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15 N 12th W, Rexburg, ID 83440, United States Located in: Mother Hibbard's Country Store

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REVIEWS OF Blister's BBQ IN Idaho

Jacob Wecker

Simple and delicious. Some of the best BBQ sandwiches I've ever had with solid fries to match. Trust the "Local Favorites" on the menu.

Marc Sunderland

Best BBQ in town! I've tried them all and when it come to brisket, these guys take it hands down!! Great flavor, never dry, just good old fashioned barbeque how it is supposed to be. I've had them cater for over a dozen large events and have never been disappointed. Note: the brisket is even better when you eat it with coleslaw.

Paul Neyman

On a road trip from Yellowstone to see the Bear World and need a place for a good meal without much of a detour? This is the perfect place. Unassuming location (inside a gas station), but the BBQ is great, and the portions are generous. Pulled pork with vinegar may have a touch more vinegar than you bargained for, so tread carefully.

Tyler Petersen

Foods so good. Pricey but worth it

Chase Caldwell

Best tri tip sandwich I have ever had, a little pricey, but definitely amazing


The young lady at the counter was very nice and help me very quickly That's when the good times ended. They served two tables that ordered after me before me I ordered ribs and pulled pork based on how dry it was I'm guessing they were pre-prepared making the time it took to put my order together confusing. Especially after they messed up the order of the gentleman in front of me and remade it 10 minutes before I got my food. Cherry on the top my food is wrong with it came out did I mention it was dry If you rated this barbecue above a three you've never had good barbecue

Adam S.

Great food generous portions. Limited seating not great location. I love the food here. It's not your everyday sweet smokey BBQ, it's more of a tangy vinegar BBQ. But because it is outside of town I rarely think to go there. You usually have to wipe down your own table. Though they come out of the same soda fountain, it's cheaper to buy your drink from the gas station.

Erik Hill

Best BBQ in Idaho. And yes, it's in a Gas Station. I always get the Cowboy Combo with fries. Make sure the smoked turkey is fresh, it's worth it.

Cameron Dayton

I'm a regular. Blisters is fantastic and has never disappointed me. Their food is consistently tasty and high quality. Service is quick and staff is friendly. My recommendations are the Tri-tip sandwich and the Reuban. Best Reuben I've had in my life.

The basic Idahoan

Food was good but the portions were terrible.

Mary Gillespie

Delicious! Best BBQ in Rexburg, hands down.

Jeff Davis

The best bbq in Idaho and yes "It's in a gas station". They have a great selection of all the menu items that you expect. Even during the lunch rush, wait times are usually 10 minutes or less.

Deborah A

Food was great! It's located in a gas station, so the restaurant area is small. There is not a kid menu, but their sandwiches come in smaller sizes.

Brenden Shannon

Very authentic NC style BBQ (Vinegar Based). There are some sweet options too. Decent prices for the portions, and very friendly staff. We love their loaded brisket fries, it's addicting.

Tony Long

Food was good, good portion sides. My only complaint is that I upgraded my side and had to pay full price for it while not getting my included side. But all in all it was good and I would return.

Hayden Nininger

Very good food. Fair prices. Wonderful staff. Closest thing I've found to back home South Carolina barbeque here in idaho.

John Niendorf

My kid is gluten intolerant and this place has a lot of things he can eat. The beans are fantastic and the bratwurst is excellent.

LaMar Day

A well deserved reputation. Great food, good size portions, well worth the effort. And, it's in a gas station!


This is a tasty, amazing, barbeque joint...I've eaten there a couple times and it was love at first bite...if only I lived closer...the vinegar pork..and fried green beans are so good...I could eat it all day........THEN IT HAPPENED....they changed the recipe...I could hardly eat's almost a 2 hour drive...and was so worth it....but now I can only long for what was...I'm so hoping they lose the Apple cider's too...too strong. Waiting for the return of the deliciousness

Donald Davis

Best price for the quality of food you get. Everything is bought individually, so you can just get some of their awesome sides if you want. Not a place for the health-conscious eater.

