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6708 N Glenwood St, Garden City, ID 83714, United States Located in: Plantation Shopping Center

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REVIEWS OF Dickey's Barbecue Pit IN Idaho

Nathan Wigger

Awesome catering place, one of my favorites in the area. Tanya answered all my questions very thoroughly!

David Ekmark

Good food great service

Brady Malina Hitesman

Super good food, great srevice, and free ice cream at the.

Luke Patterson

Fake bbq. Adding smoke flavoring and steaming the meat is not bbq


The staff was very friendly and engaging. I love the variety of sides they offer, the fries and baked beans are my two favorite so far. The free ice cream cones were a nice bonus.

judy gehrls

Food was great, Ethan and CJ did above and beyond service, thank you guys, great job!!!

Elsa Obert

Quick, efficient service . Staff was very courteous.

Jessica Cox

The food was DELICIOUS!! My only complaint is the way you have to order is a little inefficient. One person took our orders AND made them while other employees stood around doing nothing. And the person taking the order would only take and then make one order at a time. It would be a whole lot easier if they took all orders (in one party), let you pay for them, and THEN make them all together.

Kristen Bowman

Service was wonderful and the food was even better! Worth eating in house for warmed house BBQ sauce and complimentary soft serve ice cream! We'll definitely be back.

LeAnne Spencer

I decided to splurge tonight and ordered the rib plate. My husband went in to pick up my food at the time scheduled and came out to the car a few minutes later and told me to check my stuff because the employees scrambled to get the food ready and kept mixing together my order with someone else's. I checked the bag and there were zero napkins or utensils in the bag so we went through the drive thru and asked for them kindly. Once we got closer to home I decided to eat a rib because I was hungry and sadly they were bone dry. They didn't add the barbecue sauce. My husband who is awesome, ran into walmart and bought me some. My iced tea was watered down as well. 2 stars because at least the food tasted good. This was the overland store and I don't think i'll be recommending it to anyone

Carla Monroe

Alex S was Great!!! Very helpful. Austin took our order and was also exceptional

Alycia Pennington

Lane, Kyle & Ally gave us the best first time experience we could’ve hoped for!! You never know what you’re going to get when you try a restaurant for the first time but we definitely left with full bellies and a smile on our face! Will definitely be back!!

Becky Jones

Great barbecue, you can taste the smoke! Always clean and friendly staff.

George The Second Or Third

Food was fantastic. Julie and Emily always deliver the best service.

Sam B

Nicest people ever. Seriously, they are a great team and it sounds like they really take pride in their place. Very good meats too! Try the brisket, it's fantastic.

Caroline Drummond

Ridiculous. Always slow, always short-staffed. Expensive, and often out of menu items. This is based on several visits over the past few months. Why do I even try?

Sara Ramsey

My coworkers wanted to come here for lunch. As a BBQ, they were concerned they wouldn't have anything vegetarian for me. Not the case! I was pleasantly surprised by their vegetarian offerings - I ordered a baked potato that was GIANT and some sides (they have mac and cheese, fried okra, and many other options.) Honestly, I should have just gotten the potato, that was more than enough on it's own and it was delicious!


Just got home from picking up my online order. 3 plate meal was missing pickles that were ordered. Sandwich was missing cheese and onions that were ordered. It is always disappointing to take the time to place an order and have it not filled as requested.

Sherry Hunt

Food was very good Turkey was moist and the brisket was great. Coleslaw is the best!

Dickeys Catering

We are here to serve all of your catering needs. We are here to serve.

Christian Salinas

First Time Came There with our BOGO FREE Coupon.

Layni Culley

Great service and food.

Jan Huestis

Loved Shanane! She is awesome and gives the BEST customer service!!!

Steve Emerson

Good BBQ ribs and if you buy, all the free ice cream you can mix with Coke or Dr. Pepper. Good people also.



Sean Hurst

Very Nice place one of the best I have ever ever to. Corporate should give employees & management a $ $ $. I was treated polite & they went out of their way to help me find what I needed. They even gave me a discount. Like how awesome is that. The store was A+ standers. And managent went out of their way to come out of their way from what they were doing to ask if there was anything extra they could do to make my experience as near to perfection as possible I. Was in shock. Not in my life have I've been greated treated and. Helped in that way. It was like Presidential treatment they even gave me a coupon for the next time I come in. My self & my family was so shocked that we. Called corporate to tell them. That they have the best employees. In the world. Bravo. & thank you for your so kind hospitality. We can't wait to come in again Again thank you so much on behalf of myself & my family


Fast service great food, love the free ice cream too.

Kami Peterson

Great service, and great food!


Best food and very friendly staff!

Kim Sherman-Labrum

Great service and food.

Tonia Pearman

The best baker Baker potatoes ever with all kinds of meat and chives and bacon and the barbecue brisket is amazing the back in Jesus fabulous and Ethan and CJ are excellent customer service guys and not hard to look at either if I could give them 10 Stars I would thanks guys

Christopher Garrard

Great place to always grab a bite to eat. On of the few places that actually had fried okra as well

Jeffery Dearing

Good bbq

Adam Kelley

Not for vegans and you won't have to hear from them either. I was pleasantly surprised by the offering, good food great atmosphere!

Will Diehl

This dickys is the one to go to. Staff are friendly. They get the orders right and ring you up right. Food is fresh and good. Don't go to the one in Eagle.

Jaden Brewton

Great food and even better service! Always happy when I come here

Pedro Gonzalez

I had a great experience today with Tanya especially when suggested the deal of the day awesome experience

Scott Waterman

Jessica Butterfield

Service was super slow and not very friendly. They were out of half of the meat options. Absolutely everything in the menu is so heavy. Every time I've eaten here I leave feeling gross. The free soft serve tasted really weird.

A Real Person

It was good, i personally didnt like the bread, free ice cream good customer service.

