serve lemonade in these massive mason jars, which was both cool and tasty.

Lisa Nosack

Best BBQ of my life!!! We will surely be back everytime we are in town. You can count on that!

Katie Hokanson-Boston

A little on the pricy side for a small college town, but their new pizza addition is great! It's very similar to the chain MOD Pizza in that you get to pick your toppings and sauce. They have pulled pork and brisket and a great sweet BBQ sauce that make for a delicious pizza. The burgers and lemonades inside the actually restaurant are really good too. Nice atmosphere, great customer service.

Food Critic

I took my family there and I ordered the three meat plate, and got brisket and the sausage. The brisket was average. Not the worst I have had, but definitely not the best. It was similar to eating roast beef. It wasn't terribly tough, but lacked any marbling in the meat, and the smoke ring that is supposed to go into the meat and give it the depth of flavor was completely absent. Whoever is making their smoked brisket, should raise their standards and learn how to make a better brisket by improving the smoke process and their seasonings. The sausage was not great, and kind of gross. The wait time was very long, and we ordered and then waited 50 minutes from when the salads were delivered to when the main entrees were brought out. I won't waste my time or money on this place again, and will stick with Texas Roadhouse in Idaho Falls or Lil Mike's in Rigby.

Theresa Jarman

We had our cheesecake prepared for to go. It was brought to our table but we forgot to take it with us on our way out. They were willing to prepare a new one for us when we come back in for it! Love there service!

Porter Young

The Hickory is my favorite restaurant in town, and is a go to for my family for special occasions. The staff is friendly, the atmosphere is intimate even when they are busy, and the food is excellent. There is so much variety here: they have excellent, slow-smoked barbecue, but also a large variety of burgers, steaks, chicken, salads, and "comfort food" offerings. They also have a large dessert menu, and a wide array of non-alcoholic drinks. Their prices are fair, the portions are large, and they often have specials or deals that make dining here very affordable. They even have an attached pizza parlor with a Cracker Barrel-styled "general store". I would recommend this place to anyone.

Nicole Lundgren

Food was good. However, we waited about 45 minutes for the food to come out. Two of our dinners were incorrect. The server comped our drinks, which was appreciated.

Blake Erickson

Wonderful "build your own" pizzas place. Quick and friendly staff. And the pizza was cooked perfectly. 8" bar b q was fantastic

tanner poole

Great food. Amazing waitress

Sean Estes

Waited nearly half an hour for someone to notice my drink was empty. Servers walked by with their eyes on the ground or looking away. Person who brought the food looked confused why I asked her for a refill. Food took nearly an hour to get to us after ordering. Both my burger and my wife’s pulled pork sandwich were dry and bland. Fries tasted freezer burnt. Even my four year old wouldn’t really eat them. Lemonade was good so at least there’s that. Wouldn’t go back just for it, though. Update: both of us are having a rough time, unable to leave the bathroom after our experience.

Alison L

When I saw this place on our recent trip I was excited to try it. Too bad the staff likes to hang out in the back and goof around instead of taking care of their customers. My meal came with a salad. My waiter brought it to me without any silverware. I never saw her again until our meals came out. So I sat there for over 15 minutes looking at my salad. I got the smoked chicken and it was inedible - dry and hard. The hush puppies were also hard. My son's had the burgers and said they were good. My husband ordered a salad and one of the main ingredients was left off. We didn't see our waiter for a very long time, so we were all done while my husband had just gotten the missing ingredient. Just really bad service all around.

Alan Webster

On vacation on our way to Yellowstone. Stopped here for lunch. The food and service were amazing. Lots of options. And if you like flavored lemonade this is your spot.

Brian Bates

Good food! Call ahead for a table because they are often busy. The smoked ham is a personal favorite!

Luis Jessen

This place is freaking terrible. There are 3 things to look for when you go to a restaurant: Taste, service, price. The Hickory fails at all of them! First the service: they try hard but you can expect to wait a long time for your food especially in bigger groups! 1hr + easy As a result the food usually gets to you stone cold. Which brings me to the next point: taste. The fries are bland, cold and gummy like. The buns are soggy and the sweet pork is lacking all flavor! The only good thing they offer are their lemonades... Price: well what can i say? Its extremely overpriced especially considering what you get! Dont go here! Go to any of the places in the mini mall but not the hickory!