Rick Clements

Having lived many years in Texas and Oklahoma, I feel that I know what good BBQ is all about. I would give this an easy 4 out of 5 stars. I know the key the best BBQ is cooking it low and slow. Sometimes up to 24 hours is required to be the tendered meat. This was not the tenderest that I have had but then again hickory and mesquite don't grown wild and in abundance here. Still if you want a good meal try these guys out. Oh BTW - their scones are to die for!

John Barton

Great bbq. Loaded potatoes are the best

Shawna Parke

The food was delicious...our favorite was the pulled pork fries. Wish they had more seating.

Travis Cox

Claims to be the best BBQ in Idaho. It could be, but it is not the best BBQ I have ever had. Overall, it was pretty good, just let down by the expectation of tasting the best I've ever had.

Alex Durfee

I really enjoy blisters. The BBQ is good and the environment is fun. They usually have some good deals too.

Marvin Frandsen

Really good food at reasonable prices.

Tyler Sanchez

When we got into town the girl at the hotel said it was her favorite. “It’s in a gas station so you know it’s good”. We took a chance and are so glad we did! The tri-tip sandwich was unreal! The bread was unbelievably good! We still talk about it! It was the highlight of our trip!

Bryan Bowser

Really good

Colter Oakey

Awesome BBQ great price. Meat is good and the sides match it. Can't go wrong

Zach Sabey

Blisters is the best! I'm hooked! Their fries are literally still Idaho potatoes till you order them! They have a cool slicer thing they use to cut the fries right in front of you. The fries are fantastic and everything else is fantastic!

Kiersten Kuroiwa

Blisters is fantastic! Their pulled pork is listed as a local favorite or something like that, and I concur! The fries are SPECTACULAR! Kinda greasy, but well...they're fries. You'd never expect such wonderful food to be tucked in the corner of a gas station, but they'll definitely surprise you with some of the best barbecue around!

Jayman Cloward

Best BBQ. But beware the fries. Sometimes they are overcooked. The scones are awesome tho.

Jacob Pitt

It's all gone downhill. Not Carolina style BBQ anymore, it's saccharine and saucy. The Hickory makes this style better. Blister's has lost its allure.

Kristi Larson

Worlds BEST BBQ!! Love this place and their food! The fried green beans are a game changer! I wish they had the shrimp poor boy on their regular menu, so good!

Matthew Johnson

This place is amazing. I have always driven past it and never given it a second thought, thinking it was just another crummy gas station restaurant, but I decided to give it a try and I am glad I did. The staff was great, and the food was absolutely delicious! I will definitely be coming back many more times and would highly recommend it to anybody who is looking for good bbq. 5 stars all day.

Beau Merrill

This place is a gem. It’s in the gas station. The wait time sometimes is long but expected from a diner like this. Food is great. You recommend their loaded fries.

Grant Ward

I can't say that Blisters is the best BBQ in the nation, but I can easily say that it is the best is eastern Idaho! The tri-tip sandwich is our favorite, and don't let the gas station vibe put you off, it's well worth it!

Aaron Martin

If you like smoked bbq food this place has some great food!

Josh Skinner

Love the place. Tons of options. The fried green beans are amazing and the smoked turkey is bomb.

Chris LaRochelle

Best BBQ in Rexburg

Griffin Hagen

Best barbaque ive had in a long time.

Aleksey Falko

We were traveling from Yellowstone to Florida. Just stopped to use a restroom. Food is really good!!!

Sir William Adams

It was decent. Brisket is shredded and cooked with sauce. Pork also cooked in sauce. I prefer sauce to be what it's meant to be, a condiment. 23$ for 2 bbq sandwich with fries 1 Cole slaw 1 drink

Hog Dawg

Hands-down no questions asked best barbecue ever had. In spite of the fact that I live an hour away, I seem to make it there every month.

Suong Aguado

Too sweet and brisket is shredded with lots of hard chunks

Spencer Thompson

Excellent food, excellent service. Would recommend

DK Sakota

Great, "AWESOME" Food !!!