Oh Scott

The best Q in the valley!

Cristi Buildr

Good food, clean restaurant, free ice cream cone too!

Ron Alexander

I've liked Dickies in the past but today was worst than mediocre. I ordered a rack of ribs, large potato salad and large bbq beans; nothing was even adequate. The ribs were bland; I mean hardly any flavor. The original bbq sauce tasted like tomato sauce, mixed with ketchup, mixed with water, without any "bbq" spices added. The potato salad was also bland and had too much mustard added. The beans were, yep, bland. Campbell's pork and beans are better. Plus the pint sized serving was more liquid than beans; more than half liquid! This was an expensive waste! Won't be going here again.

Jonathan Quast

Go here for lunch often, love the pulled pork and I love making a root beer float on my way out.

Shelley's Sassy Stitches

Really really good smoked meats!!! Really really good sides!! Really helpful staff and very friendly!

Mojo Wolf

Great food great service

Nancy Bowman

I have never been disappointed here! As a native Texan and former North Carolinian...I appreciate the fried okra! Not the best okra, but at least it's available! All the meats were great!

Tim Pitcher

Mac n cheese bowl was good.

Steve Rowbury

This place is filthy and you used to be able to watch your food being prepared, but they have put signs behind the glass so now you cannot see what is going on. I used to eat here a lot but management has changed and it is awful. My last two visits i turned around and walked out without even ordering. I do not recommend eating here!

Tristan Steig

It was great as great can be

Chase Reilley

This rating reflects Dickey's compared to my expectations, your experience may vary. Dickey's is a complex place. The meat is high quality in and of itself, but the flavor isn't what I'd expect. You basically flavor it yourself with their choice of four sauces, which can be a positive or a negative depending on the audience. The people behind the counter are gems and I could never speak poorly if them or their performance. If I come back, it's for the people more than the food. The macaroni is what you'd expect from a deli, not a bad thing, just not special. Same with the beans. Which again, if that's what you like, it's not a bad thing. I would like to see what in my view is essential menu items for a barbeque place. Tri-Tip and Cornbread Casserole. I feel those things are sacred and should be held on the menu. I may be screaming at a wall about that though. Again, a me thing. Overall, I thought it was kinda pricey for what you're getting. Again, I stress that your experience may vary. I do like my big yellow souvenir cup though. And the big Mopar sign in the wall. It's a very American atmosphere.

david haws

The worst dining experience in Boise Idaho. The food was severely overpriced. The quality of the food was equivalent to ordering a rack of fat with a trimming of meat. The food was overcooked pile of mush. Their sides if considered edible we're better than the main course. I would avoid this restaurant like the plague. Tried it two years ago and had an identical experience. Give it one last try and I will never return.

Brandon Alexavier

We showed up around an hour before close. They had already shut down the toaster and put away certain food items. We got our food, it was cold. Also missing items. When the cold meat was brought up, they gave me marginally warmer meat, and had me replace the meet in my sandwich with the new meat. I hadn't realized I had paid for the build your own sandwich package. I talked to the manager after this and awarded us some vouchers which is great. However I still left with a sour taste of dissatisfaction in my mouth as I typically have zero issues at Dickeys.

philip harris

Service is very friendly, best barbecue in Boise, reasonable prices for barbecue, has it birthday Club Self Service on drinks and free ice cream

The Social Family

They have great staff and the food was good.

Chris Mattioli

So far my experience with Dickey's on Glenwood in Garden city has not been the best!! We ordered food online for pick up, they had equipment difficulties so did not have what we ordered Adam the " manager" called said they were out.. Fine now you tell me why my card was still charged over two hours later and I'm still a week later trying to get a hold of a "manager" to right the wrong!

Jesse Norris

Good place good food love the worker Caitlin Frost she's a great employee

Mike Zubizareta

Pulled pork was okay the ribs were way below average the sides were the best part of dinner


Great place to eat BBQ

Alannah Garman

My fiancé and I stopped in at the Overland location about 45 minutes to closing and were met with incredible customer service by Lane. Coming from the service industry myself I know how annoying it can be when guests walk in just before closing late at night but he didn’t express an ounce of annoyance. He was genuine, polite and friendly and to top it off he even made my Westerner sandwich different than its normally served purely because he thought I might enjoy it even more.!! The sandwich was great and I recommend to anyone reading this to ask for the cheese between your meat choices on The Westerner (: Thanks Lane!

Mrs. Arnold

Love the customer service and the wonderful food!

Chelsie Smith

Great customers service, I perfer this location over the one in Boise.

Jeremy Ward

My new favorite place for a quick bite, and the food is sooooo good. Great for low carb eaters. I recommend the Polish kielbasa sausage and pulled pork.

Shanane Smith

These guys are awesome

Amber Louie

We love their baked taters!

Camila Isteralli

Parker delivered excellent customer service, we felt welcomed and left happy. Thank you for providing excellent customer service and excellent food. Very pleased!


Great service and food

Steve Langdon

Good BBQ and fast service. More expensive than "fast food" restaurants but it taste better!

Ryan Gibson

Great service! Friendly people and great food! Hands down best service I ever had. Will make this my main spot to chill for food.

Kristofer Nicholson

I ordered 8 sandys and they were cool

Talonidir Skirata

Great food! Have to give props for that! But the fountain soda has a weird aftertaste from poor maintenance or a bad batch. Not sure which.

Jeannie Thompson

The staff here is great, especially your Monday-Friday gal! She's always her with a contagious smile on her face!

Alex Ryan

The food is amazing. Julie is the best ever, she really knows how to entertain while serving food. I really like the fried okra and the brisket.

Christy Kirk

The customer service was great and so was the food

Paul Buttolph

Awesome in every way! Great service, great food!

Merry Lou Stafford

Very good food and courteous service.