Scott Bugg

Their variety of lemonades is awesome. Not only do they have a lot of different flavors, but you can change the flavor with each refill, which is pretty cool. The wait staff was very friendly and I felt like they knew their stuff. All in all, I had a great experience, would recommend!

jared stokes

Steakhouse that doesn't know how to cook steak interesting

Dale Boone

I have heard great things about The Hickory and I was looking forward to it. Waiter was good, burger looked and sounded good but it was terrible, and so was my wife's. Both the bun and the patty were very dry and didn't have great flavor. I am not picky with my burgers but this one was rough.

Bill Crawford

Wonderful full-service BBQ and comfort dishes.

Ron Douglas

Taken here by family. Great barbecue food.

Stephanie Hunter

Great tasting food and wonderful customer service!

Kendal Dole

The food is great. However, we will not go to this restaurant anymore. They service is slow and almost non existent. We gave them several chances but had enough. The most resent time we went there, the waitress only came to our table twice (to take our order and gave us one refill) The food took forever to come out. We also had to wait like 20min after we were done to get the check. The waitress was out of site and no one else stopped to ask if we needed refills or assistance, since we were done eating. It’s a shame. Great food. But they are going to loose a lot of business running this way. Hickory, we will consider coming back if y’all give your stuff some extra training and hold them up to higher standards.

Emily Gregersen

My husband and I absolutely LOVE the Hickory. We take the time to drive all the way from Pocatello to get their ribs because they are the BEST. Their lemonades are incredible too. My hubby and I always buy 2 full racks so we can have leftovers. I fully reccomend!

Jessica Humphries

Not impressed, we waited over an hour for food and when the food finally came it was incorrect. Not worth sending it back because at that point I was starving! I asked for gluten free and the meal came with two hush puppies... crumbs all over so half my food was not edible for me because of an allergy.

Evan Pogue

Awful service, long wait times, and mediocre food. Saving graces are the lemonades. Skip this place and go to Blisters.

Katelin Johnson

My husband and I just wanted to have a nice end-of-semester dinner which did not happen. I had to send my steak back because it was rare the first time. I spent $19 on a microwave dinner that was a disappointing experience. My shrimp was cold and had a freezer burn aftertaste. My beans were straight from a can and I did not even get the promised (hushpuppies) corn bread. I wish our experience had been better for what we spent.

Mike Grummert

Good prices, good portions, really good food. The service is not bad, but ranges from ok to good depending on your server. The atmosphere is not bad--definitely loud. I don't know why anyone would ever go to Applebees or other similar restaurants. Also it's right next to a Cold Stone if you managed to save space.


Great appearance inside. The food is good and service was attentive. It took far too long for out meals to arrive though. I think it took 30-45 minutes for our meals to arrive at three in the afternoon. I'd definitely eat there again.

Nicole Jorgensen

Really good atmosphere! Felt a lot like a country pub, very relaxing. The food was amazing, too- very filling, a lot of wild and unique flavors. They serve their drinks in Mason jars

Max Clements

Great atmosphere, food and service. My wife and I always love coming here! Tonight my order was messed up in the kitchen which was no big deal but our server Kristen went above and beyond to get it corrected and make sure we were taken care of. The service here is always awesome even if a mistake is made. It's down home and they do everything they can to make sure that you're taken care of.

Adam Newman

The food is always amazing. The service is not will trained and very slow. My group of 4 waited 20 min for burgers. This was 1 pm in the afternoon, not that busy. Love the atmosphere and the glasses. Any meat you get won't disappoint.

Mr. Jacob Daniel Kenning

The food is mediocre. I have had the fish, the steak, and the burger and still nothing stood out to me. Most of the service is great, however tonight I had to ask for my Ajus for my french dip three times and waited for my desert for 30min. They haven’t really pushed the boundaries when exploring unique flavors that can’t be recreated at home. I give three stars because our waitress was awesome. Just disappointed with the kitchen, they really dropped the ball.

Josh Barrow

The various lemonades and Italian sodas were very good. My order of (New York New York) steak and sides were good, but the orders of the smoked meats were cold and lacking flavor. A bit disappointing. The service was also lacking a bit.

Jaren Weber

Great BBQ. Great service. Can get busy but well worth it

Rachel Barney

Always good food and service. Some of my favorite brisket and the mixed sodas are very well done

Lesly Morton

DeeLish!! There were 8 of us, and every single one of us loved our food and experimented with different soda flavors. Great service, a super great dining experience.

Rachel Haxby

It's good food but they take SO SO LONG. IT literally takes at least 45mins to get the food. Everytime.

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