Kathy Saville

Great bbq it totally didn't disappoint.ive heard so much about it.

Joav Gomez

Freaking good

Kimberly Bean

If you like using half a bottle of barbecue sauce to try to overpower the strong tangy, vinegary taste of the pulled pork then I'd highly recommend the pulled pork sandwich. I got halfway through mine before I couldn't handle it anymore. On the bright side the fries were really good.

Kourtney Bolinder

We love blisters! If we could afford it, we would go all the time! Pulled pork sandwich and fried pickles!

Christine Garcia

This place is amazing! If you haven't been there you should go. There is not a place in Idaho that compares.

Taylor Adair

Great local barbeque, probably the best in town. It's a small place, located inside a gas station, but the food is everything you'd want.

Jon Schultz

Rexburg seems to be trying hard to be a destination. New hotels and easy access. Even with the awesome Bear World, it's not there yet. But during a recent stay on the way to Yellowstone, we Google mapped "food near us". Blister's BBQ came up as being one exit up the I-15 from us. Ok, let's try it. We arrived at the intersection on the map, and looked but could not see any restaurants. After a few minutes we realized it was inside a gas station. Um... Inherently wary of any untried BBQ joint because they are usually a let down, we said "well, we're here and need to fill up anyway". Stepped inside to see some quite inexpensive menu options. My suspicion of a bad meal was curbed by several booths filled what seemed to mostly locals. Can't be that bad if they are all here, yeah? This was some of the best BBQ I've ever had in my life. And we got a ton of it for just $30. Granted, I'm from CA and have never been to the South, but I can only rate this Excellent. I had the ribs, my wife had the chicken. Even my picky-eater 10 year old was way into it. That's worth a 6th star if it was possible. Do your self a favor and stop at this gas station when passing by on the 15. You won't regret it. Come really hungry.

Rhett Harris

Amazing barbecue! Equal to real southern BBQ

Bryce Stevenson

This place has drained my savings because it is SO GOOD! We always take friends and family when they are in town and we have loved it every time. The tri-tip is super tender and is delicious with their bbq sauce. The ribs, brisket, and smoked turkey are also amazing! If you’re looking for some nice bbq at a good price this is the place!

Jesse Vosika

The meat was delicious! I want to start with that. It's really good! But, the service was poor and the coleslaw was basically just a shredded salad with no flavor. The servers seemed to be inconvenienced by our (very simple) order. It felt like we were interrupting a guys hangout. We hadn't been here before and we didn't know that the sandwich didn't come with a combo, so we left hungry. The server didn't ask us any clarifying questions. But the meat was really good!

Porter Wilkins

This really is the best BBQ in Idaho. Food is amazing, always. Location is nothing to shout about, but food easily makes up for it. Service is good enough.

Echo Delta

Oh my goodness this is amazing food the pork is to die for.

Joshua Pillow

Love this place. The pulled pork is well seasoned and very tender. The fries are pretty average, but you get a generous portion. The buns are great on their own. The table sauce is a little weak but I never need it anyway since the meat is great in its own. Edit: taking away one star because they don't have booster seats or hi chairs

Tom O'Bryant

I've been to a lot of BBQ restaurants. This is the best! You won't find better loaded fries.

Price Foulger

Hands down the best BBQ I've had. No joke. They do it right

Patrick Kelly

Still making great bbq! I do miss their waffle fries, but what they have now are still great. Options for sweet or vinegar flavor on the meats. The sweet it's very good, the vinegar I like but have to be wanting it. A great little place they isn't usually too busy.

Ethan Garner

Some of the best barbecue I have ever had

Brandon Royce

Best Tri-Tip So so good and the price is un-beatable love love love the Tri-tip

Ryan Brinton

My wife and I are from out of town. We lived in Texas for 3 years and have tried many bbq joints that are nationally recognized. I would say that this place is pretty good for bbq in Idaho. I prefer Texas style bbq but this style is definitely good too. I think our favorite was the sweet pork and brisket. Would go again next time we are in town.