Seth Baringer

The food was enjoyable. The service on the other hand could use some work. The staff seemed out of it, completely forgetting what two people in my party ordered altogether. Other than that they seemed friendly and courteous.

Bill Murry

Very good bbq

jordan brooks

The Mac Brisket stack is delicious!

Cody Hess

First time here, was not disappointed. The meat was tender and juicy, potatoes were far from bland and the employees were very friendly and helpful.


Awesome first time! Food was awesome and super helpful staff. Definitely coming back

Jeff Vrba

Used them for a catered party. Food was good. They delivered and set up for the same price of me picking it up. Great customer service.

Timmy Moreshead

Dickey's BBQ always has great food. The service here is awesome! Super friendly, and very helpful! I never leave here hungry

Javier Stearns

Beyond amazing food always hot and always fresh a supper clean store and clean bathrooms and thay offer free ice cream and most of all beyond amazing service ask for parker he is beyond amazing and supper friendly he has helped me the past to times i have went in for lunch

Steve W

Helpful staff and good food. Nice, quick eat with solid BBQ flavor.

mir ratt

Amazing service! Everyone is so sweet, Ethan helped us and preped our food great. Very satisfied with our visit!

Trey Anderson

If I could of left a negative 5 star review I would! They use reesers mac n cheese for a side! All the meat was close to jerkey! 2 for 20 deal is a joke! Not happy! Never again!!

Cory Fuller

Awesome food and friendly staff!

Phyllis Aleshire

As always.....fabulous. For those times when barbeque is too far in between ♡♡

Jen Robbins

Food was excellent my new favorite resturaunt

Jennifer Smith

Okay food... not impressed

Anthony Ponton

Love the green beans and brisket

Hannah O'Brien

Always love dickeys! Half price ribs on tuesdays is like a holiday for us

Teri Albertazzi

Great service!!! Good food too

Aaron Singh

My boy Lane hooked it up!

Karyn S

BBQ is good, sides were okay. Staff was friendly and attentive enough. Still catering is better than the atmosphere of the restaurant.

Tami Jo Finley

My boyfriend and I were hungry for ribs and brisket last Sunday night, and decided to try Dickey's for our first time. Realizing they were closing soon (it was 20 minutes to 9 pm) I hurried and made the call. The guy on the phone was very friendly and informative, unfortunately I do not remember his name. He helped me with my decision and did not make me feel like i was an inconvenience, even though they were closing in 20 minutes. We showed up to get our take out plates about 5 minutes before closing time. He suggested we try the slaw for one of our 4 sides, and we did but i admit i was apprehensive. DUDE! Thank you! Best slaw I've ever had! Even my boyfriend was impressed. I'm craving it right now as I write this. The other 2 staff members helped ring up our order, and even asked if we wanted drinks to go. We declined because we had soda at home, but i appreciate the offer. I hope the people that had a bad experience come back and give you guys another chance. As for me and my boyfriend, we will be back....hopefully we will dine-in soon! I have already recommended you to my family and friends to get the good word out there.


Great food and service!

Mir T

Service is great! Everyone is nice, the food is fast, fresh and wonderful!!

Charlie H

Very disappointed. Low quality brisket. Worst i have ever had at a Dickey's. Never any turkey at dinner time. Not worth the $$ or the time I spent.

charlynn goller

So this was the third time I have been to this Dickey's. The first time the food was great and the service was good, the second time the food was great and the service not so. But tonight the food was great and the customer service was great but with something extra, genuinely great people. Thanks Natalie, Lydia and Levi for making our dinner a good experience.

Nellie Anacabe

Good food and it's nice to end with an ice cream!

Shane Young

The 3 blonde girls you have working during the day are amazing!!!

Kim Brown

Out of almost everything when we got there at 730pm. Didn’t give us our dinner rolls. Had to remind them that we were missing sides. One guy was behind the counter on his phone. Okra was slimy and under cooked. Will never return or recommend to anyone.

Trisha Honnold-Perales

Great service!

Dawn G

Good food and service. Prices are a little high.

Heather Sprague

My fiancé and I had an amazing experience at Dickeys today working out catering details for our wedding. Everyone was very friendly, and they were super helpful with showing us the samples during the taste test. (By the way, the food is incredible- they really put a lot of care and craftsmanship into their food and it does show in the quality and taste.) Just because this place is a "chain" restaurant does not mean that this location falls into the "chain" experience. They really cared about our event and went above and beyond to help us figure out what to get and what would work best for a variety of guests. If you have e a special event you are planning- you should seriously consider this Dickeys to take care of you! I'm going to recommend them from now on :)

Greg Dennler

Yay! I'm a fan... I've been here a few times this month and had both Uber eats and Grub Hub deliver to work. Why so much? I like to eat protein and low card, so I can get a 2 meat plate with 2 sides (usually beans, a salad, or spinach) for $12.99-- wait there's more!! If you check in on Yelp you get a FREE (YES!) 2 meat plate when you buy one and 2 drinks ($1), which is either lunch for tomorrow, or a kids lunch! You can't get this deal when ordering delivery, tho. The meats are very tender, juicy, and seasoned. The portions are small to average, which is perfect and filling. You get free ice cream from the soft serve machine! Kids love making their own cones. The staff is very friendly, always. The building does well with its space-- many tables all made very sturdy and accommodate any body size and shape. They have very long picnic-like tables for large parties. They do catering, too. I've taken many photos of the menu, of the deals, and the yummy food!

Omar Essam

My favorite food joint.

Cheryl Richardson

Harley Beavers

Great staff! Awesome ribs! They are moist and have a great flavor! The Mac and cheese is on point and not very many places have fried okra! Best bbq in the treasure valley!

Brandon Ure

Service ok. Portions ok.

Debra Magee

Great staff and very helpful.