Cody Hatch

The BBQ is really good here! Actual BBQ! Pretty good customer service, and efficient.


they changed their menu but it's still as good as ever. its great burgers and fries. I'm not a fan of fry sauce but theirs is the best one I have ever had. go eat here.

Ken B.

It's small & sometimes crowded & it shares space with a gas station & mini mart, but the bbq meats are awesome & the staff is super friendly. And we love the fried green beans.

Shira Shmilovich-Baram

Was a great stop on a very long drive... Super friendly stuff, great food and price.

David Dodge

Damn good bbq!

Allie Jay

My first bite, I knew I’d give this place a 5 star review. I’ve never been a BBQ lover, but this place is changing that about me. They have small sizes of sandwiches for as low as $3.50 that fill you up perfectly at lunchtime :)

Will Thorson

This is for the trailer! Don't know why there isn't a Google page for that, but okay. So great food, good service. Got the loaded fries, yum man, just yum. Go when the guy with the beard is working, he's dope! Yall need to do a deal with Karie Ann's or something, like a dinner and dessert sort of thing. Make it happen!

Olivia Smith


Tyler Brundage

If you haven't gone here yet, you need too! The best BBQ in town.

Mark Hansen

Hot diggity dog! If you're looking for barbecue in Rexburg, get it here! Only reason I don't have a photo is because I ate my brisket sandwich so fast. I wouldn't put it on par with Deep South barbecue, but it's leagues ahead of the standard "yeah, we have barbecue" fare.

Matt Urick

Seriously good barbecue! And I actually love the fact that it's in a gas station, it adds to the allure in my opinion. I would highly recommend the classic pulled pork sandwich (your choice of sweet pork or vinegar pork, I like the sweet pork) and definitely get the specialty side of fried green beans. Well worth it!

noe pantoja

Pretty good food that's what matters

Sandy Ramirez

A small pulled pork sandwich is about $5. That's too much, in my opinion. However, I'll admit that the tri tip is delicious. I wouldn't come here again, unless a friend wanted to eat here.

Walt Packer

Great BBQ, not great service/business model. We went on Saturday Oct. 26. I understand how BBQ works and when things are out, they are out. Not really concerned about it. Last night we went in and they said the deep fryer was broken, so no sides that involved frying. Ordered brisket and they said the potatoes were out as well, no worries. Just didn't want coldslaw or beans, so I asked for just the meat. I do not think they have an ala carte option for meat, so I was charged for the 1 meat plus a side and drink, which I did not want. The portion of just the 1 meat wasn't great as well, they offered no subs and no discount. Paid $7.50 for roughly a little more than a cup of brisket. Not super happy about that, sad because I love their stuff, but not stoked about this experience. If that is their business model that you can't sub/buy meat alone on nights like that, not sure I will be supporting them any longer.

Cassie Steiner

Excellent food, small seating area.

Kaitlyn Clayden

Blisters is definitely the best food in Rexburg. They have the most amazing fried pickles (which are such a great price compared to everywhere else in Rexburg) and I love their sweet pulled pork. I’m a picky eater and was unsure about it due to the fact it’s in a gas station but tried it a few months ago and can’t stop going back. So sad I didn’t go to this place earlier! The people that work there have always been so friendly too, I highly recommend Blisters!

Efrain Gonzalez

Great food! Totally worth the price! My favorites are the pulled pork and brisket.

Frank Becker

It is not pricey, very good value, generous servings, exceptional food! Try the fried green beans!

Sarah Barrett

The BEST barbecue around. Nothing else compares. Their barbecue sauce is to die for.

Javier Benitez

Great simple barbecue. I love this place and it doesn’t have a lot of pomp and frill to it! It is great and flavorful with simple barbecue! It a go to in East Idaho! They have great portion sizes as well!

Kevin Rhoades

Excellent scones burgers and BBQ

Blake Harris

The pulled pork and brisket here is amazing! Great flavor! Great service! Highly recommend you eat here.

Justin Foster

Delicious food! So under the radar but so worth it!