Skyler Ewings

The manager does great and always hops in to help when needed. The crew is very helpful and friendly. Always quick to get what you order and put it out as quick as possible. Always a great time here.

Brittni Blank

Great people, good food.

Amy Hobbing

Love the food, love the service. Great staff!!

Michelle Rollins

The BBQ, while portions and quality are inconsistent, it is always better than most other places.

Michael Wayment

This is the second time Dickey’s has not filled the order correctly. I ordered two sauces per sandwich. They gave me two cups per sandwich but only one was filled with sauce. I guess someone can’t count. LOL


Can't wait to go back!

Abe Turpen

This is the spot. Period.

Carl Spackler


Lilly R

Great people and great food!

Marvella Stadler

Great food!!

Rebecca Bennett

I like the food well enough, get lunch here every so often. Turn-over rate is high, never the same people working there twice. I get the Caesar salad, with turkey not chicken, and okra. I wish they wouldn't water down the Caesar dressing!! I keep my own at work just for this. I usually have to make sure they don't forget anything, like the biscuit, cheese or dressing (If I don't have any). Today they forgot the croutons, so it's always something.

chris alexander

Amazing food. Great staff. And free ice cream. One of my favorite places to eat.

Kirk Pickett

Corned Beef was not cut on the bias.... Tough, Chewy....

Larry Gonzales

Great fast

Joy Lewis

Love the food AND the ice ream!

Jesse Bowers

Katelyn Allen

It was great!!

Scott Knight

Always love Dickey’s BBQ. Reminds me of the 10 years i lived in Dallas. Getting the all you can eat ribs today. YUM!!

Jeff Porter

Alex S and Ashley have been fantastic every time we come in. Great food and great service!

Colleen Aver

The food was absolutely delicious! I ordered the Three meat plate and each meat serving was moist, tender and extraordinarily flavorful. I'm excited to order again!

Seriana Dobyns

They are always fast and my food is always hot. Love the Meridian location

Elijah Blair

Great food!

Mark Nielebeck

YUM! Nuff-sed!

Michelle Helgerson

We take my boyfriends mom here regularly. We love the food, environment and service! Thank you Dickeys Barbecue Pit for making us always feel welcomed, with your outstanding staff and tasty food!

Zachary Moore

First time last time. Confusing ordering system coupons that do not seen to reduce price and free ice cream that tastes free. You get what you pay for unless you're at Dickies.

Amiee Elliott

I was expecting more choices for BBQ, because i grew up in the south and DICKEY's was in my home town in Texas. But overall the food was good and prices were a little on the high side.

Charlotte Neal

Do not order from here. We DoorDashed and they sent us the wrong food and was missing half. I called and was told it was a crazy day and if I wanted to come down they would get me the food I was missing. I know that sounds like a solution but I wouldn’t have ordered online if I could go to the store. I had to throw out an entire meal because it was pork, which we don’t eat, but was ordered with brisket. Overall, very very bad experience at this location.

Michael Schoenhut

Decent menu and pricing

David Bailey

Food was good

Crystal M

Everyone was very nice, fast service and food is delicious. One of my favorite places to eat.

Wheelys Boise

Very friendly, good service, good food and free ice cream

Ryan W

The food is fatty, the tables are messy, and the floor is messy.

Jacqueline Pinkston

I just didn't like it no bbq beef ribs

Kodie Shepard

Wasn't impressed however customer service was great. They were out of alot including the mac and cheese which was why I meant there but they made sure we were taken care of. I believe it was the manager that was sweet as can be. A very nice gentleman. Just wasnt impressed with the food. I found it cold and not all that edible

Adam Johnston

Not the greatest BBQ i've had, but it's always consistent and the prices are good for a quick bite at lunch.

Lester Thomason

Fun, casual,family dinning. $$ combo meals are fabulous! My Grandchildren enjoyed the FREE ICE CREAM.

Diana Davis

Friendly staff amazing food

miguel rodriguez

Great food ..great service

Sierra Spell

The service is great with friendly and accommodating servers!

Efren Jimenez

Great food. Great service. Went to buy an xl meal for the shop. Was in and out super fast.

J Moore

Alex S. Did a great job! Give the dude a raise.

Sydney Foust

We ordered through the Grubhud app. Food wasn't warm. I order mac&cheese, and baked potatoe coleslaw and didn't get either. They INSTEAD gave us 2 things of baked beans, and 3 things of mashed potatoes, no gravy. The rolls didn't even come with butter. Absolutely horrible. Very disappointed. I wouldn't recommend.

Philip Pirie

Wonderful food!! Very tasty

Aaron Jones

Cody H

Very good experience, food is awesome and hearty portions make it a great value. Staff is very eager to help and very human, that's a compliment, and did i mention the food is good? The food is good.

Megan Johnson

Great BBQ! Definitely recommend.

Chris Pennington

The food was delish!!!! And the staff (Lane, Kyle, and Ally) were awesome! Best bbq in Boise!

Tim Harney

7:30 on a Saturday night, and they are out of ribs..... worthless just worthless... I have nothing polite to say

Jose Perez

Food smelled great. Friendly customer serive. Looked understaffed

Cristy Johnson

Love this place. Great place for a quick bite especially with the kiddos.

Tim Andersen

Excellent pulled pork sandwich and corn bread. This place is the real deal, despite being a chain.

Ken Wasserman

Ribs were actually pretty good. However, the sides were not. Never going to be good when you watch them heat up your creamed spinach in the microwave. Bar bq beans were OK, not great. And the lemonade was so sour and thick like syrup that I had to add water to it in order to drink it. Very friendly staff, but everything else wasn't great. Even the ice cream machine was out of order. Too many options elsewhere to be suffering through that.

Megan Hall

The chicken is the best I've ever tasted, and my husband loves the ribs. We also love the free ice cream. Their customer service is as fabulous as their food: very friendly and helpful.

Matt Terrell

Best BBQ I've had in Boise

Tiffany Hix

The burnt ends are delish!

Lauren Beshears

This specific location is absolutely amazing. If someone would have asked about Dickey’s BBQ a year ago, I wouldn’t have said the same thing. I decided to give this place another try and oh my, my mind was blown. The young men that work behind the counter have provided the absolute best customer service. I would even go as far to say they exceeded my expectations, both times I went in recently. I plan on ordering food from here regularly now. They listen to my special requests and are happy to make a custom delicious plate just for me! If I could give more stars, I would! Kudos to the manager for hiring such friendly and upbeat employees, it truly makes a difference!

Jeremy Blunt

Loves this place I have been coming here since they opened up and have always been treated well and the food is awesome and delicious. The employees Rob,Ethan,Tanya,Tyler,And Marlene were awesome and very friendly service and happy to serve anyone that came through the door. Thank you guys you rock keep smoking that meat it is awesome!

Carrie Welborn

Great ribs when you are on a keto diet. Yum. Reminds me of Texas. This is one of my favorite location. They catered our Christmas party last year and did amazing. Once again tried to eat at the Garden City and they didn't have the ribs. How do you not have Ribs? So headed for Meridian to get Ribs there. July 27th, Alex on Glenwood gave the best suggestions. Thanks Alex. Great job ribs!


If you're from true barbecue country, you may have some qualms. But all in all a solid barbecue spot with a good smoke on their meat and good sauces. I should also add that they're really friendly, as.well as family-friendly (complete with free soft serve for the kiddos when you're done). Service and customer care is way above average.

Amber England

Good place great workers good food love the employee Caitlin Frost she is amazing

Angela DeRisio

Make sure you don't order a door dash from Dickey's BBQ on opposite day because if you order a baked potato with pulled pork and no chives, you'll get a baked potato with no meat and one million chives. You'll also get 9 containers of spicy BBQ sauce that you didn't order and they'll open up in the bag and get all over everything. Thanks for nothing, opposite day.

Richard Grieve

Very poor customer service at Garden City location the sandwich I ordered had plastic shreds throughout and uneditable. The girl that made the sandwich could have cared less what had happened no apology at all. The gentleman working with her had to step up and take care of the situation by making another sandwich and apologize for her actions. This was on 9/13/2019 at around 7 pm.

Deseret Baker

The food is delicious!

jacob sowell

Great service. Very friendly and funny. Food is delicious. Food was made quickly and it was very clean.

Chloe Lawson

The food was very good and enjoyable, Ethan helped us very much and overall enjoyed the service

Alan Greene

The food is always excellent, but that was only a small part of our experience yesterday. My Wife and I stopped to have lunch, and placed our order. When we checked out at the register, my debit card was declined for some unknown reason. Not having any cash on my person, I asked if there was a handy bank nearby, so I could dash out and get the needed cash. I was told not to worry, and they would comp the meal and catch us next time around, so our food wouldn't get cold by the time I got back. Within a minute of this point in time, my phone rang and my Credit Union was on the line. They told me they had frozen my account because of a suspicious charge on my card. I had been scammed, and my card was now useless. The staff again told us not to worry about a thing, they would take care of the bill, and to enjoy our meal. After thanking them profusely, we ate, and left to get my debit card renewed. After accomplishing this, I returned to the Restaurant about two hours later, with the intention of paying the bill, only to be told (again) that it was all good, and it was on the house. I attempted to plead my case with each of the three staff members behind the counter, only to be told that Julie, the Manager had signed off on the matter, and all was good! They cheerfully suggested I needed to come back and see them again! Julie, your crew has the best manager in the business, as far as my Wife and I are concerned. And you have a fine staff out front, without question. Abi, Tyler, Caitlin and Ari, you're the best! And we will be back often!

Lacey Saxton

I am always greeted with a friendly smile and I always get the best deal with Tanya

Kristy Nielsen

Tyler, Ethan and Lane were great.

Mary Glenn

Just tried the chicken, wow so good

Joel Tan

Cool place, Julie and Emily were tight. Bbq for days

Patrick Larsson

They've been consistently great with customers. I have a couple friends who work here and they love working here. Good food.

Kevin Radigan

Decent food, wasn't too much cheaper than much better bbq though. However it is faster than a sit down bbq restaurant with table service.

Jared Jensen

Great establishment. Not all Dickies are ran the same. This location consistently delivers great food!

Mrs. Highboy

My husband and I ate at Dickey's in Meridian, Idaho. Ethan, Kyle and Layne were very helpful and courteous. The food, as always, was great. Jim & Linda

Stephanie Yi

Poor guys had to work all day the 4th but I didn't have plans so I was Happy to find a good place to eat. Great people work there. I wish they had a half day for the holiday. Great food!

pasquale carratu

If you like good food, family friendly environment, and a full belly this place is dor you. One of the best bbq in the treasure valley.

Andy Derrick

Always friendly staff. Shanana, Adam, Mike and Alyks are eager to serve. Makes me a little uncomfortable how friendly they are.jk. The food is pretty good too.

Ariel Hall

The staff are awesome! He recommended a couple of their specials to help us choose the best one! Like letting us know that kids eat free today! And of course the food is awesome too!

Lejla Saric

Such good service!

Dawn Christensen

Super fast, super good food and the staff is always great. Today Alex S. took our weekly family take-out order and he was super friendly!

Shirley Galecki

Has this place changed ownership? Last time I was there the fully loaded baked potato had half what it used to It had nothing to do with the size of potato. It was about the stuff you put on it

Camille Coonradt

The food is always fabulous! It's the best chicken in the whole wide world. I hate chicken, but not here. I eat there every Friday! I look forward to it every week! Thanks guys, you're the best!