Samantha Moore

Pretty good BBQ.

joshua skelton

Love the loaded fries.

Frank Wigginton

Probably best food in Rexburg. Need to do something about the flies, though.

Koy J. Bennion

My Brother-in-law introduced me to this place and it is amazing. The pulled pork is my favorite but I have tried the brisket as well and it is equally satisfying. The price is amazing for how much you get. The BBQ is amazing. Definitely a great spot if you like BBQ.

Bridger Eaton

The best place to eat in rexburg! Me and the whole crew love this place! These guys take pride in there food and care about customers! Love the staff!

Michael Bongioanni

Best bbq in Rexburg! I love it!

Heather Wrathall

This place has the best brisket. Not a whole lot of seating since this is located inside of a gas station, but the food is worth it!

Rod McLaughlin

Good BBQ. Didn't care for the Brisket. They pull it so it's like pulled pork and their Pulled Pork is good. The Tri Tip was excellent.

Elizabeth Crawford

Consistently fantastic food! Seating can be hard to get - go in during off-times.

Dena Hillman

Great food, nice people working

Abigail Hatefi

Good food. But the service I received 9/19/19 was bad. The guy acted completely aloof and made ordering very awkward. Also a gross amount of flies were in the place. I understand if a couple flies get in but there were at least a dozen just in the sitting area. Looking behind the glass was gross too. There was stuff sitting out all over the counter with flies on it. Very nasty place.

Brett Parkinson

Best bbq in town

B.T. Burkhart

I'm from the south, so when I heard about a BBQ joint in Rexburg I was very skeptical. I was pleasantly surprised by the food though, it seemed like good Carolina style. I've been two or three times, and the quality has been consistent. The pork items were best, and the fries are pretty dang good!

Ambur Daily

Very good food. And fast service.

Dallin Bytheway

After spending some time in Kansas City and trying a lot of barbecue, I'd say this place is good. It's not anything that absolutely blew me away, but I was surprised to find the quality I did. The pricing was average for barbecue, about $10 a plate. Quantity wise, I could've wished for more, but I was still satisfied. I had the tri-tip and brisket as my meats. The brisket was good, very lean which I appreciate. The tri-tip was a little disappointing, a little bland and dry. The biggest disappointment for me was the sauce, it was just kind of a spicy ketchup, nothing to special. However, it's certainly better than a lot of chains out here in the west, and for that I can't fault it. I'd recommend it to anyone who appreciates barbecue.

Justin Murphy

Great flavors, large portions, and some unique items!

Leihm Patterson

Blister’s BBQ is really a pleasurable experience nearly every time around. The food is great, the service is great, and the the order comes on a timely manner. The servers use proper care when making each order, and use great etiquette when disscussing questions and giving great recommendations. I’d highly recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a delicious BBQ fix.

Robert York

Very good BBQ. Their vinegar based sauce makes it imo.

Kendon Brown

Really good. Sandwiches have gotten a bit smaller recently. But otherwise, its still excellent.

Nathaniel Coleman

I honestly didn't have the highest expectations the first time I came, having lived in one of the barbecue capitals of the country. However, Blister's exceeded all expectations by far. The service was friendly and prompt and the food some of the best I've had here in Idaho. Bravo, Blister's, I'm looking forward to a wonderful encore performance.

Nate Kessel

Quite possibly the best BBQ I've ever had. Very quick with the orders and friendly service.

Nathan Stearman

ATTENTION SOUTHERNERS: I have gone to every single barbeque place in this area (except lil Mike's in Rigby[next on my list]), and none of them nail it quite as much as this place. There beans and slaw are delicious, and are good standalone, and paired with the BBQ. Is it in a gas station? Yes. Does it weird me out just a little bit? Yes. But they do traditional barbeque on low and slow, and you add the sauce, so you're not getting soggy pulled pork, or other meats like at other places *cough* Hickory *cough*. Everything here is the way it should be! 10/10

Sierra Southam

They have great food here. My family really likes the fries. We had a ward activity and they catered for lunch. It was wonderful food. We had pulled barbeque meat sandwiches and potato salad and fruit.