Susan Martinelli

Great food!

Jessica Tamlyn

Awesome service! Going in for the first time I had no idea what to expect or what to order. They took their time explaining their favorite dishes and let me sample a few items!

Heather W

Good food at a good price and the staff is friendly.....especially Ashley.

sammy Alba

Awesome customer service and great food! Would definitely recommend:)

Denise Prokop

Good food for ok prices

Julle Mahler

The food was good, but the restaurant was filthy! All the tables had crumbs and were greasy! The floors were so dirty and gross. I needed two highchairs, and all three of them were greasy, covered in food, and looked like they hadn't been cleaned in a while. Business was slow and the staff just sat behind the counter eating and on their phones. I was surprised when I walked into the bathroom, honestly it was the cleanest part of the restaurant!

Save the Date Originals

I was surprised by how good my own burger was; Everyone else enjoyed their meal too. Nice cocktail as well.

Michelle Creech

Tasty, check their daily deal!

Crystal Barilleaux

Loved the pulled pork sandwhich!


Absolutely love this bbq joint!! I would recommend this place, if you like the best service and the best ribs. Went in today for my birthday lunch and the whole staff said happy birthday to me. Oh and free dessert.


The brisket is yummy!

Bernice Larsen

Needs more gluten free options and a better side salad all I got was lettuce

Jason Thornton

Staff are friendly. Store is clean. Food is still tasty. This store continues to "massage" the meat, which changes the consistency into an unappealing goo ball. Responded well when asked for the meat to be unmooshed

Handyman Dan

We had a great lunch there July 4th. The staff was helpful and the food was good. Our only suggestion is to add more smoke flavor to the meat. We will be back for dinner soon.

Bobby J. Tedder

Absolutely delicious. I’d eat here everyday if I could. This is the best location in the treasure valley if you ask me! Keep up the good work guys!

Chance Sassaman

Staff seems young and a little irresponsible. Floor was quite dirty. Food was good.

Matt Halverson

I found the barbecue here to have two flavors sour and slightly sour it was no spice or boldness to any of the food not a lot of smoke flavor either a great alternative to here is Big Daddy's that's a fabulous BBQ joint

Jadon Hensley

Awful service and food. Takes forever.

Shannon Cordova

Great service, friendly staff!

Gail Hall

Appreciated the convenient, quick drive through availability. Very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food. I guess I assumed it would be less, like most drive through experiences. Instead the food was outstanding. I had coleslaw, baked beans and ribs. The baked beans were only surpassed by my own recipe and the ribs were fall-off-the-bone tender and scrumptious.

bill mcdickerson

CJ and Ethan are awesome and the food is amazing

Karen Owens

Love the Garden City location. Always good food and good staff.

Marina Uhlenkott

Amazing food and great service

Joseph Ginder

Reasonable barbeque... A chain.


We were just there and u was the kid in the gray sweatshirt with my dad and u was gonna ring the bell but forgot☹️ You guys gave such a good first impression! Would definitely recommend

cathy gibson

AMAZING bbq! Michel was extremely helpful and let us sample a wide variety of meats and sides before we made a decision. The chicken was some of the best i've ever had, and the chopped brisket was a close second. Highly recommend to anyone who loves traditional bbq!

Brett Archer

Ordered the holiday feast for Thanksgiving. I like Dickey's food and figured I would save myself time and hassle on Thanksgiving. Picked up the night before and didn't have half the food when I got home. Left a message at the store and nobody has followed up or even offered an explanation or apology. Won't eat at or use this location for anything in the future.

Shaun Blodgett

Great food, great service. Very nice place to take ur kids and have just a nice enjoyable dinner with the family.

Thomas Jensen

The best food around. THE BEST

Casey Unruh

Service has always been friendly. The food had always been good

Peyton Edwards

Staff is always friendly, kind, and super attentive. This location has my business!!

Michelle Bucy

We had a pretty big catering order and Our order got lost through the 3rd party ordering company. (Don’t order online, lesson learned, call them, it’s cheaper too!!) An hour after our food was supposed to be there I called and spoke with Alex to see what happened. Before I could even get upset at the situation he and his boss came up with a solution. He communicated to me every step of the way and even personally delivered the order. Their entire team HUSTLED and got our entire order to us ($200+) within an HOUR. It was incredible! I know how that probably set back them back quite a bit as they weren’t prepared for it so From the bottom of my heart thank you for the BEST customer service I’ve probably ever had (and for some good food!!!) thanks to the entire staff that night but most importantly to Alex and his boss. You guys seriously delivered.

Mati Raine

Had a not so great night here a month back, but staff went above and beyond to make up for it. Lane and the crew today were exceptionally friendly and helpful, making me happy to return to this location again. Gave me faith what was one off night for the store is in the pst and the food and service here was back to its amazing standards. Thanks for setting things right and showing the service I have always enjoyed there!

Joseph Walton

Friendly staff and nice atmosphere!

athina moya

We had Dickey's come and cater our wedding June 3rd 2016 and they did a wonderful job. The food was good and the staff was friendly! There was tons of food. So much we brought left overs home and even gave some away! I would highly recommend using them to cater events. Make sure you tip them well!!!

Jeremy E Knopp

Great food, great staff!

derrick urquidi

They slopped my sandwich together and their sides are very small for 2.25 extra.

Tiffany Merritt

Great service, great food.

Colin Morrissey

Friendly employees and good food at an affordable price

Conner Heck

Great experience! Great service!! I’ll be back to this location!

Angel searcy

Every time I come eat there and or eat there with my family there food is amazing! We are never disappointed

Grayson Gersten

The smokehouse salad with pulled pork is an awesome lunch option! It's probably my favorite salad around.

Kristin V

Great and quick service. Was welcomed as soon as we walked in the door. All of our questions were answered about different menu items. The brisket mac was great and I highly recommend it. My son ordered the chicken nugget meal and he loved it...and of course he loved the ice cream cone!


Dank food good service. MEAT GOOD!

Nick G

My "3 meat plate" has A single rib as one of their servings.....that is not "Texas style" like they said. I'm not sure I'm going back to a place I liked.

Kerry Lewis

Westerner!!! Yummmm!!

Fernando Lucas

The food is really good, service is great. I'm definitely coming back

Sarah Howard

We had a great time at Dickey's for dinner! Alex S. was very helpful and friendly, the food was delicious, and we will come again!

Jeanie Mayer

Great bbq, nice sized portions. Whole family gets what they like and lots of gluten free options!

Edgar Sosa

Clean establishment and delicious food. I really enjoy the ribs and the pulled pork sandwich. The food is a tad bit on the expensive side but it makes sense because of the type of food you are being served. The meals are a great value and will be more than enough to get you full!

Nancy L

So stinkin good! And the emoyees are the tops!

Charlie B.

The food here is decent BBQ, with a selection of typical BBQ offerings, such as brisket, baked beans, corn bread, etc. What was surprising to me was the additional menu item, relegated to a small-ish placard advertising "local favorites, of baked potatoes. As in: "bakers," indicating big 'ole plate-sized potatoes with all the usual fixings. And speaking of brisket? Order it "sliced," and not "chopped" if you don't want large quantities of pure fat, since the sliced quantity gets a nice trim before being weighed and served, whereas the chopped version includes allll the fat--which I know some folks really like, and some folks (like me) don't enjoy at all.

Makayla Payne

A favorite place of mine to get pulled pork sandwiches! And their side of mac & cheese is amazing!

Bryan Bruin

Barbecue salad was amazing!

Scott Jenner

Want to know why I have started tipping this place in cash ? Because when I order online for pick up it's never ready. NEVER. Today I ordered agve and hours notice for pick up at 2:30 pm show up to get my order and I'm told online orders haven't come through yet. They offered me a drink on the house so yes I took it and then waited 5 minutes to get my order. I find it funny how "online orders haven't come through yet" but they magically knew what my order was. The guy that told me my order hadn't come through yet used a tone with me that made it seem like I was the problem. Ya know I really like the food here but I am gonna have to find another place to get BBQ. And no I didnt tip.

Brandi Milliron

I love Dickey’s restaurants the staff is really nice I live all there deals. There food is really good.

Jason Freeman

Texas transplant who spent the last 12 years in Seattle unsuccessfully looking for great Texas-style BBQ. Came in for lunch and was instantly transported back to Texas by the savory smell of brisket wafting through the air. It had the perfect rustic ambiance. The food did not disappoint. My son and I both ordered brisket, sausage and pork ribs. I’m not a professional food critic but the BBQ was great. My son loved their original BBQ sauce. I’ll definitely be back with the wife and kids in tow.

c k

Great food great service ! Thank you Dickeys Crew Rob,Ethan,Tayna,Tyler, Marlene You guys rock

nick castle

Very nice customer service. Went there on 8/30/18 and the gal there was super nice and gave me and my 2 year old a piece of brisket to try and a free cookie! Super nice lady

Dell Sue Hewitt

One rib bone. Too expensive for what you get. Disappointed my husband ordered three chicken and one other and those were fine. But only got one rib bone. We couldn’t believe it. We are out of town so can’t just pop in.

Adam wuttke

Bad service good food tho

Vickie Babbitt

Great food

Preston Atamanczyk

Great tasting food served quickly and friendly at a reasonable price. Big Daddy's bbq claims they are the best bbq in Boise. I couldn't disagree more!Dickey's food blows Big Daddy's food away!

shane hill

We came here at 8:15 and they close at 9:00 and they were out of most of the sides. What's up with that?

Jon Lang

Online order was quick and easy.. easy time wonderful service

Arcane Clockwork

Alex S made a great sandwitch

Rachel Mountain

Extremely disappointed. Ordered and paid for a 3 meat plate to go that had pulled pork and “double” brisket. When I got my order I had a small scoop of pulled pork and 3 slices of tough, dry brisket that was clearly left over from their 4th of July orders. Such a shame since I KNOW this location could do better.

Larry Adams

Real Texas Barbeque. Don't let the fancy building fool you, these guys do BBQ right.

Daphne Day

Great food. Amazing service.

Maverick Boldt

The employees were awesome! Super friendly and very reasonably priced! Thanks Craig! 5 stars

Savannha Harmer

Good friendly staff love this place!

Amy White

Awesome staff. Thank you Courtney for being genuine and friendly. Of course ....extremely kind and helpful. Have a great First Day. You rock!!!!

Riley Bruneel

Adam Levi and Shauaul are the best. I great service! appreciate all their help! I was all alone getting lunch for my crew and they made sure I had everything I needed. They even helped me take my bags out to the car. These guys are total rock stars!

Alex Dillon

There simply the best. Been going there for years and have never once been disappointed.

Charles Ragsdale

Always great!!

bonnie rice

Unfortunately, this was very disappointing. My husband and I each ordered the 2 plate dinner, ribs and brisket. One order came without the roll, pickles & onions. The brisket was so salty we could not even eat it. My ribs we mostly burnt ends, only 2 small ribs. The baked potato side was quite dry. We tossed most of it. Also, the sun coming in through the window was so bright and uncomfortable, you had to look down the whole time, it was very annoying. Doubt we will go back.

Kayla Hernandez

Tyler did and excellent job taking my order and getting it put quickly and efficiently and even helped me try something new! Never met such a eager worker I'm impressed!

Crystal Jenner

Five star service ,food very clean wonderful wish we lived closer lol

Colby Elguezabal

Always love stopping by on my way home to get some of their amazing chicken and beefy Mac and Cheese! Staff is very friendly, quick and efficient!!