Brittany Muir

So so good. The staff are friendly and the price is pretty good.

Lucas Houston

Good food, good price


They make great barbecue! The sweet pulled pork sandwich was super delicious! They make great scones with honey butter for desert as well. Great and friendly staff!

Todd Tucker

Having lived in Memphis, I've had my share of the best barbecue in existence. Blister's Barbecue comes pretty close to it, with great portion sizes, inexpensive prices, and an assortment of rich smoky flavors. Definitely the best barbecue in Southeast Idaho!

Vince Haley

This is the best BBQ around. I have eaten here twice within 24 hours and 3 times this week... should I admit that? The pulled pork sandwich is great, but the tri-trip sandwich is the best! They put sauteed onions and some cheese on it, and it is delicious. The fries are also unbeatable. I have gone in and order just their fries before. Their fried green beans are also very worthy of your money. Matt is very friendly and helpful.

Chris Obay

Cheese steak is trash, so much grease sandwich bread was sopping wet and fell apart. Also, meat was tough basically a cheese sandwich. Also brisket was not good.

Michael Cook

Great food, met the owner, very nice guy. I wished we lived closer we wound definitely be back. We couldn't find it so we called and they said it was in the gas station store. We thought uhh, however we saw good reviews so we tried it. Definitely not disappointed. There was 10 of us and we all got something different and all of us loved it.

Avery S

Best burgers I've had in awhile. The buns are amazing.

mason Crumley

The brisket DID NOT HAVE ANY BARK. The cut was ok but there was no flavor to it. I was sick after eating here. I will not be returning.

Malea Panuska

Great service! Excellent food, best pulled pork sandwhich, fresh fries and coleslaw. Only 4 stars because it gets kind of pricey and there is not a combo package.

Rob Call

Great bbq. Prices are a bit high. This is a great place to go if you like a vinegar bbq

Zach Gibbs

I used to really like this place, and I introduced a few other friends to try it. I'm not sure if its because they raised the prices a couple months ago, but the flavors have gone downhill in my opinion. The fry sauce isn't as tangy, and the meat isn't as flavorful. Still, the best BBQ in Rexburg, but that's because there isn't any real competition (The hickory just sucks).

Andy Vail

Hole in the wall BBQ spot that is just so so freaking good. Definitely the cheapest, best tasting BBQ you have ever had in your life. It's disguised in a gas station but once you are there you will smell the glorious food and you will never regret it :)

Jason Jantzen

Chicken was amazing. More amazing was the hamburgers I saw on someone else's table. I can't wait to try that.

Chad Thomas

A small barbeque inside the gas station that you just try while you're in the area. Everything on the menu is great.

Bradley Sutton

We've eaten there four times and loved it every time!

Andrew Holmes

Great food at a local place! Personally, I am filling my punch card here more often than I probably should just because I love their food! To be honest, I am surprised that they have not opened an additional venue either on campus (The Crossroads) or in a more public setting to attract a larger audience. One way or another, the secret of Blisters BBQ (Rated Best BBQ in Idaho) will get out. Recommend it to all, go and eat their food, its all sooooo good!

Curtis Noble

I'm gonna go ahead and give it five stars simply because it is the best BBQ you can get around here. Kind of hole in the wall in a gas station. But the slow smoked Tri Tip was excellent! Fair warning, the brisket is pulled brisket. I also tried the Carolina style pulled pork and it also was excellent. Everything was tasty.


Has good food for a good price but always runs out of food quickly, going in early afternoon is the only chance to get what you want.

Robert Brady

Amazing barbeque. Don't be deterred because it's in a gas station

Michael Shehee

Gas station BBQ but it's legit! Good food

Kenneth Crawford

Just great BBQ. Best in Rexburg by a long shot.

Bill Crawford

Bsst gas station BBQ I’ve ever had! Love this place. My favorites are the pulled pork and fried green beans.