Dougy B

Love this place! I go here every time I’m in town. Great service, great foooood!

Masyn Uhlenkott

Amazing service and great ribs

Devin Smith

Great service and food to the aroma of different foods are pleasurable to my nos

anthony donegan

I really like the friendly staff and the great food for a low price. Also, you get unlimited ice cream.

Judi Snyder

Great bread/buns. Great customer service. The bbq sauce is good, I like mine with a little more depth. But it's good. Meats are are very good. The regular sausage is spicy so I haven't tried the spicy sausage. The family likes the side dishes. Good place for a group or family. Medium price per plate.

Kalan Darkclaw

1st time ordering online Tipped via app 5 bucks Go pick up order order its not ready. 2nd time ordering online Tipped via app 5 bucks Go to pick up order it's not ready. 3rd time ordering online No tip Go to pick up it's not ready I ask the girl if they have issues with recieving online orders. She stated no the machine that the order comes through doesn't make a noise to notify them that an order came through. I don't want to give these workers a hard time because they are very nice. But it should he a part of the job to check that machine and get those order. Gonna give it a 4th try today. This time I am gonna tip in cash.

Frederic Woodbridge

Never a bad experience but they regularly run out of ribs and other meats. Nevertheless, good food at good prices with a friendly staff.

Austin Yunker

I had some great customer service here in Garden City. This server Alex went above a beyond and looked at me like a person and not a number. Food is great!

No one

Great food great service!! Really nice people!

Terina Galterio

I always enjoy coming to Dickey’s I always get the friendliest welcome from Tanya especially

Kurtis Baxter

Always good. sides could be better. Need to cook fries more.

Sharon Kohlbecker

Great food and fast service.

Danielle Warholic

Cool guys, got our order correct and kids are free! Tyler, Aaron and Nick were super pleasant


Excellent BBQ and don't forget to fill your big yellow cup with ice cream and root beer

alayna griswold

Nathan Nunes

Great Food, with great management. I would especially recommend for company catering. My company uses them to feed about 15 employees and they do an exceptional job providing all the plates, utensils, and even serving spoons/tongs.

Scott Swanbeck

Really enjoy the food at Dickys. Thanks for bringing the jalapeno beans!


I have bought a rack of ribs very gross!!

Tasha Coffin

We ordered as take out. Salad and potatoes as our side, the containers are ridiculously small. I cannot believe we paid over 30 dollars for a 2 meals. If you order at Goodwood BBQ the salad is amazing and the portions are normal. You should receive the same amount of food as a take out or dine in. We will not be returning!!!!!

Mat Burton

Great BBQ best in town


Ethan, Kyle and ari are so great I love the food and the service.

Escarly hornan leonardo

These people are thieves, my husband ordered two buns, a ceasar salad, waffle fries, and a pulled pork sandwich, and when we got home we noticed they didn't give us the waffle fries we paid for. Not fair to pay for something they're not giving you. We didn't go back because we drove all the way from Kuna and my husband had to go get ready for work... It's too pricey, and then not get what you have paid for, it's disappointing.

Justin Weber

Great service and great food!

Michael Isaacs

Great BBQ food here.

Julian Jenkins

Shout out to Dickey’s Barbecue! Thank you for being so kind and patient with my son when he popped in for a snack after school and couldn’t remember where the money was in his backpack. He said the staff member was so understanding and respectful while he called me for help locating the funds. He said Dickey’s is his favorite restaurant now because of your kindness during an embarrassing, and awkward moment.

Miranda Trent

I have such a great experience here! I've been helped many times by Ethan, he's such a nice guy and always asks if I need anything else after I've been given my food.

Scot Allen

The food is sooooooo good!

Jenn Sullivan

Best customer service ever!!!

Sam Johnson

It's a bit pricey, but if your a meat lover you can never find any sort of meat that tastes as good as the meat at Dickey's BBQ!

David Allen

Usually very good, but not today. Our brisket was so tough that at first I thought it wasnt done. But, it was done, just didn't render down for some reason. It also wasn't cut across the grain but with it, making it harder to eat yet. My wife threw half of her pulled pork away because it was literally ALL fat. 1/1/19 *** Update *** Re-visited as Dickeys recommended. Visit was much better!!! Beef Brisket was cooked to perfection and sliced beautifully. The Pulled Pork was perfect with NO fat. Dickey's hit it outta the Ball Park this visit and re-earned our business!!! We'll be visiting AGAIN! Rating Upgraded!

Emma Topp

Garden City Dickey's is awesome. The employees greet me by my first name and are super friendly. The food is great. My favorite is the ribs that fall off the bone. All of their sauces compliment any meat dish you order.

jose acosta

Ok food, super tiny portion. Will likely hit a different location next time I want BBQ. Attached a picture of a "3 meat platter"

Autumn Strotz

If you have a service dog this is the worst place to go to they will make really rude comments and they will ask you what your service dog is for which is illegal I will never go back to this restaurant Unless the staff is fired

Nichole Larsson

Super Nice and Great Customer Service!

Christopher Grago

This would definitely fit as the best proper BBQ joint for those individuals that aren't "BBQ people". It doesn't claim to be a specific style of BBQ so it's less intimidating. The menu is great but not overly confusing. A handful of meat options prepared right in front of you. There are around 10 sides to choose from. And they don't overwhelm you with sauces. The restaurants are clean and nicely decorated. I like to go here when I'm not in a hauty gourmet mood but have a bit of an appetite.

Eric Sprague

Very good catering service. They worked with our special requests without any hesitation. I highly recommend them.

Denita Dipzinski

Great barbecue food!

Josh Calhoun

Went above and beyond not only making food, but with helping to deliver trays for those who struggled to bring them back to the table. Great service

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