Ekaterina Jáuregui

This place is delicious, the pull pork is amazing, the bread so fresh and even the fries are outstanding.

Christian Barbosa

Bleh...too much vinegar not enough good'ol BBQ. Service was just as bitter.

Sebron Farmer

I smoke professionally and this is probably the best besides mine. This is really good.

Sergio Rosales

Best BBQ in Idaho. Very bold statement but very true. You would not expect it to be found in Rexburg Idaho and even more inside a gas station. If you want a taste of real southern BBQ this place is right for you.

june lockhart

First time eating here, the guy who helped me was awesome!! Gave me a great recommendation for what to try. He was fast and courteous. I will be returning!!

Evan Pogue

Ranked 12th best barbecue COAST TO COAST. @foodnetwork

Kelsee C.

Not impressed with the cleanliness when We went. Food was quite pricey for the small size but not bad.

Michael Hernandez

Had the Tri-tip sandwich. Loved it and the buns made it over the top..

Mikelle Pouwer

Still my favorite bbq in the US. Best sauce for the sweet pork sandwich and best fry sauce. I’d say best BBQ in Rexburg for sure.

Mitchell Stratton

First time I had vinegar style barbeque, and it's really good. The fries are cut fresh and are really good. Definitely worth a visit.

Mike Weichers

Pretty good bbq. Not a lot of seating. In a service station

Jonathan L

One of two places in Rexburg to get decent BBQ. Blisters serves some amazing food, and has some really great sauces! I highly recommend stopping here if you're in Rexburg, or just passing through. The items can get a little pricey for the serving sizes, but it makes up for it with flavor.

Ben W

Great food, initially I was suspicious because it's in a gas station... But I was pleasantly surprised, also this is the only place that I have found in town that has cheer wine in their soda fountain. Update: They no longer have cheer wine in the soda fountain :'(

Franklin Ruiz

Very ok, not anything to get excited about

Kristopher Bennett

Blister's BBQ is most definitely a Hidden Gem of Rexburg. The BBQ tastes like it is vinegar based. Great kick, but it is definitely not a dry rub or a slathered in crappy thick BBQ sauce kind of place. For some people who don't know BBQ they might not like it, the location is a negative. But some of the best places in the world to eat are hole in the wall places. I always recommend blisters.

Emily Larson

We used Blisters to cater a Christmas dinner and it turned on great. We had them make the meat and beans and then I made a salad and baked potatoes to go with it. It was sooo good and took a lot of stress off me.

Robert Rinehart

4.7 out of 5 stars food was absolute best place to eat in Rexburg! The only way to make this place better is more seating

Isaac Grijalva

Top notch slow smoker BBQ at a gas station. A great surprise. We will be back.

Trevor Carver

I was a little confused when I pulled up to a gas station to go to a barbecue place but when I walked in it was really clean and the atmosphere was nice and friendly. The staff were great and the best part was I met the owner and I talk to him about how they got started and the food was so good

Brooke Diuguid

Soooo good!! I ate the loaded pork fries and it was so good! Seriously go here.

Matt Edwards

Went in for breakfast and wanted a burrito. Was told they have either bacon or sausage and was surprised because well, this is a BBQ restaurant. I asked if they had any pork available, and Matt was very accommodating to make me a sweet pork breakfast burrito. Best b-fast burrito I've had. Would be awesome if there were a few more barbecue meats available in the morning for breakfast burrito options if it's possible, as I will definitely be back.

Brooke Murphy

Blisters has great food. Their fried green beans are heavenly, and if you're not afraid of grease on everything, then this is the place. The only thing is that Blisters gets our orders wrong almost all the time. If you're ordering to-go, be sure to check the receipt/box before you take off. I'm writing this review after the sad realization that my fried green beans got mixed up with fried pickles (which is just a hot, slippery piece of rubber coated in breading), even though we specifically didn't order it. If you call in, they are bound to get the order wrong. And if you go in, you'll still probably get your order wrong, but chances of it are a little lower.


The tastiest pulled pork sandwiches around Rexburg!

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